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Are you going up or down?

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It took him 12 flights of stairs the next day to decide that the elevator is still the better option. When he reaches the 12th floor, Suga's legs were aching, his breathing was retched, and he felt sweat gathering at his back and being soaked up by his undershirt. He groaned in disgust.

Actually, he wasn't that upset about the events from the last evening but maybe, just maybe, he opted for the stairs to see one certain person again. Last evening, he almost fell asleep on the spot after Daichi drove him home but this morning his head was filled with the memories of their little adventure in the elevator and Suga thrived for them to meet again as soon as possible. Even if that meant taking the stairs which Daichi was so adamant to take after the elevator fiasco. Suga had waited a few minutes before ascending and even looked over his shoulder every time he reached the next floor in hope to see Daichi. But to no avail.

So, after 12 floors, Suga gave up. He pushed the button for the elevator, awaiting the familiar ping and the doors to open. A quick look at his watch told Suga the time, 7.13 am, which means he was already late.

The door opened after arriving at his floor and Suga was greeted by a few other late runners and pushed himself between them, apologizing silently by bowing his head.

The ride to the 22nd floor was over almost instantly, no way he's going to take the stairs again.

The doors opened and he stepped out into the small reception area where he greeted the blond receptionist and hurried inside the office on his left hand. The office wasn't too big, but it was still just one room, except for Oikawa's private room. However, even with only 10 people, it could get rather loud. Two group tables, each giving space for four people, were placed left and right from the entry and one table for two people, forming an L-shape, was placed on the left side of the room, encircled by two window walls. On the right side of the room, Oikawa's own office was separated from the larger office area by its own four walls. 

Suga headed to the left and plumped down on his seat with a groan. His thighs were still shaking, reminding him of how out of shape he was. He pushed his hair back with one hand and his other powered on his PC when a blonde-haired head to his left slowly peeked into his vision.

"Good morning, Sugawara-san."

"Morning, Yachi-san." Suga smiled at her when he finally got rid of his jacket and blazer, still feeling the sweat clinging to him.

"It's rare for you to come in late. Something happened?" Yachi had leaned back again and the soft noise of clicking and typing fell in place with the rest of the room.

"I... tried to take the stairs?" Suga chuckled at himself. Now it sounded too ridiculous even to himself. 

"You what?" Yachi's head reappeared next to her screen. She shook her head. "Please find different hobbies to stay in shape."

"Will do, will do." He laughed and turned his attention to the files on his desk. Another day, another too many tasks for one day. 

The next days flew by and the evening in the elevator seemed like a distant memory all of the sudden. The weekend came and went by and Suga's hope to meet Daichi again and talk and maybe something else was pushed down. Monday came around and Suga was on time at his desk, slurping at his coffee as he started to read over his new assignments. The usual. A few posters and presentations for the company itself and a few extern jobs. He sorted the projects by area of responsibility and delegated some of them to his team. The rest of the stack was for Yachi and him.

It was almost time for lunch, Suga's stomach was already growling and he thought about ordering an actual meal instead of his bento when the door to Oikawa's office flew open. Some of their team members flinched, it was never a good sign when Oikawa made his presence known this way. The rest of them fell silent, looking at him in a mixture of anticipation and nervousness.

"Suga-chan." A dangerous smile crept onto his face as he made his way over to Suga's desk. All eyes zoomed in to the pair.

Suga answered with a relaxed smile. Yachi was vibrating on her chair but he already learned not to get swept away by her nervousness.

"Oikawa-senpai, what can I do for you?"

Oikawa rested one hand on his hip, pushing it out a bit and held his chin between his index finger and thumb with his other hand, feigning to be in thought.

"Do you happen to remember, last week, you had to stay behind? I had so much to do that evening and, really, it was your assignment anyway." His voice was smug, eyes blinking innocently.

Suga nodded. "Of course. I mean, I had to stay overtime about three times last week, but I think I know which one you're referring to."

Oikawa nodded, ignoring the jab. "You don't happen to, I don't know, slack off?" He dropped his tone, seriousness with a hint of pissed-off accentuating it.

Suga squinted his eyes slightly. "I would never do that. No matter what time it is I have to work on a project. And you know that."

"Oh, I know", Oikawa crossed his arms, "that's why I entrusted you with this project."

"So, what seems to be the problem?" Suga rolled his chair back a little bit and turned to Oikawa fully, relaxing his foot on his other knee.

"Mhm, I don't know, maybe that I just got a call from our boss, asking about this exact project and whoever was responsible for it?"

The atmosphere dropped a few degrees and even Suga froze for a second. His thoughts went into overdrive. He remembered the evening clearly and even though he had looked forward to his home, he would never cut corners and submit a final layout. 

Oikawa gave him exactly 15 seconds to think. "I assume you did your utmost perfection for it and whatever seems to be the problem would be on the ground of some misunderstanding?"

Suga snapped out of his thoughts and nodded. "I'm happy to review the presentation with whoever wants to, but I am certain there shouldn't be a problem."

Suga's throat was dry, he could play the act of confidence, had learned it long ago, but the small voice in the back of his mind was still asking him you sure you did pay enough attention and not fucked up?

The soft ping of the elevator was registered by them all subconsciously, it was often enough in their daily background noise, but Suga noticed a few gasps. His eyes turned towards the elevator and he saw the top of short, black hair. He stood up without even thinking about it and stared at the newcomer. Oikawa followed his gaze and muttered curses under his breath. Suga didn't even hear them when Daichi's and his eyes met. Daichi's eyes softened and he walked over to them purposefully.

"Suga." He greeted over-enthusiastically. 

"Daichi." A smile formed on his lips, liking how the name felt on them. Daichi answered with a small smile right before he turned to Oikawa. 

"Oikawa-san? We just talked on the phone." Daichi's face still emanated friendliness but his tone asserted dominance as he reached his hand out. And Oikawa wasn't one to back down.

"Of course, Sawamura-san. I was just talking to the project’s supervisor, Sugawara-san. You didn't have to come all the way down here for that." Oikawa took the offered hand, both gripping each other's hand vigorously. 

"Ah, don't worry about it." They let go of their hands and Daichi pushed his hands inside his pockets, while Oikawa crossed his arms again, relaxing his right hand under his arm. They both smiled at each other their perfect custom smile, silently acknowledging the firm handshake but not giving the other the satisfaction of actually addressing it. Suga rolled his eyes. This strange behavior to ensure some kind of superiority was getting boring, especially in this company where everybody seemed to engage in this custom.

Daichi turned his attention back to Suga and he forgot his train of thought. 

"So, you prepared the presentation?" 

Suga nodded a little hesitantly. "Was there a problem?"

Daichi's eyes widened just a fraction and the shook his head. "What? No! I just held the presentation. It was for some sort of..." His voice trailed off and he blinked around them as if he had to remember where they were. His face turned to Oikawa. 

"Could we talk somewhere more private?"

Oikawa's smile never left his face. "Of course. Follow me." 

Suga and Daichi followed Oikawa inside his office where he closed the blindfolds of the windows facing the rest of the office. He walked around the big, dark brown desk and sat on his designated throne. He gestured to the chairs in front of him.

"Please." Even though Daichi was clearly his superior, this was Oikawa's office and he didn't shy away from ascertaining this. 

Suga sat down, already used to his antics and after a second Daichi followed. He eyed Oikawa who leaned back, elbows relaxing on the armrest and fingertips leaning against each other.

"As I was saying", Daichi turned towards Suga, "I just had a meeting with your presentation with another marketing firm. And apparently, they were a fan of your presentation, design-wise for that matter." 

Suga blinked a few times, eyes shortly looking to Oikawa who in turn lost his smile, lips stretched firmly but looking at Daichi intently.

"Thanks?" Suga scratched his cheek. "Does that imply something I'm not aware of?"

Daichi crossed his legs and folded his hands in his lap. "They asked", he cleared his throat, “well, rather, demanded that you work for them."

"They want to poach me?!" Suga gasped. He sat up and crunching his slacks in his fists. 

Daichi huffed. "Basically, yes."

"Well", Oikawa started, "that won't do." His lips had found their way to his smile again, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Suga-chan works for us and no way in hell will I let him go."

"That's what I said." Daichi nodded at him, an evil smile tucking at the corner of his mouth. 

"Wait, wait." Suga held up his hands. His face was heating up, he never thought about getting solicited, even less getting such compliments from his superior and boss, in a roundabout way. 

"You declined a job offer for me?", came out of his mouth.

Daichi's eyes pinned him to his chair. "What? You were going to accept it?"

"No!" Suga yelled and clapped his hand over his mouth. "Sorry." He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. At all. Of course, I don't want to work for any other company." Suga declared firmly, first looking at Oikawa who nodded at him and then resting on Daichi. 

Daichi let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "Good. What is it then?"

Suga shrugged nondescriptly. "I would have liked to decline myself." 

Daichi chuckled. "Right. Sorry about that." 

Suga leaned back into his chair. That was a turn of events he didn't anticipate. 

"I take it, the other company isn't taking it too well?" Oikawa's voice sounded casual, but his eyes were still fixed on Daichi. A few seconds of silence followed, Daichi holding his stare.

"Yeah", Daichi admitted. He drove a hand over his face, rubbing his eyes with two fingers. 

"I could deny them talking directly to you with that declaration, but I can't prohibit them to contact you in other forms. And", he inhaled sharply, folding his hands back into his lap and facing Suga again, "they were pretty unyielding about having all work in relation to them handed and processed by you." 

Suga took a deep breath, exhaling through his mouth and leaned his head back to look at the ceiling.

"Doesn't sound to me like a problem." Oikawa propped his right elbow on the armrest, leaning his face against his hand. "Then, by all means, they can give us more projects, good for us, more money." 

Daichi rolled with his eyes. "As if I don't know that. But the problem remains that they want Suga for their team and believe me, they can be convincing. And if that doesn't work, they just wear you down until you accept." 

"And if I just don't work on their projects? I mean", Suga sat up a little straighter, "I know customers can choose their lead designer, but I can always refuse." 

"Not this time. The cards are on the table and if we refuse now, it would make us look unreasonable and could possibly compromise our work relationship with them." Daichi gritted through his teeth. 

"Again, not a problem", Oikawa looked at his nails, bored, "Suga-chan is if anything stubborn. And I mean stubborn. Let them try. Let them give him all the good jobs, give us more recognition just for them to bite their teeth out."

Suga chuckled with a slight blush. "Well, only second to yours truly, huh?"

"Suga-chan! You wound me!" Oikawa gasped, pressing an open hand to his chest. He turned back to Daichi. "So, you don't have to worry. I have my studio under control and Suga-chan can take care of himself just fine."

Daichi bit his lip, then sighed defeated. "Alright." He held up his hands. "I didn't really think that was a problem per se, just wanted to let you know so there won't be any confusion."

"Thank you." Suga smiled brightly at him. Due to that, he was finally able to see Daichi again and he didn't mind some extra work or have someone kissing his ass. 

"If that is done with, could you please leave my office?" 

Suga knew Oikawa well enough to have a good feeling for when you overstayed his hospitality. He pushed himself up from his chair.

"Sure thing." 

Daichi gave Oikawa another custom smile and nodded. "Thank you for your time and lending us your space." 

"You're welcome. You could use your own the next time. I might even say, it's nicer than mine." 

Daichi chuckled. "I'll keep that in mind." He followed Suga outside who was at his desk again with a few big steps. The office had emptied out and Daichi shuffled over to Suga. Suga checked his desk for any messages and when he didn't find anything, he roamed his jacket pockets for his wallet. No way a simple sandwich would cut it today. When he turned around, Daichi was standing next to his desk, not quite meeting his eyes.

"So, uhm", Daichi pushed his hands into his pockets, kicking lightly against the floor.

"So...?" Suga prompted when Daichi didn't continue.

"You don't happen to be, you know, free? I mean, for lunch!" Daichi's cheeks blushed all the way over to the tip of his nose, only somewhat visible due to his tan. 

Suga chuckled, covering his mouth with one hand. "Yeah, I'm free." And a little more silently, "I mean, for lunch." 

Daichi grunted embarrassed. "Great. Uh, what are you up for?" 

"Mhm", Suga hummed as they made their way to the elevator. "How about curry?" 


They rode the way down, this time without a hitch, and exited the building like almost every other person on their way to their lunch break. The sidewalks were busy with office workers, chasing down every possible restaurant, diner, or food stand to get a fast lunch. 

Daichi and Suga ranked themselves inside the current and went with the flow. It was too loud to have an actual conversation, so they stayed silent, bumping each other's shoulder to acknowledge their presence to the other. When Suga craned his neck to look for a restaurant that actually had some space left when he was jerked to his right. Suga let out an undignified yelp when Daichi pulled him into an alleyway. His hand stayed around Suga's wrist for another few seconds after he was sure Suga would follow him and let his grip slip loose. Suga blinked and followed, no question asked, and they emerged soon at a parallel street which was way less crowded. Suga looked around curiously.

"Over there." Daichi pointed at a door with a small sign, barely big enough to be readable. They jogged over the street and Daichi held the door open for Suga. Suga’s ears heated up and with a chuckle, he walked inside ducking his head. The inside was lowly lit, soft music was playing in the background and almost no other customer was inside, so the bartender instantly noticed their arrival. Daichi walked up beside Suga and the bartender threw a mischievous smile. 

"Daichi. Kinda early, huh?" 

Suga smiled at Daichi, cocking his eyebrow. "Your usual?"

Daichi nodded and cleared his throat, turning back to the bartender. "Hey. Yeah, something came up." 

"Table for two?" the bartender put down his phone with which he had been playing until now. 

"Yeah. Can we get your curry?" 

"Daichi." Suga was taken aback by the sudden seriousness from the bartender. "Don't you want to introduce us first?"

The tension left Suga’s shoulder and he chuckled. "Yeah, Daichi, introduce me to your kinda shady friend!" Suga popped up next to Daichi, grinning at the bartender.

"Kinda shady?" the bartender shook his head dramatically. "Full blown shady, thank you very much."

"Oh, my bad. Of course, how couldn't I see this with your", Suga gestured vaguely at him up and down, "everything."

Daichi made a grimace. "I'm starting to think this was a mistake."

Ignoring Daichi, the bartender extended his hand over the counter. "My name's Kuroo Tetsuro."

"Sugawara Koushi. But everyone calls me Suga." He squeezed Kuroo's firmly and they grinned at each other.

"Whoever makes Daichi's life harder is a friend of mine." 

"Kuroo-san, my presence enriches Daichi's life!" Suga gasped and Kuroo barked a small laugh which prompted Daichi to groan a little louder and he walked to the back of the room, plumping down at one of the tables.

"How do you like your curry?" 

Suga stopped as he wanted to follow Daichi. He narrowed his eyes at Kuroo. "Make it as hot as possible."

"You're on."

Suga danced over to Daichi and sat down on the seat in front of him. The table was small, and their knees bumped against each other so that Suga was about to shift to accommodate their legs but then he noticed that Daichi didn't move at all, so he stayed put as well.

"So", Suga leaned his chin onto his palm with his elbow propped up on the table, "you and Kuroo. Good friends?" He raised his eyebrow at the end of the question, eyes fixed on Daichi who in return leaned forward on both forearms, nodding. "Yeah. Kinda, best friend?" He threw a look over his shoulder. "Don't let him know, though."

Suga chuckled. "Got it." 

"We got to know each other a few years ago", Daichi continued unprompted, "when he opened this bar and I crashed here after some pretty messed up day." He scrunched his face up and furrowed his eyebrows as if he bit into a lemon. Some memories should stay hidden. Or at least so long that he felt comfortable talking about it, what for now seemed to be in the far, far future.

Suga hummed sympathetically. He knew all too well what a good beer can do after a long day. Or two. Or five and a few Tequila shots.

"So, it became kinda routine to come here, drink a beer, vent, and stuff." He shrugged, scratching at a dent on their table. "We became friends eventually, hung out and stuff." 

"And the curry?" 

"The curry?" Daichi blinked.

"Well", Suga let his eyes roam through the small room. It definitely was a bar, which was its centerpiece and just a small room with some makeshift tables here and there. Not really diner-like. "Doesn't look like a place to eat." He raised his eyebrows at Daichi.

It took a few seconds for Daichi to catch on and huffed. "Oh, yeah, Kuroo likes to make curry for lunch. Word hasn't come around though. Not that he advertises it." He shook his head. "But lucky me, I can eat in peace." 

"Won't I disturb you then?" Suga cocked his head slightly. 

"You...", Daichi had to break eye contact after a second, focusing on some poster on the wall. "You are not disturbing me at all." 

"I feel honored." Suga dropped his volume just a little, which made Daichi blush ever so lightly. Before he could look at Suga again, the door behind the bar swung open and Kuroo walked over to their table. He put two plates, filled with curry and rice to the brim, in front of them. Shuffling to the bar for a second, he came back shortly to place two glasses of water and one with milk in front of them. He winked at Suga.

"Hope it is to your liking." A mischievous smile formed on his lips. 

Suga's eyes gleaned. Just by smelling the curry, his eyes burnt and watered. Yes, that was some spicy curry. Daichi coughed and looked at Suga's curry in horror.

"You gonna eat that?" 

"Hell yeah." Suga pressed his palms together, mumbled an honest "Thanks for the food!" and took a spoonful. He blew a few times and when he deemed it edible temperature wise, he licked his lips and took the whole spoon. 

Right away the spice clung to his palate, heat filling his throat. His eyes stung, tears formed and threaten to spill.

"Mhm!" Suga moaned delightedly. 

Daichi's eyebrows furrowed looking at Suga in concern. Suga's cheeks were flushed from the heat and he looked ready to cry. But in the most beautiful way with a smile on his lips. Daichi's throat went dry and he had to take a sip of his water by his sudden thirst.

Suga dug in, savoring each bite. A few tears did fall, and he wiped them away with his thumb. Kuroo stood back behind the bar, observing the new guest and Daichi swore he heard him chuckled "masochistic bastard" at one point.

Not that he would argue with him about it.

They ate in silence for a while, Daichi found his appetite again when he had his first bite and devoured half his plate in record time. When they finally vanquished their hunger and slowed down. They fell in quiet small talk over work-related topics. They talked a little about current projects, customers from hell and co-workers shenanigans. It was a relaxed atmosphere which Suga rather enjoyed. Usually, he spent his lunch either in the office, eating his packed lunch or let some actual food get delivered to them. Only on rare occasions did he eat out with his co-workers, mostly if there was a special occasion. It wasn’t that Suga didn’t get along with his colleagues, on the contrary, they were all good friends, but Suga had a tendency to just shuffle down his food and get back to work. He told Daichi as much with a nervous chuckle.

"What is the deal with you and Oikawa?" Daichi asked between two bites. They were a little over halfway done with their meal. Suga’s face was still pinched in red from the spice, however, he still refused to drink from the milk as if it would mean to give up.

"Huh?" Suga blinked, lowering his spoon.

"Well", Daichi took another sip of his water, "I was just surprised. You told me he was something like an asshole but there he was, calling you pet names and supporting you undoubtingly." 

Suga held up one hand in front of his mouth, as he snorted. That prompted him to cough violently and Daichi pushed to him his water. Suga took a big sip and blinked a few tears away.

"Daichi!" Suga gasped, grinning widely. "First of all," Suga pushed his food a bit around his plate, "Oikawa has pet names", he fixed Daichi with an amused look, "for basically everyone. Probably already for you. Wouldn't be surprised if he has one for your father as well." 

He chuckled at the thought while Daichi pulled a face. "And secondly, as I told you, he is good at his job. Like really good, it's infuriating. And he knows what we're capable of and, therefore", Suga weighed his head from one side to the other, "I would say, he is just super aware of his abilities and ours as well and because of it has just trust in us. Not in only me, but in every one of our team." 

Suga took a deep breath and smiled at Daichi. "But other than that, he sucks as a boss." 

Daichi hummed. In his chest formed an uncomfortable feeling he couldn't really place and pushed it down for the time being and resumed eating.

"What about Kuroo?" Suga asked after his next bite. "Does he", he interrupted himself, eyeing Kuroo behind Daichi. He looked occupied by his phone but Suga wasn't sure how much attention he paid to them, so he dropped his voice slightly. "Does he know about your problems with your father?"

Daichi stilled for a second and swallowed hard. He took another bite to give himself time to form an answer. Before he could, though, Suga cleared his throat.

"You don't have to, well, answer. Sorry", with a slightly embarrassed blush, Suga smiled apologetically. 

"No, it's fine. Don't worry." Daichi felt the strain in his voice but he meant it. "He doesn't. Well, not the full story." He watered his dry throat by emptying his glass. "I haven't ... I don't know ... how, you know?" 

Suga eyed him for a little while without saying anything. He huffed. "I'm sorry. Wrong topic, wrong place. But for the record, if he is your best", he stressed the word with a wink, "he wouldn't have any problem with it." 

Daichi nodded. "Yeah, thanks."

Suga nudged Daichi's knee with his own and threw him a wide smile when Daichi looked at him. 

"My compliments to the chef!" Suga said loudly to Kuroo, leaning to his side to lock eyes with Kuroo.

"Noted." Kuroo grinned back.

They cleaned their plates to the last rice corn and Suga sighed a silent "Thanks for the food!" and leaned back. That was the lunch he needed. 

"You alright?" Daichi had his arms folded on the table, a small smile on his lips. 

"Great. Thanks for bringing me here." 

"You're welcome." 

"Wanna head back?" 

"Give me a minute." Suga interlaced his fingers across his stomach and leaned his head back with another sigh. For a moment he closed his eyes and just concentrated on breathing. After a minute he deeply exhaled and sat up. Daichi had walked over to the bar and talked quietly with Kuroo. Suga stood up and walked over. 

"What did I miss?" 

"Daichi’s trying to be a gentleman but I want to kill his thunder."

"Kuroo!" Daichi's cheeks were colored pinkish and he threw Kuroo a look that could kill. "Maybe I just won't come anymore."

"I'm just trying to be nice, Daichi." Kuroo shook his head with a mocked hurt look. "Not that I'm not always that nice."

Daichi snorted. "Yeah, sure." He sighed. "Put it on my tab, alright?" 

"Sure." Kuroo didn't sound earnest in the least.

Suga chuckled and tucked at Daichi's sleeve. "Let the man be a nice friend." He winked.

"Listen to Suga! He seems already smarter than you." Kuroo laughed at his own joke and when Daichi just rolled his eyes following Suga, Kuroo took a dish towel and smacked Daichi at the back of his head. "No eye-rolling in my house!"

"Ouch!" Daichi yelled despite not actually being hurt. "Yeah, mom!" he pointedly rolled his eyes again.

Suga laughed as he waved Kuroo goodbye and walked outside again. The air was warmed up by the silent spring sun and a lot of people recharged their solar energy by lazing around on benches, taking a stroll through the streets or sunbathing at the small green patches here and there. Even though Suga could appreciate a rainy, snowy, or stormy day, he definitely preferred the sun.

Suga inhaled deeply when they both stood side by side back on the sidewalk, smiling at the sky. 

"Ready to get back to your favorite place on earth?" Daichi chuckled. 

"We're going to a cat cafe?!" Suga spun around and beamed at Daichi with wide arms. 

"What?" Daichi blinked, frozen in place. "No."

Suga pouted. "Way to get my hopes up." He crossed his arms and stalked back to the alleyway they came from. 

"Wha-", Daichi jogged behind him to catch up. 

"You said "favorite place on earth", where else would I want to be?" Suga surmised over his shoulder.

"A cat cafe?" Daichi asked in disbelief, followed by a short laugh. "I'm sorry, I'll keep that in mind."

"You better!" Suga squinted his eyes at him before they reached the parallel street. The street was as packed as before, everyone on their way back to work. Suga and Daichi fell in step with the crowd, silently bumping into each other now and then.

Far too soon for Suga's liking, they arrived back at the office building and with a huff, they walked up the few steps to the front door. A few others came from their lunch break and together they cramped into the small elevator. Daichi and Suga were pressed into the far back and Suga tried hard not to concentrate on the wide chest he leaned against with his back. They were pressed against each other, he could almost feel Daichi's breath in his neck and if he glanced from the corner of his eye, he could see Daichi's broad shoulders. Suga took a deep breath and stared in front of himself, not focusing on anything.

When the elevator stopped at the 22nd floor, Suga forced himself to walk away from Daichi but took a second to grasp at his hand for just a second. He threw a bashful smile over the shoulder and mouthed "Thanks!" and left the elevator. 

His ears burned. When the elevator closed again, he buried his face into his hands. He wasn't really sure what he was doing, his body reacted and did stuff before his brain caught up. Daichi was nice, handsome and funny and a familiar warm feeling had taken root in his chest. Suga was still unsure of what he should think about it. Maybe he could just enjoy this feeling for the moment. 

He groaned silently, rubbed his face and with just a little regret walked back into the office. 

In there, some eyes followed him and when he sat down at his desk, he leaned over to Yachi. "What's up?"

Yachi raised her eyebrows. "That's what we want to know! You were called into the office with Oikawa-san and Sawamura-san! Are you", she bit her lip and her eyes darted around, "in trouble?"

Suga blinked a few times before he remembered the conversation not even two hours ago. 

"Oh!" he sat up with a smile. "No, no. Don't worry, everything's fine! I was... complimented." Suga hesitated not exactly sure what he was allowed to say.

Yachi let go of a deep breath. "Thank God! We were so worried!" Her eyes looked ready to cry and Suga rolled his chair over to her. 

"I'm sorry. I should have left a note. But thanks for worrying." He patted her shoulder, smiling reassuringly at her.

She nodded and wiped at her teary eyes. "Alright."

The next hour of work went by in a blink of an eye when Suga received yet another new email. Without checking from who, Suga opened it and stopped.




Subject: Lunch

Dear Suga,

I hope I don't inconvenience you with a private mail over your work mail. I don't have any other means to contact you.

I just wanted to say thank you for having lunch with me. I had a great time.




Suga held his breath for a few seconds and then breathed out slowly in an attempt not to laugh out loud. A quiet chuckle couldn't be prevented, nonetheless. 

He pursed his lips trying to suppress a smile. A smile because he was surprised over how happy he was that Daichi actually took some time to write to him and because he tried not to laugh at the formal speech Daichi used. It was utterly adorable. He bit his tongue as he answered.




Subject: Re: Lunch

Hey Daichi!

You don't inconvenience me at all! 

I had a great time as well! We should do that again sometime! :)




The cursor hovered over the "send" button as Suga’s eyes focused on “yours”. Was it to straight forward? Should he be more polite? Was it too improper? He sighed. He didn't even know what he wanted to be to Daichi but at the least, he wanted to be some kind of friend to and for him. So, he decided, he should just be himself. He pressed the send button and got back to work. For the next hour, Suga refreshed his email program constantly, just to make sure Daichi didn't send a follow-up mail he didn't see. But to no avail. There came in a lot of emails, though, but none from Daichi.

After another hour he had pushed these thoughts to the back of his head and buried himself in his work. It was around 6 pm, another two hours overtime and Suga was packing up his stuff when his phone rang. Suga eyed it. He was tempted to ignore it, he wanted to go home, and it was already late. Sometimes it was hard to be that dedicated to his job. He exhaled and picked up the receiver.

"Good evening! You are speaking with Sugawara Koushi, J-Marketing, Design department, how can I help you?"

"Good evening, Sugawara-san. A-J. design department. My name is Kunimi Akira. Do you have a minute to talk about our job offer?"