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There’s always been sexual tension in the BTS dorm- the guys have admitted such to ARMY when they described the viruses that Namjoon’s computer was always getting- and sometimes Taehyung wonders if their fans would be surprised to find out that the seven of them have sex as casually as they watch porn.


Sometimes he doubts it. Then there are times, like tonight, that he finds that he minds as much, if not more, than some of their more... intense fans would.


The sounds coming from Hoseok’s room are driving him crazy, and he muffles a scream into his pillow when Jin lets out a particularly high cry. Tae can picture the older man being held down while Hoseok drills into him. Jin, despite his cuddly nature and worldwide handsome looks, is pretty demanding when it comes to sex, and Tae has heard it firsthand more than once. Jin isn’t his favorite sexual partner, but just listening to him is driving Tae wild.


He wishes it were him with Hoseok rather than his hyung. Hoseok, with his sunny smile that hides an amazingly kinky mind, and a soft touch that can turn any one of the other six members into sobbing messes with just a few light caresses and a few well-placed, dirty questions.


Tae groans in frustration as Jin’s cries escalate in pitch and volume, and his cock throbs in his boxers as he curses under his breath. When Jin finally wails out Hoseok’s name, a sure sign he’s hit his orgasm, Tae growls.


Fuck it.


He climbs almost angrily from his bed and stomps to the door. If he can’t have Hoseok tonight, then he’ll seek relief elsewhere.


He bypasses Hoseok’s door, scowling at the closed portal and the soft murmurs coming from behind it, too low to make out clearly. The next door he passes is Namjoon’s, and he can hear two voices there as well, but they’re easily distinguished as the leader’s and that of their maknae. A small smile curves Tae’s lips as he reaches Yoongi’s door and raises his hand to knock.


Yoongi is laying on his bed, legs bent at the knee, feet flat on the bed, his hands behind his head as he contemplates his ceiling. He has one ear bud in his right ear, the left hooked over his ear and left to dangle free. Random melodies drift out from his phone, and his mind is playing with words against the music. It’s a slow process, but tonight it’s more for pleasure than work. So he doesn’t mind when the knock sounds through his room. Instead, he picks up his phone and pauses the music as he calls out for whomever is outside to come in. A genuine smile lights up his face when Tae opens the door and steps into the room.


“TaeTae! What brings you to my cave tonight? Did you miss me? Or were Hoseok and Jin being too loud?”


Tae grins wryly. Leave it to Yoongi to strike straight to the heart of the situation, as usual.


“How did you know?”


Yoongi rolls his eyes as he swings his legs off the bed and sits up on the side of the mattress.


“They were eye fucking so much in the van on the way back from the studio that I’m surprised they actually made it to Hoseok’s room.”


Tae laughed and Yoongi grinned.


“So, did you come for conversation or a little something more?”


The mood in the room shifts so fast, the very air seeming to heat up from Yoongi’s words, that Tae is left spinning. He swallows as he closes the door behind him, and it’s enough of an answer that Yoongi climbs to his feet, opening his arms, which Tae steps into gratefully.


When Yoongi kisses him, it’s powerful and yet coolly controlled by the older man. Tae doesn’t do this very often with this particular hyung of his, so he’s surprised every time by just how well Yoongi sweeps him up into the passion they share easily. Yoongi takes control of the situation so quickly that it leaves Tae’s head spinning when they part to breathe.


“How do you want me, Tae?”


The words are familiar, because he asks every time. The younger man bites his lip as he considers, then flashes Yoongi a wicked grin.


“I want to ride you.”


Yoongi nods, returning the smirk, and the next few moments are spent undressing before they fall into the bed, lips locked again and Yoongi’s hands all over Tae, tweaking his nipples before ghosting over the younger man’s stomach and making him giggle slightly. Then Tae gasps into Yoongi’s mouth when the older man wraps a hand around him, stroking his hard length slowly. Tae whines.


“Yoongi-hyung, please.”


The older man nods, releasing Tae and retrieving the lube from his nightstand drawer, passing it to the younger man.


“I want to watch you open yourself for me.”


Tae nods, a bit shy as Yoongi backs away. It doesn’t matter how often they do this, this part is often the most awkward for the younger man- he’s exposed and while it’s hot, Yoongi’s eyes on him make him squirm a bit. At least, it does until he has three fingers buried inside himself and he’s teasing his prostate, little whines and breathless moans falling from his lips.




Yoongi’s voice is rough when he speaks, finally breaking Tae’s concentration, and the younger man grunts in consternation as he withdraws his hand. Yoongi flops onto his back, grabbing the bottle of lube and slicking up his cock before Tae straddles him, sinking down onto Yoongi’s impressive length with a drawn-out moan.


Yoongi always tends to forget just how well he fits inside Tae- the younger man is perfect in a way the others aren’t, and it shows whenever he gets Tae to himself. Tae moans when Yoongi groans, his hands gripping Tae’s hips hard, and the younger man preens when he thinks about the bruises that will be there tomorrow. His preoccupation with the older man’s grip falters, however, when Yoongi thrusts up into him roughly.


“Ride me, Tae.”


It’s a command, and the younger man nods as he starts to roll his hips. It doesn’t take him long to set a rhythm, punctuating the swivel of his pelvis with little bounces that make Yoongi hiss.


“Fuck, Tae. You feel so good. So perfect for oppa. I’m going to cum, baby.”


The younger man throws his head back, becoming more vocal at the words, body undulating faster.


“Y-yea, hyung, do it please. Cum inside me. I want to feel you fill me up.”


The sight of Tae arching and the feeling of his body fluttering around him has Yoongi growling as he cums, spilling into Tae’s body. The sensation makes the younger man cry out loudly as he follows, coming untouched across Yoongi’s stomach.


It’s at that moment that Namjoon, who’s room is between Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s, slams his hand against the wall.


“I swear to god, if the four of you don’t keep it down, I will murder you all in your sleep!”


The answer is laughter from both sides, and Namjoon, as the leader, pulls out his trump card. It’s only moments later that they hear the high-pitched, and more importantly, most loud cries from their maknae start. Jungkook is by far the most vocal of the seven, and Yoongi rolls his eyes as Tae parts from him, grabbing a piece of clothing to clean them up before looking at the wall. After a moment, his lips curve and he glances at Yoongi. The older man knows what Tae is thinking almost before he says it.


“Want to see if Jimin wants to play?”


Jimin is the only one who can rival Jungkook in the vocal department, and Yoongi laughs as he leaps from the bed, hot on Tae’s heels to Jimin’s room.