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Damian's pregnancy

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It's been two weeks since Damian was locked in this room. There was just a bed and a kind of bathroom. He had not yet had the "honor" of being visited by his grandfather. From the beginning of his abduction he was anxious. He wondered what took his alpha and his family so much time to find him. He did not want to bring his child here, and take the risk that Ra's take him. It was out of the question.Moreover, it seemed that there were not many people . To believe that he was not the priority to defend. He caressed his belly and faced the first contraction of the day. He had regularly since the beginning of the week, but the work had not yet begun according to the doctor who visited him. Only person he had seen since arriving here.


"Grayson get you back!" He would not stay here longer and refused to give birth in this room and see his baby disappear. The waiting time was too long.


Dick was circling in the batcave . He could not wait to act. He was so worried about his omega and his unborn son, it was torture to wait. However, Bruce preferred that everything be ready for the rescue mission. Jason also agreed. The goal was to be as discreet as possible to prevent Damian from being caught in the fight. The location took a lot of time. But now it had been four days since they had located it. Maybe his son was already born! Damian was at risk of giving birth prematurely, it was possible. And he would have missed it ... Already it should not have happened, Damian should be here and not there. He should have been more vigilant.


"Dick calm down." Tim put a hand on his shoulder. "We'll be going soon, put on your uniform."


You should not tell him twice. Finally they acted.


They flew over the plane to the small island where Damian was supposed to be. He was filled with anger and worry. Ra's had no interest in finding himself on his way. He looked at Batman for a moment, he was also emanating a lot of anger. They should be able to figure out who would hit Damian's grandfather the most.


Once the plane landed, they all began their mission. Bruce had to make sure that the way was free until the plane accompanied by Tim. He and Jason went to get Damian. It would not be too much of two if ever there was already the baby. Jonathan was also to come in reinforcement if necessary. As soon as Batman made the signal, he and Jason passed quietly into the sort of fortress. There was little murderer. It was strange. He once understood in a hallway. They had concentrated here for the most part, near a door.


" Damian is probably there Dickie, " exclaims Jason.


"I hope so."


They took care of the killers, rather quickly and without being hurt. The level was low. Ra's must surely have kept the good members on his island and put here only beginners. In time he must have lowered his guard. Jason signaled to Tim that everything was ok. Then without waiting they entered the room. Damian was there, sitting on the bed. And always pregnant.


"Damian!" Nightwing went quickly to his omega .


"Dick ...! Damian looked up at him and smiled at him. At last he had come after two long weeks. He felt the lips of his companion land on his for a kiss ignited. His kisses and soft lips had missed him so much. Its intoxicating smell also. Dick hugged him and then checked to see if he had any injuries.


"Dick calm down, you'll choke on him." Jason laughed and then walked to the bed. He too was worried about the little demon.


Dick did not bother to answer him and put his hands on the belly of his omega . He felt blows against his hands. He laid a kiss on it.


"Dad is here now, nothing will happen to you ..."


"It took some time to arrive though." Damian replied gently with a subtext. Dick looked up at him and looked him in the eyes. He was guilty so much, it was partly his fault if it had happened.


"I'm sorry Dami ..."


"B wanted everything to be perfect for us to come get you you know him. And this island not easy to find says so, it made strong Ra's . Jason shrugged. "But if you do not mind we'll talk about it later, we need to get out quickly by now. You never know if reinforcements arrive on their side. "


Damian nodded, getting up with difficulty. Nightwing took his arm directly. As they left the room, Jason warned Batman. Mission partly succeeded, now it was necessary to reach the plane and quickly. They did it, without having seen anyone. Strange. Once in front of the plane they waited for Batman and Red Robin.


"It's too calm. " Whispered Jason.


"It has been for two weeks, it's too weird since Todd started. To believe that he does not care from the beginning.   "


Suddenly they heard an explosion. They looked in the direction. It was the building that had exploded.




Jason started moving forward before seeing his omega come out of breath followed by Batman.


"They blew it up!" Red Robin cried, feeling choked by the arms of his alpha.


Batman confirmed before hugging Damian in his arms.


"Are you alright?" He had a worried tone in his voice.


"Yes father." He also took him in his arms . He could lull himself into the illusion that now he was going back to the mansion and that everything would be fine. However, he knew that his grandfather would not give up at the moment, unless it had already been done. He had not even defended the island properly, to believe that he had found a solution of relief.  


"Let's go back to the mansion."


They helped Damian get on the plane. Dick sat down next to him and took his hand. He could see and feel the fear he had. And his guilt. He felt a violent contraction of a blow that folded it in two.


"Damian ?!" Tim got up from his seat and approached the youngest. Dick seemed to panic. The contractions came regularly and more and more violent.


"Batman, go to the hospital. Nightwing dresses in plain clothes. "Jason automatically says the calm voice. He had already seen a delivery, that of his companion, he knew he had to remain perfectly calm and not panic because it was useless. Bruce seemed to remain calm, but his hands moved quickly on the cockpit.


Dick changed quickly, they had agreed before leaving to provide for each a civilian outfit just in case. They had done well.


"Wait, is not it a false alarm? You never know . "Dick stroked Damian's hair.


Damian looked at him and felt liquid under him and looked. Shit. His pocket of water has pierced. Obviously his son decided to arrive on a plane. He looked at his alpha, which turned pale.


"He can not get there now! It's too early   ! "Exclaimed Dick.


"Obviously, we still have time to the hospital, I think." Tim replied. They felt the plane accelerate. Tim removed Damian's pants without any trouble and looked at the collar. He raised his head quickly. The omega held back his cries of pain against the contractions. It was the most painful thing he had ever known and could no longer hold his cries. He did not want it to happen like that, not on an airplane.


"Well there is the head. Obviously your work should have started a while ago but you did not notice anything. It happens sometimes. He had to be well positioned. We'll have to do that here. And above all, stay calm . Everything will be alright. He looked at Dick, insisting on the word calm. "Damian, you'll have to listen to me. I gave birth once, that should be fine. Let's say I know when to push in theory.Anyway there is not much choice. As long as there is no complication it will be fine. Already he does not show up at the back, that's it already. "


"MAKE IT HAPPEN!" He shouted without mercy on Tim. The pain took over. He squeezed Dick's hand tight, seeing too much seeing the grin on his face.


"Batman, how long before we get there?" Jason asked while looking behind. The more time he spent the less he was serene.


"Twenty minutes, I'm up."


"In twenty minutes it will be here already." Tim replied. "Good Damian, at the next contraction you'll grow." He quickly took one of the survival blankets from one of the bags. Damian pushed in the second that followed.




The work was fast, to believe that all the contractions he had in the week was a warning. Dick stroked her hair and kissed her forehead and played her while whispering words of encouragement in her ear.Damian continued to push when Tim told him. Until they heard a faint cry. Tim put the small body directly on the chest of the young omega accompanied by the survival blanket. He did not want to touch the cord or anything else. He was not a specialist, he was in danger of making a mistake.


A tear ran down Damian's cheek and he kissed the top of his son's bloody head, followed by Dick. His alpha put his lips on hers to begin a languid kiss. They did not speak and looked at the little being. They arrived almost immediately at the hospital. Batman came out quickly followed by Jason to bring stretcher bearers who arrived just as quickly.


A few hours later they are installed in a room. The baby was comfortably seated against Damian's chest. Dick sat on the bed with his alpha arm around his arm and caressed the baby's cheek with his finger.


"He has your cheeks and your lips ..."


"And the shape of your eyes my beloved, as well as the shape of your face and your nose ..."


Jonathan had been warned quickly and he had brought the maternity bag within an hour of their arrival, so that after the care they could dress him. They enjoyed this moment of calm and serenity before the whole family arrived. Dick had already taken many pictures and sent them to calm their impatience.


"Now we must finally decide on the name of this little angel ..." Dick kissed his omega on the temple.


Damian looked at his son's face while covering him correctly.




Dick smiled and kissed him before kissing his son's little hand. "It's perfect. Welcome to the Aiden world. "


"He looks a lot like you, Dickie, " Jason remarked. The baby was in Tim's arms, showing Max what he looked like.


"He looks like Dami too, " Dick answered.


"I'm sure he'll have Wayne's eyes," Bruce exclaimed as he took pictures of his grandson.


"In any case, he's beautiful!" Tim gave Aiden back to Damian.


"And news from Ra's , Bruce?"


Dick looked at the elder with a serious look. He was still worried about it.


"Any. Either he meditates something in his corner or he found out how to make clones, like Talia at the time. "


"It's horrible ..." Damian cradled his son, who was beginning to stir.


"Do not worry, nothing will happen to him." Dick sat back on the edge of the bed. "He's so cute that even Ra's will leave him alone."


"My habibi is so perfect ..."


"It's Max the cutest!" Max slapped his feet on the floor with a pouty expression in the laughter of people in the room.


Damian stroked his son's cheek. He would not regret getting pregnant so quickly from his alpha, it was one of the best things that could happen to him. He felt different, ready for anything for this little being.


Once only the three of them, the couple watched their son in the cradle of the room. Damian huddles in the arms of his alpha while having his finger in his son's hand.


" Dami ... I love you. Thank you for everything."


Damian looked him straight in the eye and put his lips to hers.


"I love you my beloved, thank you."