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Damian's pregnancy

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Oh shit. 

Damian had fixed eyes on the pregnancy test. He felt sick since a few days, of the style to vomit his tripes every morning and to feel tired. His instinct told him to make a pregnancy test. He did not think that it is that, but to make him would reassure him at least. In the end it reassures him not at all finally. Encircled in just 18 years, accidentally. He sat down on his bed by fixing both lines of the test. Too many questions crowded in the head, especially one. How he was going to be able to announce it to Dick ? For several months they were in a relation of couple, in spite of the difference in age which raised some problems at the beginning, to see even numerous conflicts. The elder son tending to treat him as a child and being too old for him with their years of gap. Furthermore, his father had not specially approved at the beginning. They do not live together besides, nor even in the same city. It did not prevent them from seeing itself regularly but all the same. How he was going to be able to announce him that? He put the head in hands. For once Damian Wayne did not know what to do and it was a horrible sensation.

After moment crossed in his room, he decided to go out. A little fresh air will do good to him. Hardly went out he fell on Tim with his 2 year old son in arms. The little boy in clairvoyant Damian gave him a big to smile. He had a soft face looking like that of the Tim but the shape of Jason's eyes. Strangely since his birth the relations with Tim calmed down, putting aside their various and becoming even close from time to time. 

"Damian ! You want to accompany us in the garden ? " Proposed Tim to Damian with a smile. "Max would be satisfied."

He hesitated one moment before answering. He wanted to go to get a breath of fresh air, so much to accompany them. It would change him the ideas. "All right Drake."

The tone of its voice seemed to betray him on its current distress. Tim looked at him with a look examiner one moment before coming down with Max. In the garden he gave at him repeatedly looks examiners, telling him even when he was rather pale. Damian ignored it and had fun with the little boy. We could not believe with his character, but with the small Max he felt comfortable, having fun with him without complaining. He forgot one moment his problem.

He told his father a lie so he wouldn’t go on patrol that night saying he wasn’t feeling well. In any case, this is not true : he still felt badly nauseous and tired. Lying in bed he was still wondering what he was going to do and how to tell Dick. Apparently, he also had to patrol with Batman tonight. Not seeing him he was probably going to show up to ask how he’s doing. He wouldn’t be able to lie to him, Dick would know, and he knew him too well. He tried to remember when he had his last heat, knowing that he used to take what he needed. The last ones were last month, especially the night Dick bit him in the neck for their bond.... He blushed at that memory.

“Do you think of me to blush, so I hope ?” Damian turned his head towards the door that had just locked itself in. Dick had arrived much faster than expected. Cursed alpha possessive and worried too fast.

“No, I’m thinking of Jon seeing Grayson.” He answered with his eyes up. He was avoiding his gaze at all costs. He regretted his words, however, when he felt a mass settle on the bed and turn his head. “Oh yes ?”

Dick had his sweet and loving tone, reserving for Damian. He was certainly possessive but knew that Damian had only his heart. And Superman’s son was no match anyway. He put his lips tenderly on Damian’s.

“Bruce told me you didn’t feel good little D.”

Here we are. The conversation dreaded by Damian Wayne. He(it) put some time to answer. He looked down, thing which arrived only rarely. "Yes, a small blow of lung, it will get(fit) better tomorrow ". Tomorrow not, in 9 months maybe.

"I hope. You want that I stay overnight here this night ?" 

"If you want Grayson." Damian went back up the head towards his lover and gave him a light to smile. 

His alpha put itself in T-shirt and boxer before entering under sheets and snuggling up his young lover against him by kissing him on the temple then on the cheeks and the nose. They so stayed one moment, silently. Between them sometimes movements were better than the words. Nightwing caressed several times the hair of his Robin, smelling them so from time to time. He also crossed the hand on the bite in Damian's nape of the neck, causing shivers in the youngest. Damian put aside his questions and took advantage of the heat of the arms before falling asleep. 

A few days later he decided to visit a doctor. One except the family. This one answered all his questions on his term and the numerous meetings to be made. He even had his ultrasound of dating. He was able to hear the beatings of heart and see this small whole cell. Now he was little near safe that this baby was conceived during the night of their link seen the rough date which had given him the doctor. He returned in the manor house and settled on his desk chair. He avoided the patrol, but he could not make him eternally, Bruce began to ask himself questions, to worry and Grayson let us not speak it. Of more Tim seemed to have suspicions. His smell was going to begin to change if it is not already made, he cannot hide him(it) eternally. He has to speak about it to his alpha. And to Tim, he could help him(it) also doubtless and answer his questions having gone that way with Jason. He does not dare to imagine the reaction of its father in the learner… He was really in a beautiful galley.

This evening he returned to patrol, normally Dick would be there, he will take advantage of it to speak to him about it. Once in holding he looked in the mirror at this stomach, it did not still see itself but it is only a question of time before they become round.

"Robin ! Let's go! " called him Batman. He got into the car and the batmobile went out of the cave. "You are sure that you can patrol this evening ? You do not still seem in peak condition" asked his father by having him a discreet look. 

"Yes do not worry father." He had taken a convincing tone and did not receive other answer. 

While Batman verified the surroundings he settled on a roof and looked at Gotham lit by lamps. It did not look like him to be so. When Dick would know everything would get better, he will have this concern less and can concentrate only on this young to be who had taken up residence in him. He smelt the odour of his lover to approach. He turned the head and lives Nightwing sit down near him. 

"Then you resumed the patrols?" Asked for the masked man by smiling to him. "As you can see him at the moment yes." Answered Robin, he lowered the head. He could not face the blue eyes of his alpha and his devastating smile at the moment. The stress to announce him rose in him. 

 “At the moment ?" Dick looked at him with a curious and worried look before taking the hand. The young man took his courage in two hands, he blew hard. Faster it would been said, faster it would be made. "I did not go any more to patrol because I am pregnant." 

The reaction was not a long time coming. " You... you are pregnant? "

"Yes." He answered. 

Dick reacts with bewilderment, he says nothing and satisfied him with looking at him the opened wide eyes. Damian began to panic a little.

"Of three weeks only. I visited a doctor today to confirm, I know that it is not what we had planned, at least not now of the whole. I know that you are going to say that I am too young, but now what's done is done." He shook hands of Nightwing by hoping to have an answer or at least another reaction. 

"You know him since when ?" He asked in a quiet and low voice." A few days. I did not feel good, I made a pregnancy test a little bit on a whim, my instinct told me to make him and it was positive."

Dick crossed(spent) the free hand on the face one moment and also squeezed but more hardly Damian's hand. 

"Nightwing ?" 

He felt suddenly the lips of his lover on his. A languishing kiss which made him lose its breath. When their lips got loose, he lives a light in Dick's eyes and all his concerns seemed to disappear. He found itself stuck to the trunk of his lover. “It will go Dami. You will not be alone. I love you."