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Soul's Truth (Boku No Hero Academia)

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"Class 1-A!" Arima nearly squeals in excitement. "Oh, I can't miss this chance! It's time to show the world you don't need to be physically affected by your quirk to be amazing!" Arima was so jumpy that Tomo could hardly keep her eyes on her. Not that they weren't already screwed up. She saw doubles quite often; especially with her worsened conditions. But, he stood strong, for her granddaughter. In order to encourage that girl to be a hero. Arima looks over at Tomo, "Can you believe it, Granny? I did it! And with such high test scores! Well, at least, they say it's higher than average..." But the smile came back as soon as it left, "But I did it! I'm gonna do this! I'm not going to back down! No more thoughts for settling in as a sidekick! I'm gonna be a legit pro-hero!" Tomo smiles at how enthusiastic her granddaughter was. Tomo finishes making the scented candle, placing it with the other ones before looking up at Arima.

"Then start training right now, young lady. No slacking at all, you understand? You're going to work your butt off and you're gonna be better than anything your mother and father were," Tomo encourages, Arima having a flicker of thought for her parents before nodding. Her parents were dead; both of them. Her mother died when she was younger, her father just eight or so years ago. It had already been so long. But she feels like it was yesterday he died. Arima returned to focus, smiling at her grandmother before grabbing the candles. "I'm gonna nail this... I did well on the test..."

-A While Ago-

Panting, Arima ran across the battlefield, continuing to take out robots by breaking into their internal network. Now that she knew that these robots were developed the same way and are basically replicas, she had no problem finding their weak spots and tearing up a few things. She went on a few collaborations with people; like with electricity or super strength. She instructed them what to do and also ordered an immediate evacuation for others. She told them the safest route she knew. She would get into this school no matter what! "Tenya, what's the situation?" Arima approaches the engine bearing male, panting only slightly. She only slightly knew him, through hearing others, but that didn't matter.

"We still have to get citizens up top to safety," He says, gesturing to the top. Being a hero wasn't just about fighting robots or villains. But saving innocents. She nods, standing up. "I'll go then," Arima claims. "I'll get those citizens on a safe path to get down." She turns around and started rushing to get to the building, though taking a more round-about route so she won't get caught by giant robots. She was good; way good. But not in the way that affects these things physically. She didn't stop running, making it past the street and into the building. Once again, she leads the evacuation and found the safest route out of harm's way. She didn't have any idea what else to do other than disable the robots and save citizens.

Once the citizens had been guided to safety, she heads out, searching for more citizens that would need saving. She looks up at a couple of robots, growling. She honestly hated having to do this kind of thing. Fight with uneven odds. It's why she hates robots. But, she wasn't going to let any of this stop her! She's going to be a hero! Maybe not like All Might, but as someone who can show that even with an accumulation quirk; you'll have a lot to offer. She had no idea how high her ranks were getting the further she went on...


"Sorry, Granny! I gotta go!" Arima called as she pulls on her shoes, throwing on her jacket and then pulling her backpack onto her shoulders. Her grandmother was on the couch, relaxing and watching TV. That was what she did while Arima was at school, then Arima makes a small lunch for both of them when she gets home, then does her homework. She trains for four hours before making dinner. Afterward, she meditates for three hours and then studies for one. After that, she goes to sleep. It's not a perfect schedule, but it's something to get behind. She kissed her grandma goodbye by giving her a kiss on the temple and then left quickly, wanting to get to school on time.

On her way to school, she saw a really big villain getting taken down by Kumai Woods. She smiles, watching the young hero take out the villain now that he had the time. She noticed him look down at the crowd to check on the civilians, so she took this time to give him a thumbs up as a way of saying he was doing a great job. Kumai Woods seemed to like the spotlight now that Mt. Lady wasn't being a spoiled brat. The girl passed the scene, heading to school. She noticed people glance at her, then her U.A. uniform; calling to her good luck and that she'd be a great hero. Arima takes pride in these words, smiling and continuing forward to arrive on time to class. This was a big day for her! To get to the top school in all of Japan!

When she arrived at U.A., she was feeling nervous, her hold on the cardboard box becomes a bit tighter. "T-This is it..." She stammered. "I...I'm going to attend U.A. I'm going to become a pro-hero someday. And this is where I must learn." Closing her eyes for a moment, she took one deep breath in through her nose, then out through her mouth. She opens her eyes, now that she was more relaxed, then marches forward to the front door. She saw a couple of students chatting in the halls, but didn't say anything while making her way to class. 'I'm so excited!' She thinks to herself.

"I'm so nervous!" Arima smiles as she walks to class, a small cardboard box in her hands as she walks there. "I'm kind of tired too, but I can not let that hinder me! Just because it is the first day of school, doesn't mean I get to slack off! I must make a good impression," Arima decides, eventually hearing a couple of voices ahead. She paused in her tracks, seeing a door open to inside a room. Looking up at the room number, she smiles. Class 1-A. She heads up to the door, hearing the inside pause when they heard the footsteps, the girl entering. All eyes were on his, making her feel kind of awkward. She blushes shyly, looking away and refusing to meet anyone's eye. "H-Hello, everyone..."

There was silence for a good couple of minutes before some of the people in the classroom awed. "You're super adorable!" A girl who was all pink with yellow horns cooed, another girl with black hair in a ponytail walking up to me and smiling. "I love your hair. What shampoo do you use?" And she continued to get pestered by questions from the girls. She decided she needed to take control of this situation and coughed into her fist. "As much as I would love to answer your question, class begins soon if I am not wrong and I wanted to hand these out before class begins," She says, then opening the cardboard box and revealing the cookies. Everyone stared at the cookies, then at her. She smiles shyly, "I made them myself; from scratch. I was super nervous really early in the morning, so I baked to calm my nerves. Problem is; I made way to many. So all of you can help yourselves to one; I had plenty on the way here. I need to watch what I eat."

A couple of people stood up, "Thank you!"

Eraser Head, or Mr. Aizawa, looking down at her with his usual plain look. "Thank you, Ms. Saito," He says, letting the class grab one cookie for this morning to get them feeling good. Then he'll crush them. "Thank you so much for these," Tenya said, blinking when he recognized her. "Oh, so it's you!" He claims, pointing at her. She got confused for a moment, before realizing he was talking about the exam. She smiles brightly, glad someone recognized her. "Yeah, it's me. Nice to see you after the exam. You were great!" She says, Tenya smiling pridefully. "It means so much to hear you say that! But, I should be complimenting you! Didn't you get the chance to see your score?" He asks. Arima makes a bashful expression, shaking her head. Everyone looked at her weirdly. What did that mean?

Eraser looks at the other students, "Arima is a model student. Always arrives on time, is strategic, knows her strengths and weaknesses, prepared, organized, and has never broken a rule once. You should be taking notes off of her attitude and prowess. Her score in Villain points was fifty-five while her score in Rescue points was seventy." Everyone made a surprised or awed noise. Though some others kind of glared at her; a blond dude she didn't recognize in particular. She looks up at Eraser Head, smiling, "Would you like one too, sir?" Aizawa closes his eyes, "No, I do not." Arima was quite surprised with his response but didn't take it to heart, picking up the box and heading to her seat. Arima shyly moves to her seat, by a boy with half white hair and half red hair with a scar on the left side of his face and a girl with blue hair. She looks up to the front of the class, excited to begin.

"Anyway, let's get to it," Aizawa says. "Put these on and head outside." Arima blinks in surprise but didn't question anything. She heads up with the other students and got the one in her size, changing with the girls in the girl's locker room. She was kind of shy about it, so Momo made her a blanket that she could change under. After thanking Momo and getting changed, she stood straight and tall, blushing. It was kind of tight around her chest area. But that didn't matter. She heads out with the rest of the girls, getting in a group with the rest of them. She listens carefully to Mr. Aizawa. "You all will be taking part in a Quirk Assessment Test," Aizawa claims.

Fine by Arima, she liked that idea. "But, the orientation! We're gonna miss it!" Uraraka claims, but this was where Arima stepped in. "Well, think about it. Would you rather test the current limits of your quirk to see how far you've come and until the end of the year to see how you have improved, or would you prefer a pointless orientation? We're all just gonna be sticking in this group anyway, besides the other twenty students who got in," She says, explaining why it was better to participate in this test rather than go to an orientation. She looks over at Mr. Aizawa. "Sir, I have a question. Are all we are going to be doing are physical tests?" Aizawa grins.

"I had figured you would ask something like that. But, no, we will be doing emotional and spiritual tests as well," Aizawa assures her, putting the girl at ease. That was good. Just the reassurance she needed! "Now, let's begin. Bakugo, you didn't have the highest score on the entrance exam, but you're really close. How far could you throw a softball in junior high?" Aizawa asks, Bakugo making a face as he thinks. "Sixty-seven meters, I think," He confirms, Aizawa handing him a softball. Bakugo heads up to the circle, waiting for instructions. "Anything goes; just stay in the circle. Go, we're wasting time," Aizawa claims. Bakugo doesn't say anything, preparing his pitch, pulling back his arm, then throwing with an explosion.


Arima blinks in surprise since she didn't expect him to yell 'die', but she supposed that was normal. She just had a feeling. "You're good," She compliments, but he just scoffs and heads back to his spot. "I know," He claims, but Arima made a neutral face of displeasure. The rest of the class suddenly started getting excited. Why? She didn't know. "Alright, this is awesome!" One student said. "Yeah, being able to use our powers whenever we want! This is what I'm talking about!" Another says, but Arima just made a face. Looking to Aizawa, he grabs a new ball and hands it to her. "Arima, you scored first place on the exam. You go next," He says, the girl nodding and grasping the ball. She makes her way to the circle. This was where her own powers come in.

Closing her eyes, she separates her soul from her body, checking the precise calculations of the farthest pitch she can have. She can't use any of her power for physicals yet, but she was getting close to that point and she hoped to keep it up. Taking a deep breath once she was inside her own body, she threw her arm back, then tossed with a certain amount of strength and at a certain angle. She looks to the others, "My ability doesn't affect me physically. That's why you didn't see anything special to my pitch. You don't need a quirk to affect you physically to make a good hero," She says, pointing to Mr. Aizawa, who revealed she threw the ball three hundred meters. Everyone stood with dropped jaws.

She didn't reveal her ability, heading up to her spot and crossing her arms, excited to see who goes next. "You all have three years to become heroes. You think it's all going to be games and play time?" He asks, eyes narrowing. Arima gulps, wondering how Mr. Aizawa got so scary. Does he always do this to students? She felt like she shouldn't be surprised, so she didn't say anything. He then grins, "Idiots. Today, you will participate in eight physical tests and two mental tests to gauge your potential. Whoever comes in last has none and will be expelled immediately." This caused panic to surge in Arima. Everyone had tests that affected them physically. So that means she needs to excel in the mental tests and try her hardest in the physicals. She can't fall behind! Not after all she's worked for! "As I said, I get to decide how this class runs! If you don't like it, pack up and go home," He orders. This was a test. And Arima would not be in last!

"You can't send one of us home!" Uraraka claims, a mad look on her face. "We just got here! Besides, even if it wasn't the first day, that isn't fair!" Uraraka claims. Again, Arima stepped in. "But are villains fair?" She asks. Everyone looks at her, surprised. She turns to all of them, crossing her arms. She wasn't gonna be shy at a time like this. "Are natural disasters fair? Do you think the world is gonna slow down all because you deem 'it's not fair'? Life isn't fun and games. Life is sick and cruel and until you embrace that, you won't become a hero. There's gonna be days where you see someone die. When someone dies under your watch are you going to go out and whine 'it isn't fair'? Because it's not and life was never meant to be fair. Embrace those facts," She instructs, offering some wisdom her father gave her when she was younger. Aizawa claps, grabbing her attention. She was surprised he did. She honestly forgot he was there... Then she blushes, making a shy expression again. 'Okay, now I feel dumb. Did I really just pull a class rep on them and say a few words of wisdom?' She asks herself.

"That's exactly right," Aizawa surprises her. "Life isn't fair. One after another, U.A. will be throwing hardships at you. So you got to go beyond. Plus Ultra style," Aizawa informs them. She was kind of happy she was on the same level as Mr. Aizawa. That would have been awkward if not. "Come up here and show me it's no mistake you're here," Aizawa urges. Arima takes a deep breath, knowing that this was her dream. She wanted to be here for a long time. She won't let that effort be for nothing!

Test 1: 50-Meter Dash

Tenya vs. Asui

Ochaco vs. Mashirao

Yuga vs. Mina

Katsuki vs. Izuku

Arima vs. Denki

Aimi vs. Koji

Kirishima vs. Hanta

Rikido vs. Mezo

Kyoka vs. Toru

Fumikage vs. Shoto

Minoru vs. Momo

Arima looks over at Aimi, smiling. "Good luck," She says. Aimi smiles right back, "Back at you, Arima." The two get ready to run until time started. Aimi made a huge mistake by running quickly in the beginning, running out of breath halfway through. Meanwhile, Arima had started with a jog, but reaching Aimi's point, she starts running full speed with a boost of strength in her legs. "6.4 seconds!" Arima smiles at her score, pleased with herself. "7.9 seconds!" She looks back at her partner, holding out a hand for her to shake. Aimi smiles, shaking her hand. Both of them walked to the group, everyone giving them a smile and congratulating them.

Test 2: Grip Strength

Arima looks down at the device, taking a deep breath. She needed to use what she has done in the past here. She takes a deep breath, then squeezes. Looking down at her score, she smiles upon seeing 78.5 kg. That's bigger than average for someone of her age and gender. She sets down the device, satisfied, hearing everyone else's. This was a pretty cool school. She leans back and watches everyone else continue what they were doing. She then checks on Aimi, who got 44.3. Aimi made an unpleased expression before feeling Arima pat her back, the two winking at each other. They were already close friends, walking away and grabbing some water.

Test 3: Standing Long Jump

Another physical test. Arima sighs. When it was her turn, she felt like everyone was watching her. 'They probably are' She thinks to herself, sighing. She backs up a bit, everyone making some room. She sprints up and jumps, landing just at the edge of the other end. She looks back, smiling. Her look was written with 'see' as a way of encouraging others that had physical quirks that they could do this. Everyone suddenly felt assured they had the capabilities of doing this while Arima gets out. She looks over at the boy she saw earlier, surprised to see him keeping an eye on her. They locked eyes for about ten seconds before he broke contact, walking away. Arima didn't even say anything. Was he impressed by her or mad? She didn't know...

Test 4: Focus

Everyone didn't understand the whole point of this one. Aizawa had everyone get in meditating position, preparing some loud and obnoxious rock; turning it to full blast. Everyone, besides Arima, instantly got annoyed, turning around and yelling for him to shut it off. That was their mistake. He holds up a hand for them to be quiet, turning off the music, then pointing to Arima. Everyone looks over, seeing that Arima was still in the same position, back straight and eyes closed, breathing even. Her expression was calm, not even the slightest hint of annoyance on her face. He begins blaring the music again, her focus not hindered. She worked on remaining focused, as that was the point of meditation. She does this all the time! She could maintain her focus far better than the average person. When she opened her eyes, she smiled brightly.

Test 5: Control

This was the one where Aizawa put every student up and started yelling insults at them. A lot of people were taken aback and others lost their cool and almost started fighting. But some others remained cool, though they did have a hard look. But Arima decided she wanted to be a smartass this round. "You're worthless! How can you expect to be a hero when your quirk doesn't affect you physically!" Aizawa yells. Arima smiles, "You're cute." Everyone blinks. "Are you mad?!" Arima had to keep herself from laughing, "Nah, you're mad!" She cooed. Everyone was understanding what was happening at this point and trying not to laugh, covering their mouths. Aizawa stares and sighs, scoring her. Arima skips to Aimi, talking with her friend until it finally came time to throw the softball again. Her and Bakugo already went. So, Arima just sat down and had a drink as well as a quick snack.

Ochaco holds the ball and smiles softly, activating her quirk on it before throwing it. It goes slow, continuing to head up to the sky until you could no longer see it and it was fading from their field of vision, blending into the real sky. Aizawa shows them the distance is infinity, causing Arima to raise a brow. That was actually pretty cool. She had a really decent quirk there. They both couldn't use their quirks too much or else they will get sick. Once she was done, Midoriya was next.

Arima watches as Izuku stood there for a moment, wondering what he was going to do. She heard he had shattered his arm in the exam. He had gotten seventh place. She had to congratulate him for that, but if he failed here? He did really poorly on the other physical tests. The only way he got into the school was by punching a robot dead in the face and breaking most of his limbs. Arima watches as he prepares to throw, noticing the veins in his arms seem to light up. She activated her Astral Projection before going back into her body. "Mr. Aizawa! Stop him! He's going to do it again!" She warns, everyone looking at her weirdly before Aizawa activates his quirk, stopping Izuku. Izuku seemed shocked when the ball didn't go far at all, shocked, then looks towards Mr. Aizawa, whose eyes were red. "You're lucky, Izuku Midoriya. If Arima didn't tell me to stop you, you would have shattered your damn arm! Do you always expect other people to help you?"

Arima knew that this would be hard for Izuku, but he can't go through another injury like that. "N-No, that wasn't at all my i-intentions-" He tried to say, but Aizawa used his scarf thing to bring Midoriya over to him, glaring hard at him. "Even if those weren't your intentions, you can't pull a stupid stunt like that and expect things to be okay. You have no control over your power. You don't belong here," Aizawa says, then Arima steps forward again. "Don't say that just yet, Aizawa. I think I know how we can minimize the injury and still have Mr. Midoriya get a good score," She assures, picking up the softball and bringing it to Izuku, whispering. "Okay, do as I say. Pull back our leg like this," She instructs, "roll your shoulder, then start with a slow throw, but don't let the ball go. Stop when I tell you to." She lets him get in a good position before telling him to stop. "Okay, here," She pulls his index finger just a bit away from the ball. "Okay, up until this point, your index finger will remain off the ball. When you get to this point, activate your power in your finger and let it fly." Izuku understands what she is saying and nods. Arima steps away.

Izuku does the action she tells him to do. "Ready!" She begins. "Set!" He starts getting in position, his power activating in his finger. "Now!" And it touches the ball, letting the ball fly off, amazing everyone. She claps happily, looking over at Mr. Aizawa. He looked shocked. Then shows them the score. "Seven hundred and ten meters! Izuku, you did it!" Arima cheers, high fiving Izuku's good hand. She smiles down at his hand, giggling. "You broke your finger, but at least you didn't break your whole arm," She compliments, Midoriya smiling brightly. He couldn't be happier with his results. This was great for him. He looks away from her, excited.

"Yay! Way to show us his true power!" Ochaco says brightly. Iida was more observant, "Yes, but his finger seems to be broken though. Just like in the exam..." Yuga shrugs, "It wasn't a very pretty throw." Arima was proud of Izuku, looking towards Aizawa. "Mr. Aizawa, if my opinion means anything, I vouch for Izuku to stay. He just learned his quirk, clearly, kind of like how I learned about mine. The timing was just off and now that he has it, it's hard to control because he has to start when it's completely there now. Not like how it would be if he was little and started with small signs of his quirk. He has the potential of learning and improving," She assures. Mr. Aizawa knew better than to judge a member of the Saito family. Her parents were pro-heroes. Good ones. You could tell how observant she was. She knew he was in the last place, even with that throw. He sighs.

"Okay, okay, fine. If you insist he can learn, then you'll be tutoring him," He says, surprising Arima for a moment. "He needs to learn to focus and control his power; that's your specialty. You also know how he can improve his physical strength, stamina, and speed in just a month. I knew your father and mother. They passed everything onto you in order to help you learn more about your Astral Projection. So, surely, you can train this student on Saturday's and help him become someone of your level."

Not everyone liked this arrangement. 'What?! No way! If he had a quirk, he would have developed it when we were kids!' Bakugo thinks, recalling what Izuku said to him. Bakugo was certain that Izuku had no way gotten a quirk now. But from what Arima said... He growls, eyes narrowing. A light came from his hand as he moves fast towards Izuku. "Damn it, Deku! You're going to tell me how you did that!" Arima, however, always being a model student, stepped in front of Midoriya and was ready to fight, but then Mr. Aizawa's scarf wrapped around Bakugo. She blinks as the male is held back and is prevented from pursuing Midoriya. "W-Why the hell is your damn strong?!" Bakugo wonders, grunting and trying to pull away, but he couldn't. Mr. Aizawa, no emotion showing, says, "It's a capture device made out of carbon fiber and a special metal alloy." Mr. Aizawa was clearly pissed off at him, eyes narrowed, "Stand down. It would be wise not to make me use my quirk so much. It gives me serious dry-eye." He then pulls his scarf back, looking down. "Now, you're wasting our time. Whoever's next can step up."

Arima was silent for a moment, looking between Bakugo and Midoriya. Sighing, the girl grabs Izuku's arm and leads him away, "Come on. Everyone will take some time to throw their ball. In the meantime, we can get Recovery Girl to fix your finger." She looks between the people there, wondering who she should choose. Then, she speaks up, "Ochaco. Come here. You will take Midoriya to the medical wing to get his finger checked out." She looks away and heads to stand by everyone else. She was sort of excited to see how this was going to go.

Bakugo was still pretty mad, fist balling up as his anger started taking a hold of him. 'Before high school... He was useless. A little bug I could squash whenever I wanted!' He thinks to himself, looking back at Midoriya as he recalls a past moment with Midoriya. He had praised Bakugo. Told him he had such a cool quirk. Of course, Bakugo told him off. 'Just an annoying bug...that I can smash into the ground!' He blinks when there was Arima standing in front of him, sighing. "Honestly... Shameless... Do you not have any control over your emotions?" She asks. He felt himself tick. "What did you just say?!" She shakes her head, letting him come at her with his fist. She turns and grabs his arm, tossing him over her shoulder and letting his back slam into the ground. Everyone looks over, surprised by their position. She lets go of him and crosses her arms. "See? You have no control over your emotions and it causes you to act out of order and recklessly. If you had to save someone and you lashed out at them suddenly, you would be in big trouble..."

He stares at her with shock and anger as she passes him. Though he wasn't opening his mouth to say anything. He didn't have a retort. Not this time...


Test 7: Sit-Ups

Test 8: Seated-toe touch

Test 9: Long-Distance Run

When the final results came, she smiled upon seeing that she made it in first once again. She places a hand over her heart, relieved, looking back up at the scores and trailing her eyes to the last place. As she thought. The one in the last place was Midoriya. But, luckily, she had vouched for him. And it was her responsibility to make him better. She takes a deep breath, looking towards Midoriya and patting his back. "Luckily, I vouched for you. So you'll get to stay with us," She assures, Izuku smiling and sighing in relief. She looks up at Mr. Aizawa, nodding to him. She could do this. She will forge this scrawny boy into a pack of pure muscle! Aizawa nods and turns away. "That's it for today, class..."


"Okay, so, let's work out a schedule..." She says, looking down at what she managed to work out during the throwing ball test. "I sorted something small. Okay, from Monday to Saturday, you will meet me at the gym one hour after school. So when you get home, take that time to do your homework before going to the gym. I'll measure your body and see where we need to go with you. You should also worry about what you eat. You have to be very careful with your diet if we have to get you into shape and improve your quirk. So, after five hours at the gym, we go home for another hour. I make dinner for me and my grandma and take a shower and you get to have dinner and take a shower. Afterward, I'll meet you at your place and I'll help you improve your focus and your mental strength." She looked over at Midoriya and made a face, seeing his tired expression. She smiles a bit nervously.

Then, someone placed their hand on Midoriya's shoulder, both looking back at Iida. "Ah, Iida, hello," She greets, though Midoriya's greeting was more flustered than it was calm like herself. "How's the broken finger?" Iida asks, looking down at Midoriya's finger, which was now bandaged. He smiles, "Better now, thanks to Recovery Girl. But I'm also tired because of it." Like that, he had Arima's attention, who thinks to herself. "If that is the case, then we should improve your stamina as well..." She was clearly taking this training seriously, writing down the things she needs to focus on with Midoriya. Midoriya reflects on what Recovery Girl said and it became much more clear how important Arima's training was going to be. 'I can't keep relying on others to help me when I injure myself...' Midoriya thinks.

"I was a bit concerned with Mr. Aizawa's approach to class. But, I trust the school's judgment. U.A. is the top program," Iida claims, then gets back into thinking position, "Even so, lying is downright immoral." Arima didn't say anything but was in silent agreement as she walked. She was kind of excited about how things were about to go. Arima smiles and speaks up, "Who are we to judge a pro-hero and how he teaches the class? I feel like he said it because that's his harsh way of pushing us. He wants us all to climb to the top and do our best and he forced us to move forward. Luckily, either way, Midoriya wouldn't have been expelled thanks to me vouching for him. By the way, if Midoriya was to focus on strength in his legs, arms, and stamina; what meals do you think would be better? I was thinking fatty fish and sweet potatoes or bananas and eggs..." Iida thinks, crossing his arms. It was a good question. "I think fatty fish and sweet potatoes. It has protein, fatty acids, and B vitamins, making them great foods to include in your diet," He claims. She smiles and writes that down, as she kind of wanted a second opinion. In that case, most meals should revolve around those sorts of foods."

"Hey, wait up!" She suddenly heard. All three of them turned around to find Uraraka running towards them. Arima smiles as she runs fast, "Hey, are you guys going to the station?! Let me join!" She says, approaching us and stopping once she was close enough. Iida blinks, "You're that infinity girl..." Uraraka smiles brightly, "I'm Ochaco Uraraka! Let's see. We all know your Arima Saito, your Tenya Iida, and you're Deku Midoriya right?" Izuku blinks, "Deku?" Uraraka makes a surprised expression, a little confused, "Uh, yeah. Isn't that what Bakugo called you? He said-" Like that, all three of them recalled what Bakugo said. Yeah, she needs to teach Bakugo a lesson for that. "Well, my name's actually Izuku," Midoriya says, "Deku is what Kacchan calls me to make fun of me." Iida makes a face, looking hard at Midoriya, "That doesn't sound very sportsmanlike..." Uraraka makes a sheepish expression, "Oh, sorry! I didn't realize! I'm sorry! You know what; I like Deku! It sounds like a hero name! Plus, I think it sounds kind of cute!"

And, like that, Midoriya turned bright red. "Deku is just fine!" Iida blinks in shock, "Just like that? Weren't you just saying it was an insult!" Arima turned around, trying not to laugh, holding her stomach and giggling. When she opened her eyes, she saw that boy again. She blinks. The one boy with half white hair and half red hair. He looks away and walks off again, for the second time today. She makes a face but then turns back to the other three. She won't worry about it. Today was a great day.


Of course, normal core classes. But, luckily, Arima was smart. So she could help everyone breeze through these. Even if that meant she got some more of the credit... Those ones happened in the mornings. She looks up at the board and blinks. But, to get through this, she had to think about what he would choose. It was kind of hard to understand his English...

1) The man whom I respect most is my father.

2) That is the house in which he lived.

3) I well remember the day on which we both met.

4) Please tell me that all you know.

Staring at the screen with a hard look, she thinks about it. Present Mic turns to the class, "Okay, which one of these four statements contains a mistake." She raises her hand, Present Mic looking up at her. "Arima again! Can you tell us which and why?" She leans back in her chair, "The first three are formed very oddly, but the fourth one contains the mistake. If you just skitted over the fourth sentence without a thought to it, you would miss where it swapped the words 'that' and 'all'. It says 'Please tell me that all you know' when it should be 'Please tell me all that you know'." Present Mic said she was right, as usual, then continues on. She sighs. Seriously, she felt like a teacher's pet at this rate.

During lunch, Arima was happy to have food. She kind of needed it. Finding a seat where she was alone, which was odd to other people, she quickly ate after paying for her food. Once it was all paid for, she leans back and started meditating. Now that was not surprising. She took this time to try and improve her focus, wanting to get in as much training as possible. Midoriya was following her orders on food and was eating what he could that would be healthy for him and help him improve his body. He needed to gain more muscle. And so far, Arima was going a good job of helping him with that.

Then came the most important class. Basic training. She was wiggling in her seat, excited. "I!" She heard a familiar voice, shock and adrenaline going through her as she turns to the door. He then bursts in, leaning through by holding onto the door frames. "Here to make you all look like a hero!" Everyone was now getting fired up and excited, exhaustion wearing off as excitement kicked in now. "It's All Might!" "Look, he's wearing his silver age costume!" "With All Might training us, there's no way we can fall behind," Arima smiles, certain this was going to be a good year. "Welcome to the most important class in U.A. High!" All Might tells them. "Think of it as Heroing 101! Here, you will learn the basics of being a pro! And what it means to fight in the name of good! Let's get into it! Today, we will pull punches!" Arima was kind of surprised.

"Combat? Already?" She wonders, but shrugs. He was a new teacher, so she'll cut him some slack. "One of the keys to being a hero is looking good!" All Might points to the wall, where parts of it came out and revealed boxes. "These were designed for you on your quirk registration form and requests you sent in before school started!" Everyone suddenly got excited, Arima especially. 'Already? Did they manage to mix my mom and dad's outfits together already?' She thinks, her expression then becoming soft as everyone grabs their costume and gets ready to change. "Get yourselves suited up! Then meet me at Training Ground Beta!" "Yes, sir!"


Their footsteps echoed in the halls as they made their way onto the training ground, all of them dressed like pros. She felt so cool in her outfit. It assisted her mobility but wasn't too revealing. She could do some damage with this! This was fantastic for her! Her quirk wouldn't affect her physically for a long time, but that was okay! "They say the clothes make the pros, young ladies and gentlemen. And behold, you are the proof! Take this to heart...from now on, you are all heroes in training!" All Might's grin got wider, "This is getting me pumped up! You all look so cool!" Looking around, Arima had to agree. Everyone looked intimidating and proper, as though those outfits were meant for them. "Now, shall we get started? You bunch of newbies!"

She was super excited, practically jumping where she stood. "Excited, huh?" Iida asks, the girl smiling as she continued jumping. "Yup!" She says. But, it was more of a chirp. He laughs and places his hands on her shoulders, "Calm down." She shook her head and bounced around him instead, not surprised when she heard him laugh. She began laughing too, continuing to jump about and make others laugh as well. Even All Might noticed and chuckled, amused by her infectious excitement. Then it clicked who she was. Her outfit made it obvious. "Miss Saito..." She pauses, looking up at All Might. He gestures her over, making her nervous. She walks up to him, both of them turning away from the others.

"I'm sorry about for you. About what you had to do..." She froze at All Might's words. She forgot he knew... "You had to. You kept your promise and I know more than anyone here that you keep your promises. When I saw your outfit, I couldn't help but think of your mother. Your true quirk..." He whispered. She frowns, looking down. She pulls her hood farther over her head. He decided to cut to the chase. "They'd be proud of you. They'd go on and boast about your skills. Never forget; your father was like my brother. We were partners. I'm always going to look out for you. Just like I watch out for Melissa," He assures. She smiles only slightly, looking up at All Might.

"You don't need to worry too much about that All Might. I got a stable life. But, it's nice to know you're there..." She says, the two shaking hands before she returned to the others. Everyone looked at her weirdly, but she ignored them. She had to focus on becoming a hero right now. Turning, she took a deep breath. She had this... Once everyone was lined up, All Might started.

"Now, let's begin combat training!" He started, but then someone next to her raised their hand. "Sir!" She recognized Iida's voice, smiling slightly and placing a hand on her hip. "This is the city from our entrance exam. Does that mean we'll be fighting urban battles again?" He wondered. All Might smiles, "Not quite! All the battles you see on the news takes place outdoors. But, most ferocious battles take place indoors! Think about it. Backroom deals, home invasions, secret underground lairs. Truly intelligent criminals stay hidden within the shadows. For this class, you'll be in teams of good guys and bad guys and fight two on two indoor battles." Asui blinks, "Isn't this a little advanced?" All Might didn't seem to hear her, "The best training is what you get on the battlefield! But remember, you can't just punch a robot this time! You'll be dealing with actual people.

"Sir, will you be deciding who wins?" (Momo)

"How much can we hurt the other team?" "Bakugo!" (Bakugo/Arima)

"Do the losers have to worry about getting expelled like earlier?" (Uraraka)

"Will you be teaming us up by chance or actual skill?" (Iida)

Yuga said something Arima didn't understand while All Might tenses up, "I wasn't finish talking." He opens a small book, "Listen up! The situation is this! The villains hid a Nuclear missile somewhere in their hideout!" Arima coughs, making a face. "Well, it's obviously not a big one then..." All Might ignores her, "The heroes must try to foil their plans! To do that, the good guys either have to catch the evil doers or recover the weapon. Otherwise, the villains succeed if they protect their payload or capture the heroes." All Might holds up a box, "Anyway! Time is short and we'll pick teams by choosing Lots!"

"Isn't there a better way?" Iida asks, confused. But, Midoriya smiles, "Think about it! Pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot! So maybe that's the reason we're seeing that here!" Iida listened to what Midoriya had to say, soon understanding. "I see. Life is a random series of events. Excuse my rudeness!" Iida says, bowing. "No sweat! Let's get to it!" All Might says.

Team A: Uraraka and Midoriya

Team B: Mezo and Shoto

Team C: Momo and Minoru

Team D: Iida and Bakugo

Team E: Mina and Yuga

Team F: Koji and Rikido

Team G: Kyoka and Denki

Team H: Fumikage and Asui

Team I: Toru and Ojiro

Team J: Hanta and Kirishima

Team K: Arima and Aimi

"Besties!" Arima and Aimi squeal excitedly, lacing their fingers and bouncing slightly. They were happy they were teamed up together since the two had a good grasp on each other's quirk. While Arima had Astral Projection, Aimi had Energy Drain. That ability was really useful. What she can do is either take energy away from items and people, as well as animals or give energy. She can also use energy for herself and use it to make herself go faster or become stronger. But, if she uses too much, she gets sore muscles and really tired.

"What are the chances?!" Uraraka squeals. "We're a team!" She says to Midoriya, who was suddenly very flustered. All Might digs into the boxes, ready to pick teams. "I declare that the first two to fight will be..." He pulls out the balls, "These guys!" Team D and Team A. Arima tensed, "Pick again! Pick again!" "Don't do it! Don't do it!" Bakugo waves his arms like Arima, both of them glaring at each other. Arima didn't trust Bakugo with Midoriya. Iida and Aimi came between the two, both sweatdropping. All Might ignores them, "Team A will be the heroes! Team D will be the villains! The rest can head to the monetary room to watch!" He says, everyone nodding and heading to their places.

Arima had a bad feeling.

"Listen up. Bad Guys, go on in and get set up. In five minutes, the Good Guys will be let loose and the battle with start," All Might claims. "Yes, sir," The four say in understanding. "Young Iida, Young Bakugo," He addresses the two. "The best way to win this challenge is to embody villainy. Think from the perspective of an evildoer," All Might advises. "Yes, sir," Iida understands, Bakugo not listening at all. "If things go too far; I'll step in."

Arima was nervous about the fight, watching as the bad guys got ready for a battle. She knew that the good guys would be at a disadvantage before the bad guys secure their weaponry. The girl takes a deep breath, hoping Izuku won't hurt himself. "Team A! Team D! It's time for indoor combat training! Time starts now!" All Might announces, Arima looking at the screen and watching closely. She was certain Bakugo could act like a decent villain. "Bakugo has the evildoer side down to begin with," She whispers to Aimi, both of them beginning to giggle softly. When Arima looked around, she noticed Shoto looking at her again before looking away. She blinks. Man, he stares a lot. "Pay attention, kids. Think about what you would do," All Might tells them.

Both Midoriya and Uraraka climbed in through the window, unsurprisingly. She wished she could hear them, but they were completely quiet. She looks at her friend, both shrugging before focusing on the screen. Suddenly, Arima got a bad feeling. This only happens when something really bad is going to happen. So far, the heroes were just roaming the halls and trying to find the weapon. They kept it tight, can't blame them. She holds up three fingers, grabbing everyone's attention. "Bakugo will appear in!" And so he did, coming around the corner and causing an explosion to happen right next to Team A. She grins, glad to have been able to predict it.

She smiles, watching as Midoriya dodged another attack and grabbed Bakugo's arm, tossing him over his shoulder. So far, Uraraka would be able to get away and find the weapon while Midoriya fought Bakugo. And so, the true battle started.