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Eight Knights, One Manor

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The Enchantress sat on her throne, staring blankly into the distance amidst the arguing knights in front of her. Nobody could deny that the Order was having their third fight of the day, and fifth fight of the entire week. And the fact that it was also a Monday. This wasn't how the Enchantress wanted the meeting to go out. She had been anticipating to speak about her brilliant plans, only for it to all get ruined. Well, most of it.

It started out better than expected at first. The Enchantress simply wanted to discuss their plan to conquer the Valley. She put out her proposal and discussed potential raids on nearby villages. Once she began to discuss each of the knights' assigned locations, it eventually, and as always, derailed into another heated argument. She didn't ask why or how. It just. . happened.

This was the Order of no Quarter. Not the Order of Dumb Stupid Idiots. They were meant to strike fear in the hearts of others. Not appear as corny fools to be mocked on the streets. She had to find a way to get the eight of them to cooperate together. It didn't matter how long it took or how she did it. She simply had to get them to be able to work together for once, so that they would eventually conquer the entire land without much problem. Snapping out of her thoughts, she continued to observe the knights.

"Well shut up, you dingus! You simply try to douse us in your fancy lies everyday!" A voice she'd recognized as Plague Knight's said. She was nowhere near surprised. He was a buffoon anyways. And she was going to fix that right now.

Conjuring up a heated ball of magic, the Enchantress furiously hurled it at the back wall, fragments of the stone exploding off. The explosion was enough to make the Order commence, and they instantly turned and faced her. There was not a peep to be heard. The Enchantress cleared her throat and sighed.

"When I asked for Specter Knight to recruit each one of you, I expected you all to be the very best." She began. "Unfortunately, you all have failed me!"

"Please! We apologize, miss!" Mole Knight begged. "Please don't kill us!" The Enchantress laughed. Though she had a heart of ice, she decided to give them a light punishment. If she were to do something to any of the knights, then she would't have to search for any replacement. That was already difficult enough. 

"Ohohoho. . . actually, I have better plans." She continued, rising out of her throne. "You each are too foolish to die. But I am ready to make your lives a living hell."

King Knight huddled behind Treasure Knight as she approached them.

"W-w-well, what are you going to do?" The Usurper asked. The Enchantress glared at him. She hadn't thought of a punishment for them yet, and had no idea what to even do. But suddenly, an unexpected idea hit her like a brick.

"Tomorrow, you each will arrive here with your belongings. A few personal memoirs would be nice too." She aimlessly said from the top of her head. She was simply going to make it up on the stop and see where it would lead too.

"Could you explain?" Treasure Knight asked, scratching his helmet. What sort of punishment called for bringing one's personal belongings and memoirs? Was she going to banish them to the Tower's dark and dank dungeons? Was she going to send them away to an unknown country? When it came to the Enchantress, nobody even knew what potential tricks she had up her sleeve. Nobody expected them and nobody questioned them. 

"Oh, you'll know your fate tomorrow. ." The Enchantress responded, before vanishing into the darkness. 

"Plague Knight, all we can do is simply hope for the best." Tinker Knight said as he walked down the corridors of the Tower with Plague Knight. "Despite all, I think there's still a chance this could end short and well."

Plague Knight laughed and rolled his eyes. "Short and well? Ha! Imagine if we were to die, then!"

"No. The Enchantress has to make sure we stay alive. Having to search for a replacement would be a waste of her and our time." Tinker Knight responded, slightly exasperated at his friend. 

The two continued walking throughout the Tower contemplating their lives. Plague Knight thought of his beloved Explodatorium, his home. He had seventy-four minions who were quite annoying, but yet, he cared for the well-being of each and every one of them. He had his alchemical partner, Mona, whom he cared so much for. The thought of leaving them forever was too much for him to bear. Tinker Knight thought about his Clockwork Tower, base and home of his minions and creations. He didn't want to abandon his beloved electrodents or loyal cogslotters. He just hoped that his return to the Tower would not be his last.

"Well, our ways part here." Tinker Knight said. "Farewell Plague Knight, we shall meet again here tomorrow." 

"Hee! Goodbye, Tinker!" Plague Knight chirped before bomb bursting off into the distance. Tinker Knight waved farewell before taking out his mobile gear and beginning his ride back to his base. Things were soon going to be flipped upside-down for him.