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The Secrets Hidden Within The Dairies Of The Nations

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The annual world meeting had started out just like any other meeting. Arthur, Francis and Alfred were having a three-way argument that was going absolutely nowhere, Matthew was trying and failing to get anyone's attention, Gilbert was boasting very very loudly about how awesome he truly was and Ludwig was about ten seconds away from blowing a gasket and shouting at everyone to shut the hell up. When suddenly a bright white light appeared in the middle of the conference table practically blinding everyone present.

"Hello Nations of the world!!!" A loud booming male Italian voice echoed throughout the room, both Feliciano and Lovino stiffened in shock as their eyes widened to the size of saucers, they knew that voice! There was no way they could ever forget the voice of their own grandfather.

"We the ancients have noticed that some of you have been suffering in silence, we have devised a plan to rectify this" A stern but kind British woman's voice said, this time it was the UK brothers eyes that widened as they all stifled a startled gasp, that was their mother's voice!

Another bright white light appeared, this one left behind an old worn out looking book with a plain cover.

"It pains us greatly to see our children suffer in such a way and not being able to trust anyone enough to turn to them for help" A kind motherly voice spoke up causing Alfred and Matthew's eyes to widen and slightly tear up, they hadn't heard their mother's gentle voice in such a long long time.

"This book contains diary entries as well as statements about all of the Nations who are suffering, by reading it we hope that you can better understand them" A stern but not unkind male German voice spoke up making Gilbert's eyes widen in shock, that was his Vati's voice! Ludwig frowned slightly in confusion, he felt like he should recognize that voice but he just couldn't figure out why.

"You will not be allowed to leave this building until you have finished reading this book" A sleepy Greek woman's voice spoke up this one made Hercules look up in shocked wonder, it had been too long since he had last heard his mother's voice.

"We love you our children and we are so very proud of all of you!!!" All the Ancients said in unison, giving off a very powerful image. The light soon vanished leaving the room in dead silence, no one really knowing what to do or say.