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Hell just got a little more smoother (discontinued)

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The tall trees swayed in the wind as the group below them walked through, two quiet voices arguing as two children followed. A loud crackle popped in the distance as the group pushed forward. The birds scattered from the trees, gliding away from the upcoming storm. 

Katsuki pulled up his bag stepping over a fallen branch and glancing at the small albino girl as she struggled to hop over the branch as the two adults argued. “I’m just saying! We can probably find a town, clear it out and live in one of the houses.” Hizashi stated, waving his arms around as Katsuki let a huff of air through his nose at the idea. Eri paddled over, grabbing Katsuki free hand. 

“Hizashi, last time we did that, your leg got injured and the only person that was holding the group together got bitten.” Shota stressed, as Katsuki’s grip on Eri’s hand tightened. Katsuki gets it. He killed Izuku. But that doesn’t mean they can just keep bringing him up like he was just a guy. 

Hizashi turned his head towards the two children, a large smile on his face. “What do you think we should do, you two?” The man’s long blond hair tied into a loose bun that swayed at the light wind. “’Cause your choices matter just as much as ours do!” Katsuki almost scoffed. If Izuku was here he would have argued, but Katsuki didn’t feel like talking, the large wound of Izuku’s death clawed at his heart every time he opened his mouth, feeling like the hands of the stranger that caressed his face. He repressed a shiver as his grip on Eri’s hand tightened. 

Eri’s red eyes darted to Katsuki, white eyebrows furrowed as she struggled to form a proper sentence like Shota taught her to, “Uh... I-I think we should find a place to stay away from a-all the monsters...” She answered Hizashi, her eyes searching Katsuki’s face with concern. The younger girl squeezed his hand, in the way that she remembered her father doing. Katsuki scowled, lifting his head while letting his eyes trail over to the bushes. He hasn’t seen any walkers since he left Izuku. The explosive blond ignored the way Shota glanced at him, forcing the feeling of rage down. 

“I don’t care.” He answered, struggling as he felt bile force itself up this throat as he listened to his voice. Scratchy. Dry. He scrunched up his nose, swallowing it down, hoping saliva will coat his mouth, as Shota scoffed. Katsuki tilting his head toward the sky, watching more crows shake out from the trees and fly over them. His shirt was getting small, he noticed as he moved his neck. He needs to find a store soon. 

“Be more respectful, Katsuki. Izuku and your parents taught you that, didn’t they?” Shota hissed, as Katsuki’s eyes narrowed in disgust. He didn’t miss his parents.  “Answer the question. Do you want to stay somewhere and get someone else killed, or do you want to keep moving?” He asked, as Katsuki hunched his shoulders, feeling the anger that sloshed around in his stomach spill out.  

“Like I fuckin’ said before, old man. I don’t care.” Katsuki growled out, ripping his hand away from Eri’s hand, pushing through the two adults and stormed ahead, ignoring the calls from Eri. Katsuki  hated  this group. He  hated  the fact that every chance that Shota got he would remind him about Izuku. Katsuki knows that Izuku would be disappointed in him, he gets that. But Izuku didn’t die for Katsuki to give up. 

Katsuki blinked, pausing before he hit a wall and lifted his head.  Oh . “A rest-stop.” He muttered, shifting his bag before rocking on his heels. His anger had seemed to shimmer down, as he thought about what to do. Should he go inside? He could clean his face if the sink works, the linger scent of walker guts filled his nose as he thought about cleaning himself. He shook his head, walking to the restroom door and placing his ear to it. Nothing. He bit his lip, red eyes trailing over to the forest before he sighed.  

He unzipped his bag, pulling out a knife then pushing open the door slowly. “Anyone in here?” He growled, slamming his knife on the metal door as he stepped in the restroom. When nothing responded, he let out a sigh walking to the nearest stall and slamming it open. His red eyes darted to every spot of the stall before he moved to the next one and did the same for the other one.  

“The bathrooms clear…” He muttered, moving his bag to his chest and pulling a half-filled water bottle out. He pulled out a rag, placing his knife in between his belt, and unscrewed the cap of the water, pressing the rag against it, pulling it away once he felt the cool water hit his fingertips. He placed the bottle on the ledge of the sink, rubbing his face with the rag when the door creaked open.  

“Katsu...?” A quiet voice echoed through the bathroom. “Hizashi told me to follow you...” She voiced, as Katsuki moved his rag away from his face. His crimson eye’s moving to the door, meeting Eri’s large garnet red eyes. “Are you okay...? Shouta didn’t have to be so...” 

“I got it, kid.” Katsuki huffed, flipping the rag and motioning her to come closer. She waddled over as Katsuki kneeled and rubbed her chubby cheeks with the clean side of the rag, then pulling back.  

“T-thank you!” Eri beamed, wrapping her small arms around Katsuki waist. Katsuki frowned, tensing at the contact of another person then patting her head full of white hair, jumping when the door slammed open, and a flash of blond cut its way inside. 

“Katsuki!” Hizashi stage whispered, green eyes darting the them before warily looking back. Katsuki didn’t like the look on his face. “Eri! You found him, thank god! You two need to get go, now. Shota’s trying to hold them off but-” 

“Them? Who the fuck is them?” Katsuki asked, voice lowering as a gun shot rang out.  Oh shit . He slammed his hand over Eri’s ears, his lips pulling into a snarl. “What the fuck was that!” He raised his voice, forcing out the ringing in his ears. Another one rang out, but it was closer. 

“Raiders! Shouta’s trying to hold them off! I need to go help him! Get somewhere safe!” Hizashi yelled out, “After We’ll try and meet back here!” adding before rushing out of the bathroom as another shot rang out, accompanied by a loud scream. Katsuki gritted his teeth together, pressing his lips tightly as his body tensed with wariness, he raised his hand, motioning for Eri to follow as he snuck out of the bathroom. Eri gripped his hands as four-gun shots pushed itself into their ears.  

“Eri, I need you to stay close to me.” He crouched, whispering into her ear moving against the wall as she nodded and followed. Katsuki didn’t like gunshots. He felt like they brought a lot of unneeded attention to a person. You don’t want to make noise. He leaned against the bathroom wall, taking a large breath of air while holding it as Eri and him shuffled against it. Gunshot equaled loud noise which brought Walkers. 

Katsuki felt Eri flinch at another gunshot rang through the air and a few yells erupted as he pushed himself away from the wall pulling Eri with him as he lowered himself to the ground, feeling his ears flicker at conversation as they creeped towards the forest.  

“Boss said that wanted to recruit new people, but these two guys are wild.” A voice hissed, out of breath. “Ever wonder why?” 

“Mayb’ they’re protecting somethin’?” the other one wondered. Katsuki motioned Eri to move in front of him as he paused. His red eyes darted everywhere, narrowing in on a truck. He turned his head to Eri, waving his hand low to the ground and pointing at the truck. Katsuki doesn’t see if she nods as lowers himself to the ground fully and crawls towards the blue truck.  

“I mean, No shit, Shin.” Katsuki paused as the voice got closer, another gunshot rang out, as Katsuki quickly regained to his crawl. Eri glanced at him as she crawled next to him, constantly pausing to move her long white hair away from the dirt. “Shit man, they're still going... How many bullets do those two have?” Eri’s nose scrunched up, hurrying as Katsuki lifted himself up from the ground and making a dash to the truck, stumbling when his foot hit a rock.  

Katsuki braced himself, throwing his arms around his head as he hit the ground a hiss slipping through his mouth as he heard the two men voice that he was, in fact, heard. “Eri-” He growled, lifting himself off the ground, “Hide!” He hissed, his voice lowered as she let out a sound and stood, rushing as fast as her legs could take her to Katsuki as he threw off his bag and shoved it under the trunk, motioning Eri under too.  

“Hey! Who the fuck is there?” The guys voice yelled, Katsuki’s eyes locked on Eri’s large round fear-filled eyes with darted all around Katsuki’s face. She opened her mouth, slamming it shut as Katsuki’s eyes darted to the two men that stood above him. 

“Well, this must be what those two were pro-tectin'” He hummed, his lips cocked into a smirk as he eyed Katsuki, who’s pressed his lips into a thin line. Katsuki’s eyes narrowed, as the blond one edged closer to him, wide-eyed. His hands gripped and un-gripped the large gun he was holding. 

“Think boss would like it?” The frantic one asked, as Katsuki slowly moved back, freezing as he raised his gun, “Don’t you fucking move!” Katsuki cringed at the man’s voice crack, his eyes flickering to Eri, who, from the glance, was gripping a pistol.  

“Maybe. Chisaki’s might, but we never know how kids behave.” Said the light brown haired one, pushing up his glasses. “He might kill it.” Katsuki felt his blood run cold, before heating up. Izuku didn’t die for him to get kidnapped— again,  his mind unhelpfully inserted—and killed. A growl slipped out of his lips before he could stop it. The two men turned their head back to him.  

“See, it’s feisty!” The frantic one hissed, “Should we let it go?” He turned his head towards Glasses. “Or should we kill it?” Katsuki shifted his glare to the ground before darting over to Eri, who gripped the gun so hard her knuckles were white, her mouth barely open but her eyes wide with fear. She didn’t know how to shoot, Katsuki remembered, Shouta was going to teach her. Shouta was probably dead, Hizashi too. He moved his hand slightly, not too much to gain their attention, but enough for Eri’s eyes to dart down. He mimicked the trigger of a gun as saw her nodded before scooting closer to the edge of the truck. 

“No. I think we should bring it to Chisaki and see if he likes it.” Glasses stated, as Katsuki watched Eri stick her small hand from under the truck, gun shaking in her pale hand as she stretched it as far as she could.  

Katsuki inhaled through his nose, eyes locking onto the two guys in front of him as he reached for the gun. His hand grasped it, as a gun fired, a loud ringing echoed in his ear as he scrambled away, eyes wide and his heart pounding as he watched the frantic on raise the gun again.  

“Ka-” A high pitched voice called out as Katsuki stared at the bullet hole in the dirt,  oh so close to dying . “Katsuki!” Eri’s voice split through the ringing in his ears. “Shoot them!” Her voice wavered as another gunshot landed near Katsuki’s leg. He raised the gun like Izuku taught him to do, placing his finger on the trigger, pressing as he inhaled. He swiftly moved the gun’s line of focus to Glasses, doing the same.  

Frantic guy dropped the large gun, grasping at his neck as blood covered his hands and welled-up in his mouth which was opening and closing, gasping for air as he stumbled forward, spitting out blood, eyes wide with anger and panic as he fell landing next to Katsuki, a flicker of blood landed on Katsuki’s cheek, he cringed. As the man chocked on his blood, Katsuki let out a shaky breath as he stood. “Eri, come on.” He said, voice wavering as his hand shaking, the gun almost slipping out. He tightened his grip on the gun. “You good.” 

He listened to Eri push herself from under the truck, pulling out his bag. “Katsu? I-I'm okay...” She voiced, placing her small hand on his elbow. He blinked, letting his gaze drift to Eri. “Are you okay...? You don’t h-have to feel guilty...” She frowned, garnet eyes shifting to the side, her white eyebrows furrowing. “It was my fault... right?” 

Katsuki exhaled “Naw,” he shook off the shock he felt and placed his finger in between her eyebrows. “But you’ll get wrinkles if you keep it up, kid.” He tilted his head up as she let out a short giggle, interrupted by the loud groans and moans of walkers. “Let's get fuckin’ going.” He huffed, grabbing his bag from Eri and shrugging it on. 

“W-what about Shouta and Hizashi..?” Eri asked, her voice shaking as she followed Katsuki. “Aren’t we going to help them...?” Katsuki glanced at her, a scowl captured his face as he quickens his pace. “Katsu!” 

“We will in a week! Hizashi said that we’ll meet back in a week. So, we find a place to stay and fuckin’ survive!” He growled out, stomping forward onto the road with Eri following. “A week is easy to figure out.” He muttered, “I’ll just go every five days.” He stated, exhaling through his nose and ruffled her hair. “We also have to cut your hair, or put the fucking thing up.”  

“I don’t want to cut it...” Eri whispered, grabbing a lock of her white hair as Katsuki glanced down at her. “I d-don’t want to cut it.” 

“We don’t fucking have to, kid.” He said, lifting his hand and looking at the gun, he shoved it in between his belt. “We’ll just tie it in a pony tail.” Katsuki answered, rubbing his hands together. “Let’s just find a fuckin’ place before night. It’s cold as shit.” Eri nodded, following Katsuki as walked on the side of the road. 


Katsuki noticed the sky had changed color, he things it’s been a day since they’ve been walking, but it wasn’t blue anymore, it was orange, his favorite color. He let a smile grace his lips as he felt his legs burn with tiredness. The nine-year-old shifted the five-year-old on his back while the bag on his front bounced with every movement he made. His eyes drooped as he forced himself to walk farther, listening to the soft snores of Eri. He shook himself awake, forcing his eyes upward as the color of the sky slowly changed. He hiked Eri higher up his back as he glanced up at the sky, lowering his gaze to a food truck.  

He glanced around the surrounding area, frowning slightly at the lack of walkers around the truck, he hasn’t seen any recently. He staggered over to the truck, taking one hand from Eri’s leg and twisting the handle to the trunk and pulling it open. “Fucking finally...” He whined, placing Eri in the truck, climbing inside and quietly shutting the metal door.

He picked up Eri, wobbling slightly as he moved her away from the door, placing her behind on of the seats and throwing his jacket over her. He yawned, rubbing his eyes while placing his bag on the truck floor and laying down next to her. Katsuki let his eyelids flutter shut, exhaustion absorbing him fully. 

He blinked as his vision filtered in, shivering at the man’s touch, kicking the man off him as he scooted towards the wall. “Get the fuck away from me!” He hissed . His voice was distant, echoey and strained as tears filled his eyes as he stared at the blue haired man. “Stay back!”   

Katsuki ... honey, I’m  ...  going to hurt you! We’re  ….  to start a family, remember...?” The man’s scratchy voice present, stuck to the walls in his mind as he struggled against the man’s grip. “Don’t struggle... Izuku is exposing you to  ...  things, my dear...” Katsuki let out a growl as he felt himself freeze, the man’s lips landed on his cheek, then his forehead. Katsuki let a sob slip out from between his lips.  

“L-Let me go!” He felt the tears bubble and burn as they raised, rolling down his chubby cheeks, as the man placed his lips on  Katsuki’s  shoulder, “Get off me, asshole!”  Katsuki  sobbed, thrashing under the man, who let out a manic giggle at the boy's antics, the lifted  his head, letting out a loud crazed laugh and pushing himself away from  Katsuki, who took that as a sign to rush out of the room, pushing the man as he slammed the bedroom door open and rushed out, locking himself in the closet.   

He squeezed his legs, letting quiet sobs out as he buried his head in his knees, eyes snapping open when the door handle shook violently and there was an irritated shout. “ Katsuki !  ...  out! I’ll wait  ...  you're ready, My dear!”  Katsuki pressed himself on the wall, eyes locked onto the doorknob while it shook. “ Katsuki ! Open the door!”   

“Fuck you!”  Katsuki voice wavered as he yelled, getting a loud slam to the door in response. The banging continued. Louder and louder-  

“Katsu!” Katsuki eyes snapped open as he took a large gasp of air, face pale as he jerked up, pushing himself against the back of the seat. He gasped, eyes watering at the coolness of the air that rubbed against his throat and settling in his lungs.  Why was he freaking out-?  

 “Katsu...” His eyes darted over to the voice; eyes glazed over. “K-katsu! T-there someone at the door-” They whispered, placing a hand on his arm. His breathe quickened as he lifted a shaky arm and grab the arm. “they were yelling and threating to-” The voice was shaky, and so was the hand. He sucked in air, forcing himself to try and calm down as he eyes un-fuzzed, and meet with large watery garnet eyes. 

“E...” He croaked, shaking his head, jumping at the large bang on the metal. “What the fuck...” 

“S-someone’s trying to get in!” Eri repeated, her arms shaking as she turned her attention to the door that shook with another bang. “Katsu...!” She whined, as Katsuki pulled himself up, shaking his head and letting a shaky breath. 

“Get your bag,” He whispered, picking his jacket up and pulling it on, then grabbing his bag, watching Eri doing the same. “Come on.” He stepped toward the front, climbing into the passenger seat and placing his hand on the door handle. A large bang shook the food truck as Katsuki clicked open the door, and climbed down between the slightly opened door.  

His boots hit the gavel, moving as he help Eri down before moving to the front of the trunk, and slowly walking, Eri following closely, glancing back at the trunk that shook with every hit from the people. 

Katsuki let out a breath as he glared in the direction they came from, not being able to see the truck. “The rest stop is really far... how are we going to get back to Shouta and Hizashi...?” Eri asked, rocking on her heels as she sipped on a water bottle from the truck.  

“I’ll find a bike, or somethin’...” Katsuki answered, turning and continuing to walk. Eri frowned, rushing to catch up with him.  

“W-what if we can’t find a bike?” She asked, shoving the bottle neatly into her bag as she matched Katsuki’s walking pace. “M-maybe we should head back...” 

Katsuki felt his anger rise as he clenched his jaw, he needs to be calm. Izuku was always calm, even in high stress situations. “We don’t know if they made it back to the rest stop. And it might be crowded with walkers.” He answered, ruffing her head before fixing how loose his hat was. 

“O-oh...” Her eyes darted to the side, blinking. “Katsu? There’s a... house.” Katsuki’s head snapped towards hers, following her finger that pointed to a town. How he didn’t notice this, he wasn’t sure.  

But he swore quietly as he quickened his pace, “Kid? Up front.” He whispered, eyeing some of the house and the few walkers that were scattered around the neighborhood. Eri shuffled in front of him, as he settled on the light blue house with wooden boards on it. There was a sign before they finally made it to the town, his breathing slowed as he panted, the air around his mouth clouded as fall set in. It said River-villa.  

“Raver-vill-a?” Eri muttered, as she rubbed her arms. Katsuki snorted, quickly as he pulled out his knife from his belt. “Is that how you pro-nounce it?” 

“River-villa.” He corrected, “Also, it’s ‘ pronounce ’, not ‘pro-nonce’.” Eri nodded, seemingly storing  that  information away. “Let's get  inside  that fuckin’ blue house.” Eri nodded, doubt lacing her face as she pulled out  a screw driver from her bag.

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It’s been 5 months since they been away from Hizashi and Shouta, and Katsuki has to say, it’s been peaceful, or as peaceful as it could get. There were hardly any walkers in the town, most being in homes. The downside, the stores were an hour, or in Katsuki’s time, a quarter of the sun up or down, away from the house. Katsuki wiped his brow, the spring heat cooking his back as he clicked his dry tongue, his eyes heave with lack of sleep. The birds chirped, some peaking on the dead walkers, or alive ones that couldn’t move, Katsuki glanced down at their legs, holding in his vomit as it seemed to run over with a car. He shook his head, approaches a building, avoiding any bodies or alive walkers as he read the sign.  

“Howes’ gen..ral store” He muttered, biting his lips as he shifted his bag. Hopefully, there was something of fucking use in there. He sighed clenching his little fist, moving towards the sliding door, lowering himself to the ground and crawling through the broken glass. Minding the glass on the floor, he stepped over it, scanning the open area that was light up by the sunlight for walkers before letting out a breath.   

“This town was a fucking blessing.” He grinned, pulling out his knife and flashlight, pressing the squishy end to it and watching the darkness of the store light up, moving towards the closest aisle, tilting his head and light towards the highest shelf, his lips tugging into a frown as he continued, focusing the light forward. He turned his head, a grin spreading on his lips as he saw a cart. He placed his bag gently in the cart, placing the flashlight on the child seating area.

He rolled up and down a few aisles, most empty, some useless pieces are thrown on the floor, a lot of things on the highest shelves that no one can get to. He huffed, but maybe this town wasn’t so blessed as he hoped. His ears flickered as he heard squeaks coming for below the light. He paused, halting the cart and picking up his light shining it to the floor, a small gasp slipping from his lips as he moved away from his cart.

“Ew...” Katsuki cringed, holding the light up higher to get a full view. One large raccoon and three baby raccoons were chewing on a walker that groaned at the animals eating its exposed inner skin. Katsuki didn’t know what that was called, but it looked gross and pink, and it keeps moving when the walker lifted its hand. Katsuki turned his head, gagging before swallowing the vomit that raised in his throat moved closer to the body, waving his knife over the body, scaring away the raccoons that were feasting on it.   

The animals hissed, the large one scattering away underneath one of the shelves, with the little ones chasing after. Katsuki smiled slightly, watching them stick their head out from the bottom, and watch him as he flips his knife around and stabbed the walker in the head, frowning as it let out its last strain groans. Katsuki stepped back, shaking his body and moving back to his cart, slowly moving it around the body and continuing. He decided to just hold the flashlight instead.

He moved farther down the aisle, hovering his flashlight over a bunch black jacket. He looked at the price tag, “A poncho?” What the fuck was a poncho? He placed the flashlight down on the cart, moving the large variety of ponchos around, throwing the ones that are two large for Eri and him on the ground, before picking up a medium one for him and a small for her. He folded them, taking the bag from the cart and placing his backpack on the floor, and zipping it open. His ears flickered at the sound of footsteps, as he moved placed the ponchos on the bottom of his bag. He zipped up his bag, placing it back in the car before leaving the aisle.

He moved to the next aisle; his crimson eyes widened as he stared at the floor, brighten in respond from the large area from the flashlight’s light. “Holy...” He started, the words falling from his lips as his stomach growled, he stopped the cart, picking the flashlight from the cart and panned it over the aisle. Food was thrown all over the floor, empty boxes laid on the shelves, except... His eyes trailed to the top shelf, an unfamiliar feeling of joy covering him. He felt his eyes tear up as he stared at the box. It was Pasta. “Holy shit, Eri’s going to be so excited!” He cheered, quietly as he placed his things down, placing the flashlight on the shelf opposite to the box.  

He gripped the shelf, placing one foot after another as he climbed up, swiping his hand around each of the 5 levels of shelves. On the six-level, he felt it wobble, but he shook his head and continued to climb, he needs to get this for Eri and himself. He felt it wobble again, he gulped, opting for the safer option and blindly slapping his hand all around the area of the top shelf, letting a sigh of relief as his small hand grabbed the box.   

He pulled the box down, letting it hit the floor as he slowly crawled down, hearing his walkie-talkie go off. “K-Katsu? Over?” Eri’s small over rang out, muffled as Katsuki jumped down from the shelf, and headed over to the cart, reaching in and pulling the stick of the talkie out.

“Is everything...good? Over.” He asked, releasing the button as he moved over to the box, he dragged his finger over the words. Six boxes of pasta. He threw the box in the cart, rubbing his face and cringing at the dry blood that stained his hands.

“Everything’s okay! Are you okay?” Katsuki smiled slightly at her soft voice, nodding to himself, “Some crows tried to get into the c-car-rots though...over?”  

“AH, those fucking crows.” Katsuki huffed, he ignored the way she said carrot, smiling as he moved over to the handle of the cart, “I’m fine. I found pasta and some raincoats. I’m going to look around more, what time of day is it? Over.”

“T-the sun is in the middle! Over!” Eri stated, “Okay! I’ll keep reading! Over!” Katsuki pressed the button, smiling as he said goodbye before turning the walkie-talkie down slightly. He plucked his flashlight up, hooking the walkie talkie and knife to his belt then continuing to the next aisle, and the next one until he hit the books, he flashed the light on the little aisle reader, before moving to the survival books.

Katsuki eyed them, reminding himself. “Medical books, and farming books, survival books, and fucking--ugh.” Sharp pain in his head made him hiss, placing his unoccupied hand on his forehead, rubbing it. “What the fuck...” He shimmered, anger rising at his bodies betrayal as he sat on the floor, a sudden rush of dizziness rose over him. Maybe he can eat, he thought, glancing at his stomach that let out a whiny grumble. He hastily stood, clenching his teeth at the wave of dizziness that crash over him and stumbled to the cart, pulled his bag out, zipping it open and digging through it. Did he bring food? He doesn’t remember. His hand gripped something, and he pulled out a bell pepper. He felt a sneeze rise, but it quickly settled.

Shrugging, he took a bite, licking his lips as the juices from the bell pepper spilled from his mouth. He took another bite, blinking as something flashed from the corner of his eyes. Walker don't rush. He moved his flashlight, biting into the bell pepper until the core was left. He threw it behind him, pulling out his knife while creeping forward, flashing the light around the corner. Katsuki sighed. Nothing, he flipped his knife shoving it back into his belt. He moved back to the shelf of books, placing the flashlight on the opposite shelf, turning and letting his eyes trail over the book names. Katsuki pulled out a book, eyeing the title.   

Preserving and canning for beginners: A beginner's guide on preserving and canning. By Karen S.W.

Katsuki placed it on the floor next to his bag before turning and picking another book, this one had a drawing of a dragon on it. He placed it in the pile, biting his lip. Would Eri even like dragons? He reached up, eyes glinting as the tips of his fingers grazed the book, jerking it enough to fall and hit the ground with a loud SLAM . Katsuki cringed, pausing, inhaling as his fears overtook him, his fist clenched as he lowered himself closer to the floor, his ears flickered... Silence filled the air, Katsuki’s fingers loosened, twitching over his knife as he strained his ears, trying to listen for anything, anything at all. But nothing made a sound. He let out a shaky breath, flexing his finger in an attempt to calm himself as he quietly walked over to the book, picking it up and dusting the cover off.  

Kill you softly: Enemies to your survival. By Zack An’codie

Katsuki weighted the book in his small hands, nodding as he flickered though the book, his eyes darting over the words he could understand before he placed it in the pile. It seemed to be a survival book for the wilderness. He crouched as he scanned through the lower books, he grabbed one called Gardening for idiots. His eyes trailed down to the author, hissing through his teeth. Mitsuki Bakugou . His mom wrote this?  

His hand shook, he didn’t even know if they were alive. Tears filled to his eyes as he gripped the book, a quiet sob leaving his lips. He doesn’t have any picture of them, he just has this stupid hat that his mom got him. He sniffled, wiping his nose and taking a large breathe to try and calm himself, placing the book in the pile and placing them next to the boxes of pasta.

His eyed his bag, something in the back of his mind was stabbing to remind him of something important. Pulling out the rain coats, he rubbed his hands on the plastic, blinking as a memory flashed in his head.  

“Are you covered in the walker stuff?”

“Mnh.” Izuku had nodded, rubbing his arm as he stared at Katsuki. “Kacchan, are you alright? You... killed someone.”

Katsuki swallowed, the smell of the death came off Izuku in waves that made Katsuki’s stomach twist and turn unpleasantly. “I’m- I’ okay!” He grinned, “He was a bad guy! And Crimson Riot said that if anyone was bad, you should always protect yourself.” He rocked on his heels, watching Izuku smile, shivering as the lingering touches Tomura ghosted around his shoulders.

“He’s right. Even if it feels bad, your survival is more important. I want you tosurivive until the end of this, even if I don’t, okay?” Izuku paused, green eyes flickering downwards. “But, don’t kill people because you enjoy it, that makes you a bad person too.”

“I promise.” Katsuki watched Izuku smile, wide like All Might had when the group said that they’d help them. He had opened the door, and a walker stood, his nose pointed, scrunching as it sniffed Izuku before letting a strangled growl towards Katsuki, who’s eyes narrowed, watching its head tilt and it’s glazed over eyes moved towards Katsuki. “It wants to play, like the other one wanted...”

“No, it’s hungry, Kacchan.” Izuku frowned, lifting his hatchet and bringing down on the walker's head, Katsuki blinked, saddened. “Come, to get to Aizawa and Yamada we’ll have to go through the horde.” Katsuki moved, letting Izuku spread the guts on his clothes, pushing down the bile that rose with every touch.

Katsuki blinked, right, Izuku and him used that to get out of Savanah. He placed his bag in the cart, grabbing the flashlight, gripping onto the poncho before pushing the cart back to the walker body. He placed the flashlight down and pulling out his knife and cutting the walker’s stomach. Putting the medium poncho down, spreading it open before digging his hands into the walker's guts, pulling it out and rubbing it on the black poncho, gagging at the smell that invaded his nose.  

He flipped the poncho over, doing the same to that side until he felt something cold pressed against the back on his head. “D-don’t move.” The voice was shaky, Katsuki stopped his hands, a cold feeling numbing the fear he had felt, “I just- I just need food and water... So, if you could hand it over w-without any problems...”  

Katsuki’s gun was also stuck between his belt, “Okay. But the water isn’t clean” He forced out, “I can bring you to-”

“And have me killed? No way!” The voice moved a pitch up, “Just g-give it to me now!”

“Just- fucking listen. If you keep screaming, you’ll attract walkers. If you remove your gun-” His head was pushed forward by the gun, he had to clench his teeth to stop from cursing this person out. Survive.

“And have you shoot me!”  

“I’m fucking nine! You idiot, I’m trying to fucking help your stupid ass and your acting stupid!” He hissed, anger raising as he felt the walkers blood began to dry. The person behind him moved back, “God, I swear everyone is so stupid.” He exhaled, as he listened to the steps pause.

“You can turn now.” Katsuki lifted his hands, turning and found himself staring at three people. A teen with faded purple hair and two teens with pitch black hair. “J-just give us what we need.” The black-haired girl’s voice wavered, as Katsuki watched the three stared at him in confusion.

“Y-you’re really a child...?” The purple haired girl muttered, running her hand through her hair. “Guys, can we just go? I don’t want to rob a kid.” Katsuki took the time while they argued, he turned around, digging his hands into the walker and resumed spreading it on the poncho. These three obviously didn’t know how to rob someone, or probably do anything. “G-guys?” The third one had a muttered.

“Kyoka! E-Enji said we have to bring back something or we won’t be allowed back in!” Katsuki finished one, slowly removing the other poncho and rubbing walker guys onto that one. They weren’t really a threat. They had not a speck of blood on their clothes. “Guys h-he's turned away”

“Well, Momo, Eijirou will be let in because his mom the nurse taking care of Rei. "Kyoka muttered, as Katsuki finished Eri’s poncho. He stood, “H-hey what the fuck are you doing?” Katsuki raised an eyebrow.  

“Well, You two were flirting, or whatever, I was finishing what I was doing before...” He rubbing his hands together. “But, if you’re worried about not fucking getting back with your group, I can make you water.” He bit his lip.

“You know how to make water?” The black-haired boy asked, leaning forward. “Guy- M-maybe we should follow him?”  

Katsuki picked up the poncho, slipping his head through the clean side and pulling up the hood before placing Eri’s poncho in the cart, “If you want to, hurry the fuck up. I have shit to do.” He hissed, walking to the cart and reaching for the handles,pushing it towards the cash register. He snickered as he heard three set of footsteps follow him. He searched through the snacks, eyes glancing to the side watching the three teens follow his movements in searching the snack areas. he pushed the ones in the front on the floor as he reached for the ones in the back, grinning as he pulled his hand back, gripping a snickers bar. “Can I have that?” Eijirou or whoever the black-haired boy was asked, as Katsuki shoved that in his pocket. Eri might enjoy this.  

“No.” He straightens as he exited the store, letting a tired huff of air from his nose as he pushed the cart back the way he came. Momo, the tallest one, picked him up, a soft smile on her face as she placed him in the cart, despite his protest.

“Just show us the way, alright?” He was upset, sitting and crossing his arms as he begrudgingly directed them. He rubbed his eyes, a yawn slipping from his lips. “We... don’t know your name, by the way. I’m Momo Yaoyorouzo, 15, was heir to the Yaoyorouzo tea company, but that’s out of use now, isn’t it?” She let out a nervous laugh as Katsuki tilted his thumb to the left. Katsuki was tired, hungry and so damn thirsty.

“I’m Kyoka Jirou, 15, just a normal girl that was hanging out with my... friend when the shit dropped.” Kyoka, the purple haired girl gave a lazy smile, twirling the earphones that hung from around her ears towards Katsuki. “I’m basically a bodyguard at this point.” The black-haired boy bounced on the side of the cart.

“I’m Eijirou Kirishima, 12,” His smile faltered, “That’s really it...” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Katsuki Bakugou.” He bit his lip, “But I changed it to Midoriya.” He huffed, motioning straight as he eyed the red car that was crashed into a tree. “Anyway, why did your group send out the children to do the dirty work?”

“Enji, the un-elected leader, is making us, to see if we’re worthy of staying in his group. Predictably, even if we bring back what we have now, he won’t accept us anyway.” Momo explained, Katsuki didn’t understand what predictably meant, but he pieced it together. “So, we’re kind of glad we found you, Katsuki. We honestly wouldn’t have survived.”

“Hey, cut me some slack, Ma didn’t leave to go help that group of strangers for nothing.” Kyoka frowned, “She came back and taught me some good things that she learned from the group!”

Katsuki glanced at her, fiddling with his talkie. “Do you remember what she taught you?” He asked, placing the talkie down and picking up his mom’s book.

“Yeah, said she learned it from this green-haired guy with a kid. If I remember correctly, she said to fill a bottle with nails, and make noise to attract the dead out of the buildings.” Green haired guy with a kid... Katsuki turned to the girl, taking in her features.  

“Was your mom’s name...uh- fuck- wait. Mika? Right, I don’t remember, she had a pickaxe.” Kyoka’s voice shook in shock, as she spoke.“Holy shit, yeah? We were Georgia at the time,”

“Yeah. She saved my life. Then I saved her life.” Katsuki huffed his chest out slightly, turning back to the book.  

“Well, fate works in funny ways!” Momo chirped, “It must have been a good fortune we met!”

“That’s super manly, Momo!” Eijirou grinned, pumping his fist as Katsuki glanced up. “help me out of this death trap.” Katsuki hissed, yelping as Kyoka picked him up and placed him on the ground, cringing.  

“Little man, what are you wearing?” She watched him stumble slightly. He balanced himself, “It’s smells disgusting." He turned towards them; eyes narrowed in annoyance.

“It’s walker guts. It makes you blend in.” He stated, growling as he pulled down the hood, reaching in the cart to get the walkie talkie. “Just stay here and don’t say anything. The three nodded as Katsuki moved away. If he was being honest, he’s really trying his best to take care of both Eri and himself, but, fuck, if he had to take care of these three teens’ he doesn’t think he could make it. He doesn’t think he’s doing a good job; he knows he not doing a good job at teaching Eri. Shouta and Hizashi used to teach Eri school things, but Katsuki can’t teach her anything because he also left school. Izuku used to explain anything Katsuki asked about, hell! He even explained things Katsuki never asked about.  Hopefully with these three, it’ll be easier to explain things.

Katsuki rubbed his sweaty palms on his jeans, biting his lip hard as he walked. Whenever Eri asked him a question, she stares up at him with large innocent eyes but Katsuki doesn’t know. He doesn’t know how to fucking answer! Katsu, do you know how this all started...? Katsu! T-the bell peppers said that it takes 3 to 4 months to grow, right? Katsuki doesn’t know anything at all! But for fuck’s sake, he's only fucking nine! He’s trying, but nothing he’s doing is fucking working.   

“Eri?” He said, once he pressed on the button, “I have... company coming as well. Over.” He lifted his finger, eyeing the three who talked among themselves.

“Oh?” Eri’s small voice crackled, “Are t-they nice? Over?”

“I think so. They seem nice enough. If they are just be caution, make sure you have a weapon on you. We’re almost to the house. Over.”

“Okay, Katsu! Be safe, over!” She encouraged, as he turned the knob on the walkie talkie down, clipping it back to his belt before walking back over. His fingers clenched. He could kill them. If he chose to do so. He could, all he had to do was pull out his gun and aim at the head. The thought made his stomach twist with something pleasant. Katsuki shivered at the felling before shoving it out.  

“Alright, fuckers. Help me carry this shit to the blue house. There a wire behind the gate so don’t fucking trip.” He growled out, clapping his hands. “Get to work!” They jumped. Momo grabbed the box of pasta, Kyoka grabbed the bag while Eijirou grabbed the books, and they all scrambled to the house as Katsuki pressed the walkie talkie. “Eri, Open the door. Over.” He reached inside the cart, and pulled out the poncho, before walking over to the house, hopping over the wire, walking inside closing the door and pulling off the his poncho and hanging both of them on the door hanger thingy, turning and blinking at the walker that laid in the middle of the living room.

“What the fuck?” Spilled out of his mouth before he could stop it. Eri bounced around the corner of the kitchen, making her way into the living room as Katsuki took in her appearance. Her striped shirt was still dirty, but this time it was stained with brown oily blood. Her white hair pulled into an unstable ponytail.

"I did it!" She cheered, throwing herself onto Katsuki, who tensed. "I killed my first walker!" Katsuki patted her head, blinking in surprise.

"You're letting her kill the dead?" Momo gasped, walking back into the living room. "She looks younger than you..."

"That's how the world works, ponytail. No one helps kids anymore. Either you're of use or your garbage." katsuki hissed, patting Eri's head. "Now, let's sit and talk about your situation, right Eri?" Eri let out a sound of agreement, nodding her head as the three shivered, staring at the two similar red eyed children before taking a seat on in the living room couch.

Chapter Text

Eri’s darted from the dead walker to watch Katsuki sit on the couch, his narrowed eyes flickering over the other two before landing on the tallest one. Eri was sitting next to him, swinging her feet while twisting her hair. Her tummy fluttered and she licked her teeth, her nose scrunching as she tasted blood. She stuck her finger in her mouth, moving it over the blood and staring at the oily black goo before wiping it on the couch. 

“So. Explain your situation.” Katsuki stated, as Eri watched the black-haired girl straighten, while placing her hands on her lap. Eri shouldn’t have kill that walker, she rubbed her tongue against her teeth, hoping that would get rid of the rest of the walker blood from her mouth. 

“Of course. As you can tell, Kyoka started in Georgia, Atlanta, if I remember correctly.” Her eyes fluttered downwards, “We were internet friends, and planned to meet each other in South Carolina, where we did. I was with Eijiriou and the Todoroki’s since the beginning. Recently, since it’s began becoming difficult to find anything of use, Enji, our...” 

“Leader, I guess.” The purple haired girl stated, twirling her earphones as the other girl nodded, her tongue darting out to lick her lips as Eri glanced at Katsuki, who stared at the three. “Yes. Our leader, Enji, became more irritating, more physical with other members of our group. He took it upon himself to begin sending out the younger kids to go searching.” Eri frowned, scratching at her hand. He sounds mean. Like Chisaki. Like the doctor. Like all his followers. She clenched her little hand into a fist, her eyes glazing over with tears as she forced down the bad memories. 

“We began losing children very rapidly.” Eri doesn’t know what rapidly meant, but she felt a shiver crawl up her spine. “Benio, Eijiriou’s mother, questioned him and he kicked her out of the group for a few days, until others from the group got upset.” Eri’s eyes darted over to the boy, frowning as she watched his eyes shut and his bottom lip twitch. “Enji’s wife is pregnant. And with most, if not all the children were gone, he began sending out the adults, lots came back bitten, or half dead.” Eri tugged at her hair, wincing as her hand released and she looked at Katsuki, who stared at the girl with a hard stare.  

“This was our first time going out. And—and he said he would kick us out, or kill us, if we didn’t bring back anything.” She stressed. “I know Kyoka can survive, I believe she can, but Eijirou and I weren’t exposed to it. We were lucky there hardly any dead in this town...” She ran her hand through her long black hair that laid on her shoulders. Eri wonders if her hair could look that pretty. Her hand had grabbed her own hair, tugging at it. Eri frowned, her hair was rough and gross feeling.  

“So, if you could help us, we’ll be forever in your debt!” She clapped her hands together, bowing. “Please!” 

“O-or! We c-can get Ma’ and Rei out of there and come stay with you...?” The black-haired boy wondered, tapping his fingers together while the purple girl turned to him with a slight nod, “That’s a good idea, Eiji. How do you suggest we get a pregnant lady away from her insane husband?” 

Eri’s eyes darted between the two, opening her mouth slightly. “Uh...” She clamped her mouth shut lowering her eyes as Katsuki turned to her, lifting his hands to hers and pulling them out of her hair.   

“What? You got an idea?” Eri nodded, “And don’t pull your hair.” She nodded again, chewing on her lip then opened her mouth, “What... What if we go to their group...? I mean... W-we...Me and Katsu can be a distraction... while you three get the people you need...” She offered, feeling Katsuki’s grip on her hand tightened. “T-the group sounds bad, b-but if they're in danger...” She lifted her head slightly, “Shouldn’t you want to help them in... any way y-you can?” She finished, as Katsuki released her hands, pulling off his hat and scratching his head.  

“Alright, fuckers. Eri here gave us a game plan. We go tomorrow. I’ll show you how to remember where this house is.” Katsuki rubbed his chubby face, Eri resisted the urge to pinch his cheeks as she reaches her up for her own cheeks, and watched as two of the three teens nod. “I know you two,” He started, motioning to the two blacked haired ones. “Can’t shoot or handle a gun at fucking all.” They stood, “So, Ima’ teach you.” Eri blinked as he turned to her, “Eri. You remember how to start a fire?” She nodded, “Could you start making the pasta? I gotta make sure these idiots learn it right.” 

Eri nodded, bouncing off to the kitchen as she listened to the tall girl’s voice, “I actually a black-belt in Bojutsu and Karate!” as Katsuki rushing the three out in the fenced off back yard. Eri moved and grabbed one log, maybe she should have been quiet. She didn’t trust people. She didn’t think that being in large group was safe anymore. She balanced the log on her left arm, opening the latch with the other hand. Placing the log inside, she pulled open a draw and pulled out a lighter and a piece of paper. The group that the three were in sounded bad. Eri shivered. She knew bad. The stranger that had kidnapped Katsuki was bad. The walkers are bad. The Raiders were bad. Chisaki was bad. She frowned slightly, moving her larges eyes to the lighter, clicking the starter. Click- she hoped that the plan works. Click- she hoped that they can get the pregnant lady out. Click-  whoosh

She blinked, eyeing the small fire before moving the paper towards it and watching how it curls and flares as the white turned into black. She placed the paper in the fire, watching it slowly grow before closing the door. Eri rocked on her heels before twisting and heading towards the lower cabinets and pulling out a large pot. She stumbled back unable to hold it by its handles because her arms didn’t stretch that far. If Katsuki was here, he would be able to do it... Setting the pot on the ground, Eri placed one hand on the bottom of the pot, bending her knees and lifting then slapping her little hand as far around it as she could before taking caution steps toward the stove. 

The kitchen door opened, causing Eri to jump and drop the pot with a large  CLANK , that echoed around the kitchen. Eri pulled out her screwdriver, turning to see the tall one, who looked at her in shock. “Oh dear... are you okay? I didn’t mean to startle you!”  

Eri let out a sigh of relief, lower her weapon. She turned her head looking at the fallen pot with grief. “It's...okay...” She muttered, as the tall one picked up the pot. “I’m Eri...” 

“Momo! I mean- I'm Momo. Katsuki said that I wasn’t any good at using guns and to come help you... I’m much better at wielding a long staff.” She glanced to the side, before smiling down at Eri. “I’m not sure how to cook...” Eri blinked at the words, brightening while moving over to the bag of veggies she had collected.  

“Okay! I can help! Katsu said I’m really good!” She placed her hands on her hips and smiled with pride as Momo smiled at the small girl. “So, I put the fire in the stove already...” Eri paused to think, tugging gently at her hair before nodding to herself. “Ah... we have to put the pot on the stove, and pour water into it... I’m not sure if it's still good to use pond water, but we can do more then make pasta!” She lifted her fingers, “We can make clean water too! And- and my pa’ use to make stream veggies for my lunches!”  

Momo nodded, “Steam veggies... okay! We can try to make that too! What should we make first? Perhaps we can do the clean water first, then the veggies then the pasta?” Eri nodded, her fears about the older person wearing down. “Where are the water bottles...?” 

Oh! Eri bounced over to the cabinet and pulled out four plastic slightly murky water and placed then next to the stove. She pulled a chair over to the counter and watched as Momo poured the water into the pot, smiling as it began to bubble. “we just let it bubble until it turns clear, then we pour the water into clean bottles.... th-then we get the other bottle of dirty water and use that to make the veggies and pasta!” She explained, holding a finger up.  

“Okay!” Momo bounced in her spot, as Eri handed her a spoon and a make shift filter that Katsuki made with a clean shirt that was stretched. “So... why this is boiling, could you tell me how you ended up here?”  Eri scratched at her palm, feeling her mood drop. Ah, there's the catch Katsuki always warned her about.  

“I guess...” Eri watched and muttered out what Momo should do to drain the water into the bottles. “Well, I’m not sure what went on b-before I joined t-the group, but I-Izuku, Katsu’s caretaker, had helped me and my papas’ down from a really high up road...” She licked her lips, eyeing the water that filled the kitchen with a relaxing drizzle. “We stayed with them... for three months, I think. Then Katsu...” She glanced to the window, eyeing how Katsuki was angrily whispering to the other two about how to hold a gun. “was taken, and Izuku got bit... K-katsu tried to take over where Izuku had left off, but no one was willing to listen to a...” She frowned, screwing on the cap of the full water bottle and helping Momo tighten the hold on the filter. “child.” She hissed, before moving her eyes to the stove. “And two of the members left and then Ochaco, Me, Katsu, and my Papas’ where left... Ochaco—we watched her get bit before we made it into the woods because of another group.” she explained, placing the finished water on the table and grabbing the dirty ones and letting Momo, who quietly listened, pour it in the pot, and watched it bubble. “Pa’ made us go... we stayed in a house for a few days when my dad got sick. Then we were on the move to a place name... Hades or something...” 

“Ah... Fort Hadyes! That’s in Ohio!” Momo interrupted, blushing slightly. “You could continue...” Momo turned and poured one box of pasta into the water 

“Fort Hadyes, because it was safe... We walked until we got to the gas station... and a group attacked us. So now it’s just me and Katsu.” She finished, motioning Momo to stir.  

Momo did as told and frowned, taking a peek at the small child, “You sound like you had it really rough... I’m glad you two are settled down now... What school did you go to before?” Eri perked up slightly, before frowning. Her red eyes shifted.  

“I studied in japan...” She answered, fiddling with her thumbs. “Then I was kidnapped... I think? and brought here to America.” Momo’s eyebrows furrowed as she bit her lip, then opened her mouth, “Oh dear that’s terrible. I’m sorry that happened to you,” She stopped herself from saying anymore as Eri nodded, her white hair bobbing. 

“It’s okay! It’s all in the past!” She grinned, just like how All might grin on TV, just like Izuku grinned when she helped Katsu with carrying, just like Katsu grinned when she was in a panic... “I’m good, I went to the people who you talk too to feel better... and fixed-” 

“You do not need to be fixed.” Momo stated, her voice firm and soft, Eri was remind of Ochaco, her voice was like that when Melissa tried to make Katsu go out... “You’re a little girl, you should be able to process these things and that will help you heal. But you don’t need to be fixed.” Eri blinked widely at the girl, before looking at the pasta. They had forgotten to do the veggies.  

“I’ll go tell katsu that it’s ready! The plates on in that cabinet, you can pour the water in the backyard where the plants are!” Eri smiled gently, carefully stepping off the chair and bouncing to the backyard.  

“Shitty hair! Keep your arms straight and bent those knees!” He hissed as Eri carefully stepped down the steps. Shitty hair whined before bending his knees as purple haired girl followed. “Sta focus! If you're not focus a walker could sneak behind you!” Katsuki growled, glancing at Eri, who waved.  

“Katsu! Me and Momo made dinner! It’s ready now!”  

Dinner was nice. It was bland but it the most food Eri has had in a long time. They all sat and chatted, like a family! Eri likes these new people! And once they get the other two, it will be great! Eri bounced in her seat as Eijirou, the black-haired guy, took another bite of a carrot. “It’s been forever since we had carrots! All that’s on the farm is Apples.” He whined, as Kyoka, the purple-haired girl, slapped his head.  

“Don’t take with your mouth full.” Eri snickered as Katsuki started at his plate. Kyoka seemed to notice too, as she said, “What’s you thinkin’ about in the head of your, short-stack?”  

Katsuki’s head snapped up with a glare, “I ain’t short! Those guys from a few months ago, they said the name Chisaki, right Eri?” Eri gave a sharp nod, shivering. “And ain’t that the guy who... y’know?” Another nodded. “Ah.” And Katsuki was silence again. Eijirou and Kyoka blinked in confusion as to what just happened but Momo was able to piece the parts together. Momo opened her mouth, voicing a question. 

“S-so should we go over the plan once more?” This time, everyone nodded. 




Eri gripped her hair with one hair and Katsuki’s arm with another as Momo knocked on the door, Kyoka’s hand patted her shoulder before straighten as two men walked out. Eri stiffened, her eyes widening as she stared at the burnt man. She couldn't breathe- He was one of the men- She tugged harshly at her hair, digging her jagged nails into Katsuki arm.  

“What are these people?” The burnt one asked, his blue eyes roaming over Katsuki and Eri. She felt how tense Katsuki was. He was ready to bolt. She took a large inhale of air as she prepared herself too, not wanting to fall behind if he does start running. “One of you, answer me.” 

“Come one Touya! Relax!” The other man, the blonde one. She... also remember him. He used to deliver information if the police were close to finding them. She swallowed. This whole group was bad. “I’m Masaru Hanataka! This is Touya Todoroki!” Eri watched as Katsuki shifted his leg slightly, moving Eri closer to him.  

“This is Katsuki and-” Momo began, flinching as Touya waved his hand.  

“Remember the rule, girly?”  

“Do not speak unless spoken too. Sorry sir.” Eri shrunk back in fear, watching the tall girl lower her head. Masaru ignored the interaction and bounced up to the two, kneeling.  

“What’s your two full names?” He asked, Eri pressed her lips into a tight line as Katsuki glared at the blond.  

“Katsuki. This is Eri.”  

Touya growled, “Full names, kid.” 

“You don’t fucking deserve our full name, you burnt piece of fucking jerky.” Katsuki hissed, moving in front of Eri. Eri’s eyes drifted down and sway the handle of Katsuki gun poking out of his waistband. She moved closer to him, pressing against his back. “Your stupid fucking group sent out these fuckers and they fucked up my whole mission. So, y’all are gonna pay me what I'm owned.”  

“And what's that, young man?” Touya asked, as Eri moved her hand up to his shirt and pulled it gently over the gun. “What exactly is a child going to do?” 

Katsuki snarled, loudly as he straightened. “I bet you’ll like to see, your nasty fucker.” Katsuki flexed his fingers. “Just bring me your fuckin’ leader or whoever in charge, cause it sure ain’t you.” Touya scoffed, waving for his group members to enter while leaving Masaru with them.  

“I wish you weren’t so rude-” 

“Shut the fuck up with your squawking.” Katsuki growled, silencing the man as Eri moved away from Katsuki. Eri pulled at her shirt, as she watched a large man walk out the house with a white-haired woman.  

“What’s the meaning of this-” 

“Listen your orange fuck, your fucking trio fucked up my scavenging and made me waste ammo. Give me what I'm owned.” 

“Or what.” 

“I’ll kill you.” Katsuki stated, his voice lifted. Eri felt a wicked grin spread across her face. That wasn’t a bluff. It’s wasn’t a promise, either. That was a guarantee. “Won’t you like that, huh Eri? When’s the last time we were covered in blood?”  

She placed her finger on her cheek, pouting in fake dissatisfaction. “3 Months ago! It’s been such a d-drag!” She crossed her small arms, as a look of panic crossed over the woman’s face.  

“Bull shit.” The man hissed, eyes flicking between the two.  

“Bull shit?” Katsuki mimicked, laughing loudly. “I could kill your wife instead, if that’ll proof a point.” He offered, as Eri’s eyes flickered over to him before focusing on the woman, who looked sickly. “It’s not fair, really. Why should I have wasted ammo on those three, and allowed them to steal my findings and bring you back food and water, and I get nothing in return?”  

The man crossed his arms, frowning. “Enji Todoroki. I was informed that your names were Katsuki and Eri. In exchanged for... helping those three, you maybe enter our group if you please.” He forced out. Eri can see the way he clenched his jaw. Chisaki used to do that when he struggled not to hit her. “We’ll be ending lunch now, if you would like to join use you may, but consider the choice.” He forced, turning as grabbing tightly onto the woman. “Hawks, bring them inside and have Fuyumi set the table.” 

“Okayie Dokie!” Masaru cheered, leading the two inside and to the dining room. “You can put your bags over there, and just sit andd wait for your food!” He hummed, before bouncing away. Katsuki moved to a large chair, shifting it and placing his bag behind it, motining for Eri o do the same. She watched him move it back and sit at the table.  

“This feels very strange.” Katsuki muttered, turning to Eri, who agreed.  

“The burnt one and the blond guy were with the group who kidnapped me when I was younger...” Eri stated, quietly as Katsuki gave a sharp nod.  

“We’ll get rid of them too.” She agrred as Momo, Kyoka, Eijirou and a black-haired woman walked in and sat.  

“Ei- wait you two are children?” The woman whispered in surprise, “Why did you go through with a child’s plan?” She groaned, “Whatever, Ei caught me up, I’m Benio Kirishima. His mother.” Eri nodded, frowning as Katsuki glared. “Enji isn’t going to let us get to Rei without causing a problem.”  

“That’s what me and her are for. But it didn’t seem to work, now did it?” Katsuki hissed, clenching his fist. “This is going to be way harder than it needs to be. He’s already hyper focused on us.” He growled as Benio opened her mouth, being cut off by a white-haired lady with red streaks, she placed plates full of steaming food, plastered on her face was the look of guilt. “Eri. Do not eat this food.” Katsuki’s voice lowered into a whisper as Enji and his wife walked in, sitting at the table.  

“Let us eat.” Enji’s voice boomed through the room, as Eri picked up her spoon. The food looked... weird. It had a pinkish tint to it, like it wasn’t cooked all the way. And she swore there were small white dots sprinkled over it, it was shiny and it sparkled in her rice if she tilted her head the right way. She saw Benio take a hesitant bite out of the food, forcing a smile. “You two should eat as well. It looks like you haven’t eaten in ages.” Enji stated, as Touya and Marasu walked in and stood at the door. She watched with fear as Momo took a bite of the rice, Kyoka took a bite of the strangly colored veggies, and Eijirou took a bite of the meat. Katsuki glanced at her, before looking at the food and scowling while shoving a large spoonful of rice in his mouth.  

She froze, her spoon shook in her hand as everyone looked at her. Enji’s hard stare, his wife’s glazed over stare and the two standing by the door inching their way closer. She shoved a small a mouth, barely a spoonful of rice on the tip of her tongue, surprised by how bitter and gross the rice was as she roll the small amount on her tongue, accidently swallowing as Touya slammed his fist on the door. 

“That was completely unnecessary...” Benio muttered, her voice slightly slurred as she leaned herself against the table. Eri felt dizzy, her vision blurred as she leaned back in her chair. Was she turning? Was it the walker blood that got in her mouth? She lazily moved her head, watching as Benio’s eyes fall and her head dropped on the table. It wasn’t her turning it was something else,  something bad . It just started, when she ate the rice. She leaned forward, her ears filled with cotton as she heard the others voice in slurred words what was going on, reaching for her knife as the table rattled, the motion sent a wave of dizziness at her as she watched Momo-  wait

Her eyes rolled back, as she placed her head on the table— no —Eri’s eyes widened as she took a large gulp of air, eyes moving to  Eijirou  who was already asleep, barely breathing. She felt her eyes droop, as she moved to look at  Kyoka , who fell onto the floor with a sharp gasp and  Katsuki — No! He’s supposed to be stronger! L-like All Might!  —Eri felt a cold numbness fill her body as she watched  Katsuki’s , the only one she trusted, red eyes drift towards hers with fear watching them shut without his  permission  and his head hit the table.  Ah... this was the catch...  

Eri’s eyes drifted slightly, her head bobbling as she swore, she heard Rei scream. A sharp pain erupted from the back of her head, another one erupting from the from as her head slammed against the table, she felt her eyes roll back, darkness consumer her as one thought laced her mind.  

I’m going to kill Enji Todoroki.  

Chapter Text

Her hearing was muffled, but she could hear yelling, and complaining. Her eyes snapped open as she took a large breath, looking everywhere until her eyes moved to the light, an orange tint to it, hissing as it burned through the darkness.   

“Eri?” A voice whispered, her eyes moved over to the voice, looking into bright red eyes. “Glad you’re awake, Katsuki thought that these fuckers hit you too hard when they drugged us.”   

“I’LL KILL YOU FUCKERS!” Eri’s eyes moved to Katsu, who was more tied up then herself or the woman next to her. Katsu let out a scream, slamming the back of his head on the wall, causing a large clank to vibrate through the room. The room hit something causing them to bounce.  Was it a truck? It might be a truck.   

Katsuki please be quiet,  don’t  give them any more r-reason to hurt us !” Another voice chimed in as Eri licked her lips, eyes trailed on the woman’s red eyes.  


“We’re in the back of a truck. Enji, Rei, Momo and  Kyoka  are in the other truck, I’m guessing since they're not here.” Eri nodded, as the woman leaned towards her. “He’s been going at it for a while. When he first woke up, he snapped the rope and attacked one of the guards tying him up.” The woman snorted, what was her name,   Benio Benio  snorted, “So they tied up his arms instead of his hands.”   

“Eri!” Eri’s eyes moved over to Katsu, who’s red eyes glimmered in the slight darkness that filled the truck. She watched him turn fully towards her, “You’re okay? Those fuckers didn’t hit you too hard?”   

“I’m... okay.” She answered, tilting her head to each side. The back of her head burned, but she wasn’t going to worry Katsu anymore then he is. “Are you okay?”  

“Yeah- fuck, Yeah I’m fine.” The truck bounced again, as they all looked at the little opening that slide open.   

“Can you keep quiet? Overhaul will be fucking pissed if we have to pull over and spend more time out here.” A female voice hissed, as the light filtered in more. The other voice was  Eijirou . Wait... Eri swallowed as her mind wheeled as she processed what the woman said. Overhaul... was  Chisaki Chisaki  was Overhaul.  The door slides close in  annoyance .  

She took a large gasp of air, trying to control her inner panic,  she is better, she is stronger, she could kill tons of walkers but couldn’t handle  Chisaki ? She took a shaky breath, blinking away the tears as the sliding door closed and the truck  shook as she leaned into  Benio , who smiled and leaned her head on hers. “ Katsuki , how about you come over here so we can sleep before we get there?”  

“We just slept for however long we were out! I need-”  Katsu  paused, shifting his boots and grinning, “Shitty hair, reach into my boot.”  

“Uh, n-no thanks-”  Eijirou  started, flinched as Katsu shoved his leg at him and slowly did as asked, pulling out a small knife. “What-?”  

“Shh.” Katsu hissed, rubbing the rope on the knife and spreading his arms once it fell and started working on the others. “We’re getting out of here.” He whispered to Eri as he cut her rope.   

“What about Momo and  Kyoka ...? A-and the other woman?” Eri asked, as  Benio  rubbed her own wrist and crawled over to the door. “How are we going to get them out?” Katsu bit his lip, glancing at the adult as  Eijirou  moved behind her.   

“We’ll get them,” He placed his fingers on his lip, fiddling with it. “I think I have a plan.”  Eri smiled, moving towards the door as Benio’s hands traced the bottom of the door, grabbing onto a latch and pulling it open slowly and only barely for them to roll out.   

“Eri,  Katsuki Eijirou , you guys go, I’ll be right behind you.” Eri shivered as Katsu frowned, slowly nodded as  Eijirou  glanced at his mom sadly, and confused. “This isn’t the time to argue,  Ei . Just go, I’ll be right behind you.” Eri pressed herself to the floor of the truck, letting Katsu roll her out of the small hole. She felt herself fly, for a second, it felt great until her back hit the dirt and she let out a hiss and rolled into the grass, sitting and covering her lips as vomit rose. She tapped the scratches that were on her bare arms and on her needs as she watched Katsu and  Eijirou  do it, before  Benio  rolled out, letting out a quiet growl of pain as she slowed to a stop.  

“Collected rocks, and hide in the forest. Throw rocks at the fuckers' heads.  Benio , you’re going to open the doors and get our people over here.” Katsu stated, quietly as the black-haired woman needed and the four of them collects rocks while moving with the three trucks. Eri swore she heard a giggle, as she picked up a rock, placing it in the little pocket she made with her shirt.  

“Hello?” She whispered, gripping the large rock that she just picked up, a flash of blonde moved through the trees. “I... I’m not bad.” Eri stated, voice wavering before steeling itself. She heard a rustle from behind her, turning and finding herself staring at a bush with large gold eyes.  Huh?  

Eri blinked. Walkers don’t really... stare at you, do they? Not unless a new kind of walkers started showing up. “Uh... Hi...? Are you...?”  

“Toga!” The bush chirped, “Toga  Himiko !” Toga.... grinned, her teeth showing from the bushes, as Eri took a step back. “You’re cute.”  

“Thank you, Toga... I’m Eri.” She lowered her voice as she spoke, “Toga... would you like to... join the group I’m in?” Eri swallowed the lump in her throat, if Toga could help them get Momo and  Kyoka  back, she’s willing to make this risk.   

“Maybe...” Toga hummed, crawling out of the bush and placing her hands onto her hips, tilting her head as Eri moved the rocks slightly. “Okay, cutie! I’ll join! What do I have to do to get in?”  

“Some of our friends have been taken in those trucks, we need them to stop, could you... distract them for us?” Eri asked, her res eyes addressing Toga warily as she pulled out a small gun.   

“That’s what I'm good at! Get your people ready!” She hummed, placing a hand on Eri’s white hair before dashing off into the forest. Eri let out a shaky sigh before moving quickly to catch up with Katsu and the others.   

“Eri! Where were you?” Katsu hissed, turning to her while Benio followed the truck.   

“I meet someone? This girl... she said she was going to help us!” Eri smiled, as Katsu blinked at her before scowling and turning to Benio, who raised her hand.   

“I think that’s the girl your talking about, right?” Eri tilted her head, moving next to B enio  and watched Toga, covered in bright blood limping  in front  of the truck, screaming with large tears falling from her eyes. The trucks stopped, and the people inside hopped out of them, circling her in concern and something else.   

“Go.  Benio , Shitty hair. Go open the doors, now!” Katsu hissed, a second passed as Toga continued to scream and cry on one of the men. Eri’s eyes trailed to  Katsu  who crawled over to one of the driver's side and pulled out a bag that clinked together as he moved back, covered by the noise Toga was making. Eri’s eyes darted to  Benio  opening the door and helping Momo and  Kyoka  out with a sigh of relief, while  Eijirou  helped  Enji  and the rest of the Todoroki family, including Dabi and Hawks out and the two brought the groups into the woods.  Katsu  glanced at Toga, growling before moving back into the woods. Eri bit her lip, eyes darting from  Katsu  to Toga before standing and waving her arms slightly, watching Toga’s bright eyes caught hers before Eri ducked and followed  Katsu .  

Once far enough that they could barely hear anything related to those men. Toga had joined them, startling Momo and  Enji  of how quiet she walks, And Eri allowed her to hold her hand since she helped.   

“I don’t know if you thought of this, but where are we going to stay? I can’t believe  Benio , you of all people, would follow a plan of a child. You tried the first time and look what happened.”  Enji  sneered as they stopped. Eri, Momo and Toga, who was hesitant to handle a pregnant woman, helped Rei sit on a rock, Eri turning as she heard  Katsu  let out on of his many growls.   

“You’re the fucking reason why were in this mess anyways!” He hissed, glaring at the much taller man who glared back down at him. The girl with red streaks in her hair placed a hand on  Enji’s  shoulder, with a small frown.  

“Father, you  can not  argue with a child. It is not proper.” She spoke, her voice quiet as Momo quietly scoffed  Kyoka  rubbing her hands on her arms.    

“You seem perfectly  fine  with him sending kids out to get the clothes you’re wear, Fuyumi.” She stated, as Toga let out a snort, mimicking Eri’s stance as she dragged her hand through her hair.   

“Katsu? Should we go back to the house?” Eri asked when  Benio  pulled Katsu away from the large man. A voice she  recognized  as her own pushed its way into her mind, A thought? It sent a cold shiver down her spine as Toga rubbed her skull. Eri couldn’t believe she would ever think that. She believes she did, based on her own mind reminding her and not someone else. She was going to kill  Enji , and  Chisaki  if he ever got near.  

Toga, as if being able to sense that Eri was plotting, gently tugged her head back, a wicked grin on her face. “I’ve always wanted a little sister! It’s fun! Playing with your hair! Isn’t Momo that funniest?  Katsuki  is so fun too!” Eri had trouble keeping up with her, but smiled and nodded as she tuned back into what the rest of the group was talking about.  

“I’m saying that we should just go back to the house, and live there, without those three, of course.” Eri frowned at  Enji’s  tone, stating it like he won’t care- oh, he won’t care.   

“How able you go fuck yourself! If you idiots go back to that house, they’ll find you again!” Katsu hissed, slamming his little fist onto his palm. “How are you so fucking stupid!”  

“Please, you don’t have to swear to get your point across.” Fuyumi whispered, as the boy with white hair grinned and leaned onto her, “ Naw , I want to see if Dad will hit him too.” Too? Eri’s hand reaches for her hair and tugs on it, her mind blaring. This man was a danger.  

“Well, I for one, am not going back to the house with you. Myself and  Kyoka  will be staying with  Katsuki  and Eri.” Momo stated, crossing her arms and straighten her posture. Eri watched Hawks for the corner of her eye, seeing as he moved slowly around the ground towards the gun Katsu had grabbed. She opened her mouth but was cut off by a sharp, “Put that down.” from above her.   

Hawks dropped the gun, eyes trained on the gun in Toga’s hand as she stared at Hawks with blank eyes. “I don’t know you, But Eri doesn’t like you. I can tell! If she doesn’t like you, I’m not going to give you the light of day.” She stated,  hr  voice bright as she smiled towards the male.   

Eri watched as  Dabi  pulled hawks away, snarling. “Hey, Brat, control your dog.”  

Eri frowned, “She isn’t my dog, She’s a person and a way b-better one then you!” Eri doesn’t know if that true, but from what she’s learned so far Toga was a really loyal person. And sometimes that what you need in a situation like this. She felt her arm hairs raise, a shiver sped down her spine as she turned at saw bright yellow eyes staring at the group from behind a tree, Eri swallowed as fear filled her. She felt Toga’s grip on her tighten.  

“Oh, blah blah, all this chit chat making me yawn, just fight already.” The muffled voice whined, “You really did trick my people, it was surprising when they came back empty handed and begged for their life's.” Katsu growled as he grabbed Eri’s hand. “I’m joking! I’m joking! Gosh, you guys are no fun. Let's just get you all to the base, and we’ll all have a friendly conversation about what's you next move.” He tilted his head, eyes trained on Eri, who struggled to breathe. “Okay?”  

Chapter Text

Katsuki poked at the low fire, tiredness gripped itself around him as he waited for Chisaki to bring back Eri. Toga wrapped herself around the smaller boy, eyes following Hawks, who snuggled next to Dabi. Katsuki’s eyes darted to Eijirou’s who drooped with sleep as he leaned on his mom.  

“Do you think he’s going to return with Eri soon?” Benio asked, her black hair flowed slightly at the wind that swirled through the fenced around that they were locked in.  

“Don’t know.” Katsuki hissed as Momo untied her ponytail and friend. “All I know is that if she doesn’t come back, I’m burning this place to the ground.” 

“Don’t you think that’s... a bit much? I mean it isn’t very manly.” Eijirou muttered, raising his head and rubbing his head. “She’s super strong, so there... no need to worry...” He yawned as his mom ruffled his head and pushed him back onto her.  

“Well you’ve known her for three days, shitty hair.” Katsuki hissed, one of his eyes twitching and his body tense as Toga ran her sharp nails through his hair. “I know she fuckin’ strong. I’m worried about the fact that she’s five and he’s old as shit.”  

“In the logically sense, Eri might have a larger chance of winning if she dodges and escapes.” Momo chimed in while Kyoka braided her hair, “But in a realistic standpoint, she has less of a chance depending on how dirty Chisaki plays.” 

“No one gave you permission to speak, now did they child?” Enji’s voice growled from make-shift beds that his wife and him sat on. Katsuki turned his head to him, throwing his hands up to remove Toga’s hands off of him. “Don’t get mad, Bakugou.” 

“It’s Midoriya!” He hissed, his grip on the stick tightened. “Listen old man. You’re the fucking reason we’re here, so if you don’t get a plan to get out, I suggest you shut your trap.” Katsuki stated, glowered at the man, whipping his head around when the sound of the gate rattled. He stood, pushing Toga off and rushing to the gate, Toga hot on his heels and they both stared at the boy pushing someone in a wheel chair, and a lady stopped in front of the gate. 

The first layer of the gate rolled open, as the stiff boy turned the wheelchair towards them. “Hello! Chisaki said that there were a few children here, so, instead of letting you kids help out around the base, Emi and I will be teaching you things that you probably missed out on since of the roamers,” 

“Uh-huh, don’t fuckin’ care. Where’s Eri?” Katsuki asked, as the boy holding the handle of the wheelchair frowned, “That was very disrespectful! A child as young as you shouldn’t be swearing!” Katsuki felt his lips twitch upwards at how robotic the boy sounded, and his thoughts where demonstrated by Toga, who snorted.  

“Kat-chan doesn’t have to listen to you meanies! We want Eri!” Toga hummed, trying to place her closed hand through the gate and frowned when she couldn’t.  

The blue haired man smiled sadly, “I sadly don’t know an Eri... But I will tell Chisaki about it, okay? We’re trying to incorporate you folks into our group. I’m Tensei, and this is my little brother, Tenya.”  

“Tensei, what did Chisaki say about becoming friendly with the prisoners?” Katsuki’s eyes snapped over to a pink-haired man, holding a very large gun, and a walkie talkie. “I remember him sayin’ not to get too friendly, because some of them might not make it to the next step.” Toga moved her hands to his shoulder; the loud grinding of her teeth could be heard. 

“Now, Sokiru. I’m sure they’ll all make it...” 

“That’s what you said about the last group that had kids in it and we had to threw ‘em out.” Sokiru’s brown eyes moved over to Katsuki’s who shivered at Toga’s tight grip, “You Katsu, or whatever?” 

“How the fuck did you know that strawberry shortcake?” Katsuki growled, slamming his fist onto the fence, as Benio came over. “Where the fuck is she!?” 

“Sir, could you possible bring more blankets. If you’re going to kept us out here you must be civil.” Benio was ignored as Sokiru handed Katsuki the walkie talkie. “Sir!” 

“What the fuck? That didn't answer my question-” 

“Chisaki said you can have it to talk to Eri, but you can’t see her until class, or you get to the next level. So, you better behave and listen to everything anyone tells you.” Katsuki opened his mouth, grip tightening on the walkie talkie as he felt his eyes water. What the fuck? 

How dare Chisaki just take her away from him? Who does he thing he is? “That isn’t fair! When will I get to see Eri!” Toga whined, placing herself against the gate, “I can’t wait until this place is a blood bath.”  She purred, eyes darkening as she grabbed Katsuki and pulled him away from the gate as Benio began asking for Blankets.  

She moved him to the fire, sitting next to him as he pressed the button. “Eri? Are you alright?” He removed his finger from the button, eyes fallen onto the radio as it filled the air with static. “I’m... gonna lay down.” Katsuki announced, the exhaustion taking over his body as he dragged himself to the makeshift bed on the floor. The teens watched the boy with great spirit lay on the bed with great sadness.  

“W-what are we going to do...?” Eijirou asked, the group as Katsuki turned in bed an found himself staring at a gray eyed woman, with goggles.  

“I’m not completely sure...” Momo’s voiced, “I’m not quite sure what to do... I guess we have to wait. We can’t escape if Katsuki isn’ active member.” 

“Right, Right. Sooo.... What should we do now?” Kyoka’s asked, as Katsuki stared at the woman. Was she... dead? Was she going to turn? Katsuki shifted while watching the lady’s eyes following him. What the fuck? 

“We get rest.” Benio’s loud voice stated, “I got the blankets, thanks to Sokiru or whoever. We get rest, and hope Katsuki can figure out what he wants to do.”  

“It seems like they have a lot of issues when you’re not around making the plans.” Katsuki’s ears fluttered at the voice, his eyebrows raising as the woman rose hers also. “I mean, you look young, what are you 7?” Her voice was soft, above a whisper. 

“I’m 9 and 3 quarters.” He muttered, “I think...” His eyes darted to the side, voice low, “Being young doesn’t mean I can’t make good plans.” He hissed, at the grey eyed lady.  

“True, I suppose. I’m Konako. I was taken just like you.” Konako stated, eyes shifting to the group that all settled in different places. “They ‘ let go ’ of the rest of my group.” She licked her lips, “when they let you out, they kill you.” Katsuki stiffened slightly, frowning. “Listen, Kid. I’ve seen your type before. Don’t let anyone get the upper hand. Always be one step ahead when you start a plan.” She advised, “It’s the best way to survive.” Katsuki stared at Konako, his eyebrows furrowed. Who was this lady and why did she think she could give him advice? “Anyway, I think it’s time for you to get some rest little one. Who knows what they're going to make you do tomorrow.” She finished, flashing a smile and turning. 

Katsuki frowned, turning as snuggling his face into the blanket Benio placed over him, finally letting sleep overtaking him. 


When the guard shoved Katsuki, Eijirou, Momo and Kyoka into the room, they didn’t expect to be greeted with so many people. Katsuki counted at least seven students, until he was almost tackled by a white flash, large watery red eyes stared back at him as a large smile broke on his face.  

“Katsu!” She cheered, a smile breaking out on her face too. “Chisaki said he wouldn’t let me see you anymore! I was so upset and s-sad!” 

“me too, Eri. Right now, we have to behave, okay? Later tonight.”  He cupped over her ears, whispering. “When you're alone, get the walkie talkie and call okay? We’ll talk.” She nodded, hugging him tighter before pulling him over to a chair with the other three following.  

They sat, as the robot boy rolled in his brother and sat in a chair. The green haired woman, Emi...? Smiled, “Hello! There’s so many of you! Most of you know us, but we have a few new comers, so we’re going to introduce each other again before we start with today’s lesson!” Emi smiled, pointing to a blonde girl with spiky pig tails, “Why don’t you introduce yourself first?” 

The blonde girl stood, and turned to the rest of the kids, Katsuki lowered his eyes to Eri’s who stared at the girl with wide eyes. Katsuki huffed, smiling slightly as tightening his hold on her hand. “Hi! I’m Tatami! I’m 14 and ready to kick ass!” She pumped her fist, a cheerful smile on her face that seems forced to Katsuki, he stored that observation for later, as Eijirou pumped his fist with her quietly whispering about her being ‘manly’ or something. 

A boy that kinda looked like Izuku stood, only for Katsuki to realize the boy was missing Izuku’s freckles, hair and eye colors and the smile that was too genuine to even consider it was fake. “I’m Yo Shindo! I’m also 14! I’m super friendly so don’t be afraid to ask for help!” Katsuki felt Eri tug on his hand, her voice low as she whispered, “I don’t trust him...” 

“Ditto.” Katsuki muttered, as the next person walked up, this girl was slightly taller than the other girl, with brown hair. “Yo, I’m Camie, I’m 16. I’m ya’ girl to come to if you have a problem, but don’t come to me if you injured or something, ‘kay?” She finished, blowing a kiss to the group of kids while sitting down. Katsuki wonders why Toga wasn’t allowed in the class room, if this girl was 16, why couldn’t Toga be here?  

Katsuki zoned out for the rest of the introductions, seeing a flash of movement from the door that silently opened and Chisaki walked in. Katsuki’s arm hair stood as he watched the man with narrowed eyes, as he walked over to the two adults.  

“You want us to do what?” Tensei asked, his eyes darted from the students to Chisaki. “Sir...” 

“Tensei, we have to make sure these new students, as well as the old students, are capable of taking care of themselves before we send them on scout missions.” Chisaki explained, loudly, causing most of the kids that had been here to yell in excitement. Katsuki glanced at Momo, Eijirou and Kyoka, who all frowned. “Seems your class agrees, Emi. Why don’t you bring them to the training room? There are Roamers chained up in there, for practice.” Emi swallowed, nodding as she gathered the class and led them to the training room.  

On the way, Katsuki saw Toga staring at him and Eri, a wrench in hand as she grinned, and mimicked hitting someone with it and tilted her head. Katsuki huffed, shaking his head and placing his finger on his lip before following the rest of the group, catching up to Eri. 

“Okay... class-” 

“Alright you little shits. The goal here, is to make sure you don’t get fucking bit.”  Katsuki frowned at the long neck man who spoke, interrupting Emi, “If you get bit, you get put down. If you make it out, you get to go to the next round. If you want to kill them, you go last.” He continued, “You get melee weapons only, and you only get it when it’s your turn. There are five roamers in there now, next round is ten then after that we’re on the roof practicing shooting, if you pass all three, then you get to go scouting for new recruits and supplies. You’ll be working in groups of two, so choose someone that won’t get you killed. Questions? None? great.” His black eyes moved across the crowd of kids, “Eri, Chisaki said you ain’t gotta participate. You get to go out if your little friends pass though.”  

“B-But I want to-” Eri started, eyebrows furrowed as her grip on Katsuki’s hand. “I want to help Katsu...!” 

“Sorry, girlie-” 

“Well, Nobu, if she wants too, why not let her.” Chisaki hummed, voice muffled from the bird mask, “Just be sure to kill the roamers if they get too close to biting her. I won’t want to lose my princess again after I just got her back, now would I?”  

“No. Of course boss.” Nobu, Katsuki rolled his eyes at the name, turned, “Now, who wants to kill the roamers?” Katsuki’s hand darted up with Eri’s with Yo and Tatami close behind. “Well isn’t this exciting. Yo, Tatami, you can go before Eri and blondie, got it? I want to see how two of the youngest kids do on their own with five roamers.  

The class, exclubing Momo and Kyoka, who teamed up together and Eijirou, who had teamed up with Camie, snickered at the thought. Katsuki took a breath, plan one step ahead, Konako said. Izuku's voice fluttered around his head,  “Remember, Kacchan, even if you’re a kid, people still want to hurt you even if it’s bad. Always have someone you can rely on and plan ahead of time. Even if it's about to happen or is happen, make a  plan  in your head and follow through. ” or something like that.  

Plan. Plan... Katsuki’s eyes darted to the first team that was going up, a girl with loose shoulder length black hair and a girl with shoulder length loose green hair. Katsuki's eyes darted to Eri’s who bit her lip.  

“Do you have a plan, Katsu?” Frowning, he shrugged, opening his mouth, “I think I have one, but it’s not a good one. And it’ll more or less have to do with the hope those two fake fuckers kill some of the walkers.”  

“Okay! Well, tell me the plan before we go in, like right b-before so I can remember it!” Katsuki smiled, ruffling her white hair while watching through the chain bars. He really hated this place. 

Chapter Text

They were struggling. The first group barely made it alive.  Katsuki  absorbed all the information about the room that he could as they threw the second group in  with a “ Hiryu  and Kosei” Katsuki  grimaced as the boys stumbled in, and froze as the watched the walkers lumber around.  Katsuki  glanced down at Eri, who tugged on his shirt.   

“Have... You come up with anything?” She asked, eyes trained on room, the walkers moans grew louder.   

Katsuki  turned his head back to the fence, watching how the brown-haired boy and the black-haired boy moved together around the edge of the room. The walkers lingered in the center, one lifting and tilting its head to the side as its eyes flickered and its nose twitched.   

Kinda .” He muttered, “Work in progress right now, but if I come up with something and we’re already in there then just copy what I’m doing.” He watched her nod from the corner of his eye as he watched two other walkers stumble to where the two boys were shuffling. The paler one, paled even more, his mouth falling open as the tanner one grabbed his arm and began pulling them farther.  Katsuki’s  eyebrows furrowed as the walkers managed to trap them, the two left over walkers blocked the exit.  Katsuki  felt Eri grab his hand, his foot tapping on the floor as he felt Eri shove her face into his shirt.   

He wanted to close his eyes, as the walker grabbed the tan boy and dug its yellow teeth into his shoulder, he really wanted to close his eyes, but he knew if he did, he wouldn’t be able to protect Eri if he’s affected by how people die. He steeled himself, placing a tanned hand on Eri’s white hair while watching as the other walkers grabbed onto the boys, teeth tearing their skin off as their screams ripped through  their mouths as they looked over to the fence, desperate for help.   

Two men from the other side, went inside and tied the Walkers back up, shooting the two boys in the dead with less than a glance as  Katsuki  swallowed his spit. His palms shook as he watched the men pull the boys bodies out. Somewhere behind him, he heard someone hold back a sob, and someone curse under their breathe. He rubbed Eri’s head, as  Chisaki  let out a sigh. “Sad to see ‘ em  go. But, there's a lesson to be taught here.”  Katsuki  heard Eri scoff, and couldn’t help but agree.  

Camie  and shaking boy, your turn.” Nobu hissed, as  Camie  and  Eijirou  walked up to the table.  Katsuki  watched as  Eijirou  picked up a  knif  and gulped, glancing back at them.  

“You got this  Ei !” Momo cheered, quietly as  Kyoka  nodded.   

“Good luck.”  Katsuki  muttered, as they pushed the two inside.  Katsuki , Eri, Momo and  Kyoka  moved closer to the fence as  Eijirou  and  Camie  separated. The whole thing seems very unplanned, and they both seem to have their own plan.  Katsuki  clenched Eri’s pale hand, as  Eijirou  did exactly what he taught him. Moving quietly, by placing the tip of his foot first, then the whole foot.  Katsuki  watched him moved to the side of the shelf, tensing as the moans of the other walkers roared. Most likely due to  Camie Katsuki  stared as  Eijirou  lowered himself to the floor, moving quietly as he snuck past the walker that stood in the aisle next to him. He was the closer one to the door.  

Katsuki  felt pride swirl in his chest as  Eijirou  shuffled towards the door, placing his hand on the knob before shaking his head and motioning  Camie  to run as he opened the door.  Katsuki  watched  Camie  dash from the area she was stuck in, her feet hardly made any noise as she rushed into the door.  Katsuki  was almost impressed, she got there very quickly as  Eijirou  shut the door and cheered.   

Eri, Momo and  Kyoka  cheered, and clapped happy that their friend made it without hassle.  Katsuki  smirked, frowning as Nobu slammed his gun on the wall, growling, “Stop cheering. They were just lucky. You two girls, your turn. Pick a fuckin’ weapon and get in there.”  Katsuki  felt his anger boil as Eri tugged on his shirt, frowning. Momo and  Kyoka  frowned, shuffling towards the weapons. Momo picked up a staff that was leaning on the table, her fingers gripping it tightly.  

“Momo said that she studied with those sorts of weapons.” Eri muttered, as  Kyoka  picked up a knife and they were sent into the room. They did the same  Eijirou  did, but stuck together and Since  katsuki  didn’t teach Momo, as she was already skilled in melee fighting,  Kyoka  had to remind her quietly most of the time to keep her footsteps light. And her eyes everywhere. The managed to dodge all the walkers, and make it to the door without hassle, as  Katsuki  remembered  Kyoka  saying her hearing was very well.   

Eri tensed as  Chisaki  scoffed, “ Yo , Tatami, you’re turn. Kill as many as you can without dying.” Nobu stated, handed them two of the left-over weapons and sent them in.  Katsuki  could tell they weren’t going to get far; the walkers were already attracted to them from the loud whispers of their planning.  Chisaki  moved over to them,  Katsuki  moving Eri behind him slightly, “ Y’know , Since Eri’s in your group, and I don’t think she’ll team up with anyone else, if you kill all the roamers in this round, you won’t o the next one. For Eri’s sake of course.”   

Katsuki’s  eyes narrowed. It would probably be better. Less chance of dying. “Fine. But no one has to do the next one. After we finish this one, we move on to that shooting lesson your worker told us about.”  Chisaki  frowned, nodding sharply before leaving the room.  

“Katsu...” Eri started, “Plan?”  Katsuki  nodded, “Okay, so, we’re going to work hard. We’ve survived up till now, and this stupid ass little assignment  ain’t   gonna  stop us.”  Katsuki  stated, grinning as Eri nodded, “I’m  gonna  do the killing, if I get overwhelmed, you hop in and help. So, you’ll attracted them individually and I'll kill ‘ em  from behind.” Eri nodded, pumping her small fist before they both turned to the fence, watching  Yo  and Tatami stumble out to the other side. They only killed one.  Katsuki  scoffed as Nobu nudged them over, handing them both knifes and shoving them in.  

Katsuki  nodded to Eri and motioned her to the other side of the shelf.  Katsuki  crept forward, eyes locked onto the walker as it turned its head to the sound of Eri’s tapping.  Katsuki  tightened his grip on the knife kicking it in the knee and stabbing its head, throwing it to the side with a struggle before giving Eri a thumbs up and jerked it to the side. He ruffled her hair as she stepped into the aisle he was in, as he moved to the other one, slowly as he heard Eri’s tapping as a moan. One of the walkers leaned against the shelf, it wobbled under her weight as she moved.  Katsuki  hesitated, as he stepped forward.   

Shit.  Shit fuck - If he moves this one the shelf might fall on Eri. He bit his lip; he wasn't willing to take that chance. He turned to the move to the other side when he felt a hand, long, bony and icky, yank on his hair. A scream threatens to bubble out from his mouth as he bit his tongue as he’s yanked back, a hungry moan bounced off the walls of the room. His hands shot up, the knife falling to the floor as he twisted the wrist of the hand and felt its grip loosen as a groan ripped from its throat.  Katsuki  stumbled back, falling as he backed away, hands sweeping the floor for a weapon as the walker stumbled over and fell, grabbing onto his leg.  Katsuki  kicked his leg, trying to maintain his breathing as Eri’s tapping stopped.   

There’re still two walkers, he felt his breathing fasten as he kicked the walker with his other foot, pulling away from his as it pulled him closer. Fuck- he needs the knife, where was Eri?  Chisaki  wouldn't let her die but he would let  Katsuki  die. He felt his throat tightened as he kicked the walker again, before kicking at its hand that tightened around his ankle as it yanked him. His eyes darted around the shelves, moving himself closer to grab one of the tool boxes that laid on the them. He heard the other walkers erupt into roars as the toolbox clattered to the ground, the tools clanking and making tons of noise.   

He heard another walker stumble into the aisle, as he grabbed a hammer, lifting it with a struggle and slamming it on the walker's head as the walker opened its jaw to bite onto his leg. Its head slumped to the side as  Katsuki  twisted the hammer and threw the walker to the side. Blood splashed onto his face, into his mouth, and clothes as he scrambled to turn around, feeling the ghost of the walker’s hands graze his hair, kicking the other walker’s knee and slamming the claw of the hammer into the fallen walker. He let out a shaky breath, glaring at the final walker that stumbled in until it fell, landing on its knee as  Katsuki  slammed the hammer into its head. Eri, with a pale face and wide red eyes, dropped her knife, and rushed over to  Katsuki , grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the door.   

He was rushed to sit down by Momo, as  Eijirou  took the hammer out of his hand and  Kyoka  kept the other students away. Eri stared at him with worried eyes. He... wasn’t bitten.  Katsuki  felt himself relax. He’s okay. Eri’s okay. He... got blood into his mouth. Was he going to be infected? He hopes not. “Katsu... You're okay!” Eri’s voice carried through the large amount of cotton that felt like it was stuffed in his ears.   

“Ugh. What a troublesome child. Take him and Eri to the doctor.”   

Katsuki’s  okay for now, that’s all that matters. He isn’t bitten. He won’t be bitten.  Izuku  and  Ochaco  didn’t die for him to be bitten. His eyes dropped close as he let out a shaky breath.  


He felt the wind in his hair as he lifted his head. The forest flew past him as he blinked, eyebrows furrowing.   

“You seem to like the train, huh  Kacchan ?”  Katsuki’s  head snapped to the side, his red eyes meeting  Izuku’s  green ones. “ Y’know  the homeless man that lived on the train?”  Katsuki’s  mouth opened, as tears filled his eyes. “Well, his name is Mezo, and it turns out, I went to high school with him!”  Izuku  laughed, filling  Katsuki  with happiness as he leaned onto him, “But he said, I should teach you how to shoot and to cut your hair... but it seems like you’ve already  know  how to do that, don’t you?”   

“I... I do.”  Katsuki  agreed, frowning as he kicked his legs. He doesn’t remember them being this pale, in a sense as his natural skin tone was mixed, on the lighter side that got tanner with time exposed to the sun. “Izuku?”  


“How... how do you know if you’re infected? I-”  

“I saw,  Kacchan . I’m not sure if you can get infected by their blood. If you do, make sure to write it in the notebook I gave you.”  Katsuki  nodded, fibbing with his fingers. He heard the train door open.  

Katsuki  here?  Izuku  why didn’t you tell me!”  Ochaco  hummed, sitting next to him. “Now, my dear. What's troubling you?” she paused, “Not the blood thing. I can tell theirs something else bothering you.”  

Katsuki  frowned, leaning into his make-shifted parents as  Ochaco  cut his hair, and  Izuku  smiled. “It’s... I’m not sure I can do this.” He felt his tears well up, “Everyone so mean, and it's harder to just do things!” He complained, “And I’m so fucking scared for Eri!” He felt  Izuku  wipe his tears away, “ Izuku , how come you always knew what to do?”   

Izuku  smiled, and  Ochaco  laughed, “ Kacchan , I had no idea what was going on half the time. I was making things up as I went to protected you.”  

“It’s true, dear.  Izuku  didn’t know what he was talking about. Even with me.” She laughed as  Izuku  flushed and covered his face.  Katsuki  smiled softly.   

“But everything you did seems so thought out...?”   

“That’s because you trusted me, and believed in me. And Eri does the same for you.”  Izuku  tilted his head upwards, as did  Ochaco . She looked back down at  him,  smiling.   

“Alright dear. You better wake up; you’ve still got people up there who care about you. Say you’ll visit?”  

“Of fuckin’ course!” He grinned, throwing himself into a hug and laughing as they spun him around. That laughter turned into sobs as they disappeared and he fell into the darkness. He sucked in a large breath as his eyes snapped open.  Fuck.

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I haven't updated this in a while, but I've been rewriting it. And I scraped that one too while writing the first chapter. 

I didn't like how this story was going, and I'm planning on writing another Zombie story with Bakugou and Eri. 

Here's a section from the new zombie story I'm working on right now.

Before you read it, I'll explain some things. 

Mitsuki, in hell just got a little more smoother, was from America, while Marasu was from japan. They lived in Japan, but had a house in Georgia, which they were staying for the summer. That'll stay the same.

Katsuki is ten, and Eri is about 5 turning 6.

This story won't be based on The Walking Dead telltale series. It'll be revamped, and have a better plot, hopefully. 

It'll probably have darker themes then Hell Just Got a Little More Smoother, and the recent story I posted.

I really enjoy writing Zombie stories, and this story wasn't up to par with what I wanted it to be.

So with that, Please enjoy the beginning of the new story, Long live the living. I hope you enjoy and read it once I finish chapter two!



" The chains around Katsuki’s wrist jingled as he was pushed forward. The bags under his large, narrowed eyes as the man wearing a mask shoved him on stage. He didn’t think this would happen. He tried to start his quirk, but it failed, and he almost slumped, straightening as a spear was pressed onto his back, nearly breaking the thin, almost see through, dress he was forced to wear.

“Ladies and gents! This beauty here is Kat! She’s 10 and ready for work! Whether it be physically or helping you relax or carry things, She’s ya’ girl!” Katsuki shivered as the man announcement. He hated how the man called him a she . A she . He flinched as the man glared, forcing a smile onto his face as the crowd hummed. 

“I’ll take her! Two boxes of bullets!”

“Ohh, The starting bid is two boxes! Any higher?” 

Katsuki hunched, clenching his teeth as the teen behind him pressed the spear harder. Fuck him. Fuck everyone here. He held his hands down, pressing on the dress as a wind blow passed. 

“Three boxes!” 

Katsuki eyed the greasy man, well everyone looked gross now. Katsuki looked brand new. His mom’s quirk giving him flawless skin, even messed with dirt. His red eyes trailed across the crowd. Most of them were men, with some being woman, skinny. Expect for one. 

The one that caught his eye was a girl. A brown hair, chubby girl. Her skin was a bit darker than his own skin and her cheeks seemed to glow as her hand shot in the air.

“Five boxes and a grenade!”

“Five boxes and a grenade! Any higher? Going once…” 

Katsuki watched as the crowd simmered, the girl standing proud as she walked up to the makeshift stage. The teen behind Katsuki unlocked his chains as smacked his ass, “You got a hottie, don’t fuck it up.” He frowned, as the man shook her hand.

“I hope she to your satisfaction, miss…?”

"Ako." "

Chapter Text

imma be honest. I forgot about this LMAO. So i will be remaking it, i have several drafts already. I don't get any joy from watching nor reading anything with MHA so, this story isn't on the top of my list. 

Im not going to be using the little seek peek I left? (I cant remember if i did or not) but that will not be used. 

hopefully, if anyone still thought these story would be getting an update, you where right, in the wrong way, but still right. lol 

ill see you when ill see you. if anyone wants to pick up where i left off or smth, leave free to leave a comment with the story link :D