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Maid of the Honorable Shadows

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Maid of the Honorable Shadows Prologue
At first, there was nothing but darkness in the random room. Then one by one, a flame in the shape of a cherry blossom. First a crimson red, then a golden one, then cerulean blue, then emerald green in the four corners of the darkened room, and finally a silvery white in the center. And in the center of the white flame, a man wearing dark clothes and a thin ponytail stood with a solemn face.
“Our most precious procession is taken from us by that tyrant!” he spat in revulsion, “Our people need it to protect ourselves, and he took for his mere whims. He won’t get away from this! Katsuko!” Behind him a young woman with a similar fashion, but more close-fitting, wearing her dark hair in a tight plait kneel before the man. “Yes Father,” she spoke. “Daughter, you are our most powerful warrior, and this is one of the most important missions our village has ever faced. As you are the next chief of the village, you need to see this through.” the man explained, “Go and bring back what is ours…no matter what it takes.” “Yes, Father! I won’t let you down!” the woman declared with her dark gray eyes shining with determination. She then disappeared into the shadows, and the room became dark once again.