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Hello and welcome to my collection! I just wanna start off by saying the main theme is NSFW and some angst. There are a couple of SFW shots but be advised this collection will contain mostly mature content.


That being said, there are also triggering stuff including extremely dubious consent, references of depression or suicide, and other content not suitable for most.


•I do not wish for comments to be cluttered with requests. Therefore, if there is something you wish for me to write, please comment here and here only. If your request is posted on any other chapter, I will not take it. You May also send me requests in my ask box on my tumblr


•I’m willing to write anything except:

1. Scat

2. Pedophilia (All underaged characters will be aged up by default)

3. Any extreme gore


•Please, by the love of God, do not leave any hate in the comments. I haven’t had a problem here, but on my tumblr—people are ruthless. If you see a character, pairing, theme, kink, etc. that you don’t agree with, keep it to yourself


•When I’m doing requests, your patience is very much appreciated. I do this as a side hobby, meaning I go at my own pace. Don’t ask for updates or how “it’s coming along” because then I will feel like it’s more like a chore than it being something I want to do

Anyhow, that’s basically all for this chapter. Anything else I think of, I’ll add it accordingly. 


Thank You & Happy Reading!!

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"Yoosung s-stop this isn't necessary!" The trembling in your voice went unnoticed by him as he angrily proceeded to drag you deeper into the store.

Behind you, you heard Zen grumble annoyed that the shopping had to be delayed. Seven snickered mischievously.

"I think it is. It seems like you've forgotten who your heart belongs to." He grumbled. Your foot tripped over the other as you struggled to keep up against his grasp. Turning the corner, he opened a dressing room and pushed you against the door, locking it. You put your hands up defensively. He shrugged off his jacket.

"Seven was flirting with you. " his eyes narrowed. Your head shook vigorously.

" it wasn't like th-uhnn~

He gripped your hips, pushing himself against you. His lips found it's way to your neck as he bit the flesh hard. Your eyes widened, tears pricking the corners. A part of you didn't like it when he got possessive like this. And yet you felt your head loll back against the door. There was no escaping this side of Yoosung; he made that perfectly clear the first time. You couldn't help but mewl as his hands filed down to your ass, giving it a hard squeeze. His tongue traveled up to your earlobe and he bit down gently grinding his torso against yours. By now you could feel his growing hardness making pleasurable friction against your body.

"Pleas- We're in a dressing room.." you muttered, trying to block out the fuzzy sensation taking over your core. He pulled back and looked you in your eyes hungrily.

"Then I guess you'd better be quiet."

Chapter Text

"Do you think I will hurt you?" 

A whimper was stifled from you when the cold metal of his handgun touched the side of your face, caressing the clammy skin. His eyes stared intently at you waiting on an answer. You quickly shook your head which contradicted the truth that lied within. He smiled in delight, the mouth of the weapon gliding down your neck, where it then rested on your collarbone. Refraining from shivering was much of an effort than you had thought. 

You see, it wasn’t about the cool weapon that could end your life with one move of a finger. No, it was the man behind it, who could inflict the same amount of damage even without the hand piece.

"Kiss me." The simple command was followed by a toothy grin but you knew better. Your stomach began to twist as you leaned up as best you could, receiving a brief relief from your knees against the hard floor. With your hands gripped firmly on his thighs, your lips pressed softly against his. The intimate exchange followed through for a few more seconds before you started to pull away. Half-lidded eyes looked into those chocolate ones and was surprised that that light glow was gone. Gone and replaced with glints of irritation.

His hand gripped the back of your head and he grounded his lips against yours roughly. Taken by surprise by the sudden attack, you let out a muffled moan. You shifted, feeling yourself about to buckle when you felt the cold sensation of the hand weapon against your collarbone again. He let out a disapproved noise and you reverted back into your prior position. His tongue grazed yours enticing tremors from your body. He groaned at the way your little hands were squeezing his thighs harder and you felt the metal piece slide down deeper..


You hated the way you submissively fell to him. With only one look and you fell apart underneath his gaze. You hated your superior's hold on you but at the same time feared it. Sometimes you'd think about what would happen to you if you didn't comply. The idle thoughts would be then trumped by the thoughts of the poor victims that fell to Dazai and how his reputation preceded him. The number of bodies six feet under his name was enough to cause your stomach to churn painfully. 


On the other hand, without Dazai, you just wouldn't be. The life you were once accustomed to was filled with the same boring routine. Dazai gave your life excitement. His unpredictable actions also kept that little patter in your chest. And it was the feeling you've yearned for so long prior to meeting him. 

At least these thoughts were those you'd replay in your mind as he continued pleasuring you with his whispers of dirty nothings and burning kisses.


All of which left you gasping on edge.

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Another knife is jammed into her hand enticing yet another cry of pain. Toshio stares at the specimen, unfazed. His cigarette is dangling from his lips as he's muttering more notes to write down onto his clipboard.

"St-stop this! I beg of you. I'm the same woman you love!" He looks up from his clipboard into her eyes. For a second, [ Y/N] thought she saw a shimmer of guilt in his eyes. She softens her gaze and licks her lips.

"Please.." Her voice is barely audible. He sighs and sets his clipboard on the stool. He leans his head down so close to her ear, she can feel his stubble. His lips brush against her cold skin.

"The women I loved is dead." He pulls away, his emotionless eyes gazing over her hand, where the knife was embedded. The once bleeding wound was healing around it. Frowning he picks up his clipboard again. [Y/N] turns her head away not wanting him to see the tears threatening to spill. She silently questions the ultimate being above why it had to be her. Why was she met with this fate.

She's done nothing wrong seeing that she was one of the doctors at the clinic. Her entire being was for the purpose of helping others. She enjoyed paying visits on the elderly to check on their health and indulge in their wholehearted conversations. She found joy in the small children of the village who'd tug on her coat grinning widely. So why was she forced to endure this? She didn't ask to be a murderer. A monster who thrives off the lives of others.

More than anything, she was upset that her lover - if she can even call him that now - looks at her with such disdain. His once loving eyes are replaced with dry and hateful eyes. His actions are even worse. Treating her like some Frankenstein. He gave no emotion to hurting her repeatedly For days its been this way. The doctor would stick and prod her with sharp objects in various places on her body. He'd mix together foreign substances and dump them on her. Some of them burning her flesh away. Other would cause her skin to deteriorate. One chemical created huge boils which popped painfully. Nevertheless, in less than ten minutes, her pale skin would be right back to its prior state. This disappointed Toshio, urging him to perform more experiments.

"Your regenerative trait is quite astonishing. Nothing I've tried seemed to work." He frowns deeply, tapping his pen against his lip. His eyes dance along her quivering body. He's opened her skin in some way on every square inch of her body. And yet, she's as pristine as she was before he started. With this notion, he became even more pissed off. If nothing that he's tried killed her yet, is there even hope in destroying the species as a whole? His pride in himself and his profession is starting to fade. He's known to cure anything and yet he's staring down at what could possibly be the fall of the citizens in this village.

Swiftly, he reaches into his pile of tools and picks up a long blade. Then he stalks towards the counter with the various beakers. His eyes narrow in search of what he is looking for. [ Y/N] turns her head back around peeking at her former lover. His back was turned but she could tell he was focused intensely on something proof being in his incoherent mutterings. Even she couldn't hear fully what he was saying. Her eyes moves toward the ceiling above.

The flickering of the florescent light above her comforts her in a way. A few days prior to her disappearance, she remembered being down here. Her and Toshio were fooling around on break. She remembered glancing up and teasing him about the light. The joke being that an angry patient rose from the dead to haunt the clinic. He had rolled his eyes and laughed; promising he would fix it. Seeing how its flickering two months later proves he's as forgetful as he's always been. A sad smile plays on her lips. At least one of the qualities she's found endearing remained.

Toshio approaches the table holding the blade. It looks to be coated with some poisonous liquid. She can't identify it though it smells awfully bitter. Tired eyes flickers toward the clock for a split second. His hand trembles angrily. The wild and determined look in his eyes makes [ Y/N] uneasy. She pulls inside the restraints, trying to plea again.

"Toshio please..stop this. I-I won't harm anyone! I can- " Toshio shoves the blade deep into her chest cavity, cutting her off. It pierces her heart. She lets out an ear piercing wail; white blinding pain shot from her heart, spreading to her entire body. Her eyes rolls to the back of her head and she begins to convulse. Toshio twists the weapon every which way. Her mouth gapes open and foam begins to spill. Her convulsions intensify. The doctor releases the handle and quickly grabs his clipboard to record. Internally, she cries and cries.

I didn't ask to be this way! I'm not a monster! I love you Toshio!

She wants to yell and shout until her lungs gave out. But her mouth wouldn't form words. She could only remain helpless as she feels her body shut down. After a few more seconds, her movements cease eventually stilling. Her head lolls to the side ; eyes closed. A menacing grin began to form as he stares down at the unmoving specimen.

Grabbing his clipboard, his hand moves in lively speeds as he jots down a note.

Progress has been made in creature. It appears to be dead.

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Butterflies? How about flesh eating vampire bats. That's the feeling engulfing her entire being as [Y/N]'s mind wandered back to last night..


"Are you sure ya wanna..?" Misaki's cheeks were a beet red, matching her own. She bit her lip, looking deeply into his hazel eyes.
Was she?
They've been together for quite some time and aside from the awkward kisses occasionally, this was their first time doing anything further. They were both inexperienced and getting up to this point right now was so nerve racking. The fumbling of clothing, the weird positions prior to the one they were in now.. they even bumped heads a couple times.

Hell, they've been through a lot. She nodded, followed by a gasping moan..


Yes that's what it felt like. A dozen bats tearing through the pit deep in her stomach.

Nevertheless, she was in a good mood as she made her way to the bar. The weather was beautiful; the subtle breeze blowing through her hair and the sun beating down on her being. She felt like skipping, if she already wasn't. She couldn't wait to see Misaki.

Meanwhile, at the bar, the vanguard who, surrounded by his fellow clan members, was glaring wickedly at Saburota. Earlier in the day he, stupidly (as now may be the time to call himself out on it), consulted in him about what happened last night.
Now, he regretted it knowing that he opened his big mouth to the other members. If it wasn't everyone, then it was most definitely Rikio who opened his own.
"Bastard. Shut the hell up" Misaki's fist balled up as the laughter arose again. Rikio was the loudest of the entire group, pointing in the chestnut-haired individual.

"You little perv! Where is she anyway?"

"She's going to kill you when she gets here."

Misaki gritted his teeth and relished in his girlfriend potential reaction when she did arrive.

In the far corner of the cozy bar of HOMRA sat Anna, who, focusing intensely on her red marbles, offered the smallest hint of an amused smile.

Aside from Anna, Rikio and Izumo, Saburota, and Eric the bar was relatively empty except for very few customers.

Even so, under the flickering gazes, Misaki still felt embarrassed.

Just then, the ringing of the bell on the door, followed by the cheerful greeting of his girlfriend, caused all laughter and snickering to cease. Misaki twisted in his chair, and leaned his head on his arm which was rested on the back of the chair.

"Hey baby" He tried keeping his tone as leveled as possible, but failed when she noticed the force behind his smile. She also noticed the shift in the atmosphere in the bar, which was usually bright; now it was awkwardly tense.

Taking a seat in front of her boyfriend, who turned back into his chair to face her, she side-eyed Suburota who was fighting a grin.

"Um okay. What the hell went on in here before I came?" She chuckled lightly and signaled for her usual afternoon drink.

"N-Nothing. Don't worry abo-"
"Your boyfriend was telling us a fun story." Eric interrupted. Misaki's face grew hot as he shot a glare towards the blonde male. He grinned back devilishly.

"What story..?" Her eyes flickered between the two males but eventually settled on her boyfriend.

"I..uh. Heh-"
"Stop teasing him." Kusanagi called from behind the bar, from which he was drying a cup.

"Misaki. What did you tell them?" Deep down she felt as though she already knew. Judging from the amused looks she saw upon the faces of her fellow clan members, she couldn't help but feel that their private situation wasn't so private anymore. She sat back in her chair and crossed her arms.

"C'mon! It's all in good fun. Isn't that right? " Rikio slid into the chair next to Misaki and nudged his arm. From somewhere outside of her sight, [Y/N] heard another chuckle.

But she was focused on Misaki, who's face remained flushed.

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She now stared into the golden eyes of the timid male, her words coaxing a low moan from him.

And only him.

Not Emily.

Not Bronte.

Certainly not a word from Keats.

As her hand slowly glided up his leg, another guttural noise was dragged from him, this time louder. Her lips were the only thing the charmer was focused on. Her voice intoxicatingly beautiful.. He was, in fact, immersed in the way it sounded. The way it made him feel— no words could explain it. Frantic breaths arose from him as her hand moved against his skin, enveloping him in such bliss.

Golden eyes observed the silently loud male. Her head cocked slight in fascination. In wonder. To her, it was saddening to have the experience be short-lived soon. But it was something she had become used to.


On a journey to the end of the deliciously pained torture, a cry surfaced from him, the noise unfamiliar to the charmers ears.

Who exactly was this women?

Her hand tightened around him, not letting up. Not giving his mind any opportunity to stray from now.


Thumb brushing over the small slit, gathering the minuscule substance was an action too much for the charmer; his hips buckled upwards and his hands jerked the taut chains. Her mouth opened once more and his attention returned to her. Beautifully sounding nothings poured from her lips, her eyes seeming to glow. His aureate eyes focused on her intensely burning pair. The crescendo peaking of this blissful torment. It was.. unnatural, the effect she had on him. The arising pressure deep within his core. It was..

It was..

The charmer opened his mouth, mute, as he released. Heart beating erratically, his words failed him once more in serving his need. Another feeling arose. A feeling of apprehension..

Yet the poor charmer didn't have the time to fathom the presentiment.

Touches fell away.

And so did the world.

Crisp laughter, the heavenly sound filling his ears. Then it stopped.

Silence was all that was left.

Darkness too.

For the charmer, the only thing he could see was a golden lake, exquisite in its nature.

For the delicious sight was the last thing he saw.

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"Fuck off." Yata grumbled staring into his cup. Heat flourished in his face as Kamamoto pressed him. His hand made contact with the vanguard's shoulder and was shrugged off surprising the others. Usually, Yata would have responded with a more abrasive attack but since he didn't, Kamamoto continued to pester him.

"C'mon man. Just tell us her name. Is she hot?" He ignored his question instead bringing the cup to his lips. The sensation of expecting gazes burned through his form, causing his skin to crawl. The cup slammed against the counter, and more eyes wandered toward him. Hopping out of his chair, he snatched the skateboard from beside him and shoved passed Kamamoto, out of the door. The force of air rushed into his lungs, instantly dismissing him of some of the irritation.

He dropped his board and began skating. The noises of the bustling town whizzed past the young man as he zipped along the streets. The sounds carried by citizens were drowned into a steady hum and by the ever pressing thoughts of Yata.

Those idiots. Always fucking bothering me. Is she hot? It's none of their damn business.

He huffed as he continued moving throughout the city. A sharp turn left was abruptly made to avoid hitting a businessman. Sounds of protest were made, getting drowned by distance and the people all around. Yata gritted his teeth as his wheels rumbled against the ground. Coming up, was a fence. Bending his knees, he rose as well as his board on top of it creating sparks as he rolled along then he hopped down after a few beats of a minute.

It usually takes stuff like this to calm the hotheaded male down. He felt like flying on his board each time it touched the ground. Yata felt as though he was free from his annoying clan members; just because he was the smallest, it made his all the more susceptible to being bothered.

He took a deep breath just to feel the air around him cool him down. He began to think of her.

[Y/N] has been a friend of his for a long time. It was until recently that their platonic friendship developed into something more... intimate. A couple days ago, she had walked him to the partially deserted bar. After waving him off, she had made her way down the street, Yata's lingering gaze following after. Everything that had taken place was witnessed by Kamamoto. It wasn't long before the rest of the group knew and were pressing him about it.

"Fuck!" An angry shout sounded followed by the clatter of his skateboard hitting the ground. He rolled, eventually stopping a few feet near it. Groaning he sat up and met eyes with a little boy looking his way in wonder. Cheeks flushing, he narrowed his eyes angrily.

"What the hell are you looking at?" He stood up and brushed himself off. The child backed away at Yata's angry retort and turned to disappear down the street. Yata sucked his teeth and walked towards the board. Snatching it up, he inspected it.

She was always on his mind. Her smile, her laugh. The way she carried herself. It was there when they were little kids but Yata only noticed it more in the past year. Every time the male would be in her presence, his cheeks would be as red as cherries. His words would never come out the way he wanted them to and his heart would feel as though it'd leap from his throat.

Now it seemed even thinking of her affected him greatly.

Sighing, he began walking back to the bar. The sun above had started to dip behind the buildings. Yata assumed his time outside had been over a half hour. He figured he best go back. The members sometimes teased him to the point of him lashing out and he hated that. It made him feel weak. And he was already suffering enough with thoughts of [Y/N].

Approaching the bar, his hand settled on the door. He huffed and walked in, his board under his arm.

"There he is. Misaki, someone here is asking for you." Kusanagi called as he dried a glass from behind the counter.

"Yeah? Who the hell is it?" He snapped as he placed his skateboard against the wall. He turned angrily and met the eyes of Mikoto who laid stretched across empty three chairs. Averting his eyes, he took a seat at a booth. He was about to demand again when a familiar giggle sounded from the direction of the counter. One of the stools turned revealing the smiling form of [Y/N]. Her elbows were placed against the counter as her body leaned back.

"It was I. You don't have to sound so dickish Misaki." Her tongue stuck out childishly and she hopped from the stool towards a red-faced Yata. At this point, Mikoto has sat up, glancing to the newly occupied table. [Y/N] sat across from him, beaming. Her hand raised, signaling for a drink. Her eyes swept those in front of her and figured she'd call one for him. Kusanagi nodded and began working on the task.

"You look upset. Are you alright?" Her face changed from amusement to concern. It made Yata avert his gaze. Throat clearing, he opened his mouth to speak, hoping it wouldn't be choppy or shaky.

"Huh? Ah, yeah. A b-bit out of breath, that's all."

"From what?" She leaned closer and surprised him with her proximity. He jumped causing her to do so as well. She giggled, her hand cupping her mouth at the behavior of her friend.

"Yo Misaki! You're back!" The red in his cheeks were now present for two reasons. Kamamoto then walked in, being heard first.

[Y/N] turned her head and smiled at the approaching man.

"Go away." The vanguard mumbled.

"Hey, that's not nice. And who is this pretty girl?" His gaze turned towards her and she blushed slightly.

"I'm [Y/N]." Kamamoto introduced himself, each second of his presence angering Yata further. Peeking at the vanguard's face only ignited the idea in Kamamoto's mind and he understood now. His grin widened as he excused himself taking his place at the bar. Kusanagi places two glasses on the counter which was picked up and escorted to the pair by a waiter. Yata watched as Kamamoto signaled for Kusanagi and started speaking lowly.

A chuckle sounded as the two pair of eyes looked their way in amusement. [Y/N] took a sip of her drink, completely unaware of what was going on. Mikoto's presence was now at the table and he looked at Yata. His eyes read that of slight understanding yet his lips were set in a smirk. His hand gripped the vanguard's shoulder and his head turned slightly to meet [Y/N]'s. Then, his hands were shoved into his pocket as he exited the bar.

"What do you think that was about?" Her glass clattered against the table unintentionally.

"Dunno." He shrugged as he watched her wipe up some of the substance from the table. Their eyes then met, and she gave a small smile. The one that caused the onslaught of butterflies in his stomach. The sneaking gazes went on the entire evening that she was there. After her departure, Yata's eyes turned towards the other HOMRA members in anger. At his composure, they completely lost it; their laughter sounded through the bar unceasing until much later.

Now they knew who she was.

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"Alright that's all for this period. Be sure to go over everything from today because you will be having a test on it."

The class proceeded to pack up their respective belongings and headed out the door, waving goodbye to their teacher. When she was met with the silence of the classroom, she sighed and leaned back in her chair.

"How was class?" She looked towards the doorway, eyes meeting her colleague's. She smiled brightly and stood.

"Oh it was fine. Just fine." Yuki leaned against the doorframe arms crossed, with an amused glint in his eye. Yuki Okumura, just like her, was a Middle First Class Exorcist. When word got back to her that she was going to be working along side him, her stomach did at least a dozen somersaults in under that one minute. His boyish features still made it hard for her to believe that he passed the Exorcist qualification exam, not to mention, being the youngest to do so. Only being a few years apart she knew that he was still superior in any way.

Well in regards to being an Exorcist.

"You sure? I know some of the students can be a handful." She waved the inane idea off. The class was well behaved. Well as civilized as a class of Exorcist-to-be teenagers could get. Luckily her class was only filled with eight students, so it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be prior. She stacked all of the books and papers into a single pile and stood, walking towards the door.

From out of nowhere it seemed, Yuki held up a bento box; a silent but visual request for their usual lunch together. Cheeks flushing, as the same way they did each time, she offered an apologetic smile.

"I can't today. The dean requested to see me after the class period." Her stomach lurched apprehensively.

"Ah, well good luck with that." He offered a smile and and pushed off of the door-frame. Giving a playful salute, he turned walking down the hallway. Her smile began to form into a tight line.

Mephesto was the one in charge of everything. Since she was fairly new, she's only seen him once and that was when he was giving her a tour of he school. She bit her lip nervously as she contemplated what she could have done to be called by him. It's only been about a month. And even still, for her to get settled in and ready to take on a class took a week. Maybe..maybe it isn't anything bad. It could be just to check on how she was settling in. Shaking, her head of any negative thoughts that started to surface, she walked out of the classroom shutting the door behind her. Making her way towards his office, she only hoped it was for something good.


"I am back." Announced the green-haired male. He emerged from the window which sat behind Mephisto's desk. Making his way around it, he planted himself upon the couch, kicking his feet over the back of it.

"I told you about wandering around at the school." Mephisto pinched the bridge of his nose in resurfacing annoyance. Using his other hand, the end of his pen tapped repetitively against the desk creating a loud and clattering hum. An ear-twitching crunch filled the office followed by obnoxiously loud chewing. The Demon King then flicked his barren lollipop stick across the room where it landed inside of the small wastebasket against the far wall. He sighed, huffing out of his nose in obvious boredom. Mephisto checked his watch and his eyes widened.

"You need to leave. Now." He sprang up, straightening his resplendent suit. He mentally cursed himself for allowing time to sneak upon him like that. Meanwhile his brother shifted against the couch and reached his clawed hand into his pocket. Then his hand retracted, pulling out a handful of jelly beans. Mephisto quickly grabbed his umbrella and made his way towards the door. But before he grabbed the doorknob, he paused.

"Why must I leave brother?" Amaimon asked on cue just as the dean turned his head.

"I have very important matters to tend to with a newer staff. Please excuse yourself. She's coming up the hallway now."

"Mm..I think I will stay brother." Amaimon hummed, tossing back a dozen candy pieces into his mouth. His eyes then focused apathetically on his brother who narrowed his eyes.

"Can't you go and find some babies to steal candy from Ama-"

A knock on the door stopped his sentence short and he clenched his jaw. Clearing his throat, his eyes rolled from his brother and towards the door in which he proceeded to open. He smiled widely at the young teacher and stepped back into the office. Her eyes fluttered around as she stepped in. Amaimon quickly straightened up, sitting tall with his feet on the floor.

"Erm hello. I'm -"

"Yes yes, I'm aware of who you are." Mephisto walked around his desk and took a seat in his red and sumptuous seat. He then waved towards the chair that now appeared seemingly. She giggled nervously and made her way towards it, sinking herself down. She didn't know why she was so nervous. The principal seemed welcoming. His smile was still prominent in the crinkles of his eyes. He leaned forward, resting his chin on his clasped hands.

"I'm already hearing splendid things about you,"

The breath, in which she had been holding, was released, expelling all of the trepidations from her being. She glanced at her tightly intertwined hands and quickly unclasped them. Returning her gaze to her superior she smiled, her cheeks filled with heat.

All the while Amaimon watched this stranger closely, blue eyes never leaving her. He heard her giggle again, a sound he surprisingly found fascinating. An odd glow seem to radiate from the area. Amaimon was sure it wasn't from his brother. He couldn't care less about what "important matters" his brother was speaking about. Nor did he care about the occasional glares he received from him. All he could do was focus on the pretty stranger in the chair and how nice she smelled . The aroma was quite familiar like—

"Ahem.. I'm sorry. This is my brother Amaimon." The stranger turned partially in the chair and that's when the Demon King seemed to reappear back into reality. He didn't realize that he had left his place from the couch and walked over here, standing adjacent yet behind her.

"Hello, it's very nice to meet you." His eyes stayed glued to hers.

No her smile.

Well no, not quite her smile.. her entire being. Nothing like he's ever seen before.

And he..liked it? Her.

But somehow her skin looked as soft as it did a couple minutes ago. And then he realized that he was closer. He actually moved closer to her. And it seemed as if she shifted in her seat as well, her body more so in his direction..

Mephisto cleared his throat again, this time more aggressively, but Amaimon was barely paying attention. Their eyes were connected now. From his peripheral he saw her arm slowly lower, eyes remaining on his..

This time it was him who cleared his throat. He stepped back scratching his neck sheepishly, an unfamiliar heat beginning to spread within his face.

"My apologies. You just smell like sweets."

Chapter Text

The calm and palacidy of Mikoto Suoh was something of intrigue. People always were interested by how sedate he was despite his short temper and what some would describe his volatile nature. That's what had drew [Y/N] in. She couldn't help but admire his usual calmness and laid back mannerisms given any situation.

Right now though, admiration for his nature was the last word she would use.

Irritation would be a more suitable word to describe her feelings towards him. She opened her mouth, words leveled but firm. Mikoto only sat there, his chin on his fist looking as if every word was going beyond his comprehension. He replied, the same sentence as before. He could see the anger boiling in her eyes when he finished.

[Y/N] scoffed, for she wanted more of a response than the bored expression that painted his face. Something more than the grunts he responded with, as if what she said didn't matter. As if her glistening eyes didn't matter.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and with a snap was lit in a second. He placed it between his lips, dragging in the substance into his lungs. He pulled it away, eyes at the ceiling. Mind racking for a more appropriate response, he sighed before continuing.

The words weren't of what she wanted to hear. [Y/N] retaliated, a plea more than an angry retort which is how she truly wished to respond.

A small part of her wished he hadn't shown up at all. Or wished she hadn't called him over in the first place. But she had to check on him after receiving word that he managed to escape Scepter Four. When he had arrived, she couldn't have been more happy to see him. While she thought he had felt the same, he proceeded to be the deliverer of solemn news.

Mikoto received notion of Tatara's murderer, hence the reason for his escape. [Y/N] had listened in silence as he shared his intentions. She waited until he was through before she had spoken up. Emotion flowed through her, beginning as shared sadness. As his intentions were made clear though, anger began poking its way through her consciousness.

To her, he was talking recklessly about a suicide mission to avenge Tatara; it honestly hurt her more than she tried to let on. A part of her kept repeating it would have been better if he just left without a trace. That way, the illusion that he was still being held prisoner by the Blues would remain intact. It would have been better than the excruciating aching in her chest. But that part of her was trumped by the great emotion she felt for Mikoto Suoh.

He spoke again, the words still unchanging. A disgruntled shout was made followed by the harshness of her words.

"Do you even care? The risk of you doing this.. What if something happens to you? Do you think Tartara would have wanted you risking your life? You do know the chance of you not even coming back," She paused, giving herself a chance to breathe in and blink away the heat behind her eyes. She started again, voice lower to reduce the amount of quivering present.

"Recklessly pursuing vengeance is not what he would have wanted. It's's like you don't even care."

Her voice cracked as the last sentence left her lips. Chest heaving, she felt as though she had run a marathon. But she knew better. The lump in her throat was suffocating her. Wetness glided down her cheek and she quickly brushed it away. As a person, weakness was not something that was shown often.

Mikoto pushed off of the door frame and walked towards her. The cigarette was taken from his lipsand was balled in the palm of his hand. Red seeped from his balled fist as he extinguished the bud. After a few seconds when his hand opened, a cloud thin smoke rose and wafted out of existence.

He stopped directly in front of her, the proximity now prominent. The intense gaze caused her own to avert. She felt small in closeness of Mikoto's fiery aura; she started to move backwards, but before managing to do so completely, she felt a warm hand underneath her chin. Her head was then turned to face him. She wanted to maintain her anger but failed as his closeness engulfed her senses, dulling her logic.

A thumb swiped a bit of moisture underneath her eye and she leaned into his touch. Warm lips made contact with hers. The gesture was soft and only lasted a moment. When he started to retract, her eyes widened. Hands gripped the collar of his jacket, followed by her lips crashing against his once more. A low groan of surprise was swallowed by her lips, but then she felt the same urgency behind the movements of his own and his hands gripping her hips.

Lips parting slightly, Mikoto's tongue shoved through hers, enticing a moan. The gesture of affection turned into something of greed each second developing into that of hunger. When she finally pulled away, her vision readjusted from the whiteness and her stomach lurched when her eyes met those filled with dark intensity. She saw the pink hue in his cheeks as he huffed softly. His hand then moved to her neck, applying just the amount of pressure to pull her in for another kiss.

As the two made contact, he began moving backwards tugging her along. The both spun and she then felt the softness of the bed underneath her.

His frame engulfed hers as his thighs straddled her hips. He pulled away to peel off his shirt then returned for another intense liplock. His hand caressed her side and moved lower to undo her pants. In frantic desire to feel one another, it took less of an effort. Her shirt followed suit as well as Mikoto's clothes and they fell into the bed once more.

His mouth moved from her lips to her breasts, taking the time to suckle each bud. [Y/N]'s back arched into the mattress in the way his tongue moved languidly around her nipples followed by a firm tug with his teeth. A whimper sounded from her and he smirked, obliviously satisfied with her reaction. He suckled each a final time before he moved back up in between her legs. Gripping the base of his erection, and rubbed against her awaiting heat. He paid attention to the way her brows furrowed and her lips parted slightly, releasing soft mewls. Her eyes moved to his unwavering ones and bit her bottom lip, cheeks flushing underneath his gaze.

In the single moment his red eyes stared into hers, she knew something was really wrong. Despite the complete lust in his eyes burning through her soul, there was a glint of soberness in them. It was almost as if he was studying her features one last time. Before she could speak up though, he burrowed his length deeply inside of her. Sputtering, her nails made contact with his bare back, deeply grazing the flesh. Stilling, he clenched his teeth at how enveloped he was within her. No movement was made except for the heavy pounding of hearts deep within cavities. The only sound in the room was the gasping breathing of [Y/N] as she tried to adjust to his size. It wasn't the first time they've done this but his girth still knocked the breath out of her each time. In all honesty it wasn't pleasant.

But dammit it was needed.

Her hips inches slightly indicating it was alright to move; and so he did. He slowly pulled out partially and pushed himself back in. Lips set partially open, low moans escaped her; it was music to Mikoto's ears. His movements gradually gained momentum as he buried deeply within her.

The feel of her around his length was enough to make him shudder. He loved it.

He loved.. her.

Though he didn't feel as though he voiced it enough. And his recent decision would surely further that notion. But right now, he only wanted to live in the now. The wanton cries produced from him was all he wanted to focus on. Her soft skin against him was he wanted to feel.

Her head was buried in his neck, as her thighs wrapped around his torso. The bed creaked slightly against the walls from the amount of force their bodies were rocking.

"M-Mikoto.." her voice rasped with effort due to the overwhelming stimulation. He grunted in her ear, following a hastily placed kiss against her neck. Lips parting, he released a mantra of sinfully muttered words. As their hips pounded together in utter harmony, the sonorous cries from her was enough to urge Mikoto further into intense overdrive; his hips slammed roughly against [Y/N]'s, followed by her jolted squeal. He leaned back and gripped her thighs, pushing them upwards slightly. He then shoved himself in to the hilt relentlessly thrusting. She shut her eyes, letting out a string of obscenities. The new position offered deeper access and more of the pulsating butterflies in [Y/N]'s stomach. The arising feeling she sought for was getting closer each second. Her back arched in anticipation for it until Mikoto's movements started slowing down.

"Hey," opening her eyes again, she was surprised to see Mikoto's eyes staring softly her way. He leaned back down into his prior position; his head was so close to hers, their noses were almost touching. A thumb brushed her cheek and she sighed, slightly taken aback by the delicate nature of him right now. His eyes were so full of sorrow right now and it caused her heart to swell. She had started to understand now. Seeing the pain in his eyes up close, caused her to soften. Her heart ached for him.

She understood.

His mouth turned up into a soft smile as if reading her thoughts. He took a breath before opening his mouth to speak.

"I..I lo..Its-" His eyes dropped, brows furrowing. Heat spread throughout his cheeks in utter embarrassment at his inability to voice his current feelings. [Y/N]'s hand rose to cup his cheek.

"I love you too." She whispered, words full of emotion. His amber eyes reached her glistening one's, piercing them with burning intensity. Following, the King's lips pressed against hers gently as he sheathed himself once more into her core. She clenched tightly around him, the action causing muffled groans between the two.

The quickening of the movements of his hips caused an arising fire deep within her. The surfacing sensation spread throughout her body dragging out more cries. Their lips separated, allowing the flow of air into each of their lungs. Mikoto's trusts started to become less coordinated as his breath quickened. He was close as well; his lips remained parted, breathy groans escaping. Their eyes lingered upon one another's during the final drives of the King's motions. The waves deep within the two erupted, signified by the wanton growls and outcries released. The couple remained connected; [Y/N]'s thighs quivered as she felt the ceasing throbbing of Mikoto's member. A few more seconds passed until he removed himself and fell onto the place next to her. His arms embraced her form, pulling her close to him. A small hand reached up and tenderly brushed a sweaty lock from his forehead. He closed his eyes, relishing in her warmth. He could still feel the intensity of her gaze on his face so he kept them closed. He didn't want to face the immense emotion in her eyes. Especially feeling as though he wouldn't have been able to handle it.

Moistened eyes lingered on the King's form. Shifting, her body snuggled deeper into his side, wanting nothing more than to just melt into him. Mikoto's arm tightened around her body, internally smiling at the content sigh sounding from her. Fingers brushed his face, tracing the outline of his jaw. The soft digit moved sideways to follow the shape of his tight-lined lips. [Y/N] continued to run her finger along his warm skin, tracing every intricate detail. Despite all that Mikoto had told her had to be done, she yearned for the complete opposite; that he wouldn't leave her.

But she knew he would anyway. And she understood. Though deep down, she hoped that his mind would change. That he would have decided that maybe seeking retribution could not only detrimental for him, but for her as well. At least this was what she decided to hold on to as her mind began to fog from drowsiness. Her hand fell, as her senses started to dull. Mikoto opened one eye to see that exhaustion was beginning to take over her.

Eyes never left her face as he let out a small chuckle, watching her futile effort against fatigue. Losing, her eyes closed finally and her breathing started to even out. The Red King remained where he was for some time, taking in the beauty in front of him. The way her chest rose and fell slowly, the soft snores, the way her cheeks were still a bit reddened only tightened the grip on his heart.

Thoughts of their past then began flooding his mind. From the day they first met, to her emotional state of today. Following, the selfish thoughts of wishing they never met began to surface. If they hadn't, he wouldn't have felt the way he was now. On the other hand, meeting [Y/N] filled the blank void within him. The sweet moments of her bright laughter and beautiful smile would be those he had always cherished. The love she had for him was nothing he experienced prior. The undying loyalty of his clan was something he was grateful for, but it was entirely different than the feelings between him and [Y/N].

Mikoto frowned, for he wished that his mentality wouldn't be clouded by the thoughts. Each weighed down on his mind in anguish as he had attempted to finalize his decision.

He untangled his arms carefully from [Y/N] and sat up as his hand raked through his hair. He wished he never would have answered the damn phone when it ranged. Instead, he should continued forth to the school island without looking back. But because he had to succumb to weak actions, he was now paying the price emotionally.

After a while, his red eyes turned towards the sleeping female. He pulled on his shirt and gathered up the rest of his belongings. He wished that he could gather up the memories of him as well. He knew that this would break her, but seeing that he had no other choice, he trumped the notion. He hoped she would hate him for this. That her feelings for him would just shrivel up and die.

He opened the door and paused, silently telling himself not to turn around. If he were to do so, he wasn't sure if he'd ever leave. A final word was uttered soundlessly.

The door clicked behind him and he was met with the cool air. He inhaled then turned the corner and was met by his clansmen; most faces were hardened with nothing but vengeance present. He gave a curt nod and walked past them, the footsteps and wheels resonating against the sidewalk. A dainty hand reached up and gripped the bottom of his jacket, gripping the fabric tightly. Scarlet eyes ventured to the king as they walked.

"Let's fucking kill this bastard!" He heard the harsh words from his vanguard and the heartfelt cries of agreement following. He didn't bother to react. Instead, the Red King reached a hand into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Lighting it, he took a drag as his mind cleansed itself of an important fragment of his past.


Chapter Text

"Can you blame me? In the end, I wasn't like you and the others. Leaving was inevitable"


The very words laid heavily upon the HOMRA members, especially since they were from a former comrade. But no more did those words hold a greater impact than on Misaki Yata. That night, in the alley, will forever be engraved in his mind as well as his heart for that night was filled with betrayal by his former best friend.

Even months later, it still replays in his mind.

"Yata, can we please talk about something else?" [Y/N] let out a long sigh, flicking the straw wrapper to the floor. Then, hearing the cry of Kusanagi about dirtying his precious bar from behind her, she smirked .

"Tch. That bastard.. I swear it, the next time I see him, I'll be sure to kill him..." His mumbles were almost incoherent, but it was as if her words went unnoticed. She rolled her eyes and stood, causing the chair to screech. She paused a moment to see if he would notice. Seeing that he hadn't, she stormed out of the bar, the sound of Kusanagi's chuckle behind her.

Once met with the cooler air she took a deep breath and exhaled. Taking her place against the building, her eyes wandered towards the sky.

She understood Yata's loathing towards...Fushimi.

Her eyes closed at the thought of his name.

She hated that he dumped them, his real family, for the Blue Clan. During the recent days after finding out, her heart was utterly broken.

She had to disappear for a while; she took time away from HOMRA, from everybody. She felt as though she would slice anyone who'd try and speak to her. The HOMRA group brushed off her acts of solitude as her way of coping with it.

But it was deeper than the anger and disbelief her clan members possessed as a whole.

The fact was that they shared too much. Entirely too much to just toss away for the enemy. To much of the groups' ignorance, she was his. And he was hers. They shared a lot from the softest kisses to her first.
Their first..

She couldn't help but feel used— for his satisfaction for the time being until he had seen fit to just..leave.

The lump forming in her throat was becoming unbearable, as she recalled the past. Yes, she felt Yata's pain, only hers was much deeper and much different.

For HOMRA, she put up a front, acting as angry as the rest of the group. When his name would come up in a discussion, she'd scoff and roll her eyes in disgust. Much to Yata's satisfaction, he'd chime in, cursing him for his decision. But deep down, sadness trumped anger. She couldn't help but f-


Her breath hitched abruptly. There seemed to be a loud whistling in her ears and her skin began feeling flushed and clammy.

Her eyes snapped open at the familiarity of the voice but she dared not turn her head. She stared straight ahead until the figure she longed to cry for stood in her line of sight.
She felt as though she was looking through him than at him. The figure then blurred as if her sight has become the surface of a lake that's been disturbed by one's finger. The blurry silhouette moved closer but she couldn't move away or towards it. A single tear fell down her hot cheek.

"Y/N, I-"

"You have some nerve!" She heard Yata shout from the doorway. She didn't even flinch. Instead she closed her eyes to squint away some of the wetness. When she opened them again, reality's truth stood before her, a sword drawn and eyes set darkly on Yata.

When her fellow comrade charged forward , she saw Fushimi dodge. For a split second, his eyes flickered towards her. For that second, she saw everything. Another shout came for the doorway and then appeared Kamamoto. And she could only stand in shock as he gave her one last look before sprinting the opposite direction in which he came, HOMRA members chasing after him.
"..Back here you bastard!" Yata's voice trailed off at the turn of the block.

All was silent once more and she slid down the brick wall hugging her knees. She bit her lip to keep from bawling; in vain, she tried to keep up her tough act, but it was hard. Especially after seeing that look..

His eyes filled with complete sadness. Regret.


He apologized for his decision, for leaving her, for breaking her heart, for everything.. in just the one look.

The action, though minimal, broke her even more.

Especially remembering that before he had turned to break into a run, his lips had moved quickly. So quickly that she almost didn't catch it.

I'm sorry.

Chapter Text

Moments like this made [Y/N] happy in the decision to join the Survey Corps. The tough training, the hardships of being a soldier. Hell, even the Titans never seemed as bad with moments like this.

"You want to get caught brat?" Levi's hand was snaking down the cadet's midsection making its way into [Y/N]'s pants. His mouth returned to its prior place, just above the collarbone. Head hitting the wall in which the two were pressed against, words failed to form a coherent reply. Levi smirked, his fingers dancing along the skin just above the pelvic bone.

"No sir. So-Ahh!" Muffled groans filled the vacant wall as Levi's hand plunged past the hem of the soldiers slacks unexpectedly. His other hand pressed harder against the cadet's mouth, drowning out the moans as his other occupied hand began to move skillfully.

Moments like these made it all worth it.

Chapter Text

The sounds of her frantically beating heart filled the detective's ears; the fear of it actually exploding was prominent. Especially in the current situation.

Hands roamed the detective's body teasingly from her breast to her ass. The utterly persistent assailant whispered dirty nothings into her while the train stopped once more.

More of the afternoon rushed citizens boarded, shifting the crowd further towards the side of the car the two agents stood on. The male detective used this to his advantage along with the covering of his long trenchcoat; the detection of both of them slim.

Heat gathered in her cheeks when his body pressed against her. His erection was felt through her clothes as he slowly gyrated himself causing her body to press further into the glass door of the train. Because of the closeness, the breath perspiration left can be seen by the detective. He could see her bite her lip, using everything in her will not to audibly react.

"Are you nervous?" His breath tickled the agent's ear as the low baritone of his voice sent shivers up her spine. She didn't answer. She feared that if she were to try, a lot of other noises would tumble out of her mouth accompanying the otherwise incoherent response.

After quickly scanning the area, the detective's sudden whimpers are silenced by her sleeve. Dazai smirked at his partner's reaction to his hand snaking his way into her panties.

The detective's usual self-righteousness and stoic manner were abandoned upon entering the train with her brown-eyed partner. It wasn't meant to go this far. She mentally reminded herself each time she was in a situation similar to this one.

What started off as a half-assed joke turned into something more sensual and inappropriate. Especially with the relationship between the two detectives. The female agent lazily recalled the incident in which fueled these actions. It started about a month ago.

During the celebration of the ADA's victory in the defeat of The Guild, the agency laughed and carried on drunken and carefree throughout that night. It was a well-deserved incentive which rewarded them of all the hard work they've done.

That conversation between the female detective and Dazai wasn't supposed to have been taken seriously. It was based on the unintelligent mumblings which were heavily influenced by the amount of alcohol they consumed.

If I really wanted to, I could have you.

The female detective had scoffed at his blatant confidence.

I'm serious. I have a favorable effect on women. Especially women as sexy as you. His prior gazy-eyed look was replaced of one in total seriousness.

The fact that his emotions were switched so quickly made her laugh. However, his gaze never faltered. In fact, it had intensified. Silence tied the two of the detectives; the occasional outburst of Kunikida and Yasano prominent as well as the murmured talking of the other agents.

The detective shifted as she started to feel uncomfortable and proceeded to pour herself another glass of the bitter and powerful substance. Swirling the glass around, she decide to entertain her comical partner.

Mm. Well I'm not most women who can be so easily swayed by your little puppy dog eyes.

His eyes had, for a split second glinted with something of the mischievous sort. He smirked.

How about we have ourselves a little bet.

In response, she raised her eyebrow, partially intrigued. She knew Dazai and how wild his ideas tended to be. And yet, in spite of the righteous side of herself, she leaned forward to physically show her interest in what he had to say.

I bet, that by the end of the month, you will simply be begging for me. I bet I can make you fall for me. And by which the end of the month approaches, I will accomplish the task of having you practically scream my name...

He smirked devilishly. She averted her eyes, looked down, not expecting that. The proof was in her reddened cheeks. She really doubted that she would succumb so easily to anyone, especially to someone like Dazai. The detective thought nothing more of him than a friend and partner in the Armed Detective Agency. And yet, somehow, she felt uneasy. His prominent boldness and confidence made her nervous.

Dazai had been content in the fact that he had his partner cornered. He knew her to be strong-willed and not easily submissive. Knowing this, he sees his proposal working its way around her mind. The female detective was never known to back down or give up when put in a situation where others would give in an instant. That is exactly why he wanted to go through with this little bet. He'd find it comical as she tried and preserve her pride in the face of his antics.

She then meets his gaze, eyes hardened. Her decision holds weight in what was to come the following future. But her weariness and the confidence in himself only made her all the more determined to go through with it.

It's on.

The incidents started off small. The first were attempts at flirting. Each cheesy line he would remark made the detective roll her eyes and cringe tenfold. Then it led to miniscule tokens of admiration. Extravagant bouquets of flowers were taken home by her at least once a week. The surplus of expensive chocolates was smuggled into her desk drawers as well. In addition to this, was a different Dazai. His cheesiness was replaced with serious compliments in that..low and sexy voice of his. It made her secretly blush more times than she had wanted to admit. The intense gazes he would throw her way would simply throw her off. The way dark intent was just barely glinting in his chocolatey pools caused her to indulge in lewd thoughts. In which she would find herself crossing her legs absentmindedly but fully aware of the slight arousal pooling in her panties.

Then it began. It began. On the last mission, the usual joking and talkative male was quiet. On many occasions, she had asked him if anything was bothering him, in which he'd reply with the slight shake of his head and that look. After the mission, the pair took the train back. No one was on it, for it was fairly late. She sat next to her partner and had started entering the state of unconsciousness when she felt his hand on her thigh. The female detective had jumped at the motion, raising her eyebrow questioningly. He grinned and leaned in.

Just another strategy. I wanna have some fun.

She wanted to protest, but before she could have, his lips were upon hers in an instant.

Which brings extreme escalation to the situation now.

By this time, Dazai was caressing his partner's clit between his thumb and forefinger. His long trenchcoat hid the majority of both of the agent's bodies. Favorable to this, he used this to his advantage to do as he pleased without curious eyes.

His lips begin suckling the skin just under her ear. She gasped as she leaned her hands against the glass.

Surely someone will suspect the two agents, which was a worry that loomed over the female. She wished he had more of the decency to at least attempt this where she wasn't surrounded by her fellow citizens of Yokohama. It made her feel..dirty.

Dazai, however, enjoyed the simple thrill of being surrounded by people. He knows his saintly partner had waves of conflicting arguments in her head right now. He took pride in the fact that he's brought out a more lustful side of her. Her whimpers become louder as he sped his fingers up. Using his other hand he swiftly unzipped himself from the confinements of his pants.

"Do you enjoy being played with in front of these people?" Dazai's mocking smirk broadened when she froze upon him rubbing his cock against her now exposed ass. Not recalling how or when that happened it came to be exposed caused her worries to deepen. His finger unexpectedly slipped into her pussy. She gasped at the sudden attacks she felt was coming from all angles. Dazai questioned her again, wanting to hear the answer she came up with.

"I-We'll get..hah..caught." Her words were barely coherent for she was trying to keep herself upright. But from his fingers pumping in and out of her and his cock sliding against her skin, she deemed it difficult to keep from screaming. Dazai chuckles and removed his now soaked fingers. Bringing them up to his mouth, he loudly sucked her moisture off of them while being inches away from her ear. Hearing him act so provocatively, she became even more turned on despite her moral grounds. In fact, that side of her seemed to be depleted by the second, overcome with the new desire of being touched and ravaged by her partner, Dazai.

The brunette saw her mouth gaped slightly and the almost drunk look in her eyes in the window in which the two of you were in front of.

He then proceeded to angle himself lower and rub the head of his cock against her folds. The painfully slow action caused her to buck multiple times against him.

By now the train had stopped, letting off a handful of passengers. She then looked up aware of her surroundings. There was no one else in the car in which the two of them were in. Now completely alone, Dazai roughy turned the detective around, forcing his lips upon hers.

He's held back for too long. He's wanting to fuck her against the very windows of the moving train since they stepped foot upon the vehicle. He could have cared less who saw him. In fact, the mere thought of having an audience watch him senselessly fucking his partner turned him on more.

The detective purred against the steady yet sloppy movements of his tongue. One of his hand had a hold of her neck while the other held the base of his cock, running them against her slit. She hummed into his mouth as he then proceeded to slowly insert himself. But then, not nearly halfway in, he pulled out causing the disgruntled detective to pull away from his lips, whimpering in discontent.

"My, you look so lovely right now. That slutty look is what I have longed to bring out out you." He smiled at his panting partner. Her nails pressed into his shoulders as she rocked her hips feverishly for the desired friction.

"Stop with the games dammit!" Her voice whined in an octave unfamiliar to her. He obliged, much her satisfaction. But soon repeated his actions of pulling out. His partner seemed to be on the near verge of tears. But he wanted something before he continued pleasuring her.

"Do you recall what I said a month ago?" Her brows furrowed for a brief explanation of what he was talking about. The fire in her core that was caused by Dazai was in critical need of it being distinguished. Her pussy throbbed almost painfully for the lack of attention and she couldn't help but feel he was doing this on purpose.

"Of what I said I would have you doing by the time the month was over." Her face instantly flushed as she recalled his words. Seeing as how he's been nothing of a tease and the bright giddiness in his eyes, she bit her lip.

"I..please.." She whispered pleadingly.

"Please what." Dazai's tone deepened at the statement. He leaned his head into the crook of her neck, running his tongue along the flesh.

The female detective cursed. Why did he have to be so childish now? He clearly knew what she was yearning for.

She was reluctant to even speak so lewdly. For the words won't even be coming from her true self, but her current primal state which desired his body. Sighing she proceeded to give him what he wanted.

"I want..I want you to fuck me ple-"

Her words were cut off, unsaid, as Dazai plowed deeply into her. He's waited entirely too long, for his strict partner to submit to him. And it was entirely too long for his comfort. Not waiting for her adjustment, he began moving his hips.

The sound that resonated in her chest, struggled to get out. But she could only exclaim, silently gaping at Dazai's rather rough entrance. His teeth held her flesh tightly which heightened her senses and added more intense pleasure throughout her body. He pushed her back against the metal siding of the car. Only then did the noise escape her.

"Mmm mmm..fu-" She rolled her head back letting it all overwhelm her. He pulled his head back and his eyes danced the beauty that faced him whilst continuing to drive his cock deep in.

The usual judgmental line of her lips was replaced with a quivering mouth letting out gasps of pleasure. He thrust harder into her enticing a surprised squeal. The eyes that usually roll from him in any conversation was half opened and fluttering as if being possessed by some unworldly force. His hands gripped the underside of her thighs, lifting her against the glass. He then moved closer to her, sandwiching her rather tightly against the glass and the force pistoning in and out of her pussy.

"So lovely.." he muttered.

The detective quickly felt the rise of the knot coiling within her core. Dazai cursed, feeling the walls in which surrounded his cock, tighten, signifying her near climax.

"Oh..Uhn Uhn..I- fu-Dazai!" Upon his name, her voice raised almost cracking at the intense release. Her eyes blurred slightly. Dazai was coming close as well and her tightness suctioning him was not helping matters in prolonging this.

He wanted this moment forever. But then again, after all is said and done, how could she even attempt to resist him? Her instant cooperation only credited him the winner of the bet. She'd be definitely getting this attention again. With this in mind, his grip on her thighs tightened.

Dazai then pressed his lips just above her breast biting down hard. The coppery taste drove him in his vigorous hip movements. Using his strength, he sped up causing his partner to cry out. Her arms wrapped tightly around him as she tried to brace herself for the second onslaught of stars.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" His partner cried out in the feeling of her second climax and the hot shooting liquid that coated her insides.

Milking himself , he thrust slowly a few more times before pulling out. The female detective instantly fell forward, the feeling in the bottom half of her body nonexistent. Dazai caught her and embraced her body. Her heart thumped erratically against his chest and her breathing remained ragged as she tried to catch her breath. He kissed the shell of her ear. The sound over the head speaker about their upcoming stop snapped them both out of sluggishness.

He chuckled.

“I win.”

Chapter Text

In the soft glow of the moonlight, you could see the visual outline of your lover above you. A light sheen of perspiration covered his face which was almost twisted up in pleasure.


But you couldn’t really tell. His lips were parted, releasing short pants as well as groans every now and then. His eyes were slightly narrowed as he stared down at your lewd form; your head sinking down against him as more of his length disappeared into your mouth. Despite how languidly your tongue moved along the slit of his cock and the erotic moans you would create occasionally, you wouldn’t see that intensity in his eyes. After a few more bobs of your head, he came into your mouth, which by routine, you swallowed. You sighed, for you longed to feel his fingers curled up in your hair as he thrusted himself into your mouth.

Or something along those lines.


“That was amazing babe.” He said as you were standing up. You smiled at him, because by God, being upset or annoyed with him was impossible. You then crawled into bed next to him, where he wrapped his arm around you torso. A hand reached up to play with your hair and after a few moments, he frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You replied short. Quickly, you gave a soft small in which he saw right through.

“C’mon. I know when something is bothering you.” He poked your cheek. You sighed, biting your lip.

Saitama was a great hero. To you personally, he was the best. Not only was your admiration for him in the criteria of his skill, but in his ability to capture your heart. Everything about him drove you wild, especially his intensity during his fights. He would change into something of a fierce  being not to be reckoned with, which, much to his knowledge, would make your panties damp in arousal.

You just wished he would use the same ardency in the bedroom. You felt that you were almost always taking the lead in the physical intimacy. Even though Saitama would be the main party to initiate it, in the end, you were either topping him or sucking him off. Both of which you didn’t have a problem with, you just want more of a drive from him. You tried lingerie, toys, both of which I provided brief desired results. You even decided to try new things such as anal sex as well as an exploration of kinks. It seemed to work for the given time until the next interaction was much of the same undesirable thing.

The thoughts of the hero taking you from behind with your hair gripped in his fist seemed like something of a wet dream. Scenarios conjured up by you of being pinned down by him as he drove his cock forcefully inside of you as you went crazy was something of an unlikely occurrence.

“I see.” He replied, staring at a space above your head. He didn’t say anything further for a while until you were starting to be blanketed by fatigue.

“I promise, I’ll do better.” He whispered.


The next morning, you woke up before the other two inhabitants of the apartment. You padded quietly to the kitchen, clad in naught but one of Saitama’s t-shirt and fresh panties. You reached into a cabinet and pulled down the powdered coffee grains and spooned some into the paper filter and turned on the coffee maker. You stood, trying in vain to remain awake.

Last night, you were tossing and turning, for your dreams had been torturing. In all of them, you were being dominated by Saitama, the look of fire in his eyes in all of them. You were made to follow his every command- keep your eyes on me, don’t you move, tighten up around my cock . This side of him was unfamiliar to you causing you to be different then you would have been. You had moaned out his name, crying and begging like some sex-crazed whore. But by the time you had woken up, your panties had been soaked.

The machine beeped, signaling it was heated enough to make a cup. After retrieving a mug, you pressed the button to start the process of making your coffee. As you were standing there, your mind fluttered back to the dream and you bit your lip, feeling the arousal building up. Without really thinking, a hand moved into your panties, running a finger up and down your slit. Your other hand covered your mouth and you closed your eyes trying in some way to insert yourself back into the dream.


“You want me to fuck you?” His eyebrow raised questioningly. With his hand gripped around his girth, he was taunting you by running his bulging head against your heat. Through the material of your panties, which had been shoved into your mouth, a muffled cry was sounded and you nodded your head frantically. He chuckled before pressing into you with such force, you arched deeply into the mattress. He stilled while you squirmed, adjusting to his blessed size.  


It didn’t take long before he pulled himself out halfway before thrusting into you once more. Your half-lidded eyes remained on the hero, a muffled moan pulled from you each time his hips came into contact with yours. He leaned over you, narrowed and intense eyes boring through your soul.

“Is this what you wanted? Hm? You wanted me to take charge right?” You gave a sluggish nod, feeling the build up of that desired release inside of you. You were so close as you felt your g-spot being hit with each flex of his hips. Reaching a hand up, he removed the cloth from your mouth and replaced it with his lips. His tongue invaded your cavern, the appendage gliding along yours. Fuck, you were so close, you could almost taste it. You let your leg wrap around his waist, pushing him deeper. You broke away, as your head thrashed against the pillow.


“Saitama..” You murmured, your knuckles almost turning white from your tight hold on the counter edge. It was an attempt to keep you upright, for each passing second, your knees would buckle.

“What are you doing?” You froze, your heart feeling like it had stopped. You felt compelled against moving despite the frantic panic your mind was in. You were about to turn around when you heard the low, almost growling, baritone of your boyfriend.

“Stay the way you are.”

“I-I can explain.” You breathed, your face flush in embarrassment. In response, you felt the strong hold of his hands on your hips.

“I’d rather you not,” He whispered, placing a wet kiss against the crook of your neck.

“Instead, I want you to continue.”

“Wh-What?” Turning your head slightly, you then cried out at his fingers digging into your flesh.

“I said don’t move.”

His hands traveled up, pulling up the t-shirt in the process. You whimpered, when you then felt his finger playing with the waistband of your undergarment, snapping it tauntingly. They were then yanked down where they settled around your ankles. The t-shirt was then bunches into one of his fist, giving him access to everything below your torso.

Go on, he replied, almost inaudibly. The only thing on your mind at that moment was the notion of the two of you getting caught by the cyborg. You spoke in which he replied with a breathy laugh.

“Right now, the only thing I’m worried about is hearing more of my name rolling off of your tongue as you finger yourself.” His brazen comment made you gasp for the Saitama you knew would have never let something so lewd come out of his mouth. In addition to his comment, was the way he was acting. As if primally contrasted to last night. Or any night. Despite the disbelief you were in, you couldn’t help but feel the throbbing in your core.

Afterall, isn’t this what you had wanted.

Your slender fingers moved back in forth along your moistened slit, each touch sending sparks throughout your body. You then pushed in a digit, shuddering against the hero behind you.

“That’s it. Keep going..” A soft moan escaped from you at his urging words. Retracting your now wet index-finger, it was then pressed against your clit, rubbing slow circles. You let your eye lids fall, focusing on the ragged breathing against your neck, the hardened bulge against your ass, and the low mutterings of lewd comments. All of which was slowly driving you into the direction of your release. Feeling heated, you returned your finger inside of you, this time adding a second. At the sensation of the added digit, you bucked and let out a breathy moan. Against your ear, he whispered how hot you were being before you felt his hold on your hip disappear.

Still, you kept going in fear of how he would react if you were to stop against his wishes. A few seconds later, through the heavily-lusted cloud blanketing your mind, you could make out the feeling of his cock just barely brushing your entrance.. His hand roughly took their desired hold on ass, spreading them apart, and he shifted upwards where he his erection rested between them.

“I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen,” he said as he continued rubbing himself against you. Without him saying, you were already anticipating what was going to go down.

“I’m going to fuck this this lovely ass as you continue fingering yourself. If you stop moving your fingers, I will stop as well and make sure you won’t come at all. Understood?” You nodded and you felt your head being tugged back by your hair.

“Y-Yes Saitama.” You moaned. His slowly unsheathed himself inside of your ass as you continued pumping your fingers inside of yourself. Your mouth opened, agape at his width stretching you out. Once at the hilt, he paused, allowing you to adjust to him inside of you. Despite the amount of times he’s fucked you like this, you still couldn’t help but to hiss and clench every time he entered you here.

You whimpered approvingly for him to move in which he did. You tried biting your lip to keep from yelling, but the attempt was starting to be proven futile with every thrust. With a fist gathered around your hair and bunching up the shirt, he had needed leverage to fuck you deep and have you in a moaning mess. You quivered, feeling yourself drown in your sensational release.

“You’re not moving..” he remarked lowly, noticing where both of your hands weren’t.

“Fu..I can’t anymore..” You leaned forward against the counter, which you now gripped with both hands.

“Oh?” At this, you expected him to pull out, leaving you there still hot and bothered. Instead he released his former leverages, now taking hold on your hips.

“Ah, fuck!” You shouted, practically seeing stars as he pounded you with enough force to knock you out.

“Remember, this what you wanted,” he said in between thrusts.

“You wanted me to be more assertive right? Intense? As I roughly fuck you, right? Oh no.. don’t stop now.” Your legs were buckling as you felt yourself building up for another release.

“Fuck Saitama ..”

He moved forward, sandwiching you tightly between him and the counter. His movements began to get sloppy and his growls became louder. His teeth clamped down on your neck causing you to let out a wanton moan. Arching into him in your second release, the sound drew out as you felt him stilling. He let out his own suppressed groan as he released as well, shooting hot come into you. The two of you remained this way until he finally pulled out of you. He gripped your arm and spun you around, crushing you into him. You could feel his racing heart and wondered if he could feel yours.

“I told you I’d do better.” He muttered after a moment. Giggling, you nodded against him.


After that, he stuck to his word, sometimes even scaring you. Luckily Genos, didn’t hear the two of you that time, but that didn’t stop Saitama from grabbing you for sex at the most risqué moments. His behavior in the bedroom which had improved tenfold, always left you a mess.


For he simply made a sex-crazed whore out of you.

Chapter Text

Teasing the author was something you found amusing. The way his face would turn a violent tint of red when you touched him in public would make you giggle in glee. Running your fingers up his thigh would make him freeze in embarrassment. It honestly didn't matter where the two of you were; the movie theatre, a library, even in your current location which was a cozy restaurant in the town district of Yokohama. 


You purposely suggested the booth near the window and taking his arm you pulled him next to you. At first, he silently wondered why you didn't sit across from him, but after your drinks were brought to the two of you and your orders were taken down, his question was answered.  It didn't start until about ten minutes into your meals when he felt your hand on his knee. He glanced at you taking a sip from your drink and you returned his gaze with a small smile. He had left it alone, deciding that the gesture to be friendly and began to talk about the new book that he was working on. You nodded, involved in the words he was saying, which delighted him. But then, your hand moved up his leg and he paused mid-sentence.


"I'm excited to read the finished result. It sounds interesting." A thumb moved slowly over his crotch, outlining his girth. He gulped before quickly taking a sip of his own beverage and nodded slowly. He knew at that moment you were up to no good and he really should've figured from the moment you insisted on sitting next to him. Enjoying the sight of the pink along his features, you leaned up and blew into his ear. The low whimper he released sent shocks of excitement throughout your body.


"P-Please don't do that. Not here.." He stammered. 


"But Poe.." You purred softly and at the sound of how almost needy you sounded, you felt his bulge harden.


"I'm having so much fun. You're at my mercy right now and your reaction is so cute. Wait..are they staring at us?" He jumped his hands slamming on the table. His fork fell, clinking loudly against the glass plate and this enticed worrisome gazes from close-by. You straightened, hiding your mouth and giggles behind your hand as you looked at your plate. When the gazes disappeared, your hand returned and the author breathed another plea. 

"Why must you do this in the most public of places?"

"Because when you whine like that it excites me." You reached up and took his ear lobe between your teeth. Expecting him to give in, you leaned further into his side for more access but he surprised you when he stood abruptly. He grabbed your arm and pulled you through the maze of dining tables towards the back of the restaurant. Poe didn't bother to ask if the restroom was available. He slammed the door open and it was closed and locked behind him. This side of him You were released but flung against the other wall. 


"Poe, what are you-" you didn't finish the rest of your sentence because his lips had roughly pressed against yours. The attack left you gasping giving him the desired opportunity to press his tongue through. Your hands were taken and slammed against the wall above your head. A muffled growl sounded through the air and you knew it wasn't from you. Peeking your eyes open you were surprised to meet the intense gaze of your lover through his bangs. In between contact, you tried to say something.  But he gave you no chance to do so until finally he pulled away, panting. He pulled a hand away as well, leaving your wrists trapped under his one. 

He used his other to pull away the ribbon around his neck as well as his vest and his short cloak, all of which fell to the floor of the space the two of you were in. You raised an eyebrow at the pile of his clothing articles, astounded that he, Poe, would allow to touch something as dank as the bathroom floor. But looking back into his one visible eye, you could see that he seemingly didn't care. In fact, the lively glint in his eye contrasted against the usual tired nature. 

All that was left on his torso was his collared shirt which he left unbuttoned. His other hand had moved on to undoing his trousers.

From him, you heard a dry chuckle as he returned his mouth against your flesh, this time on  your neck. His teeth nibbled and drew in your skin in between his lips. You let out a moan, finding yourself at a loss for words. This side of him was something you saw very rarely if at all. When he reached the area where he could feel your pulse, he laughed quietly, causing your face to heat up.

"I can feel how nervous you are," The way he said was almost raspy and definitely condescending causing the flush in your cheeks to deepen.

"I-I'm not nervous."

"Are you sure about that?" He muttered. And you gasped when you felt his hand grip your dress, hiking it up aggressively. Your panties were next to receive harsh treatment, for his fingers gripped the side of them and pulled them down. After hearing the distinct sound of fabric tearing, he quickly breathed a half-hearted, sorry, before tossing them behind him.

Poe's fingers then ghosted your heat before pressing down, focusing more on rubbing tentative circles against your clit. Slamming your head back against the wall, your hips jolted forward instinctively seeking more of his burning touches. But when he pulled his hand away suddenly, a part of you knew what this was. Confirming that, he laughed mischievously before pulling his fingers into his mouth. You narrowed your eyes at him until he pulled his wet fingers from his mouth. 


"Delicious," was what he muttered before bending down to pick up his ribbon. Tying the material tight enough to keep your restrained without discomfort, he gripped your torso before moving you towards the sink. His lips pressed against yours once more, where you could taste your arousal on his tongue. Without breaking contact, you were lifted onto the counter. Now that your hands were held by the ribbon, both of his were free. He used them to spread your legs apart and pulled away from your quivering lips.

Then, he lowered himself between your gaping legs. Taking in the aroma of your arousal as well as the panting state you were in, drove him to primitive urges that had been lying dormant within him. He used his thumb and forefinger to part your moistened lips, before his tongue flicked against the most sensitive area. He kept this up while you bit the inside of your cheek, trying to keep from releasing any audible reactions. By him doing you dirty like this, you refused to give him that satisfaction.

You couldn't see his eyes, partial reason being his long bangs as well as the fact that he had them ducked between your thighs, but you could feel how almost calculating his movements were. A finger was inserted inside of you at the same time he began sucking your swollen bud and this time you couldn't keep from moaning his name. He paused, taking his prior actions into memory. He started moving his mouth again but this time it was different. Almost sluggish and sloppy. 


"" From the parted curtain of his locks, his lone mauve eye met yours and he laughed at the notion that you had understood. He added another digit and the intensity of his mouth returned causing you to try and grip his head for leverage. Your own pressed back against the mirror and your eyes squinted closed. You focused on the heat spreading through every inch of your body and the subtle but profound build-up within your core. He moved against you languidly like an author would move his pen against paper; swiftly putting intent into concrete existence and receiving desired reactions.

Your mind, though fuzzy, zoned in on his seemingly dexterous digits moving in and out you causing you to breathe a steady mantra of his name. Since he was in fact the gatekeeper to what you were longing to reach. He felt that you were falling deeper and deeper into the pit of intense pleasure and his motions almost ceased. He could continue this way for eternity; the languid motions of his lips and tenacious tongue driving you to insanity in addition to his own motives of teasing you. But he wanted to fuck you to the brink of near insanity.

Given, it's only fair. Isn't that what you always did to him? Mess with him until he couldn't think straight?

Humming he stood, and you moved your head stagnantly to meet his. Gripping the base of his member, his fist pumped himself slowly. Poe's thumb swiped along his slit, gathering the bead of arousal that had accumulated, and spread it atop the bulging head. All while peering heatedly at you. His other hand palmed your hip, roughly pulling you closer. His actions were so unfamiliarly carnal is only added on to your own arousal. 

Before he returned his mouth along his apparent favorite post on your neck, he muttered in an almost heated growl, "I'm going to make you whine for me."

Before you could retort, a hand wrapped around your bound wrists and slammed them above your head and he buried himself into you savagely, unsheathing his entire length into the depths of your body. Your words had formed into something of incoherency as you sputtered at the sudden action. For a moment, he didn't move, allowing you to clench and shift around his girth. 

The constricting of your walls around his shaft had dragged out a low groan from him. The heavy breathing released from the two of you reverberated around the restroom accompanying the unleashed cries from you when his hips pulled away before slamming into you once more. 

"P...Poe!" You gasped shakily as his hips vigorously collided with yours. His mouth bit down into your collarbone enticing a squeal from you. The force of him driving into you was almost out of his character. 

The timid and almost soft-spoken Edgar Poe you knew had been drastically overshadowed by this fervent side of him, which a part of you suspected was stemmed from his limit of you always teasing him. Nevertheless, the newfound dominance was something you weren't complaining about. His movements slowed down to almost a crawl, and through the fog, you realized he had been speaking.


"I said.." His hips flexed once into yours. "I'm having so much fun," He teased as he moved in and out of you slowly. Your half-lidded eyes met his lone one, which was filled with such dark intensity, it added onto the steady escalation of the burning flame within you. 

"The look on your face is so beautiful..." he bucked roughly into you again, enticing you to cry out for him.

"I kn..I know what you're doing." 

"Oh?" He seemed unfazed at your breathlessness and continued thrusting into you, purposely disallowing you to respond. Instead, you choked on your words at the feeling of the flame pooling in your abdomen. Poe, himself, was close as well; the feeling of your resolve diminishing with every clench of your walls around him drove him nearer to his own apex of pleasure. Still, he fought through to the delicious end, his pelvis slamming forcibly into yours at the most sloppiest pace until your voice sang his name in the most wanton way. Your vision splintered into haze as you felt yourself drown in the sudden pleasure. 

Seeing you this way only spurred his release, for he stilled inside of you growling and releasing mutterings of praise and adoration for you. His hand finally fell, and in the midst of yours following, the ribbon came undone. Free, you wrapped your arms around his neck and shoulders as the two of you came down from your high. After a moment or so, he pulled away, his face slightly flushed. You felt yours match his for the realization of the place you were in.

"Did...I hurt you?" He whispered after you were allowed to move off of the counter. He was buttoning his shirt and when you settled yourself he looked up at you. 

"No. Just... surprised me that's all." After pulling down your now wrinkled dress, your eyes landed on the torn remnants of your panties. Picking them up, you waved them in front of him.

"But these took the worst of it." You teased. A few seconds later, you giggled when he opened and closed his mouth, with nothing to say. He didn't respond until he was fully clothed in everything he walked into the restroom with.

Turning to face you though, almost embarrassed look he had on his face prior was replaced with the dark and intense look making your breath hitch slightly.

"You're at fault for tempting me."

Chapter Text

The idea that the world was tainted wasn't one you were new to. The ones who claim that they were good had something hidden in the shadows that would ultimately contradict that. No matter how many "good" people existed, the world would always have a smudge. Similar to how one would visualize the phases on the moon. It doesn't matter how much of it is light, there will always be a dark side. 

To spur the analogy further, a hand rose, finger stabbing the sky towards the cream colored planet. The man beside you followed your digit then nodded slowly before continuing. 

"Interesting. So you think the world is tainted." 

He turned.  

The violet eyes that were staring into yours were full of so much intensity, you began to feel uncomfortable. A shudder flowed through you; not because of the evening breeze. Or the cool press of the bench against your neck when you then sat back. Because of how riveting the conversation was turning out to be. This complete stranger had related to you on such a deeper extent. It made you giddy inside to know that someone else could see the flaws in the world.

"In a way, yes. But it seems that everyone has justified their contribution to that in their own way. They believe it to be the good way, when in actuality, they've proven themselves to be worse than their truly evil counterparts." You sat up higher, your eyes stared directly into those violet ones, the blanketing apprehension was quickly evaporating. You watched him bring his thumb to the space between his teeth. You watched the tip disappear. Watch his jaw work against it for a few agonizingly long seconds before removing it.

"Join me."


It was after that encounter that your life had been spared. Not in a way where you weren't killed by his hands but spared of the inward contemn of your fellow human counterparts. You tried in vain to suppress this by being a part of the Armed Detective Agency. But the days began to blur together; go out, stop the bad guys, and save people. Sure the effort was praisable but each and every one of your comrades acted as though they were above all else. It was as though the flaws of humanity lied only on those who were guilty of outward contemptible acts. Not in all of us. 

He shared your same belief except his goal was to eradicate the ability users. To cleanse the world of such filth. At the same time, making it a better place.

At first, you didn't know how this would benefit you seeing as how yourself were an ability user. Then your resolve started to soften as your eyes opened wider to the fact that a lot of society's problems came from them. If the day came where you wouldn't see the ultimate result of his plan to the very end... at least it helped. 

But after that night in which you were confronted by the rather unusual man, your mind became bigger. He made you see that without one really trying, the smudge on society will only get bigger until it would be fully enveloped in darkness. 

At that, you took his hand and let him guide you. He kissed your hand and led you on the path of meaning. 


The room was dark; the almost ethereal glow of the full moon through the partially spread curtains offered the only light source. Your fingers dug into the bed, as your gaze followed below the silhouette of him almost obscured by the lack of light. A hiss was released at the sting of sharp steel being dragged down your thigh at an agonizingly slow pace.

It was the red. The darkened rosy color had almost an intoxicating scent as well as it was captivating. Especially running down your smooth quivering thigh. The flat of the blade was pressed against the scarlet substance, smearing it slightly. You chuckled breathily watching the scene unfold until violet eyes slowly ascended to yours. 

"You know, you're very peculiar ," you remarked softly, eyes, though half-lidded, staring down. He stood slowly, a smile playing on his lips. He then took the red tinged blade into his mouth, groaning softly for effect. He bent over slightly in front of the bed, placing both hands on either side of you. A hand reached up to pull the silver from his mouth, which was then placed on your tongue. The taste of him as well as the subtle copper taste of yourself melted in your mouth. You repeated the motions of creating sound of your own as he watched in an hungered manner.

"What was that adage? The one about the kettle and the pot?" He murmured, his sight never leaving your lips. The way it was slowly being  pushed then taken out of your mouth made him gulp. Your lips turned up at the corners and you let out a soft giggle. The blade was then placed beside you on the comforter.

You then moved back on the bed, your eyes never leaving his as he crawled following you. Your legs were spread slightly, for him to move up between them. It was as though he was made for that space. Cupping your cheek, he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. A thumb ran over your face; the subtle chafe of the flesh of his pad from abuse of his teeth had tickled you soft. A moan escaped your mouth, which he took into his own. You were allowed to lie back onto the pillow arching at the sensation of him entering you. 

He groaned at the feeling of his place within you. It was as though you were made for him. 

He began to move, setting his pace. 


As the night went on, the glow of the moon got brighter, shining a light over your bodies moving together in sync. It was rather silly to think so, but you felt like being under a spotlight, the two of you being the stars.  


Being by his side made you feel safe. Not only had he proven himself to be your protector, he allowed himself to be protected.  

In a way. 

You ended up being refuge for him to run to. Whether it be to express what he was feeling, which didn't seem to happen a lot, or to find comfort in your touches. 

Your lips, your voice, cries, pleas grips, all of it.  

You were his refuge as he was yours. 


"Do you have feelings?" You found yourself asking as you walked the streets alongside him. The day was gray; the sky threatened to open up and shower you below. But the air was stuffy, yet tolerable.  

You looked over to him deep in thought with his forefinger between his lips in his signature habit. He only stared ahead thoughtfully scanning the crowd. You followed his line of sight which landed on a group. Stopping in your tracks, your breathing became labored.

The blonde man looked up from talking to what you assumed to be a random civilian. He didn't look your way but the way you felt as though you'd fall, he might as well have walked up to you. He pushed his glasses up in a way only you knew. And found annoying. Panicking you closed your eyes before his head could turn your way.

In an instant, you disappeared. Or rather both you and him. Nausea boiled up from within and you swallowed thickly. His mauve eyes only stared, intently narrowed at your unraveling form. The sight where you moved the two of you was an alleyway. The loud bustle of the city had reduced and you gathered that the two of you were far. Which you thanked your lucky stars for.  

He chuckled darkly.

"Does a demon?"


You couldn't determine how serious he really was.


His response remained that way for a bit whenever you felt the need to ask— cryptic and void of what you needed. If not either, he would clear your head with naught but a kiss in which you would return. It would develop into so much more; by the end, you were left gasping and his name would be thick on your tongue and muttered breathlessly. 



Over time something changed. Maybe it was watching him the first time he laid his hand on someone's head. Watching him mutter the words of salvation to his victims.

 And set them free. 


Maybe it was how he looked at you different from the rest. Despite you being an ability user. 

Maybe it was his touches . The way the two of you would melt into each other every night. 


You wondered if he felt it too.


"Hey," Your eyes gazed at the ceiling, not really seeing. Or thinking. He stirred beside you and you could feel his gaze burning against the side of your head. Still you didn't look at him. 

"Yes?" His voice was soft... soothing. Was it always this way? Perhaps so, and the feeling that had started out as a tiny spark was growing and growing each day. 

You opened your mouth, but no words left you. What exactly was it you we're trying to say? Or ask. From all of the thoughts racing around in your mind at such speed, you could only draw out four. Four words to put together and lie on the table. So what was the issue? 

Shifting yourself, you faced him. His eyes were half-lidded and dark. Beady and piercingly violet. You were surprised that he hadn't brought a digit in between his teeth yet. Instead his forefinger reached to push back a strand of hair behind your ear. The gesture was so... intimate, you couldn't help but sigh into his touches. 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Complex but so simple. You felt that it was as though only the two of you had each other. From the very beginning. That night in the park. As you were staring into the nothing trying to grasp meaning, he approached you with such familiarity. And you indulged him. 

Unbeknownst to you, his plans were something that didn't include you. It was that conversation that made him change his mind and ask for your hand. His goal was to eradicate ability users, to cleanse the world. 

The feelings, in addition to being hopeless, would only complicate things. They don't matter. Especially after a brief conversation a while back on his take on a deep connection..

In response to his question, you kissed him. He was slightly startled and expecting the exchange to be nominal and started to pull away. Disallowing him to do so by your grip in his locks urged his movements to gain intensity. His tongue glided along yours as you moved closer to him, his arm gripping your thigh around his waist. It was your turn to pull away, your reason being the need to breathe, but before doing so, your bottom lip was taken into his mouth. He suckled the flesh before sinking his teeth in and you yelped. The metallic taste you've grown so used to seeped onto your tongue. Finally he let you go, a sly grin playing at his lips. 

It didn't take long for him to take dominance over the exchange. He was now on top of you, rocking into your body at such vigor, you couldn't help the wetness threatening to spill from your eyes. He grunted in your ear with each thrust, and you reciprocated with your own. His name rolled off of your tongue as your own from his. You were one and as he bucked into you, the heat pooling in your abdomen matched his own form of growing pleasure. After one final shove, the two of you fell over the edge, releasing one last cry of the so desired release. 

He moved and you lied in his arms. Your refuge. His safe place was with you.

It was a beat before he finally spoke.


"What were you trying to say?" His tired voice was muffled in your hair. 

You bit your lip, your tongue passing over the sore area in which he caused. Your eyes closed and a smile began to form. 

This was alright.



Chapter Text

l“Umph!” Your landing hard on your back again, stirring up dirt around you. The rubber knife had slipped from your fingers landing a few feet away. A bored sigh left the redhead’s lips as you we’re attempting to recover from nearly having the wind knocked out of you. 

Your fellow classmate was definitely not taking it easy on you—especially since he had you in this position four times before. 

“Maybe you just aren’t cut out for this?” Karma was leaning against a tree as you sat up. His hands flicked up to toss the knife before catching it . 

“Shut up.” 

“And you have yet to make me.” His lips curled up into a shit-eating grin as his golden eyes were trained on you staggering to your feet. God, you hated pairing with the redhead to train. Yes, there was plenty to learn from him, but did he have to be an asshole the entire time? The sarcastic smirk only drove to deeper into the desire to take him down. You straightened and stretched your arms above your head. While you were covered in dirt and soon to be  bruises, Karma had not one scratch on him. All before, you advanced him with half planned lunges with the knife. 

Blade work and close combat was not your forte, but Karasuma insisted that every assassin must learn to broaden and adapt to new techniques. Where you felt you were strongest was long range sniping. In fact, your skill was a close second to Hayami. 

“Givin’ up already?” He pushed off of the tree and assumed position in front of you. He seemed so relaxed and unbothered… all it did was piss you off further. 

“Not a chance.” He raised his eyebrows slightly and his eyes were filled with invitation. Peeking at your knife which was a few feet away, you shook the obvious attack from your mind. Instead, you decided to think smart. Think coy. Think stealth. And that’s when it hit you. 

Think Nagisa. 

You crouched before charging forward. Expecting this, Karma dodged left but you were also planning on this. Rolling down, your leg swiped out and under his causing the male to stumble forward. Within the time it took him to catch himself, you were up and ready behind him, with his own knife proudly in your hand. Frowning, the red head pivoted on his heel before dodging out of your range. He went for your knife and you pouted. Jumping back, you kneeled over with your hands on your knees. 

“I can see right through you and your amusingly predictable advances. It’s actually kind of...cute.” Growling you charged forward recklessly and you actually managed to graze him. Still, he ended up behind you and before you knew it, you were pinned against the tree. Body to body, your struggling only made things worse. Well in your case. In Karma’s the friction of your ass against his groin caused him to bite back a groan. 

“You weren’t lying when you said close range wasn’t your strongest suit.” 

“Yeah yeah okay. You win. Can you release me?” Under other circumstances, you wouldn’t have given up so easily, but just barely you could feel his bulge against your ass. 

“Not so fast. We rarely get to spend any time together.” You scoffed. 

What a lie. Outside of school and training the two of you wasted no time in indulging in the exploration of each other’s bodies. Very few instances you’d duck off into the woods for steamy make-out sessions and even further in times of desperation. But your current location wasn’t completely obscured for you were just along the lining of the trees. Meaning, anyone who was truly paying attention (as in the entire E-class of assassinations to-be). His hand trailed your side before stilling at your breast. Through your top, your nipples could be felt and he smirked at the notion before twisting them roughly between his fingers.

“Gah! Karma… not here” You shuddered as his other hand snaked down into your pants, finding way inside of your panties as well.

“Here is as good as any sweetness.” He purred, taking satisfaction in your whimpers and squirming form. He inserted a digit with little resistance, pumping slow and deep. And you couldn’t help but moan as he then peppered kisses along your nape and sides of your neck. You knew you wouldn’t win against the redhead- close combat training, or opposing risque sexual pleasures. You gave in by pushing against him and Karma chuckled at your new resolve. As a reward, he inserts another finger while keeping the same tempo. His movements were sensual and hot. Even the hand once roughly groping your breast settled into more constrained motions. Karma wanted nothing more than to tear your clothes and fuck you roughly against this very tree, but seeing your diminishing composure from the minimum made him satisfied enough. 

Besides, there was always a next time. 

“What a dirty little girl. You’re okay with the possibility of someone seeing you this way?” 

“N-No bu…” he cut you off by picking up the tempo of his thrusts, circling and scissoring his digits which provided you with intensifying stimulation. Your hips rocked into him, feeling like putty beneath his control. He suddenly pulled out moving his attention to your overly sensitive clit.. Karma’s fingers rolled and rubbed vigorously causing you muffle your cries behind your hand. At this rate, you would come and knowing how sadistic the redhead was, you’d probably be made to go through last period a mess. Karma knew you were close as well for your breathing became more labored and your squirming increased. As a final measure, he shoved his two fingers inside of your cunt thrusting them deeper and wildly as his other hand returned to the harsh treatment of squeezing your nipple through the cloth. 

It hit you quick and the feeling was overwhelming. A loud, but muffled, moan sounded followed by Karma’s snicker and you fell slightly against him, shaking slightly, as you came down from your high. Karma spun you around and attacked your lips with his own, his hands roughly squeezing your thighs. You could feel how hard he was and you wanted to feel his cock fucking viciously inside of your cunt. But it was time to head back to class and you knew he wouldn’t let you off the hook after school was over.

Chapter Text

“You’re laugh is cute.” Atsushi commented before tossing another french fry into his mouth. You blushed furiously and scoffed.

“I just snorted three times dude.” He shrugged and you reached over and grabbed a few fries from the paper cup. Before he could protest, you shoved them into your mouth. The late afternoon was beautiful. After Atsushi was done with his detective duties, the two of you decided to explore the Yokohama entertainment district. Your current destination was a bench on the boardwalk, binging finger food and talking nonsense. It was probably the most fun you’ve had in a while. And you were happy to have shared the evening with the weretiger.

Atsushi had been your friend since childhood. You actually met him in the orphanage and despite the hardships the poor male endured, you never failed to cheer him up with stories, funny impersonations, and consoling him. Years passed and you had awakened to rumors of your friend being kicked out and to say you were distraught was an understatement. For a while, you couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function because of the thought of your friend. A year or so, you left the orphanage partially in search of a better present and future and partially in search of your friend. 

Arriving in Yokohama, you found him by a creek with another young man. The two of you had been ecstatic and in near tears as you embraced one another. You had even made a new friend, Dazai Osamu, who was quite strange in his infatuation of suicide. But nevertheless you were happy.The brunette even treated you to a meal in which was accompanied by another male that went by the name, Kunikida Doppo. Atsushi had then went into hos strange ordeals including the fear or a tiger following him and that peaked your interest because not that long ago, you were almost mauled by one. 

After the meal had ended, The detectives pulled your friend aside and were whispering hushly to one another. Much to your dismay, Atsushi parted ways with you, following the agents to wherever they were going. Following that day, craziness began and you soon came to know that Atsushi was in fact the tiger. Still, you stayed by his side through thick and thin, even through situations that almost caused him his life. And in some instances, yours, for doing so. 

“What are you thinking about?” His voice was soft but effective in snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“Just about our crazy time together.”A chill fluttered your clothes and you shivered, prompting the male to pull you closer into his side. You blushed at the gesture but snuggled into his side. He chuckled and looked up pink and orange sky, thinking of no better place he’d rather be.

“It’s been a ride, hasn’t it?”

Chapter Text

“Stay behind me.” His voice was low as he gave you the simple command. You were behind him crouched and alert, which a hand on your sword. After a few beats of a second, he moved swiftly behind another corner wall before signalling for you to follow.

The two of you were currently in an abandoned hotel on the ground level. Abandoned was a loose term given how almost mint condition the area seemed to be.Currently under the blue king’s orders, you were sent with your comrade Saruhiki Fushimi on a mission to gather intel on what was rumored to be a green clan base. If the rumor was true to an extent, this building could be one of plenty of their bases. While, as said, these were rumors, your superior saw absolutely no reason to pass up the opportunity to look into it. 

You were fairly new to Scepter Four and while everyone had been welcoming- well as welcome as the blue clan could be under their stoic nature- there was one individual who seemed to be a bit more standoffish. And he was who you were currently with now. Though you worked alongside him a couple times before, there always seemed to be something that you did to piss him off. Though nominal, he made it his mission to cut into with his words.

“Could you breathe anymore louder? You’ll give away our position.” he whispered causing your cheeks to burn in embarrassment. You sunk back after meekly responding with, “S-sorry.”

“Seems to be a bit late for that, no?” Said a chilling voice breaking the silence. Chuckles followed and your fellow clansmen knew there was more than one jungle member present. He cursed under his breath and threw a dark look behind you and straightened. He held his sword ready as he walked into the spacious area and you sighed before following suit. In front of the two of you, stood six jungle members, helmet bound, but nevertheless intimidating. They stood in formation where the individual in the front seemed bulkier and more daunting than the rest.

“Just two? Boys, we’ll be out of here in no time,” He took out what was assumed to be a smartphone and waved it.

“I know your worth. I need to gain rank,” He motioned with his head and all members charged forward. Two came your way as the other three plowed towards Fushimi. 

“Don’t take it personal.”

You were made to dive out of the way as a member charged forward with a bat in tow. He swung and it startled you causing him to miss you by mere inches. Another member rushed you with the same weapon and this time you were fully aware of it. You rolled beside him and straightened before turning and swiping at his leg with your blade. He cursed aloud and limped away, giving opportunity for his comrade to rush you again. You focused on his swings; he seemed sloppy and uncoordinated for his own heated adrenaline was what was driving him in his advances. 

You used this to your advantage deciding to keep dodging and only strike when he was too slow to correct himself. From your left, you heard the low curses of both your comrade and the other Jungle members that he was dealing with. His snide and taunting remarks were those you found comfort in for you knew this fight would be over in no time. You had faith in him for his excellency in combat were one of many attributes you found endearing. Probably a bit more than normal. The limping Jungle member came back around, letting off a battle cry as his bat swung back and forth haphazardly. Of course you dodged and you turned so that you we’re behind him. You sword hit him in the back of his knee and he buckled to the floor. You smirked but the victory was short lived when you felt blunt force hit you shoulder. You gasped and staggered, unable to recollect your balance. 

“Focus! What the hell are you doing?” You heard Fushimi’s voice and you tried to pivot from your foot to charge, but the wooden weapon hit you again, this time in your side. You crumpled to the floor on your knees, but you refused to give up. Using your sword to lean on as you tried you stand, you saw the enemy’s boot coming straight for your face before you were embraced by nothingness.


“Man I’m definitely gonna be G rank now! Especially with the help of this pretty one.” 

You groaned and deemed it difficult to move. When your sight adjusted, you saw that you were in a dank warehouse, which you assumed to be another base. Surrounding you were the members of the green clan, all staring down at you. You groaned, pulling at your bound hands and you winced at the pain in your wrists of them digging into the flesh.

More than anything you couldn’t help but think how stupid you were. You should’ve kept quiet to avoid detection. Should’ve known better than to take more than one guy on. Should’ve fought alongside of your comrade instead of letting pride get the best of you. 

Coming back from your senses, you heard heavy footsteps approaching and a masked Jungle member crouched with a blade in his hand. 

“I have to kill you quickly before the others come.” He said lowering the weapon to your throat. Closing your eyes you were about to accept your fate, when a crash sounded next to you. Looking at the source was a jungle member sprawled and bleeding from the head. You snapped your head to the now present commotion of a fight. The member near you scoffed and stood, charging towards the group. You couldn’t see exactly who they were fighting at first until you heard,

“So you people are slow as well as hideous.” 

It was Fushimi. He had come to your aid. A shout of pain sounded and three men were knocked to the floor, unmoving. There was one more which was the individual who was going to kill you. Swiftly Fushimi dodged a blow and smirked before his came down with his sword.  With an umph, the assailant staggered and the male gave his final blow with a hard kick to the abdomen.

“I-over here!” You called. Your comrade turned around with a frown on his face and made his way towards you. The way his face was hardened, you thought you were the next victim he’d use his sword on, and the thought of this caused you to wince as he swiped down. 

After your binds had been undone, and the men had been defeated, Fushimi spun on his heel and marched in the direction of the exit without giving you so much as a look. You shakily got to your feet and retrieved your sword and followed behind him in silence. It was until the two of you opened the doors revealing the evening sky and cool breeze when he said something.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Fushimi mumbled angrily. You sighed, not bothering to respond. You’ve had enough time to inwardly curse your decisions in the time you were bound. You didn’t need to be lectured. Still, you had to say something; he was your superior for one and two he’d think you were incompetent to understanding.

“I apologize for my ignorance in combat,” He stopped and turned to look at you and your bowed head. “I just thought I could take them.” You didn’t raise your head but you heard his footsteps and saw his boots stop directly in front of you.

“In Scepter Four, we have no room for errors such as yours,” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as you straightened. “I was worried about you.”

“Really?” Face brightening, a blush crept on your face and his as well and he grunted before turning around to continue walking.

“Don’t let it happen again.” During the walk back to Scepter Four’s base, you stayed behind him for you didn’t want the male to see the grin you had on your face. It was just as well because Fushimi didn’t want you to see his reddened cheeks.


Chapter Text

“From this day forward, you are mine. Understood?” 

You nodded and pulled slightly at your bound hands as if checking for them to have been loosened. They hadn’t. You then felt a soft peck against your neck. You gasped at the sudden feeling that simple gesture ignited deep within your body. Everywhere your eyes darted reflected blackness. The blindfold that was put on you started to feel uncomfortable given circumstances.

You felt the bed give up; Jumin’s presence was no longer near you. You could finally breathe. You heard shuffling. Then the distinctive sound of buttons clattering and you gulped.

"God, you’re so beautiful. If you could see yourself. More exquisite than any cat for that matter.” He exclaimed.

You felt your face grow hot as fingertips pressed against your calves. Then your shins, to your knees stopping at your thighs.

“J-Jumin?” You’re usual defined and strong voice abandoned and replaced with this submissive side surprised you.

“Yes my dear..” he muttered. His hands ventured forward just brushing your heat. You bucked against the restraints and whimpered. You heard a low chuckle.

“You appear to be excited.”

You let out a whimper as his thumb pressed against your swollen clit. A finger slipped easily inside of your wetness. Instinctively, your legs closed slightly at this.

“Tsk, this won’t do.” He moved your legs apart and he settled in between them. He pushed his finger back inside you earning moans.

“Now, I usually never thought of doing this, but it’s something about you. I just need a taste…” At the mention of your name you felt his breath against your wetness. Then, a long and sensual strip against your pussy causes you gasp deeply. He chuckled before he spread your folds apart, completely devouring you. You bucked against his mouth which made him all the more excited.

“Uhnn...Jumin!” His tongue worked skillfully inside you. Though he’s spoke as if this was new to him, he caught on making you fall undone underneath him. Your clit was taken between his lips and he began suckling the bud gently. Your struggles became more frantic; you needed to feel him. His hair, his skin, him inside of you. It now felt as if the blindfold was searing against your face; a torturous reminder of what you couldn’t see. But you felt him enter a finger into you, pumping his digits slowly.

“Jumin,” you panted. Your eyes were closed so tightly it was almost painful.

H hummed and pushed a digit into you, making your eyes widen and blur in stars. You moan or him rather obnoxiously and in delight, he added another finger and was curling them both inside of you.  All you could do in that delicious moment was moan his name incoherently. The familiar knot began to form deep within. You needed you wanted this. And he was gonna give it to you.

Suddenly he pulled back, causing groans of protest. You sank back into the mattress catching your breath. Why? Why was he messing with you like this? You felt the blindfold go slack, then lift from your face. First thing you were met with was Jumin Han’s devilish grin. His mouth moist with remains of you. He reached above you and after a few clicks, your hands were released.

They instantly flew around his neck, pulling him close as your lips pressed onto his. His hand gripped your waist as you both fell back into the mattress, sinking into a frenetic bliss.. He groaned as your leg pushed him closer. You just wanted to feel him. Give in to what felt like the devil himself. He pulled back.

“What are you doing to me?” His steel eyes bored into yours as he gripped his erection. You replied with a grasp as he rubbed it against your slick folds.

“I love you Jumin.” You stated sincerely. Just for a second, you saw an unfamiliar glint in his eyes…almost primal. Without warning he pushed his full length inside of you. Your nails dug reflexively into his back. Without giving you time to adjust, he began to move. He grabbed your thighs and pushed upwards, giving you no choice but to take all he had.

The sounds of ragged breathing, moans, grunts, and skin against skin filled the room. His didn’t let up as he pounded into you relentlessly letting passion, love, anger, dominance..lust overpower him. Pain quickly became pleasure as he repeatedly hit against your sweet spot over and over again.

“Hah..hah..Jumin, I’m gonna..” And with that you closed your eyes as you fell apart, exploding in ecstasy and embracing what you’ve been longing for this whole time.. no for what felt like an eternity.He quickly pulled out and in one swift motion, you were on your stomach. Not missing a beat, he was inside of you again. His nails dug into your hips. Low obscenities escaping him and as quick as you rode out your high another knot was forming. You clenched your teeth together.

“You..are mine.. Mine to.. me only..”

“Y-yes” you groaned.

“Only I..I can make you feel this good,”

He pulled you up and kissed your shoulder. His thrusts became frantic and sloppy as he continued to abuse your pussy. Your arm reached back and hooked around the side of his head. You felt him shiver as he hit down on your shoulder. Jumin was close. And so were you. After a few final thrusts he released as you were coming for your third time. He quaked as he filled you, you felt the heat drip down your thighs.

Then you fell forward, a heaving mess. You felt his arms tighten around you. After a few minutes you turned to face him. A thin layer of perspiration coated him. His usual neat to slightly disheveled hair was now a mess; sticking up in awkward places and matted in others. His eyes were bright yet tired but full of endearment and satisfaction. His lips were slightly swollen from your attack on them earlier. You grinned widely as he brushed a strand of hair from your eyes.

“I love you too.” He said lovingly. You placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Your eyes then became heavy as you dozed softly and happily at the reality of being in your lover’s arms.

Chapter Text


  • Dazai Osamu is a hopeless romantic
  • His light-hearted and goofy side is much too be appreciated
  • Expect small tokens of his love like chocolates and flowers being mailed to your job
  • He is a touchy boyfriend—whether it's holding your hand, laying his head on your shoulder, laying his head in your lap, or just straight up snuggling
  • He loves showing you off
  • He will create any excuse to be by your side
  • Dates? A simple walk around town would do for him. If he wants you to feel extra special however, he will buy you a beautiful evening gown and take you to the most exquisite restaurant
  • There won't be a day that goes by where he doesn't tell you (or other people) how much you mean to him
  • He will always be there for you despite the low
  • He loves giving you unexpected kisses
  • Cuddles!




  • In public, if he's feeling needy, he will whisper dirty nothings into your ear causing a blush to adorn your face
  • He is not above fucking you in semi-public places. In fact the thrill of getting caught makes it all the more exciting
  • Eating you out has to be in the top tier things he loves to do. The taste of you drives him mad for more
  • In the bedroom, Dazai is passionate, carnal, a beast
  • Dazai loves marking you with bite-marks and hickies. He doesn't care if they're visible, as long as other will see that you're his
  • He is into restraining you in a way where he can do as he wishes—so expect handcuffs or simply his tie
  • The brunette enjoys teasing you in a way where you're either on the brink of tears and/or begging him
  • He loves being in control though sometimes he likes it when you take the lead sometimes
  • His favorite position is missionary because he loves looking at the crazed look in your eyes when he's fucking you deep
  • At times where you're taking the lead, he goes crazy at you riding him, finding the view of your breasts bouncing in his vision to be satisfying
  • He's open for exploring new things or kinks



Bonus — Aftercare

  • He will carry you bridal style into a drawn bath
  • Expect massages a feathered kisses on every inch of your body. Even the areas where he's left marks and bruises
  • Cuddles!

Chapter Text

“Seven…I want you.”

Her hands ran fervently against his thighs before gripping his slacks and pulling them down along with his boxers. Eyes gazed up, filled with utter lust and a low gasp was made when her hands grasped his half-hard erection. He tensed, his lifeless eyes now appearing more lively than ever. Licking his lips, his pupils dilated as he watched his girlfriend lower her mouth onto him. Her tongue pressed flat alongside his shaft, moving to and fro, coating his cock with the glisten of her saliva.

Once at the top, her mouth then encased his tip, swirling her tongue. She groaned as she slowly took more of his length, feeling him grow and harden in her mouth. Eyes full of earnest, she watched the redhead come undone, writhing under the suction of her lips and hollowed cheeks. She pressed deeper until she felt the slight sensation of his ginger hairs on her face and her eyes began to water.

“Sh-shit…” Seven hissed, followed by a low groan as she retracted completely, creating the distinctive pop when he was released from her mouth. Hands moved up and down his now fully erected cock, twisting every now and then. He threw his head back, his breathing quickening with the pace of each thrust of her soft hands. [Y/N] quickened her pace gradually, giving a subtle squeeze, causing him to almost thrust into her palms.

Mouth returning, his hips bucked into her causing a muffled noise of surprise. The sound stroked a primitive spark in him and strong hands gripped her locks, pushing her down to the hilt. It was proven that she could handle all of him and he wasn’t exactly average. But the forcefulness of him against her throat made her gag. His grip tightened slightly as he began flexing his hips against her mouth.

“Fu.. your mouth is so.. good.” The choppy praise only made her stomach flutter for his approbation was her primary goal. She regained her dominant intent and she began moaning. Taken aback slightly he lost his momentum and cursed underneath his breath. Seven felt himself totally losing his mind each second in this state.

“G-get up..” he gasped, shakily trying to keep himself from coming. They both stood and hurriedly discarded their clothing. Wrapping his digits around her neck he pulled her in for a kiss, his tongue gliding across hers. In one swift motion , she was then pinned underneath him, their mouths still connected. Hands roamed ravenously over each other’s bodies, the room filling with noises of intimacy. Seven then pulled away to grip the base of his cock and began moving the tip along [Y/N]’s moist folds, lathering his head with her arousal. She mewled, gripping his shoulders, her eyes filled with darkened lust.

“Say…say you want me.” Seven muttered, his golden eyes staring down intensely. His cheeks reddened at the notion that he felt he still needed emotional validation despite how prominent her love was for him. Nevertheless her hand reached up to caress his face lovingly and muttered what he wanted to hear as a push for him to continue. He shoved himself into her, groaning at how tightly she clenched him. After a few seconds of adjustment and just to marvel the beautiful being beneath him, he begin to move, sighing at how well he fit her.

Eyes trailed her face which was twisted in ecstasy. Over and over he muttered words of adoration and how much he loved her, in which she replied with unintelligible noises, focusing on how he was making her feel. The room was filled with heavy breathing, sounds of pleasure, and skin against skin. As he watched her expressions, carnal desire arose from him, causing his hand to find its place around her neck. He shifted his position, using his other hand to grip her thigh, pushing it out wider.

The force behind his thrusts intensified, dragging out sudden bursts of shouts from her. He gritted his teeth as his hips continued slamming against hers. [Y/N] noticed his demeanor change into that familiar hunger; gold eyes cold and narrowed, slightly opened mouth set in a scowl. The force of him repeatedly hitting her g-spot caused an arising sensation deep within. She clenched around him, causing him to curse beneath his breath at how close he was. Hips bucking into her a few more times were followed by a final cry of release at respective octaves. [Y/N] twitched, feeling the pulsing of his cock still within her as he milked himself of all that was left.

After a few seconds, he pulled out and collapsed beside her, pulling her body close. His fingers reached up, coiling around her locks as she leaned lovingly into his touch. After a while, fatigue began to claim her and she fought against the desire to close her eyes.

“You love me right?” Seven whispered. Her eyes strained open to the sound of his voice. Offering a soft smile, she said, “Of course I do, my love.” He watched as her eyes closed a final time, the only thing on his mind were those agonizingly long seconds before she had replied.

Chapter Text

“Little Red?” A voice cooed in the dark, husky and impatient. From the distance, you could hear the faint noises of the main party going on. And you would have been there, if it not had been for Dazai and his not-so-subtle hints as well as your game. You ran into the office, taking post beside the door, stifling your giggle into your hand. It wouldn’t be long before he found you. As you were afraid and excited of what he’d do once he did.


It started when you had shown up to the Halloween costume party, clad in naught but a Red Riding Hood costume. When you purchased the outfit online, you hadn’t expected it to be so…sexy. Your chest was made noticeable in the snug upper portion as the dress fell just above your knees. In the package was also a pair of fishnet stockings and a cape. Adorning the costume were a pair of knee high boots, as though it could tone the look down a bit. Instead it went the complete opposite direction.

A week prior to the event, you spoke to your colleague and boyfriend about doing something together and you expected to see him in a wolf costume. And you were not disappointed. Dazai had shown up in what appeared to be a casual black suit. His hair was wild messy giving him that sexy untamed look. The only features resembling anything to what was planned were a pair of gray ears and a tail.

In addition to the crazed hunger in his eyes when he looked at you.

All throughout the party, you received looks from the rest of the ADA members. It wasn’t ill. They were just surprised at the direction you decided to go in regards to your Halloween costume. You brushed it off with a laugh.

The party was nice, having been more guests than usual, You were enjoying yourself in the music and the conversations. Except the same couldn’t really be said about your boyfriend. For one, the way you were carrying yourself when compliments were showered upon you made him glower a bit. Especially since most of those comments were made by males which, as though sensing his sour aura, would quickly excuse themselves.

But Dazai didn’t really feel a type a way until he noticed your demeanor change from the shots you were throwing back. He noticed a more loosened and giggly vibe and under his own slight buzz he couldn’t have found anything sexier. And that’s when it started. At first it was small, being a hasty kiss placed on your cheek, neck, and chin every now and then. But you didn’t think of the gesture as anything but cute. However, when you sat down at a table and Dazai took his seat next to you, a warm hand squeezed your thigh, and after looking in his direction, you knew.

Deciding to indulge him, you widened your legs just a bit and his face lit up. But it fell into a poker face as he traveled higher until you closed your legs teasingly. You heard a low growl from him in which he covered up with a clearing of his throat. Across from you was Kunikida, face flushed and words slightly slurred as he spoke impassioned about the troubles of society and beside him was Yasano staring intently at him with that look in her eyes.

Dazai then gripped your upper thigh and the rough and sudden action causes you to gasp slightly causing Kunikida to pause.

“Tha-That’s terrible.” You said quickly.

“Indeed it is. Now what I have also noticed…” As he continued, you threw Dazai a look in which he returned with a pointed one of his own. Your legs fell apart once more and his finger paused at your heat. Turning again in your direction, his brow shot up at the notion you weren’t wearing any panties under your stockings. You had known beforehand he would try something and decided last minute to ditch them.

As his digit ran along your lower lips, you resisted the urge to release any noises. It was getting to be a bit much after a bit when he focused primarily on rubbing your clit and the friction of the material of fishnets had you almost wanting to come. Suddenly, you closed your legs completely and stood, announcing you had to use the restroom. Dazai stared after you, mouth slightly agape at what you just did but he knew what you were playing at. He took another swig of his drink before silently making his leave from the table as well.


The act of defiance was what had you in the current situation.

In the distance a door creaked, effectively snapping you out of your thoughts. You couldn’t help but feel as though you were in a horror film being hunted by the predator. And just like the girls in those movies, you felt the hair on your arms raise and your heart beat faster, signifying he was close.

“Boo.” He was bedside you, looming over your frame by the door.

You stumbled back until you felt the hard press of a desk digging into your back. In the dark, you saw the silhouette of the man as he closed the door. When Dazai got closer, the sight of him sent shivers down your spine.

“I caught you.” He whispered.

“Yes you did,” You breathed as his hands grabbed your hips.

“What will you do…Mr. Wolf?”

He growled deeply at the name before attacking your neck with bites. His actions were driven primally by everything you had put him through that evening. Dazai then swiped an arm across the desk, causing various items as well as papers fall to the floor before he lifted you up onto the surface. He then wasted no time in ripping your stockings so there was a gaping hole exposing your glistening womanhood.

Immediately, his digit was inserted, thrusting deep into you as his lips found yours. You whimpered against him, moving your hips in sync and at this, the brunette chuckled. Another finger was added, curling and scissoring with the other inside of your cunt. Pulling away, he lowered himself so that he was level with your heat. Dazai was immediately met with the aroma of your feminine musk and he licked his lips, letting out a shaky breath.

Without further wait, he replaced his fingers with his tongue, delving deeper into you. Instantly, your hand gripped his locks, grounding his face into your pussy. Dazai was in heaven, being enveloped by nothing but your slick and your scent and it urged his movements to intensify. Under the buzz of the alcohol and pleasure, you were feeling giddy and even more so the way Red felt once encountering the Wolf in the old tale. Deciding to play along with chance, you said,

“Mmm…what a greedy mouth you have.” You almost giggled at him pausing and your grip loosened just a bit to allow him to reply. His eyes met yours and the darkness in them made your heart skip a beat.

“All the better to devour you with, naughty girl.” He returned to his ministrations, circling your clit with his tongue before going back to thrusting into you. Dazai deepened the strokes of his tongue, lapping up up your readily flowing juices and savoring the taste. Before long, your orgasm washed over you, dragging out a low moan. Straightening, he made sure he was close enough for you to see him swipe his tongue over his lips in a way that made your pussy throb in need.

Pulling you down from the desk, he turned you around and roughly bent you over. A loud rip broke the silence followed by your squeal. By now, the hole was larger than before and your ass was now fully visible. Hearing the glorious clinking of his belt and shuffling of his slacks falling were music to your ears and you whined in anticipation. He was against you in an instant, grounding your ass in his hand.

“So dirty, Little Red,” He spoke low and taunting as the bulging head of his cock traced along your moistened lips.

“Teasing me…denying me… What should I do with you?” Your body pushed back against him and he groaned. He was feeling avid and the desire to be inside of you, fucking you into the night, was almost painful.

“Whatever you want…Wolf.” The comment threw him off, and he choked on whatever sniping comment was going to arise. So he wasted no time in unsheathing his length inside of you, groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him. His cock stretched you out, the same as it always did. And it was sensational as it always was.

It took him a second to move, in fear that if he were to try to do so, he’d come on the spot. But hearing you whimper in need made him eager, so he did. He pushed to his hilt and gritted his teeth at you tightening every now and then around his cock. He fucked into you slow and sensual wanting to savor you just like this; drunk in a scanty Red Riding Hood costume, submitted completely to him, the big bad Wolf.

Your big bad Wolf.

After a bit, he swiftly pulled out and turned you around, lifting you into the spot you were in prior followed by a sloppy kiss on your lips. The action was reckless causing him to miss slightly and he pulled back before diving in as greedily as before, the exchange being a mixture of gasps and groans.

Aligning himself once more, the slickness of his cock rubbed against your swollen clit, sending shocks throughout your body. You were allowed to breathe, but the sound was ragged. The darkness in the office lightened some, for the light of the moon crept against the walls and the floor, spilling a pale white glow in the office.

Finally, since you have been in the room, you could see the beast for what it appeared to be in those deep brown eyes.

He smirked before shoving his cock inside you once more, causing a cry to escape you.

“Fuck!” You cried at the sudden action which had blinded your vision slightly.

“Mhm…” He responded, finding satisfaction in your sounds, which you were so desperately trying to suppress. Your hands were buried in his locks as you tried to hold on for he picked up speed and as if this wasn’t providing you with enough, his mouth latched onto the crook of your neck, biting and sucking the skin harshly.

You cried out once more, your senses only blind to all but the sound of his hips colliding against your own, the warning creaks of the desk, and the sharp inhalations and exhalations of the two of you. Pushing you back, your leg was taken and hooked over his shoulder, providing him deeper access. The only thing you could do was stare into the eyes of the beast above you as you grew nearer and nearer to unraveling. Over and over again his cock plunged into you vigorously, creating an almost painful sting of his balls hitting your ass.

You were so close, you could taste it, aside from the subtle coppery taste of the result of biting your lip. It didn’t take long before he hit that sweet spot inside of you that drove you closer.

“There…please…!” You cried and he obliged, angling himself so that each thrust thereafter eventually caused your visible surroundings to blur and you to muffle your final cry into your palm. There was nothing in that moment except the respective releases of ecstasy that seemingly came in waves. Watching you come undone before and beneath him, Dazai’s movements became erratic until he stilled, groaning deeply and muttering obscenities.

The feeling of his hot come spilling into you only added onto your intense euphoria. The two of you didn’t move, didn’t speak for a moment as you came down from your highs. The two of you remained in a panting and huffing mess, just enjoying being connected for a moment longer.

As if on cue, a swell of laughter sounded from the party, as though a veil of the rest of the world had been lifted from the two of you. Begrudgingly, he pulled out of you and you watched him clumsily reach for his pants and put them on. After getting himself together, Dazai looked at you still sitting there with your legs slightly agape. Your costume was a mess; your stockings were adorning various large holes due to the wild movements and purposeful tears, the dress was wrinkled and your hair was slightly messy.

The sight of your form made his groin throb and suddenly the desire to get you home and fuck you some more over took him. Seeing the look in his eyes, you blushed slightly and moved from the table. Straightening your dress the best you could, you then turned to see the mess the two of you would be leaving the room. Dazai shrugged, mumbling he’d deal with Kunikida in the morning and grabbed your hand to lead you from the office.

Back where the party was, no one noticed the two of you appear or make a beeline for the door. If anyone had seen Dazai locating his jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders as the two of you made your way towards the exit, they didn’t question it.

The night was chilly. But not as chilly as that hungered look in the beast’s eyes. A look you were looking forward to seeing once more.

Chapter Text

The sound of dishes smashing against the floors was deafening. The noise carried throughout the entire manor causing the three other house aids to grimace. In the room of Ciel Phantomhive, his eyes closed and he sighed, for regret was starting to cloud his mind in hiring you— the new maid.

Sebastian bowed gracefully. “I will see to it that the mess will be cleaned young master.” 

“Make sure that you do. I have little patience left.” He waved off. Sebastian then walked out shutting the door behind him with a soft click. He pulled at his gloves as he walked down the hallways, a devilish grin on his face.

When he arrived at the kitchen door he heard groans of complaints.

“I’m going to be done for sure this time...” You whined, brushing glass pieces onto a dustpan.

“I’m sure you won’t. The young master is lenient. During my recent years I was such a klutz and Sebastian had to—”

The butler opened the door and the conversation stopped. Mei-Ren stood nervously. You kept your head low as your hands shook to pick up the rest of the glass. The feeling of an intense gaze was burning through the top of your head. 

“You may go. I shall handle this.” Sebastian’s velvety voice remained low, his eyes glued on your crouched form. Mei-Ren gave a reassuring glance towards you and bowed quickly. After the quickly retreating footsteps, the room was quiet except for the soft sound of clinking glass shards. 

The intense bore of the butler’s gaze was enough to cause you to shiver slightly.

“Stand please,” Sebastian instructed, his red eyes trailing your very movements; he noticed your quickened breathing and how your eyes never seemed to look his way when spoken to. He saw the light tinge of pink in your cheeks, something he had grown used to seeing when he was around you. 

You clasped your hands in front of your body, ready to endure whatever verbal penalty was sure to be made. This wasn’t your first offense. Countless of glassware had been destroyed by your hand, not to mention the mistakes you’ve made since you were hired by the young master. From nearly burning down the manor due to attempted meal, to using the wrong chemicals in the garden. All resulting in Sebastian’s stern dispraises. 

He began to move towards you, stepping over the few shards remaining on the floor. Subconsciously, you took a step back, followed by more until you hit the wall with a gasp. 

Sabastian brought his hand to his mouth, swiftly biting the fingertip of his glove and pulling it off, all the while his gaze never left yours. Leaving the glove on his left hand, he pressed both against the wall. He could hear the accelerated beating in your chest cavern as his face lowered towards yours. He was never going to admit this to any mortal, but he a part of him was looking forward to another slip up from you. Ever since the young lord hired you, your entire being intrigued him. On more accounts than one, the need for self restraint became nearly intangible when you were around. He knew humans were creatures who could not reject temptation. Never had he thought he would be acting just like them. 

His eyes held a dark glint in them as his lips stretched into a grin. 

“That set was a favorite of the young lord,” 

“I’m sorry! I slipped on...something and I really tried to catch my fall, but I only ended up making things worse.” 

“Yes, the ordeal is really unfortunate. The entire glass set was a precious family heirloom.” The demon lied, which was proven to be effective given the horror stricken look on your face. You were on the verge of tears and your lips parted to let out a soft sigh. Sebastian brought a finger under your chin, pulling your head up in his direction. For the first time, you were made to look into his piercing eyes and you gulped. 

“I’m sure I can come up with a reason for the destruction of the valuables.” His eyes shone mischievously and a second later, it hit you. And he knew that you were not going to reject the offer. In return, his knee jutted upwards, dragging out a gasp from you at the sudden movement and the friction against your heat. He smirked and lowered his sight to the rise and fall of your chest, zeroing in on your breasts. 

“Lift your uniform and turn around.” His order was low and straight to the point, sending a shiver down your spine. He stepped back, allowing you to do so and once you were facing the wall, your cheeks heated up in how vulnerable you were now before the butler. A second or so later, you felt cool air hitting your heat and you whimpered, turning your head slightly. You then felt strong hands taking hold on your hips, gripping them in a way that sent dull pain throughout your legs. 

“Face the wall.”

Sebastian moved closer, licking his lips at the scent of your femininity. It was different and he was intrigued. His finger hooked through the side of your panties, pulling them taut and exposing your glistening lower lips. He leaned forward, giving you a quick and experimental lick, causing you to release a not-so-quiet cry.

“I would strongly suggest keeping your voice down, yes? We wouldn’t want an audience.” He chuckled before returning his mouth to your pussy. You quickly clenched your uniform dress in one hand as the other covered your mouth, muffling your moans. His tongue flattened against you, teasing your clit before trailing back until it disappeared inside of you, writhing and thrusting against your walls. Your body was growing flush as he worked his mouth against you. 

Sebastian’s movements started off as sensual and graceful, much like his surface personality. But each second his senses spent engulfed in your heat ignited something primal in him. His refined technique was abandoned and replaced with one less coordinated but more enthusiastic nonetheless. 

Subconsciously, his fingers dug deeper into your hips releasing more added pleasure than pain. Obscene wet noises arose, synchronizing with your low moans. A hand left your hip to push past your folds and curled upwards, effectively sending a shock through your body resulting in a cry this time. Sebastian hummed, taking the action into memory and his ministrations seemingly went lazy. At this point, it wouldn’t take much more for you to come and he knew this repeating the action again. 

His face pushed deeper against you, his tongue nudging your clit and at the same time curling his finger and this is what sent you over the edge. The noise that escaped wasn’t suppressed behind your palm. Your thighs quivered as you calmed down, whimpering as the butler gave you a final few strokes before standing. Now more than before, you wanted to feel him, see him, touch him as he ravaged you with what he had to offer. Turning around slightly, you caught a glimpse of the disheveled look on his face before gripping your hips again, harder than the last which was intended to be a warning. 

“You still refuse to listen.” His breath was ticking your ear, tone menacing. Before you could come up with some half thought out excuse, he unsheathed his length into you, stilling once at the hilt. Not knowing when he had the time to release himself, you gasped at the sudden intrusion as you shifted and tightened around his size.

He sighed, strumming his fingers on your hips before pulling out and pushing into you firmly. His movements formed a rhythm as you were rocked against the wall. By now, your hand fell from your mouth and was instead placed on the surface in front of you with the other. Movements increasing in speed as well as forcefulness, moans poured from you, wafting through the kitchen and you could only hope that’s where they’ll remain.

Sebastian grunted before yanking your hands behind you, your wrists gripped under his one hand at the small of your back. Sebastian reverted to fucking you with reckless abandon, his own breathing just barely ragged. You, however were a mess, your vision blurred with wetness, your voice producing a mantra of the butler’s name as a desired pressure began to build up within you. Over and over, his thrusts hit that sweet spot within you that pushes you closer and closer to that release. 

One final push into your core caused you to cry out as your orgasm finally washed over you. Delicious aftershocks took hold of you, controlling your convulsions as you clenched repeatedly around Sebastian’s cock. You couldn’t see the subtle twist of his features as he approached euphoria as well. Following suit soon after, his hot come spilled into you in copious amounts, filling you until you felt it drip down your thighs. 

He pulled out and your legs buckled slightly before he chuckled and you were spun around. He was altogether; his clothes remained as immaculate as they were when he walked in, his face as fair skinned and void of sweat or any indication of vigorous activity. Meanwhile, you knew you looked a complete mess if not obvious. Sebastian cocked his head and smiled a bright smile, one not at all matching the devilish glint in his red eyes. 

“Despite how pleasurable this lesson has been, take heed and be more aware of your actions. The young master would not appreciate any more trouble from you.”

You nodded, not knowing what else to say or do. 

After that encounter in the kitchen, your mistakes and slip-ups had been reduced to very little occurrences. 

“See I knew you’d get the hang of things!” Mei-Ren had beamed. 

“Maybe I’ll let you cook something small again. Seeing how much you improved and all.” Baldroy had praised, fanning a smoking pot. 

Each of the house aids were ultimately pleased you were doing better than you had been before. Even Ciel seemed content, but not surprised knowing Sebastian had a hand in it. The butler was delighted as well, rewarding your improvements with favorable pleasures every now and again...

Chapter Text

“Stein, can’t you loosen these a bit—I mean.” You tugged at the leather straps again as though it had come undone in the midst of your complaints, but you still felt leather bite into your skin. The man didn’t acknowledge you; his cold hands ran up the length of your legs before spreading them, exposing how wet your were. His eyes met yours for a split second before he leaned up towards you. 

He’d rather look you in your eyes doing what he’s about to do. 

“St-ahh” his finger ran along the length of your pussy, his silver eyes drinking in the twisted look on your face. You bit your lip, letting out a long groan as he continued running his finger along your cunt, slicking up his fingers with your already flowing arousal. You wanted nothing more than to have him kissing you, fucking you, or just merely whispering dirty nothings into your ear while he did a mix of all of the above. But you knew you were to remain there while he had his fun trying new or old things with his lab rat, his pet, his love. 


He smirked, seeing how undone you were becoming from just the minimal act, and finally, he slid past your lips inside of you. 

“Sensitive…” he mumbled to no one in particular. He moved back down so his head was in between your legs. After his lips feathered a few kisses on your thighs, he licked a long stripe from your entrance to your clit, pressing down hard causing you to shudder deeply.

Stein then captured the sensitive bud in between his lips, sucking hard which had you arching into his mouth. Your lips parted to mutter his name and his two digits thrusted in and out of you. The scientist groaned in the way you’re mewling and gasping beneath his mouth. He loved you this way—restrained and hindered to do anything but endure whatever was planned. 

“Stein! Please…” Silver eyes glanced up towards your pleading ones and he lifted his mouth from you, promptly swiping his tongue over his damp lips. 

“Hm?” His eyes bored into yours before his tongue ventured forward again, flicking your clit coyly. His fingers pushed deeper, methodically spreading apart inside of you. When you worked up a rhythm, you fell back, getting used to his movements as you prepared yourself for your arising orgasm. But then he called your name, causing your eyes to return to his once more. His eyes  shone sadistically, causing your breath to hitch slightly. A third finger teased your cunt before easing in with no resistance due to your slick. He slowed down his thrusting, allowing you to get used to more than two fingers inside of you. He grinned as he watched your hips jutt slightly to intercept his fingers.

“Interesting…” He murmured before returning his attention back to your clit. His digits spreaded and curled, rubbing against the ridges against your walls. The feeling was amazing, you felt so full and stretched out, your orgasm couldn’t be that far off. It continued this way until the scientist retracted his hand and examined his fingers. Spreading them apart he licked his lips at the sight of your slick webbing in between his digits. He looked back up at you before chuckling darkly.

“Think you can take another?” Inwardly, you knew where this was heading and a part of you didn’t think you could. Yet you nodded and whined like a whore, prompting him to ease all three fingers back in. Your mouth was agape when you saw him push in a forth and you squealed at the new-found stretch.

“Oh-Oh my God... Stein! ” You arched against the hard and cool table at the feeling of his deft and thick fingers picking up speed and you grunted when his thumb pressed against your clit. 

“Look at me.” Stein wanted to see every raw reaction that took hold of your features especially the wetness starting to wet your eyes. Still you did so as he continued thrusting all four fingers into you, wriggling and pressing up against you g-spot. It didn’t take all but the scientist leaning down to recapture your clit in between his lips when you finally came, with a loud moan.

Your climax drowned you and your senses almost completely. Your pussy clenched around all of his fingers as your now wet thighs quivered around the scientist’s head. You continued releasing for another second or so until Stein’s mouth was practically dripping with your essence. 

“St-Stein I’m sorry I-” He retracted his hand and leaned back over you. His tongue swept over his lips as his eyes glinted darkly. 


Chapter Text

Knock knock knock 

There wasn’t an answer right away and you couldn’t stop your hands from shaking. Rarely in all of the times you had been in this quadrant, you were never called to the captain’s office.

"State your name and business. " Levi's firm voice echoed through the door.

"Cadet [L/N] S-sir...You called me down." You gritted your teeth at your stammering.

"Yes. Yes come in." Opening and closing the door behind you she stood in front of his desk, frozen in a sharp salute. His icy gaze trailed over your body sharp and unreadable as always until you gulped, nervous under his scrutinizing sight.

"You wanted to see me Captain." You stated in less of a question.

He stood up, his dark eyes locked on yours. He nodded sharply as if to say 'at ease'. You kept your hands at your sides now, stiff. Sure,your tough composure was prominent on the outside, but you were practically trembling on the inside. Were you in trouble? Did you mess up in the training today. You recalled his eyes were on you when you were pinned by Jean . He walked slowly around the desk, calling your focus away from your racing mind..

"Earlier today after mess hall, where were you?"

You gulped. There was only one thing he could have been talking about. And he couldn't have known, could he?

You weighed your options. You could come clean right then and and risk his possibly violent response or you could play dumb. Maybe he could come up with a less specific reason why you weren't where you were supposed to be at that time. You decided to go with the latter.

"Sir?" Your face grew hot.

He paused in front of you, eyebrow raised.

"I will be more specific. At that time, what were you doing with Jaeger?"

Your mouth grew dry, lips parting and snapping shut with no words sounding. He chuckled dryly, unamused.

"Don't tell me you forgot cadet."


Of course you didn’t forget.


Your hand gripped his head as your thighs tightened. Throwing your head back, you bit your lip to keep from screaming. Eren grinned boyishly, pumping his fingers in your pussy. 

"Quiet down. Or else someone will hear." He grumbled.

He sucked ruthlessly on your clit causing your pelvis to buck. God, you were close. Close to coming all over his face. You covered your mouth with your sleeve. The shelf dug into your lower back as you pressed against it as if needing reassurance you wouldn't fall. Meanwhile Captain Levi stood on the other side of the door gripping his weapon. Part of him wanting to beat the door down and slice Jaeger. His groin throbbed at the sound of a poorly muffled moan. 

No.. he would see to it that you would know who you truly belonged with. With that, he smiled and walked down the hall as he heard the soft whine of your climax.


"I-I was with Eren.." You said softly. You grimaced expecting some sort of blow.

"While he was eating your cunt . Right?" He spat and your eyes snapped up to meet his. Big mistake; he narrowed his and you looked away. 

“Say it.”

“Say what Sir?” You said lowly.This only pissed him off, urging his hand to shoot out and grip your chin, yanking you to face him.

“Say ‘Eren was eating my cunt Sir.’ ” He pulled you back and spun around, making you hit the desk. You cried out as his face was lowered to yours. His voice dripped possessively and with malice and you would be lying if you said it didn’t frighten you down to your core. You couldn't figure out where all of this was coming from or—

“Eren was...he was eating my cunt,” His brow raised and his thumb and finger pressed deeper against your chin.



“Good girl.” He released you and stepped back.

“Remove every last piece of clothing from your body.”

“Sir plea—”

“That was a fucking order!” You hesitantly obliged, slowly peeling off your uniform and revealing more and more of your skin. The captain wanted nothing more than to bite and bruise every inch of your body, marking and claiming you as his own. At least then, pests like Eren Jaeger wouldn’t dare to put his hands on you again. Once you were completely naked, his lithe movement had you turned around and bent over his desk, knocking contents onto the floor. His eyes narrowed at the sight of his papers scattered around at his feet. A mess; God he finished that paperwork.

"C-captain...Please I...I don't—"

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak...Cadet." He sloppily kissed your shoulder as his hand cupped your pussy, massaging it. His other came down hard against the surface of your ass catching you by surprise. Tears pricked your eyes at the stinging pain he left behind. Levi could only stare at the mark he left by his hand and before you could get used to the last hit, another blow was placed in the same spot, causing you to cry out again.

Despite how painful it was, Levi couldn’t help but notice how tight your pussy would clench his finger every time his hand would make contact with your skin. And how much more wetter you got. By the time he was through, you were shaking and practically dripping down your thighs. His palm stung as well as your ass except the pain seemed almost delicious. He pulled out of you and spun you around. You had the most lewd look on your face and it made Levi hard. 

“Get on your knees.”

You were now looking up at the raven haired male removing unbuttoning his slacks. His cock finally sprung free from the clothed confines. He was an impressive size and you couldn’t help but gulp. He gripped your head pulling you closer. Without his verbal go-ahead, you gripped his cock enticing a hiss from him. He was about to say something when you eagerly took him into your mouth. He groaned watching more of his cock disappear down your throat and reappear again when you gagged. Refocusing, he gripped your head and forced himself back down again, roughly snapping his his hips against your face.  

“You're gonna cock like the slut you are.” He sighed, throwing his head back. Your vision blurred slightly as the tip repeatedly hit the back of your throat. Levi took one look at your tear stricken face and almost came on the spot. He pulled out, not wanting to do so just yet and you were back up against the desk. 

Levi gripped your throat for leverage, jerking your up after hearing more contents hitting the floor. He slid two fingers into your mouth, at the same time his other hand slipped fingers into your pussy. You groaned when his fingers pressed to the back of your throat making you gag.

"I didn't hear you Cadet...Was this what Jaeger was doing?" He asked pumping his fingers slowly into your wetness. His fingers curled against your walls causing you to buck against his. Lines of drool fell from the sides of your mouth and dripped to your chest.

"My my. What a mess." He muttered, his fingers kept up a steady pace, curling every now and then. He purposely made it so they brushed your G-spot unapologetically and you whimpered, mistakenly let out a tiny moan.

He smirked.

"You want me dont you?" He removed his fingers from your mouth so you could speak.


He sped up cutting your words off purposely. He wanted to see your suffer. Levi was sadistic that way, enjoying the torment in your eyes. Your mouth was set in an 'o' as you tried to get the words out. You were close.

Suddenly he pulled out.

He then lifted you so you were on top of the desk and spread your legs open. Your bare pusssy met his face and he licked savagely, enticing whimpers and soft moans from above him. Your legs shook around his face and threatened to close.

His tongue darted in and out of your wet pussy and grinned when he could feel you clench. His thumb lifted and pushed against your clit as you rolled your head back and bit your lip. You could feel yourself slowly building up again to that sweet moment of release. And you even surprised yourself when you began to grind yourself against his face in hopes of reaching it.

But he straightened up and kissed your on your mouth roughly. And you weren’t as reluctant in returning the kiss. Grabbing his cock, he rubbed against your cunt, slathering his head with your juices.

"You're not supposed to be enjoying this." He muttered.

"I-I don't " You lied.

You bit your lip as he slowly slid the tip in then pulled out


"Tell me you want it."

He slid in again halfway this time and stilled.

"I want it...Captain."

He shoved his full cock in to the hilt, satisfied with your answer. His hand clamped hastily over your mouth as you let out a muffled squeal. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes from the rough entrance. Groaning at the sensation of being stretched out, your hands stilled on his shoulders as he pumped furiously. The sounds of moans, grunts, and skin against skin contact filled the office. He gripped your throat and kissed you, your tongues grazing and exploring each other's mouths.

"From..this point belong to me." He mumbled against your lips.

Your pussy clenched at the baritone and seriousness in his voice. His thrusts became more erratic.

"!" You gasped. Levi took the pause in kissing to hear your sonorous moans.

"I want you to tell me who you belong to." 

You stared him in his steel hard eyes.


"Go on-say it." He sped up purposely.

"L-ahh...uhn...Levi." You moaned.

He went deeper, coming close.


"Le-vi. Levi! "

"Who's your captain?" He mocked for a final time.

"You...Levi...Levi! " You yelled as you came, your world erupting into euphoric bliss. You shuddered around him, tightening your cunt around his cock.

One final grunt and thrust, and Levi came soon after.You leaned against him, feeling weak and tired. Despite everything Levi had put you through, his arms embraced you and the two of you remained that way for a moment. He kissed the top of your head before mumbling,

"That was fun.. know what'll be even more fun brat?"

"Sir?" You gasped. As much as she hated to admit you were desperate for more, evidence being in the way your core seemed to reawaken.

"Watching you redo my paperwork."