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Mama you know you’re great!

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Katya did not expect anything special from those dormitories, but the rooms were VERY small. She had just started college and she was alredy complaining about something. She managed to get her luggage in the room and somehow opening the closet while making her bed and preparing her things. The room’s carpet smelled like an old basement and the desk was covered in dust. She glanced at the mirror, she looked like crap. Her bangs were dirty and the waves in her hair where starting to get looser and looser. She clearly looked like she haven’t showered (and she didn’t). While Katya was checking her smeared make up someone knocked at the door. Stomping on her luggage the blonde got to the door and opened. A black haired, slim, gorgeus showed up. She had piercing hazel eyes and a gaze that could melt a rock, she had something so royal about her appereance, poised, clean and didn’t look fatigued at all. Katya felt a bit dirty looking at her, she was the portrait of beauty and composure, and her...she could be mistaken for a homeless. Before speaking, the girl flipped her dark curls back: “I’m Violet, Violet Chachki”. Although she seemed full of herself her tone was nice, and she had a bright smile on. “I’m Katya, nice to meet you”
Violet got into the dorm “wow, they told me not to expect a lot but this dorm is...well...horrible” Katya laughed “wait ‘till you see the bedroom”. Katya went back to her room, she looked at the mess and wished she never decided to go to college. She took out some posters of her favorite russian punk band, some letters from her granny, a few postcards and her fresh bed sheets. Making her bed she heard someone knocking again. She could not reach the door that Violet was alredy there, a tall, slim girl with platinum blonde hair fading into a pastel pink color was waiting at the door. She smiled at Katya, her make up was flawless, and her blue eyes were shining highlighted by a perfect eyeliner wing. Katya wondered why she had to be in a room where apparently everybody was born a model or a showgirl. These two girls could have been working for Vogue, they seemed two angels, or mermaids, fairies, whatever, they where stunning. “I’m Fame Mikkelsen” she said.
Katya could feel her stomach tightening, she was so gay and so fucked. Being trapped in a dorm with beautiful girl seemed to be her dream, but it was presenting as a nightmare. Fame got in and went in the room between Violet’s and Katya’s. Two rooms were left, Katya hoped with all her heart that the next two would be ugly as fuck or at least assholes. She could not close the door that someone showed up again. Another slim, gorgeous, blonde girl was there. Teal eyes, fair skin and red lips. Katya’s heart sunk as she realized she had to live surrounded by gorgeous girls, probably running all over the place wearing shorts or just underwear and she had to watch the scene. “I’m Katya” this time she introduced herself first. The girl had this calming aurea, almost as if she was at peace with the world. “Pearl” she said with a soft smile. Fame and Violet got out their rooms and introduced themselves as well, the three of them seemed to get along quite nicely. Fame giggled and suggested to move to the common room, make some tea and chat. Pearl left her suitcase in a room facing Fame’s and joined the others. The common room was definitely nicer than their dorms, two couches were placed one in front of the other and a big armchair was in between. Violet climbed to the cupboard and took out a kettle. She looked for some bags of tea but there wasn’t any. “Girls this thing is empty...” she turned and her hair flipped again. Fame got up “I brought some with me” she said “I’ll get it”. Fame disappeared in her room and while she was in the last girl knocked. Pearl opened, and Katya almost passed out. The girl was blonde as well, she had bright blue eyes, a lot of make up on and a cascade of blonde curls tied up in a ponytail. She looked like a country version of barbie, with her denim skirt, pink flanel (pink flanel were a thing?) and ankle boots. She smelled like flowers and bubblegum, Katya couldn’t believe it, she was just as beautiful but in a different way. She was slightly thicker, curvier than all of them. “Oh honey” she shouted “this place is so tiny”. The russian felt her knees like jello and was pretty sure this year would be a wild one.
The new arrived introduced herself as Trixie, luckly everyone was getting along and that was a good thing. They all drunk tea together (Fame had some weird ass tea) and chatted about what they’ll be studying. Fame and Trixie were both into cosmetology and beauty, Pearl was in fine arts, Violet was in fashion design. Katya waited before revealing her course.
“Come on Katy, spill the tea” Trixie chirped.
She felt all their eyes on. “Ok I’ll tell you but promise me you won’t laugh”
Everybody nodded. Katya took a deep breath “Russian literature” for a moment everybody gagged. Katya knew a lot of weird questions were about to come.
“Russian literature? Are you russian?” Pearl asked.
“Yes I am, my name: Katya, is short for Yekaterina” The next questions came from Fame “You speak russian?” And Katya nodded “I also lived in Russia for a while”. All the girls were super enthusiastic and asked Katya a shit tons of question, she of course had to speak Russian to them, showed them pictures of Saint Petersburg and explained how she pingponged from Russia to the USA her whole life due to her dad’s work. After their cups of tea everybody went to their rooms. Trixie stopped Katya and held her. “Katya can you help me with my things?”. The Russian felt a bit disoriented, she had to unpack her clothes, but the idea of helping Trixie seemed much more appealing. She nodded with a big smile.
Trixie’s room was in front of Violet’s and looked like it was the biggest among all those tiny ass bedrooms. The girl took out from her luggage a lot of pink clothes and of course pink bed sheets. With Katya’s help she made her bed and attached her favorite fairy lights, shaped like little flamingos, on the window. She had a lot of makeup with her, endless shades of pastel colors and a collection of fake lashes, she also carried something like ten samples of her lipstick. “Wow girl you love to make up” said Katya admiring Trixie’s palettes.
“I see you noticed” said the pink one.
“It’s a bit difficult not to” Katya laughed, causing the same reaction in Trixie. “I have to unpack my clothes too, do you mind if I go?” Trixie shaked her head and let her go. In the corridor she noticed Fame’s door wide opened, the girl was folding her clothes and putting them in the closet. She already decored her room with fairy lights, a mirror and a board with some pictures on. She also noticed a statuette of what seemed to be a chicken, fully rindstoned with small diamonds and pink stones. In that moment Fame turned her head and saw Katya staring at her shining chicken. “Are you looking at my chicken?” Katya was able to put together a simple answer saying yes. “I grew up in a farm where I had no friends but I was surrounded by chickens, roosters and birds.” Katya could not stop herself from laughing “So the chickens where your friends?” Fame said yes and took some pictures from her board, she showed Katya all her three favorite chickens she named Donatella, Madonna and Linda.
While Fame and Katya were talking about birds, Violet got out her room wearing only her panties and bra. She held shampoo and conditioner in one hand and a towel in the other one. She was wearing see-through lace lingerie and her hair was falling on her shoulders. Katya’s cheeks got red in seconds, her palms were sweaty and cold. She walked out almost naked but was rocking that lingerie as she was wearing the most expensive gown ever made. “Can I take a shower, I’ll finish in minutes”
Thank god Katya was helding herself to the door “Sure Violet”. Fame smiled at her while she locked herself in the bathroom and the water began to pour.
“Katya you’re fine?” Fame asked getting no response.
“Hello? Fame to Planet Katya?” She asked again. The Russian was lifeless.
“Sooo you like her?” Said Fame giggling “you just met her and you alredy like her”
Katya woke up suddenly and shaked her head “nonono, I just...I, I’m not used to people walking naked around” she could feel her cheeks burning. Without saying bye she left, she locked herself in her room and threw herself on the bed. Damn, Violet was so beautiful, and so was Trixie and so were Pearl and Fame. She closed her eyes and wished she never came to that college.
She woke up hearing someone knocking at her door “Katya? You’re up?” She stood up feeling dizzy and managed to get to the door, she noticed her makeup was smeared all over and her red lipstick was not as bright as before. She opened and Violet was there, freshly showered, with her hair wavy hair smelling like jasmine and some other scent. She removed her make up but she was just as beautiful. “We all showered, if you wanna go” She mumbled a quick “thanks” and took all her shower things. Under the boiling water Katya noticed how many bottles they all had. She saw two pink bottles (for sure Trixie’s) some strange flacons that looked expensive, probably they belonged to Fame. A bottle and a pot that had something written on, she could read “For blonde thin hair” so she figured out they were Pearl’s products and finally some strange contenitors with jasmine flawers drew on it, she alredy knew the owner. Katya removed her make up with soap and washed her hair with the only bottle of shampoo she brought, she was not into beauty or anything; that’s why she kept her hair short and never bought conditioner. She got out of the shower, run a hand in her wet hair and realized, with horror, she forgot her towel. She panicked, what could she do? Be rescued by somebody out of her hot roommates? Even if she had zero willingness to do that she had to. She slightly opened the door and glanced outside. All the rooms seemed locked, nobody in the doorway. “Somebody can help me?”
Pearl opened, “yes?” she said getting out.
“I forgot my towel, can you bring it to me? It’s on the top shelf in my closet. “Sure Katya” the sleepy like girl run gracefully to her room and quickly got out with a red towel. She passed it to Katya and then disappeared in her room.
Katya was finally safe, she wrapped herself in the towel and sat on the toilet for a minute, feeling like her whole life passed in front of her eyes. She went back to her room, blow dried her hair, straightened her bangs a bit, put on a comfy black and red sweater and jeans. She could hear her mates laughing in the common room and decided to join. Fame was braiding Trixie’s hair, Pearl joined them and she was now checking social on her phone and Violet was eating a granola bar. “Here you are Katya” said Fame surprised. “We were all thinking to order some chinese take out as it’s our first night as roommates, we have to celebrate!” Katya had a moment of hesitation but they were all very nice, and the option of a crowded cafeteria wasn’t appealing at all. She sad on the armchair and chatted for a while with Violet, under Fame’s eyes. She realized how nice she was, she was from Atlanta, her mom was Ecuadorian, she never met her dad, that’s why she did not have an Ecuadorian surname. “I was borned Violet Dardo, but when my dad died my mom remarried and I took my stepdad’s surname, Chachki, and yes, he’s Jewish” Katya was enchanted by Violet, she was so put together. “You liked him?” Asked the blonde.
“Not really, he’s a douche and he doesn’t believe that fashion design will take me anywhere, but who cares? I like it”
“And you want to change your surname?”
“Not really” said Violet throwing the bar’s envelope in the trashcan “Violet Chachki sounds so fancy, plus my name doesn’t define who I am, I could be named Mary, Leanne, Naysha or Svetlana, still doesn’t define me”
Pearl put her phone in her hoodie’s pockets “who names their daughter Svetlana?” After a moment of silence Katya talked “It’s my grandma’s name”. Everyone busted into laughter as Pearl hid herself under the hood, begging pardon for her insolence. Katya had tears in her eyes, Pearl was unique. While laughing and joking the food arrived and they started eating.
“Who has lectures tomorrow?” Trixie asked. Everyone raised their hand while chewing. Katya ate a lot and ended up competing against Violet in a burping contest, she won easily. “Vi, I’m slavic, you had no chance.” Pearl nodded agreeing. “You russian transvestite hooker” Violet shouted. They tickled each other and got into a pillow fight. Then they stayed up until late chatting a bit more. At 1 am they got into their beds, Katya was smiling, when she fell asleep.
The loud sound of her phone vibrating woke her up, she felt super tired and realized she was sleeping in the sweat shirt she was wearing the day before. She jumped out of bed and the view outside the door wasn’t exciting. Violet and Pearl where both looking and the mirror, getting ready. Violet was wearing a black bralette, with a see through white blouse paired with black jeans, poor Katya tried not to stare for too long but Violet noticed. “Morning beauty, we’re having breakfast together, wanna come?” Katya nodded and got into her room. She took the pair of jeans she wore last night and took out the closet her make up bag. She applied black eye pencil, black eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. The finishing touch was bright red lipstick. She put some notebooks and a pencilcase in her leather backpack. Katya wasn’t sure if she wanted to give a good impression to her teachers or just go on with her day with a dirty sweat shirt, she decided to change at least for the first day. Not that she had a variety of items to choose from but she wanted to look “pretty” even tho compared to her roommates she would for sure appear as the ugly duckling. She took out a red flanel shirt and a leather jacket, she slipped her foot in her trusty combat boots and sneaked out her room, she sat in the couch waiting for her friends. Pearl was the first to join her, she was also wearing a nice outfit, that looked so good on her. She had white pants and a grey cardigan. Her hair was braided into a french plait and she had lilac converse on. Fame came in wearing a cute nude silk crop top and skinny jeans, Violet threw a jacket the same color as her top to Fame who thanked her. While putting it on Fame chuckled. “Seems like someone didn’t get enought sleep” and pointed Pearl, who was sleeping holding her lilac backpack. Violet saw the scene and started recording a video “wake up Pearlie, it’s time to go to school” the blonde didn’t move at all, Trixie came in and Fame jumped at her covering her mouth with a hand silencing her. Trixie had a cute pink flowy dress on, and a jeans jacked to cover her, Katya had the same feeling she had when they first met, in comparison to the other three she had a one out of a kind beauty. She was not a little girl but she had an innocence that most of other girls did not have.
Suddenly Pearl woke up, making everyone laugh, they then went to the cafeteria, walking in the campus area, filled with trees that started to get brown and the fresh autumn air causing their skin to chill. In the cafeteria some people were already having breakfast, a line was forming, not so long but the girls immediately took their places. Fame kept tables for her friends while everybody got their food and started eating. “Ewww Katya what’s that?” Trixie asked. “It’s Rye bread with butter dunked in tea” the russian answered. “It’s very good, you should try it” the dolly shaked her head “no thank you, Russians are damn weird” she whispered taking a bite of her pancakes. Pearl agreed “I never saw people dunk bread in tea”.
As they where eating they heard someone busting into tears in the table at their right. A beautiful girl, with chocolate brown locks, was crying out loud, while another girl, with lavander hair dressed as an anime character was holding her hand.
“Come on Valentina, it’s just some coffee with cream and sugar, you can’t go the whole day without eating or drinking” said the lavander girl.
“No Aja, you don’t get it, it’s too much” said the cute girl, drying her big hazel eyes “it’s too much I feel like I’m about to throw up!”.
The girl named Aja took the cup to her friend’s mouth “just a small sip please, do it for your mum”. Valentina then took a sip of her beverage, closing her eyes and holding to the table. Another girl with bubblegum pink hair was watching the scene, she had a small plate in her hand, with just half a cookie on it. “You feel ok?” She asked concerned. The girl said no, with a hand on her stomach “Farrah please take me to the restroom”. The smaller girl looked at so called Aja, that took the small plate out of her hand and helped Valentina get up. Valentina was so beautiful but so...thin. She wrapped herself in her jumper and thanks to Farrah, managed to walk to the restroom.
The five girls looked at each other, Fame was clearly shocked, Pearl was staring down, Trixie grabbed Katya’s arm and Violet stopped eating. “Is your friend ok?” Trixie asked. Aja turned her head and inhaled “does she look fine to you?” She seemed on the edge of tears, but eventually took a deep breath and calmed down. “She has anorexia, we don’t know how to help her, she keeps throwing up!” Aja’s voice was low and lifeless, she was twirling her hair around her index, staring at the restroom’s door, waiting for her friends. They got out moments later, Aja stood up and took her backpack and another purse “I’m sorry, thank for asking by the way” Trixie smiled to the exhausted girl and to ger friends, making Katya a little sad.
Fame talked first “holy fuck, poor girl, anorexia is a lethal illness and she doesn’t even realizes it” Violet kept staring at her plate, even if she had a few more bites to go she couldn’t finish, so did Pearl. “I’m afraid she doesn’t have that much time left” said the black haired girl “she was skinnier than me”. “Yes Violet, but you seem like someone who eats a lot, even if you have 18 inches waist” added Fame “she couldn’t eat half a cookie and she felt nauseous after a sip of milk with coffee”. Pearl followed the three getting out “I hope she’ll find a solution” Katya nodded agreeing. They all got up without saying a word. “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine” a cute girl smiled at them “we’ll take care of her, I hope we will find a cure” she spoke with a thick spanish accent “I’m her friend, I know she’ll recover.” She had long flaming cherry red hair and small dark eyes. “Cythiaaaa!” Someone called the girl from across the room, it was another girl, with a bright smile, a head full of dreadlocks and well...a
“I’m coming Thorgy” she waved at them and with little jumps she reached her friend and walked out.
“Ok, it’s a bit out of theme but...don’t you notice we are ALL girls?” said Pearl concerned.
“We are, basically” said Katya, not that she didn’t like it but it was true, she could not see a single boy out of all the people at the cafeteria. They walked out in silence, being a little shook from the previous scene but all excited about lessons. Katya had a feeling of inner peace she didn’t had in ages, the birds were chirping, she had good roommates and everything was just so simple yet so good. They arrived to the building that hosted their classes, a huge complex made of glass and steel with giant letter’s on the top saying “Rupaul University”. They all entered the building and a nice girl said hi to them, she was definitely older than all of them, probably a teacher or something. “Hello girls, I’m Chad and I’m here to help you if you need” she passed them a few papers and five lanyards “these are for the cafeteria and to get recognized in the campus, pay attention and NEVER loose them ok?” The girl thanked her and started walking around looking for some papers or anything to help them get into their classes. Katya was walking with Fame: “I can’t believe it Katya, we’re in college, it’s all about to start, so cool!” The blonde russian chuckled, she already loved Fame’s optimism, it’d be good if she could learn something from her, as she was a huge pessimist. Pearl run toward them, showing a papersheet with lots of info about classes and courses. They were all in the same building but in different floors. Fame was with Trixie, Violet with Pearl and Katya all alone at the last floor. “Better get on my way” she said exhaling, lots of stairs to do and no company. The girls started get into their classes too when Katya reached the stairs, after a long run she managed to get to the fourth and last floor. Katya looked around and no one was there, just many empty rooms. As she was down the hallway she noticed the only room that had desks in and entered. It was her and another girl, who was reading. She noticed Katya’s presence and smiled: “Hi”. She had an impeccable style, her hair was in a jet black bob with short bangs. She whore glasses and a french beret. “I’m Sasha” said the girl smiling “guess it’s just the two of us” and she got back to reading. Katya sat next to her (as if she had an option) and took out a black notebook. “You’re russian too?” the blonde asked, the other girl nodded. “I’m Katya by the way”. The girl closed her book and started taking out her material “I bet your name is Yekaterina” she opened her notebook “and how many surnames do you have?”
Katya turned facing her “Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova”. For once nobody ask her weird questions or to repeat her name again, instead she has a quick comeback “Alexandra Steinberg Velour” finally somebody could understand her: “doesn’t sound very russian I know, but I’m of jewish origins” Katya realized how soothing her voice was, a bit raspy but calming, not too fast but not annoyingly slow. They were chatting when a tall old woman entered. “привет, суки” she shouted. Sasha and Katya’s jaws dropped to the floor. Did that lady just called them whores?
“Pardon me?” Asked Sasha a bit shaken “сука блять, don’t tell me you are russian...” the lady facepalmed so loudly probably someone heard her outside. “We both are” Katya told, feeling kinda aroused. The old woman took a seat on a chair and took out a big blue book, she was probably annoyed by the fact that no one was in that class, but who would blame her? Having two students to educate probably wasn’t appealing. She took out some papers and examined them with care while Katya and Sasha stared at the floor. The black haired girl lifted her eyes and gave a little kick to Katya’s ankle to get her attention. The other girl glanced her, not knowing what to do, the atmosphere was getting creepy and silence wasn’t helping. Sasha accidentally dropped her book, when she tried to take it the lady stopped her hand, took the book from the floor and read the title: “memoirs of a dutiful daughter” she read out loud, she looked at poor Sasha with critical eye: “boring, you better start reading something like Tolstoj, in russian if you can”. Katya was not exactly happy about her teacher, and immediatly knew it would have been a long day.