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Catsuki and Kiri

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Katsuki Bakugou shuffled along the sidewalk on the way back to the UA campus. He had just got through visiting his home, reluctantly spending his Saturday having “quality time” with his parents and helping them sort through his old things for donations. He furrowed his brow, quite annoyed. He’d been living at the UA dorms for a few months now with the rest of the 1-A Hero Course kids, why are they acting like he was going to be gone forever? It was just a shitty safety situation that made it this way. He didn’t ask to be sheltered at the school. He could take care of himself.

But of course, after the Kamino incident, no one would possibly agree with him. Not to his face, anyway. They all looked at him differently. His parents, having him donate things “just in case” things turned out to be more shit than they already were. It’s not that they doubted him. They were just trying to ready themselves. For whatever. Deku, almost pityingly, thinking that he no longer has control of the violent impulses that coursed through his brain, the synapses that told his body that everything was a fight. The rest of his fucking classmates. Idiots who couldn’t make up their minds about him. Was he still something to be feared? He did get captured, after all. Was he now a poor, defenseless time bomb that needed to be constantly watched in fear of an explosion, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of...


Bakugou growled angrily, and stopped in his tracks. He threw his head back and shouted, “Well guess what! I don’t need any of this fucking shit! I know how you all fucking see me and I don’t give a fuck! We’ll see what you all think of me when I finally become the Number One Fucking Greatest Fucking Hero of All Fucking Time!” He bent forwards, hands on his knees, his stomach heaving, feeling like it wanted to push itself into his lungs. He shut his eyes, and focused on his breathing.

He suddenly heard a tiny scritch from in front of him. He glanced up to see a single black cat sitting about three feet away from him.

“The fuck are you looking at, asshole?” he asked, annoyed that this random idiot creature decided to interrupt his vocal assault of the sky above him. The cat looked at him without a care, flicking its tail around like some invisible force was wrestling the thing. Bakugou hesitated, straightened up and decided to try to move closer. He wasn’t much of an animal person. But cats were a little different.

Cats were a fucking enigma. Couldn’t ever get close to one without a barrage of hisses and spit, little assholes who decided who was good enough to approach them, who was worthy enough to be in the same room. The same “I don’t give a fuck ‘til someone crosses the line” attitude that Bakugou so graciously projected to others. He hated to admit it, but the creatures intrigued him.

He approached the little shadow of a cat quietly. Silence in his feet and his outstretched hand, as far forward as his body could let it. The cat brought its nose to his fingertips, tiny cold wet dabs dotting where the cat sniffed him. Before Bakugou could turn his hand to pet the feline, it backed up on its hind legs and gave the back of his hand a slap before running off.

“Hey, you little shit! I’m not done with you!” Bakugou shouted, taking off after the cat. He watched it dart behind a wall and into a nearby alley. Bakugou smirked. That little fuck was gonna be trapped and he’d get to show who exactly he was messing with. He darted into the alleyway, completely dumbfounded by what he saw next. “Wh-what the fuck is this?”

He skidded to a stop, watching as the black cat seemed to disappear into an entire horde of stray cats, each of them different from the next. Tabbies, tuxedos, a ratty version of a persian here and there. Where did all of these things fucking come from?

It hadn’t been that long since he’d visited his old neighborhood. Hell, he would have remembered there being this many fucking cats around.

It was disgusting. Cats were crawling over and under each other. Fighting to get comfortable in their own piles of shit and yowling like no one could hear them. Some looked like they were chewing on each other until their fur had bald patches. Was someone torturing these things? Keeping them in such shit condition, no clean food or water to be found. Something, someone had to be keeping them there. Any regular cat would fuck off and find a new home better suited to its needs. Something was wrong here.

“For someone trying to be the Number One Hero, you’d think you’d’ve seen a little worse,” a slow, liquid voice emanated from the center of the cat pile. Bakugou took a step back.

“What the fuck is this shit? Who the fuck are you and what are you doing to these things?” Bakugou yelled out. He glanced behind him, only to find that his one path out of the alleyway was covered in dirty, feral cats. He turned his attention back to the moving pile in front of him, and watched as a single clawed left hand reached out from under the felines, grabbing into the dirt.

The arm that followed was pale and dangerously thin, covered in cat feces and hair. Bakugou couldn’t bring himself to blink.