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Lost in Nightmares

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“So our next guest has quite the story for us.”

“Y-Yeah... but you won’t believe me.”

“Hey ya never know.”

“Alright... so me and my buddies went out drinking, normal Saturday night stuff. Then I see this woman... she... she was stumbling around, thought she was drunk ya know.”

“Go on.”

“So I go over to help her but as I get closer I notice, hey there’s this uh.... smell.... like ham that’s a good week past the expiration date.... and her skin is all pale.”

“Freaky man.”

“I ain’t done... her skin was kinda..dec-mposing, this lady -he -ooked like —- was -art of t-e l-vin- d——“

Izuku Midoriya frowned as he lost the radio signal.

“That stinks....”

Izuku Midoriya’s car drove down the moonlit highway. He was on his way to Mustafu city to start his first day as a police officer, an impressive feat given some of his... flaws. But when he received the request to join the Mustafu police force the day after he graduated from the police academy, he almost broke down into tears.

He flipped a switch on the car radio, changing to cd mode. The speakers began playing pop music from a band he wasn’t the biggest fan of. He needed some background noise to keep himself awake.

“Another hour and I’ll be there...” Izuku Muttered to himself.

He let out a loud yawn.

“There’s a rest stop in thirty minutes.... I’ll get a cup of coffee....”

He drove down the road, thinking about what he’d expect his first day as a police officer.

And not knowing that it would also be his last.


Ochako Uraraka wiped the raindrops off her helmet as she drove down the highway on her bike. She was on her way to Mustafu City to meet with someone about the Kurogiri Memorial scholarship. It was a fairly large scholarship funded by the LOV, the largest pharmaceutical company in the nation. She had gotten accepted into college a month ago and if she nailed the meeting with the LOV representative, she’d be getting a college education almost for free.

“Gotta be more polite than you’ve ever been before...” Ochako muttered to herself. “This ones for all the marbles. The Kurogiri scholarship opens doors, and those doors lead into high paying jobs...”

She grinned.

“With that huge salary, Mom and Dad will be retiring in Hawaii before I even get a boyfriend.”

She chucked as she imagined her parents, who worked so hard to provide for her, living it up in Hawaii, stress free for the rest of their lives. It made her feel all tingly inside.

Actually that was her stomach. As if on cue she passed by a sign advertising a gas station just outside the city.

“I’ll grab a quick snack...”

She sped down the empty highway.

Towards a dark destiny.


Izuku parked his car and stepped out of it. He arrived at the gas station, which for some reason was completely dark. Honestly that should have been the first warning that something was off.

“Odd.... maybe the power went out.”

Reaching into his glove box he grabbed a flashlight and switched it on.

“I’m technically not in uniform but....”

He approached the entrance and noticed the door was wide open.


He entered. There was not a soul in sight, no lights, and the door into the back room was wide open. This was the second warning that something was wrong.

“Is everything alright?”

He looked around more.

“I’m an officer of the law!”


A sound came from the back room.


He approached the back room carefully.

“I’m going in!”

Izuku stepped into the back room. It was mostly storage, with several shelves and a desk set up on the corner next to a rear exit. He noticed a broken jar on the ground by one of the shelves, and a pair of legs sticking out near it.

“Are you okay?”

He approached slowly.

“I’ll assess the situation, then call for backup if I need to.... I still have the chief’s phone number so that should-“

As he reached the legs, his professionalism fell to pieces. There was a dead body laying before him, the color of its skin slowly fading, signifying that they had only recently left this world. But that was not the worst part. Another person was kneeling over them, making chewing noises. Izuku shrieked and jumped back. The person stopped crewing and looked up, allowing Izuku to see their decaying skin, glazed eyes and the blood smeared around their lips as they swallowed a chunk of flesh. It was eating that body.

There was no third warning.


Ochako pulled into the gas station.

“No lights? Was there a power outage?”

She got off her bike and took her helmet off, letting her chestnut hair free.

“I have cash though... so. I should still be able to make my transaction. “

Ochako paused as her stomach growled again.

“Jeez, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”


“Stay back!”

The rotting individual got up and looked at Izuku with killer intent. He also noticed this thing was wearing a police uniform, a bloodied dirty police uniform.

“What did you do!”

It shambled forwards towards him and lunged, knocking him onto the floor. Izuku couldn’t get up due to its weight pressing down on him. The thing opened its mouth and tried to bite him, but Izuku held it at bay with his hands which were thankfully free.

“This thing... it’s not human!” He thought.

Out of the corner of his eye Izuku noticed it had a holstered pistol at its hip. He had an idea.

Using his momentum he rolled, Getting on top of the creature and snatched the pistol off its side before rolling away. Laying on the ground Izuku took aim.

“I’ll shoot!”

The creature crawled towards Izuku, letting out inhuman moans as it inched closer.

“Last warning!”

The creature lunged again.

Izuku closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.



Ochako froze. She was about to enter the gas station when she heard a gunshot from within.

“Was that a gun!?”

Before she could continue that thought, she heard a loud groan.

Quickly turning around Ochako saw several individuals emerging from the shadows throughout the gas station parking area. Each had pale skin in various states of decay. Some were coated in blood or wounded to the point where bones and organs were showing. They all loudly shambled towards her.

“Stay back!”

She unknowingly backed into the gas station as Izuku ran out of the back room. It was then that Ochako turned around and saw him. Izuku instantly raised his newly acquired pistol and took aim, steadying it under his other arm which held the flashlight.

“Don’t shoot!” Ochako pleaded.

“G-Get down!”

She ducked and Izuku fired.

Ochako was too stunned by Izuku to realize that one of the monsters had closed the distance and was about to strike her, but Izuku did. His shot hit the head and took out her assailant. Ochako realizing his intent shrieked as she saw the body hit the floor and moved closer to Izuku.

“What is that!?”

“I don’t know, but stick with me.”

Most people learned all about stranger danger at a young age. Ochako didn’t know this man, but he at least looked normal compared to the rest of those things.


The monsters closed in, cutting off their escape from the front entrance.

“There’s about twelve of them.” Said Izuku “I have six bullets.”

“We can’t get out!”

“Back door!”


“There’s a door in the back, we’ll use that!”

He grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back into the back room. Izuku slammed the door shut and looked around frantically.

“We gotta barricade the door, it’ll buy us time!”

Ochako ran over to a nearby storage shelf.

“We can use-OH GOD ANOTHER ONE!”

Ochako pointed to the creature that had attacked Izuku moments earlier.

“Don’t worry I killed that one already!”

He moved over to help Ochako move the shelf, only to realize he didn’t need to.

Touching the shelf with both hands she lifted the shelf up like it was nothing, allowing its contents to fall onto the floor in a mess. Izuku watched in awe as she set it down in front of the door and pressed her fingers together, muttering “release”

“Your quirk?”

Ochako nodded.

“That should buy us time, let’s hurry!”

The pair ran over to the back toor and Izuku kicked it open. It led into a back lot with a dumpster, some boxes, and a police cruiser a few more of the monsters lingered and took notice as the two arrived.

“We’ll use the cruiser to get out.” Said Izuku.

Izuku took aim and fired two shots at one of the creature’s that was closest to the cruiser. One shot hit the chest, staggering it while the next hit the head, finishing it. Ochako ran over and tried to open the door to no avail.

“It’s locked, we need a key!”

“The cop inside! Check his body for the key!”

Ochako nodded and rushed back inside. Izuku meanwhile took aim at another monster and fired, taking it down.

Ochako skid to a halt by the cop and knelt down. Nearby she could hear banging on the door, signaling that their other pursuers were not far.

“Phone... gun magazine.. aha!”

She grabbed held up a set of keys triumphantly.

Just then the shelf fell with the door. The monsters had broken through. Ochako grabbed the spare magazine and rushed to the back where Izuku used his last two shots to clear out an approaching monster.


She tossed the keys to Izuku, who caught them with ease. He quickly unlocked the cruiser and started the engine.

“Get in!”

Ochako was reluctant to leave her bike behind. She was borrowing it from her martial arts instructor but that hardly mattered compared to being stuck with those monsters. She got into the car and slammed the door. The creatures began emerging from the back room as Izuku floored the gas and drove away from the station, getting back onto the highway.

They had escaped the first of many dangers.




Izuku shut off the radio. Ochako looked over at her newfound rescuer, a man her age wearing a black jacket over a green shirt.

“Thank you...” she began

“Don’t mention it....”

After the tension died down, Izuku switched back to socially awkward dweeb mode and had the realization that he just talked to a real girl who wasn’t his mom.

“W-What were those things?”

“D-Dunno... Hopefully there will be answers over at the police station.”

Ochako raised an eyebrow.

“Are you... a cop?”

Izuku nodded

“Yeah... I mean. Technically.... it’s my first day. Not even. I haven’t even got my badge yet...”

She gave her flustered savior a smile.

“Well you’re off to a great start.”

“Maybe but....l... those things.... they were like something outta a zombie movie.”

“Zombies... Yeah.”

Izuku looked at Ochako.

“I’m Izuku, Izuku Midoriya.”

“Ochako Uraraka. Pleased to meet you.”

The cruiser passed by a faded road sign.




It was another thirty minutes before they reached the city. During the ride Ochako took inventory of what they had in the cop car. There was a taser that was out of juice, a flashlight, a small pack of cheese crackers that Ochako greedily ate, along with a spare handgun with extra ammo.

Izuku attempted to use the police radio to contact the station, but to his dismay there was no signal. He also tried calling the chief using his cell but there was no service either. As they got closer to the city, they saw more and more of the zombies until they reached the actual city.

The advertisements made Mustafu city look like a bustling metropolis, the kind of place one would dream of living in. Right now it looked like hell on earth. Zombies were becoming a more frequent sight, empty cars filled the streets with debris and garbage, and every ten feet something was on fire.

“What happened here?” Ochako wondered aloud.

“Don’t know... but someone at the station, they’ll know something...”

Izuku drove at a moderate speed. Fast enough to outrun anything that got too close, but slow enough to where he had plenty of time to react to anything that got in his way. Ochako looked out the window and shook her head as she surveyed the chaos around them.

“Izuku.... what if we’re the only ones left...”

Izuku shook his head.

“It’s a scary thought but it’s not likely. This city is huge, there has to be more survivors out there...”

He smiled reassuringly.

“Especially if they have a strong quirk.”

Ochako returned the smile.


Suddenly the car lurched to a stop and jolted up and down.


Izuku quickly checked the side mirrors. One of the tires got caught in a huge pothole. He floored the gas to try and get out but to no avail.

“Cars stuck!”

Ochako gasped.


Slowly zombies began to approach the now motionless vehicle. Izuku frantically tried moving forwards and backwards but the car was stuck.

“The doors will hold but we’d have to get out eventually.” Said Izuku

He checked his pistol to double check how much ammo he had. 14 shots, 12 per magazine. The other handgun had 12 rounds total, 6 per mag.

“The station isn’t very far, if we run we’ll be there in 7-8 minutes.”

He grabbed the other handgun which they had stored in the cup holder and held it out to Ochako. Giving a citizen a gun was normally a bad idea but right now that rule didn’t seem to matter.

“Ever use one of these before?”

Ochako took the gun.

“My old martial arts teacher, he took me to the firing range a few times.”

Izuku nodded.

“Six rounds per mag, and safety is on the left.”

He switched the safety off and chambered the first round for her.

“Conserve your shots, use them only when you have to.... aim for the head.”

Ochako looked around. The zombies were getting closer.

“On three we go. Follow my lead.”

“Got it.”

“One, two, three!”

Izuku opened his door and dove out, scrambling to his feet as fast as he could. Ochako followed suopit half a second after, but getting to her feet and taking a shot at the nearest zombie. It hit the head, but only managed to stagger the creature.


They both ran down the street as fast as they could.

They couldn’t hear it as well in the car but a loud chorus of deathly moans and dog barks echoed through the city, a morbid accompaniment to their already morbid situation.

Izuku sidestepped a lunging zombie and pushed it to the side not bothering to waste the bullets on it. Another zombie lunged at Ochako from under a car. She jumped to avoid it. After a few minutes she caught up with a Izuku, allowing the two to run side by side.

“Getting closer, just hold out a little longer!”


Ochako managed a few glances to examine their surroundings. Some of the bodies weren’t moving, they weren’t zombies just bodies. Most of those were being eaten by the zombies. One body in particular caught her attention, it was so small, she could have sworn that it was a ch-

“Ochako don’t look at them!”

Ochako snapped out of it. Izuku pointed up ahead. They could see it now, The sign of the police station glowed brightly, like a beacon of hope in the darkness. The large elaborate building was so close now.

“Just a little bit further....”



A fuel tanker suddenly drove out from a nearby side street and crashed into a building in front of them, cutting them off from the station. The pair came to a halt in shock.

Just then the vehicle’s door flew open and a short man with purple balls for hair fell out. He was clutching his shoulder in pain as he got to his feet and looked at them.

“Oh good, people!” The driver exclaimed.

Izuku started with wide eyes that contained a mix of shock, anger, and confusion.

“Things have gone to hell in a hand basket.” The driver continued. “One moment I pick up this hot girl and I’m thinking oh sweet I’m totally going to score then next thing I know she starts yelling about being bitten.”

“Um sir,” Ochako interjected “we-“

“Then next thing I know she starts smelling like old cheese AND SHE BITES ME! Bitch just fucking bites me! And not in the kinky way!”

At that moment they both realized the area he was clutching was bleeding profusely.

Izuku also noticed that in the crash, something ruptured the truck’s big cargo tanker. Which was leaking a large amount of gasoline.

Dangerously close to a nearby fire.

“Get back it’s going to blow!” Izuku screamed,

The pair began to run away, confusing the truck driver.

“Yeah I know it totally blows! I was this close to- Wait whats-“


The tanker exploded in a loud bright blast. The drive was instantly obliterated and the shockwave knocked Izuku and Ochako onto the ground. Ochako‘s ears rang and her knee got scraped. Izuku meanwhile had his eyes clenched shut, And his hands shook violently. He didn’t like explosions. He really didn’t. It brought up bad memories for him.

“-e- d-ku -I— y-u—-lf q—right—ss -a—e”

Izuku slowly began to curl into a ball as he felt the onset of a panic attack.


Izuku snapped back to reality in a cold sweat. The zombies were getting closer. Ochako knelt next to him and fired off two shots to try and keep them at bay.

“We have to go!”

Izuku staggered to his feet and fired off a shot to keep them back which unfortunately missed.

“W-We’ll have to go...go around through the a-alleyways.” He studdered

They rushed over into a nearby alleyway. This route would allow them to go around the burning wreckage of the tanker. Thankfully there weren’t any zombies in the alley though that didn’t stop the ones already pursuing them.


Turning the corner they exited the alley and ended up right in front of the station. They made a break for the front gate. If they made it there they’d be safe.


Ochako didn’t notice the zombie until it was too late.

It had jumped at her from a blind spot and got her onto the ground. Her gun clattered out of her hands which were now holding back a zombie that was trying to bite her.

A small zombie with pig tails.

Izuku spun around and took aim.

“Izuku Help!”

Izuku wanted to pull the trigger but his fingers wouldn’t move. This was a child. A zombie still but they were a child...

“Izuku I can’t hold it back much longer!”

Despite being a child this zombie had the strength of a grown man.

His hands shook again.

“..... oh god I’m so sorry...”


The bullet hit dead on and splattered blood onto Ochako’s face as the zombie went limp.

She quickly pushed it off of her and grabbed her pistol, scrambling for the gate.

They got in and slammed it shut before any other zombies could even try to get in. Ochako latched it shut and allowed herself to finally collapse on the ground, panting heavily.

“We made it....”

Izuku fell to his knees and let his gun drop from his hands. He was breathing heavily.

“Izuku are you... alright?”

He shook his head.

“That was a child.... that was somebody’s baby... and I....”

She moved next to Izuku and sat next to him.

“I can’t cry.... I’m a cop now... cops don’t cry.”

Ochako without even realizing it wrapped her arms around Izuku and pulled him close.

“With everything going on right now... I think it’s okay for you to cry...”

Izuku clenched his eyes shut again and opened the floodgates, choking back a sob as he let it all out. He didn’t realize it then, but Ochako was crying as well. They didn’t notice the zombies banging on the gate futility trying to reach them, or the scuttle Of rates nearby.

They just needed a moment before they continued through this collective nightmare.