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Torn Angel In Chains

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Under the chill of the mist that spreads over this blood filled field, Kayle flys over the battle in order to get a more clear view, it certainly became a difficult task to complete once the Noxians discovered her presence in the skies and prepared their bows in order to shoot her down . The bow was crafted of flexible, slender yew wood and wound around the grip was dyed red rawhide. On the quiver was carved the Demacians who perished once the arrow pierced through their bodies, stampeding the horizon, pounding it into a grimace. She saw the soldiers puts the base plate at their feet on the sodden blood drenched mud floor near their side and prepared to fire at the angel in the sky. Altogether these new weapon is over a hundred pounds, the arrows coming her way could have been over twenty-five arrows a minute into the skies she flew around from over eight hundred yards away. It can do what the swords or axes cannot, it can reach into the enemy hiding places with its curved path. Swords can only go in straight lines and kill one at a time. Kayle keeps her golden eyes on the bows and arrows for a moment while each soldier re-strings their bow, the deep wood flexing in the dawn. It takes just a moment, then they sling it behind them with the arrows, each as perfect as the last. The arrows coming her way made a heavy piercing sound filling her ears and becoming louder each second, as it flies closer and closer. Kayle would have found it is too much for simple to simply fly above the arrows, but her comrades were below her and it was her duty as the wings of Demacia to protect the people she fights alongside. The young woman was quick to pry the edged cutlass from the arrows and whipped around to clash steel. She held the blade even, a perfect, undaunted horizon in the sky; always leveled with the nose, just as her father had taught her. She had stalled the arrows attempting to strike her but watched a wretched, stained grin split the Noxian’s lips as her blade shivered under the brutality of their compelling weapons. Kayle quickly flew around and cut every arrow in the sky, she had succeeded to protect her comrades.


In a field that has seen thousands of years of peace lie cold corpses, and still the weapons are fired without stop, without a single witness. The battle is mechanized and even when no more heat signatures remain they will fire until empty - more profit for the soldiers. The weapons have no PTSD, no empathy, no remorse, never fail to kill on command. They don't know what it is to be living, what they "decommission" on commanders orders, yet they have been given the privilege to be worshipped by the Noxians and to "kill" one carries the stiffest of penalty even though they are backed up in the forts or trenches that they have made. The only escape is the underground bunkers, deep under rock, protected from their sensors. Demacians can't live this way forever, like human-rabbits in their warren. Demacia was falling apart, Noxus had expanded its territory and captured many villages and cities within Demacia. No one would have thought this would be the last battle - them or us, all or nothing, no truce, no captives. Kayle knew deep inside this battle was shifting in favor of Noxus, but she had her laws to follow. “Never abandon your comrades, never give up the fight until it is either won or lost, never let the enemies change you,” Kayle always repeated those words to herself whenever she in battle to remind herself that she would lay order to the Demacians.


Men screamed in pain clutching their grievous wounds as bows twang sending snakes of deaths into the never-ending army. The castle walls stood high defiantly in face of such furious siege weapon its proud back straight. The siege towers lumbered on slowly at a snail pace. "Fire!" Jarvan the fourth ordered suddenly as catapults unleashed waves of death destroying siege weapons and burning men alike. The sun beat down on them furiously as the heat wave continued unaffected at such chaos. Demacia and Noxus fired and attacked from both sides furiously trying to gain the advantage. Rams battered at the gate as oil ran down with feet men ran in anguish as they were burnt from the magma substance they screamed until they couldn't until they rested into nothingness. The battle continued. The Demacian soldiers fight for their home, fight for the justice only they can serve, fight for Demacia!

“This battle is for you. I fight for you. I see you suffer, confused, your aura one of fear and doubt. There is guilt there also, actions you cannot undo, for the past is only closed doors. You cannot follow me unless you trust and it is I that have been sent to win you over; it is my task to earn your trust and should I fail, the failure is mine to bare. It is my eyes you will see when your time of peace has come, when it is your turn to cross the waters to us. I am your personal guide, the one to answer your questions and quiet your soul. When you are ready, when you are calm, I will simply take your hand and explain whatever it is you need to know. It isn't over for you-you have journeys to travel before you can even know which questions to ask or understand why you need my help. When you are ready I will come, then we will walk, me and you, to the place we call paradise. I will warn you my people, that the battles can be hard. Battles can break you and leave you for dead just to see if you can get up again. Battles can teach through lessons that are cruel, but if that is the only way to save you then your path is set. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and know that I have your back. Ultimately, your safety is won no matter how terrible the path, be brave, I'm never far.”


The angel knew that battle was truly not as glorified as she made it sound, however, she needed to encourage the soldiers to defend their home before they had all lost their way. Her words seem to have reached and soldiers and continued their battle in a patriotic manner.  Demacians lose their way easily, like Morgana. Oh how she dreaded when Morgana betrayed Demacia and sided with Noxus nearly a year ago. Whenever her twin crosses her mind, Kayle is filled with undying hatred. Hatred masquerades as an ointment to hurt when in truth it is no more than gasoline for the flames. More hatred only guarantees more enmity, more pain, more death ahead, never more healing or an increase in her duty and that is all she could feel for Morgana. Hatred, the twin of Kayle, is never her sister. Morgana refused to follow the path of their mother and  makes Demacia all weaker, a poison transmitted via ill-thought out words. Since joining Noxus, Kayle did not know what had become of her twin, surely she must have been useful to Noxus with her gifted flight and darkness. Kayle laughed at the thought, Morgana gifted in flight? That fool chained her wings to tread upon the soil like an animal. Kayle was much different, she enjoyed flying through the beautiful sky. She took her gift and benefited her kingdom as it was her duty.


The sound of weapons slashes against each other or against a soldier's skin filled Kayle's ears, this was war, this was battle, this was justice. The battlefield that day saw brave Demacians fighting to their last breath and the young army of conquerors wielding swords without mercy. The wounded and dead lay thickly over the wintry ground, garish crimson flowing over the soil where life is supposed to grow. When the bugle sounded the Noxians came too, not all, just the ones schooled in battle. Without a victory death was the better of the two options, these foes took only perfect specimens as slaves and left the rest to fertilize their new fields in order to destroy the wall.

They had to pull Noxus away from the wall. Noxus had many mage soldiers to aid them, yet the anti-magic wall that protected Demacia was the last defense the kingdom had. Galio was destroyed nearly three months ago by Darius's forces. It was also around the time the war shifted in favor of Noxus. It was not the only unfortunate death within the kingdom. Ever since King Jarvan the third had been assassinated his son, Jarvan the fourth was crowned king. While Jarvan was a good king in other ways, he was rather an inexperience with leading a major battle, such the one they were battling now. No one knew how long this war would last, Jarvan promised the war would end by the beginning of winter- it was now spring.

“Fire on sight!” Jarvan ordered loudly on the top of his lungs. The soldier fired their arrows at the Noxians. Each sound of the arrow pierced through even the loudest of screams and silenced those who were hit. Jarvan's strategy was a simple one- protect the wall at all cost. What would happen if the wall were to fall? Her golden eyes scanned the of the wall that protected the capital, she mainly saw the familiar silver and blue armor that every Demacian soldier wore. Her golden eyes caught sight of the one man wearing golden armor, her king.


“Your Highness!” Kayle called from above.


The king looked up to see Kayle fly a few feet above him, her feet meet the stone floor on the wall and kneeled in respect before Jarvan the fourth. “Sir, the Noxians attempted to fire their arrows inside the wall. I managed to deflect them all,” the angel reported.


“Good, assist Garen and Lux on the west side and stay by them at all cost,” Jarvan ordered as his blue eyes meet her golden ones for a moment, he then turned his head back and resumed his attention to the soldiers firing the arrows as the angel flew away.

“Secure the wall!”




The battlement stones were as washed out as the sky that Kayle flew around, one grey leaching into the other and each just as frigid without the sun. The granite was slick under the constant haze and robbed the heat of any man that dare lay next to it. Nevertheless, they did, backs flat to the unforgiving rock that protected their bodies from opportunistic arrows. As with many defending armies they were fathers, men with the strongest of reasons to live out the battle.


Garen swinged his large sword and instantly beheaded the Noxian soldier attempting to climb it, drenching the once white wall with crimson. This castle wall that arises from the battered Earth is as the mind of Demacian soldier, those who hide their hearts behind walls of stone as they plunder and kill. Up here, with the wind in his hair and only the sweet birdsong above, one could be forgiven for seeing their vainglory as benign. Yet he have seen the slaying and the suffering that multiplies. A good king could live in a humble cottage and still be revered, never needing armies or weaponry, only their giving heart. But Garen was proud that his king and best friend still decided to stay in battle.


The battlements are freckled with the lichen, the grassy fields beyond peeking through the gaps. Each wave of the grass in the gusting wind is as the calling of a cheeky child to come play... to forget the foolishness of gold and castles and the orders of these selfish monarchs. He did not want his younger sister Lux to be on the battlefield beside him. Every minute he turns his head back to make sure she was alright, he didn’t mean to do but his anxiety always got the better of him.


“Illumination!” Lux recited a spell and marked all affected enemies with light energy, the brightness caused ten Noxians to let go of their grip on the wall and fell to their deaths.


“Good job,” Garen complimented as he sighed in relief that she had the magic to protect her. It was something he never thought he would be thankful for. Garen never liked mages but he could never abandon his family, especially at a time like this.


Lux smiled warmly, “Thank you!”


At the corner of her eye, Lux notices the familiar winged woman flying their way and slowed down once she reached them. She still was flying a few feet above them.


“Kayle!” Lux greeted happily.


“Lovely to see you again, Kayle. I assume you are here to assist us,” Garen drawled, mainly distracted by the soldiers attempting to climb.


“Yes, king's orders,” the angel nodded in confirmation.


“Very well, Noxians are attempting to climb the wall. Fly around and kill them.”


Kayle nodded and stretched her wings out as swept through the air. She stopped flapping her wings and let the air carry her during the time she gripped the sword that previously belonged to her twin sister and gashed through the backs and heads every soldier climbing the wall. Their bodies fell like leaves on the tree, falling with their blood spreading on the wall and the air only for their corpses to hit the ground and never arise as they once did. Kayle continued this for ten minutes, but each time the soldiers kept climbing and climbing; acting without justification or concern for the consequences, they were mindless. Even after she had killed a fatal blow the soldiers continued to climb the wall as they were dying. These soldiers were not thinking, they ignored their pain…it was as if they were being mind controlled.

There was something puzzling in those soldiers, enough to send Kayle’s hand to hold back her mother's sword just in case. It was like something was weighing them down on one side and their muscles were struggling to compensate for their lack of balance, yet they continued to climb.


Kayle has been around for thousands of years, never had she seen a human being in that sort of state,  they looked as if they were dreaming. She didn't trust anyone without a visible weakness, it made her wonder if it was all a facade over something less stable, less honorable...less aware.

Kayle became curious about why the soldiers were not attacking. She stood still until a soldier managed to successfully climb the wall. It was just as she thought. The Noxian merely stood there and did not attack. Kayle flew closer the Noxian until she was a mere few inches away from his face, still nothing. She launched her celestial sword forward to the man's heart. She sensed dark magic from her sword that every other soldier that climbed possessed, yet it only came from one specific source, a source that was harder to sense. The man disappeared entirely, this was all an illusion.


“Luxanna,” she called out to the mage.


“Yes?” the girl answered.


“How long have you been fighting these soldiers climbing the wall?” she asked in a suspected resonance.


Lux paused her fighting and stared up as if the sky somehow had the answers, she thought for a few seconds.


“I believe since two hours ago,” she answered the questions in a monotone.


“And has there been the same soldiers or has new ones arrived?”


“The same ones, they have not…” the mage trailed off her words as she began to realize that the soldier she killed a few minutes ago was still climbing the wall. “....stopped,” she finished, only now realizing it. Lux appeared dumbfounded by her own realization, “but that can’t be possible…”


“It’s not possible, the only explanation would be none of this is real,” Kayle said certainly. “Mages in Noxus are far more advanced than by anything that I have ever seen. There must be a powerful mage among the soldiers that are creating these illusions.”


Lux turned to Kayle astonished by the disclosure, she felt like an idiot that for the past two hours she was fighting something that was not even real. She yelled out to Garen about the illusion, which he also appeared dumbfounded by.

“How are we going to find the mage?” Garen asked folding his arms.


“We are not.” Kayle stated sighing to herself. “I predict they might be far from the battlefield. They cannot be fighting and controlling the illusion at the same time, it would be impossible.They must be hiding somewhere. Our best chance on finding them would be for me to fly around, I might be able to sense their magic better.”


After the announcement the siblings similar blue eyes were as immobile as the rest of their faces, as if news like that was impossible to absorb any faster. Lux was frozen for maybe three whole seconds more than her brother before the corners of her mouth resumed their usual softness and her eyes quit staring. Garen frowned by Kayle’s strategy to go in alone, it was suicide.


“Are you completely mad? The moment they spot you in the sky they will obliterate you!” Garen exclaimed in surprise and angry voice.


“Kayle, if this mage is as powerful as you said then it would be too dangerous,” Lux agreed to express worrisome for her friend and comrade.


“This is our duty as Demacians, we need to handle this threat to our kingdom by any means necessary, even if it is suicidal,” Kayle stated determinedly, she knew whatever she would be facing would be certainly powerful but she had no other option. Her enemies were trying to destroy the nation she protected for thousands of years and she’d be damned to eternal suffering if she lets Noxus bring down the wall!


Garen sighed in defeat, he knew Kayle was too stubborn and determined to be stopped, “Very well, be safe.”


Kayle smirked arrogantly, she didn’t need Garen to wish her to be safe. Whatever caused this would be condemned to the celestial blade she wields. She would prevail and bring justice to these Noxian scum.


The judicator breathes deeply and shuts her eyes tight, calling on her cells to work with her, to bring punishment to the mage casting this illusion . Then, a few minutes later , her arms feel light. Really light. Like they were being pulled up from the ground. Soon enough, this light feeling spread to the rest of her body. Only when Kayle felt her feet lifted off the ground, that she open her gold eyes , and find out that she is far above the ground. No matter how many times she flew, the view and the feeling of flying never got old. In this feeling of joy, she soar towards the battlefield with frightening speed, killing any Noxian that dares to raise their sword at her. Kayles arms thrust in front to guide her through. Good thing. Through the helmet she wore, her eyes scanned the battle and followed wherever her senses were leading her. The magic was certainly powerful, very powerful. It felt unnatural that a mage could wield such powerful magic.Sooner or later, she manages to find the source of the magic. Kayle stopped flying forward and flapped her wings to fly in place. She was away from the battlefield, but she could still seen what was occurring over there. She was in an open space surrounded by forest trees.

The forest was one of those places which had no palpable reason to exist. It was a creaking shack created by nature to serve as a reminder that things could always be much, much worse. The unnatural, choking mist that swirled and sprawled on the forest floor was the first thing that spoke of a strange sort of wrongness. The sickly white substance seemed to possess liquid properties which only reminded of the maggot-like texture of the eyes of a dead man who had been forgotten in his apartment for a few months, ready to burst at the slightest touch. The smoke made no sound however and only parted to swallow up her feet even though her feet were not touching the ground. Kayle flew further upon the giant dead, festering eyeball of the forest floor. The sound of mushy and dead leaves whispered from under the skin of the mist. Where was the mage?

The drone of insects humming started the usual routine of the fallen sky. Slowly, the forest came alive with the layers of sounds echoing in the cold air. Little frogs croaked under large, broad leaves. The webs were stringed with delicate drops of morning dew, glistening in the first shards of sunlight. While the battle, not even a mile away was still being fought. The animals in every corner of the earth are waiting for the outcome. Kayle’s eyes scan the forest and listened closely to any sound that was not of forest creatures. Nothing. Kayle could still sense the magic that leads to the spot she was at. Perhaps the coward was hiding.

“Show yourself at once and I assure you I will smite you quickly,” Kayle ordered coldly, her guard was up for any possible ambush.

The silence lingered in the air, thick and heavy, like a blanket. Wherever she moved, that silence followed, always watching never fading. her own, personal shadow. It reminded her of Morgana. After waiting a few more seconds or surrender or at the very least, a response Kayle grew impatient. The judicator forged the bright flames to where the blade once was and yelled once more: “Show yourself you coward and face your judgment!”

“Judgment? Heh, interesting choice of words…” a feminine voice spoke as a chuckle rolled off her tongue moments later that felt like a breeze caressing her skin, “a very interesting choice of words.”

Kayle let out a slow controlled breath and attempted to loosen her body movements. She was flying like a clockwork soldier and that was no way to be in this neighborhood. She gave her shoulders a wiggle and lolled her head in a circle, let her stride slacken to a more casual pace. She could not tell where the voice was coming from, it was everywhere. It was a decent effort, enough to fool the casual observer, but for the judicator, with a keen eye, she was flying advert for tension. Her eyes moved with the alertness that comes from heavy stress and her hands remained clenched by subconscious demand of her sword to find the mage.

“I assume you are the one who has cast the illusion on the wall?” Kayle questioned.

Despite unable to see the mage, the angel could tell the mage was smirking and was able to see her. Her eyes cannot be fooling her, she was unable to find the caster. Kayle was visibly getting irritated.


“Why do you refuse to bring yourself forward? You must be a coward,” Kayle uttered in a grimace manner. She clenched her sword tightly, still awaiting an ambush.

“A coward I am not, why do you continue to be judgemental? I assume that to be the task of a God, no?” The mage teased.

“You are not the one to be asking questions if you remain away from my eyes!” Kayle huffed angrily by the mage, she needed to end the illusion yet the mage refused to show herself. Still, she answered: “It is my duty to perish this world of its deceivers and sinners.”

The mage laughed loudly by the answer, It was a cruel mocking laugh. Yes, it was an interesting choice of words once more. “Do not judge someone because they sin differently from you,” she quoted humorously. “Worry for the fall of your kingdom…”

Lines forming between her eyebrows. Kayle's head was tilting to the side and frowning offended by that statement, yet confused by her last sentence.

“What do you…”


Before Kayle could finish her sentence out on the rolling skyline, a mile away, a lancelike ray of blue-white light shot up into the gathering dusk--a clump of five rays, really, from five deep shafts in an irregular pentagon half a mile across, blended into one by the distance where the wall was. An instant later, there was a blinding flash, like sheet-lightning, and a huge ball of varicolored fire belched upward, leaving a series of smoke-rings to float more slowly after it. That fireball flattened, then spread to form the mushroom-head of a column of incandescent gas that mounted to overtake it, engorging the smoke-rings as it rose, twisting, writhing, changing shape, turning to dark smoke in one moment and belching flame.




Kayle jumped from the sudden explosion, she flew up higher to see what it was ...there was an enormous explosion. It was as though a fist of orange flame had decided to punch it's way into the wall. The concrete shattered. Smoke and fire rushed out. Thousands of pieces of stone and other material, a deadly rainfall, showered down. Alarms - shrill and deafening- erupted. A huge bite had been taken out of the side and the wall of that surrounded the capital. Kayle had seen the size of the explosion. It was hard to believe it had done so much damage. This was all a distraction to blow up the wall.


Kayle was white as chalk. Her eyes and her mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and although she was staring straight at the wall. It had been completely destroyed. Her fingers were jumping rhythmically, as if in spasm...And then her legs gently folded and she subsided slowly on the flapping of her wings, ungainly as a marionette...Her bowels suddenly churned. Oh, Gods, she prayed, don't let that happen, not now...she still floats here fighting the terrible loosening of her bowels, the need to vomit. The walls were destroyed, the last defense was destroyed, Demacia will fall!


Her wings flapped with the tarmac with all the grace of a sack of the cold air, the springing graceful flying of twenty miles earlier had long since disappeared. Her rasping throat was as parched as a dead lizard in the desert sun. Her head bobbed loosely from side to side with each flight and her eyes felt heavy in their sockets. Kayle did not let that bother her, she needed to get back to her people quickly, she did not care for the mage anymore.


“Judgment day will come sooner~”



A bitter wind swept the hillside and the ground was slick with blood. The lucky few wore thick leather armour, the rest only sweaters of wool. The soldiers stood in formation, four rows was all they had, their eyes trained on the road to see how many the duke would send. They heard the sound of armor long before they saw the mass of uniformed bodies lead by a horseman bearing a flag of their enemy. Their answer had come. This is what it meant to fail to pay taxes in the district, no excuses, no mercy. Every face blanched and the messenger fled to the village with the order to evacuate. This was never a battle they could never win, only a sacrifice to buy time.

Once Kayle reached the west side of the wall she found Garen and Lux on the ground, most likely caused by the explosion. The Crownguard siblings were fighting Noxian soldiers that sept into the wall after it was destroyed. All around them was a massacre. Noxians slaughtering every Demacian on sight; house to house, alley to alley, every street, every corner, there was blood and corpses.


Kayle flew down and instantly beheaded the Noxians around the siblings, their heads flew off as if it were old wood.  Once the threat was out of their way, Lux sighed in relief.


“What happened?!” Kayle questioned panicked.


“We...were fighting and just heard an explosion. The walls are down…” Lux said panting between in sentence in an attempt to catch her breath.


“Keep fighting! We have to keep fighting until we fall!” Garen cried out and plowed his sword into the Noxians chest in front of him. Kayle smiled, Garen was a true Demacian and shared her same views on justice, she was proud to fight alongside him.


“Your brother is right, fight until we received our orders from the king!” Kayle shouted and continued to dismember more soldiers with her sword and flames.


After ten minutes of fighting, the Demacians feared that more Noxians reinforcements would arrive and all would be lost. They were right to fear that. More and more Noxian were coming, the three Demacians tried to hold them off the best they could but soon enough they found themselves surrounded. Kayle could have flown away to avoid this but Garen and Lux could not fly and she was uncertain if she could carry them both. Alas, she had to try.


“Grab onto me and do not let go!” she commanded seriously at the siblings.


Garen and Lux stared at Kayle as if she grew another head, but as time was passing so was their chance at survival. Both of the Crownguard siblings grabbed ahold of Kayle's arms as she prepared herself to fly. It was certainly more difficult to fly while carrying two people, but she still gradually lifted herself off the ground and managed to fly. The Noxians were not going to make this easy on her either way. The soldiers pulled the strings of their bow and arrows and aimed it at the Demacians in the air. Garen, in a last ditch effort to help his comrade, threw his large sword at the Noxians and the blade tore the body of three soldiers apart, all at once. They didn’t know whether to retreat or continue to fight. Luckily for them, help had arrived.


A loud beastly roar filled the sky that sounded like an untuned cello caught the attention of Kayle, Garen, and Lux. amongst the sky they spotted a large purple dragon heading their way, it was Shyvana! Her scales gleamed in the sunset in the horizon. The scales that were her pride and delight. violet streaks were shot through them brighter than the sun or so it seemed. Black attached itself to both sides of the violet. With teeth as sharp and cold as icicles they could rip through amour. She thought absently just for defense. Spells as slippery as snakes and as powerful as the night sky for convenience she elaborated. Eyes with deep amber seemingly endless pools streaked with intelligence and wisdom. To see you know she said tossing her tail. Her tail hard as rock and could go through a castle wall as if it was no more than a toy. For balance she knew. Wings that stretched leathery like a bats. Colossal yet this dragon would be their savior.


Shyvana spotted that her comrades were endangered and prepared herself to burn away her enemies. Flickering, weaving under the breathe it was sparked into. A shrieking ray of melting amber purges out of the flame's capturing heat. It can be told that once the strongest of cornerstones were illuminated into molten when in a communion of such a harmful object of division but only the purest could make its identity out as courage, sound mind. It holds the power to give to anyone a harness of strong armies and a hope of a new beginning, but she was only using it for her people. It smoldered and burned those to a crisp that were foolish enough to be caught, which was the fate of many. After obliterating most of the soldiers in their way Shyvana quickly transformed back to her human form. She smiled warmly at her comrades who were still flying above her, but not too far. The angel came back down to earth and gently let go of her friends.


“King's orders: Garen and Lux are ordered to escape into the wood until a soldier will arrive and explain your next orders.” Shyvana explained. “It’s too dangerous to be here now.”


“He wants us to abandon the battle?” Lux stared at the half-dragon perplexed.


“King’s orders! Do not question them!” Shyvana shouted startling the mage, “Run now! We will hold them off!”


Lux was going to protest but Garen quickly grabbed her arm and grabbed the nearest horse. Kayle saw her comrades ride off with very little interfering with their escape. The angel and the half-dragon held off the Noxians for over an hour, they repeated the fighting all this time and she wondered if this was an illusion or not. After they realized they were not going to win this way, Shyvana changed her strategy and told Kayle to fly towards the castle. Soon enough, Noxians began to follow them and not just any of them, it was a Yordle.


“Come back here, you whippersnappers!", the Yordle riding some kind of lizard yelled through the dark streets along with a group of soldiers. They chased the two Demacians.


“Come back or I will feed you to Skaarl!”


The rattling of the soldier's armors sounded like barking hounds in this battle. Kayle and Shyvana, both deeply in fear, tried to fly towards the castle faster. Kayle's heart pounded fast as her wings were flying faster and faster. She couldn't stand the thought of losing to Noxus but the wall has fallen to this brutal and evil empire.


“Get her!", the crazy sounding Yordle’s voice crawled through her skin. Faster. She must flee.

But suddenly, as she just looked back for one second, purple magical energy hit her back. Kayle screamed in pain as the brute force appeared out of nowhere and crashed her to the ground. She saw the same flash of purple magic hit the half-dragon as well.


Kayle did her best to ignore the pain she received from the strike and the ground and tried to get up as fast as she could but it was too late. In front of her, some soldiers appeared and as she turned she saw the pale face and dark smile of a purple-haired mage wearing a revealing bodysuit, a cape that covered her shoulders and holding a golden staff with the same purple energy that hit her earlier. Her face looked like some porcelain doll and there were purple lines over her amber eyes that almost resemble some type of scar, the woman was beautiful. That was all Kayle could see through her helmet. Kayle’s heart drops to her stomach the moment her eyes meet the woman's amber ones. “ Oh no!” the angel thought fearfully. Out of all the Noxians to get caught by she had to be found by a Yordle and Emilia LeBlanc! Before she could try to escape she was captured between swords, walls and the woman before her.


“I shall be fallen,” she whispered as a soldier grabbed her arm. Her eyes accepting her death, but that was not what they planned on doing.


“Who the hell said yer gonna die?!" the Yordle grumbled winningly. The soldiers didn't move for that Kayle couldn't flee again. But it wasn't necessary. Kled grabbed her arm this strong she never would have made it flee. For a Yordle, he was surprisingly strong.


Kayle's face fell faster than corpse to the ground. In that instant her skin became greyed, her mouth hung with her lips slightly parted and her golden eyes were as wide as they could stretch. There wasn't even a point in reaching for her sword. With LeBlanc, there was no way she could escape, had LeBlanc been the mage that caste the illusion? Of course! The processes could do anything, Kayle cursed herself for not realizing this sooner. The judicator had nothing to protect her but empty words and the armor she wore. They had always been good enough up until now but somehow she didn't think it was going to work this time. Kayle glanced nervously at the fallen half dragon, Shyvana wasn’t moving, maybe she was unconscious- unless Shyvana had died already - then all hope was lost.


In a panic Kayle does the unthinkable, she headbutted Kled. The Yordle screamed in pain and grasp his paws on his forehead. Kayle took this opportunity to fly away. Without waiting another second she shimmies over the top of the building and tries to escape the enemy. A violent noise cracks into the startled air and she does not need to look down to know she has been hit by LeBlanc’s magic once more, that it is driving her towards becoming unconscious.


“Foolish girl,” Kayle heard the taunting voice of Emilia LeBlanc.


Kayle’s eyesight blurred, but not because tears were welling up. Everything became fuzzy; then she saw nothing at all. Her consciousness was floating through an empty space filled with a thick static as her body was falling back down to the ground. Throughout the inky space, her heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in her ears, alongside fading pleas for help. Without seeing it, Kayle’s body hits the ground in the alley and heard a ‘thud’ and ‘crack’, but she could not feel it, but Kayle knew she hit the ground. The feeling in her body drained away until finally, all was black. Kayle had been captured.