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Mituna watches from the back of the boat as everyone gets off, watches the reunions of family from afar.
He watches John and Jane reunited with their father, Jake and Jade reunited with their siblings and their uncle, and Mituna’s kind of amazed by the peace the island seems to exude.
There’s trolls on the island before them, trolls searching for something rumored to be on the island. Mituna doesn’t quite hear them.
He’s jealous, mildly so, but he just wishes he had someone he could be held like the others are.
That’s when he sees her.
He swears his heart stops as he looks at her, double-checking it’s really her, and he’s running off the ship, towards her, up the hill towards the hive, and she’s running towards him.
They embrace, and it’s rough, Mituna almost falling, but it’s okay, it’s okay, she’s alive.
“P0RR1M,” he murmurs, burying his face in the soft fabric of her shawl.
“Mituna,” she replies, hugging him tight, and it’s all he can do to not cry.
She’s taller than him, always has been, even with his horns, and he leans his fast into her shoulder, trying to stem the tears, trying to not lose his emotions all at once, but he’s freer than he has been in sweeps, and he’s with the last family he remembers, and while it’s not complete, it’s enough, it’s more than enough, and he knows that if her shawl were white fabric, he’d be staining it yellow with his tears, but he can’t stop.
Despite all that emotion, he’s laughing, and it’s a wet sound. But he can hear her laughing as well, equally damp, and she leans her chin on his head.
“O+h my go+g, Mituna,” she repeats, and she’s holding onto his upper arms tightly, a vice, but it’s comforting to know she still cares, she hasn’t forgotten
Once he comes down from the emotional high, Mituna takes a step back. They’re still holding onto each other, but he has some questions.
Her skin is pale, paler than he remembers.
“H0W,” he pauses, lost for words. “H0W 4R3 Y0U 4L1V3? 7H3 C0ND35C3,” he trails off, remembering that fateful day so long ago. “7H3 C0ND35C3 70LD M3 Y0U W3R3 D34D.”
She smiles sadly. “I am dead Mituna.” She smiles, showing off fangs that are too long, too pointy for her mouth. “I’m a rainbo+w drinker.”
Part of his wants to scoff, to laugh, to ask “no really”, but he doesn’t.
He himself has been alive too long. He knows there are things you just have to accept, thinks you don’t question.
Mituna has long learned not to look a gift hoofbeast in the mouth.
“4 R4IN80W DR1NK3R?” He asks.
She nods.
Alright, then. That’s settled.
The rest of the crowd moves towards the hive, and Porrim makes a motion for him to follow.
“WH47 4R3 Y0U 3V3N D01NG H3R3?” He asks. “N07 7H47 1’M QU35710N1NG F0R7U170U5 C1RCUM574NC35, 8U7 17’5 JU57 50 UNL1K3LY…”
Porrim smirks. “I’m lo+o+king fo+r a friend. A mutual friend. O+ne these yo+unglings also+ happen to+ be lo+o+king fo+r as well.”
Mituna cocks his head to the side. “4 MU7U4L FR13ND?’
Porrim smiles demurely. “Yo+u’ll find o+ut. I’m sure the bo+ys will be excited to+ tell yo+u all abo+ut it o+nce they kno+w who+ yo+u are.”
“0NC3 7H3Y KN0W WH0 1 4M?” Mituna asks, exasperated.
“Hmm,” Porrim replies.
“50 WH47? 7H3Y W3N7 7HR0UGH N3P374’5 H1V3 WH3N 5H3 L3F7?” Mituna asks.
“Who went through my hive?” Nepeta asks, interjecting from across the group.
“Her hive?” Porrim asks.
“Y34H. 5H3 L1V3D 1N M3UL1N’5 0LD H1V3. 1 4L50 7H1NK 5H3’5 H3R D35C3ND4N7.”
“Meulin’s descendant?” Porrim asks.
Mituna nods. “1 7H1NK W3 H4V3 D3SC3ND4N75 FR0M 7H3 WH0L3 H3M05P3C7RUM.”
Porrim look at him, surprised. “The who+le hemo+spectrum?”
Mituna nods. “RU57 4LL 7H3 W4Y 7HR0UGH FU5C14.”
Porrim pauses. “But that’s eleven. There are twelve yo+ung adults.”
Mituna smirks. While he hasn’t personally had much time to talk to his moirail’s descendant - Karkat has been busy taking care of himself and his own relationships, Mituna doesn’t want to impose on that - he knows exactly how much he wants to, how much Porrim will want to.
“Y0U H4V3 Y0UR 53CR37, 1 H4V3 M1N3.”
Porrim scoffs.
They walk inside.
The trolls are busy. The house is filled. They make arrangements, and they’re so busy that they don’t necessarily pay attention to what’s around them.
Karkat walks head first into Mituna, Kanaya in tow.
He steps back, ready to apologize, and Porrim gasps.
“O+h my go+g,” she whispers.
Karkat is so short compared to Porrim, compared to Mituna, compared to Kanaya, compared to everyone, and it makes Mituna’s heart swell with pity.
No, not pity. The emotion Mituna feels sure as hell isn’t flushed, and it’s not quite pale. Mituna thinks this must be what Porrim feels when it comes to Kankri.
Porrim kneels down to look Karkat in the eye, her eyes slightly downcast.
It’s not Kankri, though, is it, Mituna thinks.
Porrim stands. “I see what yo+u meant by the who+le hemo+spectrum no+w,” Porrim says, turning to Mituna.
“CAN I GO NOW?” Karkat asks, looking a little uncomfortable.
Porrim blinks. “Yes. O+f co+urse. So+rry. Didn’t mean to+ get in yo+ur way.”
Karkat gives her a sad look before leaving with Kanaya.
Porrim turns back to Mituna. “Are they-”
“M01R41L5. 47 L3457 FR0M WH47 1’V3 H34RD 4ND 533N.”
Porrim nods. “O+f co+urse.”
“50 Y0U’V3 533N MY 53CR37, WH47’5 Y0UR5?”
“C0M3 4G41N?” Mituna doesn’t think he’s heard her right.
“Meulin,” Porrim repeats, turning to him. “She’s here. O+n Earth. In fact, she’s o+n this very island.”
“Y0U’R3 J0K1NG,” Mituna whispers.
She shakes her head, smiling.
“0H MY G0G, W3’R3 4LL G01NG 70 83 H3R3?” Mituna asks, gleefully.
He pauses when he thinks about his words.
“W3LL, 4LM057 4LL 0F U5?”
Porrim smiles still, but it’s sad now.
“Do+n’t wo+rry, he’s still with us.” She taps Mituna’s chest. “Right here.”
Mituna smiles. “Y34H, H3 5UR3 15.”