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Karkat had been enjoying some of the best sleep he’d ever had when he was awoken by his matesprit.
“Babe, wake up,” Dave whispers in Karkat’s ear, and Karkat groans as he opens his eyes, staring at Dave’s unfairly handsome face.
“WHY?” Karkat groans, rolling over so he could properly face Dave.
“I wanna show you something.”
Karkat grumbles, sitting up. He rubs his eyes before offering his arms to Dave.
Dave chuckles, grabbing Karkat with ease. “God, you’re a demanding one, you know that?”
“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO WOKE ME UP AT BUTTFUCK O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING, YOU ABSOLUTE FUCK,” Karkat retorts as he leans his face into the crook of Dave’s neck.
Karkat’s ridiculously glad Dave’s feeling better that earlier and the day before that. Once they had gotten to the Strider’s apartment, they had wrapped Dave up in more layers than Karkat could count, and Karkat had spent much of the time awake, just sitting next to Dave. And then when Dave woke up and remembered what happened to John, they had been a trainwreck. Luckily for them, John had shown up not long after, soothing some of those worries.
Not that those worries were completely erased. John had a lot of recovery time ahead of him, but at least he was back with the group.
Dave seemed to reach his destination, and he sets Karkat down onto his feet to open a door.
Karkat looks down at the endless stretch of stairs below them, a little surprised Dave actually carried him all that way, when he’s startled by a gust of wind from Dave opening the door.
“Come on,” Dave says, grinning, and he takes Karkat’s hand.
Karkat squeezes Dave’s hand as he’s lead out on the roof.
Karkat gasps as he takes in the view. He rarely ever went to the city, as it was very dangerous for someone trying to keep his blood color under wraps, so he’d never seen a view like this before.
There were so many lights of different colors, all vying for Karkat’s attention, and he smiles as he looks at it all.
“WOW,” he murmurs, and Dave chuckles.
“That’s not what I wanted you to look at. Look up.”
Karkat turns his sights upward, and he’s even more astonished. The stars aren’t all that remarkable, he’d been able to see more from his hive, but Earth still had debris in its solar system, so there were shooting stars raining down from the sky.
“Pretty cool, right?” Dave asks.
Karkat nods, not looking away from the spectacle before him. Even though he knew it was just mostly rocks and dust, the concept of stars falling from their spot in the sky captured his imagination like nothing else.
“Here, I’ve got a place for us to sit.”
Karkat finally tears his eyes from the sky to see a few cushions and blankets that Dave must have brought up from the apartment.
They get themselves situated, Karkat leaning against Dave inside his arms, covered in blankets. He turns his eyes back skywards to keep watching the meteor shower.
Dave hugs Karkat tightly, and Karkat sighs contentedly. It’s nice. After all the stress of the past two days, it’s remarkably relaxing to just be held by his matesprit and be able to watch the stars. It makes him feel younger, and it reminds him of the one time he did this with Kanaya, way back when.
“I LOVE YOU,” Karkat murmurs, craning his head to look at Dave.
Dave smirks. “I love you, too,” he says, kissing the top of Karkat’s head.
Karkat tries to turn so he can kiss Dave back, but the way they’re wrapped up prevents it.
“LET ME KISS YOU, YOU SMUG ASSHOLE,” Karkat complains, wrestling against the blankets and Dave’s arms.
Dave laughs, which causes Karkat to struggle even harder.
“ASSHAT,” Karkat exclaims, finally freeing himself from the blankets for it to actually be an even match, and he pins Dave to the ground, knocking his shades off his face.
Dave stares up at him with those gorgeous bright red eyes of his, and Karkat leans down to kiss Dave gently.
It feels odd, that this should be their first kiss. They’ve been dating online for so long, yet being on different planets certainly limits what you can and can’t do.
They break the kiss.
“Wow. That was, uh, something,” Dave says, face red.
Dave’s face seems to turn even more red, and he leans upward to kiss Karkat, catching him off guard.
Dave’s lips are partially open against Karkat’s, and Karkat suddenly realizes his teeth are much sharper than Dave’s, but his matesprit doesn’t seem to care.
Dave readjusts them so they can sit up, but he doesn’t dare break the kiss.
Karkat reaches up to dig his fingers into Dave’s hair, and their kiss becomes sloppier by the second, but Karkat doesn’t care, this feels right, and he’s been waiting for this for a long time.
“My, my, it seems like we’re interrupting something up here,” a voice calls out, and Karkat and Dave jump apart.
Karkat’s sure his face is as red as Dave’s as they look guiltily at Rose and Kanaya.
“Oh, yeah? Like your plan wasn’t to do the exact same thing we are?” Dave asks, causing Karkat to splutter.
“DAVE,” he hisses, and Kanaya seems almost as mortified as him.
“Well, I, Um,” she stammers.
“I mean, we were, but this spot seems taken,” Rose says, sighing. “Don’t worry, my dear Kanaya, I’m sure we can find our own spot to have some long overdue makeouts.”
Kanaya’s face turns bright green, and Karkat can’t resist the urge to mock her for it.
“WHAT? EMBARRASSED TO TALK ABOUT ROMANCE?” He teases, and Kanaya frowns deeply, face still bright jade.
“We Will Talk About This Later,” she hisses, and she makes her departure with Rose.
Dave chuckles. “Oh man, that was embarrassing. I know Rose is going to give me shit about it later.”
“Well, since they’re gone, do you want to get back to what we were doing?” Dave smiles at Karkat, and it warms his heart.