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“Come on! We don’t have any more time to waste!”
“What about the others?”
“What about them? They can find their own way.”
“We can’t just leave them. We don’t know of any other xports with unlocked codes like this one!”
The troll stops in the middle of the hallway, and the one leading stops to turn at them.
“Don’t make me do this, Xefros,” he pleads.
“I’m not leaving him.”
The leader is exasperated now. “I’m not losing you.”
Xefros stands firm. “No, Dammek.”
Dammek’s eyes glisten in the light. “Xefros,” he repeats, voice cracking.
Xefros’ shoulders slump.
“We’ll see them all again. Especially him,” Dammek pleads. “But for now, we need to go.”
“We don’t even know if we’re going to find her or not. For all we know, she could be a myth!”
“She’s not! We found the proof in that cave! The hive that was suddenly vacated in the forest.”
Xefros looks down. “Okay. Fine.”
Dammek looks relieved. “I love you,” he says, offering his hand to his moirail.
Xefros takes his moirail’s hand as they run off down the hall to the transport, and Dammek opens the door quickly.
“In you go,” Dammek says, guiding Xefros into the pod before climbing in himself. The door moves slowly as the duo struggles to shut it.
“You remember the coordinates?”
“Already plugged in, xactly as you told me.”
“Good. To Earth we go.”
The ship blasts off into the darkness, unnoticed by the mothership.
“Off to find a ghost,” Dammek says, grinning at Xefros.
“Off to find the Keeper of the Legends, the Storian of the Past, the Bookkeeper of Rebellions, the reason for the Summoner’s Rebellion.
“Off to find the last Disciple of the Signless.”