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Roxy stops a few miles down the road. “Okay, what are we going to do?”
Rose looks at her sister. “We’re going to go back and save our friends.”
“I second that,” Dave replies.
“I mean, we all have our weapons with us, right?” Jade asks.
The van is filled with nods.
“Then we go back,” Jade declares.
Rose stares at Jade, smiling gratefully.
“Sure.” Roxy smiles and turns the engine back on.
“So you’re planning on just barging into a government facility?” Hal questions drily.
Rose loses it. She can’t explain why, but something about Hal choosing to question the plan right after being so very badly wrong, even though she knows he’s right, this plan won’t work, just pisses her off. “Fuck you, you stupid robot. You don’t have any goddamn emotions, you don’t get a say in this.” She grabs Hal’s voicebox and crushes it, tearing it apart with her nails.
“Rose, I totally agree with you, but damn, I worked hard on that.” Dirk keeps his voice cool, and it soothes Rose a little.
“Sorry,” she replies softly.
“I mean, I accept your apology, but Hal is fucking pissed,” he responds, tapping his shades.
“Serves him right,” she replies, smirking.
“Let’s go,” John says, gripping his hammer.
Roxy turns the van around abruptly.
“Alrighty everybody, prepare for bumpy ground!” She says smiling, and they take off down the road.
As they draw back closer toward the facility, Rose stares at the workers roughly handling the trolls. She sees one roughly push a troll she immediately recognizes as her girlfriend.
“Oh you’re going down,” she murmurs to herself, clenching her needles tightly.
“Let’s go!” Roxy shouts as they veer across the other side of the highway, then onto the dirt. The government officials start pointing in shock.
Everyone sits tense and prepared to jump out to grab their friends.
Roxy rams head first into the fence.
It is not, as Dave earlier hypothesized, electrified, which is a relief. It’d be really stupid if Rose got electrified right before she met her hot alien girlfriend in person.
The fence crumbles quickly and the agents start shooting.
“Run them over!” Jane shouts at Roxy.
“Sure fucking thing!” Roxy replies gleefully as she hits an agent.
Rose rolls down her window to shout “Trolls! Get out of the way!”
They scatter as Roxy hits the agents like rolling pins.
Once the agents are knocked out or injured enough, Roxy brakes, and the doors are thrown open.
“Get in!” Rose calls out her door beckoning them.
The twelve aliens outside share glances, but they all recognize safety when they see it.
The agents begin stirring, and it’s as the last troll enters that the gunfire resumes, and one of them is talking into their stereo.
“Shit!” Rose says as she notices it. “We gotta go!”
Roxy guns the engine as John closes the door for Rose, and Rose gets a chance to surveil the van.
They have all the aliens, with Karkat in Dave’s arms, burying his face in Dave’s shirt.
Rose picks out Kanaya close to her and she practically throws herself into her girlfriend’s arms.
“Oh my god, Kanaya,” Rose says, and it’s all she has to do before Kanaya is pulling her tight into her arms. Rose feels like crying of joy.
That’s when she hears the choppers overhead.
“Fuck!” Jake says from the passenger seat.
One of the trolls dressed in blue, presumably Vriska from what Rose knows, suddenly looks pale, and Rose feels it too.
“We’re not going to make it,” they say simultaneously, before giving each other weird looks.
“Oh, god, there’s two of them now,” Dirk murmurs, but he’s too busy staring at the sky.
“Roxy, you gotta go faster.” Jake’s voice is shaky, and it surprises Rose. She doesn’t think she’s ever seen him afraid.
“I can’t. This is the fastest this van goes, Jake.” Roxy’s voice is steel.
“SHIT,” murmurs Karkat. He’s gripping Dave really tightly.
“No no no no nononono,” Vriska chants, holding onto a troll in red glasses, who must be Terezi, who’s holding onto one of the handles and Vriska in equal parts.
“Roxy, please,” Dirk pleads, his shades askew, and for once, Rose can see his emotions, which is fear, which frightens her more than Jake being afraid.
A quarter mile down the road, a fuckton of cars appear.
Roxy begins slowing down.
“What are you doing?!” The small troll in olive asks, alarmed.
“We’re not getting out of this,” Roxy says, and the car falls silent.
“I’m so sorry,” she says as the government surrounds them.