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How Texting Saved Verona

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Two teen ag ers , both sim il ar in wealth,

In cha ot ic Ve ro na, the sto ry takes place

With death and blame from an cient gru dges held,

Comes mu ti ny and vi ol ence from folk,

Sprung forth from fat al plans , a young coup le,

Their fate was bloom’d love and un time ly death,

And the cen tur ies past doom ed the rest,

To a long fu ture of a great big mess,

Where pure love still in minds hold cou ples strong,

And breaks the cy cle of fight ing and death,

With rage with in fam il ies will find ends,

Like the bod ies bur ied aft er the mend,

It is now that we start the breath tak ing

Tale that brings folks to ge ther like te thers.