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Skeletons under the floorboards, in the closets, in his soul

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‘Don’t mess this mission up’ Deku felt that for the first time in years he could laugh. He wrote that to his colleagues, yet here he was running away from Pro Heroes alongside them. The irony wasn’t lost to him, he was apart of the mission just like Dabi and Toga. But god he wanted to strangle them, all they did for the mission was alerting the Heroes and doom Inko.

Speaking of said heroes, they were being chased by Present Mic, who’s way to loud for it to be normal. Midnight, as lewd as ever. Eraserhead, that he pretended he couldn’t see running along the rooftops. And the flaming garbage can himself. He could hear Endeavour screaming for them to ‘GIVE UP YOU SHIT EATING VILLAINS’ and if he was honest he kind of reminded him of Bakugou. Loud and brash? Check. Flashy and destructive quirks? Check. Complete and utter Assholes. Check. Currently trying to burn him to death.. Not quite. But if he was here he’s pretty sure Bakugou would try.

Unfortunately running away was easier said than done. His shadows were swirling around him screeching, and despite the night and the dark alley ways they couldn’t seem to get away from the damn heroes. Again Endeavour proved to be a pain in the ass with his fire. Fire didn’t counter his shadows, it just made them screech and complain and give him a splitting headache. And as much as he just wants to leave Dabi and Toga to fend for themselves and run off into the night, but, he can’t.

The two dumbasses along with Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Sensei had been the only people who didn’t treat him like a monster, more like a tool if anything, but it was better than former. They didn’t turn away at the shadows and endless void in him. Not even flinching at his gaunt and frail appearance, it was the first time someone hadn’t. Granted they terrified him, constantly threatened and hurt him and Kurogiri was the only one who was ever really showed any semblance that cared about him.. But, he was already to far gone to go back, not that he really wanted to go back to the endless bullying and torment. He pushed those thoughts out of his head, he had to get them away from the heroes, he didn’t have a choice when it came down to it. Ears still ringing from Sensei’s threat ‘Think of what could happen to your dear old mother if you fail this mission or try to get help.'

Pushing himself, he activated his quirk til he was running alongside dumb 1 and dumb 2 in the dark streets of the poorer parts of Musutafu. He gathered his shadows around them, ready to launch them into the back alley ways only for them to dissipate. Good Grief he couldn’t catch a break.

Eraserhead, he pissed him off. People ridiculed him for his quirk, yet he was practically quirkless at points and people loved him. It made him want to vomit at the thought and cry and scream about what he’s put through. Scream and cry at the gruesome scars that littered his body, as childish as it sounded. He was quickly pulled out of his thoughts as his body jerked forward, off balance.

He tripped… The universe and fate must be laughing while they grind him into depressed child soup. Tucking and rolling he tried to make for a fast recovery, and to hopefully get out of this nightmare of a situation, cursing as his hood fell off and his sleeves rode up his arms. But of course Bad luck was back at it again, sucker punching him in the gut and leaving him gasping for breath. Midnight decides it would be the perfect moment to show a little skin. He felt dread spread through his body as he watched Dabi and Toga drop. Slipping into unconsciousness as well


Shouta didn’t know what to think as he watched the villains drop. The taller two villains, ‘Dabi and Toga Himiko’ he recalled, were well known among the heroes. Part of the League of Villains, that always seemed to slip through their fingers.
The shorter one was a mystery. As far as he knew he was a new villain. He just looked so...small. He was barely up to his shoulders and looked like a skeleton, with his green hair dull and unkempt. And god, the bags under his eyes were so dark you could mistake them for sharpie.

He didn’t look cut out to be a villain but seemed to have a good sense of his surroundings and how to make split second decisions, if his reaction to when he tripped over his Capture Gear was proof.
If he were being honest, he was concerned about him. What had happened that he looked like that.

He’d seen the dead and haunted look in his eyes. Such… hopelessness. Not many things scared him in life, but that look, god he never wanted to see that look in someone else's eyes. Something struck him, that look reminded him of the Greek story of Medusa for some odd reason.

‘Punished by Athena she was turned into a hideous monster with snakes for hair and a face that turned people to stone. Casted away from society she was hunted by heroes. Until one, Perseus, cut off her head. She was hunted for something that she didn’t have a choice over and eventually killed.’ He recited to himself. The boy’s aura and appearance screamed it.

“Hizashi,” he hissed, walking over to him, “Look at him, what do you think happened to him to make him look like that.” He could see the color drain from his cheeks. Obviously he hadn’t seen his face before. If he hadn’t been scouting them he wouldn’t have seen it. He was wearing skin tight black pants, that he could tell Nemuri was proud of, and a small black hoodie.

“God I knew villains were awful but he’s a child. The other two to, thy don’t look older than the kids in 1-A,” Hizashi shook his head, “Hey, I know that look in your eyes, we’ll see what we can do for them.” He grunted in acknowledgment, he had an idea but he would have to talk to Nedzu and Tsukauchi. Speaking of the man in question, he pulls out his phone.

“Eraserhead, do you know what time it is? Some people actually sleep.” he snorted at his attempt at a joke, he did sleep, barely.

“Yeah, Yeah whatever. Back onto why I originally called you, we apprehended three villains trying to break into Heights Alliance.” He could hear Naomasa give a small input of ‘What’, “We recognize two as Dabi and Toga Himiko, who we currently know are working for the League of Villains. The last one we have no identification but we’re going to send data to the lab to see if we can identify him.” Hanging up the phone, he watched as Present Mic picked up Toga, Midnight picking up Dabi. Shouta definitely didn’t trust Endeavour so he picked up the last one, cringing at how light he was.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, along with All Might who apparently insisted he had to come. He didn’t expect anything less from the number one hero, What he didn’t expect was him to go pale at the sight of the boy in his arms.
“M-Midoriya.” It surprised him that he seemed to recognize the boy.

“You know him?’ He raised his eyebrows expectantly, looking into his eyes that screamed guilt. He knew he felt guilty for a lot of things. Civilians he couldn’t save. Villains he’d been to late to capture. Though none of those could compare to the amount of guilt he saw in his eyes.

“I-I do, I had a brief talk with him months before the entrance Exams..” He led into the story of Midoriya Izuku. How All Might saved him from a slime villain, the same one who attacked Bakugou Katsuki, an ever recurring problem child in his homeroom class. And how up on the roof he asked if he could be a hero without using his quirk, which apparently only brought him Bad Luck and bullies. Shouta could feel his heart pang with sympathy for him. Then fill with anger at the response he gave, ‘I’ve seen many heroes die at the hands of villains even using the fullest potential of their quirk. So to answer your question, can you be a hero without using your quirk? I’m sorry but no, the outcome would be far to dangerous.”
He wanted to slap the man, plenty of heroes basically fought quirkless. Hell, with the right situation he fought quirkless. And for being a teacher at U.A., who was suppose to help shape the lives of young heroes in training, All Might was a bonehead who had no idea how his words and status as the number one hero could affect a young child. At least he knew he felt guilty. Sighing he walked over to Tsukauchi, who’d joined them at the end of All Might’s story.
“Where do you want me to put him, detective,” Nodding in acknowledgement as he told him where to put Midoriya. Dropping him off in the backseat of a Black Sedan.

-Time skip-

Hizashi wasn’t surprised at what he saw as he watched the Detective try to interview one of the villains from behind the glass. All they had gotten from Dabi was a ‘fuck off’ and two middle fingers. It was humorous in a ‘I’m going to stab you in the gut then laugh as I watch you bleed out’ kind of way, though Shouta seemed to disagree. He could feel the irritation coming off of his husband from when his attempt at interrogation failed.

“Hey, Shouta, calm down. We captured them didn’t we? Don’t worry, we’ll get answers sooner or later.” He could feel him relax under the gentle hand he’d placed on his husband’s shoulder.

“I know. This is just so irritating. We’re getting nowhere and we’ve just started.” Hizashi frowned at that. There were still two more they had to investigate, and if all else failed they could always call in Shinsou Hitoshi, who’d been moved up to class 1-A because Shouta had expelled a small boy with purple balls on his head, and who had a brainwashing quirk.

They watched as Tsukauchi walked out of the room, calling to Sansa to bring Dabi out and the next one in. He motioned for them to come back into the room with him.

“I couldn’t get anything out of dabi, let’s see if the next one is any better,” the detective sighed. “The next one in question is Toga Himiko, her quirk allows her to transform into anyone by ingesting their blood. As for Dabi we only know what his quirk is, cremation. He can create fire hot enough to cremate anything. He refuses to tell us if Dabi is his real name or not and trying to get information about the League of Villains went as well as expected.” A high pitched giggle erupted from the door. There stood a blonde girl with her hair in two messy buns and a school uniform. Next to her was Sansa, looking rather done with the girl.

They brought her over to the metal table and chairs, a chair on each side, and cuffed her to it. Hizashi quietly sighed in relief as she sat down without any resistance.

“Oooh I can’t wait! This will be so much fun,” she clapped her hands, grinning like a cat with a canary. “What questions are you gonna ask?! OHHHH You probably wanna know why I joined the League!! You guys care so much! I love Stain!! And blood, doesn’t blood look so beautiful?! Did I mention I love Stain” Hizashi internally cringed, if she was like this he didn’t want to know what the last one was like. Shouta sighed next to him.

“Your name is Toga Himiko, your quirk lets you transform into anybody as long as you ingest their blood, is that correct?” Shouta growled, Hizashi could tell he was pissed off. If not from his tone of voice, than from the death glare he was giving her.
“Yup!!Gosh I’m so honoured!! You guys know mee. You don’t think I'm as popular as Stain do you??!” He wondered how it took them this long to capture her. She didn’t seem very good at stealth, seeing as the heroes had been alerted because of the yelling and screaming they heard.

“True. Do you know the plans the League has in store in the future, if so do tell us.” Tsukauchi asked, he sometimes wondered how the man could deal with criminals and villains like this while staying calm. He had deep respect for the man.
“I can’t spill our secrets silly! Just know that something big is coming~” She sang out. It went on like this for another half an hour, with them asking questions and her giving vague and creepy answers.

Hizashi felt like crying in relief as they watched he get walked out of the room, he’d asked her a question and all he got in response was being called Banana Man. To say the least: he wasn’t expecting that and now all he could think of was ‘Does my hair really look like a banana?’. Jumping in surprise as he felt Shouta’s head fall against his shoulder. He could tell he wanted to go home and sleep but they still had one last interrogation. And from what the girl had said it wasn’t going to be easy. He can still recall her saying ‘Good luck trying to get anything out of Deku. He’s no fun and never talks to anyone. I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s in the League is because he’s bein’ blackmailed by the boss for his quirk. Oops, I think I said to much…. Anyways, have fun!!’
“Well, let’s see what new type of crazy we interact with,” even as Tsukauchi talked to them, he was focused on Shouta. He could sense something didn’t sit right with his husband. It was probably from what the girl had revealed. Blackmailed? For his quirk? He knew not to underestimate people but he couldn’t help but think the boy would be pretty easy to take out.

“We know his name,” at that both of them froze, staring at Shouta. “Midoriya Izuku, apparently he’d disappeared ten months before U.A. entrance exam. About a day or two after having a conversation with All Might. From what we know, his birthday is July 15th and he’s currently fifthteen. His quirk is called Eldritch, he can control and manipulate shadows that form from inside his body. Apparently if you were to let's say, cut him inside would be nothing but an endless void. ” He rose his eyebrows at his husband. How and where did he get that information. As he thought about it he shook his head,of course he would know. He was an Underground hero, he specialized in finding hard to find information.

“Well then, the only thing we can do is bring Midoriya in, we should also see if he has any living family and make contact with them. Let them know he’s here.” Nodding they waited for Sansa to bring him in. Watching his every movement as he was cuffed to the table. Hizashi winced at how bony his body looked. He watched them with dull lifeless green eyes. It was off putting to see a kid in such a state.

Tsukauchi went through the basic questions asking if he was in fact Midoriya Izuku, stating his quirk and asking about family and if he had any living relatives. They never got a response as Midoriya’s eyes scanned them. He could see him tense up as Shouta intervened to ask him about the League. Hizashi almost flinching at the glare Shouta received from him. It was withering and dead and made him want to get away from his as far as possible.

A knock interrupted their questions as Nedzu, U.A.’s principle, walked through the door.
Hizashi frowned, why was he here? Unless something had happened to the students that required Tsukauchi, it made no sense that he was here. Though in general Nedzu didn’t make much sense.

“Ahh seems I made it just in time. You were close to finishing up weren’t you?” They nodded to the small rodent. “Well then I have a proposition to make! As you know, the villains you’ve managed to capture are all minors. We could try to jail them but it would cause a public outcry if their age were to slip out. Not including the fact the League has the resources to break them out. This is where I step in, U.A. is one of the most secure places in Japan. So what better idea than to have them enroll there. A program to help young villains renter society! And what better way than around heroes?!” Hizashi’s eyes widened at that. A program for villains at U.A.? While he knew Nedzu was smart, he doubted it would work. Either the villains would bust out or they simply wouldn’t cooperate.

If Midoriya’s actions at the news were any sign. He watched as his hands curled so hard they turned white. If he had to guess, if Midoriya didn’t have a quirk that actively filled his body with a void of shadows, he would’ve drawn blood.
He shook his head watching Nedzu walk out after his grand speech. “Come on Shouta, let’s go home.” he murmured. Giving one last look to Midoriya. One last look to the dead eyes and pale, gaunt face.