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anne arrested for scaley crimes

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Anne wasn't sure if she'd ever been this content in her life. She was in Grea’s room, for one thing--which was a rare occasion because the half-dragon always seemed so hesitant about inviting her over. It was also late, and they were alone together. One of her favorite situations to be in.

Grea had caved tonight and let Anne come over. Only to hang out, though - not to stay the night.

She had some work to do before she could convince Grea to let her sleep over.

For now, she was happy with this - sitting in Grea’s room, enjoying her company while the dragonborn girl read a book. Grea had even let her lean on her shoulder, which was becoming more commonplace recently. It seemed she had gotten more comfortable with all the close contact, even if it still embarrassed her.

Anne smiled, peeking at the other girl from the corner of her eye. She was completely focused, eyes scanning the book’s pages diligently. The brunette took that moment to peek at Grea's tail, which was resting on the couch on the other side of her body, away from Anne.

She had always liked Grea's tail. Every time she looked at it, it never failed to amaze her. It was strong - it held her up in the water before, after all - and it always moved so gracefully, swaying gently when she walked. Her deep maroon scales were also wonderful. They weren't exactly lustrous, but she adored them regardless. They were intricate and sensitive, and they covered the entirety of her tail save for the smooth underside.

She found herself sighing before she could stop herself, catching Grea's attention.

“I'm sorry, are you bored?” She closed her book, still keeping one finger in it to avoid losing her place.

Anne shook her head with a hum. “Not at all. I like just being in your company.”

Grea's face went red, which was something she never got tired of seeing.

“Well… you're the guest here, so… just let me know if you need anything,” she said, opening her book up again.

The brunette lowered her eyes, gazing down at the girl's tail.

“Well, if you're offering…”

Grea looked back up at her curiously. “Yes?”

“Can I hold your tail?” She asked, giving her the most innocent look she could manage. Seeing the other girl's mortified expression, she added, “It's really cold in here…”

“A- Anne…”

She watched the other girl squirm in place for a moment, her tail curling up in either embarrassment or anticipation, before she gave in with a quiet sigh.

“I… guess that's fine,” she murmured. She hesitated, looking at Anne--who only smiled back at her--before bringing her tail around to rest in the brunette's lap.

Anne happily rested her hands on it, splaying her fingers across the rough scales. Grea tensed up, and she thought she heard the half-dragon’s breath hitch. She bit her lip to keep herself from grinning, repeating the motion and watching the other girl try to hide her reactions.

She had picked up on the fact that Grea's tail was extremely sensitive, and if she had wanted it touch it before, then now the urge was twice as strong. She took every chance she could get, and if she was lucky, sometimes Grea would yelp in surprise. But the best part was her expression. Not only did her face turn red but her eyes would slit like a cat’s, and Anne loved it.

She continued petting Grea's tail, noticing the girl becoming less and less focused on her book. She closed her eyes. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and she was taking deep breaths, as if to calm herself down.

“Grea?” Anne asked, not stopping what she was doing. She decided to test the waters.

The half-dragon choked out a hum of acknowledgement. “Y- Yes?”

Scratch that, she decided she would take the straightforward route. “Is your tail sensitive?”

“H- Huh!?” Grea perked up, face red as she looked at Anne. The brunette just smiled sweetly at her, waiting for a reply.

Grea hesitated, before clearing her throat.


“I see… How about I give you a massage, then?”


“It's great for relieving stress, and I saw some massage oils on your shelf on the way in here. Wouldn't that be nice?”

She delighted in the red on Grea's face as she fidgeted nervously. “A- Anne… I don't think that's a good idea.”

“Why not?”


Grea seemed to shrink in on herself, unable to come up with an excuse--she wasn't about to admit out loud that her tail was really sensitive, after all.

“Are you sure your tail isn't… sensitive?”

Grea shook her head rapidly. “It isn't! I- I just…”

“Then it's fine, isn't it?”

Anne could hear the other girl whine quietly under her breath.

“I… I guess…”

The human girl was on her feet before Grea could even finish speaking.

“Great! The floor will probably be the best place to do this--”

“The floor…?”

“--so will you grab a towel? I'll get the massage oils.”

Grea submitted with a sigh, standing up and wandering to her bathroom to grab a towel. She always seemed to let Anne have her way with her like this, but… she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.

She would sometimes massage her own tail if it felt cramped or sore, and that alone felt nice, so the thought of Anne doing it…

She bit her lip.

After grabbing the towel, she made her way back to the main room where Anne was waiting. She handed the cloth to her, trying to ignore that sickeningly sweet smile on her face.

She watched as the girl laid the towel down on the floor, setting the bottle of massage oil down next to it before looking back to Grea and gesturing toward the towel.

The half-dragon hesitated once more, giving Anne one last pleading look, and then gave up when she didn't budge. Finally, she sat down at the edge of the towel, letting her tail rest across it.

Now that she was facing away from Anne she waited nervously, the tip of her tail twitching in her restlessness.

There was a short pause where everything went still, before Anne hummed quietly.

“This will probably be the best way to do this,” she heard the other girl murmur, followed by the sound of footsteps. Before she could even ask what was going on, Anne had stepped over her tail and straddled it.

Grea let out a choked sound of surprise, turning her head as far as she could to try to look at her friend.

“A- Anne!?”

“Mm, this will work best. It's fine, isn't it?”

She hesitated, but soon mumbled a quiet, “Okay…” in defeat.

They were sitting back-to-back now, her wings brushing gently against the other girl's back. Her tail tingled where Anne was sitting on it, but she simply kept her head down, trying to keep her composure.

“Is it okay if I start now?”


Grea was nearly shaking with anticipation as she listening to the sound of Anne opening the bottle. A short moment passed--she assumed so Anne could get the oil on her hands--before her smooth fingers finally came to rest on her tail.


They both froze at that. Grea bit her lip in shame, face red.

“...What's wrong, Grea?” Anne finally spoke. There was the tiniest teasing lilt to her voice, and it drove her insane.

“I- It's cold! I just wasn't expecting it…” It wasn't entirely a lie, it did catch her off guard.

“Hmm…” Anne hummed, waiting a moment before putting her hands back down. She rubbed them down her tail slowly, before bringing them back.

Grea shivered, the tip of her tail twitching. She could hear a short breath coming from Anne--it almost sounded like a chuckle.

She bit her lip. This was one of the most embarrassing things she'd ever done in her life. Not only was she normally expressive during moments like these, but Anne was really skilled with her hands, and that wasn't helping her self-control.

Every cell in her body was begging her to turn around and pin Anne to the ground, but she stayed put, clenching her fists.

“Does this feel good, Grea?”

She almost didn't register the question - she was too caught up in her thoughts, and the sensations running through her.

“Y- Yes…”

“Good,” was all Anne said in reply. She simply continued what she was doing, and though they were still turned away from each other she thought she could sense Anne turning her head every once in a while to look at her.

Grea still felt chills running through her body - her tail was about as sensitive as her neck or ears - and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to control her breathing.

Some time passed in silence, before Anne turned to look at Grea again.

“Hey, Grea?”

“W… What…?”

“Your tail is actually sensitive, isn't it?”

She wanted to whine, but she controlled herself, shaking her head.

“N- No! Why…?”

“You're panting,” the brunette pointed out. “And you keep shaking.”

Grea snapped her mouth shut, flattening her tail to the ground and lowering her head.

“I- I…”

“Well?” Anne asked. She accompanied her words with a particularly hard push on Grea's tail, which made a shiver run down her spine.


“I knew it,” Anne muttered in triumph, mostly to herself. She took a moment to grin at Grea, before trailing just one finger down the scales of her tail. “So, just how sensitive is it?”

She didn't need to ask, they both knew the answer, but she wanted to hear her say it.

“I- It's…”


“It's really sensitive… l- like my ears or neck.”

Anne hummed, turning around slowly. Grea felt her clamber her legs over her tail in the opposite direction, so that she was straddling it facing her. The brunette put her hands on the other girl's shoulders, leaning forward and whispering into her ear.

“So your ears are sensitive too, then?”

Grea really did whine that time. This was bold even for Anne, and she could feel her self-control slipping by the second.

“A- Anne…” She whimpered. She could feel each detail of the brunette's body against her back, and it was driving her insane.

Anne giggled, though it sounded far more menacing than silly. For a moment Grea thought her onslaught was over, until she felt Anne’s lips close over her ear in a gentle nip, sending a shiver down her spine.

Grea snapped. In the blink of an eye she had whipped around, tail twisting under Anne, and tackled her to the ground, pinning her down.

They were both breathing heavily, Grea's slitted eyes staring down at Anne’s red face. Anne stared back through half-lidded eyes, tongue darting out to wet her lips quickly.



Anne’s face only got redder as she looked up at her with a pleading expression.

“G- Grea, will you…”

“Hm?” she hummed as her tail slithered up Anne’s leg, wrapping around it.

It was the brunette's turn to shiver now, biting her lip and averting her eyes as she practically squirmed in place.

“W- Will you, um,” Anne was hopelessly embarrassed, her face so hot that she thought she was going to tear up. “Kiss… me…”

Grea answered by diving in to crash their lips together as fast as she could. The other girl whined as the tail around her leg tightened, which only spurred her on more.

After what felt like an eternity, they separated, both gasping for air.

“Anne… you made me lose my self-control,” Grea muttered.

“I think I can deal with the consequences of that,” Anne joked between breaths.

With a noise borderlining a growl, the half-dragon leaned in again, capturing the girl's lips and wasting no time in pushing her tongue inside. Anne moaned quietly, and the small noise alone was enough to make Grea lose her composure as she growled again into the kiss.

Anne broke away to catch her breath, leaving Grea to kiss her face and nibble at her ears.

Grea, it's so--” she took a breath, “--hot when you growl…

To prove the point, Grea growled into her ear, the dragon half of her allowing her to produce a rumbling noise deep in her throat. Anne bit her lip in bliss.

Nn… Grea… w- would you, um…”

“What, Anne?” Grea spoke in a low voice, hoping to spur even the tiniest reaction out of the other girl. It seemed to work, judging by the way she squirmed.

She looked to the side with a nervous grin, and Grea could almost feel the hesitation coming from her.

“Would… Would you… bite my neck?”

Her eyebrows raised at that, looking down at Anne in surprise.

“You want me to bite you?”

“I- I just like it… when you growl, and bite…”

Grea took a moment to process what she was hearing before putting on a half-lidded smile, lowering herself to the other girl's neck agonizingly slowly.

Anne’s breath hitched when her lips brushed against her neck, giving a few gentle kisses. She took a moment to bask in the delight of making Anne shiver like this, before slowly opening her mouth and dragging her tongue up Anne’s throat.

“G- Grea, I want you t-- Mmm!”

The half-dragon interrupted the plea by sinking her sharp teeth into the delicate skin. Anne’s breathing became increasingly high pitched and breathy, leaving her to whine with every fall of her chest.

She bit down hard enough to leave a mark, but not enough to break the skin. Anne groaned loudly, turning her head to expose more of her neck as Grea swept her tongue over the wound to soothe it.

As she continued to assault Anne’s neck with licks and bites, her tail slowly uncoiled around the girl's leg, gently moving up to brush against her thigh. She could feel Anne shudder under her with a quiet gasp.

They both stopped, Grea's tail continuing to rest against Anne’s inner thigh. A moment passed as they both hesitated, before the brunette cleared her throat, looking away.

“U- Um…” Grea started nervously. Her arousal had given her a short burst of courage, but now the realization of what she was doing was starting to sink in.

The silence that settled in between them was painfully awkward, filled with nothing but their gasps for breath.

“How about we…” Anne paused for a long moment, as if she was mulling over what she was about to say. “Move… to the bed?”

Grea watched the other girl's red face in awe for a moment before biting her lip, and nodding slowly. She carefully sat up, backing off of Anne.

The two girls had a long night ahead of them.