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Legally Blonde

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The biggest sorority in East City Universe is bustling. Every girl, new and old, was preparing for the biggest event of the year: Marron and Cash's engagement. Every girl blowing pink balloons with a bedazzled "Bride" across them. Marron Chestnut is quite the big deal and the girls liked to make sure everyone knew. They also liked to make sure of one other thing and that was that Marron and Cash were meant to be.

"Marron is so lucky," one of the girls piped as she tied ribbons on the staircase.

"I can't believe it's finally happening," a brunette yelled from the kitchen. She was aiding one of her sorority sisters bake a strawberry cake, Marron's favorite.

See, Cash and Marron have the popularity for being the biggest couple of the school. They have been together since high school. To Marron and the girls, it made perfect sense. This evening, Cash invited Marron to one of the fanciest restaurants in town.

The optimistic blonde could only think of one possible thing.

A proposal.

A pink-haired girl strut into the room. She cleared her throat, catching the attention of all the sorority girls. "Ladies!" She exclaimed. "As Marron's favorite friend, I clearly-"

"Shut up Dahlia!"

The entire sorority stared down Dahlia. The anger raging in their eyes at the words of the pink-haired sister. She chuckled at the rise of tension in the room. She walked towards the center table and placed down a journal, "everybody sign!"

The girls all dropped what they were doing. Immediately they crowded around the center table. Each and every one of them scrambling for the book. The pink-haired girl noticed the distress that arose in the room. Quickly, she prompted herself to get in the center of the debacle. She released skull-shattering shriek which stopped the chattering.

"Girls, calm yourselves!" Dahlia huffed, "you will all get your turn!"

The girls hurried, as they didn't want to shock the blonde when she was coming home to an entire engagement party. That would be...rather disastrous as it spoils their surprise. Dahlia had ordered one of the girls to run outside to check if Marron was on her way and began to dim the lights. Dahlia seemed to always be the head when Marron wasn't around, and that was for good reason. Dahlia was the closest thing they had to a strict leader, and this was no exception. She was surprised she got the girls to stand single file to sign the book.

However, all dreams to surprise Marron came to a halt when they realized she was not even on her way back to change! "She's not here!" the girl exclaimed after having a sea of girls lined up to surprise the blonde. Dahlia then got a vibration in her pocket and all the girls turned their head towards her. As she pulled the device out of her pocket she looked down and saw the name on the cellphone screen.

"It's Marron!" Dahlia exclaimed. All the girls gathered around staring at the tiny screen when she answered the phone.

"Girls!" Marron exclaimed in a panic. "I'm at Baba's boutique in East City Mall and it's a disaster!" She continued, sobbing into the phone. "What will Cash think when he sees me dressed like...this!"

Marron stood in front of a mirror, spinning around in a blue dress. She straightened it out and glanced at her reflection, a pout gracing her glossy lips. No, it was all wrong! It didn't hug her curves the way she wanted nor did it pop out on her skin the way she believed it would. She was growing desperate. But then she heard them, the wild chatter of sorority girls coming in a wave towards the dressing room. Their heels clicking against the hardwood floor like horses on a race track. Marron could hear as they demanded to see the blonde. The sales representative, cowering in her pumps guided the girls to Marron's location.

"Girls, it's terrible!"

Marron's voice struck a wave of concern over the girls. This tone ignited an endless blabber of questions that the blonde had to shut them up.

"Well, what color is it?"

Marron opened the door, and to their unfortunate surprise: it was blue. Dahlia shook her head, walking Marron out of the dressing room. She guided her to the sales representative with a look of anger strewn across her face. "How dare you?" She sneered."You dressed Marron Chestnut, in blue."

The sales representative apologized and took Marron to someone who could attend her. The sorority girls all staring in utter disbelief at the poor sales representative.

In truth she didn't even dress Marron and yet took the flack from her crazy little group.

As Marron arrived, she took note of the woman attending her. The sly look on her face told Marron she was up to something. In truth Marron was wary of the woman's actions. She approached Marron, like a snake coming after it's prey and pulled out a dress. "Have you seen this piece, it just came in."

Another hideous blue dress.

"it's perfect for a blonde." The sickening smile she gave made Marron's stomach churn.

Despite that, she cocked her head and smiled. "Right, with a half lip stitch on China silk?" She asked. The saleswoman froze, smiling awkwardly. It was oddly specific she knew that much detail of the dress. Marron ran her fingers daintily across the fabric. "See," Marron began, "the thing is that you can't use a half-lip stitch on china'll pucker."

The woman looked around. Noticing the sorority girls harrowing glares directed at her.

"And you didn't just get this in, because I am pretty sure I saw it on last May's vogue," Marron stated with a cocky grin on her face. "Lady I'm not stupid, I might be a blonde, but I'm not that blonde."

Immediately a short woman with a purple bob, took notice of Marron and speeded towards her; a dress in her hand. "Marron Chestnut!" she exclaimed. "I'm so sorry...Erasa, take your break," she continued, her hand shoo-ing the woman away with her tiny hands. "Try this!" She exclaimed, "it's the latest from West City."

The tiny woman guided the blonde back into the dressing room. She stood in front of the door and chuckled a grin bearing her face. "Tell me what you think."

Marron glanced at the dress, which was currently being concealed behind a black bag. But when Marron uncovered the dress, her breath was taken away at the sight of it, it was a short, baby pink dress. The top was sheer and covered in diamonds. Right there and then, the blonde was absolutely sold at the sheer beauty of the design. But...she had to try it on. Slipping into it, the dress felt absolutely perfect on her. Taking one long glance in the mirror, Marron fell in love. The dress did the absolute best to make her look stunning, and surely Cash would think the same too.

"Oh my God!" She squealed, "Baba! this is absolutely perfect!"

A smile graced Baba's face as she opened the door for all the sorority to see. The sorority released in unison an ear-piercing squeal. Their manicured hand grabbing a hold of Marron, pulling her out of the dressing room.

The constant chatter of how Marron looked died down as Marron spoke.

"How much?" Marron asked, her blue eyes filled with joy.

Baba smiled and gave her wink.

"It's a gift from me to Marron."