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What could have been

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Midoriya Izuku was 4 years old when he realized hero's weren't all that they were cut out to be on t.v. Him and his mother, Inko, had gotten caught in a villain attack on the way home from shopping. There were fire's everywhere, and people were running around in a blind panic. The front part of their car had gotten squished by debris, so his mother pulled him along behind her as she tried to get them to safety. Izuku felt himself be pushed away from his mother as he looked up at her with wide, terrified eyes. He didn't even realize he was screaming, all he could here was a loud ringing in his ears, until suddenly, everything came into focus.


Izuku stared in growing horror at the spot his mother once stood, as there was now nothing but a large blood splatter and a disfigured limb peaking out from the rubble that had crushed her. Izuku crawled shakily over to the arm that was supposed to be attached to her. He grabbed it shakily and shook it gently. No response. He shook it again, harder this time, as tears began to well in his large eyes. No response again.

"K-Kaa-san? Kaa-san pwease!"

Izuku begged for his mother to respond to him, but all he got was silence from the blood and rubble. Izuku could hear the ever growing panic around him, could hear the ongoing fight between a villain and Endevour. The villain didn't have a fire quirk. No, this was done by the hero. As this realization crashed onto his 4 year old mind, He snapped, and he cried out.


Fat tears rolled down his face as he banged the ground with his tiny fists. He screamed until his throat became hoarse, His fists becoming soaked red with the blood of his mother, and his own as the scrapes on his arms from banging the ground began to bleed. Everything had happened too fast for his young mind to comprehend. He collapsed into the ever growing pool of his mothers blood, next to her dismembered limb, and all he knew was darkness.


Izuku woke blearily, sirens blaring loudly around him, His fuzzy eye sight made out the shapes of paramedics as they rushed him to the hospital. Ash fell from his hair as he blearily looked around. There was too much noise, and he could barely see anything, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and knew nothing once more.

The next time Izuku awoke, it was to the beeping of a heart monitor and white walls. He looked around slowly, panic slowly rising as he searched for his mother, visions appearing in his mind of her death. His heart rate spiked, causing a nurse the rush into the room to attempt to calm him down.

"Shh it's ok! No one's going to hurt you here!"

He raised his bandaged arms to her, crying his eyes out as he screamed.

"Where's my Kaa-san!?"

The nurse's eyes softened with sadness and she sighed quietly. She walked over to his shaking form and slowly hugged him close, his mind shutting down at her next words.

"Your Kaa-san is gone i'm afraid little one. She wont be coming back"

More tears welled up in Izuku's eye's as he began to cry on the nurse, who could only offer silent comfort. He slumped in the nurse's arms, falling back to sleep in exhaustion. The nurse layed him down on his bed and left him to rest in peace.


Izuku stared up at looming form of the orphanage as the social worker chattered next to him about how he'll love it and fit right in. The place was pretty faraway from his old school, so it would be a completely new start. Maybe he could make some new friends?

He was so very wrong. The moment the kids found out that he was quirkless, they all turned on him. treated him like he was fragile. Like he would break at any moment. like he was weak. Izuku hated it. This feeling of Helplessness. When he finally started back up at school, the bullying started all over again. The kids either fun of him, or ignored him completely. Izuku couldn't tell which was worse. The jabs and fights, or to be completely ignored. To be denied his existance.

Izuku was 10 years old when he finally made his first friend. The kids name was Kaminari Denki, and while he was funny, the students picked on him for the fact that he 'short circuited' if he over used his quirk. Kaminari didn't care that he was quirkless, and Izuku and he became fast friends, further out-casting the two from the others. It was a late afternoon day when they were 11 that they had a conversation that would change their very future's.

"I hate that everyone treats us like crap! Everyone keeps treating me like an idiot and people keep picking on you! i hate it!"

Kaminari was on another of his rants as he got angry at the treatment the 2 friends received. Izuku, as per usual, stayed quiet as he listened, a small smile on his face. He had been thinking lately. He knew the hero society was corrupted. If someone like Endevour could be the no.2 hero, Then something was very very wrong. Izuku decided he was about to propose his, probably, most insane plan yet.

"What would you think about being Villains?"

Kaminari stopped talking, turning to look at Izuku in shock, before that bright smile that Izuku loved spread across his face.

"And get revenge on these bastards!? Hell yeah! We could whip this society into shape!"

Kaminari pumped his fist in the air, a determined glint entering his eyes. Izuku Nodded happily, and together, they began to plan. They trained themselves, in both mind and body. They began to fight back against their abusers, and both took up martial arts. With Izuku's guidance, Kaminari quickly began to make leaps and bounds with his quirk. Izuku snatched a gun from a police officer when they were 13, and began to practice with it. Also when they were 13, they began to take down small time hero's, slowly catching the police's attention. The 2 were assassins, striking in the cover in darkness. Now, at 14 years of age, they believed themselves to be ready to make a truly public appearance.

Izuku grinned into the Mirror as he admired his villain outfit. The outfit consisted on knee-high combat boots, which had knives hidden in them. Dark green, Baggy, Camo pants covered his legs, filled to the brim with Pockets full of different medical supplies and a belt with syringes was at his waist, the syringes filled with different poisons. Izuku's shirt was a black long sleeve turtleneck, with a dark green sleeveless sweater on top of it. He had the hood pulled up, showing floppy rabbit ears. To top off the outfit, a black mouth guard rested on Izuku's face, which highlighted his forest green eye's, making them look eerie in the dark. Izuku slipped on leather finger less gloves as he walked out the door, Meeting Denki in the hallway of the small base they had made for themselves.

Denki had on black tinted sunglasses, Black headphones with a transmitter in it, (Which Izuku's mouth guard also had) a white t-shirt, and on top of that he had a long trench coat. The trench coat stopped at his knee's. On the back was his tanto, which he could run his electricity through to increase cutting power. Denki wore black jeans and black ankle high combat boots to top it off. His hands were wrapped up in gauze. Denki grinned at Izuku and shot him finger guns.

"Like what you see~?"

Izuku flushed, which was thankfully hidden my his mouth guard, and scowled at Denki. He scoffed loudly.

"Never in a million years."

Which caused Denki to pout and cling to Izuku like a monkey.

"But last time you told me i looked bad ass! you said that you liked itt!"

He whined, Causing Izuku to sigh and pry Denki off of him, though you could see the obvious fondness in his eyes. He started walking towards the exit, prompting Denki to quickly follow behind him. Izuku walked to the door, grabbing a satchel on his way out the door, which held their gear. Izuku walked next to the door and slung his sniper rifle onto his back, and slipped his pistol into his pocket. He tossed Denki a pistol from over his shoulder, knowing that he would catch it. Denki stuffed the pistol into his pocket and grinned, his arms resting behind his head casually.

"We ready to head out, Izuku?"

The excitement was clear in his voice. Izuku turned to Denki and grinned manically.

"Let's show the world we're here!"

And with that, the two took off.

They landed on a building above a busy plaza, Denki's goggle's easily spottng their target, Native. Denki and Izuku nodded to one another as Denki took off to join the crowd and Izuku set up his Sniping spot.

Denki jumped down into the crowd, causing the people near him to scream loudly and jump, easily catching Native's attention. He cautiously approached Denki, taking in his outfit and wondering if this kid could possibly be a villain. Denki suddenly leaped at the Hero, quickly pulling his Tanto out and charging it full of lightning. Native managed to jump out of the way quickly, but got a deep gash on his arm. He gripped his arm as he hissed in pain, the Electricity from the sword coursing through his body and slowing him down. Native heard the Villain Behind Him chuckle darkly.

"Is that all you can do Native-San? I have to say, i'm rather disappointed."

Native turned to glare at the the child villain, but froze in fear as he stared into the wide crazed eyes of the child before him. Denki kicked Native in the chest while he was frozen, knocking him onto his ass. Native quickly tried to stand, but couldn't as a sword was suddenly stabbed into his stomach. He screamed loudly as electricity coursed painfully through his veins.

Denki smiled as the hero beneath him screamed, and looked to all the civilians around him who were holding up their phones and recording him. He could hear a helicopter overhead, and suddenly found that there was a spotlight on him. Denki laughed loudly.


Denki jumped away from native, taking his sword with him and cutting all the way up native's chest as he leapt out of the way of death arms. Denki grinned up at hero, who had a murderous look on his face.

"Who are you!?"

Death arms yelled at Denki, who's grin only got wider.

"Oh me? Well you can call me Kairo!"

Denki put his fingers in his mouth, and whistled as loud as he could, startling the hero infront of him, who quickly screamed in pain as both his legs were shot out from beneath him. He collapsed to the ground, another bullet being shot into his right shoulder, causing him to scream out in agony. Denki laughed gleefully, and walked back over to native, keeping a careful eye out for more hero's. Denki knelt down to Native, who was bleeding heavily and gasping painfully on the ground. Denki reached down and ripped out his left eye, causing native to scream in pure agony. The crowd around him was frozen in fear, until they heard the catchphrase everyone knew all to well.

"Do not fear! Why? FOR I AM HERE!"

All might in all his muscled glory landed in front of Denki, who quickly got into a fighting position. Before anything could happen, a loud BANG sounded in the air as all might was shot in the shoulder, giving Denki enough time to make his way back up to Izuku. Everyone looked up at him as he made it back to Izuku who stoically looked down at everyone. Everyone knew where the shots were coming from now as Izuku shouldered his Rifle. Izuku spoke, his voice echoing out to everyone below him.

"Let this be a warning. You don't know who we are. you don't know where we are. You never see us coming. Beware, Hero's, your time is running short!"

And with that, the two disappeared, even though All might tried to follow them, with his injured shoulder, they managed to loose him. All might cursed. This wasn't good. Not good at all.