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To love Ru Elements.

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First person point of view.

I use to be named Rito Yuuki

I looked in the mirror I wasn’t human and I wasn’t completely male anymore. I could best describe myself as an Anthro version of princess Celestia form My little pony!!

Equine face female body with a figure like Lala’s but with E cup tits, white hair wings her flowing multicolor mane and tail hoof feet making me stand about seven and a half feet tall.

I was naked looking down at my crotch. I pussy was there dripping wet and above it a sheave for an equine dick with was now coming out I was getting turned on at my on reflection! I saw it white and shiny, smooth and at least a foot long and three inches wide.

I broke down crying I woke up like this!!! Lala didn’t make any strange invention and there was no way to explain how I used magic to slam and still lock the door I fell down pulling my knees up to my tits and crying, not the first time I’ve had Tits!! Not the first time I’ve been covered in fur!! Not the first time I’ve seen an alien!!! First time being a Futanari!!... I then looked down I was bend over enough that my dick was between my boobs!!


return to third person point of view.

Down stairs Lala was in her lab with Yami running test of a piece of Rito’s fur, “there has to be a logical reason him to wake up as a futanari anthro version of a cartoon magical princess…” She then blinked realizing what she said, “… What kind of idiot Am I? I mean fuck!!! It’s magic!!! Leave it at that! I mean what in the ass was I thinking!!” she said slapping her forehead.

Lala was like, “I mean got dam it!! Trying to explain magic with science What kind of dumbass would do that!!!”

Yami used her hair to make to large arms to cross while she drank tea and said, “Still need an answer as to why he is no longer my target!!” she said coldly as Lala Looked confused, “My was paid to end a human male named Rito, not a bipedal equine Futa!! Not my target anymore!!”

Lala put her hands on her hips, “Still my fiancé!!” She sound mad but Yami said, “Still the one I want to impregnant me… If that is still possible!!”

the alien princess blinked and said, “Well those are clearly internal on him… her…Going to need to ask for pronoun of choice.. but you know what I mean I can think of a lot of other pieces like that who are fertile so I see no logical reason why not!! But logic seems to be gone at this moment!!”

that is when a lady’s voice spoke up and said, “why yes and it’s paritally my fault.” They then turned to see a seven foot tall strange lady with a hide hourglass figure and double d breast.

her body was mostly covered in Fur brown for her body and right arm, light grey for head and next she had long flowing white hair red eyes with yellow sciera two mix matched horns on her head one bat wing and one blue bird wing.

her head hand had a bird like talon for a hand and the left arm looked like a lions paw made into an arm, the left leg was green lizard leg, the other was covered in light brown fur with a black hoof, she had a sea serpent like tail.

She was dressed in a white bikini top and a white lion cloth showing off her figure and how tone her body was despite her mix match parts she was hot. She flipped her head and said, “call me Eris” She then moved the left said of her hair behind her pony like ear.

Lala pulled out her wand and turned it to sword mode as Tami made let’s of mace end hair tentacles and as they said, “START TALKING LADY!!”

Eris rolled her eyes and said, “All things are real in some part of the multiverse like I’m sure you all are a show in someworld, I come form one were my little pony friendship is magic is real or it was like your comic My ex Cosmos want to end everything so it would be me and her and she almost did I was only able to save a few echos witch got send here along with me! As for the gender bending well that’s just how the physic mix, I mean I was discord back home now I’m Eris a transgender bomb shell, well transgender body wise mentally always been a bit of both”

Eris then lift her loincloth to show off a Kaine like Penis that lacked a knot and was about nine inches long making Lala and Yomi have a nose bleed and fall over.

the goddess of Chaos flipped her hair and smiled “ And now that that is out of the wave I’ll explain Those echos are currently merging with males to make new version of Luna Celestia and the elements as Cosmos is coming and she won’t stop till the multiverse is gone so I have no place to hide!! So it’s important we get to the plot of this porn with plot and head off into space to find the other Seven so we can unite and win, and maybe have a few naughty fun times along the way as the site we are on allows that!!”

Lala got up she was on the ground and said, “… one thing is wrong with that Rito didn’t want to be celestia and is depressed and possible suicidal form an unalterable change in body and soul and possible mind!!”

Eris then walked over to Lala and removed peke making Lala’s cloths vanish and the princess blushed as she covered and said, “She is a hermaphrodite or futanari, this sounds weird for me but stop and think logically. As a living thing with both parts there is a mix of hormones that can drive one crazy one mix of hormones screaming to breed the other to be breed while being trained mentally to think you can only have one or the other or be one of the other with no shades of grey!!”

Yami blinked as she rubbed her chin and said, “she makes a point!! Having both parts isn’t that odd in the universe but all of them had weird form the hormone imbalance factor in mentally just becoming one and being at war with your body and mind explains it!! The best way to bring balance is to satisfy the hormones!!” She then removed her dress to reveal a Black bra and panty set.

Eris smiled and hugged Lala making her blushed, “And She gets it!!”

Lala was red as she put it together, “I’m about to have sex with a transgender goddess, one of the universe most feared fighters and the magic pony futa princess sun goddess my fiancé turned into!!! My dad is going to have a nose freak out when he hears!!! Probably in a good way!!”

Eris then snapped her fingers making them appear in Rito’s room all naked and they moved ot her she looked confused.

Lala kissed her fiancé while rubbing her tits against hers as Eris went behind her and moved her forward making Celestia formerly rito land and her dick enter Lala’s pussy making Lala blus hand call out, “FUCK!! That’s big!!! .. I need a moment!!”

Eris then grabbed Celestia’s tail and in a moment trust into her new pussy popping her cherry just like Lala just had her’s popped!!

the former human males’ eyes widen and wings flared as she yelled, “YIP!!!”

Yami giggled cutely at it as she used her hands and a few hair hands to force Celestia in to licking her pussy while using hair hands to make Lala give her a rim job!!

Yami moaned as she had a hair hand rub one of Eri’s boobs and she gasped, “Soft tongue in the pink and the stink!!!!!” she sound strangely happier than normal witch probably spoke wonders for how much she was enjoying this she looked to two princess Shocked but happy faces and smiled, “And those cute face!! Half way there!!!!” she groaned as she said, “I’m the next bitch to get there cherry popped here!!!”

five hours later outside the room!

Momo was trying to pick Rito’s lock as she said, “Come on open up!! I want to see Rito as a pretty futanari goddess princess!!! I need to know measurement to adjust my harem plan into a herd plan!!” she grumbled while struggling.

Nana walked up blushing at the mental image of Rito as a furry and she said, “she’s an animal girl who can get me pregnant!! Feelings completely reversed!!” She then pulled out her D-dial and said, “Gil-chan I choice you!!!” she sounded happy as the boar animal came out and growled.

Nana was red as she point at the door and she point at the door, “ Gil-chun use headbutt!!!” the boar then screamed it’s name and charged hitting the door making it fall down to reveal.

Celestia Lala, Yami and Eris still naked.

Celestia was cumming inside of Yami’s ass as Yami was licking Lala’s pussy and Lala groaned as she came form it! While Eris head her head on the back of Celestia’s head making her suck her thing as she groaned and came in the new futa princess of the sun’s mouth!

Nana had a nose bleed!! And Momo touched her face and was red like her sister and yelled out, “WHY WEREN’T WE INVITED!!! ALL THE WORK I DO TO SET UP A HAREM FOR HER WHEN SHE WAS RITO AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET!!” She then covered her mouth as her eyes widen and the four ladies took notice of them and blushed.

In a moment Eris snapped her lion fingers making the door return as she said, “Heard of knocking!!” she sound mad.

there was a spitting sound as Celestia spoke with her new voice witch sound just like the real Celestia as she said, “You want to be in a relationship that involves your sister!!! Momo you are sick!!” she sound grossed out!!


Yami then coldly said form the other side of the door, “You two have a one hour head start!! Then I’m coming after you!!! AND I WILL SPAY YOU BOTH WITH A SPOON!!!”

The two twins then ran screaming, “THE GOLDEN DARKNESS IS GOING TO MURDER US!!!”

The next day a massive ship was waiting and everyone was dressed and Celestia was dressed in an outfit that was a golden metal bikini armor white lion cloth with golden sides, Golen high heel armor boats with would be ridiculous if she didn’t have hooves and the heel helped her stand , black over the knee stockings with a visible black garter belt golden wrist and bicep pants and a copy of the cartoon Celestia’s crown.

She was looking at herself in the ship’s metal using it as a mirror seeing how tone and fit she was as she said, “I think this is a bit much!!”

Zastin then walked up and said, “I think you look lovely Mistress bride!! Also Gid says he thinks this is hot!! … he is a naughty little man mistress!!”

Celestia turned red and point at him and said, “You will not call me mistress!! “ She sound embraced as she said, “But I do feel better able to accept being Celestia and a lady Just wish this whole infertile for five years thing Eris mentioned wasn’t a thing!!” She then though about Yami and Lala being pregnant with her foals while she was holding Celine and pregnant with Eris. “Also wish I could bring Celine I hope mom and dad don’t mind!!”

She then got on flow up the stairs into the ship and said, “on to this quest then an official marriage so I can take my throne as Empress Celestia Yuuki!!” she said happily.

to be continued.

the new eight herds lists

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( former self unknown) unknown.

Twilight sparkle ( former self unknown) unknown

Rarity ( former self unknown) unknown

Fluttershy( former self unknown) unknown

Rainbow dash ( former self unknown) Unknown

Applejack ( former self unknown) unknown

Pinkie Pie (former self unknown) Unknown

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A few hours later on the ship on a throne Celestia saw down sighing bored as she said, “No wonder Gid is ready to pass this shit along to someone else it’s fucking boring as hell most exciting thing to happen was Lala’s proto magic tracker explaining around me and Eris till she make one that ignores those that touch it!! Also CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO ONE!!”

One of the nameless Aliens working on the steering said, “we are at one and you won’t believe it!!” she then pulled up what looked like earth it’s continents where sideways pointing to the left and she blinked, “Am I being pranked?”

Lala then showed up and said, “Sadly no.. it’s a parallel!! This proves one of the most deemed stupid theories of our universe right!!! IT’S TE DISCOVERY OF A LIFE TIME!!” She yelled happy well yelling, “I THINK I JUST CAME IN MY PANTIES!!!”

Celestia sniffed and said, “You did I can smell it!!.. Now someone please explain what this is so I understand why one of my wives just a geek out orgasm?”

Yami then walked in dusting off her dress, “It states the reason most species look similar and true alien appearing life is so rare is because the universe has limited things to combine to make more things so every thing will logically be similar and true difference appearing life forms would be rare!! The theory also states the same most be true for planets but the planet part wasn’t proven till now this is an almost perfect copy of earth!! Like it states!!”

Eris came in clearly adjusting the straps of a thong as she said, “Well dude!! The echos need the right stuff to merge with to work!! But can’t be close till they merge!! So logcialy all of the echos will come from copies of earth that differ in history and looks a little” she said saying it so flatly.

Celestia got up and said, “Ok then show me what the ground looks like!” She saw cities in ruin and broken nuclear weapons and sand and mutant monsters and what looked like a zombie arguing with a hulk.

Lala blinked, “and nuclear war happened here then… super!! The sun is radioactive and Celestia controls it so!!”

celestia sighed, “I get it I got down get us close and I’ll fly down!!”

Later on she was in a strange lab called Big MT she had fired on Brainless cyborgs brains in tanks floating, strange snake hyena cross breeds killer robes and an evil talking toaster.

Celestia sighed as she came to a room and heard moaning to open she kicked it down.

to see a naked futa Anthro version of rarity with a wrist held computer as her only clothing down on her hands and knees cumming on the ground as an anthro brown furred dark brown mane and tailed male to female trans earth Pony with what looked like a visible metal spine came in her ass.

that is when the trans female looked and notice Celestia who was red, “Oh look dear we have a guess I’m Doctor Mobius formerly think tank and this courier who wants to be called rarity is my girlfriend who how and what are you?”

Celestia then pulled out a d-dialer and said, “turn off the cloak!!” out side the window a space ship appeared.

Later on Mobius was dressed in a little black dress now shoes showing off her darker brown strong hooves and a lab coat putting glasses on her red eyes.

Rarity was in a vest no bra black jacket, broken in blue jeans cowboy boats and she had a laser blaster on a strap over her left arm, a solar powered one holstered at her right and an energy axe slung over her right shoulder by her right arm as she used her horn to move a can like Celestia told her.

Mobius adjusted her glasses and sat down and for a moment it showed she didn’t have panties on before crossing her legs, “So thing magic is the unknown radiation I picked up interesting normally I won’t believe your story but my long time friend changed into a bipedal unicorn babe with a foot long dick, and studying her allowed me to make myself a whole new body using the remote brain control and artificial spines to hook into it, of a trans female of the species with no horn but super strength so I believe it”

Rarity adjusted her hair, “yes So I take it we best go with you to save the universe and this fallout ridden planet.”

Celestia smiled, “Planet fallout that’s the perfect name for this as looks like we will be visiting different earths of our universe each will need a nickname not to confuse them.”

Mobius smiled as she rubbed her boobs, “of sensation how I missed you!! Well then if we are fall out earth then let’s call your’s main earth as you are the one allowing this quest!! Now let’s get out of here I’ve been stuck here for almost a thousand years as a brain in a jar I would like to go and study alien tech and the universe with my girlfriend while question for more lovers to add to the herd!”

Rarity was red as she locked arms with Mobius and walked out of Big MT’s exit door with Celestia and on to the ship!

Later on in side Lala’s lab she and Mobius where smiling as they worked on a machine it looked like a generator with a sphere in it.

Mobius then load in a battery, “And one batter load with Celestia’s magic!!” then a small star appeared in side of it and they held hands and jumped for joy while hugging.

the two lady super genius smiled, “We combined magic and science to make a star and a star engine!!”

Lala then jumped back bright red and point to the clear boner lifting up Mobius dress witch she was trying to hold down and she said, “herds don’t swing!! So keep that for Rarity or add to it!!”

Mobius laughed as she said, “Sorry I would be embarrassed but it’s been so long sense I’ve been anything but a brain I’m to thrilled about having a visible boner while hugging a partner upon completing a project!!!

the princess’s eye twitched and said, “you know I don’t know what to say in response to that right?”

Mobius smiled as she put a hand on her hip and said, “don’t know why this isn’t a trans gender matter this is a no longer trapped inside your own mind only able to look out matter!! I’ll happily share the tech that allowed my mind to be transplanted into my newly grown body and the body growing tech with the universe But I will complain that all I got where be cup breast!! When my girlfriend as D cups.”

Lala blinked and let out a nervous, “Ok I think we are coming up upon another earth!!” She then ran and came to see an upside down earth. And it viewed everyone knocked out and passed out a school destroyed and a Luna walking with two girls.

Lala then said, “land it!!”

the driver then stated, “Can’t the electromagnetic field is messing with our systems.

Eris snapped her fingers appearing below to see the three one girl had a small chest brown hair and green eyes the other orange hair in pig tails green eyes and a larger chest they where In a girls school universe and the Luna was in a boys school uniform.

they all jumped and Eris rolled her eyes, “I’m here to help don’t worry!! Now talk then I talk!!”

After talking for awhile.

the Luna who thanks to Eris was dressed in a color reversed version of Celestia’s bikini armor outfit, “So I was akihsia Yoshi then the magic thing powering the test war system broke and doom everyone is knocked out I’m this my girlfriend Yuuko was only fine after I kissed her and Miharu was fine too!!”

Eris smile and said, “ Miharu is fine because she is trans gender like me!! The blast knocked out noun magic charged beings with out a hormone mix logical only transgender people are walking around, or those charged with magic like true loves magic kiss.”

Yuuko and Akihsia blushed and Miharu went to give Eris a high five, “Transpower!!” Eris high fived her.

Eris then said, “This magic is too chaotic even for me to figure out!! So Celestia will send a medical team to care for everyone who didn’t die from pass out plane crashes and what not and save everyone they can while looking for a cure!! I’ll teleport them myself right now we need to stop my evil yandere Ex!!”

They nodded and grabbed Eris as she snapped making them appear on the ship!

Later on Zastin was walking into the room, “Mistress brides adopted sister Luna I want to know if your girlfriends need new cloths!!” his eyes then widen.

there was a red Luna cumming in Yuuko who was down on her stomach’s pussy as she came, while sucking Miharu’s dick.

Miharu came as she noticed him and said,”… Either close the door or stick your dick in Luna’s ass so you can pop her black cherry while I pop the normal one, all while Yuuko fingers herself!!”

Zastin looked like he was thinking about it and said,” No she is a duchess It won’t be right for a night to do that to her ass!! Enjoy your spit roasting!! That is what one in the ass and one in the mouth is called right?” he then closed the door.


to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu .

Twilight sparkle ( former self unknown) unknown

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius

Fluttershy( former self unknown) unknown

Rainbow dash ( former self unknown) Unknown

Applejack ( former self unknown) unknown

Pinkie Pie (former self unknown) Unknown

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Meanwhile in the ship.

celestia was in her bed chambers undressing as an already naked Eris removed her top as she removed her lion cloth leaving herself in her heel boats stocking garter belt and thong.

Eris smirked as she snapped her fingers to make the thong vanish and she said, “Ok leave the rest on your good and lay down!!” She then pushed Celestia forward onto the large royal bed only for the mare to grab her hand and pull her down with her.

She then rolled over on top of her so her foot long boner as resting on Eris’s nine inch one as she giggled girlishly, “Lala is working on a cure for baka earth’s problem I mean waking up the guys is as easy as injection with some female hormones but male hormones aren’t working, and the female hormones is only temporary solve for the males.

Eris grabbed and rubbed one of Celestia’s breast making her moan a bit, “yes, they won’t be boys for long with all that estrogen in there systems regularly!! Now what our Yami?”

Celestia giggled as she rolled over on to her right side and kisses Eri’s neck, “off killing some kind of space leach that is draining our battery so it’s you and me!! And as the royal here I demand we sixty nine this!!”

Eris smiled as she got up and moved so her boner was in Celestia’s face and her face was in the princess’ She smiled as she opened her mouth and easily took the thick salty long, and slightly sweet and spicy foot long into her mouth and throat with no problem.

Our neo Solar princess gasped as she put her hands on Eris ass and put all nine inches in to her mouth and sucked it was strange how sweet it was but a transgender chaos goddess can freely change there anatomy so nothing should be shocking .

She smiled while doing it never thinking she would in her old life but it felt as natural as licking Lala or Yomi’s pussy, she was a hermaphrodite while the change made her sterile for awhile she still had hormones screaming for both giving and taking, and she decide to act on them she moved her hands to the underside of Eris’ tail base.

Celestia rubbed the space between the trans chaos lord’s balls and ass making her groan while sucking, showing a sigh of enjoyment, she smiled brightly and closed her eyes while sucking on her end and moved a few inchers into Eris’ butthole.

the chaos goddess shivered and moaned into Celestia’s dick as she returned fire by sticking her talon fingers into her pussy and the lion claws into her ass hole making Celestia’s eyes widen and her wings flare out In shock!

A shock that sent a wave through her body that made her release her thick load into Eris mouth witch in turn sent a shock through Eris body making her cum in Celestia’s mouth.

In a moment Eris wings sperd out as they broke apart sat up and spat out the cum they where gagging on!

Celestia coughed as she rubbed her throat, “Oh dam!!! That was amazing but oh!!! Why I can’t control my load size you can!! Why the hell would you release a gallon in my mouth?” She said still spitting it out, her white fur hiding the jizz in it as she looked at her.

Eris was coughing the cum on her body clearly visible on her mouth and tits as she coughed and said, “ because that’s how much I love you girls!!”

the future Empress of Deviluke emperor smirked happily as she tackled Eris form behind holding her down while rubbing one of her own boobs and grabbing her hips to trust into her ass slowly making Eris groan happily as she said, “Well then last I checked form last night you owe me five loads in this hole!! And sense this hormones got me in a constant state of heat I’m going to take them now!!”

Eris wrapped her tail around Celestia’s while blushing red and happily moaning out, “Oh dam it!! Maybe my ass as gotten sanative after Yami’s putting hair fist up all our asses while fucking but oh fuck!!! About to cum!!” She sound embarrassed by it

Celestia smirked and let go of her own boobs and reached around to flick Eris dick and in a moment she groaned and came on the shits and she quickly covered her mouth to giggle like a lady while trusting fast enough to make her boobs shake and bounce with each trust as she said, “ hair pin trigger when on bottom!! We need to give Lala a strap on and see if she can make you cum through the ass that quickly!”

Eris then covered her face as she came again form the thought and the foot long dick being moved in and out of her anus she was embarrassed and turned the hell on.

Elsewhere, in a smaller ship that landed in a forest on another planet earth was Rarity and Mobius.

Rarity got out and helped Mobius out as she lift her girlfriends skirt to see black panties with a heart shaped hole cut out of the back making them assless, “Well it’s better than no panties” she said happily.

that is when they spotted a rainbow dash with a nice figure hair in a pony tail that was braided, in a red Chinese shirt black wrist bands black marital arts pants and belt, shoe and sockless doing Kung fu moves she seemed happy then she spotted them, “oh others like me care to tell me what’s up? I use to be Ranma but I feel like Rainbow dash is a better name!!” she said flipping her wings out and putting her hands on her hips like a sassy chick.

After explaining.

Rainbow was sitting on a small cloud she made, “cool now as form I have no reason to come back here Arranged marriages have to be a man among men or my mom kills me dad and myself! She is hunting now after this change, so I few this as not a curse but a gift! I am free of the curse spring as no matter what I’m still a futa! I can fly away form my troubles, and now I get to go to a new world save the universe and start over!! I see it’s a three seater so let’s go!! I can find me myself a lover later!!” She happily said as she jumped down and into the smaller ship and Rarity and Mobius got back in with Mobius flying it off.

Rarity smiled as she flipped her hair and check her newly update pipboy and said, “So that’s four of us!! That’s half, the missing half are Twilight sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack ,and Pinkie pie!! I feel like the last one we will find will be when Cosmos shows up!!”

Rainbow dash smirked as she said, “Doesn’t matter to me let’s worry up find the rest save the world then take me alien speed dating!! But set it up so all my dates have dicks!! I don’t like chicks with out dicks, or guys!!” She said remembering all the abuse form girls , kuno and that ice skating pervert who kissed her, while shivering, “I have had bad experiences with them.”

Mobius nodded and said, “agreed my Rarity needs to expand her herd form just me!! We well you all are I’m artificial and sterile forever, are a new race and need more members only gainable through the reproductive power of being able to impregnant while getting impregnated! And through a herd!”

Rainbow rolled her eyes and though about herself marrying few cure herms and or flat chest trans girls and all of them in wedding dresses getting married then them all in nigh gowns with her and most of the rest all clearly pregnant then all of them holding little blue anthro foals with a smile, “that sounds so nice!!” she said happily form her day dream.


Yami walked in to see Celestia and Eris on the bed, kissing Celestia’s left hand held Eris’s right as there free hands rubbed one another’s breast and Celestia’s magic rubbed there dicks till they came on eachother!

Yami smirked and closed the door and stripped and made lots of hair fist and smiled, “Ok I’m between now Celestia or Rito in my pussy Eris in my mouth my hair fist up your asses and one up Celestia’s pussy.

Celestia whipped the cum off her breast and got behind Yami and bend her over while locking the door with magic, “It’s becoming a tradition for sex to be viewed by someone walking in!!” She then trust in and gasped when the hair fist went in her ass and pussy making her wings flare and her eyes widen, “DID YOU JUST MAKE SPIKES POP OUT OF THOSE THING!!!??” she gasped out in pain

A hair hand moved Eris closer and Yami said nothing but grabbed Eri’s thing and sucked while a hair fist went up her ass and Eris’s eyes widen as she rubbed her own boobs for comfort, “Yep!!! Spikes popped out as soon as they were in!!” she groaned out in pain a little.

Celestia grabbed Yami’s hips and as she was forced to trust by the hair fist inside of her making her breast shake and giggle a lot she said, “fuck!! Yami you need to warn someone before shoving something spiked up there ass and or pussy!!” she said in pain!!

Celestia then groaned out more in pain, “I just made her mad as she made more spikes!! I thought the crazy wife would have been you Eris!!!”

Eris groaned, “This is sexy Dominatrix queen, not crazy!!! Crazy comes with limits other than a safe word!!” she sound in pain yet happy as she gasped, “dam it!!! She has a hair tentacle around my nuts squeezing them a little!! It hurts!!!” she gasped out.

Celestia smirked and said, “so glad that’s an internal organ on me them!! But then again I think the fact I have at least four times as much spikes as you makes up for it!!” she said starting to enjoy it a little as she was forced to trust and soon she heard something wet dripping to the floor and smelled a hormonal release Yami came!!

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu .

Twilight sparkle ( former self unknown) unknown

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius

Fluttershy( former self unknown) unknown

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) none for now ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( former self unknown) unknown

Pinkie Pie (former self unknown) Unknown

Chapter Text

Meanwhile in a dropped down alien building that was a hospital Mikado and Oshizu were walking with Lala as they spoke.

Lala then said, “I hate having to split up but no options between our ships battery trained and other planets vanishing we had to hurry up I heard you found applejack?”

Oshizu then spoke up saying, “yes some teen form our planet named Max taylor delt with time travel aliens and dinosaurs I joined her herd with her girlfriend zoe drake!!”

a teenage girl in a nurse uniform walked out with pinkie hair pruple eyes next to an anthro applejack with a red button up shirt tied to double as a bra short shorts a cowboy hat and bear hooved.

The two grabbed Oshizu and said, “time for your brake and your turn to wear the strap on!!” they said happily.

Mikado rolled her eyes as she as she said, “What is with the hormones this Anthros are releasing!!?? I mean women and men just throw themselves at them!!”

Lala then giggled and said, “haven’t you heard all the universe wants a hermaphrodite!!”

they then opened a door to See rainbow dash riding reverse cowgirl cumming all over her own tits as she reached behind her and kissed Yuuko’s twin hideyoshi as he came in her pussy

The Alien doctor’s eyes widen as her elf ears popped out and her face turned red as Rainbow went to cover her chest with her arms and her crotch with her tail red as could be.

Lala sighed, “So a new running gag is people walk in on fucking!! I mean has the universe never heard of locking the fuck dam door!!”

Elsewhere on Another Planet.

Luna was flying over a ruined city dead bodies everywhere and she even spotted destroyed giant robots as she landed down and said, “what happened here?”

That is when she heard laughing and spotted an anthro Fluttershy who’s lower bod ywas black furred had taloned human feet instead of hooves her cuite mark was bats, her tail think hairless and heart shaped at the tip like Lala’s

She had black bad winks black bat wing shaped ears and two black horns and her arms form the elbow down were black furred with elbow and finger talons.

She put her hands on her hips showing off her hour glass figure making her e cups shake, they where uncovered but the nipples were covered by a patch of black fur that went form them up to her shoulders in a straight line, and her eyes were golden and slitted pupils.

the Fluttershy stretched before turning into a normal Anthro fltutershy completely naked her dick still In it’s sheave as she said, “I guess call me Fluttershy or devilmare!! As for what happened will demons showed up I over powered one and took it’s power My best friend turned out to be satan I turned into this and got dumped by my at the time girlfriend. I murdered satan my new girlfriend cutie honey got kidnapped by lesbian monster cultist they start an end of the world as the demons made there move and the super robot wars started!!”

Luna raised and eye brow and said, “the let me guess an earth quake ripped the planet apart on the surface adding to the cluster dooms day fuck fest!!” she said blunt.

Fluttershy flipped her long flowing pink hair and said, “Big time!! Then this crazy cosmic bitch showed up to try and eat us because she said and I quote eris won’t fuck her My friend Kekko Kamen shoved dooms day devices up her ass and jumped in dying to chase her off then me and Cutie honey had dooms day sex she past out and now here we are!!” she said recapping it like it was nothing special.

That is when Cutie honey walked out sword over her shoulder and looked to Fluttershy, “COVER YOUR SELF ONLY I GET TO SEE THEM UNCOVERED!!” She said jealously dropping her sword to cover her girlfriend’s tits with her hand.

Fluttershy gasped and moaned making her yellow shiny equine dick pop out of it’s sheave making her cover it with her tail as she pushed honey away and fold her wings to cover her breast, “there covered happy?”

Cutie honey hit her neck place to turn back into Honey Kisaragi as she said, “No you gave what I can only believe is another furry futa a free peep show!!”

the Devilmare turned back into her demonic form and showed her fangs, “Dam it jealous girl!!! You didn’t react this way to when Kekko asked to join us for a night!!”

Cutie honey then crossed her arms, “That’s different she licked my pussy for an hour as payment so it wasn’t free!!”

Luna cleared her throat and said, “Ladies!! The universe could end at any moment and only way to stop it is for the eight like me and Flutterdemon over there to work together against cosmos!! So how about we focus on save all of reality first then who gets to see who’s tits after!!”

Devilmare gave a thumbs up and said, “Smart so I take it you came in that retro ufo thing I saw?” Luna nodded. “Kay let’s climb in and go universe saving!!”

Luna then point to a robot and said, “that robot looks almost together.”

Honey, smiled “That’s Mazinger it belong to Koji he would probably want it repaired”

Luna smiled,” I’ll call a pick up for it!! It might be useful!!” she said happily before rubbing her own boobs, “you look at this thing thinking they are heavenly but then you get them and you realize how much of a pain in the fucking back they are!! Plus they are so sensitive!!”

Devilmare smiled, “Tell me about it!! It’s why I prefer to walk around naked!! Let the girls breath and let them be free!! They don’t like being locked up!!”

Honey smiled as she put her hands on her crotch, “I think I just came form all this boob talk!!!” she said it flatly.

the Two anthros sniffed and said, “yeah you did!! That’s cute as shit!!”

Meanwhile In the main ship.

Celestia was on the phone and said, “No mom we’re still stuck Lala and Mobius’ star engine isn’t large enough to power a ship so we’re stuck till a new battery gets here and while Gid was quick on that medical team I asked for to this sleeping plague cursed planet, He won’t send a battery replacement team till I flashed him my tits!!.. I know right!! He’s a horny little freak!! Well I know I’m kind of a freak and horny but he’s creepy horny!! As I’m officially his daughter in law now!!... I know right!! And also thanks for agreeing to officially adopted Luna it will mean a lot to her… now can you put Celine on.. Oh she’s napping ok then till her mommy misses her when she wakes up!!”

She then hung up and checked messages “ ok Rainbow became a little whore for Yuuko’s Okama twin who may start growing boobs form the shots need to keep him and the other males awake, found Applejack back home she’s fucking her girlfriend and the ghost, and oh demonic world and demonic Fluttershy how lovely!!”

She smiled and said, “so just Pinkie pie and Twilight sparkle left!! Then Cosmos most be handled and form what it sounds like we are close on her trail. “ she then check and made a call, “Gid we found a planet with giant robots I want to salvage parts and get one working again!!.. No I’m not taking my top off!! I wonder how your daughter would react to know you forced her wife to flash you!!!.. Oh so now your sorry and it’s anything I want!!!” she sound made and smirked.

Celestia giggled, “Oh kind loving Rito Yuuki turned Futanari Sun goddess didn’t plan this it’s super out of character for both my halves!! Eris or Yami being the brains behind it is another story!! Now we’re getting that fucking robot working and better then ever!! And a few more!! And I’m not taking over after this I am finishing highschool like my mom and dad want me to first!! … Yes I know I can ask for more and I’m going to gid!! I know I have your balls by a hook and rope!!.. yes I know that’s scary that’s the point!!... How I can say that? Simple those are internal for me so can’t touch them!!”

the future Empress then said, “Now the rest of demands at this point would be a royal title for all of my family, I get to make a space station half world and declare it the emperors’ new capital!! I Want it call it T-city!! What’s the t stand for you ask? Simple The fuck you asking for!!? YOU STOP FLIRTING RIGHT NOW GID!!!”

She then hung up and smiled as she adjusted her top and reached behind to remove the bra, “that’s it this is going away now!!! I’m going to outlaw this things in the emperor!!!” She then made it burst into flame and burn to ash in her hand, “… no wonder they do that!! That was so much fucking fun and so impowering!!”

She jumped for joy her breast shaking as she did so and she smiled and said, “I’ve gotten use to this way to fast.. well I have been covered in fur, and had boobs and a pussy before… so not really that odd other than the goddess part!!”

Eris then walked out in just a towel and said, “I finally got my fur and scales clean!! I can’t believe Yami asked me to abuse my chocolate rain any time anywhere power like that!!”

the future ruler of the universe smiled as she said, “I can it was fun!! And also why didn’t you just magic yourself clean like me?”

The chaos goddess growled and face palmed, “GOT DAM IT!!” She then heard chuckling as she looked at Celestia.

The bipedal alicorn herderite sun goddess smiled as she walked giving her but and tail a little twitch making it run under Eri’s chin making her blush, “oh don’t mess with me dear!! I’ve been around seductive ladies so much I know all the tricks!! I would say I could have you wrapped around my fingers but I already do!!” she said happily.

Eris snapped her fingers making her towel turn into her normal outfit as she put her hands on her hips, “that you do!! But now we need to get a move on we are almost all together now we need to move on!!”

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu .

Twilight sparkle ( former self unknown) unknown

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu

Pinkie Pie (former self unknown) Unknown

Chapter Text

In side a shower Applejack was washing with Zoe and Oshizu, when Zoe grabbed applejack’s c cup boobs from behind and smiled, “Got your tits!!” She said happily.

Applejack blushed, “Zoe sugar cube I know my hormones make it so I am irresistible but time and place!! We have to save the universe then hope those jackasses in the time machine find us so we can save our parents even if they do disapprove or think I’m a freak!!” She then looked down to her dick still in it’s sheave as she said, “beside he’s not coming out!! He’s tried hiding in his cave!!” she said pointing at it!

Oshizu got down and start washing applejack’s ass making her eyes widen as the ghost girl said, “you forget you have another set of gentiles for us to play with down there!” she then stick a finger in there making applejack’s tail curl into a heart.

Zoe giggled and blushed, “that’s right been having some much fun going on pony rides I forgot scissoring was something we could do!!” she smirked evilly as Oshizu pinned her Applejack.

the former boy’s eyes widen as she tried to cover it and said, “Hay hay!! How would you like me to hold you down and say I was going to scissor you!!”

Both girls licked there lips pervertedly showing the Futa’s words were falling on deaf but horny ears.

outside the hospital area.

Zastin was happily walking off to report saying, “perfect Lala’s magic making collar will wake everyone up so we can move on to helping them repair there planet and move on! Plus the new battery for the ship should be on so we can get to the haunt for the final two to figure out how we are supposed to handle cosmos.”

that is when he drew his green energy blade as two came at him!! And he turned to see a Pinkie Anthro.

She was pinkie pie but in a black bra and panty set, and a vest slash belt combo with a symbol in the middle, she had guns holstered to her legs and two laser blades in hand! She hit the symbol and teleport to behind him and yelled, “BOO!!”

Zastin turned to blade another strike only for her to put one of the blade handles at her side and draw her gun to fire a laser shot, witch made Zastin jump to the left, “We are looking for you to help save the universe why are you attacking me!

Pinkie pie rubbed her easily e-cup boobs, “One I’m not form this universe I’m form the marvel universe formally named Deadpool!! And if I’m going to be a chick with a dick mightiest well go with this herd thing to find a husband and wife and make my little Elly belly lots of younger siblings!! You look like a handsome knight! So want to see if you were all looks and no substance before I stick my legs behind my head and suck my own dick while offering to let you fuck me in the pussy!!”

Zastin looked red, “And what makes you think I would do such an act with you?”

Pinkie pie shaked her Hartman hips makings her boobs giggle, “Look at me!! Thanks to this merge I keep my healing factor with drop dead gorgeous fur looks besides this story runs on everyone wants a hermaphrodite!!”

An hour later Pinkie was naked legs over her head sucking her dick cumming in her own mouth so much she had to spit it out and cum all over her face and mane as Zastin who was shirtless trust in and came in her pussy.

That is when they heard Celestia yelling “IN PUBLIC ZASTIN!!!!??” That is when the two turned to see Celestia Luna, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow dash standing arms crossed.

Luna rolled her eyes, “We all want to breed and be bread the fact this change makes us sterile for five years is killing us all and we all understand our hormones are over powering!! And we’ve all been walked in on but at least we do it behind close doors to start with!! I mean Pinkie pie!!! Have some glass party girl!!!” she said crossing her arms at it.

Rainbow dash crossed her arms, “And someone get Pinkie pie some cloths other than bra and panties I understand fur is hot but people are going to look up to us and we don’t want them spanking to us to much!!” she said clearly rude about it

Fluttershy who was in a simple white dress rolled her eyes, “I am kind of on pinkie pie’s side I like naked better too!!”

Applejack adjust the tie of her shirt, “they aren’t even cute bar and panties!! They are simple black!!!”

Rarity adjusted her mane with one hand while looking at her reflection in her energy axe, “true red sports bra and shot shorts would look so much better on her!! And make by some fish next sleeve gloves just for naughty look!!”

Pinkie pie wiped her face up and said, “that’s nice and all but can we get to saving the multiverse I would like to use my teleporter to pick up my daughter and start being a loving mother type milf!!” she said happily about it.

Celestia then said, “I understand this I just want to get this over with so me and my herd can mother the hell out of Celine!! New battery is in so let’s get pinkie dressed and go to the last reading and find Twilight!!”

Later on Pinkie is modeling the outfit Rarity talked about for Zastin, “You like Zastin? I know you do as I hand your boner hitting your cup!! I hear back on Celestia’s home planet there is a rich girl madly in love with you well we’ll just have to tag team seduce her so I can have a husband and wife what’s our future wife’s name honey?”

Zastin had a nose bleed and said” Tenjoin Saki”

Pinkie pie smiled and said, “Nice to know now get your jaw off the floor unless you want to take turns blowing eachother in witch case keep it own while I slide off my shorts cup and thong!!

Meanwhile on a planet.

A twilight sparkle bear hooves in a black shirt with the back ripped to let out her wings and orange pants was panting she had a headhand with a leaf on it tied around it her body was glowing golden and red as she stood in front of the downed Hinata, “I have to protect her!! Kurama got any more chakra to give?”

Inside of her a giant demon fox said, “I wish Naruto I’m sorry Twilight I am at my limits!!”

Twilight then put her hands in a sigh and said, “Shadow clone Justus!!” she then sent out clones to tackle what looked like an energy cloud with a face as she picked up Hinata and flow off.

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata. ( planet being destroyed )

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin


Pinkie pie was naked smirking as she rubbed her hand along the sheave her thing was in when not in use, “Hello perverts who red this story!! And I mean that with love formally Deadpool you know!! And here we are one chapter away for the final battle of an arc and lets see now I see one high school arc and three more adventures before we get to finally breed!!”

She then blow kisses and rubbed her boobs, “thanks for enjoying wish we could get some comments but the hit counter is doing great, well as great as it can all things involved and as you see we’re just a silly little naughty comedy most of the time it’s why I fit in!!”

She then put in her teleporter and put her laser sword hands on her hips as she put her gun holsters back on and said, “Now I have to go get my bra and panties back to go get my cloths back form that stupid alien slime that got on and stole everyone with tits cloths!!” She then hit the teleport button and left.

Eris then showed up naked rolling her eyes, “No class that one!! Well thanks join us next time when we fight cosmos and end our first arc and also don’t be afraid to comment our writer wants this to be the best little porn with plot he can right so feed back ideas and suggestion are welcomed, but if you are pointing out a spelling mistake our writer is dyslexia so just try not to be rude about a spelling mistake when bring it up ok? Good?”

Eris then snapped her fingers making her cloths appear, “Now I think my little slime joke has gone on long enough Yami is already going to hair mace my ass to hell when she finds out so I best stop while I’m going to enjoy the punishment on my asshole!!! I may need to give though to turning my self into a futa with a pussy like Celestia at this point and all.”

End omake.

Chapter Text

On the Ninja planet Twilight was holding her girlfriend Hinata panting Cosmos’s head still staring at her only for it to be knocked back by a massive fireball and she looked up to see Celestia landing.

She smiled, “your not alone Twilight, … We’ll explain later let’s handle this universe destroyer first!!” She said happily.

A moment Later Eris showed up next to Yami and Yami made her hair into cannons and fired as eris snapped her fingers charging the blast with chaos making them ten times larger.

Luna landed and fired form her horn a massive energy blast hitting it dead on making it fade!!

Rarity showed up on the ground holding her two blasters firing them as she charged them with magic and looked to Mobius, “Darling care to explain why she seems to be fading away?”

Mobius pulled out an alien blaster and fired on Cosmos and said, “Why simple she has no body she is just energy a body recharges it’s own energy!!! No body no recharge so sooner or later she will fade away!! She has no body to take damage with as such it appears she fades and lose power faster when hit!! That normally won’t make sense but as it’s a chaos being it makes perfect sense!!” she sound kind of happy.

Fluttershy was in her devilmare form and breath fire on her making her scream, “So she was dying and want to take the multiverse with her how funny!!” she laughed at it a mocking laugh.

Cutie honey smiled as she held her sword she was in her combat form and slashed her sword sending out a slash wave that hit the large energy head making it scream, “then I guess this world took a number on her before coming down just to Twilight and her girlfriend!”

Rainbow dash then flow at high speed making a sonic rainbow witch knocked her away as she hovered in the air, “Ok can we just finish off this dying bitch so I can go back to fucking my Otaku boyfriends ass!! As it’s my turn on top!!!” she said clearly showing her focus was not on the fight!”

Applejack sighed as she held out a staff and span it around making it fire off a lighting bolt at the thing as she said, “I miss Chomp!! He would make this so much easier!!”

Pinkie pie was just shooting, “Oh please you’ll get your arc sooner or later right now let’s fucking end this!!! “

At that moment the Chaos being roared knocking the, all back and she formed a claw to smash them but it was knocked back by two ted beams that is when they spotted Mazinger with it’s wing firing it’s breast fire attack.

In it’s cockpit Lala was sitting smiling, “I put the star engine prototype into the weapon systems I’m beaming her with star power endlessly!!” she said happily as Cosmos was fading more and more as she said, “And as a Machine can do continuous fire this is going to be easy!!”

Twilight smiled at it as Cosmos finally faded away and she happily held her knocked out girlfriend, “we did it!!!... but everyone else is gone!!”

Devilmare patted her back, “most of us know your pain!!”

Later on our eight pony futanari were together posing for a group shot, Twilight dressed in a version of Celestia’s outfit but with gold replaced by orange.

The girls all blow kiss into the picture for it as there lovers watched and had a nose bleed, they all giggled happily.

A week later on earth Celestia was in her school uniform walking to school with Lala and Yami smiling.

Celestia’s point of view.

so as soon as we got back Pinkie and Zastin seduced tenjoin and pinkie went to go get her daughter and bring her to her new home.

Rarity and Mobius are on there home world as this valley all became futanari zebra following Cosmos’s death as we make them a colony.

Luna is thrilled to be adopted by my parents and happily calls them Mommy and daddy while going to school with her girlfriend here.

Ranma and hideyoshi both love my schools girls uniform and are pretty much seen only wearing that sense.

Twilight and Hinata also enjoying being school girls and each other I mean out of all of us they are the most walked in on while fucking.

Fluttershy and Honey are also finishing school here and as for me well.

I moved my mane behind my ears as Lala and Yami chased off men and women trying to ask me to marry them, everyone wants a hermaphrodite and as the new prettiest women in the galaxy my love troubles have doubled as now dudes want me including my best friend I then spotted Kenichi holding floors at me and I quickly used magic to through him away, … so kind of the same.. other then I seem to have become a worried mother when I am away form Celine.. and the front gates and there was all the other girls here who had feelings form ready to hand me flowers or try to grab my tits in the case of Risa and Mio.

I quickly had to make a magic shield around myself and make a run for it! With a smile on my face My new body and looks may be a headache but I have my harem I have love I have family and I have power to help those I care about!! Witch after a small brake I’ll happily get to helping Applejack then work on my new city plans!! I smiled I won’t trade this for the world as I ducked to avoid our principle.

Point of view change to third.

On fallout earth zion canyan.

Rarity was holding her protonic axe standing before a down and beaten Mobius and a anthro Zecora who was now naked showing she was a futa along with her wide hips and large easily d cup tits but the shred fabric around her shows she was dressed.

the enemy Rarity was swinging at was a yao Guai and in one swing she cut the mutant bears hand off before firing a horn blast killing it by shooting it’s head off.

Zecora got up and kissed her and said, “you dared to save my life so I will join your herd if you care?”

Rarity quickly undressed as she got down and helped Mobius undress, “We would love to darling now then!” she then bend Mobius onto her hand and knees and the doctor moaned happily as rarity trusted into her trans gender ass.

Mobius moaned happily while using her tail to rub her thing, “Oh that’s what I need after a fight now Zecora your options are my mouth or Rarity’s pussy or ass your pick!!” she said happily while panting with hearts around her head

Zecora smiled as she got behind rarity rest her boobs against her back and trust into the uniforn anthro’s pussy making her happily yip as she trust and spoke, “After I fuck you, you will fuck me!!”

Rarity happily moaned out a yes!


to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata. ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

Later on In Sainan High school in a new locker room.

celestia, Luna Miharu, Twilight , Fluttershy, rainbow dash and applejack were stripping out of there uniforms.

Celestia smiled as she removed her panties leaving her naked for a moment as she put on her swim suit for swim class, “So nice of them to put in an intersex bathroom and changing room not that they had a choice as if not I would have had gid level the place!!” she chuckled to herself.

Miharu who was in her suit was blushing she had a visible boner as she helped Luna fit her boobs into the suit as she said, “I think it’s wonderful so I don’t have to hide my dick and balls form other girls like on my home planet!!” she said happy and giving luna’s big fat boobs a rub.

Luna slapped Miharu’s hands and said, “this is not a place for fucking Miharu!! Doesn’t matter if our relationship is the only one that can carry over into this place we keep it clean in here!!”

Twilight rubbed her boobs with at this point where slightly bigger then Hinata’s “why can’t we just go topless!!! This things are murder on the tits!!” she was clearly in pain.

Fluttershy adjusted her suit to get it out of her ass as she said, “I know right!!! I head having my girls covered!!”

Rainbow dash rolled her eyes, “I wish they would let Hideyoshi in here but he identifies as a boy so cross dresser or not he has to use the boys one!!” She said complaing as she models the suit in a mirror with a smirk, “it’s a one piece I think they would look better as a two piece plus then no wedgy ever time you move your shoulders!!”

Celestia smiled as she made notes, “Make it legal for girls to walk around topless just like boys, and make school swim suits give a two piece option!! Good ideas for when I take the thorn after this year thank you girls!!” she smiled as she put the note book up!! With a smile.

Applejack was putting on a swimcap to protect her mane, “Stupid swim classes!! It messes with the mane!!! If it gets wet it puffs up then that puffs up the rest of my fur making me look like a puffy pony!!”

They then walked out flipping there manes making girls and guys alike have nose bleeds.

Lala grabbed Celestia’s boobs and growled at two girls who were about to try to do it too, “Join the harem to play with them!! And those who don’t respect that rule are not welcome so you two will never touch them!!!”

Celestia rolled her eyes as she said, “gee over protect waifu much?” She giggled at the comment.

Meanwhile in the Yuuki house.

Eris was holding Celine who was crying as she said, “you most be hungry and I was told you want to be breast feed super badly so” she then snapped a claw making her top vanish and in a moment Celine stopped crying and smiled widely as she was being breast feed.

Eris giggled and kissed the feeding baby’s head, “I made it so it’s chocolate milk don’t tell your other mommies ok?” Celine nodded while sucking the milk form Eris’s tits happily. She chuckled and pulled out a phone to take a picture, “there now we have proof you were finally breast feed!!” she then left Celine up so she couldn’t suckle anymore and gave the baby girl a gentle pat on the back making her let out a super loud burp that made the window’s crack!

The chaos goddess eyes widen as she looked to her giggling happily, “note to self if I use my powers to breast feed it equals sonic burp!!” Her top then magically reappeared as she set Celine down in her crib and tickled her tummy with her tail making her laugh and giggle.

Later on when she was back in her school uniform Celestia checked her phone and showed Yami, “Look Eris used her powers to breast feed Celine.. I want to do that!! Granted I was going to take some pills to make my boobs produce but still!!! I want to do that!!”

Yami nodded and said, “Like wise!!!”

Lala then popped up and said, “That is something I also wanted to do!!”

Meanwhile in the streets Pinkie pie was walking holding the hand of a very young girl with dark skin and black hair and pretty brown eyes in a purple dress wearing a Deadpool backpack.

pinkie pie smiled, “Now Elly hold mommy’s hands mommy’s something stupid is going to happen sense are tingling!!”

in a moment a raptor in black armor covered in crystals being bused around by a blue alien with a big nose crossed the street!

Pinkie pie pulled her gun and shoot not at the dinosaur but at the Alien making it fall as he shot his wing making him crash in the street, “You most be foolscap GIVE AJ BACK HER PARENTS NOW!!!! I’M NOT PLAYING PARENT NAPPER I WILL SHOT YOUR BALLS OFF AND MAKE YOU EAT THEM!!!”

the alien growled as his raptor make five black and white clones and Pinkie put the gun up and pulled out her swords and jumped and span around quickly slashing all of them making the armor shatter before dropping the energy blades and pulling out the guns and shooting them all in the head.

She then put a gun in the alien’s stunned face as she point the other below the belt, “Elly look away the bad guy choice to have his nuts removed then be force feed them!! Look away so mommy can shoot off his balls and make him eat them!!”

Later on in the Yuuki house foolscap was knocked out beaten and blood stained his pants as he was tied to a chair.

celestia was holding Celine as the elements and there herd were together now. Ringo walked in and looked confused and Luna said, “ Mommy this is Foolscap of the spectral space pirates a group that are questing for seven cosmic powered gems to destroy the universe and make a new one they kidnapped Applejack and zoe’s parents! He attacked pinkie pie so pinkie pie shot his nuts off and made him eat the remains of said nuts then she beat his ass for information!!”

Ringo nodded and shivered, “Pinkie did you have too..”


Ringo nodded and then pulled out a pocket knife, “Ok then Allow me the honors of cutting his dick off and shoving it up his own ass!!”

Celestia’s eyes widen at her mom’s comment and she said, “… I fear for any man who enraged my little sister!!” Was all she could say.

Applejack adjust the tie of her shirt, “look if he is here then so is the time travels that left me and zoe for dead and the space pirate ship we can end this right now if we be quick as shit about it!!”

Twilight was holding a hand over his head showing a purple cloud of his memories, “he has a mini ship with a detector parked … in the graveyard really? Really?”

Hinata shivered, “that’s creepy!!”

Ringo was down unzipping foolscap’s pants holding the knife and it was clear what she was going to do.

Yami used a hair hand to cover Celine’s eyes, “Look away child!!”

At that point they noticed Applejack Zoe, and Oshizu ran out.

Applejack was looking at her phone about ace battling a triceratops on the news, “or we could look at the got dam news!!”


to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata. ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

In the middle of the City The alien pirate sheer was hovering in the air with her dinosaur maximums about to have it smash the now armorless Ace when in a moemtn Applejack jumped out and one super strong kick turned the dinosaur in to a card and Rex looked confused.

Ed of the alpha gang then said, “I didn’t know we are at the alien contact and the mutant that birthed that one gender hermaphrodite race!”

Rex blinked and looked Applejack over, “so she has a penis?” In a moment he was slapped in the face by the now eighteen Zoe as she said, “That is for leaving us behind!!! Not asking if she has a dick, as she takes pride in that thing!!” she said red.

Applejack put her hands on her hips as she looked to sheer and said, “Lady I’m going to ask you to return one of my girls parents and my own!!” A moment later what looked like a yellow baby triceratops tackled her and bit her on the nose and Rex’s eyes widen, “MAX!!”

Applejack pulled the little guy off her nose and held him like a cat and petted him and said, “ yes now Rex I know I have a nice figure!! I have to point out enough but I’m eighteen you are twelve and we use to be friends so stop looking at my ass and tits!!”

Sheer had her hands up and said, “wait if we are in this point period!! OH FUCK!!! WE MESSED UP WE SHOULD HAVE GONE AFTER THE BLACK STONE EARLIER!!!” She said as the alien ship was seemingly knocked down by a larger Empire ship.

Rex looked confused but Zoe petted him on the head, “it’s all over!! It’s done!! Pirates getting captured!! Took five minutes!!”

Later on Applejack was talking to Spike and Aki taylor her parents. Spike put a hand on her face and Applejack was clearly nervous, “Rex’s parents told us but it’s still shocking to see.”

Aki hugged her and said, “Doesn’t matter still my baby… who can’t come home with us anymore…” she said sadly realizing it and Applejack nodded, “Yep!! Same thing goes for Zoe we got left behind can’t go home now that we’re all grown.”

in the corner Oshizu was hiding crying, Applejack then sadly turned to leave saying, “I’ll facebook y’all when I get home now that I know your safe hope to see you guys soon at least form my perspective.”

As she left Zoe grabbed her arm, “I got yelled out for being in a harem!!” Applejack nodded as Oshizu joined them as they left two little dinosaurs called chomp and pairs following them.

Meanwhile in a bed room Hinata was naked down on all fours panting and cumming as the naked Twilight trusted in and out of her but and in a moment Twilight groaned and came inside her girlfriend’s ass.

Moment’s later Hinata passed out and Twilight pulled out still hard as a rock with a wet plop.

Twilight got up and head in to the bathroom and sat down so her boob was testing between her breasts and she rubbed them making them rub her dick as she sucked on the tip happily moaning her purple soft fluffy c-cup tits felt good not as good as hinata’s smooth f-cups! And her mouth was nice to, not as nice as Hinata but she passed out like always after a few hours leaving her horny as hell and alone.

Twilight though about it as she closed her eyes groaned and spat her dick out making her cum all over her own face and tits as her wings flared.

A moment later she was in her mind scape now a forest with a large gated cave in the middle and she walked over to see Kurama who was smirking Twilight notice she was just as naked erect and cum covered as the real world.

the Alicorn put her hands on her hips and said, “What the big bad nine tailed fox wants to see a chick with a dick’s big cum stained tits face and foot long boner!!! I never would have thought you of all people would be a futa creeper!!!” She said clearly angry.

the nine tailed fox laughed as she said, “you misunderstand kit!! Demons are all futas too.” In a moment the fox changed in to a women with Tsunade Senju of the sannin but with nine red fox tails fox ears whisker marks on side of her face burning red fox eyes and her nails were claws, and right about her wet pussy was an erect nine inch dick.

Twilight’s eyes widen as she looked her over and said, “Ok so thing.. you’re a futa who checks out other futas… Ok then!! I beat you by three inches!!!” she said proudly before crossing her arms under her cum covered tits and saying, “and in power now that I’ve become a goddess I’m above you in all ways.”

Kurama struck a pose while flipping her hair and she said, “I know and that’s why you erect me kit!! Look I’ll let you summon me out and we can handle eachother’s erections!! You look like you need to be bottom for a bit anyhow!!”

Twilight held our her hand and said, “Deal!!” Kurama then took it and they were in the real world.

The fox was quick to turn Twilight around so her purple ass was facing her and she moved her tail out and trust into the alicorn’s pussy making her let out a cry of pain Kurama smirked she felt blood, “Hinata won’t even strap on bang you!! And you won’t even use a dildo!! I don’t know witch one of you is more sexually tame!!!”

Twilight moaned as she make her horn glow and pulled on Kurama’s tails making the demon groan as she said, “you forget who is in charge here!!!” she growled out, “Now if I’m getting my pruple pony pussy popped by you!! You will respect the fact I am stronger and out rank your ass demon!!! Now I know you can use this tails as hands so use them to grab my hips and rub my dick!!” she demanded letting go of the tails. “

Kurama did as was told and wrapped her trails around Twilgiht’s waist, dick and her tail and used them to pull her down on to her erection as Twilight moved her hips off working together to set up a steady passed rhythm!!

Twilight moaned happily, “so fucking soft!!! Now Demon put those hands on your own tits!!! If your not rubbing them so I can watch it out the corner of my eye!!! I will make it so you only have lady bits!!”

the demon gasped as she started to rub her own tits as she said, “Dam you are scary!!”

Twilight moaned as she used magic to rub her own boobs as she moaned happily now, “yes scary and horny as fuck!!! Fuck!! When Hinata wakes up you are fucking her ass while I fuck you up the fox hole!!! And I’m not talking about the dark cave either bitch!!!” She yelled as her dick trembled she was getting close as she yelled, “Now you have five minutes to cum or I’m releasing and moving on to fucking you!! I repeat you have five minutes to cum in me or you never will!!!!” she demanded.

the fox groaned she was being bossed around like a weak little bitch by a stronger futa in all her years she never had this happen and it was a turn on as she groaned and asked, “Call me a weak little bitch again!!”

Twilight then yelled out, “DID I TELL YOU TO TALK LITTLE BITCH!!” her eyes then widened as she felt a warm rush into her pussy and she came on the bath room floor and smirked and used magic to push Kurama off to the other side onto her back.

Twilight grabbed her legs and trust into Kurama’s pussy and smirked, “So the bitch gets off form being insulted and belittled!! Well now bitch rub your own dick with one of your clawed hands and you better be careful not to slash it the fuck open!!!”

Kurama did what she was told and rubbed one of her own boobs with her free hand as she laid there getting fucked purring happily like a kitten form it all.

Meanwhile in her lab Mobius was naked running some test under a scope watching DNA change and she smirked, “perfect did it!!”

she then pulled out a phone and called it and said, “Hi Lala I did it!! I made that potion based on the Canyon zebra tribe on my home planet. The scope test show it repairs damaged tissue but my date shows girls will stay girls and males would be come trans girls like me keeping there male equipment or regrowing it if the bastard was unlucky!! It can’t fix a spine that would need to be replaced like the one I have!!”

She then nodded and listened, “yes I know it should be easy to find a test subject of both male and female gender because of the limb regrow power!!.... yes I have a boner over it!! But I’m naked anyway!!!... yes it would be zebra it was the only large enough genetic pool to get the samples form… Ok then I’ll look up for some test subjects.” She then hung up.

unknown to her a snake was watching her smirking as it slivered over to one of the four test tube full of the stuff grabbed one and went off on it by time she noticed Mobius had grabbed a laser pistol form her home planet and taken aim at the snake, “DIE!!”

The snake laughed and said, “that won’t kill Orochimaru!!” it said as it slivered away with the tube in it’s coils.

Mobius blinked and said, “Going to need to reported that..” she then pulled out the phone.

Meanwhile elsewhere the snake was drinking the tube in an ally way and in a moment it changed to a male to female anthro Zebra with b cups breats almost flat hips a but a very round firm ass she rubbed her body and her eight inch erection as she looked in a poodle to see her snake like eyes remained and her white hair was long and flowing she spotted a red dress hanging on a line and grabbed it putting it on to cover her body.

She then walked out picking up a pair of sunglass she found laying around and put them on, “Orochimaru is back bitches!!”

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

The next day.

Twilight was speaking to Mobius and the other elements and Gid’s force through holo screens and she said, “Orochimaru was a mad man, obsessed with immortality!!” she said trying to sound calm as she adjusted her bikini armor outfit top and sighed, “He turned himself into a snake puppet parasite that can live for only a week with out a house and sucks the life out of the host, killing them in three years. In the final battel that Cosmos interrupted, he was edo tensioned back to life!!”

She saw a solider raising a hand, “that is a dark magic ritual used to raise someone back to life in a copy of there original self at the cost of a life as an undead endless charged undead servant to the summoner! Now he apparently had a back up plan and turned himself back into a snake that Stole Mobius body regrowing potion we are looking for a zebra transwomen it shouldn’t be to hard after all we haven’t had an official test!!”

Fluttershy laughed as Honey held up a picture of a whole town that woke up as Zebra transwomen and zebra ladies and she said, “Not really the mad man remake it and empty it on this small village!! Most of the people who lost limps are happy but it makes hiding way to easy n ow!!”

Rarity sighed, “fuck someone is using one of my honey’s work for evil!! At least we know it works so gid gets his limp regrow potion he want for his armies but still!!

Celestia spoke up being the highest Rank one there she said, “Look just run ids worst case we have two ladies claiming to be the same person, giving us fifty fifty shot at finding The creepy snake bitch!!” She said blunt about it!!”

Everyone nodded, Rainbow dash put an arm around Hideyoshi and said, “me and Hideyoshi are the closet it’s just a few miles form the spa we are at!! We were checking out anyway so leave it to us!!”

Later on Hideyoshi was in a lady police outfit but instead of police it had a cleestia’s cutie mark Rainbow had the same outfit checking ideas, “thank you everyone the Deviluke soon to be solar empire will find the one behind this not that any of you seem to be upset about it form all the ass and tit grabbing I’m seeing the couples doing.”

they then came to a double in there system and spotted the red dressed sunglass wearing little chested lady and hideyoshi smirked, “Glasses off lady!!”

She then ran her glasses coming off revealing her snake like eyes and Rainbow flow off at high speed landing before her and trying to kick her, “Eat hoof to the face!!”

Orochimaru made hand sighs and vanished underground, making rainbow miss “HIDDEN MOLE!!” Rainbow looked around as orochimaru’s voice sound like it came from a mail box, “Foolish lady I can throw my voice I could be anywhere and you are not a digger granted you know my new face and I can’t hide in plain sight anymore but still nice job!!”

Hideyoshi showed up and pulled out a scanner and point it at the ground and she drew and x and backed up “Kick there!!”

rainbow smiled as she kicked the ground shattering it open revealing Orochimaru hiding wide eyed as Hideyoshi yelled, “TECHNOLOGY ASS!!”

Orochimaru panicked she couldn’t summon thanks to her different blood she lose her body modification In the change as well she planned on hiding for months to regroup and plan but now that was gone thanks to this worlds technology.

She panicked and used the hidden mole technic again falling into the sewer as she ran only for rainbow dash to follow and ran after her.

the Zebra looked panicked as she said, “Ok the strong smells should hide my scent but she is following me not enough room to spread her wings so she can’t fly!! But she is still faster and better use to hoofs then me!!” she said looking back to see Rainbow following quickly.

The former snake sannin bite her hand, “Twilight has all the summoning contracts form our home world for her and Hinata and now the nine tailed fox’s future children! So I can’t resign them!!” She sound worried as she thought it out.

She looked back and came to a split and made hand sighs making a clone so she could go both ways making Rainbow to leave a choice she looked and quickly went left she had a fifty fity chance of this being the right bitch but an equally bad chance of it being the wrong one!!

soon she captured and tackled her only to watch her turn to mud, Rainbow yelled, “DAM IT SHE GOT AWAY!!!”

Elsewhere Orochimaru was coming up in what appeared to be an empty building and panted removing her stained slime covered dressed leaving herself naked panting and strangely erect she held her thing and rubbed it she moaned she always thought better after cumming in this hormone load body.

She need to hide!! She couldn’t sneak on to a ship to planet fall out the Zebra would know she doesn’t belong from her lax of a pussy even if she covered her snake eyes, so that wasn’t a good idea!!”

Orochimaru groaned as she continued beating her meat thinking, She couldn’t return to a dead world like her home world, it was being rebuilt to be a colony planet for the empire they would find her, She couldn’t use a body snatching technic she tried already on some drunk guy before.. it failed her soul was anchored to this body more than her original.

She panted as she growled and bit her lip She was stuck stuck in a rock and a hard place as she groaned and came all over her hand and chest!

She panted and dust the cum off of her as she stood up to punch a wall, “I’m stuck naked and doomed a harder challenge then being home!!” that is when she heard clapping and turned to see a little robot.

The robot had a round body wheel for a leg and two thin three fingered hand arms a light glow on it as he said, “hello I sent this robot as this planet’s air holds chemicals I can’t breath, so I would like to beam you up for a talk!!”

Orochimaru nodded and soon found herself still naked in a room, a cold steam steel on cold steel floor shivering and she turned to see the one who brought her up.

He tall and green skinned covered in scales but looking human with point ears he was dressed in a black shirt black pants black boats black gloves with a black cap, he had black hair in a mohawk and a silver crown on his head, He looked at her with his solid black eyes and said, “I am Lizard!! King of the Greens in Gid’s war our home world was destroyed you are an enemy of it’s future so we are allies!!”

Orochimaru got up and dust her ass and tits off as she moved closer, “So what you want me to work for you?” she asked with sass.

Lizard then pulled her close and Orochimaru’s eyes widen at the feel of the three inches larger erection against hers. And Lizard said, “More then that we may live on a colony ship but I am still a king I could make you my queen you will be free to do what you want so long as we have sex and you mother my son!!”

Orochimaru smirked as she wrapped arms around his neck and said, “So little old me gets to be out of there reach able to do what the fuck I want!! I get sex and an hire!!! Fine I’ll be your queen but I control your son’s studies if I am having an hire he will be a genius!!” She then kissed him.

Lizard rubbed orochimaru’s ass and tail as he broke the kiss, “Agreed!”

Later on Orochimaru who was now in a black bikini something she seen all this race females wearing as she walked in and saw a blind ten year old look alike of lizard with Grey scales, “Are you grey?”

the blind boy said, “ yes who are you??” he asked confused as he got up he was dressed like his father.

Orochimaru could feel her new material instincts kicking in she looked at him his blank white sightless eyes an injuries prince hidden away to hide weakness and she happily walked over to him and said, “your father’s new wife Orochimaru your new mother!! Now come here Mommy’s first action is to heal your sight!!”

Grey blinked in confusion and said, “but that’s impossible..” he then woke up on a table and he looked at strange shapes before realizing it was his own hand he was seeing.

Orochimaru had an eye patch over her left eye and hand him a mirror to show his left dead eye replaced with her former left eye, “I gave you one of my working eyes!! You can now see thanks to mommy!!” She said happily.

In a moment the princess cried as Orochimaru smiled, “I’m a surgent so the transplant was easy the only hard part was removing my own eye!!” in a moment the little boy hugged her and cried, “Mommy!! Thank you!!”

Orochimaru smirked as she held him and petted his head and she smiled and said, “there there mommy is here!! Mommy is a genetic and surgical genius I’ll teach you all of it, but mommy doesn’t know robotics and I was told before you were blind in a lab you were very good at that! So mommy will teach you what she knows and you teach mommy what you know ok?”

Grey smiled and snuggled and said, “I promise mommy!!” he said happily Orochimaru smiled as she got down and nuzzled him, she would enjoy sex to satisfice her needs, she would figure out technology and combine it with her own work to make better monsters, she would have an hire to continue her research it was perfect for her!!


On top of a building Fluttershy was devilmare Bent over as Cutie honey who was wearing a two head spiked strap on grabbed her hips and trust into her demonic ass and pussy.

Devilmare moaned happily with a super creepy wide smirk and growled as she happily said, “In public you kinky bitch!!” she rubbed her currently demonic dark scaled penis with her dail happily while she used a hand to rub one of her tits.

Cutie honey smiled and kissed the back of her head, “why thank you!!! I thought I need to be more dominating now we’ll move along after you cum on the roof five times darling!!” she yelled as she trust and started pulling on her hair.

the Devilmare moaned happily and form the pain of the spikes moving in and out of her ass and pussy slashing it up and honey’s voice the devilish futa came all over the ground and happily said, “one more time then!!” she had hearts around her head as she felt her ass and pussy blood moving around inside of her holes on the spikes and strap on!

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

The next day Rainbow dash was only wearing a chastity belt that was assless over the naked Hideyoshi’s knee as he spanked her.

Rainbow dash groaned in pain and enjoy meant, “Darling harder I’m still enjoying this!!!! I need to be punished for letting the snake freak go!! Not have a master slave Rp big O jizz in a chastity belt!!!”

Hideyoshi was red and pulled out a wooden spoon and used it to hit Rainbow in the ass and she yelled in pain and she said, “that’s it!!! Keep doing that!!!”

Meanwhile Applejack had on a small wrist device with a d-dial screen showing cards as she walked with chomp talking into it as she said, “thanks for the D-dail bracer it’ll work well with chomp but Lala Really?”

Lala’s voice came form it, “ yep Rainbow put a chastity belt with a one week digital timer on to lock up her dick and pussy as punishment!!! I hear hideyoshi is confused as he isn’t a top by nature and even when he isn’t the one doing the work.”

Applejack bend over to pet chomp, “And With Orochimaru as an official Queen can’t touch her we just had to ride it out, Now I have missed my father’s funeral I want to meet my mom!! So keep Zoe and Oshizu busy for me!!

She then sat down at a table were her mother was sitting in a wheel chair, as she said, “Mom?” she cried.

Aki put a hand on her face, “I wish your father could be her but one drunk driver !!” she seemed said as she pulled out Spike’s hat and handed it to Applejack, “here he want you to have it!”

Applejack took off her own and put on the new one as she said, “Mom come with me we’ll go to the ship’s med bay and we can get you a new spine you can walk again!!” she said almost begging.

Aki smiled as she took her daughter formerly her son and smiled, “I would be honored to let you help me!!”

Later on, on the ship Aki was in med bay bed naked smiling as she moved her left leg, as Applejack walked in covering her eyes, “I got your cloths mom!!” she said handing her a bag.

Aki looked at them and said, “I kind of want a new outfit!! When your father died I promise to never love another man and as I go both ways sense I can walk I want to go dancing at a club.”

Applejack’s eye twitched while she looked away, “Mom are you naked right now asking me to take you to a girls only club to get you laid?” She said sounding panicked.

Aki smiled, “big time!!”

The element of honesty bent over and throw up as she held her stomach, “Oh gross!!”

Later on in a club Aki was in Applejack’s old hat a black tank top, jean short shorts and black copygirl boats dancing with a lady while Applejack sat down petting chomp as she drank water, “I don’t know what’s worst all the lady’s hitting on my mom or the fact I’m pretty sure she gave her bra to one!! And I picked this over a night with my girls.”

She then saw a bra form a stripper hand on her mom’s face and she turned green, “I don’t think I can ever enjoy strippers again!!” she then looked to her wrist caller and said, “text to zoe take down the stripper pole we have can’t enjoy strippers anymore as my mom just got on stage and start stripping.”

Her eyes widen as she she said, “Send Oshizu this text, remove the milfs gone wild videos form the house my mom is now one of the milf’s!!” her eyes widen She then petted chomp and said, “that is horrible!!”

Applejack looked away, “and it just became a single ladies stripper orgy up on the pole and my mom is the center of attention I’m out of here or I will never be able to get a boner again!!”

She then got out and left throwing up in a trash can and she panted, “No wonder dad was always so happy and silly he married a super whore!!! I mean she is professional!!” that is when she noticed a dark skinned lady with black hair and black eyes in a nurse uniform with a little girl that had her color, but looked like a mini Aki in a yellow dress.

Applejack looked at them as he said, “so what do you two want?”

the little girl who said, “did you use to be Max Taylor because if so I’m your little sister!”

the Anthro’s eyes widen as she said, “say what?”

the nurse, “I am nurse Rose me and your mom use to date and when you were young and away at camp we meet again and had a three way with them and we made Lily!!”

Applejack blinked and did a scan on her with her wrist watch and said, “Well checks out that does match my old dna enough.. so little sister because My dad had a three way with his wife and his wife’s ex-girlfriend!!” she then throw up again, “Sorry bad mental image she is in the club probably naked as hell by now!!”


Celestia was in her bikini armor outfit holding Celine as she walked with Gid as she said, “Now Gid We have a deal I don’t finish highschool for a week after that I’m taking your throne and Deviluke emperor because the solar empire!!”

Gid smiled and said, “It’s not that!! It’s not that creepy snake bitch with a dick or the greens making her there queen, it’s about how hot mother hood looks on you anthros!!”



Gid got up as he panted, his pants were wet, “your magic crush of my man stuff didn’t make me pee I repeat that is not pee!!”

Celestia’s face turned horrified as she covered Celine’s eyes.

Lala then ran out holding her wand as a sword and she yelled, “THAT’S IT IT’S COMING OFF!!!”


to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

Celestia was sitting down on her bed naked Lala equally naked in her lab. Lala’s arms were around her neck kissing her. The futa sun goddess had herh ands on her hips helping Lala move sending her futa rod in and out of her as there breast pressed against eachother happily moaning into there kiss till in a moment both came at once.

Lala then broke the kiss and happily showed her bed room eyes as she happily said, “Oh dam it why do you have to stretch us out so good!! It’s better than Eris make clones and gangbang us or Yami using her hair for tentacle hentai” She sound so happy.

them there was a knock on the door and Nana’s voice said, “We had reports of the Green around Zion Canyon on Planet fallout!!” she said sound happy, “They were collecting animal samples!!! I want to do that!!”

Lala and Celestia turned red as Celestia yelled,” WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO SEE ME WHEN MY FUTA DICK IS UP A HOLE AND HARD AS HELL!!!” She said clearly not liking the fact this keeps happening!”

On the other Side Nana’s eyes widen and she blinked before saying, “Do you need someone to lick your asshole while you fuck my big sister?”

Lala’s voice then yelled out, “GO THE FUCK AWAY YOU SICK LITTLE BITCH!!!” she was clearly angry.

A little while later Celestia was in a grey house robe that had holes for her wings she adjust the strap to keep it closed as she went down stairs to her family’s living room Mikan came down.

the younger sister sighed as she said, “I never knew when I hit puberty I would end up being jealous of my big brothers curves!!”

Celestia rolled her eyes as she sat down on a couch, “How do you think I feel? Ten perverts a day try to grab my tits and or my futa dick!!! I’m pretty sure one was dad in a clown mask!! Pretty sure I hope to the heavens above I am wrong though!!!” her eyes widen and shivering at the idea.

At that point Celine crawled in holding a clown mask and hand it to Celestia and Celestia’s eyes widen, “IT was dad!..... Celine go away Mommy has to go get grandma to help her peel grandpa’s dick like a banana!!”

Mikan bent over and throw up in a trash can sick to the stomach, “Oh fuck!!!”

Celestia got up and walked off passing Nana, “Just go get another anthro I have to go beat the shit out of my dad for trying to grab my tits!!” Nana bent over and throw up.

Later on Planet fallout.

Zecora was dressed in a loincloth shell top using a four point spear to slash at large mantis killing them.

Nana was using her d-dail to abduct a few as she smiled, “yeah baby!!”

Mobius was shooting her laser pistol at them, “you are the only one enjoying this!!”

Rarity was screaming as she used magic to blast one off of her chest, “IT WAS ON MY TITS IT WAS ON MY TITS!!!”

Mobius shivered as she said, “yeah that’s nasty!!” she adjusted her glasses as she said, “But we’re done.”

Nana then saw a Gecko and ran after the bipedal monster it running form her as she yelled, “YOU WILL BE ONE OF MY PETS AND DO WHAT I SAW YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAST!!!!”

Rarity shivered as she check her pip-boy and said, “Calling Zion Canyon sentry I know one of you is at the dam radio so pick the hell up!!” she said.

A zebra then spoke up, “here at the ready to report in, we saw green men here looking at animals snipping off scale or hair or wings and going up into the metal air craft!!”

Zecora then spoke up, “Was there a zebra with a flat chest and no pussy?” she spoke trying to hear it.

the sentry, “She was covered so all I can say yes to is the flat chest!!”

Rarity nodded and said, “So they where collecting dna samples for the mad scientist chick with a dick queen of theres!!” she sound worried having lived here she knew how dangerous the monsters here were.

Meanwhile in space in a lab Orochimaru was smiling she had her bikini off leaving her naked form the heat in it as she looked in a dang at a small snake covered in spike that rolled into a ball and hit the glass making it warp a bit.

She smiled and said, “you are coming along nicely!!” she then turned to see Grey and smiled, “Oh Grey didn’t’ hear you come in!! I would say it’s embarrassing I’m naked but form what I hear your kind had your ladies walk around naked when at home and I am home!! And besides I’m transgender not like I have anything you haven’t seen before darling, so What can mommy do for you!!” she said honestly sounding like a caring mother.

Grey spoke as he said, “What are you doing mommy?”

Orochimaru smiled as she moved over to a Cobra that had bug wings that spread form the sides of it’s neck and it flow around it’s tank, “why simple honey!! Mommy is a mystic but my power came form my snake familiar they all died with my world so I’m simple making new ones and adding in some of the more dangerous alien beast parts to them spikes for rolling up and working like a wrecking ball, flying Spitting there venom and so forth!!”

She then walked to a tank holding a green clone of the boss snake it had small gecko like arms the right one having a scythe blade it’s scale looked like bug exoarmor plates, “this is my best one a clone of the boss snake with all his power bug wings arms, and an organic scythe blade when he is fully grow he will be the size of this ship and truly powerful, and once I add in that solar powered air making machine to put in his lungs and skin he’ll be able to fly in space and carry passengers in a compartment making him a living warship!!”

Grey got close and looked into the snake’s bug like eyes, “It’s creepy mommy!!” he grabbed orochimaru’s leg.

Orochimaru got down and hugged him and said, “ yes but there beauty in everything!! I find beauty in this things as they are stronger given life and coming into this universe craft by my hands!! To grow into powerfull weapons to keep me and you save!!”

Grey blinked and asked “ but what about dad?”

Orochimaru smiled, “Son he only want to wed me for my ability to make this things, I only wedding him because I heard it would give me a son someone to teach and carrier on my work! Your father doesn’t love me and I don’t love him, we are an alliance sealed in sex with wasn’t very good his horrible!! But I love you!!” she got close and hugged the boy and kissed his head.

Grey hugged back and snuggled Orochimaru happily said, “And trust me if I have to choice to leave I’m taking you with me son!! I may not have given you life like my pets but life gave me you making you all the more magical and beautiful.. Well that sounds a but weird but you get my meaning.”

Grey smiled and nuzzled, “I do I love you mom!!” Orochimaru nuzzled back like a protective mother horse as she happily said, “I love you too, now Mommy needs to go but her bikini on!! I am going to a planet to collect samples of it’s giant serpents, and it’s much to cool for any of you cold blood boys and girls!!” She smiled as she got up and held the child’s hand as they left.

Meanwhile on earth.

Saibai was tied up and gagged.

Luna was in her bikini armor holding a scythe with a crescent moon shaped blade and she sighed, “Oh daddy… under truth serum you admitted to being the clown who tried to grab Celestia your own foal’s tits!! You have three options you are only given options as you are family!!”

she sadly put it to his neck, “the lose of this head..” she then put it between it’s leg’s “this head!!”

Luna then pulled out a shot and said, “or be the test dummy for what ever Mobius put in this thing!! Think once for option one, twice for option two and three for option three!!”

he blinked three times and Luna gave him the shoot in the leg and said, “… Also the side affects list pissing bone needles.. good like with that!!”

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

Pinkie pie groaned as she came in Zastin’s ass and he came in Tenjoin’s pussy while kissing her.

Pinkie pie smiled as she pulled out and then sighed as she saw her lovers had passed out, She looked down to her boner and moved it inches form there face and started stroking with her left hand and fingering her pussy with her left hand as she moaned, “Got dam it!!! I’m so jizzing on you two’s faces!!”


Momo was on planet fall out collecting samples as she happily said, “ so perfect!!” She said as she saw a fly trap that was large and it spat seeds her way and she avoid and smiled, “So pretty!!! YOU WILL BE ONE OF MY HOUSE PLANTS!!”

Elsewhere in the Canyon Celestia was sitting on a throne being carried by the Zebra to an idea that looked like her.

The sun Alicorn blushed and said, “Not really comfortable with this kind of praise!!” She sound kind of embarrassed.

Ringo who was also on the planet was currently in a tribal top and loincloth giggling, “Come on they just want to praise there queen and queen mother!!” she smiled as she put her arms around tow zebra who were blushing.

Celestia stuck her tongue out, “bad mental image!!!! You realize I can still be hurt and scared both physically and mentally right!!?”


On the Devil planet. Devilmare was breathing fire at a horde of demons as she smiled as Cutie honey slashed through her own horde.

Cutie honey stood butt to butt with her girlfriend and smiled, “You always did know how to make date night fun honey!!”

Devilmare smirked and said, “you are honey I’m devil mare!!!” she then grabbed hold of a demon by the head and ripped it’s head off!!

Cutie honey slashed a demonic lady in half down the middle and she said, “But I feel like there is another reason we are here?”

the demonic element of kindness smirked and said, “Why simple We’re going ot murder the slum King who has Satan and Miki’s rebirth limbless and being used as Fuck toys for his dogs of wars, We kill Satan’s rebirth we use the limp regrowth potion on Miki we add her to the herd then we have a three way!! A simple double mother save the bitch form being used as one then fuck!!”

the super heroine smiled and she kissed her before saying, “I’ll handle slum king you handle the other two!!”

Later on honey was blocking a sword strike form Slum king before hitting her necklace and calling out, “Honey flash!!!” she then changed to a reporter and took a picture with the camera making it release mist that filled the room before she called out “HONEY FLASH!!!”

A moment later a lady on a motorbike ran over the Slum king before she touched her necklace and yelled out “Honey flash!!” changing back to cutie honey. And held her sword out as the Skinless form of Zennon came out from the slum King armor as she said, “You look a little short on body mass there!!”

Meanwhile in the dungeon,

Devilmare crushed Satan’s head in her hand and smirked, “bye bye bitch!! It’s futa’s like you that give the rest of us bad names!!!” She then turned to the arm and legless Miki covered in war hound spunk and picked her up and inject her with something.

A moment later her limbs regrow as she became an anthro zebra giving her normal measurements and hair style but in black.

She opened her bright eyes and looked to the one holding her even though it looked female she said, “Devil…. Man… returns.”

She then came in time to see cutie honey slash Zennon in half ending it!

Honey walked over to them and smiled as she cupped Miki’s face and said, “He saved you and after all you been through I’m sure you won’t reject!!”

Later on in a save

Cutie honey was naked in her normal form with her blonde hair flowing behind her back as she held Miki’s leg and rubbed grinded and slide her pussy against the zebra mare’s own Miki was moaning while rubbing one of her breast with her left hand, her right hand was on Fluttershy’s ass as she sucked the futa’s dick.

Fluttershy moaned cutely as she was no longer in demon form and grabbed honey’s face and kissed her as they soon all three came happily together.


Twilight was in a bath robe on a balcony on a tower on the of a space station looking at a massive planet sized one being built around an artificial star she smiled at it and said, “such a wonder.” She then opened her robe and pulled out a book marked make out tactic futa chronicles.

Twilight also pulled out a pen and began writing down something, “Ok now what me Kurama and Hinata just did is making it in!!! I can’t believe both me and Kurama’s dicks fit in Hinata’s pussy at once!!! Pervy saga your work won’t die with our world!”

She then looked up, “And T-city is coming along nicely it has to be a good capital Celestia’ crowning next week three days after her last day of highschool!!

to be continued.

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

weeks a lab Orohcimaru was Holding Grey as she ran to her living ship snake, “I’ve left doubles of us so they will think we died in your father’s made attack!!”

grey held on to her scared as they got in!!

Later on Devilmare came to what looked like the dead bodies of Grey and Orochimaru and pulled out a d-dialer “ Poor kid, yeah it’s over they are all dead thanks to the restored solider, sucks about the lose of life!! But it’s over!!”

Weeks later Celestia was adjusting her new gemmed grown showing she was an empress it was all she was wearing she rubbed her boobs and said, “Now one on one with my harem for the night”

Later on Yami was on her hands and knees Celestia grabbing her hips to trust into her ass The bio-weapon’s hair was morphed into tentecles rubbing and playing with Celestia’s boobs as multiple hair tentecles moved around inside of celestia’s ass and pusys.

celestia was groaning and going hard as Yami moaned as she gave her pussy a touch with a hair tentacle and came, Celestia followed soon and came then kissed her.

two hours later.

Celestia was down on her hands and legs, moaning as Lala was fingering her ass licking her pussy and rubbing her futa foot long horse cock!

the empress of the sun moaned and groaned form the triple stimulation and she bite her lip clearly trying to hold it as her tail wagged around happily moving over Lala’s lovely face as her wings flared, she couldn’t hold it any more her pussy came into Lala’s mouth as her dick shot a wet salty large load on the floor.

Lala smirked as she rolled her over and got on top of her sending the still hard erection in to her pussy as she grabbed Celestia’s boobs and moved her hips making her own breast shake.

celesta wrapped her tail around her waist and put her hands on Lala’s boob to rub them back as they moaned and groaned for the riding.

Lala moaned out happily, “Now this is a pony ride!” she sound so happy and cheerful like it was the best day of her life!!

Two hours later.

Celestia was down on her back holding her legs sucking her futa dick witch rest between her shaking boobs as Eris grabbed her ass and trust into her pussy.

Celestia closed her eyes happily enjoying getting fucked while sucking her own dick, it was something Pinkie pie told her to try and she was loving it, but she did open an eye just to enjoy the site of Eris tits shaking so freely with each of her trust.

She listened to Eries multiple happy animal sound like groans and moans, Celestia smiled while sucking her dick as she pictured herself Lala and Yami with baby versions of eris, and Yami and Lala with baby Celestia’s her vision of the future of her and her mates when she could finally breed!

And with that image she was close to cumming she just need one thing so she had her tail tickle Eri’s butt and used magic to give her left boob a twist making Eris groan out, “FUCK!!!” and cum inside of her.

And the feeling of the warm spunk flowing inside of her triggers Celestia to cum in her own mouth happily, she swallowed her own salty spicy load.

As they broke apart She bend over Eris so Eris was now sucking her own penis as celestia trust into her ass, “Now it’s your turn to get fucked while sucking your own dick!!!” she said happily

Two hours later.

Celestia used magic to put her passed out cum covered wives onto the bed while she took her own cum covered body into the shower to watch and she happily washed her boobs as she moaned, “I can’t wait to give Celine as much baby sisters and brothers as I can!! I am Queen the most beautiful women in the universe, have the most feared bioweapon and a goddess of chaos in my harem!! Plus solar goddess!!”

she then sat down looking at her own bone witch now rest between her boobs she thought back to day one, when she said she won’t titty fuck herself she had changed so much she grabbed her tits and moved them around using them to rub her dick as she groaned and moaned.

She moaned and groaned happily in the shower before Cumming all over her own face and tits the laods of cum was soon washed away by the hot water. She giggled at it looking at her own boner, “Still hard after six hours of sex!!”

Two hours later she was naked and dry still erect, “ Two hours of fucking myself plus six hours of sex I mean I’m going to need a bigger herd or harme simple to handle my sex drive!!! Well I have a lot of potential I’ll just fap till it goes away and thinks about it then go over my list of possible with my wives.”

to be continued

the new eight herds.

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)

Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)

Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora

Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)

Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)

Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)

Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

A few years later

celestia was sitting on a throne on the deck of a ship over looking a planet sized ring space station being built around and artificial star she herself had made and she smiled, “T-city will be done soon!!”

She looked around most of her guards were now anthro ponies like white furred stripeless showing Mobius anthro ponyfication potion had improved form just being zebra and as they all had wings it showed more as they were Pegasus but all looked female so still stuck with men becoming transwomen side effects.

she sighed all day when there was business she would be surrounded by eye candy hot mares and she couldn’t act on it , well she could but it would be unprofessional to ask her guards to fuck her when her wives were busy, plus sense she was now legally married to her girls it would be adultery unless they officially joined it, so hard temptation to resist … among other hard or semi hard things.

Celestia rolled her eyes and sighed as she looked to the guard to her left and said, “Yo E-cups how long till my city is done?”

the guard said, “Well it should be a year nothing of this scale has been built before!!”

Celestia nodded and got up as she said, “Ok then, Now Yomi is training the rookies, Eris is probably messing around Lala is inventing, So before I go off to bug my brides for sex to deal with this surrounded by foxy futa mares and normal mares all day thing anything thing important?” She asked wanting this to get a move on.

A guard a normal Deviluke one then ran in panicky saying , “We found a lab belonging to Orochimaru Empress!!”

the anthro sun goddess rolled her eyes and said, “three years and the bitch finally is found ok What the fuck did she do this time?” she asked as she walked, with the guard for the report gathering.


on and unknown planet in a ruined city

Orochimaru looked at her left arm now with a snake head and black dots tattoos she smiled as it came to life as a snake, “that witch’s power is now mine!!! She had nice plan but she want to use her own child as a weapon that is to far!!! Using children!! How digesting beside I think her powers look much better on me!!”

Grey who was beside his step mother smiled and said, “Everything looks better on you mommy!” he said happily and Orochimaru smiled and petted his head.

the mad scientist then said, “Cute for now but don’t go Oedipus on me I am your mother nothing more kay?” she said happily as the little alien boy seemed unchanged form the time.

Orochimaru then took his hand and said, “Now come on this City is dead let’s go to the witches lab collect this black blood stuff and add it to my snakes along with the weapon transformations this people had.”

Grey then coughed as he smiled and said, “ yes mommy!!”

Orochimaru’s point of view.

I sighed as Grey coughed, he had been coughing he had gotten sick and I couldn’t find a confirmation on what it was or how to treat it, well I knew how to cure it with the transformation potion that gave me my new body, But if I am going to change my son I’ll need to improve it to make it worthwhile a superior body.

…. When I collect the black blood I’ll spring it on him and have him help with the mods to his body when we are doing it if he says yes!! After all I need an heir and Grey is it!! It’ the hole reason I was in that pointless marriage to that loser.

Now then to the lab to the blood, I guess I smiled as I opened the lab and walked into it and grabbed the instructions for making black blood and smiled as I looked to Grey and said, “Grey What if mommy said she could make your sickness go away?”

Grey smiled and said, “you can mommy?”

I smiled happily as I got down and hugged him and said, “ yes but it would mean changing like mommy!! Becoming a transgirl, and all kinds of other mods!! I’ve gotten good at it I’ll give your new body what ever you want in it!!”

Grey smiled and happily said, ‘I want wings so I can fly!!” he said happily.

I smiled happily and flipped my hair going to be a fun day.

return to third person point of view.

Later on in the lab Grey was now dressed in a black Bikini now an anthro Zebra girl looking to be fifteen years old, bat wings on her back long flowing grey hair she flipped, her body was black fur with white stripes. She was sitting on a table happily rubbing her new d cup boobs.

Orochimaru smiled as she said, “I know your curious about them but please stop playing with them in front of mommy you know they are bigger.

Grey smiled as she hopped down shaking on her hooves for a moment before saying, “Sorry mommy but your still way prettier!!”

Orochimaru crossed her arms and said, “what did mommy say about Oedipus thoughts?” she sound firm.

the younger trans girl tapped her index fingers together and said, “that if I thought about mommy like that she would whoop me!!”

Orochimaru picked up a blue print in the lab and rolled it up and said, “yes now Mommy will let one time fly but I am not raising a sicko who wants to hump her mom so bend over it’s spanking time!!”

Grey was crying as she bend over against the table and said, “but I hate it mommy!!” she sounded super sad.

Orochimaru then spanked her making her cry as she said, “and that is such a relief for me!!”


the new eight were gathered at a council table as Celestia spoke, “Ok Orochimaru found What do we know and what do we do?”

Luna then said, “she probably has those lizard’s heir as her child and is mentoring him or she if gave him the potion to hide identity” she said tapping the desk.

Twilight sighed, “I can’t believe this three relaxing years two more till we can breed and this happens!! Looks let’s just go to this now dead world for our war and end this shit!!” she was clearly frustrated.

Rarity sighed and said, “yeah a world with a cartoonish smiling sun and moon that orbit it let’s go to that freak show!!” she said while applying make up in a compact, “I mean honestly who will miss that freakshow world.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and said, “anyone unlucky enough to have lived through it!!”

Rainbow dash nodded and said, “ yeah big time!!

Applejack adjust the tie in her shirt and said, “Look I’m all for going anywhere so I don’t have to hear my mom and her new wife fuck all night long over me and my girls bucking!!!.... it’s probably not a good thing that I can have sex while hearing that is it?”

Pinkie pie laughed and said, “probably but any how yeah let’s do this this story’s expansion pack won’t have much of a story other wise I mean it’s been a chapter with no sex how odd is that?”

Celestia rolled her eyes and said, “ok we’ll go we’ll handle this and move on!!”

To be continued

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita ( has no reason to return home)
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

In the now ruined streets of death the city.

Rainbow dash was walking around with hideyoshi, Hideyoshi was dressed in red party dress and Rainbow was red, “Gee can you not be sexy okama for a day hideyoshi!!”

In a moment they were talked by a purple haired cat girl who said, “Hi I’m Blair the cat your hot!!” Rainbow dash knocked her off and notice the cat girl’s clear tail boner under the skirt, “I get it you lived and now you have a dick and the new sex drive is to much”

Blair lift her skirt to show the eight inch penis above her pussy, “ when I lost one of my lives I came back like this and I can’t use my magic to make it go away. “

Rainbow smirked pervertedly and said, “Tell us what happened me and my crossdress boyfriend will handle that for you!! Trust me as a fellow futa I can tell you his mouth and ass is magical!!”

Blair quickly removed her cloths and said, “well it happened so fast flash of light snaked ruins everyone dead or in a coma I’m horny as hell and I heard something about a battle of the snake bitches.”

Rainbow dash undressed herself then ripped off hideyoshi’s under wear and bend him over and lift up his dress to trust into his butt and said, “Ok honey like promised suck that kitten’s dick!!”

hideyoshi happily start sucking as he reached back to rub his own thing as rainbow trust.

Blair just rubbed Hideyoshi’s head and rubbed one of her boobs purring happily form it.

our element of honesty blush and her wings flared out as she bend forward and kissed Blair out of reflex.

Elsewhere in the city.

Celestia was picking out a downed flat chest girl as Eris picked up what looked like a scythe trying to turn back into a person, “See it’s like the living weapons stuck and she is in a coma for some reason!!”

Celestia sighed as she said, “we’ll have to use the anthro potion that scythe has a completely human hand sticking out so we can inject it to return who ever it was to normal.”

Eris nodded.

Later on the ship.

Eris said, “the injection for the girl isn’t working Lala wants some of your blood, we also found out the scythe is her father form genetic work.”

Celestia nodded as she listened.

Yami walked in and said, “And the injection worked on the scythe transfemale zebra girl is awake name is spirit and mistook me for a spouse thanks to memory lose!!”

Celestia smiled and said, “Just go with it it means we get another wife to have fun with and a child then we go for it as that is the nicer thing then to tell her all she know is dead and gone!!” She nodded.

Later on in a hospital room.

the Zebra girl was naked showing off her wide hips round ass and she was rubbing her e-cup boobs as her long red hair was wildly on the bed.

the naked Celestia had left hip trusting in and out while the right hand rubbing the Zebra’s trans foot logn dick Celestia smiled as she saw her cum all over her own tits and released inside of her ass

spirit moaned happily as she whipped her tits clean of cum and gasped happily, “What did I do to earn wives this good to me?” she asked happily.

Celestia smiled and pulled out and kissed her, “pain gives us rewards trust me now I’m need else were you rest our little death scythe one of us will come to keep you company till in a bit!”

Later on Spirit was happily sucking on Eris’s thing Spirit grabbed her hips Eris moaned happily while she rubbed her boobs and used her tail to stroke Spirit’s transgender shaft and she moaned out, “oh dam it!!”

In a moment both came.

an hour later Lala was laying down on her back naked as spirit was behind her grabbing the princess hips and trusting in and out of her butt making Lala moan happily as Spirit grunted her boobs shaking with each trust till she said, “I’m sorry lala honey I’m about to blow.

Lala happily moaned before saying, “I just blow so fire in my ass!!” spirit then let out a low moan as she came.

A few hours later spirit was lyaing on her back Yami on top of her, Yomi moved her hips so spirits transgender dick was going in and out of her her womb as she rubbed the Zebra futa’s breasts.

spirit’s arms were held down by hair tentacles as she maoned happily like she was about to cum but she gasped.

Yami had a hair band wrapped around Spirit’s nuts and she smirked, “you don’t get to cum before me!!!” she said happily.


Celestia was dressed going over records, “Ok we understands how this magical world worked, now but the records show Orochimaru arrived this place was already in ruins!! Because something called a Kishin was released?”

Lala then came up and smiled, “And spirit’s daughter Maka is awake you won’t believe how she looks now!!”

The sun godess walked and gasped there on the table naked thanks to her cloths being ruined as maka she looked like a miniversion of Celestia but instead of a rainbow mane she had a dark firy one that flowed like the flames it mimicked.

she stretched before pulling a blanket up over herself before looking to Celestia and out of reflex she asked, “Mom were are my cloths!!?” she sound embraced, as she moved a hand down there to cover her sheave more then it already was.

Celestia blinked and though quickly, “ you had to have a life saving operation there wasn’t enough time for remove your cloths safely so they just ripped them off to save your life!!” she said it wasn’t a lie clearly her cloths were destroyed by the change.

Lala then said, “Don’t worry mommy lala with get you some cloths just tell Mother Celestia what you remember.” She then ran off.

The girl blinked , “I remember the name Maka but I like nightmare star better.”

Celestia sat down and smiled, “well then star what do you remember?”

she held her chin, “I had my scythe partner soul it was before my wings and horn came in and I was fighting the child of a witch said witch drove insane to try and make another insane god of viral insanity, but it failed so she freed the original then boom!! Now I’m here..” she said clearly having more then one mother and her change in specie not seeming odd to her. “… wait lord death he tried to stop the kishin his oldest son… wait mama spirit!!” she said worried.

celestia hugged her and said, “shhshshsh spirit is ok on bed rest as she needs time to get use to her body again but she’s fine. Now I need to go check on your mommy yami and your sister Celine will you be ok till mother Lala comes with some cloths for you?”

Star held the blanket to herself, “I’ll be fine just don’t have anypony but family come in!! This is embarrassing” she was red in the face.


To be continued

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala Spirit and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita and Blair the cat
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

Luna was flying over what looked like a sea of demon clowns firing off energy Blast form her horns as she pulled out a d-dialer and said, “Ok evil Clown demons everywhere!!!” she said as she fired beams at the balls of light they became as she added, “How are we on recovering girls?”

Miles away in a tent hospital.

Yuuko and Miharu where in nurse outfits trying to in check mash ups between humans and weapons with the Anthro potion to return them to normal but it wasn’t taking as Yuuko said, “As far as we know it only worked on Spirit thanks to status as a death city!! No other weapon is recovering through it!!”

Miharu then sighed as she added, “Not one!! We’ll check in with Mobius soon to see if she can figure it out!! Right now we are just waiting for extraction and pick up!! To move this to a more safe place!!

Back with Luna she sighed and said, “and we haven’t found another living death scythe either!!” She sound sad but seen screamed in horror as a demonic humanoid guillotine was wrapped around her and he laughed out, “I justin law shall cut off your head in the name of my lord the Kishin!!!”

Luna then growled as she made magic explode form around her knocking away the monster and making it turn into a red soul as she panted and held her heart in the air flapping her wings, “if he didn’t take time to talk that would have been the end of my life!!!”

Elsewhere on the planet.

Nightmare star formerly Maka was dressed in a copy of Celestia outfit to fit her down the streets of death city.

Beside her was spirit dressed in Black jeans high heel boats a green dress shirt with only the middle button, buttoned and a black jacket She turned into her scythe form with now was white with red strips and Maka grabbed it.

Spirit then said, “Now Remember honey you only have an hour before it’ll be your turn to watch your little sister Celine so let’s investigate this then get back!! It’s dangerous here!!”

that is when a shadow arm came at them and Maka span her mother’s scythe form blocking the arms as what looked like Death the kid with lines running along his mouth came out limping.

Death the kid smirked and said, “look a younger one of the replacements?” he said sounding insane.

Spirit then spoke up her voice being a lady’s Kid wont’ recognize it as she said, “Kid I am a Death scythe where is your father!!”

Death the kid smiled as he held his head with his left hand making the lines connect and said, “he died so I’m the new grim reaper!! The new god of death!!! And I only know of one death scythe who was a scythe you look similar but not the same!!” he said as he summoned is reaper jets and used them to charge up a black blast.

Nightmare star then said, “Kid you know my voice!!! It’s me Maka, well I go by nightmare star now!!”

Kid held out a hand making his attack freeze as he said, “So you aren’t being replaced but changed into a new form to survive the flood of madness In this world.. but I’m seeing only women!!”

spirit then turned her blade into her upper body, “sadly the change is for a one gender race so everyone looks female, but I was male before so I still have those parts, My little maka here need a blood transplant form her new mother Celestia so she became hermaphrodite with both”

Kid rubbed his chin and simply said, “that sounds like a lovely level of biologicaly symmetry you should be proud of Maka sorry Star.. Say any chance I can turn in patty and Liz to get them back?”

Spirit then returned to full anthro form and dust off her boob and said, “Kid first put the blast away!! Second the change thing isn’t working on noun death scythes”

Kid then point up making it fire up harmlessly and he said, “right sorry sorry!! Just gone mad form all the mess and finding out the Kishin is my big brother!! Then the witch’s daughter who used the now dead demon sword sucking my dick as she though I would kill her other wise was another eye opener!! Her name’s Crona She knows what she was doing … witch brings up a lot of horrible possibilities now that I think about it!!! Oh well a dick suck is a a dicksuck!!”

Star made a grossed out face as Spirt crossed her arms and said, “Star don’t go doing that you’re a herm your going to want to both do that and have it done to you when you’re hormones come in!!! I even hear it’s normal for Futa like you to self suck them!!”

Kid raised an eye brow and said, “ Kinky real Kinky!!! Would love to see it if you want to be watched Maka!!”

Maka screamed and fired off a fireball form her horn as she used to royal Canterlot speaking voice to yell out, “ PERVERT!!!!”

Kid jumped it and land summoning his skate board as he smiled, “are we a fiery little sun goddess I know as you have divine wave length like mine!!! Now take me to this space chicks with dicks trying to save my world so I can help we need to waken the demon weapons to handle the clones then find and kill my big brother!! Hold on I’ll go get Crona, She’s my bitch now for lax of a better term!! So hold on give me ten minutes to pull her out of hiding!! She is a scared shitless little bitch but I love the way her body makes mine feel!!” he then skated off

Star was red and hiding her face.

spirit patted her back and said, “ always the good looking ones that are freaks aren’t they honey?”

Star was hiding her face saying,” No no!!! It’s not like that!!!”

Spirit then sniffed her, “you having a hormonal race I get when I look at your other mothers so yes it is!! So while we wait for him to get back Time for mommy spirit to give you a play book!!”

the young Alicorn anthro then yelled out, “NO!!!”

elsewhere in a lab hidden base.

Grey was naked In front of the mirror turning around and smiling as she looked at the space between her ass and balls witch had a pussy, “ my balls are on the outside unlike those other herms but still got both thank you mommy!! This body is perfect!!” she said happily.

She then turned around and laid down on the bed and rubbed her left breast with her left hand as her right hand rubbed her Futanari dick witch was hard and nine inches long and she moaned happily at it.

outside Orochimaru put and ear and blushed as she walked off, “I’ll leave my daughter to enjoy her new body but right now this world is a mess I can’t run anymore I think it’s time to work out a deal with our solar goddess I work for her my daughter is safe!!! Should work.”

Later on, on top the remains of the Death weapon meister Academy.

Orochimaru was standing still as Celestia put a collar on Orochimaru’s neck, “there if you think of betrayal or harming anyone in my emperor this will explode killing you!!! And you won’t be paid for your work!!!”

Orochimaru smiled and said, “what ever so long as my child is safe and sound I’ll be good!! Now then take me to the lab let’s focus on saving the army this world had in training before going mad god hunting!!”


To be continued

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala Spirit and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita and Blair the cat
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin

Chapter Text

In the middle of a hospital Nightmare star was happily hugging a male to female trans Pegasus pony with white fur and mane snuggling her and her oddly sharp teeth, “soul your back!!”

soul was blushing as she said, “And you got hotter Maka !!”

Nightmare was red she clearly had an erection that was rubbing against soul’s, “well I’m a futa that’s kind of the point!! And it’s nightmare star” in a moment the two start kissing.

Spirit looked in and was about to brake it up but Celestia grabbed her and pulled her along, in Celestia’s left arm was Celine, “Nightmare star is a big girl, she is allowed to date beside that this hospital is a sea of hormone hook ups thanks to the weapons new bodies being so hormone driven thanks to the wake up call, I still can’t believe the missing part was need to free the noun death scythe was my sister Luna’s blood.”

Celine cuddled up into Celestia’s left boob and happily said, “ma ma!!” Celestia smiled and kissed her head, and said, “so I say let the hook ups happen I mean Devilmare is on the moon with Mazinger. For pack up and a fleet the Kishin is doomed. So just relax and let our daughter have her first time!!”

Spirit was crying and Lala walked up arms crossed and said, “ yeah let Nightmare star have her love story it would be like all of us stopping you form having sex!!”

Eris walked up arms crossed and said, “and we know how much you love sex spirit.”

Yami flipped her hair as she walked up, “big time!!”


In a room Patty and Liz were both now anthro Pegasus peach fur there normal blonde hair was the same but there tails had white high lights they were the same size and had the same bust now they where naked minus there hats, the looks on there faces were the only way to tell them apart.

they got down on there keens and start licking Death the kid’s eight inch boner.

A reaper shadow arm then pulled the flat chested naked crona to him, where he kissed the girl before whispering, “Now watch and no touching yourself!!”

Crona was shivering and red as she said, “I don’t know how to deal with this if I can’t touch myself!!”

Kid smirked as his shadow arms rubbed Patty and liz’s heads and he said, “that’s the point my dear this is a punishment for messing up my symmetrical paintings arrangement.”

Elsewhere back in the hospital.

soul was bend over on her hands and knees cumming on the ground as nightmare star who had her loincloth skirt and top off came in her ass and Nightmare star moaned happily and said, “that’s right cum for your princess!!”

soul moaned happily as she pulled out letting her turn and pull her partner in to a kiss and said, “you may be a princess but your c cups are still smaller then my ds!!” Soul then pinked her and trust into her pussy.

Star let out a happy moan form it as she grabbed her legs and bend over so her own penis was resting between her boobs and she could suck on the tip of her own as her tail wrapped around Soul’s, small red heart like marks appeared in her mane and tail as soul trusted, a making both there tits giggle!

Elsewhere on the planets Moons.

the Kishin was shirtless and armless panting as Devilmare was smirking holding his ripped off arm witch she quickly eat at horrifying speeds.

Asura the Kishin yelled making his arm regrow as he said, “Lady you are text book case of the power of madness!!”

Devilmare put her hands on her hips and said, “yeah but I’m good madness your bad madness!!”

the Kishin was about to counter but Devilmare said, “I am mad about slaying other monsters to keep people safe, you are mad about shattering people’s mind making them crazy clowns see the difference between our madnesses?”

the Kishin held his chin as he jumped to avoid Mazinger’s rocket punch as he said, “well madness is madness and we all have it but I see your point on what you do with it being the difference!!”

He also side stepped laser form the war fleet.

Devilmare then said, “Same thing applies to courage the lady who freed you was brave with is normal seen as a moral trait but she was very immoral. So like I said it’s not all black and white just how you use what you got!!”

The Kishin was soon hit by more laser as the fleet of war ships picked up firing speeds and got use to his own and as his body was ripped apart he said, “In another life we could have been the best of friends Mrs Devilmare!!”

In a moment only his soul was let and Devilmare flipped her hair and said, “nope I’ve had enough of I hate my maker so I will end the world types after Fucking Satan!!! I swear when I ripped that chick’s dick off and forced it down her throat making her choke to death was a fucking fun day!!”

Pinkie pie then Popped up and said, “and Pinkie pool says this is it unless some one ask for more or we get more hits again.

The end.

the new eight herds.
Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki of main earth) Yami, Lala Spirit and Eris
Luna ( formerly Akihsia Yoshi of baka earth) Yuuko Kinoshita , and Miharu Shimizu ( planet saved)
Twilight sparkle ( formerly Naruto or ninja earth ) Hinata and Kurama ( planet dying)
Rarity ( formerly courier of fallout earth ) Dr. Mobius and zecora
Fluttershy( formerly akira fudo the devilman of devil earth) cutie honey and Miki ( planet dying)
Rainbow dash ( formerly Ranma of martial arts world) Hideyoshi kinoshita and Blair the cat
Applejack ( formerly max taylor of main earth) zoe drake and Oshizu ( mission save parents)
Pinkie Pie (formerly Deadpool of the marvel universe) Zastin and Tenjoin