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To love Ru Elements.

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First person point of view.

I use to be named Rito Yuuki

I looked in the mirror I wasn’t human and I wasn’t completely male anymore. I could best describe myself as an Anthro version of princess Celestia form My little pony!!

Equine face female body with a figure like Lala’s but with E cup tits, white hair wings her flowing multicolor mane and tail hoof feet making me stand about seven and a half feet tall.

I was naked looking down at my crotch. I pussy was there dripping wet and above it a sheave for an equine dick with was now coming out I was getting turned on at my on reflection! I saw it white and shiny, smooth and at least a foot long and three inches wide.

I broke down crying I woke up like this!!! Lala didn’t make any strange invention and there was no way to explain how I used magic to slam and still lock the door I fell down pulling my knees up to my tits and crying, not the first time I’ve had Tits!! Not the first time I’ve been covered in fur!! Not the first time I’ve seen an alien!!! First time being a Futanari!!... I then looked down I was bend over enough that my dick was between my boobs!!


return to third person point of view.

Down stairs Lala was in her lab with Yami running test of a piece of Rito’s fur, “there has to be a logical reason him to wake up as a futanari anthro version of a cartoon magical princess…” She then blinked realizing what she said, “… What kind of idiot Am I? I mean fuck!!! It’s magic!!! Leave it at that! I mean what in the ass was I thinking!!” she said slapping her forehead.

Lala was like, “I mean got dam it!! Trying to explain magic with science What kind of dumbass would do that!!!”

Yami used her hair to make to large arms to cross while she drank tea and said, “Still need an answer as to why he is no longer my target!!” she said coldly as Lala Looked confused, “My was paid to end a human male named Rito, not a bipedal equine Futa!! Not my target anymore!!”

Lala put her hands on her hips, “Still my fiancé!!” She sound mad but Yami said, “Still the one I want to impregnant me… If that is still possible!!”

the alien princess blinked and said, “Well those are clearly internal on him… her…Going to need to ask for pronoun of choice.. but you know what I mean I can think of a lot of other pieces like that who are fertile so I see no logical reason why not!! But logic seems to be gone at this moment!!”

that is when a lady’s voice spoke up and said, “why yes and it’s paritally my fault.” They then turned to see a seven foot tall strange lady with a hide hourglass figure and double d breast.

her body was mostly covered in Fur brown for her body and right arm, light grey for head and next she had long flowing white hair red eyes with yellow sciera two mix matched horns on her head one bat wing and one blue bird wing.

her head hand had a bird like talon for a hand and the left arm looked like a lions paw made into an arm, the left leg was green lizard leg, the other was covered in light brown fur with a black hoof, she had a sea serpent like tail.

She was dressed in a white bikini top and a white lion cloth showing off her figure and how tone her body was despite her mix match parts she was hot. She flipped her head and said, “call me Eris” She then moved the left said of her hair behind her pony like ear.

Lala pulled out her wand and turned it to sword mode as Tami made let’s of mace end hair tentacles and as they said, “START TALKING LADY!!”

Eris rolled her eyes and said, “All things are real in some part of the multiverse like I’m sure you all are a show in someworld, I come form one were my little pony friendship is magic is real or it was like your comic My ex Cosmos want to end everything so it would be me and her and she almost did I was only able to save a few echos witch got send here along with me! As for the gender bending well that’s just how the physic mix, I mean I was discord back home now I’m Eris a transgender bomb shell, well transgender body wise mentally always been a bit of both”

Eris then lift her loincloth to show off a Kaine like Penis that lacked a knot and was about nine inches long making Lala and Yomi have a nose bleed and fall over.

the goddess of Chaos flipped her hair and smiled “ And now that that is out of the wave I’ll explain Those echos are currently merging with males to make new version of Luna Celestia and the elements as Cosmos is coming and she won’t stop till the multiverse is gone so I have no place to hide!! So it’s important we get to the plot of this porn with plot and head off into space to find the other Seven so we can unite and win, and maybe have a few naughty fun times along the way as the site we are on allows that!!”

Lala got up she was on the ground and said, “… one thing is wrong with that Rito didn’t want to be celestia and is depressed and possible suicidal form an unalterable change in body and soul and possible mind!!”

Eris then walked over to Lala and removed peke making Lala’s cloths vanish and the princess blushed as she covered and said, “She is a hermaphrodite or futanari, this sounds weird for me but stop and think logically. As a living thing with both parts there is a mix of hormones that can drive one crazy one mix of hormones screaming to breed the other to be breed while being trained mentally to think you can only have one or the other or be one of the other with no shades of grey!!”

Yami blinked as she rubbed her chin and said, “she makes a point!! Having both parts isn’t that odd in the universe but all of them had weird form the hormone imbalance factor in mentally just becoming one and being at war with your body and mind explains it!! The best way to bring balance is to satisfy the hormones!!” She then removed her dress to reveal a Black bra and panty set.

Eris smiled and hugged Lala making her blushed, “And She gets it!!”

Lala was red as she put it together, “I’m about to have sex with a transgender goddess, one of the universe most feared fighters and the magic pony futa princess sun goddess my fiancé turned into!!! My dad is going to have a nose freak out when he hears!!! Probably in a good way!!”

Eris then snapped her fingers making them appear in Rito’s room all naked and they moved ot her she looked confused.

Lala kissed her fiancé while rubbing her tits against hers as Eris went behind her and moved her forward making Celestia formerly rito land and her dick enter Lala’s pussy making Lala blus hand call out, “FUCK!! That’s big!!! .. I need a moment!!”

Eris then grabbed Celestia’s tail and in a moment trust into her new pussy popping her cherry just like Lala just had her’s popped!!

the former human males’ eyes widen and wings flared as she yelled, “YIP!!!”

Yami giggled cutely at it as she used her hands and a few hair hands to force Celestia in to licking her pussy while using hair hands to make Lala give her a rim job!!

Yami moaned as she had a hair hand rub one of Eri’s boobs and she gasped, “Soft tongue in the pink and the stink!!!!!” she sound strangely happier than normal witch probably spoke wonders for how much she was enjoying this she looked to two princess Shocked but happy faces and smiled, “And those cute face!! Half way there!!!!” she groaned as she said, “I’m the next bitch to get there cherry popped here!!!”

five hours later outside the room!

Momo was trying to pick Rito’s lock as she said, “Come on open up!! I want to see Rito as a pretty futanari goddess princess!!! I need to know measurement to adjust my harem plan into a herd plan!!” she grumbled while struggling.

Nana walked up blushing at the mental image of Rito as a furry and she said, “she’s an animal girl who can get me pregnant!! Feelings completely reversed!!” She then pulled out her D-dial and said, “Gil-chan I choice you!!!” she sounded happy as the boar animal came out and growled.

Nana was red as she point at the door and she point at the door, “ Gil-chun use headbutt!!!” the boar then screamed it’s name and charged hitting the door making it fall down to reveal.

Celestia Lala, Yami and Eris still naked.

Celestia was cumming inside of Yami’s ass as Yami was licking Lala’s pussy and Lala groaned as she came form it! While Eris head her head on the back of Celestia’s head making her suck her thing as she groaned and came in the new futa princess of the sun’s mouth!

Nana had a nose bleed!! And Momo touched her face and was red like her sister and yelled out, “WHY WEREN’T WE INVITED!!! ALL THE WORK I DO TO SET UP A HAREM FOR HER WHEN SHE WAS RITO AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET!!” She then covered her mouth as her eyes widen and the four ladies took notice of them and blushed.

In a moment Eris snapped her lion fingers making the door return as she said, “Heard of knocking!!” she sound mad.

there was a spitting sound as Celestia spoke with her new voice witch sound just like the real Celestia as she said, “You want to be in a relationship that involves your sister!!! Momo you are sick!!” she sound grossed out!!


Yami then coldly said form the other side of the door, “You two have a one hour head start!! Then I’m coming after you!!! AND I WILL SPAY YOU BOTH WITH A SPOON!!!”

The two twins then ran screaming, “THE GOLDEN DARKNESS IS GOING TO MURDER US!!!”

The next day a massive ship was waiting and everyone was dressed and Celestia was dressed in an outfit that was a golden metal bikini armor white lion cloth with golden sides, Golen high heel armor boats with would be ridiculous if she didn’t have hooves and the heel helped her stand , black over the knee stockings with a visible black garter belt golden wrist and bicep pants and a copy of the cartoon Celestia’s crown.

She was looking at herself in the ship’s metal using it as a mirror seeing how tone and fit she was as she said, “I think this is a bit much!!”

Zastin then walked up and said, “I think you look lovely Mistress bride!! Also Gid says he thinks this is hot!! … he is a naughty little man mistress!!”

Celestia turned red and point at him and said, “You will not call me mistress!! “ She sound embraced as she said, “But I do feel better able to accept being Celestia and a lady Just wish this whole infertile for five years thing Eris mentioned wasn’t a thing!!” She then though about Yami and Lala being pregnant with her foals while she was holding Celine and pregnant with Eris. “Also wish I could bring Celine I hope mom and dad don’t mind!!”

She then got on flow up the stairs into the ship and said, “on to this quest then an official marriage so I can take my throne as Empress Celestia Yuuki!!” she said happily.

to be continued.

the new eight herds lists

Celestia( formerly Rito Yuuki) Yami, Lala and Eris

Luna ( former self unknown) unknown.

Twilight sparkle ( former self unknown) unknown

Rarity ( former self unknown) unknown

Fluttershy( former self unknown) unknown

Rainbow dash ( former self unknown) Unknown

Applejack ( former self unknown) unknown

Pinkie Pie (former self unknown) Unknown