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This story begins in season 13, at the end of episode 6, right after Jack accidentally killed a guard, and Dean "took care of it."

Jack was clearly upset. He killed somebody. He killed somebody innocent. He was frustrated about the fact that he doesn't have full control over his powers, and worried something like this might happen again."Maybe you're right. Maybe I am just another monster." Jack said sadly and he meant it.

"No, you're not. - Dean spoke - I thought you were. But... Like Sam said... We have all done bad. We all have blood on our hands. So if you're a monster, we're all monsters." Dean sounded sure of what he was saying. He just needed to convince himself of that too.

Jack shook his head. He was angry with himself. "Every time I try to do something good, people get hurt."He looks at Sam with his watery blue eyes. "I thought I was getting better. But I'm not... I don't know what I am."

He clinches his fists as he looks down to the ground. "But I know I can't make the world a better place. Not like this." His eyes find Sam's again. "I can't do anything right. Not one thing."Then he looks around the room at them all - Sam, Dean, Cass. "I know that I will eventually hurt you. All of you. And... I can't... You're all I have."

All Jack could think about is wanting to learn more. More about himself, his powers, what he is. But there was no one around to give him any answers. Nobody to help him control his powers. Nobody like him.

He turns around, his shoulders clearly bearing an already big burden. He sets his hand on the wall as his turns his head around. "I... I'm sorry." Was all he let out before leaving in the direction of his room. He just wanted to lock himself somewhere and bury his head in his knees. Cass ran after him.

Nobody noticed a small sparkle of gold left smeared on the wall Jack touched. Sam looked a Dean with slight anger in his eyes, but said nothing. He knew exactly how Dean felt about Jack and the whole nephilim thing. He was grateful though for the things Dean said to Jack knowing well he didn't mean them. Not really.

"What?" Dean asks, frowning. Sam shakes his head and looks away, but Dean continues "Really? What?". He is impatient, but he knows why his brother is looking at him like that. He knows Sam didn't believe his words and that they are going into it again. Into the whole "Jack is an innocent/Jack is a monster" fight.

"I appreciate what you said to Jack, but you and I both know you still don't really mean that." Sam says looking straight into Dean's eyes. "So what if I don't? You saw what happened." Dean replied. Sam shook his head again and rolled his eyes "It was clearly an accident, Dean. He didn't mean to do that. You saw how bad he felt about it."

"He is dangerous. – Dean says with a sigh and Sam was about to interrupt him when Dean raised his hand – let me say this. He... I don't hate the kid, ok? And I am grateful he brought Cass back. But, Sam, he is just too dangerous with his powers and no freakin' idea how to use them, how to control them."

Sam gazes at Dean "What do you suggest we do? Lock him up and throw away the key?" he asks sarcastically. He thought Dean might say yes to this suggestion so he continued to speak, not giving Dean a chance to answer. "No. We need to help him get a hold of his abilities."

"And how do you suggest we do that? There is no lore on this, Sam. There never was another thing out there like Jack. And there certainly is no one around with that kind of power that can teach him." Dean rambles on, but Sam stopped listening. His focus was shifted from their conversation onto the wall and the gold sparkles on it.

When Dean spots Sam isn't listening to him and is looking back at where Jack was a few minutes ago, his heart starts pumping harder. He slowly turns around desperately hoping Jack isn't standing there and he didn't just hear the whole conversation. Whether Dean wanted to admit it or not, Jack scared him. He gulped before his eyes finally found what Sam was looking at, and a small sigh of relief came from his lips before his heart started pumping even harder and his eyes widen.

The sparkle detached itself from the wall as was now forming a rift in the middle of the bunker. It was the same one they saw and went through when Jack was born. All Dean could think about is that Jack did it. Jack opened another rift, and now they had a way to save their mother.

But then terror covers his eyes, and confusion crosses Sam's face as the rift flickers before them a few times and then starts changing colours. It goes from luminous gold, to firry red, to flowery violet, to deep ocean blue before finally settling down on the fresh cut grass green.

Both brothers exchange a confused looks as they turn their attention to the rift again. It flickers again a couple of times and slowly starts to shrink. The smaller it got the more flickers it gave out. Finally it was so small, it was a size of the fist, and was vibrating through the air sending green pulses everywhere. Brothers covered their eyes as the rift exploded into a green light.

The shock of seeing that rift come and go was nothing compared to what they saw when their vision cleared.

The man who stood in front of them was no other then another Sam Winchester.

The same facial features, same hair, same shoulders, same height. He was wearing brown boots, jeans, reddish flannel shirt and a brown jacket, the same clothes Sam had. And the look on his face was matching Sam's baffled expression. Dean could read him like a open book and see the man was clearly surprised by this whole thing as they were.

SSam* first looked around the bunker to see where he was, but quickly noticed two people standing in front of him. His face flinched for a second when he set his eyes on Dean, and all he wanted to do at that point was smile and hug his brother. But when his eyes met Sam's, confusion crossed his face. If that was really Sam, then the Dean before him could not possibly be his Dean.

SSam kept thinking and asking himself what it was that brought him here. All he ever wanted was to see and be with his brother again, and there Dean was, right in front of him, his wish fulfilled. And the cruel twist of fate made it so that this wasn't his brother. He sighs deeply but doesn't break his gaze into Dean.

After the first shock passed Dean quickly pulled his gun and aimed it at the new Sam. His Sam already took a defensive stand raising his hand to Dean, his face telling him to wait, to stop. He turns to SSam "Who... who are you?"

SSam shifts his sad gaze at his double and sighs deeply again "I am you. Another universe you. You two... – he looks back at Dean – you do know about multiple universes?"

Sam nods, but Dean doesn't move. He is still frowning at the new comer and holding his gun, pointing it at SSam's heart. "What are you going to do, Dean? Shoot me?" SSam asks, his voice shakes. Sam looks at Dean, his face making the same point. Dean finally breaks from his trance and asks his brother "What? How do you know he's alright? It might as well be Lucifer there and we have no way of knowing."

SSam's expression changes as bit as he is intrigued by the mention of Lucifer. The once fallen angel was something completely different in his world, but he might not be in this one. SSam has no idea why and how their lives differ from his, but he knows one thing for sure. This Sam is definitely not the same as he is. He could feel it.

"I am not Lucifer." He states. "You know him to be a bit of a narcissist, right? If I was him, I would have done something, give out a tell, right? And if I was really him, that would be pointless." SSam finishes pointing at Dean's gun. Sam looks back at Dean, nodding, thinking his look-a-like has a point.

But Dean wouldn't budge. He keeps his gun aimed at SSam as he shifts his weight to another leg, making a firm stand. "I am going to ask you some questions and you better answer truthfully, or else..." He says tilting his gun on a side for a moment. He points at the map table showing SSam to sit. SSam walks over to the table, takes a quick look at it and then sits down. Sam and Dean join him, sitting on the opposite side.

"Right – Dean starts – how is your world different than ours?" SSam smiles just a bit, as that reminded him of his Dean and replies "I wouldn't know. I don't know anything about you world." Sam smiles at this remark, but quickly drops it when he meets Dean's angry look. Sam takes point. "Let's start at the beginning."

"Born May 2nd 1983. Given demon blood when I was six months old. Mother died that night, Father became a hunter. Since you are in the Men of Letters bunker I think you know what demons and hunters are?" SSam spits out, and the boys nod.

"I went to Stanford, did you?" He asks and Sam nods again. This gave SSam confidence to hurry his story up. "Jess died, we went on to find J... dad. – Dean frowns as he catches SSam flinch when he corrected himself – We found him, he died, we killed Azazel..."

Sam continues for him "Then the Demon blood and Ruby and Lilith, right?" SSam nods.

"And Lucifer?"

SSam sighs sadly again. When Lucifer was released from the cage, everything changed for him. Some things for the better, but others... He found a family, a new family, and there was no room for his brother there.

Both Sam and Dean mistake that sigh for guilt of being the person who released Lucifer into the world. But that wasn't it. It was the realization that that was the turning point. SSam's life was completely turned around and he was sure that didn't happen here. Not like it did in his world. Because this Sam clearly fears Lucifer. This Sam still has his brother by his side. This Sam is and always was ... Human.

"I...I released Lucifer. He and Michael were starting the apocalypse when..." SSam studders. "What happened?" Sam asks, patience and comfort radiate from his eyes. "Gabriel. I don't know if you know, but the trickster..." SSam tries to avoid the point of the conversation. Not that he wants to lie to them, but he fears their reaction. But most of all he fears Dean's reaction. He can't tell him the truth.

"We know, move on. What did he do?" Dean commands and SSam gulps "He... he hid us. Cass... You know Castiel, right?" he asks and Dean rolls his hand telling him to move on. "Cass burned enochian sigils into our ribs, but they would find us eventually. So Gabriel hid us in a reality he created."

Dean frowns at him. It was clear to him that SSam was hiding something and he is going to find out what. "Why would Gabriel do that? Our Gabriel wanted us to play our parts, to say Yes to the douches and for the fight to happen." Dean said and Sam added correcting him "He... Gabriel wanted the fight over. He was sick of it."

SSam remained silent as Dean kept staring at him. "Well?" SSam looks up at Dean, knowing he expects an answer. But SSam couldn't bring himself to say it. His greatest fear was coming true and Dean would certainly condemn him if he ever knew. Even though his Dean turned out to be ok with it, SSam knew this Dean wouldn't be. He could see it in his eyes.

SSam flinched as footsteps were heard in the hallway. He quickly takes in a shallow breath as he feels something approaching. Sam and Dean mistake his reaction, thinking he was worried about who is coming, but SSam knew it was Cass. He could feel him. He just didn't want Cass to feel... see him.

Cass walks in the room looking around everywhere, even the ceiling before setting his eyes on the people sitting at the table. "I thought I felt Gabriel..." he cuts himself off as his eyes drift from one Sam to another. "What... What happened?"

SSam blinks and his shouldres relax in relief when the brothers turn to Cass. Dean has lowered his weapon by now, but is still holding it firm in hand. "Jack. – Dean explains – he opened another rift and this – he says pointing at SSam – came out."

SSam now gulps as Cass approaches him, his look filled with questions, his grace investigating him. Luckily for SSam, even though Cass had some doubts, it was clear he didn't know what SSam was. He could not sense it.

*There will be other people coming from the alternate world SSam is from. To avoid confusion, they will have a double initial in front of their name.