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Battle of Izuku

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A word used by many kids to describe Izuku Midoriya; quirkless. While everyone else in his kindergarten class started getting their quirks, nobody saw any signs of Deku showing quirks. Most people who knew him had come to the conclusion that Deku was quirkless. Most people. Not his mother, Inko Midoriya. She always saw signs of Deku having a quirk, ever since day one. Deku had this sort of ability where most people who saw him thought of him as absolutely adorable.

People would want to protect him, and keep him safe, even though most of them hardly knew him. Some kids even started to gain crushes on him as they got older. No matter how straight the boy, how gay the girl, they would fall head over heels for Deku. And after All Might gave him the One For All quirk, this attraction to Deku became even stronger for people. Though Deku doesn't know it, Inko knows. Inko always knew.


Izuku Midoriya had a cuteness quirk.




It was just a normal morning at the UA. The sun was shining, there were fallen cherry blossoms on the walkway to the school, and people were cooing at Deku as he walked past.


Completely normal.


At this point, Deku was used to people looking at him that way, whispering to each other while staring, turning into a red stuttering mess. He never knew why this happened, but there was nothing he could do. Almost everyone from class 1-A was in their homeroom, chatting amongst themselves and playing games on their phones.

The Dekusquad in particular, including Iida, Uraraka, Todoroki, and Tsuyu, were huddled around Uraraka's desk playing a game of truth or dare while they waited for Deku to show up. It was currently Todoroki's turn, and Uraraka was asking him the main question;

"Todoroki! Truth or Dare?" Uraraka grinned as she turned to him. Todoroki responded in a monotone voice, "Truth."


Uraraka smirked and asked in a singy-songy voice, "Who'se your cruush~ ?"


Todoroki looked down, completely unfazed. He then said quietly, "..As long as you don't tell anyone." To be completely honest, Iida, Uraraka, and Tsuyu all thought that Todoroki wouldn't come clean that quickly, but Uraraka nodded her head and agreed not to tell.

Todoroki leaned in close to Uraraka and cupped his hand around her ear. He then whispered softly to her, "I like Midoriya." Uraraka's eyes widened, and she pulled away and looked at him. "You have a crush on Deku too?!" Uraraka exploded, making everyone in the class turn towards them. Bakugo looked pissed. "WHAT!?" "I thought I was the only one..?"


The classroom erupted in shouting and people saying how they also liked Deku. Iida stood up and announced, "Okay, okay! Classmates, quiet down! Now, just raise your hands if you have a crush on Midoriya, please."

Everyone raised their hands without hesitation.

Iida looked around, and slowly raised his own.


"Midoriya," Iida started, only to be cut off by the door opening and a certain green haired boy standing in the doorway with a puzzled look on his face. "Uh,  w-what was that about me?" he stuttered out, not knowing how to feel that his classmates were talking about him.


"NOTHING!!" the whole class shouted in union, minus Todoroki, who was completely silent. It was deathly quiet. No one dared to speak as Deku made his way to his desk and sat down, blushing at all the eyes on him. Thankfully, it didn't last long as the bell rung shortly after and Mr. Aizawa sat up from his sleeping bag none of them noticed. He took his stand at the front of the class and began speaking.


"Hello, class. Today, you'll be learning about hostage situations." he announced, looking deadpan as usual. The class erupted into shouts of excitement, though they were quickly quieted by Mr. Aizawa's glare.

"We'll be going to one of our training cities about an hour away, so go get suited up and load the bus outside. We leave in 8 minutes, if you get left, oh well." everyone in the class shot up as soon as he finished talking, saying a quick "Yes sir!" in unison before going to get their respected hero costumes on. "Come on, hurry it up, we don't have all day." he said before leaving the classroom with his yellow sleeping bag.



It didn't take long for everyone to suit up, and within 6 minutes, everyone was on the bus. Everyone in the class seemed to have forgotten about what had happened that morning, as they were all chatting and laughing with each other. Though secretly, they were all a little jealous that Todoroki got to sit by Deku on the bus. Mainly because Deku has a habit of sleeping on bus rides sometimes. Speaking of, Deku was passed out on Todoroki's shoulder. Todoroki had put his arm around Deku's shoulders and pulled him closer, Deku nuzzling into his newfound heat source.


'I wish I could do this every day..'  Todoroki thought with a small smile.


'I wish that was me..'  everyone else thought dreamily.


They all had it bad. They all knew that. Since Deku was very oblivious, there was a small chance he would find out.