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French Food

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Kendou blinks twice before she and Tetsutetsu look at Monoma, Awase’s attention on the person talking to him. The blonde’s eyes are locked on Aoyama, he walking by with Ashido and Sero.


Tetsu moves to sit next to Kendou, “He’s staring at him,” he whispers to her, she shivering as she hugs herself.


“I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” she whispers back, the two jumping in shock as Monoma stands up. He straightens his uniform then walks towards Aoyama and the other two, Kendou and Tetsutetsu watching nervously.


“What’s going on,” Awase asks as he looks at his two classmates, soon looking to Monoma chatting with Aoyama. The shorter’s blushing softly, Kendou shivering again.


“I just got a bad chill,” she states, Tetsu mumbling a prayer as he touches his forehead then his chest then his shoulders. Awase blinks, “I’m so confused. Wait, haven’t those two gone out before?”




Aoyama cups his cheeks in his hands, “What should I wear? What should I do?!”


“I’m still shocked he asked you out,” Ashido comments as she searches through her classmate’s closet. She was there and witnessed Monoma asking Aoyama out on a date. She also noticed the way Kendou and Tetsutetsu reacted to it.


“I-it’s not the first time,” the French blonde states shyly, “he’s asked me out before, but not in front of other people like this.”


She huffs, “I don’t know where he plans on taking you so I don’t know what you should we-! My God,” she pulls out a sweatshirt, “this is cute! I had no idea you wore sweatshirts!”


Aoyama blushes softly, “I wear them after I make them sparkle a little, but I haven’t had the chance to recently.”


“Could you bedazzle one of my sweatshirts,” Ashido asks before someone opens the door to Aoyama’s room, Midoriya standing there.


“Monoma’s at the door. He and Kacchan are glaring at each other so please hurry and get dressed, Aoyama.”


Ashido, “How’s he dressed?”


Midoriya, “Casual. I think he’s taking you to the movies.”


Ashido grins, “Bedazzled sweatshirt it is!”




“Have him back before it gets too dark outside,” Bakugou states, Kirishima sighing. He looks at him, “Aoyama isn’t your kid.”


“Trust me,” Monoma puts his hand just above Aoyama’s ass, “he’s in good hands. I’ll treat him like a French cuisine.”


As the two walk away, Kirishima blinks with confusion.


“The hell does that mean,” he asks, Aoyama thinking the same thing.




“W-wait a second,” Aoyama pleas, Monoma’s hands on both sides of his head. The taller blonde huffs, “What?”


“My heart isn’t ready for this step in our relationship!”


Monoma blinks then sighs, moving his hands as he sits up. He lowers his eyelids halfway, “I’ve been ready for this for a while now,” he looks the shorter in his eyes, “don’t worry, I said I’d treat you like a French cuisine and I meant it. I’ll devour you slowly. Thank you for the meal,” he muses as he lifts Aoyama’s sweatshirt.


After they watched a movie, Monoma convinced Aoyama to come over to 1-B’s dorms and to his room.


“B-b-but-! Mm,” the shorter blonde whines then hums as the taller slowly trace the rim of his nipple with the tip of his tongue, teasing a bit more before gently biting. Monoma starts to nip and suck on the nipple, using his hand to play with the other. His finger traces the rim and pushes down on the nipple, pinching then gently tugging it. Aoyama can feel himself grow unbearably hard in his jeans, the noises leaving his mouth needy and begging. The taller blonde slowly trails kisses down the smaller blonde’s body until he gets to the button of the jeans. He eyes look a bit lower to see the bulge that formed, smiling softly before undoing in the pants. He takes them and the boxers off before his eyes bathe in the glory of Aoyama’s leaking dick.


“D-don’t stare,” the shorter whines, moving his hands to cover himself.


“No need to be shy,” Monoma huffs as he shooes the hands away, “I like to admire my food before I begin. So far, I’ve had a little appetizer.”


“Why is he talking like I’m a full course meal,” Aoyama questions mentally, humming a moan when Monoma gently kisses his tip. The taller blonde takes off his shirt before flipping the shorter over, raising his hips in the air. Aoyama panics, “Wait, wait, wah!”


“Now I’d like to try the side dish,” Monoma chines before teasingly rubbing his tongue against Aoyama’s twitching hole, the shorter burying his face in Monoma’s pillow as he cums. The taller blinks, “All I did was one little lick,” he sighs before easing his fingers in the wet channel, “I’m not quite finished with the side dish yet.”


Aoyama hugs the pillow tightly as he hides his face in it, his moans and whimpers muffled by cotton. Monoma spreads his middle and ring fingers apart and sticks his tongue in the hole, his free hand gripping the shorter blonde’s shaft. The taller gently kisses Aoyama’s ass crack as his hands move.


“Yuuga,” Monoma muses as he turns the shorter over, “I’m ready to-.”


Aoyama’s cheeks are flushed red, tears resting in the corners of his eyes. He’s drooling a little too.


“The chef deserves a five-star rating,” Monoma says as a smirk slowly stretches across his face, his lips soon touching Aoyama’s as he takes his fingers out and let’s go of the other’s shaft. As the two blondes kissed, Monoma takes off the rest of his clothing then puts a condom on and pushes his tip in. Aoyama groans as he feels himself get stretched, the taller gliding his tongue under the shorter's.


“Neito,” the shorter blonde whines, “you are stretching me.”


“I know, my love,” Monoma muses before kissing Aoyama’s ear, his thrusts slow and gentle. He kisses the other’s ear again, “I’m in no rush, Yuuga, I plan on savoring every little bit of the main course.”


“Neito,” Aoyama muses as he touches his stomach, “I can feel you inside me. You’re big...ah, you got bigger.”


“The chef deserves much more than five stars,” Monoma mumbles before his thrusts get rougher, his palms moving to the back of Aoyama’s thighs. It takes him a moment, but Monoma finds his rhythm. His breaths are combined with soft grunts as moans, Aoyama’s noises hummed.


“Ah,” the shorter blonde moans out, “w-what did you do?”


“Something good,” the taller muses before aiming his thrusts at Aoyama’s prostates.


“Oh! Ah! Nei-to,” the shorter blonde mewls as Monoma moves his hands to Aoyama’s hips as they kiss.


“Delicious,” the taller blonde coos, “are you close, Yuuga?”


O-oui (yes)! I’m-! Ah,” Aoyama runs his hands through his hair as thick streams of white left his slit, landing on his abdomen.


“Oui,” Monoma mentally questions, “Is that French for something? Ah...I’ll ask later.”


The taller blonde clenches his teeth and slams as deep as he could go, filling the rubber with his sperm. The two pant as Monoma pulls out and takes the condom off, tying it off then tossing it in his small waste can.




Aoyama sits up in the bed then looks to his naked sleeping partner, covering his face as his cheeks heat up. The two cuddled until they dozed off, Monoma’s arm still around his waist.

What they did last night was...Aoyama’s never felt that before. He was still confused as to why Monoma referred to him as a “French cuisine”.


“You know what my favorite kind of food is,” Monoma asks sleepily.


Aoyama looks at him, “French?”


“Not just French,” the taller blonde sits up, “you,” he muses before kissing the shorter’s cheek, Bakugou busting through the door.