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Campbell And The Actress

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‘I’m sorry,” Hannah Piper said to a devastated Brandon Duncan. “But I have to move on. Alone.” She sniffed.

“Aw, no, come on!” Campbell Bain shouted at the T.V.

He sat in his living room on his couch, anxiously, binge watching his favorite T.V show ‘Secret Journals of a Time Agent, a sci-fi drama about a Time Agent who travels through time correcting history and fighting her arch nemesis The Mistress.
Usually in the show the character got into trouble, made friends and fell in love. He had seen the series a million times and had every episode memorized.
Right now, he was on the season where she falls in love with Brandon, an 18th century school teacher. The episode ended with Hannah’s image disappearing just as she was about to say ‘I love you’ leaving Brandon alone.

Campbell groaned. He hated that part!

His cat, Fergus just yawned.

He made a face at the cat.

“Oh, hush,” Campbell lightly scolded the kitten, getting up. “That is quality acting. Definitely worth the extra streaming.” He nodded pointing at the T.V.

The grey and orange kitten just stretched unimpressed and hopped off the couch going to his water bowl.

Campbell shook his head muttering how pets just didn’t understand.

Campbell was definitely a fan. He started watching the show at St. Jude, mainly out of boredom and soon he was hooked, the plot, the adventure, the drama. Of course, the actress that played Hannah also caught his attention.
Rose Tyler, the actress with the prettiest hazel eyes he had ever seen. She was just beautiful but it was just a crush which his friends like to tease him about. But he was going to get the last laugh! The cast of ‘Secret Journals of a Time Agent' was coming to Comic-Con and he had tickets!

Okay, it wasn't exactly the one on one meeting he was hoping for but it was something, right? Besides he knew he didn't stand a chance with Rose Tyler.

It was getting late. Campbell had to be at the station. He yawned and clicked off the set taking one last glance of Rose's beautiful image on the magazine lying on the coffee table. He smiled slightly and clicked off the light and went to bed with Fergus following behind.


Meanwhile Rose Tyler stared out her hotel window, the lights shining, cars passing, people doing important things. She sighed. Life was happening out there and here she was bored and alone. Of course, this was the price of fame.

“You need to be getting some sleep,” Her manager, Peter said from his chair as he skimmed through his book. “You’ve got that magazine interview, tomorrow. You want to be ready.” She looked at him and scoffed.

“For what,” Rose replied. “It’ll just be the same questions.” She said getting up and sitting on the bed. “’What’s your favorite episode?’, ‘Who are you seeing?’,” Rose remarked bored. “Same old, same old.” She muttered.

He granted her a soft smile.

“I know it’s not easy,” Peter said. “Just be polite and fake a smile.” He said.

Rose groaned. “That’s all I do,” She said. “I haven’t had a genuine conversation in forever!” She sighed. “I can’t even remember the last time I was happy.” She added sadly.
She shook her head.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” Rose admitted. “The show’s not fun anymore, Matt’s becoming impossible to work with and the paparazzi is getting unbearable!” She huffed.

Peter just looked at her sympathetically. He came towards her and squeezed her hand.

“It’ll get better.” He assured her. “Get some sleep, yeah?” Peter said leaving.

After he was gone Rose laid on her side staring at a framed photo of her and her mum from when she was little. She looked so happy in that picture, her mother holding her up as she proudly held up a cheap pink stuffed bunny she had won at the carnival. Her and Jackie, just as it should be.

Now she was miles away and she missed home, she missed her friends, she missed everything.

Peter’s words echoed in her mind but they did little to comfort her. He always said that.

Rose sniffed then remembered that stars don’t cry they make films.

Tomorrow she would be interviewed and she would be polite and smile. Like she always did.

Rose sighed heavily and turned the lamp off and went into a dreamless sleep.