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French Affair

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It’s has been a fulfilled month for Casey Jones. First, April and he got engaged. Then, he had decided to move in with his girlfriend. For Casey, moving in with April was pushing even more in the commitment, than buying her a ring on QVC that he would be done paying in three months. Now he would have to share his living space with April and that means he will have to never forget to lower the toilet lid and hide very well his porn mags in the motorcycle one. He would have to jerk off in the shower, instead of on the sofa and eat all the bio vegetables on his plate and never smoke again.

But April was worth it.

The owner of the building was his uncle, so he hadn’t too many issues stopping the rent. He had asked Raph to help him to pack some boxes. He had not that many things to pack, some board games and some video games. His sport equipment, his clothes, and a few memories, but it would be less boring to do it with a pal. It wasn’t because he was stressed out by the idea of moving, oh no! But drinking some beer with Raph, while packing, will be more fun.

It would be like his last bachelor evening and he swore to himself it would be memorable. Boxes were only a reason to get wasted. April had told him couldn’t get a real bachelor party since it was a disgusting tradition.

Then, at his return from errands, he got his first bummer of the day. Just after he came back from errands where he had filled his bag with frozen chicken wings, french fries, cigarettes, a pack of 24 beers, and a new Jim Beam Bourbon bottle, April was waiting for him. For a moment, he got scared she would spoil his evening between buddy, by offering her help to pack with him. If she was there, there no way Raph and he could get wasted, while talking about all the morning sex Casey will have. But the Booze god was with him because it wasn’t the case. April reminded him she was the hostess for a baby shower and that it was the reason they didn’t see each other a lot in the last week. She had her hand's full preparing for the baby shower and the mother to be and six of her friends. She was only there to ‘reward’ Casey with her homemade ‘Sangria’ and she eagerly showed him the gallon already in Casey’s fridge. April explained to him she invented the recipe by mixing three of her favorite liquors. She made two gallons of the punch and, thinking that sangria was the best drink to have when moving in a hot day of spring, she had decided to give him the second gallon to drink with his friends.

Casey looked at the glass gallon with the elegant yellow label April made with a face, he hoped, expressed gratitude. She had called the drink ‘French Affair’ and he barely could restrain his mind to recall an old porn movie from the 80s, the first he had fapped to, having the same title. How in the world April had decided it would be a nice name for a punch at a baby shower he had no idea.

He politely asked what she had put in it, even, if he already could see many strawberries and slices of peach and some green stuff floating in the pink brewage. Unknown green stuff was scaring the shit out of him, even more in a sweet liquid and she explained with enthusiasm it was peach and strawberry macerating in sparkling rosé wine and peach schnapps for six days and that there ‘were also a few secret ingredients.’

“You have to guess which one! And if you are right, maybe I can reward you more,” she exclaimed with a wink and Casey’s imagination went into overdrive, picturing a wild April hiring a girl looking like her twin while the both of them would choke on his cock.

But this was the huge bummer. The fact was Casey hated girly drinks and it was easy to tell Raph did too. Each time they were going out, April forced down his throat a ‘sip’ of some pinkish alcohol. For Casey, it was simple. If it was pink, it wasn’t for a guy, but how the fuck he could tell April without looking like a macho caveman? But he was caught. He would have to drink it. Of course, April wouldn’t be there to see, if he really did but she would ask how it was and if Casey had guessed what were the secret ingredients. He couldn’t get out of it with an ‘it was good, but I really don’t know what you put in there.’ He would have to give her a satisfying answer close to the truth, only to not sleep on the couch for the next six months. That means he would have probably to at least take a full glass, then he would hopefully be having enough beer to get rid of the taste.

He took the kiss with more eagerness. April was tasting peach and strawberry too, but she broke it before he deepened it.

“See you tomorrow,” she said, waving her hand before leaving, and with a sigh of relief, he texted Raph.

‘It’s 5:00, man. Do your ninja trick and be there asap ’

Usually, his turtle friend was only going topside at night, but Casey was living in a shabby block from the Bronx where even cops weren’t patrolling after dinner time. And since Raph was only entering his apartment by the window to stay there all night, the risks were lower that he got seen and he had promised to be there before the wrestling at 7:00.

His uncle had asked Casey to do some clean-up for him to rent his apartment quickly and Casey passed the broom while humming a song.

He wasn’t nervous to go live with his girlfriend.

He heard a tap on the window and then, he got the second bummer of the day when he saw the serious face with a blue bandana. Leonardo.

He barely restrained the disappointed to show in his face. How this day could get any better?

“Hey, Leo buddy! What’s up?” he said and he sneered seeing Raph’s pissed off face behind the leader. Raph could laugh at Casey, telling April had him around her little finger, the fact was that Raphael was controlled by a bossier individual. His friend couldn’t make a step out without being watched by Mommy Leo. “Mikey and Donnie couldn’t come?”

“I’m fine,” Leo replied coldly. “I’m here to make sure packaging your belongings wouldn’t be an opportunity for Raph to drench himself in hard liquor.” At this, Raph rolled his eyes. “Donatello and Michelangelo are busy, one is doing upgrades on the shellraiser and the other one is doing his chores he had neglected to do this week.”

Casey cursed mentally, but with a sympathetic thought for poor Mikey. But at least Mikey was doing chores away from the stare of the slave driver. They would really have to pack now, without drinking and without talking sex. Why this overgrown mutant accepted to be babysat by his eldest, but smaller brother, he thought, glaring daggers to Raph.

“Don’t ask,” Raph spat bitterly, reading in Casey’s mind. “I told him I don't need a damn babysitter until I was blue in the face. I'd have better answers and less bullshit talking with my own goddamn ass!” he growled.

Leo uttered a tsk of disapproval.

“It’s pointless to be vulgar, Raphael,” he replied, his voice sharp as a razor blade. “We came armed,” he told Casey, handing out a tape dispenser. “Let’s start!”

The first forty minutes, Casey feel like filling and sealing boxes was his duty he needed to do it to save his life because he was watched by a foreman with a whip. Then, he was reminded he was at his place and he doesn't have to submit to Leonardo’s rule. They were not on a mission for fuck sake and Raph was enough a sub bitch for both of them he decided, after a glance toward Raphael, head lowered, muttering curses and sighing a lot, but still complying.

“I didn’t have dinner yet, what about you, guys?” he asked. This was his last night as a bachelor and he wanted to relax. Leo would not spoil it with his tight ass rules.

“We have,” Leo replied, but Raph retorted spitefully that they had left before dessert since Leo was in a hurry to get there. Raphael has a sweet tooth and Casey guessed it wasn't improving his mood.

Casey didn't have anything looking like a dessert. His cupboard was empty because he was moving, but suddenly he remembered April’s punch. Leo’s face was flushed and he wondered, if it was too hot, or Leo was actually tired of bossing them around. He supposed it was the first option. Maybe the drink would do some good to the leader and make him mellow.

“April made a sangria,” Casey said. “It’s a very sweet drink and she made it herself with fresh, bio fruits,” he explained earnestly. “I’m not a fan of this kind of drink, but if one of you can tell me what they think about it, it would save my life. April told me I had to guess what was the secret ingredients!” he explained now mournfully. “The only thing I know is that there is peach and strawberries.”

At this, Leo looked up.

“Is there alcohol in it?”Leonardo asked suspiciously.

Casey knew better than lying to the leader. He only bent the truth.

“It was the drink she made for a baby shower. She probably used dealcoholized wine. If you prefer to not take a chance, just eat the fruits.”

Oddly, when he wasn’t expecting having convinced the leader, Leo stood up, nodding to Raph to signify him his agreement and with glee, Casey opened the fridge, pressing the tap from the glass gallon. Leonardo had fancy taste and was knowledgeable in herbal. Maybe if he was lucky, Leo could help him to find out about an ingredient. He wondered how April would reward him while filling two full glasses.

“I will only take the fruits if it is not a bother,” Leo refused and Casey had no choice, bother, or not to comply. He filled a full bowl with all the soaked peach and strawberries of the gallon, adding some green, soft, unknown stuff on it, hoping Leo would guess what it was.

“It’s basil,” Leo said at the second cautious bit he took. “I personally enjoy the mix of fruit and herbal. It gives an interesting and more complex flavor,” he declared and Casey promised to remember the exact word of Leo’s appreciation while he was opening a beer. He saw Raph glancing at it with longing, not having taken a second sip of April’s sickly punch but not daring to ask a beer while his glass was still full.

“Feel free to eat it all,” Casey said encouraging, hoping it would put Leo in a better mood and surprisingly, Leo was eating it with an eagerness he had never seen the leader have.

“Fearless’ weakness is strawberries,” Raph explained and he made a gesture with his finger and grinned, Casey offered him a beer can. Raph knew Leo. He trusted his friend if he was thinking the coast was clear.

“It has nothing to do with it,” Leo said, between two mouthfuls, now the bowl half-empty and his eyes were gleaming with satisfaction. Maybe the alcohol-soaked fruit would give him a pleasant enough buzz to let him and Raph do the fuck they want. “The strawberries are good because we are in the season. It would be a waste to not eat them.”

“Actually, all the drink tastes like strawberries. I’m positive it’s made of fresh strawberry juice. ” Casey declared. It was a white lie. He had no idea but guessed that since the strawberries were macerating for a week, all the drink must taste like the fruits. “Have some,” he said, pushing toward Leo his own glass he didn’t touch.

The leader took a sip and made an appreciative face.

“Not bad at all,” he commented. “Indeed, there is strawberry liquor in it, too.”

This arose Casey's interest.

“I would be happy if you could tell me all the ingredients in it. April dared me to do it and I don’t have such accurate taste buds as you do.”

“Did I hear a challenge?” Raph said, obviously baiting the leader after he took one long gulp from the drink. “I dare you Fearless! If you got all April’s drink recipe right, I will be your slave for a day. What do you think about that?” he asked, taking a long swing of beer.

Leo narrowed his eyes, his lip in a thin, serious line, weighting Raph’s challenge. He was turning languidly the glass now almost empty, with a dreamy expression and Casey was sure the leader would decline with a sly smirk stretched on his face.

“I accept your challenge,” he said slowly, after having emptied his glass in a second swing. “Give me another one,” he demanded Casey, sliding the glass on the counter, “I wasn’t aware it would be a contest when I first tasted it.”

Grinning, Casey gave him a second one, wondering if he would have the opportunity to see Leo drunk for once. It was unlikely to happen. Leonardo was too serious to not stop there after this glass and after all, it was a girl drink. At best, he would be tipsy.

They talked a bit about Casey’s moving and Raph was making fun about how April would breathe on Casey’s neck now. The man rolled his eyes at this, preferring to savor his beer than a retort to Raph that he got himself worse than a girlfriend at home, and one that he couldn’t fuck.

Leo was quiet, nodding, but Casey noticed he was sweating bullets.

“Are you too hot, dude? I can give you some water and open a window?”

Leo said he would have another glass instead.

“I love the name of it. ‘French affair’ it sounds so...erotic,” Leo murmured, his voice low and suave, completely uncharacteristic.

Casey and Raph burst in laughter, nudging each other about Leo having said the word ‘erotic’ and that he was drunk as a marine in Singapore.

Casey was too busy drinking himself to count Leo’s and Raph’s drink, but he guessed they had about four. Raph was tipsy to the point of making some dirty joke about April's ass and boobs or Leo being horny to the point of finding a drink name sexy. This made him roaring in laughter each time he was repeating the word.

After another glass, Leo required a sheet of paper and a pen, his face stoic but still blushed and Casey guessed it was either because of his prudish nature regretting the word erotic or the alcohol kicking him.

‘Sparkling sweet rosé Wine- 2 bottles
Ginger soda
Fresh Lemon Juice
White cranberry juice
Strawberry liquor
Peach Schnapp

Casey looked at the list with amazement.

“Are you sure?” he asked impressed by how accurate Leo could be in his answer. He probably wasn’t drunk, Casey realized to have such a neat handwriting and correct spelling to the word ‘Schnapp’.

“Well,” Leo answered, talking more slowly than usual. “I could be wrong for the sugar source. It could be agave syrup, or maple syrup, or honey. I’m not sure. Maybe I should take another one…” he said, reaching toward Raph’s glass, still there. The hothead pushed it toward the leader chuckling, obviously delighted to see his stern eldest brother chill for once.

Keenly, Casey snatched the paper out from Leo’s hand, excited the leader could be right and walked to the bathroom to take a piss. Even if Leo wasn’t right, all the ingredients seemed legit and so, April could be mad at him. He didn’t want to disturb April in the middle of her shower and only took a picture of the list to send it to his girlfriend. This is when he noticed he had got a text from Donatello two hours earlier.

‘Don’t let Leo drink a sip. He is on meds.’

Casey frowned with concern. He had never seen the brothers having to have meds, except painkillers in case of critical injuries. Leo and Raph were the toughest about it. They could lose a shitload of blood and still protest that they were fine. Leo didn’t look sick at all, but Casey remembered how flushed the leader was. Maybe he got a fever or something. But he hadn’t see Donnie’s text before and well, had let Leo drink three glass of a girly, pink drink.

He wondered if he should text Donatello a full three minutes, but decided against it. Leo didn’t look drunk. He would only pour down the sink the rest of April’s French Affair and Leo would stop drinking for good and they would be fine. They weren’t in the Gremlins movie for a few sips fuck up Leo.

He was about to step out of the bathroom when his phone rang and seeing it was April, he took the phone call. She was happy and excited, looking at herself having had a few cocktails and she told him he was right, except it was honey instead of sugar, like Leo had guessed.

Casey was actually impressed but even more glad to maybe get a sexy reward. April wasn't his most kinky girlfriend so far, but still, she may swallow.

“I used honey because it was also an aphrodisiac,” she giggled. “Like ginger, basil, and strawberries.” Casey looked at his phone like he had grown a head. What the fuck was an aphrodisiac doing at a baby shower?

“I didn’t use any honey, ginger, and basil in the other one. I was thinking your moving would be a great occasion to spice things up, what do you think?”

Casey smiled on the phone, turned on. He didn’t know April had that in her but he heard the music in the background, pretty loud for a baby shower. “What about I join you after or call you when I’m done? I will give you your reward! I love you!” she said before hanging up.

Casey didn’t believe in aphrodisiacs, but suddenly thinking about how much Leo drank of it and ate the alcohol-soaked fruits while he wasn’t even supposed drinking, he got a bad feeling. If Leo’s sickness grows worse, Don would be pissed and a pissed off Donnie was annoying as fuck. Besides, Raph would be mad too. He could bitch about Leo, he was fiercely protective of any family member, including the leader.

Feeling uneasy, he called Don. The genius answered to the third ring, probably busy under the car, grease to the elbow.

“Donatello speaking,” he said absent mindlessly, probably more concerned about a gasket.

“What if he’s drunk?” Casey blurted out. “I mean Leo. What if he ate some macerated fruit and had a drink or two? It's not a hard drink! It’s only sangria! Would he be sick even if it was a light drink?”

“Sick?” Don repeated dreamily like he wasn’t sure what Casey was referring about. “Drunk?”

“You told me he was on meds!” Casey snapped. “And he can’t have alcohol because of that!” Which mind game Donnie was playing? “Are you fucking messing with me? Why did you tell me your bro is on meds if he is not sick!”

“Well, he isn’t medically sick, but heat inhibitor could be called meds,” Don retorted sudden his voice as sharp as Leo’s blade and Casey froze.

“What...what did you say?”

“You understood me well. When he is on heat, it’s so bad, that he needs to be on inhibitor. Alcohol harms the effectiveness of the treatment. I told him to not go out,” Don added, a hint of something hard to define in his tone. “If you want advice, prevent him from drinking now on. And sit between him and Raph. Leo could be very determined when he is into it. He would do all the lowest trick a scum won’t ever dare to do to succeed! ”Don snapped. “Don’t let Raph alone with him!”

Casey hung up, with a very, very bad feeling. Leo had drunk much that he had admitted and well, he was probably still drinking while Casey was speaking on the phone. Then, April had told him having pimped her sangria with some kinky ingredients when according to Donatello Leo was on heat.

How the fuck did they have heat, to begin with? In three years with them, he had never heard of that! Raph had never talked about it or even had looked to be affected by heat and Casey was seeing Raph almost every damn day. Maybe Don had wanted to mess with him. It could be. Yes, it was definitely a joke, he decided because Raphael looked absolutely unaware of Leo having the ‘heat’. He would not have been so pleased to hear Leo say ‘erotic’ if he knew. Or maybe being in heat had a second medical meaning that Casey didn’t know, not sexually related?

Please, let it be he was only being ignorant, he prayed. His imagination wasn’t big enough to imagine Leo horny, but, if a mutant slightly bigger than himself, armed with deadly weapon, determined as fuck was driven by his hormones in his living room, Casey was more eager to fight all the Purple Dragons. What if Leo will want to rape Raph and they will get in a huge fight? What if Leo wins? Will Casey have to see his two mutants friends going at it? What would he do? They were brothers! How could he see them after, having witnessed such sick shit!

An even more disturbing thought crept into him. What if Leo wouldn't be after Raph? What if Leo wanted to tap some human ass?

Fear, as he had never felt, made a cold out in his stomach. No, it couldn’t happen! He had only tape dispenser as a weapon for God Sake! All his equipment was packaged! He had to call back Donatello and tell this son of a bitch to fetch his bros. Leo and Raph were Don's mess to deal with. Casey had other shit to do, like finishing packaging and get ready to greet April to collect his reward.

A huge crashing noise distracted him from his thoughts and he stormed into the living room where Raph and Leo looked like they were wrestling on the ground.

It wasn't anything new, neither that Leo gets the upper hand, but something in the fight looked more vicious to Casey.

But when they saw Casey, they broke free.

“What happened?” the man asked with worry. Usually, Raph and Leo’s fights were entertaining to him, but this time it was making his insides twitch.

“This motherfucker just jumped me!” Raph shouted. “He dared to think I was drunk enough when he can't see straight himself!”

Casey looked back to Leo with concern. The features of the leader were smooth, but something was itching in his left eye and his shoulders were tense.

“Maybe you both should stop drinking,” Casey suggested, to make Leo stop drinking himself.

Raphael opened wide, horrified eyes.

“Are you siding with this prick?” Raphael asked with bewilderment. “My best bud is siding with my stick-in-the-ass bro! Fucking unbelievable!” he yelled, throwing his arms above his head with indignation.

“Language!” Leo said sternly, staring in the void, in a way making Casey uneasy.

“Shove your language lessons up your bossy bitch ass!” Raphael retorted belligerently.

Leo's flush turned darker and Casey’s panic mode button flashed with a red light.

“Can we stop talking ass, fuck and bitch, already?” he pleaded, probably looking sick. “We still have a few boxes to do. But if you prefer going home, I will understand!” he added, with what he hoped was a convincing smile.

Raphael narrowed his eyes, not believing what he just heard.

“What in the flying fuck, Case? Are you kicking me and Leo out of your place? I was thinking we were buddies, man!”

Leo was staying silent but Casey felt over-conscious to be studied very closely. Leo was looking like a damn jaguar ready to leap and Casey’s t-shirt was drenched in cold sweat. The leader looked like to have made a decision.

“I'm sorry, Casey. Just don't break Raphael's heart by refusing our help. We promise to be serious and efficient,” Leo said, apologizing.

How Leo looked sober confused Casey. What if Donnie had messed with him and he was there, trembling like a dumbass?

“Okay,” he said, his hand running down his face. “Let's go over it! But I need a drink.”

Casey took another beer, ignoring on purpose Raph's interested glance, and because it was better safe than sorry, he poured down April's sangria into the sink.

“Leo is right, you got enough and besides, you promised to be serious.”

Raphael muttered he had promised shit, and each of them filled and sealed a box until the leader spoke.

“Have you something stronger to drink, Casey? I can't get rid of the too sweet taste.”

At this, Casey could relate, but there was no fucking way he poured a glass to the leader. He had been scared enough.

“I'm sorry, Leo buddy. You get enough,” he told nervously.

Leo only blinked and his face didn't show any contrariety even if been told ‘no’ wasn't something the Fearless Leader was used to.

“You didn't tell me, Casey, if I had been right about the list,” he said in a smooth voice and Casey breathed better. Leo wasn't that terrifying.

“Oh yes, you had been right. It was just honey instead of sugar. You called it, man.”

There was no way Casey would explain why April chose honey. Even if he didn't believe in aphrodisiac, Leo could be hit by a placebo effect.

“Well, indeed, I'd been right,” Leo replied slowly, a coldness creeping in his voice. “You will get a night of hot sex, thanks to me. I hope April would never find out you didn't even taste the sangria she put so many efforts in it and pour it down the sink.”

Casey swallowed hard, while Raph was rolling on the ground, holding his ribs, laughing like crazy because Leo said the word 'sex’. The threats hit him full face and Casey couldn't believe Leo was ready to give such a low blow to have a drink. If April knows that, Casey would be in deep shit.

“It's fucking blackmail!” Casey spat. “What about male solidarity! Raph! Dude! Say something! Your bro is using a cheap shot on me!”

But Raph wasn't giving a damn, tears rolling on his green cheek, giggling like a five-year-old hearing the name of the new neighbors was Dick.

“Did you hear me you asshole?” Casey yelled to Raph. “I don't see what is funny! Now you are Leo's slave for a day. Good luck doing burpees until you pass out!”

“Let Raph out of it,” Leo told quietly. “Besides, I never had in mind this kind of slave service.”

“So tell me already the fuck that you want!” Casey snapped, losing it. “You're the damn party pooper usually. Why the fuck did you want to get wasted that much?”

Leo was staring at him so intensely that Casey gave in. The Fearless Leader was a nut even Raphael’s powerful jaws couldn't break. There’s no way he would win against him.

“Fuck you Leo!” he hissed, hating losing, but then he recalled having an ace up his sleeve. “Tell my girlfriend about it and I will tell your doctor that you mixed alcohol with your meds!”

The allusion to the meds was lost for Raph, still laughing his ass off but Leo's piercing eyes flipped up.

“What do you know about my meds?” he asked softly. “Are you referring to Donatello? Did you talk to him? What did he tell you?”

A deep red blush covered Casey's face. It wasn't a conversation he wanted to have with the leader.

“You know...your fever,” he trailed off.

He was saved from deepening his answer by Raph's loud snore.

The lucky bastard was sleeping, letting Casey deal alone with his weird sibling.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Leo replied idly, after a dissatisfied glance to Raphael. “But Donatello knew very well that if I was indeed feeling sick, I would follow his recommendations,” he said arrogantly. “I'm sure my drinking isn't Donatello’s main concern.”

Raphael’s snores were the only sound in Casey’s apartment for a full minute. Leo had just said he doesn’t give a damn about Casey snitching on him. Casey was sure it was bullshit, but he has to attack from another side.

“Why are you standing at the other side of the room,” Leo asked, but the ghost of a smile in his face hinted to Casey Leo knew perfectly the reason. “Bring back a blanket for Raph and a pillow and sit on the couch with me.”

Casey kicked his own ass mentally. He wasn’t a pussy! He could sit on the damn couch just fine! But he turned his back to go snatch his own blanket and returned in the living room, covering Raph’s drunk ass with it.

“Maybe you should really return home with Raph,” Casey said motioning with his chin towards the loud sleeping ninja. “It’s almost ten pm, you know. It’s soon curfew for Mikey and well, if you don’t want him to take the opportunity from your absence to eat a shitload of Doritos, you should return to the lair. Besides, Donnie could get worried.”

Casey was proud of himself and he couldn't help but take a victorious pose with a cocky smile. Leo now would return home, in a hurry to watch over Mikey and tuck him in bed before midnight with his teeth brushed. Leo was just the Ultimate Girlfriend, much more controlling than April who was leaving him be.

Leo stretched his limbs before flashing a smile.

“Are you sending me home alone with Raph?” the leader asked and the meaning of the word ‘alone’ weighted on Casey’s shoulder. It wasn’t possible that Leo was using Casey’s friendship with Raph, hinting that he could do something to Raph, his own damn brother for fuck's sake, as a level to stay and have a drink! It was insane! But by the sly smirk, the man understood it was in retaliation for him to have used Mikey and Donnie to manipulate him.

Donnie had expressly told him to not leave them alone, and a strange feeling of duty to protect Raphael took him.

“Just give Leo what he wants,” his brain told him. Raph bitches every fucking single day about Leo being a stubborn asshole. “Just yield, pour him a last drink and when he would be distracted, just call Donnie to come and fetch his troublesome siblings.”

“I would never have guessed you would step so low for booze,” Casey uttered, pouring a shooter glass of Tequila. The stronger the drink was, the faster Leo would be out of it.

The leader leaned his head on the back of the couch, his expression quite mysterious.

“It’s not for the alcohol,” he said with a sigh. “I just want to live a teenager evening for once...doing what the other guys do...just for once.”

Casey was stirred by Leo’s confession. It was a rare sight to see the mighty leader with vulnerability written on his face.

“In fact, Casey, I’m like you...tonight is your last day as a bachelor. After tomorrow, you will have to give account to April of where you were and what you did.”

Casey took a swing from his drink and wiped clean his mouth. He didn’t want to talk about that but Leo opening was something he had never witnessed.

“What’s the matter with you?” he asked. “You are not moving in with the Foot Princess? Are you?” he teased, only to lighten the atmosphere.

“There’s nothing going on with Karai and me. Why for Buddha’s sake people don’t believe me!” Leo growled angrily. “I have already enough of my brothers nagging me with that!”

“Maybe it the way she reacts when you are around. She is pissed like she had given you her panties and you wiped your ass with it!” Casey exclaimed, before shutting his mouth. Leo disliked too colorful vocabulary. He heard enough ‘language!’ addressed to Raph in the last years.

“This is not the way I would have described our relationship, but I guess I see what you mean,” Leo said, the flush returning to his cheeks. He darted his tongue into the shot glass, like he wanted to lick clean any remains. Leo's tongue was a surprisingly pretty pink color and the way it flicked out was like a neon sign flashing. Blushing at his turn, Casey poured a second glass that Leo pushed aside.

“Master Splinter wants me to take his place as Sensei. So, it’s the reverse from you. I don’t mind responsibilities, but it’s enlarging the gap between my brothers and me,” he explained with melancholia. “This kind of night would not be possible for me anymore. It’s my last, as a young man.”

Casey was too drunk and touched to point out that Leo wasn’t acting like that earlier. Leo had strange and sneaky ways sometimes to get what he wants, Casey thoughts without deepening the reflexion. This is why he was the leader.

“Wow, man! I’m so sorry! That sucks! What can I do for you?” Casey asked. He could relate so much to what Leonardo was feeling.

“Well, I was hoping we can know...a movie how people do... “French Affairs.”

The leader looked so ashamed, blushing like a maiden not able to say ‘porn’ but Casey couldn’t help but find him cute. All suspicion was erased from his drunk mind.

“Well, Raph would be pissed to miss out, but I guess he would understand,” Casey said.

He pushed in the DVD of his favorite movie “Tatiana”. It was probably the last time he could watch it in peace, he thought sadly. Leo was still drinking, but he muttered something about needing water and Casey complied, bringing him back a pitcher with icy water from the fridge.

“Here’s something to lower the sugar level in your bloodstream. I’m sorry, man. I should not have given you this liquid cotton candy shit,” Casey apologized. “You might have a stomach ache from all the fruits you ate. Or an allergy.”

Leo looked at him over the rim of his glass, an enigmatic gleam in his bright, grey eyes.

“I don’t mind fruits. In fact, I missed some,” he said in a low-pitch. “One or two cherries that I could pop in my mouth would have pleased me more.”

Suddenly, Casey felt the ambiance shift. Was it his imagination or had Leo made an innuendo? It wasn’t the Leo he knew. Another theory formed in his mind. Maybe all the brothers were pranking him. It could be. Or maybe it was only Donnie and Leo. Maybe Don was pissed because Casey had spilled beer on his wireless keyboard three days ago and didn’t find any better way to get back than scaring the shit out of him, by making him believe Leo could be physically interested in something else than Ninjutsu. Yes, it was a prank and it was the reason why Don sounded so odd. If it was a prank, honor required Casey to look unimpressed.

“What makes your motor run?” Casey asked, a little uncomfortable while the movie was starting. “I can skip to the chapter with the kink that turns you on more. I know Raph likes the one where the sister got gangbanged and got one cock in her pussy and another one up her ass!” he explained, his voice suddenly panting like he had run five miles while keeping his breath. But talking about pussy was normal talk and he comforted himself in it, describing details he remembered about this scene. “She is less pretty than Tatiana but hornier. Girls taking in up their ass are really horny. I guess I could bring April there if I made her drunk enough,” he explained eagerly.

Casey had already forgotten he was with the uptight Leonardo. In fact, he felt like he doesn’t know who he was with anymore.

“So, we can start there and skip the romance. Raph also wasn’t into it.”

“Oh. You watched so much porn with Raph, you know his fave moments,” Leo teased, crossing his long legs, like the girl in the damn Basic Instinct movie and Casey caught himself staring, before fully realizing what Leo was implying.

“I mean, we casually caught some scenes from it when it was late and there was nothing on TV,” Casey stammered. “Don’t think Raph and I beat up our monkey together! We’re not swinging that way,” he said a little too loud and he felt relieved to have told it. Whatever game Leo and Donnie were playing, he felt protected now, like he had waved garlic at the nose of a vampire.

Leo made a knowing smile like he was really thinking there was actually something going on between Raph and him, and he continued to deny fiercely.

“Whatever rocks your boat,” Leo said, looking chill like he had never seen him and for one moment he wondered if April didn't get pranked and got weed instead of basil. “You could choose worse, than my brother. Raphael is muscular, huge, and has stamina. Besides, he is passionate,” Leo said. “I'm sure he has a lot to give to a bed partner.”

Absentmindedly, Casey reached for his cigarette pack hidden under the cushion, too shocked to realize he was lighting a cigarette in front of the leader.

“Yeah,” he agreed, not knowing what he could answer to that. “He is know? Lacking boobs. Besides, Raph is on the pussy team.”

Leo stretched his hand out elegantly and astonished, Casey, handed him his pack.

“Have you ever noticed the erotic power of a cigarette,” he muttered dreamily, rolling it in his fingers, before putting it between his green lips. “It's a shame it stinks so much afterward when you kiss.”

Leo took a deep puff and released it, with ease the smoke making a circle and he had a lustful smile. Casey had a flash from an old, black and white movie when the femme fatale is luring the hero to his loss.

“But I guess any long object in a mouth would do it,” he murmured. “But tell me, when was the moment Raph told you he was heterosexual?”

Casey choked on his cigarette and crushed it, reaching for Leo’s water glass and drinking it in one, large gulp.

“He didn’t have to tell me,” Casey said, his voice still weak and hoarse. “I just know! Gays are just...not Raph.”

Leo put his fist on his chin, looking at him with impenetrable eyes and a dreamy smile.

“That is interesting,” Leo said and despite the smooth voice, Casey knew the leader was mocking him and he crushed the cigarette too after only two puffs. “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy,” Leo said like he was quoting something and Casey frowned, not getting what was the meaning of it. “I know for sure Raph is a virgin and so, doesn’t know himself at all. Thankfully, you know for him,” he sneered and even more uneasy, with a fake grin plastered on his face, Casey turned to watch the movie.

They watched it in silence for ten minutes, but Casey felt like it was a decade. The few times they watched porn, Casey didn't feel ashamed to get hard, even if Raph was there. It was only his best buddy and he knew that Raph too, was a male being turned on by naked girls moaning.

But it was an unrealistic feeling than be there at arms reach of Leo splayed out on the couch, watching a porn movie, while Raph was still snoring at their foot. It was maybe his imagination, but he felt a warmth pouring from Leo, the wave reaching him, raising all red flags. He could tell Leo was buzzing from unknown energy under his cool act, but he wasn’t sure what to do, since the leader was making any move and that he recalled Leo’s plea to have an average Joe evening. But Leo wasn’t a regular Joe for fuck sake, with his long, well-defined limbs and velvety eyes. Where the hell was Donnie and Mikey and how come they weren't here yet to free him?

Twice, he had kicked Raph’s shell on purpose, hoping the hothead would wake up, but Raph only mumbled something in his sleep about ‘kicking ass in the dojo’.

“Wow, this girl really knows how to give head,” Leo commented. “Have you already got so eager fellatio? I had. It was feeling great.”

This was something Casey didn’t want to know about. If he had been Raph, he would have asked questions, but survival instinct told him to get the shit away from Leo.

“I’m going take a piss,” Casey replied, flushed, his cellphone burning like a hot iron in his pants, like his only hope. He had to call Donnie pronto to get him to take Leo with him. It was 11:00 pm. The genius must be done with whatever he was doing in the garage. Casey didn’t care to look like an idiot if it was a prank. Even if Leo was staying still, not touching him or himself and wasn’t making crass jokes while watching a porn movie as Raph did, Leo had danger written all over him. Casey locked himself in the bathroom and he called the genius with trembling hands.

‘Donatello speaking’

“Where the fuck are you?”Casey whispered furiously that Donnie was playing indifferently. “Come already and fetch your bros!”

“You never asked me to come for them,” Don retorted matter-in-factly. “You only told me, Leo, this dick, hadn’t drunk that much and I assumed you would check over them. Did he mess around with Raph?” he asked sharply.

“Ok, he had drunk that much!” Casey yelled. Don looked like holding a grudge against Leo. Never had he heard the nerd one calling the leader a dick, but Casey didn't give a shit. Why he was friend with them, already? “He wasn't looking drunk and well, he still didn’t look drunk. Raphael is fine but there something about Leo…” Casey stopped himself. Why is he so edgy? He couldn’t even tell. Leo didn't do anything. “I’m not a damn babysitter!” he finally snapped, even if it wasn't expressing at all how he felt.

“When in heat, the dominant male releases pheromone to notify a potential partner their desire to mate,” Donnie explained like he was speaking in a biology class in middle school. “It’s quite fascinating if you can perceive it, but well, I always told April you were more animal than human…”

Donnie could mock him, insult him, Casey didn’t care if it's mean Don would come fetching Leo. He indeed felt like an animal being hunted. He didn't listen to Don, too aware of his surrounding, feeling watched like in a horror movie, where a stalker was waiting for a girl, hidden in the shadow.

“...Anyway, he usually quotes Sun Tzu when he is drunk and does it thrice before attacking,” Don explained dryly. “If he didn’t, Raph is alright.” Mikey snatched the phone, looking excited. “Did Raph passed out again?”

“Yeah,” Casey answered, not following where Mikey was leading with this question, and he sat on the toilet lid, confused. “But what the fuck is this Sun Tzu thing? How can I know?”

“Just give me my twenty bucks, D,” Mikey said happily, without listening. “Such a shame Raph get off the hook again. Leo would be extra-pissed! ”Mikey sneered “I guess you’re happy Donnie. Nothing better than a cock block to get a brutal, riled-up leader. But who knows, in his state, maybe he could unleash on someone else if Raph is game over,” the youngest sing-sang. “I hope you didn't plan to sit tomorrow, Case…”Mikey mocked. “Leo could get pretty rough when he is in the mood. I know that first hand…”

The two brothers started to argue on the phone, Don mad as fuck and Mikey giggling, calling Don a greedy ass and Casey was only staring at his phone. What the actual fuck? What was the relationship between those crazy motherfuckers? But more importantly, will they come to save him from Leo’s oppressing presence?

“We’re on our way,” Don hissed, taking back the phone. “Don’t move! Don't touch!” he spat so harshly that Casey looked again at his phone in amazement, forgetting his fear for a moment. He didn't know that Don could care so much for his safety and he felt stirred. Casey had always been convinced Donnie disliked him. Well, maybe he should change his opinion of the genius. Don would probably upgrade a level in his friendship if he could get there before Leo’s control snapped or something.

One of them hung-up and Casey stayed there, his mind racing. They would be there in about 25 minutes, he calculated. Maybe less since Don looked in a hurry, all of sudden to save him. In such a short time, nothing could happen and then, he would never stay alone with Leonardo again. He was safe!

He couldn’t lock himself in the bathroom. He would look like a sissy and besides, Leo was able to pick locks. So he returned to the living room. Leo was still there, his steel, shiny eyes staring at the screen, his legs making an inviting angle, lightened by the tv light in the dark room filled with boxes. the faint moans from the girls in the movie were covered by Raph’s snoring.

“Are you done whining to Donnie?” Leo asked, “I was bored. I tried to wake-up Raph, but I would have more of a chance with a brick.”

“I didn’t whine, I just told him you needed someone to help you walk Raph and you,” he lied, knowing very well the deep-red blush on his face must have given him away.

“You whined and you know that, because you’re afraid” Leo hissed. “You can smash all the Purple Dragons skulls, the fact is my cock is frightening you more. You’re actually afraid I can make you moan like Tatiana’s sister,” he added, a cruel, predatory smile on his lips. “A gentleman should not ask his lady something he didn’t even try himself on first hand. You don’t want April to get hurt, right?”

It was maybe Sun Tzu quote, he thought and panicked, Casey looked everywhere what he could use to defend himself.

“Do you wanna know how Tatiana’s sister felt when she was filled?” Leo whispered now standing up and taking two bold steps over Raph’s sleeping body. “This is your last night, Casey that you can try out a new experience. Next one will be prenatal classes,” he whispered seductively. “I can make you feel really good. You know me, I have stamina and techniques.” Leo's voice was dripping with lust, full of erotic promises.

Yes, Casey could picture what the leader meant. Leo must be a very intense and unforgiving bed partner. Curiosity flared in him and his eyes flickered onto Leo’s lower region. He could tell of the massive cock pulsating, hard in there. How it would feel to have it into him?

“This is the heat, this is not you,” Casey said, shivering hard at the picture his mind was making despite himself. He was determined not to let himself be tempted and he decided to climb at the idea that Leo would be mad when he would be out of his hormonal-driven state. Anything to keep a foot in reality and common sense. “Alcohol is messing with your inhibitor and Donnie said…”

“Donnie is jealous. He wants to keep my fat cock for himself,” Leo murmured, salacious and the words went straight to Casey’s groin. Dirty talk from Leo’s noble face was hot as fuck. “Each heat he tries to tame my libido by his meds. Heat in mutant turtles happens each month and last two or three days. He has in his lab a big calendar to keep track. He takes my temperature daily and when it's hit me, he chokes pills down my throat, to share me as least as possible. I can’t blame him. I’m very possessive too,” he said, with a smile. “He was already in a sour mood because of the keyboard incident. We got in a fight because he told me it would happen today and I refused to stay home and followed Raph here. Don can't stand my curiosity for Raph. He stayed sulking at home. End of the story,” he murmured, now so dangerously close. “I'm only curious, he should not have chastised me so harshly for mere curiosity, do you think so? Are you not curious sometimes to discover how to feel a new, foreign body's heat?”

Casey swallowed hard. Yes. He was. And what could be more new and foreign than the body of a male mutant turtle?

“Raph is out of order, but I can mess you even more than you did with Donnie’s keyboard this week. It would be retaliation for my lover stuff you broke. You will also be dripping, when I will be done with you…”Leonardo whispered, his lip brushing Casey's ear.

“You faked this story of Master Splinter and this shit about wanting to lead a normal life,” Casey stammered. Why in hell was it the only thing bothering him all of sudden he didn’t know. He should be troubled by other things, like Leo reaching for his hair, grabbing it in his fist.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak,” he smiled. “All warfare is based on deception,” he quoted, before ducking his head in Casey’s collarbone.

Casey had not a fucking idea of what the fuck it meant, but analyzing Fortune cookie sentences wasn’t what was filling his brain. Leo licked his way in Casey’s neck. His tongue was rough and hot and Casey’s knees buckled when Leo palmed his hardening cock.

“You’re hard,” Leo stated the obvious.

Then his phone rang, almost breaking the spell, but not quite.

“It’s April,” Casey said, looking at Leo with troubling eyes, confused as he had never been, torn between a call from his fiancée and a mutant stroking his dick through his sweatpants.

“Answer it,” Leo demanded and Casey’s brain was still too shocked to be actually hard for his best friend’s brother to try to resist. Leo raised up his shirt, pinching a nipple. “Answer it” he repeated, rolling the delicate bud between his large fingers.

“Hello” Casey choked.

April was drunk, too drunk to be at a baby shower and he was sure he was hearing a male voice somewhere in the background, but the hand groping his ass was much more concerning. Never had the hockey player been in such a twisted situation, but somewhere, they had passed the line from weird to insanely hot.

“Casey, are you disappointed because I lied to you? I swear, I didn’t know it was a bachelorette party! Casey?”

Leo’s hand went down his pants and he yelped, startled, when Leo’s finger brushed his hole at the same moment the leader snapped his jaw on his collarbone.

“You fucking bit me!” he yelled angrily, but he swallowed back his sentence while Leo’s left hand was busy fingering him and the right one jerking him off. How that felt so good?

“Are you with a woman?” April asked with jealousy. “Who bit you!”

“Raph picked up an alley cat,” he lied, while Leo was holding his neck between his teeth. It looked like a damn finishing move the turtle had before fucking the shit out of the victim. “ Raph fell asleep on the floor and the cat is going crazy.”

“He can have rabies. Don’t touch it,” April said but then the male voice was heard again.

“Who is the guy?” Casey asked, but he wasn’t even sounding jealous. He was only still making conversation to April, keeping her on the line as to not be swallowed by all of Leo and moan like a bitch. He couldn't do that. Not with Raph sleeping next to them on the floor. He would never let him live it down if he wakes up. Also, Donnie would be there maybe in like fifteen minutes and suddenly, he regretted immensely his call. First, they would get interrupted. Then, he didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire of a gay lover quarrel. He didn’t get all the extent of the relationship of the four brothers, except that it was looking like Raph was blissfully unaware that his ass had been targeted by Leo and that it had pissed off his other brother. But what about Mikey?

“Are you listening, Casey Jones?” April snapped. “Are you just drunk?”

Indeed, he hadn’t listened to who the guy was. but he knew that since Leo was already so far in the game, he would let himself go. It was his last night for this kind of experience.

He hung up and Leo disapproved.

“You didn’t even say goodbye to her. Besides, I didn’t tell you could do it. In bed like in a mission, I’m in charge…”

A cold liquid was poured on his ass and Casey realized that this jerk had come prepared. Go figure Leo was always ready to go, like a boy scout. Either it was to take down the Shredder or to push down a new sex partner.

“She couldn’t give you that,” Leo said. “I can make sex addicting,” he promised. “Why do you think Don wanted to keep my cock for himself? After tonight, you will keep calling me,” Leo boasted, but somewhat Casey knew it was true. There was something intoxicating with the way of just giving over your body, knowing you will be taken care of. “Just text me ‘French Affair’ and I will know what it means,” the leader blew at his ear. “We don’t want Donnie being jealous, do we?” he murmured teasingly.

Leo was now breaching him with two fingers still jerking him from one hand and when Leo hit something in him, Casey came without even trying to hold back with the loudest, least manly moan ever.

He was still surfing in the afterglow, that everything went downhill.

“Donnie! Shit!” Leo exclaimed in panic, very far off his usual stoic demeanor. He shoved Casey away while two shadows were leaning in the kitchen’s window. Pushed away without any strength left in his legs, because he was too jelly boned from the climax, his pants on his ankles, still leaking from lube, Casey tripped on Raph who woke up, mumbling.

“What the fuck happened? Did I miss something?” he mumbled and fast as lightning, Casey pulled up his pants, hoping the cum oozing from the front and the oozing from the back would not be apparent. To be extra sure, he stayed on the ground, grabbing the pillow he had given to Raph with the blanket. He enrolled it around his neck to hide the bite mark he probably has. “Are you watching Tatiana movie without me, Casey? And with Leo of all people?” Raph shouted, indignant. “What is so great about Fearless that you are kissing his ass now, too?”

Donnie was now entering the living room, long and slender, with the worst attempt at a neutral demeanor ever while Leo had an immaculate composure.

“You missed nothing, Raph. It was only a prank,” Donatello spoke in a chilling, detached voice. “I was mad at Casey about the beer he spilled on my keyboard. Mikey gave me an idea to avenge myself by messing with his mind. We meddled Leo into it to be sure Casey wasn’t suspicious. Leo drank more than he is used too and you know he can get carried away with alcohol.”

Mikey’s prank didn’t look like it was interesting Raph or maybe he was too drunk or feeling too hungover to care.

“Oh! It was for that Fearless was so damn insistent to stick up my ass,” Raph said, yawning. “All of the mystery is resolved. Let’s go back home,”

Both Leo and Donnie nodded tensely while Mikey was playing with his Nunchuck, idly.

“Sorry Casey for this joke,” he muttered. “No harm, right dude? We came as fast as we could when we realized you were scared. Leo can be scary when he is drunk and determined to make a prank succeed.”

Casey nodded, not even bothering to deny, pondering if it was true that it was only a prank. Leo had gone very far for a prank, to the point now Casey felt damn confused about his identity and his life goals. What he knew was that it wasn’t funny. For even a brief moment, when he had come, he had thought to postpone his moving until he knew more of where he was.

“Leo is a great actor when he wants to be,” Don added with a grin a little too forced. “and he was very determined to teach you a lesson to avenge me. Now, you know, just don’t mess with my belongings. Any sort of,” he said, narrowing his eyes to a slit. “Now, let’s get it over with these boxes that you move with April already.”

Leo wasn't paying attention to them, too busy to talk to Raph very casually about his alcohol excess, helping him to stand up, very far away from the lustful animal he had been with five minutes ago, not even giving a damn about Casey anymore.

He had been tricked.

Casey was staying there, sitting on the ground while the brothers were closing the last boxes spiteful, cursing himself to have believed Leo could have sex with his brothers and well, with him. Only from Raph’s innocence, he should have known it was false.

But then, Don bent over to seal a box and Casey saw it.

‘Leo was there.’

The three words were carved in the cartilage between the shell and Don’s ass. Leo must have carved it with a blade while Donne was bent in a situation very easy to guess. It was a brand, something he would have never dared to ask April and would have never done himself for someone else, but Leo and Donnie were at a level of fuckiness he never expected to reach. It was the craziest thing ever but it was the proof Casey’s pride needed to know that he hadn’t fallen for a prank.

Leo and Donnie were in a fuck-up sexual relationship where obviously both were possessive as hell and he wondered if each time Leo was in heat, they had this kind of foreplay. Leo would try to cheat, Don would try to prevent him to do without being really effective at it, and then, Leo would punish Don to have meddled in his sex life, or vice versa. What Casey was sure of is that it should lead to some violent angry-sex afterward.

He didn’t point it out, not wanting to call out Donnie’s obvious lie, waiting patiently they finished packing the boxes. He got his second sign when Leo was about to leave. Leonardo was taking his sweet time, at the behind for once when he was supposed to lead.

“Today, Leonardo!” Don spat. “I need to give you medicine at home for your incoming hangover!”

Casey could imagine what kind of medicine Don had in mind and probably Leo’s according to his smug smirk.

In a very ninja-like way, the leader dropped a yellow piece of paper on the floor, while crossing to the window and Casey waited a full five minutes before picking it up, in case one of the brothers returned. Like Donatello, this son of a bitch was frightening when he was jealous.

It was April’s sangria label. From a side, the neat handwriting spelled ‘French Affair’ and the other, Leo’s elegant one. ‘Call me’.

Casey closed his fist on it, a hot, buzzing feeling filling him. Tonight wouldn’t be his last night of experiments, he decided, folding the label in his wallet. It was only the beginning.

(Maybe to be continued)