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Revenge is sweet

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Harika was Blinded by rage, it filled her vision with red and she let out a roar of rage and agony. She didn’t even notice Remus trying to grab her as she followed Bellatrix who seemed not to have noticed as she tried to leave. Harika felt hot, burning so hot that it made her irrational. She couldn’t think, the only thing on her mind was revenge.


She stopped as the woman who killed her godfather stopped and started singing about how she killed Sirius Black. She stopped listening and her mind went to a curse she had made back in her second year and the potion veil in her robe pocket that would make that curse even worse. After all, that curse she made was worse than the Cruciatus Curse.


Bellatrix stopped her blabbing as Harika raised her wand and pointed it at Bellatrix. She chuckled thinking the child going to hex her or something but she missed the dark look in Harika's eyes and it would the worst mistake she ever made.


“maledictum sanguine cultros ferventibus et frigoribus!” Harika said making a zigzag, up and down movement and then a jab motion.


Bellatrix fell to the floor screaming bloody murder. It worse than any Crucio her lord had ever put her under. It felt like her blood was boiling from inside her and that knives made of ice were brutally cutting and peeling her skin off. Bellatrix half watch as Harika giggle and her eyes gleamed with dark amusement. Harika smirked at her with a look that promised that there was more to come.


Harika didn’t know long she had the woman under her spell but she broke it off and  ‘coercitio’ her to the floor. She remembered the last time she felt this way had been when she still had her ‘friend’ tom, who she had killed because she couldn’t have and she was going die anyway he was coming with her. Harika sat on Bellatrix stomach, locking her knees in just in case the Slag got loose. Harika took a veil fill with black substance out of her pocket and uncorked it.


“I’m gonna make you scream and scream until you can’t anymore,” Harika said as she grabbed Bellatrix’ hair and not only forced her to look at the girl but she also forced her mouth open.


Bellatrix watched unable to move as Harika poured half the veil into her mouth before forcing it to shut and doing quick wand movements to keep Bellatrix’ mouth shut and to keep her from breathing until she swallowed. Bellatrix swallowed the potion as it became hard to hold her breathe just as the potion hit her stomach she felt like she under that ‘maledictum sanguine cultros ferventibus et frigoribus’ again. Bellatrix screamed as her mind started going blank.


Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort hurried toward to screams of his most faithful but he stoped short as heard the words he never thought he would hear the girl-who-lived say.


“Scream! Scream! SCREAM! You little slag! Scream damn it! SCREAM!” Harika yelled wildly “SCREAM! You slag!”


Voldemort watched the Girl-Who-Live-to-be-a-pain place a veil filled black substance in her robe pocket and get off Bellatrix.


“Your no fun anymore,” Harika said wryly as Bellatrix stopped screaming


That day after long fight Voldemort took Bellatrix and left but he would be back to take the Ministry




maledictum sanguine cultros ferventibus et frigoribus- boiling hot blood and cold knives curse