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The hybrid and the Ninja

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Name: Mishiko Wakahisa

Age: 28

Species: human/elf

Hair color: dark purple

Hair length: about 2-3 inches past her waist

Eye color: darkish lavender

Bust size: 36E

Height: 5'7"

Tattoos/clan markings: has a variation of her clan marking on the right side of her face; the marking appears after the age of 18 after reaching maturity.

Piercings: 2 lip piercings, belly button piercing, Multiple ear piercings.

Relatives: Akio Wakahisa (younger brother), Hironori Wakahisa (Father), Kiyoko Wakahisa (mother, deceased), Sachiko Wakahisa (step-sister), Fumiko Wakahisa (step-mother)

Birthday: May 1st

Random: has a pet wolf named Shiro; loves roses; hates her step-sister and step-mom; loves Sushi and Udon noodle soup with naruto Fishcakes in it; She refuses to become Queen because she has such a free spirit like her mother did before she died and does not want to be tied down to one place forever or forced into marrying someone she doesn’t know, much like her father wanted to when she turned 18 and since she announced that, she has since then renounced her status as a princess when she was 15 and instead is an ambassador for her kingdom and is able to come and go when she is needed in other countries for diplomacy treaties or if she was to choose to leave for a few weeks or so, she would do so.


Name: Akio Wakahisa

Age: 16

Hair color: Dark purple

Hair length: Shoulders

Eye color: Darkish lavender

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175lbs

Birthday: August 22nd

Random: Is a very calm and collective-type of guy and is very loyal and respective towards his friends, family and kingdom; Loves crab legs with a side of butter spiced with Old Bay seasoning in it and boiled shrimp as his favorite food; is supposed to become the next ruler, since his older sister refuses to become Queen, as soon as he turns 18 and finishes his training, as well as develops his own clan facial marking, also on his 18th birthday; since he’s an extremely fast learner, he’s a month away from completing his battle training and will begin duties as future king.


Name: Hikaru Uzumaki

Age: 16

Hair color: Bright Red

Hair length: To ankles, but is often kept in a braid or large bun.

Eye color: Bright blue

Bust size: 36C

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 155lbs

Relatives: Naruto Uzumaki (Twin brother)

Piercings(?): Snake bite piercings on her bottom lip and multiple ear piercings in both ears.

Random: Loves Hydrangeas and Milk chocolate with caramel filling; has the yang side of the Nine-tailed fox spirit, Kurama, sealed within her, much like her twin brother has the yin side of the spirit sealed within himself as well.

Kakashi's POV:

It was a warm day in Konoha. I had just gotten back from the Ninja Weapons shop after purchasing some more kunai and shuriken when I see the Hokage's hawk flying above me, meaning she needed me for a mission.

"Enter." I open the Hokage's office door before stepping inside and bowing respectfully.

"You summoned me, Hokage-sama?"

"Yes. I have a long-term mission for you and your team. I need you to go to Hikarigakure (Village hidden in the Light) and remain there to protect Lady Ambassador Mishiko Wakahisa and the rest of the royal family, due to the recent assassinations of noble families, and to also investigate and attempt to solve these murders as well. The ambassador sent for you and your team specifically. You are to leave in 3 hours with your team. understood?" I feel my eyes widen briefly at the name of my old friend/pen pal/crush.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. I will go gather everyone right away."

"Dismissed." I bow again and leave her office, remembering when I first met Mishiko.

~*Flashback (Age 13 and about 4-5 months after Obito’s ‘death’) *~

I had just got back from an A-rank mission. I just finished turning in my report and was relaxing on a large boulder at my favorite place, the waterfall, when I hear someone crying softly nearby. I sit up and look around to see a beautiful young girl, possibly around my age, sitting by the water, curled up into a ball with her shoulders shaking. I notice the pointed ears sticking out from under her long, dark purple hair. I quietly sit down next to her and say, " everything okay?" She looks over at me with sad, swollen, yet gorgeous dark lavender eyes.

"My mother...she's dead...she died giving birth to my brother three days ago...I miss her so much..." She sniffles softly before breaking down into tears again. My inner self was telling me to comfort this girl, so I place a hand on her shoulder gently.

"I'm so sorry for your loss...I know what it's like to lose someone close to you...if it helps, I'm here for you if you need someone to talk name is Kakashi Hatake, what's yours?" She looks at me after a few moments and smiles through her tears while hugging me tightly and replying, "My name is Mishiko's nice to meet you, Kakashi-san. Thank you for being there for me...I appreciate it." I smile behind my mask and say, "No problem." We sit there in silence for a few minutes, just staring up at the night sky when she says, "So, um...did you want to get to know each other?" I chuckle softly.

"Sure." And so, we sat there together for a good 3-4 hours just talking and getting to know one another while laughing and enjoying each other's company, when we both hear an older male’s voice call out, “Mishiko-chan! Time to come home and get ready to leave for tomorrow!” She looks over in the direction of the voice and sighs to herself.

“I’ve got to go...the funeral is in a few days and I have to prepare a speech for it...did you want my address so we could send letters to each other? You know, to keep in touch?” I chuckle gently.

“That would be great, actually...It’s hard to find a friend who’s actually my age AND willing to listen to my problems and thoughts about everything without any interruptions and judgement, to be honest...” She pulls out a pad of paper and a pen before writing her information on it with her left hand and handing the pad to me, along with her address on a separate paper. I notice a small heart and smiley face drawn onto the bottom left corner, making me chortle slightly at the cuteness of it as I write my address down and quickly draw a small star on the top righthand corner with a smiling crescent moon in the top left corner before handing the pad back to her.

“Thank you for listening to my problems without being one of those people who, after finding out I’m the princess of a country, bows down to me immediately and basically sucks up to me...and thank you for also becoming my first-ever friend outside my father’s kingdom, Kakashi-san...” She says with a big smile as she puts the pad of paper back in her pocket.

“It’s not a problem, all honesty, I don’t really care if you’re a princess. What matters is that you treat me like a human-being and basically, an equal. I can definitely respect that. So, thank you for having the decency to treat me with respect and kindness. I hope we can be friends for many years to come.” She hugs me again. I hug back with a breathy laugh escaping my throat.

“I hope so, too, Kakashi-san. You’re a good friend already and it’s been only a few hours since we’ve met. Also, can you promise to not tell anyone what I’m about to tell you? At least until I send you a letter saying that it’s alright? I feel like I can trust you with this information, to be honest.” She separates from me and looks into my eyes seriously. I nod once and say, “Of course.”

“Thank you. I’m most likely, within the next few years, going to renounce my status as a princess. I don’t want to be married off to some random noble or prince as a trophy or to strengthen a status between my country and someone else’ know what I mean? I just don’t want to be tied down to one place forever, especially with someone I don’t even know. I like my freedom, after all.”

“I understand. It must be hard to be royalty. I hope your father understands and doesn’t do something he’ll regret with you. If he doesn’t support you, I know for a fact that I will be behind you one-hundred percent. Don't ever forget that.” I finish explaining. She grins and kisses my covered cheek before turning away towards the direction of the male voice heard from before, looking over her shoulder at me while stopping her pace.

“Thank you...that means so much to me. But anyways, I’ve got to go...bye, Kakashi-kun!” She calls before disappearing into the surrounding trees.

“Bye, Mishiko-chan...” I murmur after a few moments, not sure if she heard me while holding the spot that she kissed me at while smiling beneath my mask.