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“Diego, are you in here?” Ben asked, looking into the room. It had been three months since they’d all come back from the future, since Ben had gotten used to the idea of being alive once again, and, as he thought on it, he’d spent very little time with just Diego, bonding with number Two. That had to change.


“What do you want, Ben?” Diego asked, lying on his bed, not looking towards his brother as he twiddled with his knife, aiming it up but not letting it fly towards the target.


“What, can’t I say hi to my brother now?” Ben joked, as Diego looked towards him with a glare, his piercing brown eyes fixing onto Ben’s eyes, Ben noticing how Diego’s eyes seemed to pierce into his soul, analysing his every thought, his every memory, how Diego’s face was free of the scars that had made him seem so mysterious and dangerous before, how there was a small dimple on Diego’s cheek that looked to Ben as if it was just begging to be nuzzled and oh he had it bad.


“You normally don’t so what do you want, Ben? Can’t you see I’m busy?” Diego asked.


“Doing what? Luther and Allison are off doing god knows what, Five, Vanya and Klaus are busy making mischief for dad, that leaves me with you. Why don’t we ever chat?”


“What would we chat about?” Diego asked, sitting up and standing, towering over Ben. “Hi, how was being dead for years? Yeah, I like to throw knives still, speak again in six months? We haven’t really had anything to talk about for years, that’s all.” Diego told him.


Diego eyed Ben up as he saw his brother deflate. Ben had always been a bit quieter, especially compared to the flamboyant Klaus or the argumentative Luther and himself, Five was quiet usually as he had nobody he considered his intellectual equal, when he found someone who understood what he was on about, it was unlikely Five would shut up. Ben however, he’d always been quiet, reserved about everything. Both before and now.


Looking over at Ben, Diego began to analyse every feature of Ben’s face. He hadn’t had the chance to spend any time with Ben since they came back, not any meaningful time, especially not alone, and it hurt him that he hadn’t. He was supposed to be Ben’s brother, and he could tell Ben was hurting that he was trying to dismiss him so out of hand just now.


He noticed the way Ben’s eyes flitted around as Diego looked at him, he noticed the slight blush in Ben’s cheeks as they talked and Diego could feel a small blush creeping onto his face as well. Did Ben like him, in that way? Did he like Ben? He had to admit, Ben was cute.


“W-Whatever you want to talk about.” Ben nervously laughed, backing up slightly until his back clashed against the doorframe.


“What do you want to talk about?” Diego asked, deciding to see if his suspicions were true and closing the distance between himself and Ben, voice purring as he spoke.


I-I don’t know!” Ben said nervously, face turning bright red with how close Diego was, if he just leant forward….


Well, I have an idea of what I want to discuss.” Diego said with a low tone and a wink, as Ben’s mind began to shut off.




This.” Diego said, closing the gap and pressing his lips against Ben’s. Ben felt his mind go completely blank and after a moment’s hesistation, his instincts kicked in and he found himself returning Diego’s kiss with vigour, pressing against Diego and pushing him backwards into the centre of the room, spinning around, he felt himself shoving Diego against the wall and trying to force his tongue into Diego’s mouth, Diego’s lips parting for him with a small moan as Ben began to explore Diego’s mouth, delighted with every single second that passed like that.


After a few moments, Ben broke apart, struggling to breathe as he did, looking at Diego with a dazed look, he internally cheered to see the same dazed and glazed look in Diego’s eyes.


I take it you liked it?” Diego grinned at him.


Round two of this new training?” Ben teased him.


You’re on.” Diego said, closing the gap between them once again.