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These Violent Delights

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February 3rd 1989,

An eighteen year old Tony sat in the waiting room of a hospital, waiting anxiously for the Doctors to tell him when it was okay to come in so he could see his girlfriend, Valentina. It had been almost thirteen hours since her water broke and three hours since she kicked him out for babbling nonsense.

Finally, the Doctors came out with pity in his eyes as he shook his head, "Ms. Alma didn't make it, sir."

Tony let out a shaky breath, "And the baby."

"Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby boy. I'll have a nurse take you to him." Tony nodded and followed the nurse.

After signing the documents needed, Tony was finally able to hold his son and as soon as he saw him he fell in love. When Tony found out Valentina was pregnant months ago, he swore that he would be a better father that his ever was, Howard was obviously not okay with this new discovery and tried talking him into abandoning the baby, but Tony held his ground, insisting on keeping it.

The nurse carefully handed him the Tony baby and he took him, "Hello little Axel Stark."


For the first two years, Axel was worryingly quiet, the boy barely ever cried and when it came time for him to start speaking, the time passed and he was still quiet. Howard made very snide comments, telling him that's what happens when you knock up the Mexicans, to which Tony punched him in his face.

Months had gone by and still nothing from the two-year old, until Tony's twenty first birthday. At the end of the party, after the guests had left and Tony headed down to his lab. He had been working on a new project when he heard a soft voice behind him.

"Happy Birthday, Daddy." Tony quickly turned around and saw Axel walking - more like waddling - toward him. Tony got up and met him half way, picking him up and sitting him on his lap.

"How long have you been able to talk?"

Axel shrugged, "Long time. I didn't say nothing cause I wanna sound like big boy."

"You didn't have to do that, you had me worried."

"Sorry Daddy."

Tony shook his head, "Nothing to be sorry about, Axe. I'm very proud of you."

Axel squealed and jumped up wrapping his arms around Tony's neck, "Love you Daddy."

Tony teared up a little, "Love you to."


When he was six, Axel became obsessed with ballet. He would dress in a tutu and dance around the house with Queen blasting in the background.

Tony had taken him to ballet classes where he was the only boy in the class, which got the two of them plenty looks from the parents. One dad even pulled Tony aside and asked him if he wanted his son to grow up as a fairy to which Tony replied by pulling Axel out of the class and putting him in a different one.

His preference of clothing had also gotten him a lot of mean comments as the years past. At first it was just verbal, kids in middle school could be very mean when they wanted to and Axel tried to not let them get to him. He ignored them, thinking that eventually they would stop, and he was right. They left him alone until the very last day, right before summer then high school.

They beat him half to death with baseball bats while spitting slurs at him. The most repeated was, "Go back to Mexico you fucking fag."

He had been curled up on the ground when he passed out and the boys left him in the middle of the parking lot while all the other kids watched and he stayed there until a couple minutes later when Happy pulled up and spotted him, immediately carrying him to the hospital.

Axel spent two weeks in a coma.

After those two weeks, he woke up to a voice in his head, "Get up you spineless cunt."

Axel frowned and opened his eyes, thinking it was someone in the room with him but all he saw was his dad in the chair next to him sleeping. He shook his head, "Just hearing things." His mouth felt extremely dry, he looked around for water and reached for it on the bedside table, finding his arm in a cast.

Axel looked down at his arm in confusion and checked the other arm, it was bare except two bandages, one around his wrist and another running down his fore arm.

"Get a good look at what those little bitches did to us." Axel jumped out of his skin and looked around frantically, still nobody was there. "I'm in your head, idiot. I've always been inside your head, never to come out, watching you fuck our lives up from a distance. That's not happening again though, I will fuck up everyone who ever tries to hurt us ever again."

Axel relaxed a bit, but was still rigid at the fact he had a voice in his head, "You have a very filthy vocabulary."

"And you need to stop letting everyone walk all over you, if you don't stand up for yourself high school is going to kill us, and I really don't want to die yet."

"Well neither do I but I don't like hitting people, it makes me feel really bad." Axel whispered.

"Then kick the shit out of them, better yet, let me at 'em, I will fuck their faces up so bad that their own mother wouldn't be able to identify the body."

Axel squealed a little , "That's murder, we can't do that, we would go to jail. I can barely handle out here, jail is probably so much worse."

"No one has to know you idiot."

"I can't keep a secret, I'm terrible at it."

"If I ever kill someone remind me to never tell you."

Axel gasped sharply, "What do you mean if? You would never do that right?" After a moment of silence Axel's eyes widened and he whispered, "Right?"


The voice didn't sound very convincing but it made him relax a bit, "What's your name?"

"You may call me Enzo."

There was movement beside him, Axel turned in time to see Tony waking up, "Hey dad."

Tony bounded up and hugged him, "Oh thank god, that is never happening again. I was so worried, the doctors thought you weren't gonna make it, you got hit in the head pretty hard."

Tony pulled back and held Axel's face in his hands and frowned, "What happened to your eyes?"

"What do you mean?" Tony reached for the mirror on the table and handed it to him.

Axel stared at the mirror in confusion when he saw that one of to his chocolate brown eyes changed to green and the other stayed the same.

"I am now a part of you." Enzo whispered in his head.


Axel found high school to be so much easier, there was still the name calling but instead of the racist or homophobic slurs, everyone called him the psycho. A group of kids found him arguing with himself in the back of the cafeteria and there was an incident in his freshman year where the school bully tried to beat him up, for wearing a cropped feather jacket and putting his hair into space buns, when the kid tried to hit him, his attitude changed from the bubbly person he was seconds ago, to this terrifying person who punched the guy in the face until he was bleeding heavily and just walked away, cracking his bloody knuckles.

Although most of the school was afraid of him, they could not deny that his plays were always the best. Axel started writing the school plays in his junior year, right after he dropped out of ballet, he wrote songs for the musicals and was the head of the school newspaper. His plays were always amazing, they moved the audiences with his tales of love and tragedy, which got him a scholarship to NYU.

Tony was always there in the front row cheering the loudest or crying the hardest. Tony didn't care if he had a meeting for work or a project to finish, he never missed one of Axel's plays. He once walked out of a meeting in Japan because it was going on to long and he would have missed Axel's play.

Tony was his biggest fan and sometimes Axel would get insecure, since he didn't have a mechanical bone in his body, he didn't ever understand anything his dad was talking about when he would ramble about engines, he always thought Tony would get tired of him and stop paying him any attention.

Enzo always called him a cunt whenever he had this thoughts and showed him why he was overreacting.

Axel loves his dad which is why it almost killed him when he heard the news.

It was in the middle of the second semester of his first year at college when Pepper called him it has been clear in her voice that she was crying when she told him that Tony was missing. He was going to go back but Pepper insisted that he stay at school.

"I don't think this could get any worse." He curled up on his bed and cried.

"Not to be insensitive or anything, but shut the fuck up before you jinx it. We already have enough problems as it is."

"Fuck you Enzo."

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Axel remember the first time this happened to him, getting murdered, as he floated in the murky waters of the East river, days after his dad went missing, with two bullet holes in his chest closing up and spitting out the bullets. Axel is brought back to that moment in seventh grade where the bullies held his head in the toilet too long and he drowned.

The dying part isn't what hurt, the part where the friend he thought he had stood there over him dunking his head in the toilet and waking up realizing they left him in there when they thought he was dead.

The same hurt he felt then, he felt it stronger now, knowing his Uncle Obadiah is the one who pulled the trigger. Enzo was lingering at the back of his head planning how to 'murder the fat fuck' as he put it.

When his body finally healed itself, he snapped back into consciousness and swam to the surface taking in a large breath of fresh air, well as fresh as it could get in New York.

He wiped his long hair out of his face so he could see, and swam to the rocky shore.

The second time it happened, was an accident, he was sixteen when he slipped in the shower and cracked open his skull on the tiles. When he woke up, the cut in his face was gone and just blood remained. After the shock settled, Enzo never let it go and decided that he would take control until he thought Axel was careful enough not to get them killed a third time.

That lasted a week, when Enzo tried to play hero, he spotted someone in trouble and got stabbed in the neck, left to die in a dirty alley.

"I swear to god, I'm gonna pull his spine through his fucking mouth and feed it to his mother."

Axel sat on the ground panting, "I'm like 90% certain that his mother is dead."

"We could shoot him in the head and have that homeless thief fuck the hole."

Axel was far to tired to answer to that, he simply groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"We need to get out of here before we freeze to death, I am not too keen on dying twice in one night."

Axel looked down at his soaked clothes, his leather pants were salvaged but his maroon floral blouse was ruined and he didn't even want to think about the suede ankle boots he was wearing.

He grumbled under his breath, "Those were my favourite fucking shoes, we're gonna fuck him up so bad."

"That's the spirit!"

"Or we should go to the cops, they are much better equipped for this sort of thing."

Axel could feel Enzo rolling his eyes, "You had me going there for a second. Why don't you let me do the murdering and you could just sit back and rest your pretty self."

Axel walked through the dark streets listening to Enzo list all the ways he would kill Obadiah. He was starting to get tired when he spotted a blue bicycle.

Enzo scoffed, "I don't understand why you don't just steal a fucking car, we practiced that for eight weeks and we were really good at it until you pussied out."

"Someone would probably hear and we don't need any extra attention, people are already looking at me funny for talking to you."

As he rode of he had a sudden thought, "Enzo what if Stane did the same thing to dad, tried to kill him I mean."

"After tonight I wouldn't doubt it, all the more reason to kill the asshole, we need to be careful now, he thinks we're dead we keep it that way till they find dad."

Axel nodded, "Then we slit that motherfucker's throat and make him eat his dick."

Axel could hear Enzo stuttering in complete shock, "Where the fuck did that come from?"

"I've had you in my head for five years." Axel stopped at his loft, he slowly climbed the stairs, "That's the last time anyone, excluding dad or Pepper or Rhodey, trick us with the promise of food. We didn't even get to eat anything, he is the most evil person ever, even a good hit man would've fed us before killing us. Not even a fucking mozzarella stick. I'm gonna stab him in the dick for that."

Axel entered the loft and dropped his keys onto the kitchen counter, he stripped his clothes and took a quick shower to get the dirty river water off. He didn't even bother putting on clothes since he lived alone and he just didn't feel like going through the hassle of putting on clothes right now.

"You really wanted those cheese sticks didn't you?"

Axel scoffed, "Please don't ask stupid questions, of course I did, we don't have any food in here besides two apples and that pizza we had last night. All we ate today was that chicken salad for lunch."

Axel contemplated heating up the pizza or just eating it cold and in the end laziness won with him shrugging and taking a bite of it, he made his way over to the couch, naked with two slices in his hand.

"You are an absolute disaster." Enzo sighed as Axel choked on the pizza and ran to the kitchen for water, tripping over one of his discarded shoes.

"Fuck off."

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Axel sat in a dark corner of the Sister Margaret's bar he was so very fond of, working on a script he was hired to write, a murder mystery. He got the job weeks ago and was stuck at the murder part, he didn't know anything about murder, having never killed anyone and most of the scenarios sounded cliché.

"What if we go out and murder somebody?"

Axel rolled his eyes at Enzo's suggestion for what felt like the millionth time and ignored him. He stared at the blank page on the laptop in front of him and bit his lip. Sighing, he took his glasses off and rubbed his face in frustration.

"We could get Stane, that would be an amazing story to tell. We could gut him and hang him by his entrails."

Axel groaned in disgust, "We are not doing that, that sounds horrifying."

"It has to be dramatic, gory, sickening to the stomach, we have to sell it or else the studio won't buy it."

"Can't we do something that won't scar me for life, or you do it and tell me how it went. How bout that?"

He could feel Enzo rolling his eyes, "You are such a pussy. Doesn't it make you angry that he killed us and maybe dad?"

"Of course it does but gutting him is a bit too far." Axel closed the laptop and put it in his bag.

"You wanna know what's too far, him shooting us in the head twice, for what, a company that we wanted nothing to do with. We never planned to take over Stark Industries, we don't even know how to work our laptop properly, how the fuck does he think we can take over a business, but he killed us anyway. Don't you want revenge? Don't you wanna see that smug smile wiped off his face when we drive that knife through his stomach?"

"Of course I do, but I don't think I have the stomach for this. Why can't you do it?" Axel got up from his booth and headed straight for the door.

"I was hoping you were braver than me. I've never done something like this before, even the thought of killing someone makes me feel shitty."

Axel frowned and before he could answer he was cut off by someone stepping in front of him, it was so sudden that he didn't have time to stop and ended up bumping into their chest. Axel opened his mouth to say something, but his words died in his throat when he looked up and saw two lovely brown eyes staring down at him.

"How much do you think a polar bear weighs?" The stranger asked, Axel blinked several times trying to process the question.

"What?" He frowned in confusion at the strange question, "I don't know. How much do you think it is?"

"It's enough to break the ice." The man stuck his hand out, "Hi, I'm Wade."

Axel smiled in amusement, "Axel." He shook Wade's hand and held it, they stood there and stared into each other's eyes for a while until someone next to them cleared their throat.

"If you're gonna fuck, please, not in my bar."

Axel snapped out of his gaze and blushed bright red, Enzo snickered in the back of his head, "God, this is pathetic."

Wade sat in a bar stool and gestured for him to take the one next to him. "What's a place like you doing in a guy like this?"

"This is probably the only bar around here, where I wouldn't get beat up and Weasel sells the best weed."

Wade's eyebrows shot up, "No judgement would ever come from anyone in here, is being mercenaries and shit."

Axel's eyes widened, "Mercenaries, meaning you've killed people before?"

"Don't get scared, I won't ever hurt you. Unless you were a child molester or something."

Axel shook his head and dug his laptop out of him bag, "I'm not scared, there's nothing you could do to me that hasn't already been done," Wade looked at the boy in concern, "I just need your help. I'm writing the script for a low budget film for my finals and I got stuck with murder mystery and I have no idea how to write a murder, I'm probably this close to going out and killing someone." Axel looked across at a baffled Wade, "Could you please help me?"

Wade blinked a few times and shrugged, "Sure, I've got nothing better to do."


Axel was outside of the SI building, nervous and breathing hard, "I can't do this, what if we get caught."

"We ditched our car at the house, our face is covered, you're wearing gloves and we've been planning this for a week. All we have to do is, go in, cut the bastard's throat and get out. It's that simple." Axel nodded, "Also, don't get cut and don't take off the hat, we don't need blood or hair at the scene of the crime."

Looking up at the building made him feel so small, he took a hesitant step forward and stepped back shaking his head, "I can't do it, what if we get caught, we'll be sent to prison, I'm to pretty for prison. I'm probably gonna end up being someone's bitch, we'll never taste chocolate again, no more walking around naked and you have to pee in front of people."

"Get a hold of yourself Axel, we did not spend three days figuring out how to dress like a straight person for nothing, these pants are so fucking uncomfortable and this shirt is so scratchy, let's just do this and move on."

Axel was hyperventilating now, and fanning himself with his gloved hands, he shook his head, "I can't do it. Maybe we could hire Wade to do it, maybe..."

Enzo took over and rolled his eyes, he pulled the scarf over his face and walked over to the ventilation system and climbed in.

"Hey, you asshole, warm me next time you're gonna do that, I almost passed out."

Enzo huffed as he crawled towards Stane's office, "Good. Then I wouldn't have to listen to you bitch about doing this."

Enzo pulled blueprints out of his pocket, "Okay so we're right here, his office is in the top floor, so we're gonna have to do a lot of crawling tonight."

It took him thirty two minutes to get to Stane's office, the man was at his desk tapping away on his computer. Enzo went to open the event to climb out but pulled his hand back and shook his head.

"I can't do this."

"What!? Are you fucking kidding me right now? After all that talk about gutting him cutting his dick off, you choke up. We are going through with this right now." Axel pushed forward and Enzo pushed him back.

"No we can't do this, no matter how evil he is we can't do it. If dad found out he would look at us so differently, I can't handle that." Enzo whispered.

"He doesn't have to find out about it, this could be our little secret."

"No we are not doing this, I'm turning back." Enzo moved to turn around only to be stopped by Axel who took over and moved for the vent.

"No the fuck we aren't."

"Yes we are." The two of them fought for a while until they heard a crawling from below them and before any of them could ask what was happening the vent caved in under their weight and sent them crashing into the office. Enzo landed in the ground hard and groaned in pain.

He stood up slowly and froze when he heard the click of a gun, "Oh shit." He quickly dived out of the way before the first shot got him, behind the couch and curled up in the fetal position praying he didn't get hit as the bullets tore through the couch.

"We could wait until he runs out of bullets and then make a run for the door."

Enzo grunted angrily, "Now you want to listen to me. Did you bring the knife?"

"Yes, on your left."

Enzo grabbed it and clutched it to his chest tightly and breathed heavily, trying to calm himself. The gun started clicking, indicating it was empty. Enzo peeked out and saw Obadiah throwing the gun aside, he slowly walked toward the couch. Enzo crawled around to the other side but was grabbed by the scruff of his neck and lifted to his feet, dropping the knife.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Who sent you? HYDRA, SHIELD? HYDRA. I told you I'm working on it, no need to kill me."

Enzo couldn't breath due to the hands wrapped around his neck, his feet were off the ground and he was pulling at Stane's hands trying to pry them off his neck. Stane dropped him onto his desk on his back and pulled down Enzo's mask, his eyes widened for a second, then shock turned into annoyance.

"I thought I killed you." The grip on his neck tightening .

Enzo frantically looked around the desk searching for something to defend himself, but his panicking stopped him from registering anything, prompting Axel to take over. Obadiah stood in between his legs and hovered over him. Which was exactly where he wanted him.

Axel moved quickly, wrapping his legs around the man and pulling him closer, he grabbed Obadiah's face in his hands and moved his thumbs over his eyes, before the man could get a word out, Axel pressed down hard until his thumbs went straight through Stane's eye sockets.

The man screamed in pain and let go of Axel's neck, Axel gasped greedily for air and coughed. He crawled over to where he dropped his knife, picking it up and walking over to the computer, which was thankfully unlocked, he looked through various files for something link Stane to his dad's disappearance and he found it, a video, his dad tied to a chair with men pointing guns at him.

He gasped lightly, quickly sending it to Rhodey and all the other files he found.

"How about we just cripple him? That would teach him a lesson, right."

Axel shook his head, "He saw our face, and he tried to kill dad." Axel walked over to the man kneeling down holding his eyes to stop the bleeding. He fiddled with the knife nervously.

"Once we do this, there is no undoing it, that's it."

Axel scoffed, "Don't you think I know that, even if he's a piece of garbage he's still a person. But he knows it's us and we can't have anyone knowing about this."

There was silence and Enzo huffed, "Let's do it then."

Axel marched forward and quickly stabbed him in the back of his head and twisted the knife. Stane dropped to the floor and he bled out onto the carpet. Dead.

Axel looked down at his hands, at the bloody knife and trembled, standing still for a moment in confusion.

He didn't have time to study any of the feelings going through his head because a siren sounded from below. Axel looked up and ran to the window, seeing police cars surrounding the building.

"Shit!" Axel ran out of the office to the hall, looking around for something to stand on to unscrew the vent, he heard footsteps coming and abandoned the vents going into another office to hide under the desk.

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Axel stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, he was covered in blood from the gunshot wound he acquired unknowingly in his right shoulder, there were bruises littering his neck and his hands were covered in ash from burning the evidence. Enzo went quiet hours ago and he knew it would be a while before he spoke again, due to the shock he was going through.

Axel sighed and got to work on his wound, wondering why he didn't feel it at first he chalked it up to the adrenaline, but that was long gone and he still couldn't feel the gaping hole in his shoulder. He shook it off for now, noting to check that out later. It was a through and through meaning all he had to do was clean it and stitch it.

He took his hair out of the bun it was in and went in the shower to wash off his blood and the ash.

Axel finished cleaning himself up and sat on his bed in a black fluffy bathrobe and a towel wrapped around his hair. He stared at the wall of his room, picking at his fingers and lost in his thoughts. He thought that after killing Obadiah he would feel horrible and guilty, but when he thought more and more about it he realized he felt nothing.

Not exactly nothing, he felt something but not guilt or shame, Axel felt relieved, like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, at this moment for the first time in his life, he felt free. This was the first time in his life he didn't hold back, he didn't stay there and take it, he didn't walk away ignoring his urges, he gave in to his urges, his dark desires.

When he saw that knife sticking out of Stane's head and the blood that coated it when he pulled it out, something in the pit of his stomach shuddered in delight and as he stated at the wall he came to a disturbing conclusion, he wanted more.

His thoughts were cut off by his phone ringing, he snapped his head to his computer desk where e the device was and he got up to answer.


"We found him." Rhodey's voice answered from the other end.


Tony spent most of the time in his workshop ever since he got back it had been a week and a half since finding him in the desert after he blew up the base. No one knew exactly how he escaped and Tony didn't satisfy their curiosity, the only people who didn't ask were Axel and Pepper.

The former just entering the work shop with a tray in his hands. "You look like shit."

Tony snorted at the boy, "You're one to talk, what's with the turtle necks?"

Axel unconsciously pulled at the top and shrugged, "What's wrong with my turtle necks?"

"I haven't seen you in anything else since I got back. You hiding something?"

Axel forced a smile one his face and set the tray down, "Why would I be hiding something?" Tony narrowed his eyes at the boy and Axel panicked, "I swear it's nothing serious."

Tony walked over to his son, and pulled down the fabric, it happened so quickly that Axel didn't have the chance to protest, "Who the hell did that? What happened?"

The bruise on his neck was a nasty yellow colour now but still very visible, Axel winced at the look on his dad's face, "It's nothing, just some bully, you know how it is when you're this talented."

"You're a shitty liar, Axel. Tell me or I will not rest until I find out."

Axel wrung his hands anxiously and averted his eyes from Tony's gaze, "It was Obadiah."

Tony's eyes went wide, "What?"

"He killed us a month ago and we thought he had something to do with your disappearance, so we came up with going to his office for answers, we thought we could find something, but he was there and he attacked us and we had to defend ourselves."

Tony, for the first time in his life, was speechless, he kept opening his mouth to say something and closing it. Axel stared at him teary eyed and waited for him to say something. Eventually, he put his thoughts together and asked, "You were the one that tipped off Rhodey?"

Axel nodded.

"How's Enzo holding up?"

Axel shrugged his shoulders, "I have no idea, he hasn't said anything since that night."

Tony pulled him into a hug and Axel buried his head in his neck, "It's okay, I'm not mad, just shocked. You've never done anything like this before. How are you holding up?"

"I'm fine, I didn't want to disappoint you and I thought you would hate me because I killed you're friend."

Tony ran his fingers through Axel's curly hair, "He was obviously not a good friend if he betrayed me like that. I hope you never have to go through this."

"I don't have any friends, so no worries." Axel wiped the tears off his face and pulled away from the hug.

"Still? Not one person?"

"Everyone is so boring, all they want to talk about is sex and their futures and partying, it's ridiculous. Although, I sorta met someone in that bar I always tell you about, he was cool."

Tony frowned, "I hope you're not talking about that mercenary bar."

"You knew about that? Yes I mean there, his name is Wade. He helped me with my murder scene and gave me his number."

Tony shook his head violently, "There is no way in hell I would ever let you date a mercenary."

"He was really nice to me, he even walked me home after."

"What is it with being a Stark that we always find some kind of trouble? Why couldn't you just befriend a semi normal person?" Tony sat down and buried his head in his hands.

Axel scoffed, "Your overreacting dad."

"If he gets you in any trouble in gonna kill him."

Axel rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Eat the freaking chilli."

Chapter Text

Sat in a booth at a diner, Enzo was sipping on a chocolate milkshake, writing in his journal. Half of his hair was up in a bun and the other half down, his glasses were perched on his nose and he was bopping his head to the music playing through his headphones. He just finished his last exam hours before and this was a treat he gave to himself as a congratulations for getting through finals week without having a mental breakdown. It was almost midnight in New York, meaning Enzo would have to go to the loft soon and start packing for his flight back to Malibu in the morning, right now he was just killing time.

From the corner of his eye he could see someone sliding into his booth, at first he ignored them and kept on writing, until they pulled off one of his headphones. Enzo frowned in annoyance and looked up to see Wade sitting there in front of him,"Fancy seeing you here."

"Oh, it's you." He shut his journal and dropped the pen.

"Ouch, that's all I get after helping you with your project?"

Enzo rolled his eyes,"And while I have to hank you for that, I'm afraid your little friend isn't here right now. I'm Enzo. Very nice to finally meet you." Wade frowned,"I understand the confusion, I have a split personality, Axel is the friendly one and I'm the complete opposite."

"Right. So, Enzo."

"Wilson, if you're gonna waste my time please leave, I have to some where to be in fifteen minutes." Enzo checked his watch and finished his milkshake.

"Wow, you are mean. Who hurt you?"

Enzo narrowed his eyes,"What makes you think someone hurt me? Maybe I like being an asshole."

Wade put his hands up in surrender,"Okay, clearly we got off on the wrong foot. How bout a do over? I'm Wade."

Enzo packed up his journal and dropped a fifty dollar on the table,"And I'm leaving, goodbye Wade Wilson, I'm sure Axel will call you whenever." He pulled his jumper sleeves over his hands and picked up his bag to leave.

"At least let me walk you home, New York is a dangerous place at night, especially for someone as sexy as you." Wade walked side by side with Enzo with his hands in his jacket pocket.

"Flattery will get you no where with me. I don't give a shit if you walk with me or not, just know that I can protect myself just fine." They walked down the street in an awkward silence until Wade couldn't take it anymore.

"How old are you? Axel refused to tell me, I just want to make sure I'm not gonna get arrested or anything."

"We are nineteen." Enzo started to regret wearing shorts as the night got increasingly chilly, at the time outside was warm and it looked cute but now his legs were freezing and it wasn't very cute now. He decided to ignore it and humor the man walking him home,"How long have you been a mercenary?"

"About six months, I got back a year ago and after a couple months I realized I missed unaliving people, so I became a mercenary."

Enzo raised an eyebrow,"Why the fuck did you just call it unaliving?"

"I don't like to say the M word. How did you do with the killer story?" They were approaching a group three of guys, two of them were clearly drunk an the last one looked absolutely hammered.

"A+, as usual, my professor loved it and is thinking about making into a play. Do you wanna know how it ends? I remember Axel telling me he went over it with you."

"Yes please, who did? Was it the girlfriend or the wife? It's always the wife."

Enzo shook his head,"Neither, it was his daughter." Wade stopped walking in shock,"I know right, not even I expected that. What happened was she found him with the girlfriend and she went to confront him and he tried to bribe her, cause she's fifteen and he thought she would take it but no, she shot him and tried to make it look like the girlfriend did it."

"What do you mean you didn't even know? Didn't you help write...."

Wade was cut off by one of the drunk guys,"Fucking fairy fag."

Enzo picked up a discarded beer bottle and threw it at his head. "What the fuck did you just say?"

The drunk guy held his head in pain and his friend went to punch Enzo and Wade caught his fist.

"Why don't you go home we don't want any trouble."

Enzo pushed up the sleeves of his jumper,"Speak for your fucking self Wade, come at me, I'm gonna fucking rip your face off!" The drunk guy lunged forward and Wade caught him and threw him back to his friends, he stumbled back and hit the ground.

Wade lifted Enzo off the ground by his waist and quickly walked away with him squirming angrily in his arms,"Put me down, he better pray he doesn't have a nut allergy, I'm gonna kick him in the nuts so hard, he'll be tasting 'em for months."

"Okay calm down, nobody's giving anybody nut allergies." Wade frantically tried to calm the furious boy, but he seemed to be making the situation worse, he put him down on the pavement and held him by the shoulders, Enzo tried to get out of his grip and run back to the drunks and kick their asses.

"Let me go, I'm gonna peel his fucking face off and make his mother eat it for dinner."

Wade's eyes widened,"You are shockingly violent, how does that much rage fit into such a tiny body."

Enzo's head snapped to him,"Did you just call me short you motherfucker? I will break off your leg and beat you with it you son of a bitch." Suddenly Enzo stopped fighting and yelling and something in his eyes shifted, he looked around and his eyes landed on Wade.

"Hi Wade, what did you say to Enzo to trigger his IED like that? He hasn't been that angry since we were sixteen."

"Just some assholes and I accidentally called him short."

Axel tsked,"Ooh, you are screwed, he's gonna be glaring at you for months now." He continued walking home.

Wade shook off his shock at the sudden change and walked with him down the street,"Man, you have to be the most interesting person I've ever met."

Chapter Text

Axel sauntered into Tony's work shop in pink crocs, a black mini skirt and a long bright green kimono, which was open showing off the tattoo of a dancing dolphin on his chest, with a tray in his. After years of him dressing like this, Tony still looks at him like he just grew two heads. One would think he would get used to his son dressing like a crazy person but the outfits just kept getting crazier.

"Dude you look like shit. When was the last time you slept?" Axel took a plate with a sandwich off the tray and placed it in front of him.

Tony shrugged and took a bite of the sandwich, "Tuesday I think."

"You haven't slept in two days?"

Tony put it down and went back to work on making slight moderation to the gauntlet he was working on, "Never said this Tuesday."

"Dad!" Axel's face scrunched up into a scowl and Tony pointed at him.

"You can't tell me anything you are not any better. You once forgot to eat for six days when you were writing that play in high school."

Axel thought it over and realized he still did that, just last week when he was studying, he hasn't eaten anything or slept for four days. "Touché."

"What are you working on?"

Tony flexed his hand in the gauntlet, "I'm working on a suit of armour, like the one I used to get out of the cave before Rhodey found me. I'm about to test it out, wanna be my cameraman?"

Axel shrugged, "Sure, got nothing better to do anyway."

Axel set up the equipment and Tony slipped on the boots and the other gauntlet. Axel placed the camera on the stand and switched it on.

"Okay, I'm ready, and Dum-E is on standby just in case you catch on fire."

Tony moved to the centre of the room, "This is the first flight test, thrusters at fifty percent. One, two, three, go." Tony started and was thrown across the room. Axel broke down with laughter when the robot made it's way over and sprayed him.

Tony walked to the centre of the room wiping foam from his face, "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up."

Axel calmed down a little, chuckling slightly, "Okay, I'm ready."

They went for five more tried before Tony got the right percentage, he got thrown across the room four more times and was sprayed four more times and Axel died of laughter four more times.

On the fifth try he got it right, hovering over his cars and everything in the workshop, landing where he lifted off, Dum-E went to spray him again but Tony stopped him.

"Okay, I'm ready." Tony walked over to some machine that out a silver suit on him, Axel was in awe at it and then frowned.

"You built all this in the three weeks I was gone?"

"Well, I couldn't sleep so yes, yes I did."

"Cool." Tony took off through the tunnel and Axel turned off the camera.

Moments later, while Axel was sprawled out across the couch in Tony's workshop watching some shitty reality show, Tony crashed through the roof in one of his cars, promptly scaring the shit out of Axel.


"Why exactly are you making the tin suit? You planning on being a superhero or something?" Axel asked a while later, him and Tony were sitting on the couch watching the shitty reality show Axel had on before Tony came crashing in.

Tony pressed an ice pack on his head and scoffed, "Me? A hero? There's nothing remotely heroic about me, I'm using it to fix my mistakes."

"What mistakes? You didn't do anything."

"I trusted Obadiah and sat there while he was selling my weapons to the enemy, behind my back. I saw a lot of innocent people killed with my weapons and I'll be damned if that happens again. I made a promise to Yinsen and I intend on keeping it."

"Sounds pretty fucking heroic to me." Tony flicked him in his cheek.


Axel chuckled and looked across at his dad, "I'm serious, you've always been my hero, Enzo's to. I guess now we'll have to share you with the rest of the world."

"Are you trying to make me cry?"

"No. Is it working?" Tony let out a soft laugh and shook his head, "It was worth a try." Axel rest his head in Tony's shoulder.

They say and watched the show for a while before Axel remembered something.

"Dad, Obadiah said something before... you know. He said something about getting something for HYDRA or something like that. Do you have any idea what that means?"

Tony froze under him, "Uh, I don't know. I'll check it out."

Chapter Text

Tony had been acting strange ever since Axel mentioned HYDRA. Locking himself up in his work shop for days and only emerging once in a while for food, he cut of Axel's access as well and never told him why and he was getting very worried about his dad. Then he sent Axel to spend the rest of his summer in New Orleans with his grand mother, Brenna.

The thing was Tony hated Brenna and Axel didn't like her much either, the woman was creepy and Axel was 90% sure the woman was a witch or something. Her house was filled with strange statues and ornaments, there was a dream catcher above Axel's bed with small bones woven into it, she even had a skull on her mantel.

He hadn't been to visit the woman since his grand father, Daniel, died. Axel liked Daniel, every time he visited, he would give the boy candy and tell him stories about his mother, he taught the boy how to fish, even though Axel hated it to his core, he went every time because he lived spending time with the man. Then when Axel was sixteen he does of a heart attack. Axel always found that weird, his grandfather never ate unhealthy food and regularly exercised, he was very fit for a sixty year old.

He always suspected his grandmother for that, Tony always told him that not even his mother liked Brenna, although he never specified why.

Axel stood on the porch of the large Victorian styled house contemplating if he should knock or just find a hotel and visit later.

"She's an old bitch, what's she going to do? Hit you with her cane?" Enzo offered up helpfully.

"She could be a witch, I can feel it in my balls and my balls never lie. What if she sacrifices us on an later if children's homes or something? I don't wanna be sacrificed Enzo."

"Just knock and if she tries anything, we can knock her out and get the fuck outta here."

Axel sighed and knocked on the wooden door three times. It was almost seven so she was probably still awake, the curtains were so dark he couldn't tell if the lights were on or not. Moments later the door opened and dark skinned woman appeared in a long black robe, her hair was wrapped up in a black silk cloth and her feet were bare. She looked younger since the last time he saw her, and he wonders if it was really good skin cream or if she sacrificed some poor goat and bathed in it's blood or whatever witches do.

Axel stood there awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck, "Hey grandma."

She didn't respond, just opened the door wider to let him in, "Axel. Your father called, so I prepared your old room."

Axel nodded and stepped inside. The place hadn't changed a bit, creepy everything still all over, still the same scent of burning sage, the creepy wooden figures perched on the mantel beside the skull. Axel was always afraid to ask if that thing was real.

"You can go out down your bags and come back down, I'm brewing us some tea in the kitchen."

Axel nodded and made his way upstairs to his old room. Nothing really changed in the house, the creepy dream catcher was still over his bed, same closet and the vanity was still there. Axel dropped his bags on the bed and shredded his uncomfortable leather pants for black basketball shorts and tied his long mess of curls into a bun.

Axel joined Brenna in the kitchen for some tea. It turned out spending time with her wasn't all bad, she was kind of interesting. They spent an hour talking after they finished the tea before Axel started getting sleepy and excused himself. Everything looked like it was going to be alright.


Axel looked around at six people in black robes with bowls in their hands, their faces covered except the person directly in front of him, Brenna, who's face was uncovered and was wearing what looked like a crown of bones in her head. They were in some kind of crypt, with torches lot in the background. Axel knew he should've trusted his balls and not drink that tea, he went to sleep in his bed and woke up, tied to a slab of rock, with these creepy bitches standing over him.

"Why does this always happen to us?" Enzo asked, the question lingered in his mind and he wondered the same thing, every time things were going smooth, someone tried to sacrifice him to the gods or something.

Brenna raised a wooden cup in the air, "We are gathered here today, offering our gods a sacrifice, a pure heart, untainted by greed, lust and wrath. Today the wait is over, twenty years we waited for the harvest and now here it is. Ladies, join hands and repeat the chant as we practiced."

They started repeating something in Latin, swaying side to side like a group of lunatics. Axel knew he should be a bit worried or terrified, but he wasn't, he had been killed at least five times before another time isn't going to matter. Besides he knew Brenna probably wouldn't get what she wanted since he was pretty sure killing Obadiah counted as wrath. He almost regretted not losing his virginity so he couldn't cross out two of the three.

They stopped chanting and one of them on his right side pulled out a dagger, placing a wooden bowl under his wrist and cutting vertically, letting blood pour out into the bowl. Axel flinched in pain.

She let go of his hand when she had enough and passed the bowl to the others who dropped stuff in it and they have it to Brenna, who chanted some more Latin over it and walked over to Axel's head, she propped him up and put the bowl to his head, forcing him to drink the contents, roughly pressing her hand to his mouth so he didn't spit it back up, Axel gagged at the taste, struggling against her but eventually he swallowed.

"This is a great story opportunity." Enzo whispered, Axel rolled his eyes and whispered back.

"Now is not the fucking time."

The six bitches chanted again and everything in the crypt started shaking, but they kept chanting, until everything stilled. The torches went out suddenly and they stopped chanting, everything went cold in the dark crypt, colder than expected, then the torches lit again. Axel breathed in ragged breaths, suddenly feeling tired, it was probably blood loss from the cut in his wrist which was still bleeding.

Brenna walked over to his head with a dagger, "Twenty years I've waited for this, ever since I heard Valentina was pregnant, I thought finally, the useless girl is good for something. Shame I had to kill her. Then Daniel started snooping and I couldn't have that, as much as I loved the man, the harvest is far more important."

"I knew it! The old bitch is crazy, we should have gotten the fucking hotel, we could be stuffing our face with beignets, watching keeping up with the kardashians. I can't believe she killed Papi, what the fuck is wrong with her?" Enzo ranted in his head as Axel frowned at the woman.

"Twenty years was well worth the wait." Brenna grabbed Axel by his hair and slit his throat open deep. Axel made choking noises as his blood gushed out and looked around his head. Brenna finished the chant as he lay there dying, looking into his eyes as the life drained out of them without a hint of remorse. "No more resurrections for you."

Axel took one last breath and his tan skin started hardening like rock and turning a dark gray, the torches went out and the witches exited the crypt. Not looking back to see the gray stone start to crumble.

Chapter Text

Hours later inside the crypt, on the slab of stone where Axel's body lay, the stone began crumbling off of his body and his fingers started twitching. A loud gasp came from the boy as he breathed in fresh air and frantically looked around at his surroundings. He noted he was still in the crypt and it was day time, but his body felt weird, looking down at the rest of his body he realized it was covered in stone and he giggled.

"This brings a new meaning to being stoned." He lay there, giggling at his joke like a mad man.

"Oh god, why didn't she kill me. Just finish the job." Enzo groaned.

Axel rolled his eyes, "Why you gotta be like that. That was clearly one of my best jokes."

"Then I really don't want to hear the worst one."

Axel rolled his eyes and sat up, breaking away the stone in the process. He jumped off the Alabama stretched out, "Nothing like a good old sacrifice to get the blood pumping. God, I'm fucking starving."

"How are you so unbothered by this? Our grandma just tried to kill us. No she actually did kill us, for some harvest shit, she didn't even bar an eye. And she admitted to killing Papi and our mom. What is wrong with you?"

Axel rolled his eyes, "I've never met her and I got over Papi's death years ago, what's the point of bringing that back, we always knew she did it, why would her admitting it change anything."

Axel could feel his companion getting annoyed, "You should get angry, she took people from you for power, she used us. We should rip her heart out and feed it to her little followers."

Axel made his way out of the crypt seemingly thinking over Enzo's little rant, "Sure. Whatever you want."

The crypt was in the Quarter, and it was day time, Axel was covered in blood, dressed in basketball shorts and nothing else, no shoes nothing, his hair was caked with dried blood and blood covered half his face and his entire chest. People looked at him strange and started to 'subtly' back away from him.

Axel made his way through the Quarter ignoring the idiots, some of them were on their phones and some of them just ran. "What's wrong with these idiots?"

"We just walked out of a cemetery, covered in dried blood, what do you think."

Axel continued to ignore them in favour of finding food. "Makes sense I guess." He spotted a convenience store a couple stores down and picked up his pace.

As soon as he entered he got a funny look from the cashier and the security guard.

"Hey man, you need some help?" The security guard asked.

Axel shook his head and picked up the first edible thing he could get his hands on which was potato chips, he opened the bag and are them as he wondered further down the aisle and picked up two boxes of pop tarts.

"Hey, you can't do that. You gotta pay for that. Hey!" The guard charged toward him.

Axel rolled his eyes, "Fuck off."

The guard pulled his taser gun, "Get out before I tase your ass."

Axel continued to raid the store for food, "I am quaking in my boots right now." He deadpanned.

The guard pulled the trigger, getting him in his back but Axel turned around and raised an eyebrow, the voltage did nothing to him.That in itself was worrying him, but he had bigger problems like the annoying guard in front of him.

"That tickled, now go away." The guard pulled out a baton and struck Axel on the arm, again Axel didn't even flinch, he stared at the guard, slightly amused as the man hit him again and again. He could hear sirens outside meaning the clerk called the cops. His theory was proven when two cops burst in to the aisle pointing their guns at him.

"Fuck these people are annoying." Enzo grumbled.

"Get down on the ground now!" Axel continued eating the chips, ignoring the guard and the cops who were making their way toward him. One of them grabbed his arm roughly, only to be thrown across the room when Axel pushed him off.

Axel frowned, "Huh, this is new."

"How the fuck are you so nonchalant about this Axe? I'm freaking out right now, where the hell did that come from?"

"Enzo, calm your tits, it's not like we're dying or something. I wonder if they have any chocolate milk." He walked away to find it while the guard checked in the fallen cop and the other called for back up.

"Do not move! I need back up at Jason's." The other cop yelled into his communicator. Axel continued ignoring him and looked for the milk. "Stay where you are or I will shoot."


He heard a shot ring out before he saw the blood splatter on the glass of the fridge. Axel looked down and saw a gaping hole in his chest closing itself. Behind him he could hear someone gasping before dropping, Axel turned around and saw the cop drop, blood pooling around him, and on his back, a hole the same place he shot Axel.

"This is very new." Axel continued his search for the milk and came up empty, "Fuckers don't have any milk. What kind of shit is this? Ooh, Coco pops, don't mind if I do." He dropped the half bag of chips and picked up the box on the shelf. Axel walked out of the store, with his hand buried in the box.

Police cars surrounded the entrance and all the cops had their guns pointed at him. "Get down on the ground!"

"What are you gonna do, shoot me?" Axel was starting to get annoyed, he didn't even do anything, on purpose. All he wanted to do was take a long hot shower and watch cartoons all night, but no, everyone wants to shoot him for stealing coco pops and pop tarts.

The cops didn't stop the yelling and he could feel something building inside him, he felt himself changing, his hands started growing bigger and he dropped the box.

"The fuck?" His voice came out in a deep growl and he felt himself grow a few inches. The cops looked on in horror and started shooting at him, which made him even more annoyed and he let out a demonic roar.


Brenna entered her house, and suddenly stopped when she felt a dark presence in her living room. Cautiously, she walked in and switched on the light, gasping at the sight of Enzo, covered head to toe in blood sitting in her armchair.

"Miss me?" His voice cracked like he had been screaming for hours, his eyes were tinged red, as though he was crying for hours as well.

"Axel? How?"

"Axel's not in today, but I'll be sure to pass on your message." Brenna's eyes popped out of her head, and Enzo smiled maniacally and slowly made his way towards her. "What Grammy? Nothing to say?"

"You're supposed to be dead."

"Clearly not." She started mumbling under her breath and fire appeared in her hands, she threw it at him and he caught it.

"You spent sixty five years of your life practicing magic and that's the best you could come up with." He tilted his head and stopped in front of her.

"What do you want?"

Enzo tsked, "Your life, in the palm of my hands." He whispered in her ear. She gave him a look of confusion, he kissed her cheek and drive his hand through her chest, "Shouldn't have killed Papi."

He pulled her heart out and watched her lifeless body drop in the floor, throwing her heart beside her.

He stood there for a while staring, "Can you stop being dramatic and take a fucking shower, I feel gross." Axel cut the silence and Enzo sighed in annoyance.

"Yes, God, you are so fucking bitchy sometimes."

"I have a right to be bitchy, there's chunks of cop in my fucking hair."

Chapter Text

Axel was breathing heavily and trembling in fear and horror and what he had just done. He looked down at his bloody hands, eyes widened, he cast a glance at the bodies torn apart in the small diner he decided to eat in. The place once covered in pastel colours, was covered in blood, the counter too was dripping with the red liquid and in the middle of it all, Axel knelt downgrading at his hands on shock.

Everything was silent.

He did this.

Whatever Brenna did to him made him into this monster. He ripped these people limb from limb as euphoria spread throughout his body, at the time he loved it but now, as he looked down at his hands he felt nothing but disgust.

After killing Brenna, he left New Orleans and decided to go back home, to Malibu with his dad. He had gotten hungry during the drive and pulled up to some 50's style diner in the middle of nowhere. It was fine at first, the people were nice, although he did get some looks for his outfit. Crocs and mismatched thigh high socks, red shorts and a bright green t-shirt. His hair was a mess of dark curls thrown into an insanely messy bun.

He was in the middle of eating his blueberry pancakes when the men in black came in, everyone in the diner exited quickly as soon as they saw them.

There was old music playing in the back ground.

As soon as everyone cleared out, the men in black walked toward him. Axel knew he had nothing to worry about, he wasn't scared or nervous, just curious.

The men had a logo on their jacket saying SHIELD, they kept approaching and he kept eating. He wasn't entirely bothered by them, just curious.

"Axel Stark. Your father has been up to no good..." Axel cut off the leader by dropping his knife and fork in the plate, letting them clang on the plate, a noise the men winced at.

"Daddy's been bad so you're here to kidnap me and threaten to kill me if he doesn't stop being naughty."

"Essentially, yes. He took something of ours, an asset and refuses to give it back. If you would come with us peacefully we will not use brute force."

Axel picked up his fork and continued eating, he dryly replied, "I am quaking in my Gucci boots right now."

The men looked taken aback as if this wasn't normal and frowned. The music continued to play softly in the background.

The leader smirked wickedly and roughly grabbed Axel's arm, yanking him out of his seat. "I'm gonna beat the snark outta you and put those pretty lips to good use. What do you think guys?"

The two guys on his left answered, "Yeah. Maybe we can take turns, Rumlow."

The other men watched in amusement as Rumlow dragged Axel out of the diner and the boy was getting angry. He could feel an unexplainable rage bubbling to the surface, like in New Orleans with the cops, and he felt himself changing. This time it was faster, one second he's being dragged out and the next, he's towering over the men, who suddenly had guns and were shooting at him.

The bullets did nothing but bounce off of him and irritate him even more, a deep demonic sound came from his mouth and he proceeded to rip the men apart.

He got distracted when he walked past a reflective surface and saw himself in this form for the first time. He looked like a giant black wolf with fire for eyes, no pupils just fire.

He was ripped from his train of thought when he felt something rip at his skin. Axel looked down at the culprit and saw Rumlow with a large broken knife. He growled and snapped his jaws around the man's upper body ripping him in half.

After seeing this, two of the men ran out of the diner and sped off down the road leaving three others scrambling to get to the door, but Axel was quicker, he blocked the door with one of his legs effectively trapping them inside the diner. They quickly backed away and tried to run for the backdoor, but Axel jumped in front of them and picked up two of them with his mouth and used them as a chew toy and the third backed into a corner.

He dropped to his knees and pleaded, "Please don't kill me. Please just let me go."

The man pleaded and Axel tilted his head mockingly, the wolf started shifting leaving only Axel. The small boy had a sickeningly sweet smile on his face, he knelt in front of the man, resting his hand in his chest.

"Don't worry, I've done this before. You won't feel a thing." Before the man could question him, Axel slowly pushed his hand into his chest, he yelled in pain. Axel watched in delight as blood poured from the man's chest as he ripped his heart out.

He slumped against the wall lifeless as Axel threw him and his heart aside.

The music continued, adding a strange sense of manic satisfaction coursing through his body, until he looked around the diner at his handy work. The blood and guts spread throughout the once adorable diner made him sick. Axel dropped to his knees in a pool of blood.

Satisfaction turned into disgust and it took him a while to realise he wasn't disgusted by his actions, he was divided by the fact he ruined his favourite t-shirt. Pepper had given it to him for him birthday and now it was covered in blood.

Enzo sputtered in disbelief, "I actually thought you felt bad for doing all this but you only feel bad about ruining your fucking shirt. And you call me dramatic? We could but thousands of those shirts."

"It's not the fucking shirt, it's the thought that went into the gift. She didn't have to get me anything, but she did, that's why it's my favourite and now cause of these assholes, it's ruined."

Soft music played in the background and Axel sang along, "Smile, though your heart is breaking,"

"Hey, idiot. Maybe we should leave instead of playing sing along. Someone could come here my second."

Axel groaned at Enzo in annoyance, "Why do you have to be such a buzzkill? I was trying to enjoy this masterpiece." He stood up and made his way outside toward his jeep, pulling the keys out of his pocket. He unlocked the jeep and took his blanket from the backseat, spreading over the driver's seat so blood wouldn't get on it.

Something far off caught his attention, it looked like multiple vehicles coming toward his position, prompting him to move faster to get the he'll out of there. He quickly pulled out of the car park and sped off.

Chapter Text

"Can you please come from under the table? I promise I'm not gonna hurt you." Tony pleaded with the broken man hiding under his desk.

This was supposed to be simple, easy. After finding the mother load on HYDRA, Tony set out to destroy them and he did, most of the bases were gone and the Nazis were dealt with. He spent weeks researching and writing through their records discovering something called SHIELD and their plans to take over.

Then he found the bunker in Siberia. It was mostly empty, a handful of agents just watching over the base and guarding something. He took out the agents quickly and hacked their systems, and Jarvis gathered the data. Tony set the bunker to explode and flew off.

He got the surprise of his life when he went through the data later that night in his workshop. He went through a range of emotions, the most common being confusion and anger. Tony almost wished he didn't send Axel away two weeks ago, if he hadn't, he could probably have someone who made better decisions to tell him what to do. He could call Pepper or Rhodey or even Happy, he just needed someone to tell him what to do.

But Tony didn't want any of them involved, if something happened to any of them he didn't know what he would do. Although he knew Axel couldn't die, seeing him dead again would mess him up far worse than the first time, which is why he sent him away.

As a result, this is how he ended up with a confused, terrified and harmless, Winter Soldier hiding under his desk. The soldier had woken up in his workshop, disoriented and as soon as he saw Tony standing at the bottom of the bed, he scrambled away, hiding in the darkest part of the room that he could fit in.

Tony felt bad, given that he had set out, in his mind to kill the soldier who killed his parents, but seeing him now, he was clearly just a tool, a weapon HYDRA used and set aside when they were finished and now he just wanted to help him, but it was going to be hard since the man wouldn't even get out from under the desk.

"Come on help me out a little here. I swear I'm not going to hurt you, I want to help you."

"Maybe, I don't know, he doesn't speak English." Tony made a noise that he was not proud of and would deny he made it to his grave. He spun around and saw Axel standing in the doorway. No, Enzo, this was Enzo since he was wearing all black and no crocs. That was the only way to tell them apart, by their clothing, Axel dressed like a homeless lunatic and Enzo dressed like a goth's wet dream.

"Aren't you supposed to be in New Orleans?"

"Brenna tried to kill us permanently, so we got out of there. As I was saying, Jarvis told me about the cyborg man, maybe he's in like, factory reset mode and can only speak Russian or something."

"Huh, that actually makes sense. Do you speak Russian?"

Enzo moved closer to the desk, "A little, I'll give it a try." He sat on the ground to get a look at him and he couldn't help but coo. "Are you sure he's an assassin, he is the most adorable person I have ever seen, is that why he's so successful, his victims look at him and just let him murder them, cause I would. God, his eyes remind me of a baby, he looks so innocent."

Tony rolled his eyes at his rant, "Lorenzo, please get on with it."

"Fine. 'Hello, I'm Lorenzo and that's my dad Tony. Do you know your name?'"

The soldier shook his head frantically.

Enzo nodded in understanding, "'That's okay kitten. Do you know where you are?'"

He shook his head again.

"'You are in my dad's workshop, in Malibu. He helped you get away from the bad men and now he's trying to help you. Do you remember anything?'"

The soldier went blank for a couple seconds, and shook his head again. He started breathing heavily in a panic and Enzo crawled closer.

"'Okay, it's okay. We are in a safe place, where no one can hurt you.'" That didn't seen to calm him down at all and he started panicking even more. Enzo also started panicking because he didn't know what to do in this situation, this wasn't something he had to do. In that moment he could feel Axel pushing through and he let him.

"'Can I touch you? Is that okay?'" They soldier nodded and Axel inches his hands toward his head and ran his finger gently through his hair, "'It's okay, you don't have to remember anything now, eventually it will come back. Are you hungry?'"


"'We have to come from under here, can you do that kitten? Can you come out? No one's gonna hurt you here, this house is a safe space.'"

Axel rest his hands on the soldier's and guided him from under the table.


"Is this why you sent us away? Cause of your knew house guest?" Enzo was fixing the soldier a sandwich while said soldier was curled up on the couch, spaced out and Tony was in the kitchen with him, drinking a cup of coffee.

"I didn't know about him till a week ago, I sent you away for the same reason I made Pep go on vacation, to keep you safe."

Enzo raised an eyebrow, "You do realise I can't die right?"

"Course I know, if I can avoid you going through that again, I will."

Enzo finished the sandwich, "And I love you for it, but next time just tell me." He carried the tray with the sandwich and a glass of water to the soldier, resting it gently on the coffee table in front of him.

"'I think my name is James.'"

"'Nice name, time to eat, James.'"

Chapter Text

"Please James, please don't do this." Axel pleaded, but James just shook his head, eyes blank of emotion.

"I'm sorry, but I have to."

"I thought we were friends, we've been hanging out for weeks. I let you use my special hair gel, James. You can't, this will destroy me." He felt utterly betrayed. How could James do this? After everything they went through together? The nightmares, the memory flashes. Axel just couldn't believe he was going to do this.

"You are a great friend, but I have to," James smacked a card on the kitchen counter where they were, "draw four, Uno!" James wore a shit eating from on his face.

"God dammit!" Axel snarled. "You said you've never played this game before, I'm starting to think you lied to me, James."

"I guess I'm just that good."


"Yes, in between torture and cryo, HYDRA taught me how to play Uno." James bat his eyelashes at Axel and pouted.

"You're looking for empathy from an apathetic bitch, you have a better chance meeting God at a metal concert." Axel took a snicker doodle from the cookie jar. "Cookie?"

James took it and ate while Axel shuffled the cards to play again. "I had a dream about Steve, but, he was, uh, much smaller than the pictures you guys showed me. He was getting beat up and I remember being really annoyed about it, like it was a regular thing."

Axel started dealing the cards, "Maybe it was, from what I read, Steve was a pain in the ass, and not even the nice kind. He seemed like one of those people who could never walk away from a fight. A little like Enzo."

"Lorenzo is so much worse, Axel, you can't deny that." Tony walked into the kitchen and headed straight for the coffee maker, "You remember that time Enzo almost put a kid in a coma cause he called you a fairy, or the time someone called him short and he broke the guys leg. Didn't he get arrested for assault last year?" Tony rattled on, listing the things Lorenzo got in trouble for because of his temper.

"Alright, I get it, but you can't blame him, most of those things were provoked and he has a condition."

"I still don't understand, how come Lorenzo has IED and you don't?" James asked.

"No clue. The doctor explained it but I wasn't exactly listening, it the same way he can paint like Picasso and I can only draw stuck figures. I write, he paints, that's how it is."

Tony finished his second cup of coffee and pointed at Axel, "Young man, aren't you supposed to be on a plane right now?"

"Why exactly do I have to go to college? My trust fund alone could take care of my grandkids."

"Yes it could, but you started it, now you have to finish it. You have one year left, not that long, you're on a scholarship and if you don't go you'll never get to see Wade, I don't think I can take any more of you mooning over him."

Axel gaped at him, "I do not moon."

James raised his eyebrow , "I've heard you talking about him at least six times in the few weeks I've been here. Don't you have his number or something?"

"I forgot to ask." Axel huffed, "Fine, I'll go get ready."


Axel came down half an hour later dressed in a green an white stripes three piece suit, with knee high miss matched patterned socks over the pants and red loafers, his thick curly black hair was wrapped up in a wild ponytail and he was dragging a large pastel blue suitcase behind him.

"I'm ready, someone has to drive me, there is no way I'm leaving my car at that place."

James gave him a bewildered look and Tony pat him in the shoulder, "You'll get used to it, eventually."

Chapter Text

Breaking into the ice rink in the middle of the night while one person was high and the other was tipsy sounded like a horrible idea, neither of them were in the right mind set to skate right now, but neither Lorenzo or Wade have a shit. Lorenzo picked the lock while Wade stood watch, both giggling like idiots when the door finally opened.

They were both at the bar Lorenzo trying out the "New and Improved" product he bought from Weasel, and Wade sat at the bar downing tequila shots like it was water. One minute they were just sat there talking and then the next they were planning a break in. Weasel tried to stop them and by tried he just told them not to do it once and then shook his head, saying something about "crazy kids".

They got the skates on after fumbling with them for a while and stumbled into the ice. Wade looked like a baby deer learning how to walk and Enzo wasn't much worse, usually he was very good at ice skating but as of right now, all he could do was taste his thoughts and hear colours. Enzo skated in circles around Wade who had just given up and lay on the cold icy surface.

"Come on Wilson, this is no fun with you on the ground. Get up, Wilson."

Enzo continued to skate circles around the man as he lay there looking at him, calculating his next move. Enzo was helpless when Wade kicked out his leg and tripped him, sending him crashing into the ice. Enzo let out a pained groan and light heartedly punched Wade in the arm.

"You ass, I could have died." Enzo crawled closer to the man and lay down on his side to face him.

Wade turned to face Enzo and booped his nose, "Quit being dramatic. No way you could have died, I would not allow it."

They lay there in a comfortable silence and Wade started to doze off a little, but screeched when he felt a freezing hand touch the side of his neck and curled in on himself. He quickly sat up to wipe his neck, beside him he could hear Lorenzo giggling and shuffling away.

"You are so dead." Enzo got up and skated away laughing hysterically as Wade tried to get up but kept slipping. "I'm gonna get you, in about twenty minutes."

Lorenzo kept laughing, "That's payback for almost killing me to death."

"I would never unalive you sweet thing. I would never be able to see your bubbly ass ever again."

"Is that all I am to you? A sweet thing with a bubbly butt? My heart has been broken, I shall never love again." Lorenzo stopped taking and dropped to the floor hold his head dramatically. "I twas a walking twat, to think otherwise."

He promptly burst out into a fit of giggles, which distracted him from seeing the merc sneakily crawl toward him. "I'm so high right now."

Enzo squealed when he felt a cold hand go up his shirt and rest on his stomach, "Payback's a bitch ain't it?" Wade hovered over him and drunkenly tickled him until he was writhing around and laughing.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Let's call a truce."

Wade stopped and stayed there, hovering, his body slotted in between Enzo's legs. Lorenzo looked up at him in a daze. "I really wanna kiss you."

"I also really wanna kiss you."

"I'm glad we're in agreement, consent is sexy and all that." Wade ran A finger lightly over Enzo's lips.

A smile creeped up on Enzo's face, "I couldn't agree more, why don't you come down here so we can get our smooch on." Wade rolled his eyes and lowered himself to kiss Enzo.

Enzo's arms snaked around Wade's neck as their lips met. There were no sparks or whatever bullshit as writers like to say, no magical moment, but Wade's lips were warm and soft and sweet. He tasted like the tequila he drank before they got there, and Enzo was sure he tasted very earthy.

As they deepened the kiss, Wade ran his hands up and down Enzo's legs, inching closer and closer under his skirt. Wade stopped and pulled away suddenly after feeling something. "Are you wearing panties?"

"Of course I am, boxers or briefs would look absolutely tacky with this skirt. Do I look. ..." Wade cut him off him rant with his lips, Enzo wrapped his legs around Wade's waist and ran his hands up his t-shirt. They continued making out on the ice, running their hands all over each other and pulling each other's hair, until Wade pulled away again when he felt Enzo's chest.

"Are your nipples pierced?"

Enzo groaned in annoyance, "Yes, and if you pull away again you're never going to find the other piercings and surprises I have all over my body." Enzo pushed up and latched his lips him to Wade's neck, leaving a trail of bruises and he let out a filthy moan.

"What surprises?"

Lorenzo groaned and flipped them so Wade was in the bottom and straddled his hips, working his way down Wade's neck. Wade inched his hands up Enzo's skirt and have his ass a squeeze. Enzo moaned and let out a breathy, "Fuck."

Wade captured Enzo's lips with his again and continued playing with his ass, bringing his hips up as he ground into him and rubbed their hard cocks against each other. They both let out loud moans and Enzo's back arched.

Wade parted his ass cheeks to get better access and slid his hand under the panties to rub Enzo's hole. The boy pushed his ass back on Wade's finger and bit his lips so hard they almost bled.

Suddenly, the large metal doors slammed open and they jumped apart. "Hey, you two are not supposed to be in here." It was a guard and he was almost running down to the ice, while Wade and Enzo kicked of their skates and ran the other way, with a lot of difficulty and retrieved their things they left on the side.

When they made it outside they ran barefoot holding their shoes and Enzo's bag for a few more blocks and stopped in an alley to take a breather. Enzo fixed his skirt and slipped on his combat boots, while Wade did the same. Enzo adjusted his bag straps and strung it on his back with a lot of complications since they were still very buzzed.

"Your hair is a mess." Wade stated proudly. Enzo felt his head and Wade was right, most of his hair was out of the bun and some was sticking up. He pulled out the elastic band and let his hair fall down his back and he straightened it out. Wade suddenly got very quiet and Enzo looked at him to find the man gawking at him.


"Never ever put your hair up again. Just... Wow. I mean. ... Wow, holy shit." Wade rambled on in awe.

Enzo blushed and he almost wished Axel hadn't fucked off so he could tell him what the hell to say to that. "It's not that great."

Wade scoffed and slowly ran his hand through the thick, soft curls, "You look beautiful, so hot. If I wasn't so tired, I would finish what we started back there."

He buried his face in Wade's chest so the man couldn't see now need his cheeks were. "Can we just go?"

Chapter Text

"And cut! Everyone take five and then back to your places." The director yelled through the mega phone.

Axel was sat in his chair on the far side of the movie set he was working on for the summer, absolutely regretting everything. When his dad told him he talked to an up and coming director who was looking for a writer and got him a job, Axel was excited, finally getting to work on a movie instead of his cringey high school plays.

But, this movie fucking sucked, he wrote maybe forty percent of the script, the director clearly had no fucking clue what he was doing and the actors were even worst. Everyone on this set was a newbie to the film industry, it was very obvious. He had seen far more experience from newbie actors in the open industry than here. Axel was probably the only one there who had any kind of clue what was supposed to be going on. But the director was a cock, and thought he was the best thing to happen since ice cream.

Axel was so close to punching the shit out of him and it looked like today he would do it. They were already so wound up by Wade and his stupid ass. After dating for two and a half years you would think Axel would be used to his boyfriend's dumbass, but he wasn't. Wade got shot in his chest two weeks ago on the job and almost died, and today Wade wanted to get back to work.

He was still hurt, he still winced every time he breathed and laughed, but he wanted to get back to work. They had an argument about it and it was bad, probably the worst they've ever had and it led to Axel kneeing him in his manly bits.

The twenty two year old tapped his leg in annoyance, he had blocked out the shitty movie being made and just thought of twenty different ways to kill his boyfriend. He watched the morons move around and grab snacks from the snack table. Snacks would be a stretch, the most junk food thing they had on the table was granola bars and Axel had forgotten to bring his bag of emergency snacks.

He was almost relieved when his phone rang, "Help me."

Winter's voice rang through the other end, "What's wrong? Is it really that bad?"

Axel sighed in utter annoyance, "I have never had the urge to murder someone so violently after knowing them for three days. This movie is going to be the worst thing ever, I've written pornos that would win any award before this movie."

Winter chuckled from the other end, "You poor thing. Lucky for you I'm coming to New York tomorrow, Tony wants help with moving into the tower."

"Thank god. If this little racist punk threatens to deport me again, I'm gonna cut of his fingers and feed them to his mother. The nerve he has, he thinks just because he went to Julliard and graduated with a perfect grade that he's the shit, but I'm gonna shit in his fucking face after I stab him three hundred and thirty two times."

"That is oddly specific, how long have you been thinking about this?"

"Three days. I forgot his name on purpose and only speak Spanish whenever he asks me something just to be petty. He's the shit stain that needs to be scrubbed out of people's undies. I swear I'm gonna punch him."

"Anyway, are you home tonight?" James changed the subject after hearing that he knew it would only get worse.

"No, I have a ticket to go to the ballet. Why do you ask?"

"I was thinking I should drop by earlier and we could get pizza and play cards again, I learned how to play poker and I'm ready to beat you this time, hopefully."

"Well, I'm home tomorrow cause I'm gonna be fired today, so we could do it tomorrow." Axel watched as the director walked over to him with a scowl on his face.

"You seem sure."

"Yep, today's the day that's gonna be the best day of my life." The director, Axel didn't even bother learning his name, stopped right in front of him, "Have a great day James, I have a cunt to punch."

"So, you do speak English. I need you to scrub my toilet, the cleaner quit this morning. And I figured your kind are used to doing this so, why not ask you."

Axel struggled to keep Enzo from surfacing, as he sat back in his seat he looked shithead in his eyes, "I don't know what you mean by my kind, cause I'm from California, I've never set foot in Mexico as you've said countless times and I'm only one third Columbian, so you can't be talking to me."

Shithead scoffed, "As if I'd ever believe you Alma. Now clean my toilet or I'll have you deported."

Axel snorted, "What even gave you the thought I could be here illegally, my tongue ring costs more than you fucking car, this jacket alone could buy three hundred of those God awful khaki things you put on everyday. If I wanted into a country, I could get in easily."

"Please, those are probably stolen. Why don't you do your job, I'm not paying you here to sit down and do nothing."

Axel looked Shithead up and down, "This is a volunteer gig, moron."

Shithead was getting mad now, he kept clenching his fist and he was turning red, "Do you know who my parents are? I will have you buried, you wouldn't get another job for the rest of your miserable life. How are you and your thirty cousins supposed to eat?"

"My parents were only children." Axel told him cheekily to rile him up even more. And it worked, Shithead grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up out of his chair, Axel had a shit eating grin on his face, "Ooh, someone's getting cranky. Do you want a juice box?"

"Shut up you piece of shit."

Everyone in the studio was watching them, the room went quiet and the only thing they could hear was the argument.

"It's sad, all this attention and one would think you're secretly in love with me or something. Is that what you want, you want me to bend over and spread em on your desk, don't you? But you can't, cause mommy and daddy would cut you off. How sad would they be? Oh my gosh our son's a fairy." Axel teased and teased and Shithead clutched the jacket tighter and his face got redder.

"Shut up or I'm gonna punch the shit out of you. You think I'm some fag like you?"

"You know what they say, it takes one to know one." That seemed to be the last straw for Shithead as he dropped Axel in the chair and punched him in the face.

Axel held his face in mock pain, "You even punch like a little pillow princess. Maybe you want me to bend you over the desk. I've never done that before but, we could try."

Axel got another punch in the face and he rocked back in the chair giggling like a maniac, his nose was starting to bleed, but he simply wiped it off with his finger and licked it seductively. Shithead punched him again and again until he was on the floor and his face covered in blood. He lay there and Shithead stood over him, giving the usual bad guy monologue, "I didn't want to have to do this but".

Axel whispered something under his breath and Shithead knelt down to get closer, so he could hear what he thought were pleas to stop. He put his ear right next to Axel's mouth, which was a terrible idea in the first place, because the first chance he got, Axel latched onto his ear with his teeth and bit down hard. Shithead screamed in pain, and Axel savagely ripped a piece of his ear off in his mouth. Shithead pulled away clutching his ear in pain, he looked on in horror as Axel chewed up his ear with blood running down his mouth.

Axel laughed maniacally and spat it out, "Now you know not to fuck with me!" Axel grabbed his things and left the studio, "By the way I quit and your movie fucking sucks ass. I've seen better plots in porn."




Enzo went to the ballet, most nights were his time in the surface and he liked to spend them like this, watching shows and dressing up in fancy clothes. He was supposed to go with Wade, but Wade was being an ass again so he went by himself.

In a long black coat with golden embroidery, black close fitting pants with a gold line down the side, a black inside shirt and black platform Doc Martens. His hair was shaved in a buzz cut and bleached platinum blonde, to piss off Wade since he liked his long hair so much. His horn rimmed glasses were perched on his nose, all four of his face piercings were in and he wore six clunky gold rings on his fingers.

"This is a bit much, even for you." Axel whispered in the back of his head.

"I have to distract them from the bruises on my face since you didn't fight back with Shithead. We only had so much concealer."

People were giving him looks as usual, all these old rich white people with their faces that can barely move and their twelve year old girlfriends, can't handle the fact that the exotic man looks richer than them all and he's younger than half their age. He saw a woman roll her eyes when her husband checked him out and Enzo couldn't help the smirk that came on his face.

The ballet was over, everyone was in their peer groups chatting and Enzo was making a quick get away, before anyone recognised him. But as usual nothing went his way.

"Little Stark is that you?" Enzo groaned internally and looked at the person who talked. It was his old ballet teacher, Mrs. Brown, his face lit up.

"Hi, I haven't seen you in like seven years. How are you?" He went on to hug the woman and she squeezed the life out of him.

"I'm good. No longer Mrs, caught Jerry with his best friend two years ago and I've been happy ever since."

Enzo chuckled, "I remember telling you he was bad news. Do you still have the school?"

"Yes, and you are welcomed to drop by anytime, give my students a lesson or two. You were always my best student."

Enzo smiled, "You flatter me."

"Emily!" Ms. Brown turned at the voice, who was a very handsome man.

"Oh, is he your date? You really upgraded from Jerry." Ms. Brown blushed a little and smacked his arm lightly.

"Stop it you. I have to go, we'll catch up later. Bye Little Stark."




Enzo made it to his building and found three cop cars outside waiting for something or someone. He made it to the gate when he heard that annoying voice.

"That's him right there officer, that's the guy that bit my ear."

Enzo chuckled under his breath, "We probably should have just put this little twat out of his misery."

"There were people everywhere, what the hell was I supposed to do?" Axel argued.

One of the officers pulled out his handcuffs, "Excuse me sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to put your hands where I can see them."

Enzo kept his hands in his pockets, "Why?"

The officer looked kind of shocked when he asked that,"Because I have to arrest you, this young man claims you assaulted him."

Enzo shrugged, "He hit me first, I think that counts as self defence." Enzo looked over his shoulder, "I gonna go now, sorry for wasting your time."

"Hey! You are under arrest. Stay right where you are and put your hands where I can see them." The officer yelled the other two hand their hands on their weapons and Shithead was behind them.

Enzo tilted his head and walked towards them, "But I don't want to."

"Listen faggot, I don't give a shit what you want, get your hands where I can see them or I'm gonna shoot." He drew his weapon and so did the other two.

"Hey Buddy, I can feel you getting angry. We worked on this, just do what they say and we can have our way later. Come on, you getting angry doesn't do any good. I know you don't like that word but you have to calm down." Axel sounded worried.

Enzo ignored every single word Axel told him, "I hate that word."

"You got five seconds," He stated, Enzo kept staring at him daring him to pull the trigger, " 5...4...3...2...1. "

Six gunshots rang through the silence of the night and pierced Enzo's chest making him explode in anger. Their body pushed the bullets out and the cops stared on in horror. Enzo's entire body got hot, insanely hot and smoke came from his ears, nose and mouth. The cops were confused by this and started to back away slowly.

Enzo was angry, so fucking angry. He's been arguing constantly with the love of his life for a week and he kept being an ass, he had to deal with that racist asshole for three days and he hadn't had an episode in weeks, keeping all of that bottled up anger was making his skin burn.

The smoke turned to fire and suddenly his entire body was covered in it burning away all his clothes much to Axel's horror - that was his favourite coat. He let out a roar that woke up some of the neighbours.

Enzo sounded like a beast.

The cops tried to run but Enzo let out a firey breath, like he was a dragon, and burned them alive, Shithead included. When the dust settled and he started to cool off, he realised he was floating at least three feet off the ground.

Everything about that was so new to them, they thought it was only the hell hound and only Axel got something out of the sacrifice, but Axel usually surfaces whenever Enzo had an episode, which was probably what just happened. Enzo stood there bewildered and staring at the ashes of the idiots, "Holy shit! Holy fuck!"

"Yeah, I get it this is really crazy not stuff but people are looking, we need to get out of here." Axel reminded him.

No one has seen him yet, just the rubble so Enzo got rid of the flames and soot covered his naked body, he used the darkness to hide him and he ran inside to his home where he hoped Wade would be resting his injured ass.

Chapter Text

Lorenzo got back to his loft and ran straight in the shower to wash off the ashes. After scrubbing his skin, he wrapped himself up in his bath robe and went for the kitchen for the left over pizza in the fridge. He only realised that Wade wasn't home when he sat down on their couch, Enzo sighed and rest his head in the back of the couch.

It wasn't until midnight, that Wade came stumbling in with his arms filled with boxes, Enzo who had been sleeping with cold pizza in his hand, jumped awake. He was in a daze and accidentally lot the pizza on fire.

Wade struggled carrying the boxes inside, since his right arm was in a vast and he had four small boxes, Enzo snapped out of his dazed state and watched him continue struggling to put them on their kitchen counter.

"You're home early." Enzo announced sarcastically. He was lounging in the dark, in his short fluffy bath robe.

Wade, who was very familiar with Lorenzo's preference to dark places especially sitting in dark rooms to give people heart conditions, simply shrugged, "I had to get a few things, I was at the bar all night until Weasel kicked me out. He gave me some of his special brownies for you and I brought you pizza, ham and cheese. Also there's this donut shop a couple blocks away, they had all these really exotic donuts and other pastries that I got." Wade stopped to breath, and pulled out a long box with a bow on it, "I know you're gonna love this one."

Lorenzo was perplexed at first but the moment Wade took the hookah out of the box, a wide grin formed on his face, it was rainbow coloured and he loved it. "This is the second best thing you've ever given me." He paused and realisation dawned on him, "Wade Winston Wilson, are your trying to bribe me, cause it's not working Mr, I'm still mad at you."

Wade dropped his head and groaned, he threw his hands up and surrendered, "Fine, yes, I'm trying to bribe you. I'm sorry."

"'S the first time you've said that since this whole thing started." Enzo played with Wade's sleeve and sighed, "I'm not trying to be an asshole, I know you like what you do, ridding the world of scumbags and all that, but I have always been really worried about you, I've been worried my whole life really, my dad tends to be insanely reckless all the time and I'm surprised he isn't dead yet. But when Weasel called me that night and I saw you bleeding out, I thought that all my nightmares had come through, I thought I lost you and I don't know what I would've done, you're one of the only people in this shit show I can actually stand."

Wade caressed his face and ran his thumbs along his jaw line, "This is probably the most mature conversation we've ever had."

"I know right, we should get it out so we can go back to being irresponsible. I'm starting to itch a little."

"Agreed. Okay, I understand what you're saying, I've seen the shit you deal with all the time and I don't know how you do it, I worry about you every time you leave the loft. This one time I followed you for real, and just let me say this, I am very uncomfortable with the number of people checking you out."

Enzo scoffed, "I can't exactly do anything about perverts, honey pot."

"I'm also sorry for taking the job yesterday, I miscalculated how easy it was going to be, which is why I got my hand broken and made you mad at me." Enzo raised his eyebrow , "I am also sorry for yelling at Axel, that was not cool. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to kick Shithead's ass when he gave you that shiner, I swear I'm gonna kill him."

Enzo turned away from Wade and picked up a chocolate donut, "Wow this is so tasty."

Wade eyed him in suspicion, "What did you do? Did you clean up the crime scene? I don't want my little psycho in prison." He squeezed Enzo's cheek and said man slapped his hand away.

"It was an accident, and the crime scene blew away with the rest of the ashes. Also, I discovered something today."

"What's that?"

Enzo lit his hand on fire and waved it in front of Wade's face, Wade looked shocked and went to touch it, but Enzo pulled back, "Are you crazy, this is fire. I saw first hand that it's so hot, Shithead turned into ash almost immediately, he's probably still outside blowing around in the wind."

"That's what that smell was." Enzo continued eating his donut and not looking him in the eye, "What else did you do?"

"What had happened was, earlier, I sort of bit his ear off on set and he called the cops and they were here to, and they sort of pissed me off to and I had a tiny episode and Axel couldn't come out to stop me. So they may have been caught in the cross fire, literally."

Enzo lit on his best smile but Wade was not having it, "You killed cops? They're gonna send somebody else to see what happened. Maybe someone worse, like the FBI , or SHIELD. We can't have any cops snooping around, most of the people you rent to are criminals."

"Stop it, no one's gonna find anything, they're all ashes right now, blowing around in the wind and no one saw anything. There aren't any cameras around here, since we got them all disabled, cause of our tenants. We just deny everything and hope for the best."

"I hope you're right, my little psycho. You know I love you right, both of you."

"We know." Enzo went on his tip toes and kissed Wade on the lips, Wade bent the rest of the distance since he only reached his chin, and lifted him up with his left arm, making Enzo wrap his legs around his waist, he walked them to the couch and peeled off Enzo's bath robe.

Enzo pulled away breathlessly, "What about the food? I was really looking forward to hearing those brownies Weasel made."

"This is only gonna take five minutes." Wade dived back in and attached his lips to Enzo's mouth pushing the younger mans legs to his chest.

Chapter Text

Axel exited his apartment building the following morning texting James, when two women, dressed in pants suits, spotted him and headed towards him. By the looks of it, they were probably police or something. One was a red head and the other had raven black hair. Axel stopped walking when they called his name and pushed his phone in his pants pocket.

"Mr. Alma? Lorenzo Alma?"

"Yes?" He asked cautiously , "Can I help you with something?"

The raven headed one talked first, "I am detective Garcia and this is my partner detective McCall, we're here about three missing cops and a witness. They came here last night to detain you and haven't been seen since, can you tell us your whereabouts last night."

Axel adjusted the bag on his back, "Yes, I attended the ballet last night, got home around ten thirty, I didn't see any police here. Why was I supposed to be detained?"

McCall spoke up, "Gregory Robinson filed a report saying you attacked him and bit off part of his ear."

Axel frowned at the moment he had never met anyone by that name in his life, "Who?"

"The director of the film you were writing until you quit yesterday?" Garcia looked at him like he had two heads.

Axel snapped his fingers, "Shithead. I hate that guy, he was a racist asshole. Can you believe he asked me to clean his bathroom because it's the only thing my people can do? And then, he punched me in the face, repeatedly. If anything I should be the one pressing charges. Do you see my face? It's gonna take forever until these things heal."

"So, you're saying he assaulted you?" Axel nodded, "We have several eye witnessed stating you taunted him until he hit you and then you bit off his ear."

"I didn't taunt anyone, but did I bite his ear off? Yes. He messed up my face, so I gave him a little fuck you gift."

"Do you have any idea where we could find him?"

"I didn't even know his name until you just told me, I doubt you're gonna find him. Am I under arrest detectives?"

"Without Gregory's official statement, we can't detain you."

Axel nodded, "Well, I have places to be. Good luck finding the ass."

As Axel walked away, they both watched him and came to a mutual agreement that he was hiding something. "He's crazy, did you see what he was wearing? What kind of sick person under sixty wears socks and sandals? We gotta get the chief to let us watch him."

Garcia nodded, "Agreed. And did you hear when he said, was, he clearly knows something."


Axel came to the realisation that he was being followed the day after he talked those cop ladies. There was a black police issued car everywhere he went. He didn't give a shit about them as long as they didn't interfere with anything he was cool with it, he didn't have anything to hide anyway.e

"You have a ton of shit to hide, you ass."

Axel rolled his eyes at Enzo's input, "You know what I mean you idiot."

His phone went off and he fished it out of his pocket to see a text from an unknown person. He opened it and read, "I know who you are and what you did, but do they?"

Axel scoffed, "Look at that, some asshole's trying to blackmail us."

Another text came, "I know what you did to those agents in the diner." Pictures popped up with the guys ripped to shreds.

Axel studied it, "Huh. Do they really think they could scare me? I got sacrificed by my grandma, some little nerd isn't gonna scare me."

Another text came through, "One million dollars to keep my mouth shut, Stark."

Axel snorted, "This person is clearly stupid. They know I'm loaded and only ask for one million, amateur. They have no ambition or common sense."

"Are we gonna pay them?"

"Hell no." Another text with a time and place, "Besides, we gotta get rid of the cops first."

Axel slipped his shades onto his face and stepped out of the diner. He made eye contact with one of the detectives and waved. They looked very angry after being spotted, their eyes cut to the ice cream van sitting in front of them, and spoke into the radio. He realised the ice cream van didn't have any ice cream.

Two other texts came in, it was the usual, come alone, anything happens to me and the video gets released. People are so fucking unoriginal sometimes.
9:00 pm at some abandoned building.

"The person who took this video is such a fucking idiot. You can't even see our face, is this some kind of set up the cops arranged?"

"Doubt it. They don't know my real name. No one has seen me as Axel Stark since I was thirteen."

"Aren't you at least a bit curious as to who it is? I think we should go, check it out. Maybe things will get bloody, I know how much you love that, we haven't had that in such a long time."

Axel smirked, "Are we gonna tell Wade?"

"Hell no."


Axel had to sneak out the back so the cops couldn't see him when he left, Wade was at the bar doing who knows what. He maybe had two hours tops to get there and get back, the place was only five minutes away from him. Axel dressed in black leather pants, combat boots and Henley, probably the most normal thing he has ever worn in his entire life. A mask covering his face, in case of cameras, black leather gloves covering his hands and an axe dragging along behind him.

He got there two minutes before nine and lurked around in the dark corners to spy on who ever it was. Someone came in after him, a chubby guy, he looked dirty and dishevelled.

"Do we know this idiot?"

Axel shook his head, "No we do not."

"Hello? Axel?" Axel watched him, he looked jittery, the guy was sweating so much it was ridiculous. "I don't think he's here."

Two more guys with guns stepped inside, "Of course he is. Spread out and find him."

"I think we should have brought back up, this guy killed seven agents with his bare hands."

"He's a little brat, we can handle it."

"Rumlow was my friend to but this is stupid, we are gonna get killed."

Axel followed them around silently, listening to every word they said. He didn't know who this Rumlow person was but it had to be the diner thing after his grandma murdered him. Those guys were fucking pigs.

He dragged the axe to create a creepy background noise to freak them out, he was at least ten feet away, hidden in the shadows. The sound of the heavy metal dragging against the concrete floor made the men freeze. Axel just watched them in the shadows and watched them turn the safety off their guns and point at where the sound was coming from.

One of them shot the wall five feet away from his head, Axel stopped, the guys took a breath until Axel decided to walk out of the shadows and tilt his head. The 'sad clown' mask he was wearing made him look far more menacing than he had ever looked.

"Chunky knows what he's talking about." His voice was muffled behind the mask, giving it a sinister undertone. He stepped back in the shadows when one of the gun men shot at him, missing him by a hair. They emptied the clip in the wall while Axel kept circling, amusement swimming in his eyes.

"You should stop wasting your bullets. Didn't do Rumlow any good, he tasted fairly good for a nazi."

The men were almost trembling by now, he liked this, after not getting any action for almost three years this sent a rush of excitement through him. It was like the feeling he had after his first kill, the feeling he got after smoking his first blunt or beating the shit out of his middle school bully.

Axel stepped out into the light only to be shot in his chest, he felt the wound closing and saw the gun man dropped dead from the wound that ripped itself in his chest. This left the last gun man and the chubby dude. He tightened his hold on the axe and lifted it with both hands and stalked toward them both with his head tilted mockingly.


When Wade got home from Sister Margaret's, he looked forward to finish that reality show he and Axel had been binging for the past three days. He was tired and just wanted to naked cuddle on the couch with Axel or Enzo, which ever one felt like coming out tonight. He didn't really care.

What he didn't expect, was to find a car on fire in front of his building with two corpses in it and an old ice cream van with bloody hand prints on it. A guy was laid out at the back of the van and his head was five feet away from him. Another guy was halfway out of the windshield with half of his face gone.

He could hear the sirens in the distance, so he ignored it and went inside the building, climbing the stairs to the top floor where the loft was. He could hear that song playing, the song that Axel loved to play when he had one of his break downs, Smile. It was his favourite, Wade didn't understand why, it always creeped him out and Enzo, but Axel loved it so they learned to bare it.

He unlocked the door, opening up to a dark room. Every light on the place was off. When he switched them on, Axel stood there in the middle of the living room, a clown mask sitting atop his head, blood splatters all over his face, he was naked and to top it off he was cradling a bloody axe. Axel wasn't doing anything, just standing there staring at a blank wall, lightly stroking the axe.

He broke the silence whispering a statement that made chills run up Wade's spine, "I did something bad."

"Have you been taking your meds?"

Axel's eyes cut to Wade, "No, they make me feel bad." Axel spaces out again and whispered , "I got rid of the cop problem."

"Can Enzo come out please? I wanna talk to him." Wade smiled and walked over to him slowly.

Axel frowned and he held the axe tighter, "Why do you like him more than me? Is it because I don't want to have sex? Is he easier to be around? What does he have that I don't?"

Wade eyed the axe closely, "That's not what I was saying and you know that. You're not in the right mind set right now, I just need to know what happened."

Axel spaced out again, "They tried to trick me and they died for it. I came back home and the cops were just there, spying again, I couldn't help it."

The song started over again, meaning he had it on a loop, taking a closer look Wade realised the blood on him was dry and crusted, "How long have you been standing there?"

"It was nine thirty two when I got here."

Wade glanced at his watch, it was twelve forty, "You've been standing there for almost three and a half hours."

Axel didn't say anything else to him, he just dropped the axe on the floor with a loud this and walked away from the wall. Wade stood there for a while trying to come to terms with what just went down, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Last time, he didn't kill anyone, but he drowned himself in the bathtub six times and cried every time he came back. Judging by what just happened he could tell Axel hadn't been taking his medication for more than a week, the little altercation last week with the director was just the start of it all.

Wade picked up the bloody axe from the floor, cleaned it and put it away. He could hear the shower running and Axel singing the song that was still on the loop. As much as he hated it, it was the only thing keeping Axel calm at the moment. He decided to give Axel space and sleep on the couch, he never liked anyone touching him in this state of mind.

Chapter Text

Axel was atop the roof of Stark tower at the very top, smoking a blunt and dancing to the music he had playing on his phone. Today was one of his good days, a very rare occasions since the axe thing. After months of refusing to take his meds, he still didn't take them, making Lorenzo so angry he told Tony, and Tony being the worry wart he was made Axel move into the tower when Wade was out of the state. Tony had instructed Axel to never leave the tower until he took his meds.

He even gave Jarvis protocols, to shut down the elevator and the stair case if there weren't any emergencies. The only access to the outside he had was the roof, where he spent most of his time if he wasn't occupying his room. All Axel did these days was lay down in his bed and go to the roof. He barely ate anything, which gave Enzo the responsibility of keeping their body fed. They both lost a lot of weight but not to the point where his bones were visible.

But today was a good day, he woke up early, ate breakfast and went up to the roof top to smoke his blunt. His shirt was off and all he wore were black sweat pants and his crocs, his entire collection of odd tattoos was on display and so were his many piercings.

"This angel dust is wonderful, why haven't we tried this before, Enzo. My skin feels amazing." Axel ran his fingers over his skin slowly feeling how soft it was.

"That's because it's cocaine you fucking idiot, this is the first and last time you take that. We are not going to become crack addicts, you hear me?"

He stopped dancing and groaned, "Fine." Sitting down on the edge of the roof, Axel took in the city, so big and loud. He could hear people arguing from all the way up here, everyone down there looked like little ants, scurrying around to find their next meal and he sort of wished he was one of them. Being cooped up in the tower for a week and a half was starting to get to him, which had him contemplating if he should take his meds again or not.

He pulled the band out of his hair, freeing his pink curly locks and ran his fingers through it.

Just then, Axel heard a commotion on the balcony below him and he looked over to find a group of people setting something up there. He couldn't really distinguish if this was reality or he got a bad batch of pot and was seeing things. Just in case it was real, he called his dad.

"This better be important, I'm trying to make sure aliens don't come down and kill us."

"Okay, okay. So I don't know if this is real or I'm seeing things again," Axel could hear Tony scoff at him, "BUT, there are these people on the balcony setting up this weird thing and they look kind of demented. Also there's this really hot goth Prince looking dude, dressed in green, with the softest looking hair I have ever seen. If this is real I'm gonna ask him what products he uses. He also looks really sick, like if I were to hit him with a pillow he'd like, collapse and die. Do you think I should give him first aid? He tripped on his feet twice and he's sweating really bad. "

He could hear Tony yelling "Son of a bitch." There was a sound of thumping feet like someone was running and he heard his dad again, "Axel stay where you are, that's the guy we're trying to stop. Please don't do anything stupid."

"Please, what's he gonna do, kill me?" Axel snorted.

"YES!" Tony yelled through the phone, "I gotta go, I'll be there soon. James is also on his way."

"M'kay, bye."

"We're gonna do something right? We can't just stay up here."

"Lorenzo, your little hero complex gets us killed all the time, I really don't feel like dying today. It's the first good day I've had in two months." Axel sat down again and waited like Tony said and continued with his blunt.

"Fuck that. We have abilities and we don't ever use them, what's the point of it. We could be out there like dad, helping people."

"In all of my twenty three years of living, the only people that ever helped me were dad and his friends and Wade and James. All those other people, that beat us and called us names because we were different can all burn and I wouldn't even give a shit. Those people that you're trying to save would never even look at us when we were in trouble, when we were all bloody in an alley or the school's parking lot, they can all go fuck themselves. I'm staying put like dad said." Axel out his headphones back on and turned up the music to block everything out.

"Okay then, don't do this for those people, do it for dad." Axel didn't budge but he did turn off the music, "Also, you get to kill aliens. We can get as bloody as you want, we can work together, your strength and that strange voodoo doll thing, my fire and flight. We would be unstoppable, no one's gonna kill us today. I promise."

A beam of light shot from the machine thing and opened a hole in the sky where things started coming out. He could see his dad coming. "We don't have anything to suit up in."

Lorenzo snorted, "We're gonna be covered in fire Axe, I don't think we need anything fancy."

Axel watched his dad try to destroy the machine, he was still hesitant to help out. They had never done anything like this, ever. Only Tony and James knew about them. This would expose them to the world, no one would see his face which was good, but the last time he was in the spotlight, he ended up in a coma and woke up with a voice in his head and two eye colours.

"I know what you're thinking, if anything happens to us, we'll deal with it together. If we have to make blood rain from the sky, we'll deal with it together. I've got you. We can do this, we've been practising remember?" The sound of breaking glass alerted them and Axel looked over the ledge and saw Tony falling out of the window with the suit following. Axel was still hesitant,"Dad got rid of an entire organisation of Nazis in three weeks, flushed them out of SHIELD and everything, if he can do that we can go kill some aliens."

"That's cause dad is basically a god, we are a puny half dead human. Like six people tried to kill him last year, he shook it off and went back to drinking gallons coffee and working till he dropped, in two days. Someone actually killed us and we still get nightmares, I can't even take my meds cause they make me sleepy and I keep seeing Wade bleeding out on that fucking table again."

They could see the jet coming their way, "If you work with me, I'll stop nagging you about the meds." The goth Prince shot down the jet and it spiralled, Axel didn't say anything just ran and jumped off the roof, Lorenzo could feel his mind open up and he reached forward and took control, engulfing their body with flames and flying toward the jet to catch it.

He caught it, steadied it and gently dropped it on the road. The doors opened up and out walked Captain America, James right behind him, suited up and carrying one of the biggest guns he had ever seen, that red headed lady that Axel was absolutely terrified of and another guy with a bow.

The captain frowned when he saw the stranger and asked, "Who are you?"

James nudged him, "That's Axel, Tony's kid, he's cool." James turned to them, "I thought Tony told you to stay put."

Axel played with his fingers anxiously, "Well he did but...," Lorenzo nudged him aside, "There are fucking aliens coming out of the sky, we can talk about this later."

Axel came back and the arrow guy and the captain were looking at him strangely after the outburst, "Uh...okay bye." He almost flew off before Captain stopped him.

"Wait! Here, take this." He passed Axel an ear piece and he stuck it in his ear. Throwing up a piece sign he ignited his body and flew away, "Create a perimeter and make sure none of them cross it, if they do turn 'em to ash."

"Yes sir."


"Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you." Axel was having a blast, he might have been tired, covered in alien blood and hungry but he was having the time of his life. He was blasting aliens left and right, the city may have been covered in ashes because of him, but at least they wouldn't have to clean up dead bodies so who cared.

"I'm glad you're having fun, but I'm tired we need to stop those things from getting through and we need the ones down here to die, like right now." Tony answered through the coms.

Axel groaned, "Fine. Maybe it's like that movie we watched, where if you destroyed the mothership, all the aliens just drop dead."

"That could work, but we would need someone to get up there and we would also need a really big bomb." James added.

Lorenzo had an idea, "Maybe not a bomb at all. You remember when we were testing how hot I could get, but we went so hot that the building we were in sort of melted?"

Axel got exactly what he was saying and looked up at the hole, "We could do the chest beam thing. It's both of us now, meaning we would give it a kick and you would have to put everything you got into it. We wouldn't be strong enough to fly back down."

"We just have to trust someone will catch us."

Axel had his monthly 'this might as well happen' moment and let Lorenzo take most of the control over their body. "Okay guys, we have a bomb."


"I'm the bomb, literally." Lorenzo flew closer to the hole.

From far across the city, Tony almost had a heart attack when he heard those words come out of his son's mouth, "What the hell, do you think you're doing?"

"I don't know, I'm so high right now. I still think this is a hallucination, and it may be one of the best I've ever had." As he was flying upward, he came face to face with the gigantic alien worm and have it a firey punch to the face, sending it back through the hole.

"Are you serious right now? This is not one of your hallucinations, Enzo. You could get seriously hurt."

"Too late, I'm already doing it." Lorenzo lined up a shot of the beam with the ship and fired using all the energy he had left over. It overwhelmed him and he knew he wasn't going to last very long.

"You promised that we weren't gonna die today."

Lorenzo rolled his eyes, "And we're not dying."

"It fucking feels like it, don't you think that's enough beaming, that fucking ship is probably ashes by now." Axel was right, he could see the ship breaking apart above him, "You can stop now."

"Enzo, you can stop now. It worked." Tony's voice rang through his ear and he stopped. The fire engulfing his body started to flickered and then turned into smoke. Lorenzo found it increasingly difficult to stay awake and he fought it hard, until he couldn't and dropped out of the sky.

Tony caught him and cradled the idiot in his arms, flying them toward the others. When he landed, James ran over to him and took Enzo from him to lay him on the ground. He checked him over to make sure he was unharmed and sighed in relief when he found nothing. The team formed a circle around the boy, all sporting some look of concern which quickly turned to relief when they heard the soft snore emitting from Enzo. He rolled over to his side and curled up like he usually did when he slept.

"You have a very...interesting child man of iron."

"You have no idea."

Chapter Text

Axel got up out of bed, after staring at the wall for almost an hour, and stretched, making his bones pop. He swiped his curly pink hair out of his face and tied it in one, the boy yawned and wiped the sleep out of his eyes, slipping on his baby blue kimono and sliding his sock clad feet into his pink crocs. He made his way out of the room and straight to the kitchen, where he found two intruders sitting at the island, eating his cereal.

"Don't you two have cereal on your floor? I'm pretty sure dad stocked it full of the same shit I have." Steve and James stopped their conversation and smiled at him.

"We didn't want to leave you up here all by yourself, so we came to give you some company." James spat out that bullshit excuse he gave Axel everyday, Axel wasn't stupid he knew that his dad had alerted everyone to his condition an made them check to make sure he didn't try to jump off the roof or something.

"So, what are you doing today?" Steve asked, he had been here since the invasion a few weeks ago. Axel liked him, he was nicer than he originally thought and he wasn't unbearable like most people. Also, he wouldn't stop asking about Tony, which made Axel very amused by the little crush the man had on his dad.

"I'm working, I have to finish movie I started writing and meet with a newbie director about some short film he's doing. Also, I have to go to the store, I need more hair dye and I ran out of shampoo last night."

The two soldiers watched Axel rummage around the kitchen, picking up two granola bars and a glass of milk. They watched as he settled down into a chair opposite of them and started eating, both looked at each other and Steve nodded.

"Maybe, we should go with you. We have to go to the store, we could carpool and take you to your meeting."

Axel shrugged at James' suggestion, "Whatever." He knew exactly what they were doing, but he wasn't going to argue because he could use the company, they could act as his bodyguards or something.

Steve had something else to say, he could see it in the man's face. His eyes kept dart to his face and then his breakfast choice, he probably wanted to tell him he should eat more, he's seen that look on Wade's face when he ate too little, the concern in his eyes, but he saw Steve didn't want to sound rude, so Axel decided to put him out of his misery and he took four large cookies out of the cookie jar he had in the middle of the island.

Steve still looked concerned but a little relieved after that and continued his conversation with James.

"I'm leaving at 11:30, we're meeting in Brooklyn since up here is still kind of fucked up. Since its at a diner, we can get lunch after the meeting, it shouldn't take more than ten minutes." Axel left the kitchen island going to the living room and turned on the t.v.


Axel met Steve and James in the lobby, wearing a pale pink pin stripped suit which contrasted against his tan skin making his oddly mismatched eyes pop, white sneakers, his pink hair was pinned up in a bun and he wore a black leather collar, six of his fingers wore chunky gold rings and golden snake bites in his lip. Steve was perplexed at such a bold choice for a man, showing him how times had really changed since the forties.

James on the other hand was confused and surprised, both because this was a very normal outfit on the boy, there was no holey t-shirt, no weird writing, no mismatched colours. He was obviously very concerned.

"You look normal."

"I am aware of that horrible decision, but I need to look not crazy. There's been rumours that I had something to do with that movie director's disappearance after our little, altercation and that's bad news, as much as I love working on the porn, I would love to challenge myself and see how good I really am, and I can't do that in porn. So I look professional and hope that this guy isn't an asshole." Axel slipped his glasses on his face, he tucked his phone in his breast pocket and rest the strap of his laptop bag on his shoulder. "I'm driving."

James snatched his car keys out of his hand, "Like hell you are, last time I almost died. I'm driving, you can sit in the back seat."

"Key word being almost, it's not like you actually died and that was years ago when I was twenty two." Axel climbed into the backseat, behind the driver's side and buckled up.

"Which was last year." James started the keep and waited for Steve to buckle in before driving off. "Where to?"

"Jenny's Diner. It's that sixties themed, pink monstrosity that sells those magical pancakes."

James nodded, "Did you take your meds this morning?"

Axel rolled his eyes, between James, his dad and Wade, he was starting to get annoyed at this question, "Yes, I took them. I've been taking them for two weeks now. My god, you accidentally wrap one car around a pole and break your neck and everyone thinks you did it on purpose. If I was really going to kill myself I would not have hurt my precious jeep. I love that thing more than I love myself."

James grunted, "I don't know what it is with you Starks, but you would think with how much bragging both of you do, at least one of you would like yourself."

"You're asking to much, Ducky. I love too many things to have room for myself." They parked next to the diner, both Steve and James got out first as Axel was gathering his things and James opened his door.

"Hurry up Axey, we're getting older out here waiting for you."

Axel rolled his eyes and got out of the jeep, laptop bag in hand, he pushed his glasses back on his face. The three of them walked inside and Axel spotted the director, by the ugly dad jeans and polo shirt he was sporting. "You idiots can go find a seat, I'll be over there."

Steve and James took the booth behind Axel. The man spotted him and smiled, standing up to shake his hand. "Hi, I'm Adam, you must be Lorenzo. It's nice to meet you."

Axel put on a smile and say down in the booth, "Hi, nice to meet you to. Let's get down to business, shall we."

Adam held up his pointer finger, "One thing before we get started. Know that I don't have any problem with your sexuality. I know you've had problems in the past with assholes and I would like you to know I'm not one of them."

"I've been dealing with assholes since I was six at ballet class Adam, I'm basically immune to it."

"Good, I just wanted to get that out of the way." Adam smiled at Axel, a genuine smile and he couldn't help but return it.


"I don't like him," Bucky hissed at Steve, "he's too nice. Also what the fuck is he wearing, those pants aged him fifty years, what self respecting person goes to a business meeting wearing jeans. And do you see how he's looking at Axel? Big googly eyes, if he tries anything I'm gonna kill him. You would think spending all that time in the closet he would know how to dress."

Steve just watched his best friend in amusement, as he kept peeping back at Adam and listened to their conversation. "Careful Buck, your gay is showing."

Bucky's head snapped towards Steve, "I wasn't trying to hide it." Bucky went back to listening in and cringed, "Oh god, he just told Axel how beautiful he thought he looked, that is unprofessional. Axel sounds so uncomfortable, I think we should get him out of here."

Steve rolled his eyes from behind the menu, "Buck, Axel can handle himself, a few weeks ago he helped us get rid of aliens, I think he can handle a creepy director."

The waitress walked over and Steve ordered a burger and fries for both of them while Bucky continued to listen. He ate, watching Bucky express so many variations of disgust and annoyance on his face, it was impressive to say the least, Steve counted seven so far in the last forty seconds.

Bucky ordered blueberry pancakes for Axel when the conversation was wrapping up and put them in the corner of the booth, along with a glass of chocolate milk.

"It was nice to meet with you Adam, I'll call you if I change my mind." They shook hands again and Adam walked out of the diner with a bright smile on his face. Axel, on the other hand, let out a sigh of relief. He pulled off his blazer, revealing a yellow vest underneath, climbed over Bucky's lap to the corner seat and pulled his hair out of the bun, letting it curl around his ears and stick out wildly.

"My god, he was way too nice, there's something seriously wrong with that guy. No one's that nice, last time I fell for that, I ended up getting murdered. He wants to make a movie about aliens, I get that having an alien invasion was cool, but the next person that calls me to ask for a script about an alien invasion stopped by the power of friendship, I'm gonna lose it, I don't care how sweet they were." Axel picked up one of the pancakes, without syrup, with his bare hands and started eating.

"That's cause he wants to fuck you." Bucky muttered nonchalantly. Steve choked on the fry he was eating, surprised by how calmly they were talking about this.

Axel rolled his eyes, "Yeah right, I mean I'm hot, but that dude is not even remotely gay, did you see those pants? If he was gay, what the fuck, did he spend all that time in the closet doing?"

Bucky snorted in laughter, "That's exactly what I said."

Steve watched their interaction fondly, it reminded him a little of Bucky with his sister Rebecca. He was happy that Tony found Bucky when he did and Bucky found a new family in the Starks, he didn't know how to thank Tony for that but he had all the time in the world to think of something.

Axel ate the pancakes like a barbarian and sipped on the chocolate milk, he was a strange person, strange but fun, interesting, and if what Bucky said, about his boyfriend being much weirder than him, is true, Steve couldn't wait to meet Wade.

As they say there talking and eating, something Axel said a while ago clicked in his head, "Wait, murdered?"

Chapter Text

Enzo was sat in the living room of his dad's floor in the tower, drawing, since Tony was still keeping an eye on him he wasn't able to go back home. He cursed Axel several times in his head but the boy stopped responding and went silent after he said something particularly nasty, not worth repeating. There had been a rift between the two of them since New Orleans, he could feel it. Even though it was four years prior, he could still feel it. Axel was getting more and more emotional and it was irritating him.

They were having more and more arguments, like siblings, everything Axel did annoyed him to no end. He could never figure it out, before they didn't mind being a voice in the other's head but lately, Enzo began wishing they had separate bodies.

The fight they had before Enzo sat down to draw was particularly bad, and Enzo may have said somethings he shouldn't have. It was Axel's then to take control, but he was going through another one of his episodes so Enzo refused which lead to the fight. Enzo thought it was the right thing to do, letting him take control with her having one of his episodes was bad, and he didn't feel like drowning again today.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened and out walked Wade. In full hear and a beard on his face. Enzo's eyes lot up and he ran toward the man, he jumped into his arms and kissed his face all over.

Wade held him up in his arms and carried him over to the couch, sitting down making Enzo straddle him. "I missed you so much, both of you. I'm never leaving again, ever." Enzo takes his fingers through Wade's hair and latched onto his lips again. Wade pulled away again, "I saw you on the news, all fiery and hot, my unicorn got so much work that night."

Enzo laughed, "I'm flattered. I didn't even know you still had that thing." Enzo scratched his beard, "You're gonna shave this right. Beard burn between the legs is horrible."

Wade bit his neck and Enzo groaned, "You'll just have to spread em wider baby boy. This baby took me six weeks to grow and I love it."

Enzo was abruptly cut of from his retort when Wade flipped him into his back and attached his lips into his collar bone, making Enzo quiver underneath him. "Fuck."

Wade ran his hands up Enzo's sides under his shirt, hiking it up until it was over his head and threw it on the floor. He pinched Enzo's nipples earning a loud moan as the boy writhed under him. Wade spread his legs apart and lay firmly between them, grinding himself into Enzo making him absolutely lose it.

"Hurry up and fuck me."

Wade got up and pulled off his pants, helping Enzo out of his shorts immediately after. "Time to get our fuck on."

Enzo groaned , "I will leave you."

"No you won't. Get ready for your serving of Cremè de la penis."

Enzo broke down into fits of laughter and almost fell out of the couch, if not for Wade he would have, "You say the sweetest things. I love that, we're using that from now on. Now, get your dick in me, it's been too long."

Wade saluted him, "Sir, yes, Sir."


Axel was getting angry, with Lorenzo taking over more and more often, claiming he was having episodes, Axel was in control of his own body for a week out of the entire month. He was taking his meds and hadn't done anything remotely harmful to himself since the aliens came. He was better, and Lorenzo knew that but he didn't care, all he did was take more time than originally scheduled and block him out from whatever he was doing. It got especially worse when they moved back to the loft with Wade, Axel saw the light of day maybe six hours out of the day. He tried talking to Enzo but the man would not budge.

Axel had never had any problem with Enzo before but now he was starting to wish they had separate bodies.

Right then, Enzo was with his dad helping him with a rogue sorcerer, Axel didn't have all the details but he was a sorcerer and he was a bad guy. James was there along with Steve, he had turned down SHIELD'S offer and stayed with Tony instead. The four of them tried to stop the sorcerer and they had him on the ropes. He was going down soon.

The sorcerer was getting angrier and screamed, "The hell hound must be separated from the phoenix."

No one knew what that meant, they hadn't the slightest clue, they all just thought that the man had gone mad. But Axel knew exactly what he meant and decided not to share it. He made Enzo fumble a shot, giving the sorcerer a window of opportunity to hit him with a beam right in the head and sent him flying back into a building.

The sorcerer vanished into thin air.

Axel felt the rubble beneath him, felt the wind caressing his skin and for the first time since he was fourteen his mind was clear. He saw everyone's attention was away from him and he took the chance to slip away unnoticed. Across from him, he could see a copy of himself, knocked out on the pavement and he spared him a look before taking off into the shadows.

Lorenzo finally got what he wanted, Axel just was never gonna tell him. He would finally stop being dragged into helping ungrateful assholes, Enzo could be a hero by himself now and Axel couldn't have been happier.


Lorenzo woke up in the hospital, dazed and confused. Everything hurt, more so his head, it felt like elephants had a dance party up there, his vision was clear, like he had been wearing his glasses, but he couldn't feel them in his face. There was someone talking, it was muffled and all he could hear was the beeping of the machine next to him.

Above him he could see his dad staring down at him with a worried look followed by utter confusion after he opened his eyes.

"Both of your eyes are green now. I don't understand, this is certainly a first."

"What?" Tony passed him a mirror and he saw what he had been terrified of his entire existence, Axel was gone. "He's gone." Enzo whispered.

"Who's gone?"

"Axel, he's gone. I can't feel him anymore, he's gone." Enzo began to panic, this was the worst thing that could possibly happen, Axel was a loose canon, unpredictable, blood thirsty. He always kept the boy in check and made sure he never did anything stupid.

"He's dead?" Tony asked in alarm.

"He's not dead, it's so much worse. The hell hound and the phoenix must be separated. We've been separated."


When Axel got home, he pulled off whatever it was that Enzo had been wearing and went straight to the closest mirror. First thing he noticed was his eyes, they were the chocolate brown he originally had, his skin was more tan, he was still short but his hair looked straightened out, it barely had any curl in it. The colour had gone back to black and it was at least six inches longer than it was that morning. Everything else looked normal, he still had all of his little tattoos and scars, he breathed a sigh of relief. He got dressed in his blue sweats after showering and headed straight for the kitchen.

He hummed a happy tune and danced a little, "I had strings, but now I'm free, there are no strings on me."

Chapter Text

Tony and Lorenzo were on high alert, Lorenzo being one hundred percent sure that Axel was up to something nefarious now they had been separated, maybe even a bit confused and going off the rails. The boy hadn't taken his meds in a week and started writing something that was slightly worrying. They had checked the loft, but only Wade had been there. All of Axel's clothes were gone, his books, his notepads, his bong and most importantly, the poster of the Care Bears he had in his closet. Axel was gone and he wasn't planning on coming back.

Lorenzo was panicking, he thought Axel wasn't stable enough to be on his own, maybe even too fragile to handle anything. Which had been his biggest mistake. Enzo always underestimated the boy, Axel had always been more than capable of taking care of himself, it seemed more like Lorenzo couldn't function properly without having someone to shit on all the time.

Tony and Wade tried to calm him down, told him they were gonna find Axel. They kept eating up his shit that the boy needed to be found because he was so dangerous.

And, after a long day of searching, the three of them went back to the tower, where they heard laughter. Genuine laughter. In the living room, it sounded like three people. They could smell food and hear the t.v in the background.

They entered the room, and there, sitting criss cross on Bucky's knees, was Axel, wearing a short pink, fluffy Care Bears bath robe, glasses on, eating a bowl of mac and cheese. Steve was sat next to them, eating pizza and they were watching Star Trek.

"Is it just me, or is Spock like really hot in a daddy kind of way?" Axel asked seemingly out of nowhere.

Steve narrowed his eyes at the t.v, "It may just be you, Axe."

Bucky, who had been braiding Axel's hair, huffed in disagreement, "I can kind of see it, the ears are really doing something for me."

"Maybe, he's just not your type Steve, he's not short, a sarcastic genius, doesn't have a goatee he hasn't shaved since 1994, really fluffy hair and a serious caffeine addiction." Axel's snarky remark made Steve turn a deep shade of red.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't like Tony like that."

"I never said anything about my dad. But know this, the feeling is totally mutual, last week, we were in his workshop and he was designing your suit and spent like two hours making the bottom part, said the Shield suit did absolutely nothing for your ass. Isn't that right dad?" Axel startled everyone when he turned around and smiled at the trio standing sheepishly by the door.

"Why are you idiots standing over there, come on, I made mac and cheese and Steve brought pizza, it's pepperoni." Axel notably looked Enzo up and down a look flashing in his eyes, "You are certainly on the paler side, it's almost sickly, you got to keep the curly locks, thank god for that. Other than that and the eyes we could totally pass for twins, my god. Did I always have such a nice ass? "

Lorenzo crosses his arms, "Shut up, I need to talk to you." Axel continued eating, mentioning for him to continue, he clenched his jaw, "In private, you dim fool."

Axel sighed, and stood up from Bucky's lap when he finished the braid. Enzo led him to their room and slammed the door after them. Axel dropped into the bed and watched Enzo pace around the room.

"This doesn't make any sense, this can't be happening. We need to figure out what happened and reverse it. We could force the sorcerer to undo the spell, you cannot be left alone without someone watching you. You're too dangerous."

When Lorenzo didn't get any input from Axel, he looked at the boy and saw him laid out in the bed, on his phone. Enzo grunted and snatched it away from him, "Listen to me! This is important, there's always a catch with these things, what if someone dies or something."

Axel raised his eyebrow, "And why do I give a shit that someone dies. News flash idiot, people die everyday, you think saving one person from something they're gonna have to do later on is gonna change something. And who says I wanna be back together again? You treat me like I'm some sort of child, like I need adult supervision twenty four seven, I don't. I am not a child. And I am not dangerous, everything I have ever done, was purely out of self defence, I didn't attack anyone, they attacked me."

Enzo rolled his eyes, "I don't care. We are changing back, you have no say in this."

"I say, fuck off. You have no control over me anymore Lorrie and I like it how it is. We do our separate thing, you can go pretend to be a silly superhero and I'll stay here with my stories."

Lorenzo snarled at him and his head burned with a raging fire, "We are fixing this!" The look in his eyes said it all and Axel started laughing.

"You're a scared little bitch, under all that. You need me, a fragile minded weakling, to shit on every time you feel it. I got news for you, I'm feeling the best I've ever felt since the day you invaded my mind, latched onto me like the leach you are. You come in here with your head on fire, like a wanna be Hades, telling me I have to go back to the life that made me fucking miserable. You can fuck off. Everyday, I had to listen to you tell me, I was crazy, and stupid. No more. You and your little boyfriend can go back home and fuck each other's brains out, don't let the door hit you on the way out." Axel snatched his phone back and left a stunned Enzo standing there.

It didn't take long before Enzo grabbed Axel by the neck and pinned him against the wall, "You are not in control here, you don't get to determine what happens here, we are going and getting this reversed, that's the last time I say it."

Axel slowly peeled his hand from around his throat and listened to the bones crack, "You are the one who is not in control anymore, you forget but I am so much stronger than you, you don't decide shit for me anymore. If you try this again, well see if you got the immortality thing to, I have no problem breaking your neck."

Axel growled out, there was a dangerous look in his eyes as red flashed across them, the air around him started moulding into wispy black smog. Enzo was taken by the neck and thrown across the room, right through the door and into a wall, effectively knocking the wind out of him.

"Goodbye, brother."

Chapter Text

Since the night Axel threw him out of his room, Lorenzo had been in a state of depression and anger for the next two weeks. There was nothing anyone could do to get him out of bed, to get something to eat, nothing. He felt like a part of him had been taken away, like something was missing. He had never existed without Axel, and he had been more afraid now than he had ever been. This made him depressed.

The fact that Axel seemed so fine without him, even calling him a leach, made him angry. He thought he was protecting his brother all those years, he didn't realise all those snide comments and remarks had any kind of impact on Axel. He thought making the boy get rid of things in his life that made him a laughing stock would make people stop bullying him, and it did work. After Enzo quit ballet for Axel - without his knowledge - and made him dress like everyone else. No one bullied him anymore. Lorenzo thought Axel would be more grateful, should be more grateful.

What could he have ever expected from a brat? The boy has never known anything but privilege, best schools, best clothes, best of everything. A few bullies was nothing compared to what other people went through. Axel was ungrateful.

But, the boy had taken multiple bullets, figuratively and literally. People he thought were friends hurt him in the worst possible ways. He hasn't been mentally all there since the beatings and the betrayals, being shot in the head twice would change anyone. People hating him because he was different, changed him, Enzo could see why he would never want to help a living soul ever. There had been countless times, kids walked pass him getting punched or kicked and just walked away, or stood there laughing, sometimes even the teachers never even paid him any attention.

Lorenzo was spilt between hating his brother and understanding him. There wasn't a heroic bone in Axel's body, most heroic thing he ever did had been buying their apartment building from greedy owners and giving people down on their luck a place to stay. There were currently six single mothers living in a free apartment and four old people. The old landlords always threatened them with eviction and raised the rent every year, when Axel found out, he bought the building at a low price after threatening the landlord and gave apartments away to people who needed them, but couldn't afford them.

Enzo had never understood why he did it, when he asked he just nonchalantly stated,"I do what I want." The only answer he would ever get out of him.

Lorenzo lay curled up in his bed once again, in his depressed phase. Now that Axel was gone, his life had no purpose, he could go out and play hero again as he loved to do, but New York was uncharacteristically quiet today. He just moped around all day waiting for his boyfriend to get home.


Axel parked his jeep outside the apartment building, he had a possible new resident checking out the place, a young couple and their four year old kid. He looked them up before letting them come here, the woman was a waitress, lovely woman. Her name was Lillian, blonde hair, blue eyes, a little chubby and very jumpy. According to police records they got a lot of noise complaints before being evicted a couple days ago and the she filed a report saying the man liked to beat her up.

The man, his name was Bradley, he was a tall, buff man. He had muscles popping out of everywhere and he had a record, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges, nothing ever stuck. He worked at a gym, three days a week and was a raging alcoholic.

From what Axel could see so far he would not like Bradley at all. Lillian had her face caked in make up, her hair hiding her neck and long sleeves in the middle of summer. He held her shoulder with an iron grip and a fake smile plastered on his face. Lillian was looking down the entire time, playing with her son's hair, while the boy, Adam was clinging to her right leg, staring at his dad in fright.

Axel straightened out his white t-shirt and walked up to them. "Hello, sorry to keep you waiting. I am Axel Stark, lovely to finally meet you Lillian." Axel shook her hand, purposefully ignoring Bradley's hand and bending down to shake Adam's hand. "You must be Adam, I think you're gonna love it here."

"We've been standing here for five minutes, it's about time you got here." Bradley crossed his arms, frown in his face.

Axel smiled and ignored him focusing solely on Lillian, "Shall we get started?"

Lillian nodded, gently prying the toddler off her leg, Bradley got impatient and ripped him off, "You're a big boy, stop acting like a baby."

Axel walked ahead, fighting his every instinct to kill this man, right here, but he cleared his throat, "The apartment is this way."


Axel unlocked the door, "It is fully furnished, three bedrooms, two bathrooms. It is very spacious, enough room for the little one to run around. You can look around if you want to, I need to speak with Bradley about the cost."

Lillian gave Axel a look before she nodded and grabbed her son disappearing inside the apartment.

Bradley seemed annoyed by this, "That was all in the ad, it five hundred for a month and you people mind your own business. I thought Lilly went over this with you already. Good for nothing women am I right."

He grinned at Axel like they were long lost buddies, which irritated him even more, he merely shrugged, moving out of Lillian and the boy's sight, next to a door at the end of the hall. Bradley crossed his arms, seemingly trying to look intimidating but coming off as constipated, Axel stuffed his hands in his pants pockets and tried not to punch him.

"So, how much...?" He couldn't even finish getting the words out when someone came up behind him and put a cloth on his face, Bradley fought hard, kudos to him for trying but it wasn't enough against an enhanced human. Manny, he was one of the residents here, Axel found him years ago when he was seventeen sleeping on a park bench, his parents kicked him out when they found out he was a mutant. He was strong, fast and could breath under water. Months after he got here, he volunteered to help Axel with disgruntled ex husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, who ever caused his residents to seek him out.

Axel only took in victims, after he bought the place there he found there was a woman who hand lived there with her boyfriend, she had no job, no money and she could never get away from him, with him being a cop. She suffered every night at his hands, until Axel caught wind of this and made him disappear, he let the woman stay free of cost and helped her out with anything she needed. It was her who gave him the idea to do what he does now, she made him realise there were people out there, trapped and needed out.

He started a service when he was twenty one, just three years prior, he made a friend out of a police officer - friend being a very loose word - who would tip him off when ever someone was in trouble, Axel would send said person a secret message, sometimes they would never respond but most times they would. He would lure the abuser/bully someplace, knock them out and take them someplace to "talk". None of them have ever come back, out of fear or other things when they were being particularly difficult.

After a while, one building wasn't enough and he bought another, a bigger building. It was old and broken down, he fixed it up and set up more clients there. Anyone without a job he would help them get one, or they would work for him in the kidnapping business. So far there were only three people working for him, Manny, David - the driver - and Stacy - she was a transgender woman who's parents kicked her out when she came out, she was eighteen when Axel found her a couple years back and she is very good with chemicals, she distributed the dosages.

David was fresh out of prison for car jacking when Axel found him, he was ready to turn his life around, ready to do good but no one gave him work and his family refused to even help him, which lead to him almost killing himself, Axel caught him before he jumped. He was thirty two at the time, came from a very Catholic, rich family.

Hiding this from Lorenzo was difficult and the person who separated them was going to receive a gift from him very soon.

Lorenzo, Wade or Tony know nothing of this, Axel told James months ago, sometimes he helped and James told Steve who had no problem with it, as long as no one got killed or hurt. He used his writing as a cover for his activities, telling everyone he was writing porn. No one writes porn, they just get together and fuck, no writing required. It was perfect, people were too uncomfortable to talk about it or even ask questions.

Pretending to be crazy, and dressing like a lunatic was the icing on the cake, no one would ever think he was capable of anything like this. At first, the clothes were a way to get people's attention away from the fact that he was a Stark, people would look at his appearance and see he was nothing like his father and maybe, never ask him to fix their phones, but that soon evolved into a cover of sorts, dress crazy people think you're crazy. No one ever suspects you're the leader of a vigilante type group.

Manny caught Bradley in his arms, when he went unconscious and threw him over his shoulder, taking him to the van. Axel went back to speak with Lillian and make sure she had everything she needed to settle in.

Chapter Text

"You are a pathetic piece of shit! Look at you curled up in the corner like a little bitch, are you crying? Are you seriously crying right now? You are such a pussy, it's only a little cut, Kit."

The man curled farther into the corner, holding the stab wound in his right arm. This has been a regular occurrence for two years, she would come home late at night almost every night drink or high and have an episode, where she would hit him, rarely ever seriously wounding. Tonight, however, had been different, Shannon got fired from her firm today and she blamed everything in him, going as far as attacking him with a butcher's knife.

Kit looked fearfully at her as she stood there, crazy look in her eyes, her usually neat blonde hair in complete disarray. Tonight was the first time in this relationship he actually feared for his life. She took everything from him and he was powerless to fight back, even before without the chair she always had the upper hand, he figured he deserves it, if he was a better husband maybe she would never have turned into this monster.

He was getting dizzy from blood loss, couldn't really make out exactly what she was saying, but she just stopped talking and left, leaving him on the floor confused.

In the middle of Shannon's rant at her husband, the doorbell rang, followed by a series of knocks, "Police, open up!"

"Shit!" She fixed her hair and straightened out her pants suit, dropped the knife out of sight, she directed her gaze onto Kit in the corner, "You don't make a God damn sound."

Shannon walked to the door, checked herself over again and opened the door with a bright smile. "Hello officers, how can I...", Cut off by a punch to the face, knocking her out instantly, Shannon fell like a sack of potatoes.

Axel walked inside the house followed by Stacey and Manny, stepping over the unconscious body, "Kit!...Kit! You here?!" There was a groan coming from the living room, "You two, check that out. I'll deal with this thing, and get the kid." Axel grabbed Shannon by her hair and dragged her in the opposite direction of the living room.


Shannon woke up tied to a chair at her dining room table, duct tape on her mouth and arms tied in front of her. Axel Stark stood before her in a maroon suit and leather gloves, she remembered him from that morning at the firm in the elevator. She tried to hit on him and he turned her down with a look of disgust on his face. Shannon feared for her life in this moment and she struggled against the bonds but ultimately failing.

"A thirteen year old boy called me a few weeks ago, said his step mother was a bitch and she needed to be stopped. At first I thought he just hated you, I could agree, I hated every single one of my dad's girlfriends, one even tried to poison me, she was nuts." Axel chuckled at the memory , "But then, I thought, this little man would not have gone through all this trouble if the situation wasn't serious, so, I investigated. What the hell did Kit ever do to you? He's such a nice man, a sweetheart really. Did you know that every day, he goes out in his wheelchair, just down the road, with left overs from his dinner or lunch and gives em to three homeless guys? He's been doing it for years."

Axel lay out some things on the table, a briefcase, a bowl, a bottle of vodka and a sharp knife. Shannon tried to scream but the tape prevented it from coming out, just muffled screams came out, tears ran down her face one after the other as she was completely helpless in the situation.

"This is what is going to happen, I'm going to take your blood. Only like...half of a cup, it's for insurance purposes. Then, I'm gonna untie you and you're gonna sign some papers, you can refuse, just know that you will be...harmed if you do not comply. After that transaction, you, are gonna pack your shit and only your shit, and you are gonna leave and never come back. Don't call Kit, don't text him, you don't go near him."

Axel took Shannon's tied hands and tore the sleeves of the jacket she was wearing, exposing her bare arm. She was struggling to get away, but she wasn't going anywhere. He picked up the knife and cut horizontally on her wrists, making her wince in pain, he brought the bowl to her and caught the blood dripping down her arm.

"If Brandon hadn't called me, you would've killed Kit wouldn't you? " Shannon shook her head frantically, her eyes were puffy and red from the crying, "Don't lie, you were thinking about it, weren't you?" Another shake of the head, Axel mockingly per her head in pity, "I totally believe you. Kit is in the hospital, if you care of course, he's gonna be okay. We didn't call the police, I am giving you a chance to turn your life around. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, don't they? This won't be happening again."

Axel moved to the briefcase and took out a doll, it looked old, it was made of cloth and had buttons for eyes. Axel poured the blood on the doll, whispering words in another language. Suddenly, it caught on fire and Shannon felt a searing pain in her gut, making her cry out, it got worse and worse until it just disappeared.

The doll turned to ash in Axel hand and he blew it in her face making her inhale it. Her vision went hazy for a while but she came to eventually.

Axel set some paper on the table, along with a pen, "Divorce papers, the deed to the house and most of your property, including your beach house. You are gonna sign them over to Kit. Now, I'm gonna untie you, if you try anything you will regret it."

He cut her bonds, throwing the tape aside, he reached across the table to get the contracts. In this moment, Shannon thought that running was a good idea, she got up and tried, she really did, but Axel was much faster than her and grabbed her, he lay her right hand flat on the table and drove the knife straight through her hand and the table. She cried out, so hard Axel had to cover her mouth.

"I did warn you not to move." He set the papers before her, dropping the pen on top, "Sign. And don't bullshit me, I know for a fact you're left handed. Sign!"

Shannon didn't even hesitate, she signed the papers with shaky hands. When she was finished, Axel yanked the knife out of her hand following that by throwing vodka on the wound, she screamed out again.

"Oh shut it, this is nothing compared to what you did to that poor man. You are the one who put him in the wheelchair, told the cops it was an accident, ran him over with your car twice. One would think Kit did something so horrible, but all he did was help the lady next door with a flat tire. You are a shit person, a bully and I hope you rot. Get to packing your shit and get out, I'll wait."

Axel ripped the tape off her mouth and kicked her out of the chair. Shannon scrambled out of the room, running upstairs, while Axel packed up his stuff and sat down, kicking his legs up on the desk. The took out his phone to text Manny about Kit's condition.


Axel got home to the tower hours later, after Shannon was gone and he left Brandon a note, along with the divorce papers for Kit. He left his briefcase in the trunk of the jeep and made his way to his floor via elevator. He peeled of his gloves and jacket, throwing them over the back of the couch. There was music coming from Tony's workshop, meaning his dad was still in there working on something.

He made his way toward the workshop, the doors slid open and he walked in, "Jarvis cut the music." The music shut off immediately and loud snores could be heard from the couch in the workshop. Axel found Tony knocked out in the couch, in a position that would hurt him in the morning.

Axel tsked, walking over to him to pick him up bridal style, taking Tony to his room. He lay him in the bed, taking his shoes off and tucking him. Tony rolled over onto his stomach as soon as he was in the bed and Axel chuckled lightly. He sat at the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through his hair with a sigh.

He was exhausted, after two weeks of being separated from his brother, his mind still hadn't adjusted to being awake for more than eight hours and going everyday without the nagging voice in his head, everything felt strange. He left Tony's room and went to his own, dropping into his bed.

"Fuck me."

Chapter Text

Axel walked into Tony's workshop with a paper bag and a cup of tea. It was six in the evening and he hadn't seen his father leave the workshop since the previous night. Axel knew his dad kept food in the lab, but blue berries and black coffee could only keep someone for so long.

"Hey dad, you look like actual shit." Tony rolled his eyes at his son going back to what he was previously working on, sparks were flying and Axel had no idea what he was doing but it looked cool. "You haven't slept in four days and don't lie to me, I asked Jarvis."

"I'm fine, I just have to finish this and I'll go to sleep." Tony muttered.

"Bullshit dad. What is this the Mark twenty-five now? How many of these things have you built instead of going to a therapist?" Axel moved the gauntlet Tony was working on and replaced it with the bag, "I got you chocolate cake and a latte, it's decaf, you need to sleep."

"I can't sleep." Tony was avoiding his eyes, he sipped the coffee and looked everywhere but Axel's face.

Axel looked at him knowingly, Tony didn't want to see the look of pity he probably thought Axel had on his face. Axel scratched the top of Tony's head, from where he stood at the other side of the table. "You should try the cake, I got it from this bakery that was going out of business. This sweet old lady, June, she makes the best pastries and cakes I've ever had, she always insists that I never have to pay for anything but I always put a hundred in the tip jar. It's two blocks away from my apartment building."

Tony tried it and moaned in delight, "It's so soft. How is it so soft?" He finally looked up at Axel, who had a soft smile on his face, he just shrugged his shoulders.

"No idea. She keeps telling me they're made with love."

Tony pursed his lips and stopped eating, "I keep seeing you, whenever I close my eyes, I see you flying up to that giant hole in the sky but you never make it, you always die, and I can't sleep. What if something like this happens again? We need to be ready for anything, I need to finish this, to protect you, to protect all of us. We can't fight aliens again, we'll lose."

"Losing is apart of life dad, can't do shit about that, we simply have to learn from it. And, it's impossible to prepare for anything, what if it was zombies but you prepared for aliens." Tony scoffed, "Do you want to go for a drive? I have something to show you."

Tony shrugged, "Sure."


They pulled up to a seemingly empty central park, Axel jumped out of the jeep and slammed the door, Tony reluctantly followed. Axel lead him through the park, at first he couldn't tell why he was here, there was nothing, until he saw a soft orange light in the distance. The closer that walked the more he could see and Tony saw a group of at least twelve people sitting around a camp fire.

"Is that legal?"

Axel shrugged, "No idea, but they don't care."

"Why are we here?"

"Like three years ago, I started this service of sorts, where people who needed an apartment would come to me and I would do a background check to make sure they weren't criminals or bullies of any sort. Parents who lost their jobs or had shit landlords, would come and I would rent them a cheap apartment. Then it escalated, some of the single parents came from abusive partners who came back looking for them. That got me to realise, there are so many cases like that where people were trapped and couldn't escape in their own. People in shit situations that left them with nothing." They stopped far enough to hear what the people were saying and not be seen. Axel pointed at one of the people, it was a woman with half of an arm from her elbow down was gone, she was brunette and pale from what Tony could see and had a massive scar on her face.

"That's Shelby, she was a navy seal, married with three kids, her life was great, until her and her unit got hit with an IED, she was the only survivor. Came back home with PTSD to a husband that didn't love her anymore, because she was ugly to him, so he took the kids and left after she had a breakdown, told the judge she was crazy and got sole custody, she can't even see the kids again and she lost the house and couldn't even find a job. I met her at the bank begging for an extension, she got kind of violent and they kicked her out. She didn't like me at first, so I gave her my card and told her to call me if she needed anything."

Axel pointed to a young boy, "That's Manny, he works for me sometimes. He's a mutant. One day his dad is fixing their car, and the thing you hold up the car with, broke and the car collapsed on him, trapping him under it. Everyone was freaking out, his dad was suffocating slowly under there and in a moment of stupidity, Manny lifted the car off him. His parents thought the devil possessed him and kicked him out. I found him sleeping on a bench in this very park, he was seventeen, I brought him my place and gave him some place to stay, he hasn't left since."

"You helped all these people?"

Axel smiled, "Of course not, some of them helped themselves." Axel pointed out two people, "Rodney and Kayla, they're siblings. Their parents were drug addicts, used to beat the shit out of them everyday, until they fought back and ran away together. They stumbled into the right building that night. He's nineteen and she's fifteen. Then there's Courtney, he was a heroin addict, he wanted to stop after he almost died. He moved here from Texas, came upon my building and the rest is history."

"This is the first time I've ever been here, they've invited me many times but I don't have any traumas I need healing and I'm always busy, with you or Enzo or another caller, something always came up. There have been a few I couldn't help, some killed themselves, some wound up in prison and some just ran from the demons, but, I take pride in the ones I could help. I have never seen Shelby smile at anything in my life and look at her."

Shelby was grinning from ear to ear at something one of them said, they all were, a chorus of laughter could be heard from afar and for some reason, it brought a smile to Tony's face. He could feel pride swelling in his chest, he would have never thought Axel of all people would do something like this, but it was a very nice surprise.

"Are you hungry?" Asked Axel.


"Do you even write anymore? Or was it all a cover for your dark secret? Are you like batman, you adopt everyone and kick people's asses? Do you have a costume? Like a cape and the cowl? Do you have a Robin? Does Lorenzo know about it? Why didn't you tell me?" Tony rambled on with question after question. They were sitting in a Burger King, sat in a corner booth. Tony had two cheese burgers and coke, Axel had a veggie burger and water.

Axel shrugged, "Yes, I still write, I honestly can't believe that's your first question, and it's not a dark secret. People usually feel safer when everything is anonymous, more people ask you for help, even the guys. I'm nothing like batman, I don't adopt anyone, I can't fight, I just punch em and knock em out, I don't have a costume, I just wear whatever is appropriate for the neighbourhood so I don't stand out. Sort of with the Robin thing, Manny is the one who helps me out, him and his girlfriend Stacey help with the victims, I'm not exactly the warmest of people. Lorenzo doesn't know."

"You skipped one. I may be running on fumes but my brain is still functioning. C'mon, why didn't you tell me? I'm going to assume Bucky knows, he's your best friend, you tell him everything. I guess Steve knows, cause Bucky tells him everything, but why didn't you tell me? It's one of the most selfless things I've ever witnessed, unlike all these other rich assholes broadcasting how much they help the underprivileged, you do it on private, with your own money. You didn't ask for anything, you've been doing this alone for three years, in the shadows and I think that's amazing. I am very proud of you, your mother would be proud of you and so would Papi."

Axel felt a little choked up by Tony's speech and wiped the tear running down his face, "Christ on a cracker, now I'm crying. I just turned into an old white dude, this is not cool dad. You have me crying in Burger King for Christ sake. The reason I do it in secret, is because of that ignorant law that says being a vigilante is illegal, what I do is basically that. Some people only learn with violence, couple weeks ago I stabbed a woman after she tried to kill her paraplegic husband with a butcher's knife, I shot a priest once, I broke another priest's legs, something is seriously wrong with the priests out here, I gave a fat kid a wedgie, the list is very long."

Tony choked on the last cheese burger, "What? Go back, you can't just stroll past that like you didn't just say that. You shot a priest, why would you ever need to shoot a priest?"

"Asshole tried to shoot me first, came up like he was Walter White or some shit, he was selling drugs cause he got in bad with a loan shark, right. And it's like this dude watched Breaking Bad way too many times, he starts selling drugs in the church, he gets cocky after a while, kills the loan shark and kidnaps his three year old daughter. And you know, you should never trust a priest with a toddler, so her mother calls the police and they don't believe her cause, it's a priest, and cops are cunts, one of the cops that works at the station is a friend and she relays the information. We find him in half an hour, I get there, he has like fourteen guys with guns walking around. We're in a church, I didn't want to be disrespectful, so I give him a chance to stand down, but he tells the guys to get rid of me and I think you can guess how the rest of that went down."

Axel took a gulp of water and bit into his burger, frowning, he looked at the sandwich and pouted, "They forgot my pickles." He whispered in the most innocent tone ever spoken and Tony was a bit stunned for a second that this was the same man, who was just talking about shooting a priest a second ago.

"I miss this, we haven't hung out in a while."

Axel frowned, "We hung out last week, we went to that new pizza place."

"But Steve was there, I meant just the two of us, I miss it. I never got to do this with my dad, he was always to busy comparing me to other kids, even though they were all dumb as rocks."

"I would punch your dad if he was still alive, just give him a good punch, maybe break his jaw and knock out a few teeth."

Tony laughed, "That's hilarious because you did punch him once, you were two and he said something that upset me and you just marched right over to him, gave him the meanest look you could and you just hit him in the face like three times. Your grandma picked you up out of his reach so he wouldn't hit you back, never hesitated with me."

"Definitely would have punched him."

Tony laughed followed by Axel who couldn't contain it any longer. The two idiots sat in Burger King, giggling like children, onlookers were probably thinking they were nuts but they didn't care.


Axel put Tony to bed after his plan had worked on getting his dad in a food coma, he tucked him in and everything. The young Stark walked to his room and paused when he felt a presence inside, his door was ajar, exactly how he left it before he left. If he hadn't obtained a sixth sense over the years he would have thought that he was alone, but after years of surprises, he walked away from the door and hid.

Not seconds later, someone dressed in all black with heavy steel tied boots came walking out with a large book on his hands. Axel stepped out calmly, "What do you think you're doing, bro?"

Lorenzo faced him with rage painted on his face, "You knew? You knew what happened to us and you did say anything?"

Axel rolled his eyes, "Of course I knew, I know everything."

Enzo pointed out a part in one of the chapters, "It says, I'm an angel, you're a demon and together we would have caused some kind of disaster. What does that mean, Axel? "

Axel snatched the book from him and turned a couple pages, "Through the manipulation of the hell beast, the angel caused a great wave of fire to swallow cities whole. If separated the hell beast stands a chance against the angel if the angel decides he wants to become a destroyer."

"I'm gonna become a genocidal maniac?"

"Calm your tits, they're probably just talking about Staten island, even the people there want to be engulfed in flames." Axel shut the book and tucked it behind his back.

Enzo jabbed him in the chest, "This is serious. I don't want to become a destroyer, I don't want to destroy anything."

"And you won't, we'll fight this together. Like we always did, even though you're a controlling asshole."

Enzo was gonna fight the statement but then shrugged, cause he knew it was true, "Fine, I will control myself. I want you to promise me something."


Enzo grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him in his eyes, "If I get out of control, I want you to kill me."

Axel shrugged, "No problem, I have wanted to kill you since the day you popped up on my head."

Enzo punched him in the arm, "Shut up." Axel smiled and hugged him.

"I missed you, asshole."

Chapter Text

A silver Camero sped through the streets of Brooklyn, trying to get away from the motorcycle following him. Shawn, the driver, was covered in blood, from his face to his neck from the nose bleed he had acquired from the previous brawl. Shawn was panicking as he saw the motorcyclist gaining on him, the man on the black Ducati has been chasing him for fifteen minutes through the streets. He had been at home when someone broke down the door of his loft and attacked him, he managed to throw boiling water at them and get away, but obviously not very far.

He hadn't seen their face as since they were wearing a motorcycle helmet, they were wearing a black jumper, black jeans, red leather gloves and black Timberland boots. They had a tattoo of a busty mermaid with a leprechaun smacking her ass on the left side of their neck and another in the right of The Joker in drag.

Suddenly, the person on the bike disappeared through an alley, Shawn breathed in relief, but never let his guard up, he knew that they hadn't given up.

He drove to his friends place cautiously, his friend lived twenty minutes away from where he was. He drove as fast as he could, looking around every few minutes for the motorcyclist, after a few when he thought he lost them. The bike appeared again from an alley a hundred metres in front of him and drove straight at him in some twisted game of chicken. Shawn was determined to get rid of this person so he grit his teeth and pushed the gas.

They were at most fifty metres ahead of him and coming in even faster, at the last minute, Shawn veered off the road and crashed into a fire hydrant, smashing his head against the steering wheel. He could hear the rumble of the motorbike ahead of him. Shawn gasped in pain as blood ran down his forehead, his ribs felt broken and his leg was bleeding. He struggled to open the door and get out of the car, but he managed painfully. He dropped onto the sidewalk with a grunt, and got up. Shawn looked to his left to see the biker get off their bike and menacingly stalk toward him. He tried to limp away as fast as possible but his leg was fucked up.

The biker mockingly ran toward him in slow motion, playing with him. Shawn was terrified when he heard the laughter of whoever it was, chills went straight down his spine and he sped up.

It was the middle of the night, there were a few people outside at the moment and none of them noticed what was happening, all their attention was drawn to the demolished car and the broken fire hydrant water was spraying out of.

A hand grabbed his neck and he was thrown up against a wall and his feet were off the ground. Shawn gasped for air, clawing at the person's hand as they cut of his air supply.

"How does it feel to be the prey, Mr. Serial Rapist? Doesn't feel very nice now does it? Have to say this has been fun, think I'm gonna do this again. I can certainly see why you like it so much." It was a man from what he could tell, the deep voice gave it away, based on the slight accent he was not from around here.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Shawn choked out.

"Debbie says hello." Shawn's eyes have him away by how wide they got, "So does Kathy, Mason, Carolina and so much more people. You really get around don't you. Never been convicted cause your daddy is the district attorney. He's gonna get what's coming to him soon enough, you'll see him again in hell."

Shawn gasped and scratched at him again but it was futile, the hand around his neck got impossibly tighter and tighter until you could hear the bones in his neck breaking. Shawn slumped against the wall, dead, as every bone in his neck was broken. The killer dropped his body like a sack of potatoes and walked away like nothing happened.

He got onto his bike and sped down the street.


Lorenzo woke up to the smell of pizza, he checked the clock beside him and saw it was one in the afternoon, meaning he slept through the entire morning, he shrugged, not like he had anything to do anyway since it was Saturday. He got out of bed and brushed his teeth, checked himself in the mirror and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He pulled on his grey sweat pants and went out to get something to eat.

Two very distinct voices were coming from the living room, one was Wade and the other, without a doubt was Axel. Ever since they made up a few weeks ago, his brother had been coming over whenever he felt like, Enzo had no problems with that, it was his building he could do whatever. His problem was, he was kind of jealous of Axel's relationship with Wade. It was mostly the reason behind why he treated Axel so poorly in the past, but he never said anything. Wade was more himself with Axel than he is with him, and Enzo was jealous of that, the pair had been closer from the start, even during their little disagreement after being separated, the two texted and called each other everyday.

Enzo knew he had nothing to worry about, after Axel came out as ace a few years ago. After spending some time being thoroughly confused with his body, moments where he felt like a freak for not wanting to do the devil's tango and a short bout with depression, he came out when he realised and after extensive research. He knew Axel didn't mean any harm by it, he was just a semi clingy person and he latched onto Wade a couple years ago. They always cuddled and it kinda ticked Enzo off.

Like now, Axel was sitting on the ground between Wade's legs, Wade was sat in the couch, said man was running his fingers through Axel's hair, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza, while Axel smoked a joint. He sat there, in his stupid horn rimmed glasses, and his stupid pink jumper with his stupid blue striped cotton shorts and his hair falling in loose curls down his back.

Lorenzo was fuming on the inside when he noticed something on the side of Axel's neck, next to the ridiculous mermaid tattoo, his neck was red, like it had been burnt with hot water. He would know, Axel used to put their hands in boiling water to see if they could still feel sometimes. They could feel it. Every time.

"What the fuck happened to your neck?"

Axel snapped out of whatever trip he was on and smiled when he saw Enzo, "My neck? You know, occupational hazard. Someone threw boiling water at me, isn't that crazy?"

"Why the hell would someone do that? Do I need to fight someone?" Enzo could feel steam come from his skin.

Axel waved him off, "Calm down, it has been dealt with. Everyone is still alive and kicking, some people may be severely injured but it's not my fault."

Wade's eyes were glued to the T.v. which Enzo hadn't realised was on. It looked like they had been watching some cartoon or something, Enzo rolled his eyes, "Are you children? What the fuck are you watching?"

Wade shushed him, "We're learning about friendship, it's magic."

Lorenzo was perplexed, he raised his eyebrow, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"My Little Pony is the single greatest thing to happen to television and I will not have you shit all over it. Now shut up, Pinky Pie is talking." Axel nodded along, agreeing with Wade's statement.

Enzo narrowed his eyes at them both and realised, "Are you two high?"

Axel giggled, "We are so stoned it's almost biblical." Wade broke out in a fit of laughter as well. Lorenzo pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, walking away from the two.

"It's so hard being the only sane person in this place." His phone pinged and he fished it out of his pocket. It was a news article, it looked like someone died or something. He opened it and read it to himself.

"Alleged serial rapist, Shawn Peterson murdered in the streets of Brooklyn. According to the police he was choked so hard every bone in his neck was broken... ... Son of district attorney Bernard Peterson......" Enzo skimmed through the details in the report that seemed to be written by an illiterate four year old, "Only evidence to killer is a black motorbike and a tattoo a camera caught on the back of their neck, a skull laying in a bed of black roses with the words "Where is me gold?" written underneath. The killer is obviously not right in the head."

Enzo looked back at Axel who was watching the show intently, he knew that was his tattoo, he had been the one to draw it. He shook his head kept reading, he knew his brother Axel always had a reason for everything he did and eleven out of ten times it was purely selfless. "The victim had been accused of several rapes in the past two years and suspected of the murder of Deborah Duncan. Who had been strangled to death, after a brutal assault, late last year and her killer, never found. She was only sixteen years old."

Lorenzo shrugged, "He had that coming. Dick."

Chapter Text

It was three in the morning when Lorenzo's phone rang, it was raining cats and dogs outside and he had been cuddled up naked in bed with Wade. He wormed his way out of the man's arms and answered the phone begrudgingly.


"Is this Lorenzo Alma?" The stern voice of a man, came through the phone, peaking his interest.

Enzo sat up straight, "Yes this is he. "

"Axel Stark had been arrested earlier on the charge of disturbing the peace, we thought he was on drugs or at least drunk but his toxicology came back negative. He seems manic and keeps on screaming about rabid monkeys taking over the world. We searched through his belongings and found a card with your number on it. Could you come down to the station to pick him up? It's the ninety ninth precinct in Brooklyn."

"I'll be right there."


"These are his belongings." The uniformed officer handed him a bag, with a phone, some cash, keys and other little knick knacks, one that really stuck out was an old tooth, "We thought that was weird to, I think your brother might need psychological help."

"He already had two therapists and has visited the psych ward three times. He's been fine since he was eighteen, this is probably just an small episode."

"May I ask what's wrong with him? If you don't mind."

"He's bipolar."

The cop opened up the door that lead to the holding cells, Axel was the first person he saw. Dressed in black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and black converse, his hair was tied up in a bun. His knuckles were bloody and so was his forehead. He was handcuffed to the bars of the cell and he sat there rocking back and forth, a manic look in his eyes as they twitched. It looked like he was whispering words to himself. Enzo noticed he was the only person in that fell while the other cells were cramped full of people looking at his brother like he was nuts.

"He wouldn't stop hurting himself, kept punching the walls, then started head butting the walls and screaming about the monkeys taking over the world."

The cop, hesitantly opened the cell and unlocked the handcuffs, stepping back so he wouldn't get hurt if Axel decided to start swinging. But Enzo could see it in Axel's eyes now that he was up close and personal and he sighed in annoyance. From the corner of his eye he took a look at everyone who could hear them, and switched from English to German.

["What the fuck are you doing? I just wasted eight hundred dollars on you."

Axel curled in on himself, "Occupational hazard. Needed to get in without potentially going to prison."

"They're gonna put you in the fucking mental for a psych evaluation."

"That only takes three days, I just convince them it was a temporary one time thing."

Enzo sighed again, "I hate you."]

Lorenzo looked at the cop for approval to pick him up, the man just nodded. Enzo picked Axel up off the ground and threw him over his shoulder, holding onto his legs. Axel giggled like a child and waved at everyone in their cells, really selling the idea that he was completely nuts.

He put him back on his feet when they were at the front entrance to leave but still held onto his hand. Outside the rain had stopped but there were camera flashes, and lots of them.

Enzo frowned, "The fuck?"

"Looks like it's the paparazzi, wonder if there's some celebrity in here. Oooh what of it's Beyonce and she got arrested?" Axel excitedly clapped his hands, jumping up and down in delight.

Enzo rolled his eyes, "The queen could never be some common bitch of a criminal, of course she's not here, it's probably someone else. Let's put on our mean faces and get to the car."

Axel nodded and opened the door. They walked out and suddenly, the camera flashes multiplied by a thousand. The two of them shook it off, maybe there was someone behind them. They continued walked hand in hand, Axel still hand that ridiculous smile on his face and the blood on his forehead.

"Mr. Stark, I didn't know you had a twin!"

"Mr. Stark, what have you been doing all these years? No one has seen you in ten years."

Axel's eyes grew the size of saucers and he pushed Enzo to walk faster. "I have no idea what you're talking about, my name's Lorenzo. Who is this Mr. Stark you speak of?"

"Liar! We got a tip. You look like a young Latino Tony Stark without the goatee."

Lorenzo grew angry and spat at on of them, "If you step in front of me again, I will run you over."

They finally made it to Enzo's car and jumped in quickly. The assholes were banging on the windows and the hood of the car. Enzo looked them right in the eye and started the car, inching forward, he nudged one of them, giving them all the idea that, maybe, he wasn't kidding about running them over, sending them all running off to the side. Enzo sped off down the street.


They got home at six, and Enzo barged into the loft like a man in a mission. Axel just wondered off to the bathroom to clean himself up and get a change of clothing, when he came back he found Enzo sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone with a look of rage painted on his face.

"What crawled up your ass?"

Enzo snapped his head in his brothers direction and his scowl got even more scowl-y, "Because of your little stunt, someone in the precinct tweeted,"Looks like baby Stark turned out to be a drug addict, who would've thought." then there's a video of you shouting about the apes. Please tell me this occupation of yours was worth it. And tell me what this occupation of yours is."

Axel fiddled with his hands, "There was someone in the cell with me I needed to send a message to, so yes it was worth it. And you already know exactly what I do, you're not as stupid as you want me to think."

Lorenzo nodded in understanding, he looked at the phone again, "We should have this asshole's head in a pike. We can do it, just one little phone call. They called you a drug addict, when it clearly looks like you've had a mental breakdown. They had to taser you four times?"

Axel grabbed the phone out of Enzo's hand and read it over, a mischievous grin grew on his face, "We should totally fuck with them. How does this sound?" He started typing something , "You're laughing now, but when the rabid monkeys take over the world, you're gonna be sorry you're not in my bunker." Send tweet. "Planet of the Apes foretold the events of the future, us humans will have to fight the monkeys." Send tweet. "They tried to trick me into taking medication so the aliens could probe me." Send tweet. "God is an alien, he told me so when he kicked me out of his spaceship. He told me the Apes are coming." Send tweet .

Lorenzo pinched his nose, "Jesus fucking christ."

Axel refreshed the page and whistled, "This bitch is getting roasted, the replies are coming in. They're defending me, I like this one, "Axel Stark is bipolar you ignorant ass. How could you even say that?" this one is also very nice, "Axel, I hope you get the help you need. People like this disgust me." God , I love Twitter."

Enzo snatched the phone away from him and read through the replies he huffed and shook his head, "That problem is solved. You have to appear in court on Monday at ten thirty."

Axel waved him off, "I have lawyers, I've got that covered. They got me out of much worse."

"You also have to see a psychiatrist, the cops think you need to up your dosage."

"I haven't taken those things since I was nineteen, I can guarantee I don't need to up the dosage. Great thing about being half dead." Axel plopped down on the couch opposite of Enzo.

Lorenzo looked across at him, "What are you talking about? What was that thing with the axe then? Or all those months you spent starving yourself? Or all those times you actually killed yourself?"

"First time I took acid, never again. I don't actually need to eat to survive and I was busy that entire month with my client. And I just wanted to see how long I could hold my breath, three minutes baby!" Axel fist pumped with a bright smile on his face."Yes!"

Enzo clenched his fists and flared at his unsuspecting brother, "What else haven't you told me?"

"I started practicing voodoo after we left New Orleans, I stole all of grandmas spell books. I sell evil people's souls to the dead voodoo priests and priestess, when they die they are not gonna have any fun at all. Those dead people are insane, I met them once, they sacrificed a wailing woman to the devil and ate her heart. That was fucking metal."

"You sacrifice people?" Lorenzo sat down and buried his face in his hands.

Axel's face scrunched up, "Ew, no. Mostly just use snakes and rodents, sometimes I use the person's blood but not enough to kill them. Also, the dead voodoo priests and priestess have me evil people radar, I can see what they did and choose if I should get their soul or not. And I met Lucifer, he moved to L.A. a few months ago, he's really cool and he plays jazz sometimes."

Lorenzo was so done with Axel, he was tired, mentally and physically, he rubbed his temples in an attempt to stop the on coming headache. Axel lost his train of thought and wondered off to the kitchen to get waffles.

"Jesus fucking Christ." He whispered under his breath.



Chapter Text

Tony was not pleased at all, first, he starts getting phone calls at the ass crack of dawn, second, his phone start blowing up with notifications from Twitter, showing him a video of his son going off in a police station and he had to here the story from E! News, with pictures of both of them leaving the station, before his own sons. Axel got arrested, again. Neither Axel nor Enzo were answering there phones or any of his texts.

He barged out of his workshop to find Bucky or Steve, eventually finding both of them, standing in front of the television in their living room. It was the news again, with video footage from the police station.

"Do either of you know what's going on? Axel's not answering the phone." Tony inquired, neither of the super soldiers looked away from the screen.

"He told me it was business related, someone got away with murder or something. He's a really good actor, did you see the video? Why the hell is he a writer again?" Bucky answered, Steve nudged him.

"Priorities Buck."

"Right, he's fine. He's trolling people on Twitter, called out the person who recorded the video by acting crazy, you should see it, it's hilarious. Spoke people are coming up with theories about Lorenzo, they're all insane."

The elevator pinged and opened, stepping out of it was the man of the hour. Axel looked oblivious to the situation, walking in wearing all black, Tony almost mistook him for Enzo, if not for the ridiculous mermaid tattoo on his neck. Axel made eye contact with Tony and smiled a big smile. Tony notice the large gash above his left eyebrow and noticed he was wearing bandages on his knuckles.

"Dad! I had the best night. I got arrested again, also I need Dr. Foster's number. She's gonna be so disappointed."

"First off, Axel, what the hell?" Tony asked incredulously, he was in full mom mode with the stance, his hands on his hips and that look on his face that could kill a thousand men. Axel froze, wide eyed and gulped, he was in big trouble.

"Distraction. I was the distraction, it was like Ocean's eleven, but just two Oceans, and I was the distraction. My, colleague, and I hijacked something from the police station." He blurted out, Tony had only ever gave him that look once in his life after he got kicked out of private school when he was seventeen.

"What?" Tony started tapping his foot and crossed his arms.

"Oh god." He whispered under his breath, his eyes found Bucky and Steve, silently begging them to help him but Tony was having none of it, he snapped his fingers in Axel's face.

"Don't look at them, they can't help you, look at me. Answer the question, what did you take?"

"What is more important, is what we planted, a bug, in the server room to collect evidence. There's a small, ish, group of maybe dirty cops that keep making trouble in a small neighbourhood in Brooklyn. Someone, uh, called me yesterday and, Manny volunteered to help me. I made a fake account on Twitter, and tweeted the thing to draw attention away from him." Axel twiddled his thumbs and looked away from Tony.

"But what did you take, you said you hijacked something, I know you, you word everything precisely. Come on, what did you take? I'm not gonna get mad, promise."

"Keep in mind that Manny has very sticky fingers, it's been a problem for him since birth. I had nothing to do with this, at all, it was not my idea. Not even a little bit. I did not put him up to it at all, not even a casual mention." Axel purposely rambled on, hoping that his dad would drop it.

"Spit. It. Out." Tony sounded very angry.

"Like, three boxes of pastries and a little bit of pot. I told him it would be funny to steal the donuts, I didn't say anything about the pot."

Tony raised an eyebrow, "Are you serious?" He sounded surprised, like, genuinely surprised that this was the answer he had gotten. Bucky and Steve continued pretending that they were watching t.v. and not eavesdropping.

"Yes, my stash is full, I didn't need it, so I let him keep it. Early birthday present. And I brought you all cronuts, they're chocolate." Axel held a paper bag in front of him that Tony only just noticed.

"Did you at least get what you needed? I don't want Pepper killing me for a lost cause." Tony grabbed the bag.

"Of course I got what I needed, if I hadn't I would still be there, screaming and punching the wall, getting tased, that actually feels really nice, it's like someone is tickling you with a thousand tiny knives." Axel rambled on again.

Tony snapped his fingers in his face again, "Axel focus. You've hit your head too many times, you may have brain damage."

"Right, arrests should be made tonight. Stacey is on the job, she may be a better hacker than you and she's only twenty."

"That's good. I don't want you doing this ever again, you hear me. This is his like when you were seventeen and got kicked out for walking around the school naked."

"That's exactly what I was thinking about. Our minds are somehow linked, it was worded exactly like that in my head. We, are mind buddies." Axel moved to touch Tony's head but initially got his hands slapped away.

"You're spending way too much time with Enzo's boyfriend." The way he didn't even say Wade's name made Axel laugh.

"I gonna go take a nap, toodles." Axel walked away and disappeared down the corridor.

"You know sometimes I wonder, why didn't I have more kids? And then he does something like this and I'm like, never mind." Tony collapsed onto the couch next to Steve and sighed.

"It could be worse, he could be a drug addict, or a serial killer, or child molester." Steve listed.

"I get it Steven."

"I'm sure this will blow over in a few weeks. No one's gonna remember this come Christmas, guaranteed." Steve held Tony's hand and squeezed it in a reassuring manner.

"With Puppy in there, I doubt it."

"Yeah, Steve's right, give it a few weeks."


*Six Weeks Later*

"I'm going to kill you Axel, this is your fault. If you hadn't pulled that little stunt, no one would have ever found out how we looked now and that crazy man wouldn't have taken us." Lorenzo snarled at Axel, trying to break out of his bonds, they were flame retardant and strong as hell. Axel was on the opposite of him chained to a steel wall trying to recover from whatever the hell, the crazy, glowing man, injected him with.

"How the hell was I supposed to know this crazy, hot dude, had it out for dad? What the fuck, was in that needle? My skin is on fire." Axel did not look good at all, he was sweating puddles and out of breath.

"I'm gonna miss Christmas because of you."

Axel cried out in pain, more like a half growl, half screech, his eyes turned deep red for the sixth time since they woke up. He pulled on the chains frantically trying to get out of them. Both his hands were chained and at his sides.

"Stop screaming! It's annoying, you can't die but I can, I think. I don't know I haven't tried anything, I'm not like you. I'm sure dad is on his way to save us."

Axel gasped in pain, "Fuck you! Fuck! You! I'm gonna send that fucker to hell when I get my hands on him." Axel screamed again, "I can't take this anymore." Tears were running down his face, mixing in with the sweat.

"Moving is only going to make it worse. We can't do anything at this point, just relax." It was like they switched bodies or something, Lorenzo was chilled out and Axel was pissed. Axel cut him a look that almost made him recoil in fear.

"I'm gonna come across there and snap your fucking neck!" Axel collapsed onto his knees and cried his eyes out, his tan skin was starting to turn red, "I can't take this anymore." Every time he breathed it burned more. Axel sat down resting his head against the steel wall, and threw his head back against it, as hard as possible. A loud thud echoed through the room.

Enzo rolled his eyes, "Typical."

Axel threw his head back again and again, until his skull cracked and he sagged, blood ran down his face and there was blood painting the wall behind his where his head had been.

"Drama queen." Enzo whispered under his breath. It had been a few minutes since he stopped breathing, which was not normal, Axel usually got up in the first minute after his heart stopped, but it had been four minutes and he was getting antsy.

"Axel? Axel stop playing. Axel this isn't funny. Stop it!" Axel's body didn't move, "Axel, get up, you asshole!" Still nothing. "Axel!?"

Axel gasped awake, and Enzo breathed in relief, his face wet with tears. Axel turned his head and puked up an orange liquid that burned through the steel of the floor. He dry heaved for a few more minutes and sat back against the wall. He was still out of breath, he tried saying something but Enzo could barely make out what it was.

"What the fuck are you trying to say?"

"Four. Minutes. Baby." Axel breathed out with a smug look on his sweaty face.

Lorenzo realised what he was saying and his face twisted in anger, "I'm gonna kill you!"

Axel laughed breathy, like he was still in pain, "You were crying! Awe, I love you to."

"Fuck! You!"

Chapter Text

"Can't you use your voodoo shit to get us out of here? My arms are starting to cramp." Lorenzo rolled his wrists in the metal cuffs to release some of the tension.

"Yes, master." Axel answered mockingly, Enzo cut him a look and he rolled his eyes, "Doesn't work like that. I need blood and not mine."

"Well you're not getting mine either."

"Then break your thumbs if you wanna get out so bad."

"I'm gonna break your fucking neck if you don't stop being such a smartass."

Axel scoffed, "Typical, you always go the violent route when you're annoyed, for once, can't you be like, chill and just walk away or something. You can melt the damn thing if you get hot enough."

"And you could break the chains of you actually tried, you punched that big ass alien last year and sent it back through the hole. I once saw you lift a bus a throw it, we could both get out of here if we actually tried." Enzo raised his eyebrow , "So what's the problem?"

"I don't know." Axel shrugged.

"Okay then. On three." Axel nodded, "One. Two. Three."

The chains fell off of Axel after one pull, but Enzo was at his hottest and nothing happened.

"They're like, insanely heat resistant. Maybe they had a lot of hot people burn through the chains." Axel wondered.

Lorenzo shot him a deadpan look, "Just get over here and help me."

"Okay, jeez. What crawled up your ass, Hades?" Axel broke his cuffs and he rubbed his wrists. Axel picked up the heavy chains and ripped them out of the wall to use as weapons.

"If the chains are heat resistant, then this entire box is, which means you have to do all the work." Enzo gestured to the door, "Get to it."

"You are even worse out of my head. Can't you just say something less commanding? You could have said, "Axel, you're our only hope at a chance of getting out of this hellish prison." I would have appreciated that much more."

Enzo rolled his eyes again, "Shut up, and punch a fucking hole in the wall, you tired bitch."

Axel gaped at him and huffed, he dropped the chains, when he realised he was a walking reverse uno card, and went to the door. "You need to get laid." Axel punched the door once, causing it to fly off its hinges.

Cautiously, Axel peeked his head out to see if the coast was clear but got shot in the dead centre of his head. The wound healed and the drop of a body was heard from his left. He looked across to see, two guards and a dead body.

"How's it going?" He fully stepped out with his hands in the air, he motioned to Enzo to stay put, "This could get really messy, you don't want to die for some hot headed idiot now, do you?"

The two men shot at him, hitting him in the chest twice and once in the head. They both dropped like flies and Axel gasped, looking at his pink t-shirt that now had two holes in it, "This was Gucci you fuck. I spent like eight hundred dollars on this shirt."

"Are you seriously complaining about your shirt right now?" Lorenzo stepped out of the steel room.

"Yes, it was limited edition, they only sold fifty and all are gone."

Enzo sighed. He looked around to see where they were, it looked like the basement of some really old building. He ran to the window, "I can see the beach."

"Oh Christ. I really hope we're not in Florida."

"Let's focus on getting out of here." Enzo looked for an exit. Axel found the door and opened it, "Axe, wait there could be..."

Four guys stood on the other side, all in suits, all carrying guns. They snapped their heads toward his direction and almost caught him, prompting him to shut the door sheepishly. "I feel like I'm doing all the work, I don't want anymore holes in my shirt, so you deal with them."

Enzo folded his arms across his chest, "You shirt is already fucked, I don't want to burn my clothes. You do it."

"Are you serious?"

"Dead serious." The petulant look on his face said it all, causing Axel to roll his eyes. He searched for something in the room to use as a projectile and found a wooden chair knocked over in the corner. He broke it up into six pieces, threw two of them at Enzo and tucked three of them under his left arm.

Axel kicked down the door, catching the guards' attention. Axel threw one of the chair pieces at a guard and it hit him in his torso, he threw another and missed but the man shot him in the neck, which went right back at him. The third guy shot Axel in the head and he dropped like a sack of potatoes, Axel threw the third piece at the last guy and hit him in the eye dropping him instantly.

"You can come out now, dick face."

Lorenzo waltzed out of the room and walked ahead of Axel, "We have the same face, so you just insulted yourself."

Axel frowned, "Curly headed bitch."


The brothers strolled through the house, or whatever the hell they were in, trying to find a way out. Axel had like forty extra holes in his top and Lorenzo was fucking spotless. They were looking for a way out of the maze they were in, they came across a door, like the fiftieth door they came across, Enzo looked at Axel and motioned to the door.

"Fucking asshole." He didn't even get close to the door before it swung open and a guard ran through, as soon as he saw them, his eyes grew wide and he put his hands up in surrender.

"Please don't hurt me. I quit, I swear. I don't even like these people." Axel nodded his head and let the man through, he looked back at Enzo who shrugged.

"Check it out."

Axel huffed and walked into the room, while Enzo waited in the hallway. He looked around and saw Tony in his Iron man suit, a large grin grew on his face, "Dad!"

This startled Tony and he almost shot Axel, "What the fu...!"


The Stark family stood in the midst of a blazing fire, watching it all burn down, wherever they were. The three of them were beat, and tired, Axel being the only one who didn't have any cuts or bruises or burns. Enzo's clothes full of burn holes and covered in ashes, Tony had cuts in his face and soot everywhere.

"I say that went well." Axel wondered out loud, he looked between the two who were dog tired and ready to drop. They both shot him a look that told him to shut up or else. Axel shrugged, "The president is fine, no one important died and Enzo got rid of that Killian guy. I've won battles with far more losses than this, everything might be on fire buts, actually that's it."

Lorenzo and Tony both groaned, "Please. Please be quiet. I'm begging you."

"You guys look tired." Axel observed.

"Yeah, no shit Sherlock. I'm gonna sleep for three weeks after this." Enzo collapsed on the ground and groaned.

"Maybe next Christmas will be better, hopefully no one dies before then."


December 18th, 2014

"You have stage four cancer in your liver, lungs, prostate and brain. There is nothing we can do for you, it's too large to remove and the procedure may kill you. I'm sorry Mr. Wilson."

"Son of a bitch." Lorenzo whispered under his breath.

Chapter Text

"I don't know what you want me to say, I told both of you Wade smelled different and he should go to the doctor, but you called me an idiot and he said he felt fine. Not my problem."

Axel was in line at a Starbucks and the girl in front of him, who heard the entire conversation have him a look of disgust. Axel raised his eyebrow at her which made her look away.

"This is not the time Axel. The doctor gave him a couple months, he's one of your best friends how could you be so cold. He's dying."

It was his turn to order, "Hold on." He moved the phone from his ear, "Can I get a hot chocolate, soy milk, venti, two pumps of that mocha thing and two of the white mocha thing and extra whipped cream, none of that chocolate drizzle."

"Name." The barista sounded so monotone and bored, and looked like he was begging him not to have a weird name.

Axel smiled, "Axel, A-x-e-l. If you spell it wrong I will not tip you," he looked at the boy and smiled a fake smile which had very sinister undertones.

"That will be $4.75."

"Axel you asshole, did you even hear me? Wade's dying. You know who that is right, your friend Wade, the one who you've lived with for five years, the one who had to put up with your shit and still decided to stay and help you." Lorenzo was shouting and crying through the phone and Axel, frankly couldn't be bothered.

"Lorry, would you shut the fuck up, Wade isn't going to die. I told you he smelt sick not that he was dying, he still has a few more decades left. I don't know how that's gonna work now, but the number hasn't changed."

"What are you talking about?"

"Hot chocolate for Axel!"

"Brb. Thank you very much." Axel checked his name and it was correct for the first time. He pulled out one hundred dollars, "Good boy, thank you Brian."

"Where are you?"

"Starbucks, they have the best hot chocolate out here, and that's saying something cause it's shit. I miss my coffee shop. Maybe we should expand to L.A. these people really need it, probably why everyone here is always so depressed, they've never had good hot chocolate. You know what I'm gonna do that, it's good for business, we make people happy and more people get jobs. I am so smart."

"Axel you're rambling again. What did you mean earlier? About Wade not dying yet?"

"I already told you too much, only because I wanted to get you off my back. But I can assure you, he is gonna be fine." Axel walked to his jeep, slowly sipping his drink. "I'm gonna be out here for a few more weeks, filming is wrapping next week, but I still have some shit to do."

"You still haven't told me what it's about, which never happens. What is this thing about? It can't be good cause you wrote it in two days, and you're in it. Is it one of those really shitty movies that had no business being made?" Axel could hear the snide time he was taking, obviously he was joking.

"Its a horror and that's all I'm telling you. You're gonna have to watch it for yourself, I was going to tell you but you just hurt my feelings. And I did not write it two days, I've been working on it for years, it's that thing you found when you thought I was going crazy."

"Huh. I still think you're going crazy."

"Whatever, I need to go now so, bye. Good luck with the whole cancer thing, I'm probably gonna call you tomorrow or maybe next week, who knows." Axel started the jeep.

"I probably won't pick up, you know how busy it gets when you're an Avenger, bad guys everywhere."

"You guys haven't really had anyone to fight since the blob thing, who are you trying to fool, Lorry, I watch the news. If you're bored there's an art gallery three blocks away from where you live, everything is gothic style, you'll love it. Anyways, Axel out." He hung up the phone and threw it in the passenger seat, he put the hot chocolate in the cup holder and drove off.


Axel made it back home the second week in January, Lorenzo had been calling him non stop about Wade, everyday he called and all Axel could do is listen and mutter, uh huh, every once in a while. He didn't know what Enzo wanted him to do, if he couldn't find his own boyfriend how the hell was Axel supposed to do it, on the other side of the country.

Apparently, Wade left a couple days after his diagnosis and Enzo had been freaking out ever since. Axel, having never studying how to deal with human emotions, turned his phone off a few days prior, so he could enjoy the last few days of his time in L.A. before he had to go back.

He pulled up to June's cafe on his motorbike and switched it off. As soon as he got onto the sidewalk, Axel felt as if someone was following him, as expected, when he looked back no one was there, but, he knew exactly who it was based on their smell. Axel smiled.

"Wade, you can come out you know. You don't have to hide from me." It took a while, but he patiently waited there for a few minutes, until a hooded figure emerged from the shadows.

He his hid face with the hood and all Axel could see was his lips, "Uh, hey Axe. Funny running into you here, at your coffee shop, of all places, isn't that crazy?"

"Very crazy." Axel answered sarcastically , "Do you want cookies? Maybe you can tell me why you disappeared right before Christmas and why you're hiding your pretty face."

Wade hesitated, but eventually gave in and followed Axel into the shop. Axel greeted the cashier and the barista at the counter, before ordering for both of them, while Wade took the seat in the darkest corner of the shop, it was night time, so not many people were in.

Axel came to the table holding two mugs and a plate piled with chocolate cookies. He rest one mug in front of Wade and the other on his side, placing the cookies in the centre of the table.

"I take it turning into a superhero didn't pan out how you wanted it to?"

"I'm not even going to ask you how you know that, but no it didn't, Francis fucked my face. I look like fucking Freddy Krueger."

"I don't know about you but, when I was a teenager, I really wanted to fuck Freddy Krueger, so you're not making a great argument right now. Besides I've seen much worse than Freddy, one time this guy tried to shoot himself in the face, but he didn't die and his jaw was hanging off his face and there blood everywhere, it was awesome."

Axel was so into the story he didn't realise Wade had taken off his hood so when he looked across the table his words died in his throat, "Holy shit."

"Exactly." Wade looked down in at the table, taking Axel's reaction as a bad one.

"You look like the world's hottest burn victim. It isn't even that bad, you still have your eyes and your lips and your nose. You just lost all your hair and got wrinkly. As I said, I've seen so much worse." Axel sipped his beverage, "But, I must say. This new look is kinda turning me on, if you weren't taken, I would take you to my place and we could cuddle while watching The British Bake Off, with my cookie scented candles lit, of course."

That made the man smile slightly but he soon wiped it off his face and buried his head in his hands, "Lorenzo is not gonna like me like this, I can't handle him looking at me like everyone else who's seen this ugly mug. I made a kid cry."

"My brother may be a bit of a dick and an emotional wreck sometimes, but he will kill you, with fire, and me. I don't like getting burnt up, it hurts. And he's not that shallow, he won't run away and dump you." Axel shrugged, "Probably."

"You're not helping." Wade broke a cookie and dipped it into his hot chocolate, "Besides, I'm gonna find Francis and make him fix this, then I'm gonna go to Lorenzo, and kiss him so hard, his lips fall off."

"That's if he doesn't kill you first, I'm mean, he's gonna be pretty fucking pissed."

"The less time I'm away, the faster I get back to him. So you have to help me find Francis. Please."

Axel thought about it and shrugged, "Yeah sure. Are you gonna at least call him, even a text? Do I tell him?"

"No, it would make the urge to go see him so much worse, and no, you cannot tell him, we are in this together. If I get killed, you get killed."

"Neither of us can actually die, so that statement means nothing. But sure, my lips are sealed. I have a girl who could help you track Francis, but I'm not gonna be able to help you all the time. Do you need anything? I'll give you a place to stay and access to Stacey, but you're on your own after that."

"I've got weapons under control and the supersuit and, I got a name." Wade wiggled his eyebrows, "Deadpool."

Axel looked so unimpressed, "You stole the name from the dead pool at Sister Margaret's, that is very unoriginal. What? Do you have an animated green suit now? Is there katana coming out of your knuckles to? Are you gonna go fight Wolverine? Are you gonna sew your mouth shut now? Please do."

Wade banged his fist on the table, he looked so offended, "First of all, how dare you bring up those sad times in my life? Why did you have to even mention that good awful green suit? I'm just gonna wear a ski mask and whatever I have to wear."

Axel sighed, "Oh god no. I will not have you running around like that, I have your measurements, I will have your suit by next week. Do you have a preferred colour scheme?"

"Maybe white, throw some blue in there..." Wade rambled on and on, until Axel shushed him with a finger on the lips.

"Be quiet raisin face, I'll deal with that to. Here is Stacey's number, call her and tell her "MoFat" she knows what it means."

Chapter Text

Axel could hear the police sirens wailing behind him as he tried his best to get away on his motorbike. They caught him, earlier that night, trying to cave a guy's head in with a baseball bat - the same bat said man tried to jump two gay guys with - the police passed at that time and saw the man, bleeding out on the ground, and Axel got on his bike and rode away.

Luckily, Axel was wearing his helmet so they didn't know who it was, but it seemed like the police got better drivers and he couldn't really shake them. He was winding through traffic, taking shortcuts and narrow roads and they were still behind him.

Axel growled, "I'm gonna kill em."

"Absolutely not young man, they are just doing their job." A stern female voice came from his helmet which startled him so much he almost crashed.

"What the fuck? Who's that?"

"This is your conscience speaking, Mr. Stark installed me into the motorbike when you came to get it tweaked a few weeks ago. Every time you go to do something questionable, I will stop you."

Axel scoffed, "How do you think you can stop me?"

"By reasoning with you and making you feel guilty, I am here to help you find your morals. After the sexual assault guy, Mr. Stark thinks you need me."

Axel made a sharp right turn into oncoming traffic, hoping it would deter the police but it didn't. The cars parted like the red sea and the cops kept coming.

"I know exactly where my morals are lady, I don't need you. Out of all the pigs back there, only three of them have a good soul, I spare those ones and kill the rest. Their death date is coming soon anyway, I will make it quick."

"I will have to contact Mr. Stark if you hurt anyone."

Axel jumped off the bike, "Who cares?" He grabbed it by the handle bars, lifted it and chucked it at at the police car in front, the man tried to turn to get out of the way, but the bike hit the side of the car anyway. This caused a small barrier to be made and the other cars behind him crashed into him.

Axel looked around for something else to throw and spotted a man in a yellow sports car, he saw the black of his soul, but the timer said three years. Axel ran over to him and yanked the car door off, he pulled the man out of the car and dropped him on the asphalt. Axel picked up the car and threw it at the police cars, it landed on the other side on the first police car, this time blocking the rest from coming through.

Axel picked up his bike from where it fell and climbed on. "See, no one got hurt." He ran over the sports car guy's leg and heard him scream in in pain, "Except maybe that guy."

"I still have to report to Mr. Stark, from my scans, two officers have concussions and one has a broken leg."

"Don't care computer lady."

"Mr. Stark named me, Valantina."

Axel hummed, "After my mother? He targeted the wrong brother, Enzo is the one who wanted to meet her. I say, why grieve someone you've never met."

"She gave birth to you."

"Not my problem, I'm not wasting my time crying over someone I've never met. I didn't know her, I've heard stories but I don't know her. She could've turned out to be the worst mother in the world or the best but that doesn't change the fact that I didn't know her."

He could hear her humming in his ear, "That is very sad."

Axel rolled his eyes, "You can go away now. Don't think I'm gonna kill anyone tonight."


Axel pulled up to Wade's place and parked in the dark alley next to it. He got off and pulled off his helmet, walking up the stairs he got a call from Lorenzo - maybe to nag him about Wade again - he declined the call. Axel knew he was a bad brother, but he can't lie to Enzo, his brother knew all of his tells, talking to him would raise suspicion and he already promised Wade he wouldn't tell anyone.

He opened the door to find Wade on the couch jerking off, Axel rolled his eyes and kicked the door slamming it. Wade looked at him.

"Oh hey Axe." He didn't stop what he was doing at all, "Staying here tonight?"

"Yep, cops chased me too far from the tower and it's almost midnight." Axel peeled off the black bomber jacket and the t-shirt, he kicked the boots off and it left him in his pants and socks. He made his way to the kitchen.

"Thanks for the suit by the way, I'm still a little creeped out that you have my exact measurements. Did you take them when I was sleeping?"

Axel found a box of pizza rolls and popped them in the microwave, "I've been shopping for years and I have worked with costumes designers, it isn't that hard to get someone's measurements just by looking."

"Is that another super power? I think three is enough."

"I don't have super powers, there is nothing super about me. I was born half demon, murdered and now I'm full demon. I am no super anything, I'm not even human." The microwave beeped, Axel took out the pizza rolls and went to sit on the couch with Wade, who was finished by now but still naked.

"I think you're pretty super, all those people in your buildings would say the same thing, then there's all the sick people in the clinic, the cafes and the diners, underrated actors, film crews, writers." Wade frowned, "What haven't you done?"

"I want to threaten the CEO of that pharmaceutical company that over charges poor people for medication they need to live. I want to scare the politicians into changes certain laws so that kids could go to school and not worry about someone coming to shoot them. I want all evil people to drop dead. I really want religious people to stop being cunts most of all, I want them to know that God doesn't give a shit of they praise him, as long as they don't do things for selfish or immoral reasons they're gonna go to the sky. Do you know how many of those bible humpers I've seen screaming at me in hell?"

"How many?" Wade asked curiously.

"There's more atheists in heaven than there are religious people. Sad thing is, is that most of the idiots still scream at God or Grandad, telling them they don't belong there."

"Am I going to hell?"

"I don't know. You aren't dead yet. I've seen everything that you have done and everything that has happened to you, you are a good man with shit luck and shit taste in food. These pizza rolls are disgusting."

Wade snatched the plate from Axel, "They're for me not you."

Chapter Text

"Could you at least text him. He keeps calling me, asking if I felt you die or if I've seen you at all and I keep lying, and normally I wouldn't give a shit, but it's starting to get really annoying and I don't think I can take it anymore."

Wade's sounds of struggle came and Axel looked across at him as the mercenary tried to fight off multiple henchmen at once, "Shut up and help me."

Axel ignored him, "Lying to my brother, my friend, is horrible. There is this feeling that keeps eating away at me every time I do it. I don't know what it's called but it is not very pleasant."

"You fucking cock juggler, get over here and help me."

Axel looked across at him, "You'll be fine."


Axel sighed and pushed up off the wall, he fixed his face mask and walked out of the shadows holding up the gun Wade gave him and shooting who ever. He accidentally hit Wade in the eye with the last shot but shrugged it of when he remembered Wade's condition.


"Sometimes I wonder, am I a bad brother or am I a good friend and I like to focus on the positives, but I haven't spent three hours with my brother in this entire month because I don't want to be a bad friend, but then I realise, I'm being a bad brother."

The gun fight in the background got louder and louder as Wade struggled with the twenty or so henchmen. Axel sat atop a washing machine, leaning back on his hands as he rambled on and on.

"Axel! Now is not the time!"


"But when is the right time, we've been looking for Francis for months and nothing. Lorenzo is starting to get suspicious and that feeling is back again. I went to a therapist and she told me it was guilt I was feeling, guilt. I'm such a bad person, I didn't even what guilt felt like."

Axel sat next to Wade in a zamboni as he followed the man crawling away on the ice, "You actually went to a therapist?"

"Not really, I googled it and it lead me to this website. Apparently, I also maybe a sociopath, who knew?" Axel kicked his feet up, "Can't this thing go any faster, I'm tired of hearing that little bitch cry."

"Who knew? Everyone knew. Even strangers who talked to you once, knew."

"Huh. Maybe I should work on that."


"I worked on it. Empathy is really hard. How the hell do normal people do that? Feel things. I tried to empathise with Enzo and all I could do was focus on how ugly he looked when he was crying, it's insane."

"A little help here!" They were hiding behind an overturned SUV on the highway, well Wade was hiding, Axel was standing and leaning against the undercarriage of the vehicle, his head in clear view of the shooters and he was already shot three times.

The fourth time and he snapped, "Hey! I'm trying to have a conversation here, would you fuck off!"


"If your dick got cut off, would it grow back? I think it would, cause your hand is growing back, but does that just mean limbs. Would your dick just not grow back? Maybe we should try it."

Wade stopped jerking himself and pulled out his sword, pointing it at Axel, "If you touch my dick, I'm gonna stop talking to you."

"Jeez, it was just a question, there is no need for such hostility." Wade went back to what he was doing and Axel turned to the television, "I think we're too comfortable with each other, maybe we should have boundaries. The therapy website I found said friends shouldn't do things like this together, or in each other's presence."

"This is a common occurrence and neither of us feel uncomfortable about it, maybe you should keep off that website. You haven't been yourself since you found it."

"I'm trying to fit in with the humans, I found that not many people feel welcomed around me. I don't want anyone uncomfortable around me."

"Fuck them! I'm case you haven't noticed, I feel very comfortable around you. Don't change yourself for people who don't matter, I like you just the way you are, so does Bucky and Steve and your dad and Enzo, maybe Manny."

Axel looked across at Wade, "Thanks Wade." His phone rang in that moment, and he frowned when he looked at the I.D, he answered anyway "Axe man what? Amy stay where you are, I'll be right there...give me ten minutes. Don't do anything stupid until I get there."

Axel got up, grabbed his maroon leather jacket and his bike helmet and took off, leaving Wade confused. "Goodbye I guess."


Axel pulled up to an abandoned warehouse in the least populated part of the city. It was dark and creepy and there one street light on. Axel looked around for Amy's car and sighed in relief when he saw the police cruiser's headlights flash twice. He ran to the car and opened the passenger door, getting in and leaving his helmet on.

They couldn't speak due to her having a body camera, and Axel knew she would get into trouble if the rest of the precinct knew she worked with him sometimes, so they spoke in sign language. Her brother was deaf so she knew it very well, and Axel got bored one weekend when he was twelve.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Axel signed.

"Followed the shipments, Mr. Clay should be in there, hopefully."

Axel got out of the car, "You coming in?" He signed when he shut the door and leaned forward in the door.

Amy shook her head, "Bullets don't hurt you but they hurt me, I'll stay out here and call it in when you're finished."

Axel nodded his head and walked off, back to his bike to get his arsenal. No way he was ruining this jacket, it was his least favourite and the only one that didn't have blood on it.

Four fully loaded handguns, three very large knives, two grenades and one axe later, Axel was ready, he had one of the handguns ready and everything else was strapped to him. He kept the helmet on for anonymity and slipped on his black leather gloves.

His helmet beeped and a flash of blue appeared followed by that annoying voice, "Mr. Stark, if you go through with this and kill anyone I will have to call your father."

"Anyone who's not supposed to die tonight is not gonna die tonight, so why don't you fuck off, Fake Siri."

"It is my main function to warn you against this..."

"Mute." Axel walked up to the door and kicked it down, sending it flying down the corridor and straight through three armed henchmen cutting them in half. "Knock knock."


Lorenzo was moping around with the t.v.on in the back ground. He was pissed drunk and still drinking, sitting on the floor surrounded by wine bottles, one in his hand.

"In breaking news, three containers of kidnap victims were found in a warehouse full of the bodies of human traffickers. The victims say they were rescued by an indestructible man wielding an axe, the police got to the scene an hour ago, after someone called in reporting gunshots..."

Lorenzo three the bottle of wine at the t.v. and broke it, "You can help strangers but not your own brother. Asshole."

There was a knock on the door. Lorenzo frowned and got up stumbling towards the door to answer it, "What?"

"I'm looking for Lorenzo?" A bald man with a British accent and a creepy smile asked.

Chapter Text

Lorenzo was waiting for Axel in an abandoned warehouse, exactly where his brother promised he would be with Francis tied up beside him and unconscious. Axel was seven minutes behind, which made him anxious, he was still tipsy from his night of drinking and jittery from the three coffees he drank an hour ago.

The heavy metal door slid open and a figure emerged from behind, it was too tall to be Axel so he hid behind one of the barrels and watched them.

"Axel?! I'm here! Where's that British motherfucker?"

Lorenzo gasped when he heard that voice and stepped out from behind the barrel, "Wade?"

Wade froze when he heard that voice, he recognized it instantly as it had been the centre of all of his nightmares lately when he pictured Enzo leaving him. He refused to turn around, he didn't want Enzo to see his scarred face.

"Wade?" Lorenzo's voice was closer, much closer and he felt a hand in his back. Wade jumped and tried to hide his face as much as possible, he didn't where his suit because Axel had taken it to fix it again, all he had was his hoodie.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked in a shaky voice.

"What am I doing here? That's what you say after almost two years? You left one day, not even a note, you just made me think you were dead. And then, this guy comes up to my place and tried to kidnap me, him and his girlfriend, I call Axel and then you show up. Meaning Axel knew all along and didn't say anything." Lorenzo was practically sobbing, he realised Wade still had his back to him, "Look at me."

Wade was still frozen in place, he didn't know what to do but he did know one thing, Axel was a dead man. Wade sighed and slowly turned around with his head hung low, his face was hidden in the shadows of his hood and the fact that the warehouse was dimly lit also worked in his favour.

Lorenzo reached for the hood and Wade grabbed his hand, "Why won't you let me see you?"

"Something happened," he let out a shaky breath, "and I'm terrified of your reaction."

"I once saw a guy with the bottom half of his face gone after he tried to kill himself with a shotgun, I think I can handle it." Wade still didn't let go of his wrist, "He was all teeth, just the top half, most of them were missing and there was blood everywhere and for some reason, he still had his tongue and it was wriggling around like the bottom half was still there."

Wade's hand loosened a bit around his wrist, "That actually sounds kind of cool."

"It was. Also when we were teenagers, Axel and I had this massive crush on Freddy Krueger, we watched the entire series like eight times, Axel even had a picture of Freddy on his back right above his ass, but he got it replaced with that tattoo that we all know and hate."

Wade nodded in agreement, "What is his deal with the leprechaun, he has like seven different tattoos about that God awful movie."

"Sixteen actually. He thought the movie was hilarious, he discovered it when we were eighteen, I have no idea why he likes it so much."

Both of them chuckled lightly before settling into a comfortable silence. Wade removed his hand from Enzo's wrist and the let him remove the hood. To him, the silence was deafening as he waited for Enzo to react, he just looked down at the man as he studied his face. Enzo ran his right thumb over his deformed cheek and sighed.

"It's not so bad. Like the world's sexiest burn victim."

"I think that's exactly what Axel said, you two spent way too much time together."

A groan alerted both of them reminding Enzo that they weren't alone, "Right. I brought you a present."


"Murder, lots of murder. Add more blood, maybe I should have his guts all over the place? Is that too gory? It's a fucking murder mystery, anyone complains about the murder, they're cunts, add the guts." Axel typed away on his laptop, it was a new project he started, one to fill the loads of free time he now had, business had been slowing down over the last few weeks, which had been a great thing, but he was bored.

Axel sat in his lounge chair on his balcony at the Avengers tower, shirtless with a joint between his lips, his glasses were perched on his nose and his hair was tied up in a bun, he was comfortable. The t.v.was on, providing background noise, showing the thousandth news article about his little escapade last night, they were calling him the Axe Demon, which was the coolest fucking thing. Lots of speculation.

Suddenly his phone rang, he guessed it was either Lorenzo or Wade telling him his plan worked perfectly, it had been seven hours since the meet was supposed to go down, hopefully meaning it went well.


"I can't believe you fucking parent trapped me you asshole, I'm going to fuck you up next time I see you." Wade's voice rang through the phone.

"So it went well, I told you he wouldn't give a shit."

"It went so well, the sex is so much better when he's not holding back, I got burnt like nine times but it was worth it. Are you coming over tonight?"

"Can't, my dad grounded me, I caused a bit of a disturbance last night and he got a little angry at me."

"How are you grounded? You're twenty-five."

"He made me put on a really nice bracelet and confiscated my motorbike, I can't leave for like three days or something, so I'm not gonna see you for three days."

"You're under house arrest aren't you?"


Chapter Text

Axel was standing in the middle of his room with his good clothes strewn all over his floor, he wore black leather pants with laces going up the side and a black and gold Victorian style military jacket, with no inside shirt. He had so many tattoos on his torso now, that it looked like he had on a t-shirt, all the freaky little drawings of leprechauns, skulls, mermaids, sea creatures and flowers painted a chaotic picture on his body that he couldn't help but admire. Along with the nipple piercings and the navel piercing.

"At first, I thought this little house arrest situation would be horrible, but now I can wear my good clothes when I don't have to worry about blood stains." He had his curls let loose around his shoulders, no bun, for the first time in weeks, and his feet were clad in his chunky heeled ankle boots.

"Axel, we're just going to fucking store to get milk." Bucky was sitting on his bed with his feet kicked up.

Axel sighed, "I agree, the ankle boots are a bit much, I'll go with the Chuck Taylors."

"The jacket is still a bit much, maybe try the one Wade gave you, with the faux fur lining."

Axel walked into his closet and came out with the pale pink jacket, "I knew there was a reason I liked you, this is perfect."


"How's Sam? I heard you two were doing the devil's tango." Axel casually browsed through the snack aisle, while Bucky picked up random snacks.

"The what?"

Axel looked at Bucky, "You know," he started thrusting his hips and making weird sex noises, "I don't know if I'm doing it right, I've never done this before, but I think you get it."

"God no, Sam deserves someone who's way less fucked up, I still find myself slipping, even after all these years, he doesn't need that."

Axel picked up a bag of Doritos, "Sam deals with soldiers suffering from PTSD for a living James, he was a soldier, I'm sure he's got some trauma to. I think you should talk to the man instead of guessing what's best for him. I swear, you're exactly like my dad, he still hasn't grown balls and fucked Steve yet. I swear I'm gonna parent trap the both of you."

Bucky's eyes grew wide, "Don't you fucking dare."

Axel put his hands up and shrugged, "Whatever you say."

"Axel Stark." A deep raspy voice called out, Axel looked up and saw a tall brunette man. He was dressed in baggy pants and a large hoodie with holes by the collar.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm here to kill you." That got him an eyebrow raise from both Axel and Bucky.

"May I ask why?"

"I am Cain, grandson of Lucifer the Lord of Hell, you do not deserve the kingdom of hell and I'm here to take it from you."

Axel snorted, "How many time did you rehearse that garbage in front of the mirror?" Axel dropped the bag of sour patch kids he had into the basket, "Nice to meet you, I guess, but could you kill me on some other day, like next tuesday, I don't want blood in my good jacket."

Axel and Bucky moved pass Cain and they kept shopping, completely ignoring him. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Axel's head.

"I'm not waiting, I've wanted this my entire life, but he says I'm not special enough, I don't have powers, I'm not immortal, I'm nothing like you, but I can show him that I'm just as special as you and the others." By the look on his face, Axel could see he was determined, he couldn't negotiate with the man, he was too far gone, he would pull that trigger no matter what he said, so Axel decided to be an asshole.

"That is seriously pathetic Cain, you are going to waste your life trying to prove you're special to one person, if he doesn't already think you're special then he's not fucking worth it. You could be out banging people or getting high, but you're here threatening an unarmed man because someone said you weren't special. Cry me a fucking river, you expect me to pity you and put my head on a fucking slab so you can cut it off and please your master? You can fuck off. Why don't you go crawl back up your mother and fucking die?"

Cain had unshed tears in his eyes and his gun hand was trembling, he let out a sob and dropped the gun. Axel rolled his eyes and turned to walk away, Bucky was at the end of the aisle talking to someone on the phone, Axel took one step and he heard a gunshot go off. Turning his head, he looked at the dead body of Cain, with a bullet hole in his head, meaning he killed himself in the middle of a convenience store.

Axel rolled his eyes, "God I miss cocaine." They made it up to the clerk, "Jeff, call the cops. There's been a suicide in aisle nine."


"He said he was a fan, something about wanting to fuck me or he would kill himself, I didn't actually think he was desperate enough to do that after I told him to fuck off."

Axel leaned on the hood of a car while two uniformed officers questioned him about Cain's death, they didn't seem very happy with his nonchalant attitude toward the situation, the male kept telling him shit like, "Could you be more sensitive, some died" and the female just kept looking at him like he killed her dog.

"Why didn't you just agree to it and get him some help?"

"My body is a temple, sex does not happen in this temple, especially with people who think holey clothing is fashion, it's not fashion, it's disgusting. And he was a grown man, not my problem."

The female rolled her eyes, "Of course Stark's kid is an asshole."

Axel stood up straight, "Are you implying that my dad is an asshole? I will have you know, that this fucking city wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and his team. You would've been buried under the rumble of your tiny little one bedroom apartment if not for him and the Avengers. You wanna know how many times someone almost destroyed this city and all you pathetic little cunts, my dad almost died twice to protect to you sons of bitches, you don't disrespect him like that again or else I'll get you fired and you'll be eating three day old Chinese out of a fucking dumpster. Yes, I'm an asshole and its because of people like you, judgey little cock suckers, that think you're fucking floating above the rest of us, news flash, you're fucking not. My father is a national fucking treasure and I'll kick your teeth in if you talk shit again."

He was straight up yelling in the lady's face, but not too close that she would feel threatened and try to shoot him or something. Their little spat attracted the reporters that gathered to get the scoop. Axel turned to the male cop, "Are you finished, or do you have more questions?" He shook his head.

Axel walked off to Bucky's car, where the man patiently waited in the driver's seat.

"What was that back there?"

"All of my cousins are trying to kill me to be a king, or queen. I turned down that position like three years ago, and dear old grand papi said it was cool, I don't know why the fuck they're all coming after me. I couldn't even take the position of I wanted, you have to die and go to hell to be the king of hell, you can't come back to earth. The closest I've ever been to hell is when my grandmother slit my throat, didn't even make it to the gates before I got pulled back."

Bucky frowned, "I meant with the cops."

"Oh, you know how it is. Haters gonna hate, just gotta, shake it off."

"Please stop quoting Taylor Swift." Bucky start the car and drove off.