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Teacher Nightmare 2 (Hiatus warning)

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"You're fired."

Horror stared at his boss shockedly. He felt like the ground was dropping out beneath his feet. He wanted to say something but he couldn't.

"Pack up your things. You need to be gone by noon." His boss trudged on. The man he'd worked for for over a decade... Just...

"I..." Horror managed to stammer.

"Get on it!" His boss said annoyedly.

"B.. but..." He tried to protest.

"No buts." His boss cut him off.

"I.. I need this job... For my s.. son..." Horror forced out. He could feel tears of frustration sting in his eye sockets. He couldn't lose this job. He'd lose his and Killer's home. He'd lose Killer. Child protective services would take him away from him. He couldn't be jobless.

"I don't care. Be gone by noon."

Horror stared at his boss for another second before leaving. His movements felt stiff and he didn't feel in control of his body anymore. He was just walking like a robot while his mind was whirling.

He walked to his cubicle, not really recognising anything as he took the well-known route.

He stepped inside cubicle number 720 and sunk to his knees, his legs suddenly not able to hold him up.

This was just a nightmare... right? This.. couldn't be real.

His Soul was constricting. He'd lose Killer.... He'd... He.... He...

Horror let out a quiet sob. He couldn't.. He couldn't lose Killer. Anything but please not Killer!

He pressed his hand to his face. He couldn't lose him. Not now... Not... ever.

Killer needed him. He was just a kid... and... He needed Killer... just as much as Killer needed him.




Horror opened the door to the apartment building he lived in with Killer and hundreds of other people.

"Horror!" The woman at the counter called out to him. He looked up and stared at her, his eye lights completely empty and dead.

"I'm really sorry but since you don't have a job anymore, I need you and Killer to be out of your apartment by the end of the week." She explained.

Horror nodded stiffly. He'd already thought something like that would happen.

He walked to the elevator and went to the apartment.




Nightmare walked inside Horror's apartment and smiled at his friend, before it fell in concern. Horror was just sitting on the couch lifelessly. Like an empty shell. There were dried tear tracks on Horror's face and he looked completely devastated. What was wrong?

"Hey, is anything wrong?" Nightmare asked Horror who looked up and merely shook his skull.

"No, I'm fine." Horror lied with a monotone voice and called out to Killer. "Killer! Cross and Dust are here!"

Killer ran out of his room and smiles brightly at his friends who embraced him joyfully. They started talking to each other while Nightmare turned to Horror.

Nightmare looked at Horror with concern. "Are you sure you wouldn't mind Killer staying the entire week? It's a very long slumber party."

Horror nodded. He couldn't leave Killer homeless. He needed to find a job and an apartment, fast. "Yes. He'll have fun."

Nightmare nodded. "Alright then. I'll see you later then Horror."

Horror nodded before he remembered that Nightmare couldn't know that they were homeless. What would he think? "Um, you can take Killer to the park we always go to. I'll be there to pick him up."

"Sounds good to me." Nightmare smiled and gently shook Horror's hand. "I'll see you next week then."

"Yeah, you too." Horror said numbly before watching Nightmare walk off towards Killer and his own kids. Killer nodded at what Nightmare said and ran to pack his things.

Horror felt his Soul sinking and heavy and numb. He couldn't live without Killer. But he also couldn't be with Killer unless he had a job and an apartment.

So until then, Killer was better off with Nightmare.

Time to go job hunting.