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After running around the palace for what seemed like an eternity you finally stumbled upon a safe room. You had never felt such relief wash over you in a single moment that you felt you were going to cry. Your teammates seemed to be glad as well as they filed into the room, taking a seat at the large table situated in the middle of the room.

Skull slouched in his chair, sinking into it with a small sigh of relief. Panther perched herself on the edge of the table, a whine leaving her lips about how much her feet were aching. Mona climbed into the chair opposite to Panther as Joker leaned against the table, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Out of everyone gathered, he looked to be the least exhausted. Perhaps it was his calm and nonchalant air that he carried but he seemed to be more awake than the rest of you.

You had promptly collapsed onto the table with a grunt and you were tempted to just stay there for a while. Running around a large palace was hard work. You were happy to finally have a small reprieve. You slowly sat up as the others started discussing the next move. What was next, retreat or keep going? You had made it far into the palace but was it enough? As they continued to voice their opinions you fished around in your pockets. You were tired and you needed a pick me up. You smiled as you brought out a small box that had been stuffed into your clothes. You proceeded to open the packet and shove pocky sticks into your mouth. Something sweet would help you perk up. As you munched on your snack, Joker turned his attention to you. 

He knew you had a bit of a sweet tooth and it was a fact you always had candy on you. It seemed that rule applied in the Metaverse as well. You beamed as you happily chewed on your treat, covering your mouth politely when you had something to say. Joker was only half listening to what was actually being said. He was too focused on you to really be part of the discussion. He watched the subtle way your lips moved as you ate. It was strange how he was captivated by the movement but he couldn't find it in himself to turn his head. He watched as you put another chocolate stick in your mouth and he subconsciously licked his lips. That pretty little mouth of yours was proving to be very distracting.

You glanced at your leader out of the corner of your eye and you noticed the staring. You blinked a couple of times in mild surprise. Why was he staring? You didn’t have chocolate on your face, right? You glanced at the box in your hand as you pondered the thought. Perhaps he was a little peckish? You didn't mind sharing your food, as long as it was with Akira. Ann and Morgana were also okay but you become protective when Ryuji wanted some. That kid had a black hole for a stomach and you didn't want him inhaling your sweets. With a small smile you offered the box towards Joker.

"Want some, Joker?" you asked.

His eyes flicked to your twinkling ones and a small smirk formed on his lips. 

"Sure" he replied. 

He pushed himself off the table, his hands slipping out of his pockets as he reached you in a few easy strides. You smiled, half an eaten pocky stick still hanging out of your mouth. What you didn't expect was for him to brush past your outstretched hand and move in close. Your eyes widened in surprise as a gloved hand cupped your check. Before you could think about moving away Joker sealed his lips against yours, suppressing your surprised squeak.

You completely froze on the spot, not sure what to do. His lips were soft against yours and you could feel the slight tilt of his head as he pressed against you firmly. You felt his teeth gently nip your lips, biting off the end of the stick. Your face was starting to heat up as you felt his tongue lick your lips clean of any chocolate. He pulled away with a wicked grin and it felt like your face was on fire. He hummed low in his throat, his fingers brushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

"Hmm, sweet~" he purred. 

You were so stunned you couldn’t force any words out of your mouth. It was like he had stolen your ability to talk. You heard an audible gasp and you cringed silently. You forgot you had company.

"Joker!" Morgana exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

Ann pulled a face at you both. "Get a room you two" she hissed.

Ryuji only laughed in response, slapping his knee from the display as he cackled madly. You were pretty sure your face was the colour of a ripe tomato. You pouted at Joker as Panther continued to hurl insults at him while Skull only laughed harder. He tuned out the comments as he looked at your flushed face with a satisfied smirk.

"You could have just taken one from the box" you muttered. 

"I prefer my way" he replied. 

You huffed. Perhaps you would do it his way more often. But next time, without an audience to ruin the moment.