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Too Stubborn for Your Own Good

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“ I do not understand why this is necessary.” Hanzo growled as Jesse walked him back to their bedroom. “You heard what Angela said darlin’ you’re on bedrest ! That means rest in bed Han.” Jesse repeated for what felt like the fifteenth time. “ I know what it means I’m not an idiot.” Hanzo fussed sitting down on the bed. “I never said you were doll , but ya need to stop being so stubborn.” Jesse replies sitting down next to Hanzo.

“I’m not being stubborn...” Hanzo murmured as Jesse began to slowly rub his back. “ Han you promised me you’d take it easy.” “ I have been!” “Look just promise me you’ll actually take this bedrest thing serious.” . Hanzo sighed in defeat “ fine ...”. Jesse kissed his forehead “ thank you I promise I’ll spend every free minute I have with you .” .

Jesse moved his hand to Hanzos stomach and smiled “Just think before long we’ll have our beautiful baby girl in our arms.”. Hanzo smiled back “ yeah ...” . “ And then you’ll be bedridden for at least three weeks after you have her.” Jesse said quickly getting up. “ Jesse McCree get back here!”.