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White Rabbit

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Everything at U.A. has seemed out of place since the students moved into the newly-built dormitories. The staff seem on edge, people are disappearing or have to stay in bed sick, even All Might didn’t seem like himself after a while. That isn’t even the start of it. People have reported hearing strange noises in the night, and many have reported waking up to loud scratching and scraping noises from within the walls. It never got outside of campus, however, due to the security precautions of the school being amped up after the fight between All Might and All For One. 

One day, something surprising, yet utterly disturbing, happened. 

Durning lunch between classes, a lockdown was announced without warning, declaring a never-heard-before “level 4 security breach.” The highest the students have ever heard was security level 3, so the blaring of the alarms sent everyone into a panic. 

Then, someone called everyone’s attention. 

People rushed to the many windows in awe and fear as they watched, helplessly, as the walls surrounding U.A.’s property shot into the air thousands of meters high. It was impossible to reach the top, and many students tried to break through, but to no avail. 

The walls were impassable, meaning no one could get in or out. 

The staff disappeared. Students holed themselves up in their rooms. Everyone was sent into a frenzy as they all came to the conclusion that, before the walls went down and they were all free people once again, they were stuck here. Everybody was as good as dead. 

Months later, now present day, the school is quiet. 

The whole campus is devoid of life, save for some lurking shadows and passing survivors of the months-long shutdown. Nobody knows what people on the outside of the wall are thinking or what they’re feeling; there hasn’t been any communication between U.A. and the outside world since the walls rose into the sky. 

 But today was going to be different. 

Today, Midoriya Izuku decided, would be the day everyone would be given some kind of hope. He was determined to find a way out of this school, even if it meant sacrifices along the way. 

Midoriya stands alone in his room. Please recommend an action.