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nine months

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Smokey groaned and let his head hit the table with a bang, catching both Erina and Speedwagon's concerned gaze.


They noticed the Omega's new changes. From him being horribly nauseated in the morning, his compilations of headaches and the fact that Joseph came up to them and asked them if they had noticed Smokey’s scent changed.


Erina sighed, watching the younger omega quickly bolt up and dash down the hall to the restroom.


She knew exactly what was wrong.


“He's pregnant,” Erina whispered to Speedwagon who smiled in return, hearing the toilet flush as a sheepish looking Smokey appear.


Erina, being the only female omega in the house, walked over to Smokey, who was leaning against the wall.


“Are you okay,” she questioned as Smokey pull something out of his pocket and showed it to her.


A pregnancy test.


A POSITIVE pregnancy test.


“If you didn't suspect it early, I'm pregnant.” He confirmed as Erina smiled and hugged him tightly.


“Oh, we knew,” Erina pointed between her and Speedwagon. “Besides, you smell of pregnancy.”


Smokey smiled as Erina dragged him to sit with her, directly by Speedwagon.


The scar-faced beta besides her chuckled, “Seems like Jojo did it.”


Smokey felt his face get hot at the underlined comment as Erina launched a pillow at Speedwagon's head, making him yelp an apology.


“I-it's fine,” the married omega laughed as he pulled out the test, placing it on the table in front of him.


“Did you tell him?”


“Tell who?”


“Joseph!” Speedwagon explained, “or is this pup a different alpha’s..hmm?”


“Robert stop,” Erina demanded as Smokey vehemently denied cheating.


“If I am allowed to be honest,” Smokey quipped. “I'm hoping he'll be happy, but I'm terrified that he won't want it.”


Speedwagon tilted his black hat over his eyes, “I assume it’s a ‘no’.”


Erina smiled sadly at Speedwagon who then placed a hand on Smokey’s back, rubbing him soothingly.


“Smokey, I bet Joseph will be ecstatic,” Speedwagon said. If anyone knew his nephew like Speedwagon knew his, they'd agreed too.


“Joseph always talks about having pups of his own, ” Erina noted when Smokey sighed and rubbed his flat stomach.


“We've discussed the topic of babies but never of having one,” Smokey whispered. “Hell, I-I,” he choked out, feeling another wave of nausea come over him. “I'm sorry.”


He excused himself as he bolted to the restroom again, making Erina sigh, “poor baby, I'm going to have to help him with that Morning Sickness; it's the worst."


Speedwagon sighed along with her. “I bet!”


A pregnant silent bestowed the two, they knew a secret that no one else knew, yet it was obvious. Though it quickly broke as Smokey reemerged, tear-stained face and raspy-like voice; you'd think he was an avid smoker.


“I’ll talk to Joseph, hopefully, it'll be successful,”  Smokey sat down again, rubbing his eyes and clearing his throat.


Erina hugged him tightly and pulled a hesitate Speedwagon into the slightly suffocating hug.


“It will be, I promise,” Erina whispered.


“If he doesn't take responsibility, I'll hurt him.” Speedwagon threatened, making Erina and Smokey chuckle.




The warm atmosphere encased the house, even when Speedwagon deduced from the group to take care of his foundation's work.


Erina kept Smokey company, knowing the Omega may be scared of being all alone and pregnant.


“Do you know how far along you are,” Erina questioned as Smokey fiddled with his jacket zipper.


“About two or three weeks I assume.”


Erina pondered to herself. “Let me guess, you hit your heat after Joseph returned from Italy?”


“Y-yeah, ” Smokey sheepishly admitted.


Erina stated that there was no need to be embarrassed; she understood how long distances could affect an Omega's hormones.


Smokey hummed to himself in agreement as the manor door opened, revealing the only alpha in the house, Joseph Joestar.


“Hello~!” His teasing voice rang as he strode to Erina and Smokey, hugging her and kissing him.


“How are my two favorite people, ” He sang making Erina laugh and Smokey smile.


“We're fine,” Erina answered for the both of them.


The three of them cared out a brief conversation before Erina noticed Smokey fiddling with his ring, taking this as her cue she quickly excused herself.


“How about you two enjoy each other's company,” Erina requested as she quietly padded out of the living room.


The silent was somewhat uncomfortable. Joseph could feel Smokey’s uneasy energy along with his spoiling scent.


Joseph sighed. Smokey had been ‘off’ for a few weeks; his scent, recurring sickness, and nervous behavior. “Smoke,” Joseph gently called out, pulling his husband into a hug, “is there something you would like to talk about?”


Smokey choked out a sob, surprising Joseph and even himself. “I'm sorry,” he whined, pulling out the pregnancy test.


Joseph grasped the test, eyes the size of saucers and mouth dry as a dessert.


“A-are you-” Smokey nodded.


“A-are we-” Smokey nodded again.


“How long,” Smokey held up a peace sign and then added a third finger, alternating. “Around two to three weeks, I assume.”


Smokey tried to get ahold of his scent but the more he cried the harder it got. Joseph quickly cradled his omega's face with his hands and pressed a tender kiss to his lips.


“I'm so excited.” He smiled gently as Smokey buried his face into Joseph's neck, inhaling his woodsy-like scent.


“Don't even apologize.” Joseph kissed Smokey’s head, feeling him sigh in content.


“We will be fine,” Joseph smiled before he kissed Smokey again.


The couple didn't even notice Erina, smiling at them and their happiness.