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vermillion and chestnut

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The setting sun streamed through the crack of the curtains in his office and Chuuya winced, the light directly hitting him in the eyes.

His eyebrows knit together, he scowled, looking down at the papers in his hand and was momentarily tempted to crumble them before thinking better of it.

It was the lack of sleep starting to hit him faster when he found that second to rest, the fatigue of daily missions and putting his executive front taking in more hours of his day than rest.

He could try and dose off, maybe for a few minutes, to try and forget about the repeated lines he found himself reading over and over, his mind not properly processing the paperwork he was supposed to get finished.

Grabbing his phone off the coffee table, he woke up the screen to read the time.

He sighed.

Not enough time.

They’d be leaving for a mission in about a little more than an hour and he’d have to prep himself for it, go check on the group accompanying them, finish reading this one line he was stuck on…

Chuuya groaned aloud, his voice resounding in the empty office, his body slumping against the sofa.

Scratching at his head, he figured he should check up on his lazy mess of a partner, no doubt waiting for him to blow his top off just to annoy him at the last second with some kind of tactic, as usual.

Just as he was about to stand, the door swung open behind him, the polite gesture of a knock absent as the person invited themselves in without care of his privacy or peace of mind.

Without even bothering to turn his head to greet him, the accusation slipped off his tongue naturally.

“What is it this time.”

“So quick to assume things, chibi~”

The smooth tone of Dazai’s voice filled the redhead’s ears and it struck him how the lulling effect of hearing his partner made him want to close his eyes, his voice to help him fall asleep, his tongue rolling off the syllables of his name that made him feel a multitude of things at once as he usually did, soothing and…

Chuuya jolted in place.

Not the time for that either.

“Why else would you be in here?” The smaller man retorted, as if it were obvious.

“Just wanted to see how my darling partner is doing.” Came the response, but it was the bluntness of it, the words themselves teasing but his tone unmatched to it that had blue eyes blow wide.

Refusing eye contact, Chuuya swallowed.

“You’re always up to something.” The smaller man justifies to his earlier judgment of the brunet’s presence, but Chuuya could hear it in himself the lack of bite in it, his mood not in it for their usual bickering.

“Chuuya.” Dazai was close, closer than he was really paying attention to.


His brain barely registers the hand creeping up behind his head, his eyes instantly fluttering shut to the gentle touch of Dazai’s fingers brushing against his cheek, trailing down to his chin to inch his gaze onto red brown.

“Something wrong…?” The tenderness to the words had Chuuya wanting to lean in that little bit closer, to have their foreheads touch and bask in the welcoming warmth of the other that they usually reserved for their apartment, when they were truly alone.

“Mm…just sleepy.” Giving in to his wants, there was no one else there in the room to see them as Chuuya pressed a quick peck to his partner’s lips. “No big deal.”

“Ah, did I work Chuuya too hard last night?” Dazai joked, grinning all the while at the gesture.

“I think I can handle you just fine, bastard.” A gloved hand tugs lightly at brown locks from the insinuation and Dazai laughs, a smile of his own taking over Chuuya’s expression.

“Well.” Abruptly removing his hand away, Dazai stamps it at the top of the sofa, pushing himself over it to land gracefully on the seat next to him.

“What the-“

“Just for a few minutes.” He interrupts to explain. “I’ll make sure to wake you up in time.”

“…” Weighing his options, the offer was too tempting to say no, but the nagging part of his thoughts kept him from crawling over immediately to Dazai and pressing their bodies next to each other closer than they really should be at work.

Chuuya shakes his head, as much as he knew that taking a small rest could count for him prepping up. “I still have to check on our subordinates and the papers, I can’t.”

“I’ll take care of it.” His partner reassures him so easily, so willingly to take over the work he could so himself.

Dazai thinking about him first made his heart swell, his eyes clouding over as he looks straight at softened red brown, looking right back at him.

“Come on, come here.”

“We better still be on time for the mission.” The redhead warns, threateningly as he could muster as he relents, red curls laying atop the brunet’s shoulder, shifting his body into Dazai’s more comfortably as his vision fades slowly to black.

“Someone will back us up if needed, stop worrying about it so much.” He can feel Dazai’s arm brush against his as their fingers intertwine in a gentle squeeze and Chuuya’s chest settles at the trust he had in his love at being able to let his walls down like this, how just right it felt to be connected as they were from the simple link of their hands.

There’s a tender touch to the top of his head, as Dazai wishes him sweet dreams.

“Rest, Chuuya.”  








The young pupil raps a knuckle against the familiar wood doors of his superior’s office as his other holds back the cough racking up his throat.

“Send in a group there if no one answers. We’ll be there shortly.” Were the instructions Dazai-san gave to him, Akutagawa having been placed to look over their troops being the additional order he was given.

“Chuuya and I should be out in time, but just in case, do that instead.” There were no questions asked as his mentor walked away, waving a hand nonchalantly back at him as he simply bowed in response.

He knew it was none of his business…but curiosity had gotten the best of him.

It was unusual for Chuuya-san as well as his mentor to be tardy at the same time especially where it concerned a mission, and it was to his assumption that if there was no answer coming from the office, it would mean they weren’t there.

He had only wanted to make sure, in case something had happened in the off chance someone was inside but was actually unable to answer, if maybe Dazai-san had been knocked out unconscious in one of the duo’s famous fights.

“Pardon the intrusion…” Akutagawa pushed on, opening the door just enough to allow a quick peek around the room and quickly back out.

What his eye caught was the peek of the executive’s heads coming from the sofa, a clash of red and brown laying atop each other, silent as he popped in.

Promptly closing the door shut, he doesn’t resort to adding his vote to the betting pool of his superior’s relationship with the evidence he could have gotten, instead turning his back away and following orders as he headed to their subordinates, ready to head out.