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After pictures were taken, tears were shed, and boxes were packed and filled into the back of Alex and Kara’s vehicles, the sisters were saying their goodbyes.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” Kara said, squeezing her sister.

“It’s just two years, Kar. Then we will be seeing each other again.” Alex replies, squeezing Kara with as much strength as she can.

“You’re saying two years like it’s a three day vacation.”

Alex laughs. “You have a point, but I promise it’ll go by fast.”

“I know, but I’m still going to miss you.” Kara said into Alex’s neck. They break apart and Alex wipes Kara’s tears. “Everyone is going so far away. Lena is all the way in Massachusetts, and you’re gonna be like four hours away.”

“And Maggie is all the way in Gotham.”

“She chose Gotham Police Academy?”

“Yeah. She said it was the closest one to me. It was either Gotham or Denver.”

“Sheesh Denver. That’s a plane ride.”

“I know or just a long ass drive.” Kara laughs.

“Are you gonna miss her?”

“Is that an actual question?”

“Yes, I want to keep conversation, so you’ll be late to student check in.”

Alex laughs. “You’ll be late too.”

Kara shrugs. “It’ll be worth it.”

Alex nods. “Yes, I’ll miss her. I already do. You miss Lena?”

“Like freaking crazy. I didn’t think I would but boy was I wrong.”

Alex grins as she rubs up and down on Kara’s arm. “It’s okay, Kar. Is she on her flight yet?”

Kara checks the time on her watch that’s on her wrist. “She might be boarding it now.” Kara pouts.

“Don’t worry, Thanksgiving will be here in no time.”

Kara smiled. “Let’s hope so.”

Eliza comes out the house with the last box from their room. It’s says Kara on it. The blonde walks up and takes the box from her mom and places it in the back seat of her car. “That’s the last of the boxes.” Eliza looks at her daughters all grown up. She remembers the day a thirteen year old-in human years, anyway-Kara crashed into her yard and the pain, sweat, and tears of the twelve hour labor because Alex mustn’t be rushed.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor says as he hands Jeremiah surgical scissors. He cuts the umbilical cord as the doctor wraps the baby in towels. “Here she is. Your beautiful baby girl.”

“She’s gorgeous.” Jeremiah says. He admires her big brown eyes, her cute small feet and hands, and her head full of brown hair.

“Yeah, she is.” Eliza says through light sobs. She rubs her face and kisses her on the forehead.

“Name?” Jeremiah asked with raised eyebrows.

“Alexandra Michelle Danvers.”

“Alex for short?”

Eliza shrugged. “Umm…sure.”

“I love it.”

“Welcome to the world, Alex.” Jeremiah says, running his fingers through his new daughter’s dark brown hair.

“Come on, give me a hug before I start crying.” Alex and Kara laugh as they walk up to hug their mom. “You two better drive safe.”

“Okay mom.” They both say in unison.

“I love you so much. Drive safe.” Eliza kisses her daughters on the forehead and lets go of them. They walk to their cars and hug one last time before getting in and backing out the driveway one at a time. Alex honks and Eliza waves as they drive off into different directions.

Alex has been driving for maybe an hour or so. She stops to get gas and a snack because driving makes her hungry. As the gas is pumping, she opens her Snickers bar and takes a bite. Her phone rings from her pocket. She smiles when she sees Maggie’s name. She chews the remaining bits of her bite and answers the phone.

“Hey you!”

“Hey baby!”

“How are you? Are you getting settled in okay?”

“Oh yeah. My roommate is pretty cool. Everyone here is amazed that a drive a motorcycle, which is pretty nice.”


“Roommate? Is she cute?”

Maggie chuckles.

“Oh yeah. He’s a real looker.”

Alex rolls her eyes.

“That’s not funny, Mags.”

“It was pretty funny. To put you mind at ease, I’m the only girl in the academy so you have nothing to worry about. I mean you wouldn’t have nothing to worry about even if there was another girl in my set.”

Alex smiled.

“I better not.”

Maggie chuckles.

“Come on, Danvers. You know that I wouldn’t leave you for anything or anyone else in this world.”

Alex smiled as a blush creeps up her neck.

“Bonsai trees?”

“Okay, everything but bonsai trees. But the pot of that won’t have curves that look as amazing as yours.”

Alex laughs as she rolls her eyes. Even hours away Maggie is still a horndog. Her horndog.

“Anyway, the only girl? Wow, that’s impressive, Mags.”

“Yeah, I should get a little something for that.”

Alex can sense Maggie smirking.


“You’re not going to see me for a few months at least give me something.”

“Patience Sawyer.”

Maggie bites her lip.

“Don’t let me down, Danvers.”

“Have I ever let you down before?”

Maggie chuckled.

“No, you have not.”

Alex smiled.

“What’s it like there?”

“It’s like a dorm but darker and more rugged.”

“You have to share a room with a guy?”

“Yeah. I mean it’s no big deal to me. We have our own bathrooms and he doesn’t seem like a complete weirdo, but time tells all tales.”

Alex laughs and it makes Maggie’s heart flutter.


Alex closes her gas tank and gets back in her car.

“Yeah. The academy is huge and- “

“You’re the smallest one.”

“Ha-ha very funny. Yes, I am.”

Alex laughs.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, baby.”

The redhead then hears a booming voice in the background.

“Babe, I have to go. I’ll text you later, yeah?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Alex hangs up. She puts her phone back in her pocket and leaves the gas station.

“Of course, I’m stuck in traffic.” Kara looks at her watch on her wrist. “Check in isn’t for another hour. Jesus, everyone just wants to go to Metropolis today.” She taps on the steering wheel as she slowly moves forward like less than an inch. Her phone rings.

“Hey Alex.”

“How’s your drive going?”

“I’m stuck in stupid traffic.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Traffic sucks.”

“I know. It’s the fucking worst. Like it is the exact epitome of the devil.”

Alex chuckles.

“Are you at Stanford yet?”

“Umm, maybe like two hours to go.”

“I’m so bored.”

“Yeah, traffic is no fun.”

“And Lena doesn’t land for another three hours.”

“You got this, Kar.”

“Says the one not stuck in traffic.”

Alex laughs.

“Call me when you get settled into your dorm?”

“Wow, you’re not going to entertain me while I’m stuck in traffic.”

“I’m actually driving, Kara.”

Kara sighs.

“Fine. Yes, I will call you when I’m settled.”

“Call Winn. He isn’t doing anything.”

“He’s looking for art studios with James. I texted him earlier. What about Lucy?”

Alex looks at her watch.

“Umm, I think she’s at West Point right now.”

“Great. I can’t believe the only free people I talk to is my sister and her girlfriend.”

“Maggie’s not free either. What would you two even talk about?”

Kara shrugged.

“I don’t know. How much we love you, I guess.”

Alex laughs.

“Thank god!”


“The traffic is moving. I’ll talk to you later.”


“I love you. Bye.”

Kara hangs up as she speeds up to the actual speed limit on the highway.


Alex has been driving so long she almost cried once she saw the sign for Stanford University. “Finally.” She pulls in and gasped at how beautiful the campus is. It has a ginormous yard with a floral centerpiece in the middle. The centerpiece Is filled with white and red flowers, it has three benches on each side and a S in the middle of the circle made of red flowers and an assortment of other plants are around it. The building is huge, and it has three sections. The building makes Alex a little nervous, but she’ll get used to it. She notices students walking around with maps in one hand and luggage in another. After driving for a little Alex finds a parking lot she suspects is for the students. She parks her car next to a car with a girl with beautiful tanned skin leaning up against it. She is nose deep into a map as Alex gets out her car. The girl looks up from her map and looks Alex up and down. The redhead doesn’t pay her any mind; she is happily taken. Alex does smile at her though as she walks to her trunk. The girl bounces off her car and walks toward Alex as the redhead opens her trunk.

“Hi!” The girl says, cheery.

“Hey.” Alex says as nice as possible. She isn’t quite in the mood for conversation, but this girl seems nice.

“Umm, I can help you unload if you want. I’m already finished, and it was boring in my dorm alone. My roommate hasn’t shown up yet.”

What the hell, why not? “Sure, okay you can help me.”

The girl smiles. “I’m Sam.”

Alex smiles. “Alex.”

“Nice to meet you Alex. Where’s your dorm?”

“Uhh,” Alex takes out a piece of paper that was in her back pocket. “Twenty five in dormitory B.” Sam gasped. Alex looks at her concerned. “What?”

“We’re roommates!”


Sam chuckles. “Yeah.” Lucky me. Sam faintly bites her lip as Alex bends over to take a box out her trunk.

“Fun.” Alex says.

Sam picks up a box and Alex picks up a box and her carry on. Shit, she’s strong. They walk into the school and Sam shows her their dorm. “Here she is.” Alex looks around. The room is small with two twin sized beds with two small desks; the room also has two tall dressers up against the wall. Sam’s side of the room was very well decorated with posters of artists on her wall, pictures of her family on her desk, and her bed is neatly made; that made Alex grin. The redhead really noticed the bisexual flag above her bed. Sam acknowledges Alex’s staring at her flag. “I can take that down if it bothers you.” Sam says, slightly annoyed.

Alex shakes her head. “Oh, absolutely not. You don’t have to. I have a flag too.” Alex got a flag a little after graduation with Maggie. It’s a lipstick lesbian flag; Maggie thought it was funny and Alex thought it was cute, so she bought it. Alex isn’t that femme, but she liked the flag, so she got it just for the hell of it.

Sam smiled. “Really? You’re bisexual?”

Alex shakes her head as she puts her box on the vacant side of the room; on the mattress. “I’m gay.” She says, smiling. That was the first time she said that to a complete stranger without stuttering or blushing profusely.

“That’s great. I would hate to have a biphobic roommate.”

Alex laughs. “Now you have nothing to worry about.”

“Wanna finish getting your stuff, so this can become your home too?”


Alex is hanging up some posters. She has made up her bed and decorated her desk. Her flag is in the last box that isn’t unpacked; she still has to put her clothes away. Sam and Alex finished getting her stuff out her car maybe twenty minutes ago. Sam sits at her desk and admires Alex putting up her posters. She notices a picture of Alex and a blonde smiling on her desk. She picks up the frame. “This your girlfriend?”

Alex turns around to look at the picture Sam was holding. She chuckles. “That’s my sister.”

Same nods. “Oh.” Alex hops off her bed and picks up another framed picture off her desk of Maggie smiling. Her dimples pop in that picture; it’s Alex’s personal favorite picture of the brunette. She shows Sam.

“This is my girlfriend.”

Sam raised her eyebrows as she stares at the picture of Maggie. “She’s pretty. Your sister too.”

“Thanks.” Alex smiles as she takes the pictures and puts them back on her desk. Sam pouts a little. She was greatly hoping her new gay roommate was single. We can just be friends, I guess. “Do you have any siblings?”

“Yeah, a younger sister.”

“Cool. It’s fun being the oldest.” Alex chuckles.

“Not me. I hate being the oldest. My mom is always up my ass.”

“Me too! I just said it was fun because I get to push my sister around.” Well, somewhat.

Sam nods as she laughs. “Oh yeah.” Alex is putting up her Barenaked Ladies poster. She makes a face of disgust. “I thought I liked you but now I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” Alex turns around and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Your choice in music obviously sucks.”

Alex let’s out a breathy chuckle. “You don’t like them?”

Sam points at her Panic at The Disco poster. “They are more my style and definitely better than them.” She points at Alex poster.

“Seems like your music choices suck.”

“Nah, mine is better.”

Alex huffs. “I beg to differ.”

Sam laughs. “How can a group with the name Barenaked Ladies have good music?”

“You should never judge a book by its cover.”

Sam shrugged. “It’s been doing me good this far in life.” Alex laughs and Sam thinks it’s the most beautiful sound. She has a girlfriend, right.

“Funny and sarcastic? Change your music choices and we will get along just fine.” Alex says, stepping off her bed and sitting. Sam smiles.


Kara pulls into the parking lot of Stanhope University after what felt like centuries. She can’t wait to get out this car and walk around and she really has to pee. She didn’t go to a rest stop until she was at the end of National City and that was like two hours ago. She parks expeditiously and gets out the car. She will unpack her car but first, bathroom. Now. In her frenzied rush, Kara accidentally bumps into a girl with long dark brown hair and big brown eyes. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going in such a rush. I’m sorry.”

The girl chuckles at Kara’s rambling. “It’s okay. Where are you going in such a hurry anyway?”

“Umm,” Kara fiddles with her glasses as she looks down at her feet. “To the bathroom. Driving takes a toll on the bladder.”

The brunette laughs. “I feel ya. They are in the dorms. I’m already settled in. I can take you there, if you want?”

“Yes, please.”

“Of course. Come on. I’m Nia, by the way.” Nia reaches her hand out to Kara.

“Thanks. I’m Kara. Nice to meet you, Nia.” Kara shakes her hand. Nia smiles as they walk to the dormitories.

“Do you know you dorm number? Maybe we’re roommates. Mine isn’t here yet. Hopefully, I get one.”

“The paper is in my car, so I don’t really know.”

“Oh, okay.” Nia smiles. “Here they are.” Nia points to a communal bathroom at the end of a long hallway.

Kara sighs as she smiles. “Thank you.” Kara nods her head as she sprints to the bathroom. Nia doesn’t know whether to wait or to walk away so she just stays and looks at the various bulletin boards in the hallway.

Kara walks out the bathroom, the hand dryer still going as she pulls open the door. She smiles when she sees Nia still in the hallway. “Uhh, do you wanna help me unpack my car? We can find out where my dorm is too.” Kara doesn’t know why she feels so nervous. She has talked to girls before, but something about Nia feels different. It feels like the first time she talked to Lena but less strong.

Nia smiled. “Sure.”

They walk back down the hallway and out the college to Kara’s car. Kara unlocks her car and pops her trunk as she reaches into her glove compartment for the paper with her information on it. Nia watches her attentively. “Umm,” Kara stands up and faces Nia. “My dorm is eighteen side F.”

Nia jumps up and down excitedly as she claps her hands. “We’re roommates!”

Kara gasped. “Really?”

Nia shakes her head; ecstatic. “Yes!”

After three minutes of excitement, the girls were taking boxes and luggage into the school and to their dorm. Kara places her stuff down on the vacant side of the room. She looks around and smiles at the mini trans flag in the cup with pencils and pens in it. Kara didn’t say anything because that is a big thing to let out to a complete stranger. Nia’s bed is neatly made, and she has posters up and her desk is decorated with pictures of friends and family. They walk back out and get the rest of Kara’s things.

While Kara was decorating, Nia watched her from her bed. “So, where are you from, Kara?”

Kara looks up from the box she was digging through. “I’m from Midvale but I live in National City. Well, lived, I guess I should say.”

Nia chuckled. “This is your school. National City is still your home.”

Kara nods. She isn’t quite used to the college life yet and the year hasn’t even started. “And you?”

“Oh, I’m from here. Metropolis. What’s your major?”

“Arts and Marketing. I’m starting here then I’ll finish at NCU, so I can be closer to family.”

Nia nods. “I’m doing that too. My major is International Relations and I’m studying here and Georgetown.”

Kara nods. “That’s cool. So, you have any siblings or anything?” Kara sits down on her bed to be more in the conversation instead of walking around.

“Yeah, I have an older sister.”

Kara smiles. “Me too.”

“They are the worst.”

“It has its moments.” Nia laughs as Kara stands back up to finish putting her stuff away.

She finished by mid afternoon. Kara sets up her desk and for the finishing touch, she places her mini pan flag in a cup with pencils and pens just like back at home. Nia sees the flag and grins. She points at it. “Are you seeing anyone?”

“Uhh yeah. I have a girlfriend. Lena.”

“She must be pretty.”

Kara chuckles as a blush creeps up her neck. “Yeah, she is.”

“Wanna grab a coffee and get to know each other better?” Nia asked standing.

“Sure.” Kara smiled as they walk out the dorm.

Kara and Nia take a seat in a small café a little off from the campus. It was a small little hole in the wall, but it was nice in the inside; with comfy chairs in each corner and tables are in various places in the shop. It looks a little like Noonan’s, but it doesn’t have a second level like the café back home does.

“This is probably going to be our spot for studying all year.” Nia says, taking a sip of her caramel macchiato.

Kara laughs. “Yeah probably.”

Nia raises her eyebrows. “Do you always get iced coffee in summer.”

Kara laughs. “Iced coffee is pretty much the only coffee I drink and maybe lattes but that’s only for special occasions.” Nia laughs. They sit in comfortable silence until a barista yells someone’s name. “So…what are some things I should know about you? What do you like to do for fun?”

Nia thought for a moment. “I liked horseback riding when I was a kid but I kinda stopped when I got a little older.”

“Do you mind me asking why?”

Nia shook her head. “I fell off the horse one time.”

Kara’s eyes widen. “Oh. Damn.”

“Yeah. It was bad. I had to get stitches.”

“Stitches are the worse.” Kara never actually had stitches before since nothing can go into her skin without breaking when it comes in contact with it.

“Yeah, it wasn’t fun.”

Kara grins. “Is your boyfriend going here too?” Kara shouldn’t assume that Nia is straight, but she has a hunch that she is.

Nia shakes her head. “No, he is going to Harvard.”

Kara gasped. “Wow. Harvard. He must be crazy smart then.”

Nia nods. “He is. His nickname is Brainy if that tells you anything. It’s sometimes scary how smart he is.”

Kara laughs. “Brainy, huh?”

“Yeah. His friends gave him that nickname in middle school after he led the mathletes team to a victory. It stuck from there. His real name is Querl.”

“That’s a mouthful.”

“I pronounced it wrong every time I said it when we first met.” Kara laughs. “What about your boo? Where does she go?”

“Umm, MIT. Majoring in nanotechnology, engineering and chemistry.”

Nia raised her eyebrows. “Wow. Now that’s a mouthful.” Kara laughs as she nods. “Massachusetts? Were you upset about her going so far?”

“I was at first then I eased into it over time. She basically dropped the bomb when she told me.”

“Did you pick a school yet?” Kara asked, running her hands up and down Lena’s thighs. Lena’s legs are bent, and Kara is laying in between them on her back. Her head is resting on Lena’s abdomen and Lena is running her fingers through blonde locks as Kara pokes at supple thighs. The TV is playing an abandoned episode of Grey’s. Lena freezes for a second at Kara’s question. The blonde looks up, catching nervous green eyes looking back at her. “Well, did you?”

Lena nods. “Yeah.”

“Which one?”

Lena told Kara she had two choices for colleges; Stanford, where she can be close to Kara and go to school with Alex so she wouldn’t be alone. Or MIT, a school all the way in Massachusetts. Very far away from Kara and Alex and everyone, basically. She promised Kara she would pick a school that was a little closer than Massachusetts, but Lena took a secret tour of the school one day when Kara was packing. She didn’t go to Massachusetts of course but she watched videos on the school and the programs the college has. And it’s way better than the program at Stanford; in her opinion.


Lena’s hesitation already gave Kara the answer she didn’t want to hear.


Lena rolled her eyes. She hates when Kara says her name like that. It makes her feel like she disappointed the blonde in a way, and it breaks her heart little by little every time Kara says her name like that. Her tone is always filled with doubt and sadness and sometimes anger.

“I know, Kara.”

“Do you?” Kara shifts and gets up from where she was laying. Lena pouts; Kara was keeping her warm and it felt nice to have the blonde on top of her, well, kind of. Lena rolled her eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

Lena blinks a few times; her green eyes turning glassy. It wasn’t the time but that was hot. She will never roll her eyes at Kara again. She pushed down her arousal and crosses her arms over her chest. “Don’t start, Kara.”

“Me? I’m not doing anything. It’s you that wants to move away.”

“It’s just school. I’ll be back.”

“But what am I going to do with you gone?”

“You’re going to school too, darling.”

Kara swoons at the pet name but she pushes past it. “Well yeah, but Massachusetts is a little far, don’t ya think?”

“I know it is.”

“And you still want to go.”

“Kara, I’ll be back. There will be school breaks. Your acting like I’m going away forever.”

“Did you even consider me?”

“This might come as a shock to you, but you weren’t on my mind when I applied.”

Kara is taken aback at what Lena said. She slowly nods. She doesn’t want to fight with me Lena. “Wow.” She gets off Lena’s bed and picks up her shoes and jacket. “No, I was dumb to think you actually cared about me and my feelings.” Kara shakes her head and walks out of Lena’s room.

Lena scrambles off her bed and runs to the banister of her staircase. “Kara, wait!” Kara was already out the door with a slam. Lena jumped at the sound of the door. She sighs. “Shit.”

“Wow.” Nia says.

“Yeah,” Kara cleared her throat. “I didn’t talk to her for a few days until my sister told me to suck it up and hear what she has to say. I said okay and called her. She told me how MIT has better programs for what she is studying for. I understood and apologized for how I acted.” Kara rubs the back of her neck. She didn’t like that the first story about her relationship that she tells Nia is an argument. The brunette notices her nervousness.

“It’s okay. It happens.” Nia says. She reassuringly rubs Kara’s hand. The blonde smiled.

The two continue their coffee drinking small talk until maybe five o’clock. They had to get back. Orientation was tomorrow and they needed to wake up early. They paid for their drinks and left the shop. While walking, Kara gets an incoming phone call. She digs her phone out her pocket. “Sorry, it’s my sister.”

“Please, take it. This walk is almost over anyway.” Nia says, smiling.

“Hey Alex!”

“Kara! How’s Stanhope campus?”

“It’s beautiful here. Well, from what I’ve seen.”

“What do you mean?”

“I turned into Usain Bolt straight to the bathroom. I ran into my roommate, literally.” Nia laughs.

“Your small bladder is gonna kill someone one day.”

Kara chuckles. Kara can get very dangerous when she has to use the bathroom.

“Is she nice? Your roommate?”

“Yeah, she’s great.” Kara smiles at Nia as they walk into the dormitories. “How’s Stanford?”

“Amazing! The campus is huge and so beautiful. And I met my roommate. She’s nice but her music choices suck.”

Kara sighs.

“Just because someone doesn’t like the Barenaked Ladies doesn’t mean their music sucks.”

“Uhh, that is a clear indication that they wouldn’t know good music if it hit them in the face. Just ask Maggie.”

“I can’t ask the person that likes the same band as you do.”

Alex rolls her eyes. Nia laughs at the one sided sisterly banter.

“Whatever. I’m just saying she would agree with me.”

“Okay Alex.”

“Have you called Lena yet?”

“Shit! I completely forgot. Me and Nia went for a coffee and I forgot she landed a little bit ago.”

“Is Nia your roommate?”

“Yes, and she’s straight.”

Nia grins.

“Oh okay. Call Lena and text me in the morning. I love you.”

“I love you too. Bye.”

Kara hangs up.

“Your sister seems fun.”

“She’s alright.”

“Does she have a problem that your roommate is a girl?”

“You don’t have to worry about my sister.”

“Do I have to worry about Lena?”

“Umm, probably but I just have to tell her that you have a boyfriend to clear your name. Because you don’t want to be in the storm of Lena Luthor when she’s mad; take it from a well-known resident.”

Nia laughs as the walk into their dorm. Kara sits on her bed and scrolls for Lena’s contact name as Nia closes the door and sits at her desk. She hasn’t met the girl, but Lena seems like a very intimidating person. Kara puts her phone to her ear and Nia grabs a book from her desk and lays down on her bed. With every dial tone ring Kara gets even more excited. When she hears the cheery but sophisticated voice of her girlfriend she almost sprung off her bed in elation.

“Hey baby!”

Kara can hear the smile in Lena’s voice.

“Hey Lee! How are you? How was your flight?”

Lena chuckles.

“I’m fine and my flight was okay. I never really liked flying.”

“I’ve flown you places before.”

Kara’s eyes widen as she looks over at Nia to see if she heard her. Nia is nose deep in her book and not paying any attention to Kara. The blonde takes a breath of relief.

“I know. I feel safe when I fly with you.”

“Do you want me to sit on the wing of the plane the next time you fly somewhere?”

Lena laughs and Kara’s heart jumps in her chest.

“I mean I don’t want to impose.”

Kara laughs.

“I’ll clear my schedule for you.”

Lena giggled and it makes Kara miss her even more.

“Do you have a roommate? Because I do not.”

“You don’t have a roommate?”

“Nope, but I’m a little happy that I don’t. I like the privacy.”

Kara nods. Lena has always been a very private person. It took months into their friendship for Lena to tell Kara that she was adopted into the Luthor family. Kara knew Lena was just not ready to tell her, but she would’ve just liked to know the first month of the friendship and not the fourth.

“I do have a roommate and she’s awesome!”

Nia looks up from her book and shakes her head as she smiles at the jaunty blonde.

“She? Is this she a straight she?”

Kara laughed.


“Yes, she’s straight, Lena.”

Nia rolled her eyes. If I have to hear that one more time today…

“Okay. Good.”

“What’s the campus like?” Kara pushes to change the drawn out subject.

“It’s beautiful here, Kara. The campus is so gorgeous and filled with such beautiful smart people that even intimidate me.”

Kara laughs.

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

Lena shrugged as she laid on her bed looking up at her ceiling.

“I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous here without you.”

Kara blushed.

“Don’t be. You got this and you can call me anytime you need me.”

“But what if I want to see you?”

“Video chat. Facetime.”

“It’s not the same.”

Kara looked over at Nia before whispering…

“I can fly too, Lee.”

Lena laughs and it makes Kara’s heart flutter. Wow, I really am in love with this girl.

“I miss you, Kara.”

“I miss you too, baby. So much.”

Lena smiles sadly. She’s grateful that she got into MIT, but she knows being away from Kara is going to be a challenge. Lena starts to get another call.

“My mom is calling me. I’ll call tonight if I can.”

“Okay and I’ll answer.”

Lena chuckles.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Lena hangs up and Kara already misses the sound of her voice.

When Maggie pulled up to the Gotham Police academy; with its huge structure and many windows. She actually thought she drove into the wrong parking lot and went to the actual prison by accident. But then she read the sign and nodded because she was in the right place. Maggie has always wanted to be a cop after she saw her dad in action on bring your child to work day. It was a bank robbery and seeing her dad bring down a robber from killing a hostage was so inspiring for Maggie. She wanted to do that. She wanted to help people and beings not from this planet. Maggie knows there are other beings on Earth; example being Kara. Maggie just wants everyone that comes to Earth or that was actually born on Earth to be safe and live happy with one another. That’s why Maggie is unloading Luisa’s car in this parking lot of this scary looking building. Box after box, she thinks about all the crime she will be fighting and putting a stop to in the future and then after a long day of work she can come home to Alex cooking dinner for her or laying across the dinner table and saying the dinner is her; whatever the redhead prefers. Maggie obviously wants the latter. Luisa slams her trunk closed after unloading Maggie’s last bag.

“That’s the last of your stuff.” Luisa says.

Maggie grins. “Thanks Lu. For driving all the way up here with me.”

“Of course. You didn’t even have to ask.” Maggie smiles. The front door of the academy creaks opens and a fragile lady with platinum blonde hair stands in the doorway.

“Sorry to interrupt, but the captain is doing roll call and it would be terrible if he missed the only girl in the set.” The woman said. Maggie smiled.

“That’s my girl.” Luisa said. She opened her arms. “Come here.” Maggie hugged her mom and squeezed like her life depended on it. “I love you. Be safe, have fun, and bring home a badge.”

Maggie beamed, dimples deep in her cheeks. “You got it.” They hug again and Luisa kisses her on the forehead. The older woman stands patiently; not wanting to ruin the special moment. They break the hug and Maggie picks up her bags. “I’m ready.” They walk away and Luisa watch as they walk up the steps into the academy. Maggie looks back and Luisa waves at her and blows Maggie a kiss. Her daughter grins as she walks into the academy.

They walk down a few hallways until they stop at a room with two twin sized beds, a desk, and dressers. It looked like a typical college dorm but less gleeful. A lean muscular boy looks up from his box and smiles at the brunette.

“You must be Sawyer.” Maggie smiled.

“Hi.” The woman walked away as Maggie walked into her dorm. She put her bags on the vacant bed and sits down. She looks around taking a deep breath; taking in the environment around her.

“I’m Mathews.” He reaches out his hand and Maggie shakes it. He chuckles. “Mike.”


Mike smiled. “Nice to meet you. Uhh we are the lucky ones.”

“Why?” Maggie asked standing to unpack.

“Everyone else has bunk beds.”

Maggie laughs. “Oh yeah. Definitely lucky.”

“So, where you from Sawyer?”

“Blue Springs, Nebraska, but I live in National City.”

“Nice. I’m from Metropolis. Born and raised.” Maggie nods. “Nebraska, huh? You wanted to get out the cold?” Mike asked. He sat down on his bed after putting away the last of his clothes.

Maggie tensed a little. “Something like that.”

“The cold is fun but sometimes you just gotta get the hell outta there.”

Maggie chuckled. “Yeah.” She opened a box and took out a picture frame of Alex. Mike noticed the frame and it made Maggie nervous.

“Who’s that?”

“My girlfriend. Alex.” Maggie turned around from the box she was looking in and faced Mike.

His eyes widen. “That’s fucking rad! I have a girlfriend too. Her name is Imra.” Mike shows Maggie a picture of a girl with light tanned skin and dark brown hair.

Maggie nods. “Nice.”

“Thanks. Are you out?”


“To like your family and stuff?”

“Yeah. Are you…?”

“I-I’m bi, but like no one knows in my family. Only a few friends and you, a person that I just met.”

Maggie chuckled. “Thank you for telling me. We can become friends.”


“Yeah. That won’t knock your style, right? Hanging out with me when there are a whole bunch of guys to hang out with.”

“Fuck what those guys think. They should be intimidated by you. Being the only girl in the set this year. You’re a badass, Sawyer and I didn’t even see what you can do yet.”

Maggie smiled. “hell yeah.”

Maggie just got off the phone with Alex and she misses her so much. She knew that her and Alex wanted different things when it came to what they wanted to do for schooling. And Maggie understood that but it actually happening is harder than she thought it would be. Mike seems cool but she would prefer sharing a room with Alex more than him. Mike comes back in the room from the bathroom. He looks over at Maggie. “You okay?”

Maggie looks over at him. “Yeah, just thinking.”

“About your hot girlfriend?” Mike chuckled.

“Watch it, Mathews.”

Mike puts his hands up in defeat. “Okay, sorry. It’s all jokes.” Maggie rolled her eyes. Yeah, Mike was joking but that doesn’t mean it was funny. “Captain is calling all of us for orientation tomorrow. Are you nervous?”

“Not really. This is what I came here for.”

Mike smiled. “You’re so badass, Sawyer. It’s like nothing scares you.”

Maggie huffs. “Shit scares me. I just don’t show it.”

“I wish I could do that.”

Maggie could sense he was talking about his girlfriend going to a college across the country. She was a pretty girl. Maggie knew where he was coming from Alex, looking fucking gorgeous and being all by herself at Stanford just doesn’t seem safe and on top of that she has a GIRL roommate. When Alex told Maggie that she had a roommate who is a girl and bisexual Maggie tried not to panic on the phone, but damn it sure does bug the hell out of her that Alex is sharing a room with that girl. Maggie will never say it out loud, but she is the jealous type and she will make it known when something or someone is hers and only hers.

“It’s okay, Mike. Not everyone has the trait.”

Mike chuckles. “Fuck off.”

Maggie laughs as an officer comes to door to tell them that it was lights out. They nod their heads as the officer closes their door. Maggie gets under her blankets and lays on her back. Mike turns off the light and gets in his bed.

“Hey Sawyer?”


“You don’t snore, right?”