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A Line Of Firsts

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First Kiss

Good things about Sansa: 1. She inexplicably liked Jon. They'd had a rough first meeting, an even rougher first year of knowing each other, yet somehow, after all the name calling and mutual glaring, they ended up friends. ...And then her looks started lingering and she touched his arm more often than was strictly necessary, and when she knew he was around she would wear something a little more revealing if the weather allowed it. She had a crush on him the size of Essos, and it was because she knew who he was as a person and genuinely liked it. 2. She was a good person at heart. Kind and considerate, and trying to be the best version of herself that she could be. She was succeeding, which made it even better. Actually, scratch that, this should be number one since her liking Jon back paled in comparison. 3. She used to be kind of shitty, but she not only got better, she actually apologized for the way she'd acted in the past. Jon had been beyond surprised by that one, because he'd seen dozens of people turn terrible, and only two-- including Sansa-- turn good. 4. In a very distant fourth place was the fact that she was hot as all seven hells combined.

Bad things about Sansa: 1. She was underage. 2. She was Robb's-- his best friend-- younger sister, and one he was very protective over. He always had been, but even more so after her disastrous relationship with Joffrey. Sansa had once stared appreciatively at someone while visiting them at university and Robb had wrapped a possessive arm around her and glared at every single man they walked past for the rest of her visit.

In conclusion, Jon mentally told his bedroom door with his arms folded across his chest, she was one hundred percent not an option, no matter how interested she was in him. Sansa, for all her flirting, surely knew that, so he had nothing to worry about tonight while she stayed over. He nodded to himself and walked out the door, heading to the living room so he could attempt to work on his lab report before she showed up.

He also needed to think about what he could bribe her with so that she didn't say anything to the Stark parents about Robb flitting off to be with his boyfriend and leaving her all by herself-- well, with Jon technically, but he wasn't a replacement for a brother that had known her for her entire life.

He grabbed a beer and settled into the couch so he could start, pulling his laptop towards him, when he stopped to a knock on the door. Did Ygritte say she was coming by? He checked his phone as he walked to answer the door, but there was nothing. Frowning, he opened the door, only to be tackle-hugged by a different woman with red hair. "Er. Sansa?"

"Hi Jon!" she said happily, giving him an extra squeeze before going back to the normal pressure.

"I thought you weren't getting here till later."

"Dany got out of work early," she shrugged. She finally let go of him, but not all the way, keeping her hands on his arms as she beamed at him. "Which means we get to hang out more!"

"Don't you two have plans?"

"Not until tomorrow night. So the next twenty four hours are just you and me."

She didn't mention Robb, and Jon wondered if that was because he'd thought to tell her himself for once instead of leaving Jon to do it, or because she had love goggles on and had temporarily forgotten about him. She picked up her bag and he stepped to the side to let her in, answering his unvoiced question as she entered. "Robb told me that him and Theon went to Vegas."

"They went to Vegas?"

She blinked at him. "Didn't they tell you?"

"Robb told me they were going on an ill-advised trip, and I didn't ask." He closed the door, locking it out of habit. Sansa gave him an interested look at that, and his cheeks pinked even as he tried to pretend that she wasn't looking at him like that. "Vegas. God, he's going to blow half his tuition money if he's not careful."

"I think the point of going to Vegas is to be very not careful. You should go there sometime," she said with a shit-eating grin, because she was nice and a good person and all of that, but she still shared Robb's opinion that he could be a stick in the mud.

"You sound like Ygritte," he grumbled. He threw his phone on the couch and ambled to the kitchen. "Want a beer?"

There was a pause, and then she said, "Sure!" in a voice far too bubbly to be agreeing to a beer.

Jon gave a mental shrug and popped the cap off on the counter before he went back to the living room. She'd set her bag to the side and tucked herself right next to where Jon had set himself up. He wondered if telling her that he liked space would help, but he discarded the idea by the time he circled the coffee table to sit down. Her crush was harmless, and it's not like it was too close for friends.

Sansa took the beer from his offered hand and took a swig. Then promptly spluttered, coughing so hard that she had to lean forward.

Jon took the bottle so it wouldn't fall on the carpet and thumped her back a few times. "Sorry," he said with a twist of his mouth. "I should have offered something else." He hadn't really thought about it, but now that he was thinking about it, it was really fucking obvious. Sansa was polite, what was she going to do, tell him to shove it and offer her water like a normal person? As if.

"It's fine," she said, wiping tears from her eyes as she blushed in embarrassment. "I shouldn't have taken a drink that big."

"Do you even like beer?" he asked as it occurred to him.

She hunched in on herself slightly and said nothing. That was a clear answer enough though, and he sighed.

He was about to tell her that she shouldn't say yes just because he offered something, but he didn't because her mascara or eyeliner had smudged when she tried to dry her eyes after the coughing fit and she now had smears of black around her eyes. "Er, your makeup is..." he motioned vaguely at his own eye, but she got the message, more heat rushing to her face.

"Excuse me," she muttered, grabbing her bag and doing her best to keep her head high as she went to the bathroom.

Jon stared awkwardly down the hallway after she closed the door. Should he offer to help? He should, because what if she needed it, but he also had no idea how he could help, and Sansa surely had the situation in hand. He had it on good authority-- because Margaery said it to his face-- that women carried makeup remover with them if they also had the makeup.

Maybe he should do something nice for her instead that way she didn't feel too embarrassed. He checked the time. Hmm, too early for dinner, and he was pretty sure he didn't have anything to drink that would interest her more than beer had. A movie maybe? She liked this one actress- oh what was her name. He opened Netflix and went to romantic comedies, scrolling through the options. 27 Dresses came on the screen, and it looked familiar. He read the summary and nodded to himself. This sounded familiar, so he hit play, then paused it so she wouldn't miss any of the movie.

When she emerged from the bathroom several minutes later, her face was free from all makeup, both smudged and otherwise. Jon smiled at her to try and get her happy again, and it worked, Sansa grinning back at him as she got back on the couch. She sat a little closer this time, and Jon didn't say anything about it. She was probably embarrassed enough about the beer that he shouldn't do anything else to hurt her tonight.

"What are we watching?"

"27 Dresses."

She pulled back a little to stare at him, amusement glinting in her eyes. "You like this movie?"

He shrugged, and she snickered turning back to face the tv. He hadn't seen it, but it sounded interesting, and ever since Sansa had dumped the pile of refuse shaped like a human named Joffery, her taste had gotten much better. He pressed play and leaned back into the couch, getting comfy.

Jon did enjoy it, but he called bullshit on the ending. "He hated the institution of marriage, not the feelings behind it. It doesn't make any sense for him to suddenly change his mind."

"Of course it doesn't, but this way's more romantic."

He grunted.

Sansa laughed, nudging his shoulder with her own so that it was a like a playful shove-- and when did they get so close that their sides were pressed together from shoulder to mid-thigh?

He checked the clock on the microwave. "You hungry?"

"A little."

"Pizza sound good?"

She nodded. "It'll sound great if you load it up with mushrooms."

Jon made a face, and she laughed. He reached for his laptop to make the order. He'd thought that it would shift him away from her a little bit, but if it did anything, it brought them closer. "I'm not going to do that."

She sighed dramatically. "Fine, let me starve, see how much Robb likes you then."

He'd like me a lot less if he knew I liked you, Jon thought, but obviously kept the thought to himself. "Theon's distracting him plenty, he won't even notice."

Sansa hummed in agreement. "Then you should feed me so I'm less of a pain in your ass."

"You're not a pain."

"Theon disagrees."

He glanced at her. Theon could be an asshole at the best of times, but it was hard to believe that he'd said something to her and made it out with his relationship with Robb intact.

"Relax Jon, it was a joke. You know, joke? Those things people tell for laughs?"

"I know what a joke is."

"You were looking at me like you didn't, I had to make sure," Sansa said, and jesus christ how did she manage to smile so much? If Jon had to smile for more than ten minutes, his cheeks hurt and then he was grumpy for the rest of his day.

He rolled his eyes and confirmed the order. One piled with mushrooms for her, and the other a regular pepperoni for him. "Half hour till the pizza's here. Do you mind if I get some homework done?"

"Nope. I need to get some work done too," she said, getting up to grab her laptop from her bag.

Just to be a dick, Jon turned and stretched his legs out so he was laying down. Sansa turned back, laptop and drawing tablet in hand, and didn't pause for a second at his new position. She lifted his feet and sat down so that his calves were across her lap, making a convenient table for her laptop. "You were supposed to tell me to move."

"But you're comfy." She turned towards him, widening her eyes like she would be upset if he decided to move now. He knew that it was just for show, but he also didn't want to take that chance so he stayed put.

He'd thought that maybe he wouldn't be able to get any work done with her there, not to mention the domestic position they'd taken up, but it was easy. She wasn't focusing on him, so it was easy for him to soak in her presence in kind, a comfortable atmosphere that he actually managed to be productive in until a knock came at the door, signaling the arrival of dinner. He was so comfortable that it should be considered a sin to move, but he did it all the same.

He tripped over the coffee table and took a sharp breath to avoid cursing at the painful crack to his knee. Sansa covered her mouth so he wouldn't see her laughing, and by the time he hobbled back in with the pizzas, she had schooled her expression. "Did you want a plate?"

"Dishes are for the weak," she said, making grabby hands.

"I'll remember that the next time you want ice cream." He handed her the one that wasn't marked as pepperoni.

"Joke's on you, I'll eat it straight out of the carton." She opened the top, then paused, her smile turning shy and sweet. She mumbled something that Jon didn't catch.

"Something wrong?"

She shook her head, still smiling that private little grin. "It's great. Thanks Jon, you're the best."

"It's no problem," he muttered, embarrassed by her gratitude.

"Still. Thank you."

"Robb said I can sleep on his bed since he's not here," Sansa said after she yawned.

"Okay." Normally she stayed on the couch when she visited them since Dany crashed with Margaery and fitting both of them in her place was a bit of a stretch when Robb and Jon's place was right there. Her staying in Robb's room this time could only help him out, since she was adorable as a puppy when she first woke up in the morning, and there was no avoiding that when he always woke up before her.

She got up five yawns and two hours later and made her way to Robb's room, so Jon assumed she was going to bed for the night. He was proven wrong when she came out again a minute later, dressed in only-- as far as he could tell-- an overly large, worn t-shirt. Jon had meant to go to bed around the time she'd first yawned, but she was a guest and he didn't want to leave her all by herself her first night there, which meant that Jon was already feeling a little loopy when she came out half-dressed. He gulped, reaching for his water cup only to realize-- after he tried to drink from it-- that it was empty. He glared at the cup like it was its fault that his laptop was now hiding a partial stiffie. She is Robb's sister, he told himself, but it didn't have the effect he was hoping for; it didn't do anything.

The thing about Sansa was this: she was tall, gorgeous no matter what she was wearing or how dolled up she was, and she had curves. So when she wore something short, it made her look like she had legs for miles. With her hair down and ruffled around her, she looked more like a nature goddess than her usual look-- which was along the lines of red carpet ready. That shirt was- god. Okay so it wasn't exactly threadbare , but it definitely wasn't something a person would wear in public unless they were comfortable with people getting flashes of what was underneath. The collar of it was starting to detach from the rest of the shirt material, and the stretch the material used to have was gone, leaving it hanging across her chest in a way that fabric pretty much never did outside of anime porn.

All of this to say that it would have been easy to ignore if she wasn't cocking her hip and staring straight at him as she licked her lips. "You coming to bed?"

She sounded so confident about what she said that Jon was jolted, wracking his brain for a moment to figure out if they'd gotten together and he missed it. That wasn't possible of course, so he stared at her in confusion.

"We should go out for breakfast tomorrow morning, so don't stay up too late." She winked at him before she turned around, and it was not Jon's imagination that she put a little sway into her hips.

This could not be normal behavior for best friend's younger sisters. It really couldn't be. Granted Jon's only comparison was Arya, and considering that she was a flaming lesbian, she wasn't the best meter of comparison there. He stayed awake long enough for his erection to die down, then went to his room.

He only got a couple hours in before he woke up with his stomach rumbling. Jon rolled out of bed and shuffled to the kitchen. He was so out of it that he didn't realize the light was on until he was staring right at it. And then, because he'd been staring at a fucking light after being asleep, he closed his eyes with a groan and looked away. "S'nsa?"

"Hey Jon," she said softly, the kind of volume that only came from waking up in the middle of the night. "Sorry about the light, I couldn't think of a better way to see my way around."

"'t's fine." He reached for a jar of peanut butter, then fished out a spoon. "What'u doin' up?" It took him an inordinately long amount of time to swallow down the spoonful, but he was okay with that.

"Ah," she said, looking a little ashamed. "Nightmare."

Jon nodded, digging in another spoonful. "You okay?"

"Yeah it wasn't that bad, it just woke me up. And then I was dying of thirst so I got up and," she waved her hand at the kitchen to encapsulate the situation they were currently in. "You?"

"Hungry," he mumbled around the sticky mess currently in his mouth, gesturing with the jar. "Want some?"

Sansa shrugged, reaching for it. "Sure."

Without thinking-- hey, he was tired so sue him-- he handed her the jar and the spoon he had been using.

If she thought it was gross, she didn't say a word, taking out a little bit and licking it off the spoon. "Thanks." She had a little more, taking small bites because she was a lot smarter than Jon was. "Did you want more?" He shook his head, so she stood up, setting the spoon in the sink and twisting the lid on.

A piece of Jon's mind absently noticed that she was wearing shorts now. She wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned the sides of their heads together since they were the same height. He moved automatically to hold her back. At a later point in time, if he gave it much thought, he would blame this on the fact that he was tired, and the tile and air were cold but she was warm.

"Come on." With a little nudge, she got Jon walking even though he was leaning heavily against her.

She didn't really make a move to leave, so he didn't think much about his little invitation that she stay in his room with him. An invitation in the form of lifting his blanket a couple seconds longer. Sansa climbed right in, and sleepy Jon didn't think a single thing about it before he was falling asleep again.

He sure as hell noticed when she was there in the morning because he was nineteen with a healthy libido, and he spent half the night with his legs tangling with Sansa's. It was an unfortunate but unsurprising turn of events that he was hard against her hip. Jon's mind was late to the program and didn't realize that it actually was Sansa in his bed until she had woken up and blinked at him.

"Morning," she said, and there was nothing in her demeanor to suggest that she was disgusted or wanted to run away.

He still didn't quite know what to do when she leaned towards him and kissed him except, of course, kiss her back. It felt like a hazy dream bringing a fantasy to the front of his mind, and it was the easiest thing in the world to keep kissing her when she put a hand up to the side of his face and curled her fingers into his hair. Jon didn't really come to his senses about the reality of the situation until Sansa let out a little moan and pushed herself up against him.

He jerked his head back, and she stared at him in concern. "Something wrong?"

"What are we doing?"

"Er kissing?" Sansa said. "Or at least we were until you decided not to. Which feels like a mistake to me, so you should come back here."

Jon shook his head, scooting to the edge of the bed and sitting up. It had never bothered him before, but he was starting to think that he should wear a shirt when he went to sleep now.

"Hey," Sansa said softly. He felt the bed shift and then her arms came around as she hugged him from behind. "I'm sorry if I surprised you, but- you like me too. I don't know why you pretend like you don't, but I thought it would help if I made the first move. Was I-" she stopped, tucking her fact in Jon's neck. He wasn't relaxing at all, but that didn't bother her because Jon was just like that sometimes. He didn't say anything for a while, but again, he was like that sometimes.

"You're Robb's little sister," he said eventually.

"He does tend to be over-protective," she allowed. "But who would treat me better than his best friend?"

"I think he has a list a mile long of other options."

"Well I don't remember asking him to be my matchmaker. In fact, if he tries to do that I'm going to slap him because, despite the Joffrey bullshit, I do actually have good taste and don't need his help."

Jon chuckled, and her mouth curved into a smile against his skin. "True, but he's not going to see it that way."

"You assume we'll last long enough for him to find out. I like it. Does that mean you're going to kiss me again?"


"Aw come on, Jon."


"If we go out for breakfast, that makes it a date, which means you can kiss me at the end." Plan made, she pressed a kiss to his cheek and let go of him, crawling out of bed and making her way to the bathroom.

Jon turned to watch her leave, shaking his head. He didn't remember saying yes, but he knew it would happen anyways so he got up.

Breakfast... went well. Surprisingly, stupendously well. Speaking from experience, Jon was pretty sure that first dates weren't supposed to go that well. It wasn't so much his experience he was talking from but Robb's. For that matter, Robb's first date with Theon had been utterly disastrous and look at them now.

Anyways their date felt exactly like a date despite Jon's worries that it would be an awkward meal between two people with only the vaguest connection to each other. They got back to Jon and Robb's flat, closed the door, and then made out on the couch for... well. A while. Jon was pretty sure there was a drug to these kisses because time was running away from them.

It seemed like hardly any time had passed before she was repacking her bag and going home. "Not to sound too childish," she said as they lingered in the entryway, unwilling to say goodbye, "but you will stay in touch with me. Texting, and video calls when we have the time on weekends."

"I told you I will."

"Yes well." She shifted awkwardly. "I didn't want you to forget." Even though they'd said they were dating, they had spent most of the weekend making out in Robb's absence, and Sansa didn't want him to forget about her and go off with the next college girl that winked at him-- he claimed that no women had such an interest in him, but Sansa knew better. "And no, I won't tell Mum or Arya or even Jeyne about us, I promise." She made a little x over her heart then leaned in and kissed him slowly.

"Let me know you got home safe?"

"I will." Sansa kissed him again, savoring the way his lips felt against hers and the way he tasted.