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This Is Why We Bleed

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It would be dark out soon. These woods were surrounded by trees.


A dark haired guy with blue eyes and white skin, walked through them.


That guy also has a scar over his right eye. He is wearing a black tank top with a black scarf wrapped around his neck and dark gray, slightly ripped jeans. With black timber boots.


This is Rai.


Rai was by himself, alone now, it's been like that for two months.


He looked around him, as he pushed some of his raven black hair out of his face. He kept walking.


'I have to find a coat or jacket. It's gonna get colder, sooner or later, winter will be here.’ he thought, to himself.


Rai sighed softly. He saw that a house was near him. He found an old abandoned cabin. He walks over to it.


Although, he doesn't open the door. Instead, he crawled into a tree.


Rai stays there, for a few minutes, to look for any danger, like walkers or strangers near him. He didn't hear anything.


When it looks safe, he gets down from there.


Rai also noticed that it was unlocked. He walked inside, quietly.


There was only silence, as he was looking around for any walkers.


Rai looked everywhere and made sure that it was safe in there as well.


After that, he goes upstairs and into another room. He locks the door of that room.


'I need to rest.’ Rai also thought.


Rai puts down his crossbow.


He takes off his scarf and shoes. Then, he put that scarf on the nightstand, and he left his boots at the end of that bed, on the ground.


Rai lays down on the bed and closed his eyes, resting.


He falls asleep, eventually.






“S-Sally?” Rai was still sleeping, as he said that.


He usually talked in his sleep.


“It's so dark and cold..”


Blood is everywhere around him. A dead body was on the ground now.


Rai wakes up, opening his eyes. “No! Sally!” he had yelled out.


He realized that it was just a nightmare.


Rai cried a bit, silently.


There was sadness in his heart.


He was closing his eyes again, for a second. His voice was low and quiet, as he talks to himself.


“Sally..I'm so sorry…” he said, sadly.




The next day, early morning -


Rai leaves after that.


He decided that it was better not to stay in a place for so long. That's why he always keeps walking, instead of staying.


Rai walked in a different direction, to find somewhere else to stay at. He hoped that it'll be nice there, and that it's safe. Hopefully, it will be.


He heard something, although it wasn't like danger. It didn't look like walkers.


Rai had hid behind a tree again, looking out.


He saw three teenagers, two girls and one guy, who looked to be his age. All of them seemed to be seventeen, like him.


Rai stares at them. It's been a long time, since he has seen other teenagers.


He was hearing growls of walkers now. He notices that there is a walker behind the dark-skinned male.


Rai aimed his crossbow and takes a deep breath, before the girl in the 'D’ hat could shoot a bullet from her gun and save her friend, he had already shot an arrow and killed that walker. 


He let out a sigh of relief, that he had saved the guy. He didn't like others dying and he wanted to know who these teenagers are.


It seems like he'd get that chance, considering they all were noticing him now.


“Who are you?” The short haired, blonde girl asked him.


Rai walked over to them. He had no choice and there was no reason not to.


“Name's Rai.”


“Well, nice to meet you.” That dreaded guy said to him.


Rai had a slight smile at that, sensing a nice presence from the other male.


“That's Louis, I'm Clementine and this is Violet.”