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Lance looked pretty in a lot of situations.

During training sessions in the courtyard where his bronzed skin was coated with a thin sheen of sweat, or during times when they were alone; safe behind the cover of a locked door and satin sheets. His smile when greeting the cadets or fellow officers side blinded those who looked. He looked pretty in the dim-lit meetings, even when he played with Shiro's inner thigh. Tested his patience to no end with that catty smirk on his face while Iverson lectured away about some interstellar bullshit. Their relationship was supposedly a secret albeit without malicious intent; some sort of rule about fraternizing with subordinates and whenever their closeness was brought into question, Lance had slid the conversation to another topic with fluttering lashes and deceitful eyes. But being pretty only gets you so far. He loved teasing in plain sight, seconds from being caught. It drove the admiral mad and infuriatingly horny. The results after one particular meeting with Lance getting a little too handsy for Shiro's body to tolerate did he come to the conclusion that Lance looked the prettiest in their bedroom.

Lance was a snarky and loud one. The Garrison meetings were supposed to be quiet- and they were, with everyone's attention devoted to whoever was speaking. But lately, that just wasn't the case. He liked to consider himself a man with miles on miles of patience and restraint- he survived death and yet for some reason his tolerance wore thin and he grew sick of the constant squeezing and thumb circling right between the junction of his thigh and crotch. The younger man knew exactly what he was doing to the admiral if the glints Shiro caught when he dared to spare a glance every so often said anything. He was quiet then, calculating his next move while Shiro was boiling inside.

This had been going on for weeks.


There was no patience left. None. Nada. He was left hard and forced to cross his legs or he’d be seen. And there was no relief besides his right hand because Lance decided to abstain from Shiro since he started.

He was having none of it.

Would he snap here in the meeting? In his office, while he scolded Lance? Or maybe in the bedroom. Shiro couldn't really guess- didn’t really know and frankly, he didn’t care.

In the meetings when Lance was to stand and status with the higher-ups, he spoke loud and proud. His cadets were doing fantastic, they had a wonderful teacher after all and he boasted about it while pointedly ignoring Shiro’s clenched fist and tightening jaw. Like he hadn't been doing thisfor a while and gave Shiro nothing for it. There was no room for reciprocation, he couldn’t return any of it when he was avoided. He was much larger than Lance -he could easily overpower him- but not as sneaky- not as agile. Any time he tried to do anything Lance stepped aside and left him there.

Sometimes with a nasty case of blue balls.

It irritated him. The brat knew what he was doing and it really fucking irritated him.

Lance's mouth spewed countless things when he needed to. His pretty lips doing nothing to stop the words from his mouth. Sometimes Shiro fixated on the tongue that he trained with his cock in the silence of their room and thought of how nice it was to not have it running eight miles an hour, to have it preoccupied on some part of his body. Maybe Lance sensed it, maybe he didn't. But he got louder, more confident. For all he knew, Shiro could have been overthinking it- potentially not but Lance was incredibly aware of things...and there was always the what if's.

His tone changed again while he spoke and that was it. Shiro hit his limit and that loud mouth he adored so much was going to be put to use if it was the last thing he did. Lance was getting too cocky in his talks and his loving, devoted boyfriend was going to knock it down, he needed to for his own sanity. The weeks of teasing and having nothing come to fruition was driving his mind and his dick insane. His common sense was overridden with the indescribable urge to fuck that man into the mattress for all he was worth but he couldn't. Not here, not without everyone knowing they were sleeping together. All the smirks under the cover of crowded meetings, where attention was diverted and he was left every time trying to calm a painful boner.

An eye for an eye, McClain.

Shiro requested the weekend off to execute his plans, a grin splitting his usual adamant face as he brought Lance to his bedroom. It didn't take much to engage in, well, anything with Lance. He jumped on Shiro the moment those doors were closed and locked, kissing and pulling at the silver-strewn hair with a need. A desire. Only to break apart close-lidded for a breath of air and then right back into a fumble on tongues and small moans. Just like he did every time.

He could do this for hours; kissing Lance.

There was an art to his very being, so loud and boisterous but behind all that bravado was a very complex man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. Shiro's attention, being one of the things he was experienced in receiving.

He was gonna get it but on Takashi's own terms. This was his territory and he was making the rules even if his lover wasn't aware of the set. The cards have been dealt and Shiro had no intention of losing to the weeks of torture he had to deal with, period.

Their clothes were thrown across the floor haphazardly in the moment, dirtying the admirals often clean quarters. Shiro's shirt half-hanging off the end of the bed, Lance's entire uniform a messy, uncoordinated pile somewhere by the bedroom door with his socks and briefs trailing to the bed- like a bread trail leading the mouse right into its trap.

And shit did Lance look beautiful when he was caught. Some point along the lines of sloppy kisses and rushed touches did Shiro slam both his hands above his head and against the headboard- and cuffed them. Lance's legs opened by reflex, ready and trusting of what he thought to come, but Shiro denied him that luxury. The key was tossed somewhere in the room and he straddled the sturdy body at the hips, ample thighs trapping a well-toned body down under his weight. Lance's face was priceless, the shift from being outright horny to suddenly confused had a bit of charm to it and he let the former paladin take his time figuring out what the fuck just happened while he admired the body beneath him with explorative hands. The valley of muscle his pale fingers danced across were dark and supple. They dragged across the toned pectorals built from years of swimming against the oceans currents, fingers trailing down between his sternum and over the divets of the defined abdomens and scratching gently down the curls of brown hair underneath his navel. Those familiar hips of his, decorated with the crevices of his Adonis belt, was a welcome sight. Lance's cock poked at his ass, throbbing and raring to go.

He was ethereal like this. Laid out and held down beneath him, at his mercy where there would be none. Vulnerable and pleading to be taught a lesson Shiro so desperately needed him to learn.

All mine.

Some point along Lance had regained his senses, gripped himself a bit more but he said nothing. For once he didn't open his mouth and Shiro's eyes met Lances with a presence of authority. Even in this predicament, arms useless, Shiro could see the slight flexing of biceps. The trapped man was testing the waters, seeing where the cuffs lied in resilience. But the older man had...borrowed the handcuffs from their underground security chambers. There was nowhere for his prey to run but he still looked at Shiro, evaluating. Calculating. But Shiro would deny him that luxury too. He was not in control here if Shiro had any say about it.

Shiro leaned forward, resting his chin on broad shoulders and pressed his lips to Lance's neck, just between the junction of his throat and shoulder. He sucked a bruising mark there, lapping at and rolling the skin between his teeth and bit down hard enough to ensure the dark skin would be blotched with red bruises was variegated with purples, pinks, and reds the morning after. The whimper that followed went straight to his hardening cock. A silent declaration of claim to anyone who could see it. Lance belonged to him, a possession Shiro was not going to share. He left off the space with a wet pop, drool pooling in the dip of his shoulder.

"Do you know what you did, Lance?" Shiro murmurs, voice creeping up his neck low and husky into Lance's ear. "Do you understand what you do to me- what you've been doing to me?" He brought his hand to a dark nipple, pinching and rolling it casually- nonchalant in his manners while Lance's breath gave way to a hitch. He strained against the cuffs, earning a harder pinch. The smaller man thrusted up following the cleft of Shiro's ass.

"No - ah - no." He continued to pinch and roll unrelenting on the mans nipples Shiro grinded back against Lance's already leaking cock. " Shiro c'mon- c'mon."

Shiro slowed down to a torturous pace, the pad of his thumb flicking and circling the sensitive perks of flesh slowly, carefully. Pinching and turning, he played with man's chest like a toy. The edged out whimpers drawn out straight to his dick, twitching in need. He couldn’t give in to temptation yet, couldn’t let the whines push him out of act.

He brought his body forward to straddle Lance's chest, pressing his weight down and bringing his thighs in just a little more. Lance was face to face with his clothed groin now, teasing and waiting. Shiro was hard and having Lance right there unmoving was killing him. The breathing of the man below him got heavier, anticipating. His pupils blew just so slightly, he might have missed it if he wasn't paying attention and it excited him. "Do you know what you do to me, kitten?" His other hand went to brush through soft brown locks before pulling.

"We're supposed to not get you know how much trouble we'd get in? Do you know how much trouble you'd get in?" He brought Lance face into the tent of his sweatpants, thrusting slowly against his face, cock sliding up his cheek while Lance made to mouth the outline of his cock behind the cloak of cloth. "You never have any issue talking so loud in those meetings- touching me while you speak. It kills me, Lance. And then when I tried to do anything you walked away n' I can't fucking stand it. You need to be punished."

Shiro stopped thrusting and Lance took the opportunity to mouth and lap at the wet spot growing in his sweats, licking at the tip and the friction was delicious. He looked right into Shiro's eyes, waiting. There was that stupid glint that he loved so much. This brat knew what he was doing-knew what he did to the older man over the past few days...weeks even.

"M' gonna fuck that pretty little mouth of yours. I'm going to fucking wreck you this weekend." He raised himself off, pulling his sweatpants down and letting his cock spring free. It swung up to full attention, a light smack against his stomach and it was right back in Lance's face. Raw skin against skin as he smeared pre over his lips, across his face. Marking him more. Lance looked absolutely enamored with it. "Now get it nice and wet for me."

Lance responded immediately and Shiro saw what he wanted. He's always seen right through Lance, especially through the last two weeks. They fucked for a while and he started to get cocky, thinking he could do this and do that, put on a show for everyone without them knowing, put on a show for Shiro but there were no end credits. It was all a big facade. He threw a big scene for everyone to see, a facade and yet the moment the doors closed he was absolute putty for Shiro. The man was so fucking easy.

His tongue was expertly working the tip and licking long, tedious strokes up the shaft over and over, being attentive of the heavy balls that decorated his pride rolling them around in his mouth and letting up with a wet pop. He licked up his sac, up his shaft and finally he got the heat he sought after. Shiro lets out a guttural moan, right from his chest when Lance starts sucking. He takes his length in little by little, backing up slowly and then down again, tongue swirling over every vein, every crevice. The admiral was big- in every sense. He watched himself disappear in the tight heat that was Lance's mouth. He was going painstakingly slow- following Shiro's instructions clear as day. Lance worked with an even tempo, worked as much of his cock as he could with the desire to please.

He worshipped Shiro.

The admiral scooted forward, encouraging Lance to take more of him. When he felt the warm lips around half his cock he began rubbing Lance's hair. "S'a good good for me. Now open your throat for me." It earns him a hum of acknowledgment, and Shiro achingly makes the descent to the back of his lover's throat, moaning at the wet heat at the head. He's taking Shiro so well, so fucking good just for him. And Shiro couldn’t help but grab another fistful of hair -twisting and pulling- as the other's tongue teases the sensitive underside of his cock. He thrusted in and out, every time sliding back when he felt the wet walls of Lance's throat. Shiro pulled out nice and slow, staring at Lance while he did so.

Lance stared back. His ocean blues were glazed with lust, adoration even and pure need. A challenge to Shiro's determination to see this through- every second passing was another heartbeat slamming into his throat. He looked absolutely entranced at Shiro, eyes focusing back to the cock before him and went right back to licking. He looks at the throbbing organ like it was a full course meal, savored the taste like a sweet dessert. His tongue played with the slit of Shiro's cock, lapping at the beads of pre-come forming.

Shiro moaned. It was maddening.

"You know." Lance said, a little too cocky while he trailed wet kisses up and down the shaft, eyes brought back up to make contact with Shiro's. "Don't tell me you're really gonna be this gentle. M'kinda just made such a bold threat not even a minute ago. He was breathless when he spoke, testing the waters- how deep Shiro would fall into the trap. Shiro realized this suddenly, maybe a little too late for his own good. Pleasure for his partner was always a priority, even in instances like this. But he was the one to be in control here- he was going to call the shots on this. Deliver the punishment, get that respect and yet Lance was still laying traps, clearly hoping for Shiro to take the bait.

He does.

Shiro tightened his grip in the others brown hair, pushing his aching cock against the lips that were so willing to swallow it down before. For a second he could swear that Lance had a stupid, shit-eating smirk on his face before plunging it into his mouth.

Shiro did not show mercy. He didn't let Lance take his own pace. He thrusted in earnest, each thrust driving his twitching, leaking cock into the depths of Lance's throat inch by inch. His hand pulling Lance's head towards him, held firm and encouraging him to take it deeper- to open his throat as much as he could. And open it he did. Lance's eyes started to water at the assault his pharynx was taking, welling more and more whenever Shiro hit the back. He let himself relax through the attack and with one hard thrust has Shiro hilted to the base is the most erotic warmth of his throat. There was a small cough and then Lance was choking- choking on his cock and it sends every ounce of his blood rushing through him, thrilling shock waving throughout his body and he moans Lance's name in a breathless praise.

He wants to hear more of that- needs to hear more of that. He wants to see, to feel Lance breaking down, right in front of Shiro while he looked down on him. He pulls back slightly then thrusts again, Lance gags on it and Shiro holds him there- holds his face against the coarse hair before Lance is making muffled noise. Shiro lets up just to let Lance breathe and then he's right back to fucking that smart mouth of his, the very same one that asked for such rough treatment.

He looks so happy to take it.

Shiro realizes, in the middle of his thrusting, that Lance was being absolutely neglected. He slowed down for a moment, still thrusting, but giving him enough time to look behind him and see his lovers cock twitch, leaking so much pre and bright red. He brought his fingers to his mouth, coating them with copious amounts of spit. His fingers wrapped around the throbbing cock and he stroked it in earnest, grip tightening, easing up and twisting. Thumb teasing the tip and spreading the pre-come leaking as more lube. Lance let off with a wet pop and moan but was forced right back on the cock.

"I didn't say you could stop." Shiro growled and gave Lance an unrelenting tempo in response, pulling just to the tip then slamming right back into his throat. Ravages every corner of the other's mouth, forcing the tears from the corners of his eyes where they had formed. Saliva made it's way past the cock in his mouth and dribbled heavily down his pointed chin. Every thrust gave out a soaked schlick followed by the erotic noises of Lance gagging on his dick. Shiro jerked Lance off in perfect synchronization with his thrusts, the other thrusting upwards into his fist searching for a release. He threw his head back in a husky chuckle, this felt good- he was close. So close.

"Now look at you, fucking gorgeous taking my cock. Such a good boy." Shiro threw the praises into the air while he stared Lance's fucked-out eyes, rounded in desperate need and shaking. Shiro eyes permeated authority, exerted his position. "You like being a nice hole for me to fuck, huh?" He was so close, so fucking close. So pent up that his own degrading words we bringing him that much closer.

Dirty talk did the younger man in. Lance squirmed underneath him and made a strangled noise through the enormous amounts of spit mixed with precome as he came in Shiro's waiting hands, jerking him off through his orgasm until he was oversensitized. It was like music to his ears; broken moans and gagged sobs. Lance was always so confident, so blaze in public- in front of everyone whenever they were out. Even when they made love in the safety of each other's arms he stood tall- it was a fucked up dream seeing him fall apart into this mess- this awful, alluring mess on the bed- mouth covered in spit and filled to the brim with his cock.

"Fuck, Lance! Just- christ - just like that." Eventually, Lance gets the hang of things, times Shiro's thrusting and when he hilts in Lance's throat he swallows. Tongue working the shaft and hungrily lapping away at every vein while the muscles in his throat contracted and squeezed. The feeling of being completely devoured brings Shiro to his peak. He pulls his hand out of the brown hair and lets out a primal growl when his cock slid back out, chased by a trail of saliva that connected his tip to his lips.

He knew Lance would swallow, but Lance had regained his pedestal and made a fucking show; opening his mouth and begging for it in a silent plea, hungry. And he gets it- just a bit. Shiro strokes his cock and comes on the other's tongue, on ecstasy-parted lips, comes all over his cheeks- his nose. Everywhere he could. Shiro took a thumb and smearing strings of cum to Lance's mouth where it was greeted enthusiastically. "Suck." And Lance did, lips wrapping around his finger and tongue working around it.

He didn’t break eye contact once.

"Swallow."A command. And Lance did, dutifully, opening his mouth to show Shiro how much of a good boy he was, chasing praise. He gave a smile in praise and took another good look at him. The younger man beneath him looked absolutely wrecked, cum glistening on his face and eyes red from tears. His lips were red and swollen.

"You're fuckin' filthy." And Lance laughs at that, pressing a dirty kiss to the tip of Shiro's cock, smiling up at him while wearing his seed like a trophy.

"You love it." He did. He loved this man so much. Maybe he'd tell him after all this was said and done. He was quick to get up, quick to get his pants in order- tucking himself back in while he watched Lance with silent eyes.

"Thank you for the meal." Another laugh. "Now let me off. I need to shower before your cum dries."

"Oh no, McClain. I'm nowhere near done with you." Shiro made a face and Lances eyes narrowed and then widened. It was Shiro's turn to tease, but he wasn't going to pussyfoot around anything. He walked around the bed to the nightstand on the left, fiddling with some items until he pulled out an all-white dildo, realistic in every etch of vein. Everything down to the texture. He borrowed the 3D printer in Matt's lab for this and he intended to fully give Lance a reasonable punishment.