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The dinner

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*Max’s pov, The Zoo; throne room*

I lounge bored on my throne as I have nothing to do. I’d go out on patrol but Say’ri was very clear the last time I wanted to do that. Just when I’m about to go see who the Alliance is nearby, my phone starts ringing. Pulling it out, I see that it’s an unknown number.

”King Chimera.” I grunt as a form of greeting. A chuckle is the response.

”That is a much less egotistical identity than your late father had.” Fade remarks from over the phone. I sniff the air to make sure that none of Clockworth’s people are around before I respond.

”What do you want Fade?” I ask bluntly.

”Well as you are aware, due to dear Rampage, we are technically in-laws.” Fade points out. I growl in annoyance.

”Don’t remind me.” I state.

”Anyways, I wanted to see if my family and I could have thanksgiving with yours.” Fade explains. My jaw drops.

”You think that I’d let you and your forces into the sanctuary, I built for my people?” I question in disbelief.

”I swear on Medusa’s treasured bible, we don’t intend to cause any trouble. Look Lamia and NightBlade were rather fond of Say’ri back before you usurped Apophis. They miss her and want to spend time with her again.” Fade explains.

”I can understand wanting to do anything to cheer up one’s wives. So to be clear you’re proposing a truce?” I ask wanting it to be clear.”Yes, I’m proposing a truce. I’ll even order my forces to stand down for the week leading up to thanksgiving as a sign of goodwill.” Fade replies. I pause as I consider who is already going to be attending the thanksgiving dinner I’m hosting.

”You do know that Carol, Barry, and Lena will be there.” I tell him.

”I won’t provoke them if they allow me the same courtesy.” Fade states. I sigh.

”I’ll consider it Fade. As well as see what my mates have to say.” I tell him.

”That’s all I ask of you, your majesty. Contact me at this number when you’ve made your decision.” Fade requests before hanging up. I’m tempted to contact Clockworth to alert him of this but it be best to go through the proper channels to do that.

I send messages to my mates and children to come to the throne room immediately before putting my phone and waiting. They all arrive quickly and take their seats on their respective thrones.

”Your message sounded urgent, Father. What’s going on?” Vincent asks from the cushion on which he sits.

”I was contacted just now by Fade. He asked if he and his wives could join us for thanksgiving.” I inform them. Mariana gasps in shock.

”You don’t think that Rampage is behind this request, do you?” She asks. The others nod in agreement having been told of her long ago, I look at Say’ri, who sits stiffly on her respective throne.

”Actually, Fade told me that Lamia and NightBlade miss our dear Say’ri and wanted to see her.” I inform them. Everyone, except Vincent, looks at Say’ri.

”Apophis loaned me to Fade-San numerous times before Chimera-sama. NightBlade-San and Lamia-San were all kind to me.” She explains.

”So I don’t particularly have an issue with having them over but I want to know what you all think.” I state.

”Val has briefly gone into her history but I do want to see the man that we’ve been opposing for so long.” Kitsune remarks.

”I don’t see why not.” Vincent adds.

”If we have them over, we may be able to find common ground and come to a peaceful solution. As unlikely as that probably is.” Dove chirps happily. Bast just shrugs clearly not caring either way.

”Considering what Fade nearly made me do and what he did to my mother, I’m against allowing him to attend.” Mariana states. I’m about to remark on that when I notice that Say’ri is holding herself back.

”Do you have anything that you’d like to add, my dear nightshade?” I ask using my pet name for her.

”No Chimera-sama, my opinion doesn’t carry weight.” She states. I frown as I, once again, wish I could kill Apophis again.

”Say’ri, I value your opinion. You should have be afraid to speak your mind to me.” I remind her.

”I....I...I would really appreciate if NightBlade-San and Lamia-San could attend. It’s been far too since I last spoke with my rival and NightBlade makes the best smoked salmon and lemon cheesecake I’ve ever had. I actually have been craving both for awhile but I didn’t want to upset you by bringing it up.” She tells me. I smile at her finally asking for something. Her upbringing still troubles her, I’ve tried to help but it’s hard when she doesn’t let me in.

”Chimera, considering how you always try to accomplish whatever any of us request of you, I’m willing to work past my issue with Fade attending since Say’ri really wants them to attend.” Mariana offers.

”Thank you Mariana. Now we have a few things to take care of. Kit, I want to inform Valerie that Rampage will be attending. Mariana, you tell your parents that Fade will be there. I’m gonna go inform Clockworth of this development. Hopefully he won’t murder me.” I state as I stand up to go find Talon.