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Barking Dogs Don't Bite

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‘I’m home,’ Katsuki called, kicking off his boots at the door. The apartment stayed eerily quiet. He knew she was home, it was their day off after all. She had been there an hour ago when he left for the store, so for her not to respond was weird.

Katsuki took his phone out of his pocket to check for any messages, but there were none. If this was a game she was playing, he didn’t like it.

He walked further into the apartment, hoping that maybe she had just fallen asleep on the couch, or was invested in her work, but the living room was empty.

‘Ochako?’ Katsuki called, annoyance and worry stirring in his gut. Still no response. He stalked over to their bedroom, the last place he could look before having to file a missing person report. When he opened the door, he got startled by a loud sound.


Katsuki stood in the doorway, eyes landing on the bed upon which Ochako was sitting. She was sitting on her heels, her hands raised and pawing at the air.

‘What the fuck?’ Katsuki muttered, unable to move. The sight before him was stunning, both in the beautiful way as well as the weird one.

Ochako was wearing a pair of brown floppy ears on top of her head, nearly matching her hair color. Behind her, laid out on the bed, was a matching fluffy tail.

The lingerie she was wearing was a set Katsuki hadn’t seen before: a white top with a cat shape cut out in the middle of her chest, revealing her cleavage, and matching white panties, tied together with strings, little ear shapes cut out at the top that were resting on her smooth skin.

‘I thought maybe we could try out something new,’ Ochako purred, crawling over the bed to close the distance.

Katsuki smirked, finally pulling himself out of his daze and walking over. ‘And what’s that?’ he said, leaning down to press a kiss against her lips.

Ochako pouted a little and gestured at her accessories. ‘Isn’t it obvious?’

Katsuki must admit that the look made his heart pound faster, but he wasn’t quite sure what she was getting at.

Noticing the blank look on his face, she crossed her arms. ‘It’s pet play,’ she stated, tone slightly whiny.

Katsuki chuckled. ‘So, you’re supposed to be a cat?’ Katsuki reached out to scratch behind her ear, attempting to tease her, but Ochako snapped her teeth at him, making him frown in return

‘I’m a dog, thank you very much,’ she said, huffing and turning away.

‘Are you?’ Katsuki asked, fingers hooking behind the cut out cat shape on her chest, brushing against her bare skin. ‘This seems pretty feline to me.’

Ochako swatted at his hand, making him smirk once more. She pouted again. ‘I just wanted to try this,’ she said, sounding a little disappointed.

‘I’m sorry,’ Katsuki said, climbing up onto the bed and placing himself in front of her. ‘I’ll try better, okay?’

Her face seemed to light up at that, that glimmer when she got excited over something reappearing in her eyes.

‘So… you’re a dog?’ Katsuki prompted.

She nodded fervently, the ears on the hairband she was wearing flopping slightly. ‘I was thinking, maybe we could try something out with like.. pet/owner dynamics?’ She looked up at him expectantly, hoping he would catch on.

‘What do you want me to do? Put you on a leash and take you for a walk?’

Ochako huffed, her round cheeks puffing up even more. Katsuki noticed that she looked more like a chipmunk than a dog. ‘How about you just pet me and call me a good girl,’ she suggested.

Katsuki chuckled. The thought seemed ridiculous to him and not even sexy in the slightest, but if that’s what she wanted, then who was he to deny her that.

He reached out tentatively, Ochako placing her hands on the bed and leaning forward like a real dog wanting to be pet. Her hair was soft as Katsuki placed his hand on it, stroking it gently. She purred and leaned into the touch.

‘I’d call you a good girl, but fact is, you’re a terrible dog,’ Katsuki teased.

Ochako’s eyebrows drew together, not at all happy with how much Katsuki was teasing her. She just wanted to try something new and he wasn’t even trying.

‘Oh come on, don’t look like that,’ Katsuki said, noticing her sad eyes. Those big, brown eyes did remind him of that innocent puppy look. ‘You’re just more like.. a catdog.’

Ochako turned away, crawling over to the other side of the bed, her brown bushy tail trailing after her. ‘If you’re not taking this serious then we can just stop,’ she said, disappointment and agitation tinging her voice. She felt the mattress dip beneath her as Katsuki crawled over.

‘I’m sorry, baby,’ Katsuki said, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. ‘You might not be a very good dog, but you know what they do to bad dogs right?’

She shivered as he licked a stripe from her neck all the way up to her ear, whispering: ‘They get punished.’

Ochako nearly melted in his hold, her body tingling. She mewled as Katsuki’s hand travelled upwards, feather-light touches across her stomach, stretching the elastic in her top as it found its way underneath. Katsuki squeezed lightly and Ochako couldn’t suppress a soft moan spilling out.

‘So eager,’ Katsuki commented. ‘You sound like a bitch in heat.’

Ochako strained against his touch, his teeth scraping across her skin until he settled on her earlobe, nibbling softly. With one hand, he played with her nipple, flicking and pinching it, drawing various sounds. The other traveled down, slipping into her cat-themed panties. His fingers stroked against skin, soft and smooth.

‘K-Katsuki,’ she panted, looking up. Her eyes were half-lidded, the ever-apparent blush on her cheeks even darker than usual.

‘Do you want more?’ Katsuki teased.

She nodded, already panting softly.

‘Stick out your tongue.’

Her brows furrowed together, immediately unfurrowing as his finger rubbed against her clit. ‘Why?’ she practically moaned, one hand digging into the sheet, the other clamping onto Katsuki’s wrist. His breath made goosebumps rise as it blew hotly into her ear.

‘You’re a dog, aren’t you? Pant for me.’

Ochako hesitated. Even though she initiated this whole role-play, to actually do things like an animal made her feel slightly self-aware.

‘Come on, girl. You can do it,’ Katsuki encouraged her, but the depreciative tone only made her doubt more. Teeth sunk deeper into her earlobe, making her yelp.

She whipped her head around, glaring at Katsuki. ‘Bad girls get punished,’ he smirked.

She pouted for a second, but then decided to obey, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. It felt awkward and unnatural, but the praise she received was all but worth it.

‘Good girl,’ Katsuki said, removing his hand from her breast to pat her head. She purred as she leaned in to the affectionate touch, turning around so she could face him.

She leaned forward, deciding to fully accept her role as a pet, and started lapping up a trail from his neck to his lips, lingering there to steal a kiss.

‘Someone’s getting excited,’ Katsuki said, hands moving down to grab her ass and pull her onto his lap. She could feel his erection through his pants, her underwear already soaking wet.

‘How about we take this off,’ he said, voice thick with arousal, fingers hooking underneath the fabric of her top and lifting it. It came off in one easy motion and was quickly thrown aside.

‘Fuck, you’re gorgeous,’ Katsuki muttered, licking his lips hungrily. Ochako tilted her head to the side, completely in character. Katsuki chuckled. He grabbed the hem of his shirt, taking it off as well.

She purred again as she wiggled her hips, the tail swishing behind her. Katsuki moaned as she moved, her clothed pussy rubbing against his erection, only edging him on.

He wanted to rip those panties right off of her and pin her to the bed, fucking her until nothing but animalistic sounds escaped her throat, but he kept himself in check, stroking a thumb over the furry ears on her head instead.

‘Are you a good girl or a bad girl,’ Katsuki asked, leaning down, his lips enveloping her nipple.

‘G-good,’ Ochako choked out, hands gripping tightly onto the roots of his hair.

‘Then you’ll do what I say?’ Katsuki pushed further.

Ochako threw her head back as he pressed a finger into her tight heat, nodding fervently. Her tongue lolled as she panted heavily.

‘Such a good girl,’ Katsuki praised, kissing and sucking a trail from her shoulder to her neck, leaving marks that would be noticeable for the rest of the week.

His hand traveled down her body, caressing silken skin, until he cupped his own erection. With one hand, he undid his pants, pulling the waistband of his boxers down enough for his cock to spring free. Gripping his cock, he pumped a few times, bringing himself to full hardness.

His lips found hers again, licking inside greedily. When he broke away, she whined, a high-pitched sound that would be cute in any other situation, but only urged him on in the current one.

He leaned back, his hand falling from her body which made her whimper more and lean into him, but he raised his hand to stop her. She looked at him, blinking a couple of times, slightly tilting her head to the side.  A grin spread across his face as he indulged her innocent façade.

‘Ochako,’ he spoke up, heat spreading in his chest at the thought of what he was going to say next.

She was looking at him intently, seemingly a bit unsure of what his next plan was. Katsuki nodded down at his erection, rock hard and arching up towards his abdomen. He smirked a little as he said: ‘Lick.’

Ochako scrunched up her nose a little, not very much liking the commanding tone, though at the same time it made her insides twitch.

She slid off his legs and crawled back a little, giving herself enough space to lean down and obey his order. Katsuki dug his right hand into her hair, trying to resist the urge to buck his hips as her tongue slid over his cock.

She lapped up the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip, teasing him with more short licks along his length.

‘Fuck,’ he hissed, looking down as she stuck out her tongue, dragging it along his length, casting up her big brown puppy eyes. She fluttered her lashes as if she was simply doing what he told her and Katsuki cursed himself for not being clearer.

His voice wavered as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, still licking at the head. ‘S-stop,’ he panted, face flushed from arousal. He ran his hand through his own hair, already damp with sweat. How could something so childish turn him on so much?

‘Suck,’ he ordered properly, hoping the command was clear enough.

Katsuki looked down as she wiggled her hips, tail swaying lazily behind her. With her ass propped up in the air, she leaned back down, hollowing her cheeks as she took the head of Katsuki’s cock into her mouth, sucking lightly.

Katsuki moaned, more blood going south as he pushed her further onto his cock with his hand, the other gripping the sheets. He watched as she swallowed his entire cock, nose brushing against his stomach.

The puppy ears on her head slowly slid off, soft fur brushing against his bare skin. He released the grip on her hair, choosing to put the hairband back in place instead. Once in place, Katsuki started to stroke her hair, muttering out praise under his breath.

‘Doing so good, you’re such a good girl, you’re my girl, aren’t ya?’

She bobbed her head faster with every sentence spoken, her hips seemingly moving of their own volition, grinding against air.

‘Touch yourself for me, pretty girl,’ Katsuki encouraged, cupping her face with his hand, and her gaze fluttered up. Her eyes were clouded with arousal, a familiar sight. Yet something seemed more intense tonight, and Katsuki wondered if this roleplay was affecting her the way it was him.

Ochako reached back, fumbling with the cords on her panties, pulling on the strings with one hand until they came undone, the garment falling to the bed.

Katsuki noticed her hand trembled slightly as it disappeared underneath her stomach. From this angle, he couldn’t see what she was doing, but by the way she moaned around his cock, he knew she was enjoying herself. The tail she was wearing was still firmly in place, even though she was now completely naked.

Katsuki’s hand roamed over her body, skin smooth to the touch. He squeezed softly at the fat on her hips, making her ass jerk up and shiver.

The lewd noises that came from Ochako down in his crotch only made Katsuki feel hotter, every sound making his cock twitch a little more in excitement. Her lips teased his head, tongue running over its length, touching all the spots that made him go insane.

‘You’re doing so good,’ he grunted. The display before him was simply maddening. Bursts of ecstasy jolted through his body with every time her tongue made contact with his cock, and seeing her so filled with lust, touching herself just because he told her so…

Tension was building in Katsuki’s stomach and he could no longer hold himself back. In one swift move, he pulled her away from his cock and pushed her back onto the bed, pinning her wrists above her.

She was breathing heavily, eyes half-mast as they looked up at Katsuki, face flushed red. ‘Fuck,’ he cursed again, burying his nose in the crook of her neck. ‘I want you, now. Now.’

She turned her head, planting a kiss on his blonde spikes, nuzzling into him. ‘Then take me,’ she muttered, teeth grazing his earlobe.

Those words were all Katsuki needed. He let go of her wrists and leaned over her, reaching for the box of condoms that was always present on their nightstand. He fumbled with opening the package, his cock so hard that it was hurting, his heart aching to be inside of her.

He took the package between his teeth, tearing it up and ripping it apart. He cursed as he tossed it away and grabbed a new one, self-conscious as Ochako laid there, watching how made a fool of himself.

The second one didn’t tear as he managed to open it, quickly rolling it on as fast as he could.

Once ready, he crawled between her legs, which she spread wider for him, making his heart beat in his throat. He kicked off his pants that were still around on his ankles, now fully naked as well.

The brown tail was lying between her legs and it almost looked as if it really was a part of her. Katsuki didn’t know why, but the sight before him was the most arousing thing he had ever seen.

He took his cock in one hand and guided it to her slit. Eager to feel her warm heat, he pressed the tip inside.

Her inner walls clamped down on him, so he ran his hands up her thighs, over the smooth area of her ass, all the way up to her breasts, pressing down softly on her nipples, drawing out a low moan.

She relaxed underneath his touch, making him able to press in further. He thrusted forward a couple of times, slow and tentatively until he was fully sheathed.

Katsuki looked up as she opened her arms wide. Accepting her invitation, Katsuki leaned down, pressing their lips together as she wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping him close.

‘You feel so fucking good,’ he muttered against her lips, hands travelling down and gripping her waist as he bucked his hips. She reached back, taking a hold of the headboard as she mewled.

‘So wet and hot,’ Katsuki continued, picking up the pace as his hips snapped forward again. The sounds he pulled out from her sounded soft and pitiful. He wanted to hear more, wanted her to whine and beg for release.

He leaned forward again, lips against her neck, sucking and nibbling a path down to her breasts. His teeth tugged on the tiny nub, making her back arch in pleasure as she cried out. Katsuki could feel her clamping down on him as she writhed underneath him, overrun by pleasure.

‘Tell me if you want to stop,’ he panted into her ear.

She returned his gaze, lust-filled eyes meeting his. Brown locks were clinging against her damp forehead. ‘Don’t.. wanna..,’ she gasped as Katsuki thrusted back inside.

Katsuki came down, kissing her cheek before resting his forehead against hers.  ‘Good girl,’ he praised, and he swore she was purring. He shifted slightly, finding her sensitive spots and feeling her melt underneath him.

‘Tell me what you want,’ Katsuki said, their foreheads still pressed together. She released the headboard and instead wrapped her arms around his back, nails digging into his skin. The soft sting of pain only edged him on more as he kept pushing in.

‘More,’ she panted.

Katsuki chuckled. ‘More?’ he asked.

She nodded. ‘F-faster.’.

Katsuki bit his lower lip. It seemed that their current position wouldn’t be enough to satisfy either of them today. He pulled out and Ochako whined, reaching for him as he moved away, but he grabbed her hips and rolled her over.

‘Get on your hands and knees,’ he ordered.

Ochako looked over her shoulder, small beads of sweat dripping down her face.

‘Come on,’ Katsuki snapped, slapping her ass with his flat hand. She yelped and flinched, slowly pushing herself up. Her arms and legs were shaking as Katsuki lined up behind her.

The brown tail was hanging limp between her legs, brushing up against Katsuki’s sensitive cock as he came closer. A shiver of pleasure went down his spine as the fluffy fabric brushed against his member. He pushed it aside and gripped onto her thighs to keep her steady as he pressed back in.

His abdomen pressed against something hard and Ochako moaned, nearly collapsing. When Katsuki looked down, he saw that the tail was connected to a black plastic base pushed deep into her ass.

‘You like that?’ he asked, prodding at the butt plug a little to tease her. She whined as it was pushed deeper, hitting sensitive spots that she hadn’t known existed.

‘Please,’ she whined, looking back over her shoulder, her tongue hanging from her mouth. Katsuki smirked, pushing with his fingers against the plug, moving it around. She moaned, a high, needy sound.

Her fingers were gripping the sheets as she pushed back her hips, searching desperately for friction. Katsuki leaned down, pressing his lips against the back of her neck.

‘Please what?’ Katsuki said, brushing her bangs out of her eyes as she looked back at him, eyes filled with lust.

‘Please.. want to..’ she begged, hips rolling against Katsuki. He had to hold back every urge to thrust into her again, fingers digging deep into her thighs and leaving marks.

‘Beg for it,’ Katsuki growled lowly. He could hear her whimper and choke back a sob. He knew she was on the edge, but Katsuki wouldn’t just let her have her way.

‘Please,’ she choked. ‘Fuck me. Katsuki... fuck…’

Katsuki pulled out his cock until just the tip remained inside, hips snapping forward roughly as she gasped. ‘Is that what you like?’ he asked, sucking up a trail of kisses from her lower back until his lips found hers.

‘Ye-yes,’ she stuttered, voice wavering every thrust. He knew he couldn’t keep up this pace much longer, tension coiling in his gut, his climax building.

‘Katsuki,’ Ochako whined, tears gathered at the corners of her eyes. Katsuki pried one hand from her thigh to cup her cheek and wipe them away with his thumb.

‘Wanna..,’ she mewled. Katsuki locked their lips together again, his other hand wrapping around her waist as he picked up the pace.

He shifted a little, finding the angle she needed. Ochako groaned, pushing back against Katsuki, murmuring against his lips. ‘Wanna... Katsuki... wanna,’ she kept repeating.

‘Tell me what you want,’ Katsuki ordered.

‘I wanna come!’ Ochako cried.

‘Good girl,’ Katsuki praised as he thrust in faster, deeper, hitting that one spot that would push her over the edge and reaching down between her legs to thumb at her clit.

‘K-Katsuki!’ she screamed and he could feel her inner walls contracting rapidly while she shuddered in his grip. The pressure around his cock pushed him over the edge as well, hot cum coming out in bursts as he nearly collapsed on top of her.

He wrapped both of his arms around her chest, holding her close as he rode out his orgasm. Her skin felt hot to the touch and was covered in a thin layer of sweat. The hairs of her fake tail were brushing against his stomach as she twitched.

As he felt his cock softening, Katsuki carefully pulled out, making sure she didn’t crash onto the bed, his arms on her forearms as he gently laid her down. He took off the condom, immediately tossing it in the bin next to their bed before lying down next to her.

As soon as he laid down, Ochako curled into his side, still breathing heavily, though also softy purring. Katsuki wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to his chest and kissing her forehead.

‘You did great,’ he said.

Hot breath tickled his skin as she laughed softly. Katsuki raised an eyebrow at her. ‘What?’

She shook her head, looking up to meet his gaze. ‘Nothing.’

His eyebrows furrowed together. ‘Tell me,’ he commanded, suddenly self-conscious.

Ochako simply chuckled again, digging her face back in the crook of his neck.

‘Ochako,’ he said, sternly. He didn’t like it when she withheld things like this.

She looked back up, meeting his eyes again. ‘It’s stupid,’ she said, corners of her lips pulled up into a grin.

His thumb rubbed circles on her shoulder. ‘I’m sure it isn’t.’

She averted her gaze, still chuckling. Her eyes fluttered up, filled with a mischievous light that made his heart rate increase. ‘I was just thinking... that if I didn’t do great... I would be a very bad girl.’

The corners of his mouth started going up against his will, slowly catching onto what she meant. ‘Hmm,’ Katsuki hummed. ‘But you know what they say about bad girls.’

Her hand glided over his pecs, squeezing them softly. She met his gaze again, eyes sparkling but half-lidded with lust, grinning widely.

‘Yeah. They should be punished.’