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A Child, Like His Father

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Giorno Giovanna. The son of Dio Brando and the current leader of a mafia organization in Italy.

With the current description, it is hard to believe that the boy was only 15 years old. Having the whole organization in the palm of his hand at such a young age. No surprise that it would take a toll on both his body and mental.

"Giorno?" I eyed the figure that slumped over the work desk. The boy slept over his work, softly snoring.

Sighing, I grabbed blanket to cover him. I pity him. He looked so fragile that I was afraid he could break just by catching a cold.

A sigh escaped my lips once again as I put the blanket over his shoulders. My eyes traveled through his golden hair, pale skin, beautiful lashes, and slightly parted lips.

"You look just like your father..." I mumbled under my breath, rejoicing over the memories I had with the man. The one so majesticly blinding. The one who defy mortality and humanity itself. His voice echoed in my head, with every each of the hypnotizing notes that escaped his lips. Sweet and poisonous.

I shook my head. Trying to take my mind away from the confusing love and hatred I had toward that man, as I smiled over the one with similar features right in front of me. "Good night, Giorno." Bitter nostalgia lingers in my voice.

I felt a hand grabbed mine as I turned to walk away. A pair of blue orbs stared at me, still half asleep.

"Don't go..." He mumbled sleepily, almost like he's sleep talking.

I smiled softly. "Did I wake you up?" He shook his head in reply before I continued. "If you're awake, might as well sleep on the bed..."

Once hestitated, but then he stood up slowly with me balancing him. Slowly walked him over to the bedroom and onto his bed. Then reached over to his braids, only to get my hand shoved away.

"Don't need..." Giorno mumbled softly before I hushed him abruptly.

"You need." I said softly but sternly. "It won't be good for your hair."

At the moment, I figured out he was just too tired to actually decline as I reached over once again. I undo his braids and those things on his head. I silently huffed, thinking of where did he even got that hairstyle of his.

He closed his eyes as I brushed his locks, trying my best to clean his hair. I stopped mid way just to look over his features.

'He looked just like his father...'

I shook my head and stood, not wanting to go over those nostalgia flashbacks again. "Well, it's done.. You can go to bed now." I yawned before crossing my arms. Giorno just looked up at my figure. He looked so small. Just like a little child.

"I'm going to bed now." I continued. I was about to turn around before Giorno stood up and lunged at me.

I stood like a statue. With the boy's arm wrapped around me and his golden hair tickling my cheek. He clung onto me, burying his nose on my shoulder.

"G-..." I was barely able to utter any words at all, but only silence replied. I tried to ease myself, but with his breath tickling my neck it was almost impossible.

He slowly took a step. Then another step. He was turning me around before pushing my back onto the bed. I gasped at the sudden contact with the fluffy surface before realizing the weight I was underneath. He was on top of me. Hugging my torso as he buried his face onto my neck.

It was awkward, but I just took it. After a few seconds that felt like ages, I heard some rustles followed by a soft voice.

"Please... Let me stay like this for a bit...."

Almost like a child's whine, I immediately eased at the begging sleepy voice. A soft sigh escaped my lips before moving my hand to hug the boy. My hand brushing his hair softly and tenderly. I tried giving him all the love he deserves.

I heard a soft snore once again before I finally closed my eyes, dozing off into a dream wonderland.

He was a very ambisious child. He won't ever stop until he reached his goals.

....exactly like his father....