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one thing that you should never say to your wife

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"Can you move a bit over there? It's like I'm stepping on my feet. "


"I'm getting trampled, too. Why don't you go to your side?"


"It's plain enough!"


Lan Jingyi pointed out to his peer.


On the front of his finger was a handsome Taoist, with a sword at his waist, a guqin, a white coat which is more beautiful than snow, and an extraordinary aura.


"Then I am the same!" The boy next to Jingyi growled and pointed to his side.


Not far away was a man in black, slim build, handsome and elegant, who was supposed to be a face full of smiles but with a cloud of black air, frowning so deep that can stick to the runes.


They gave off an unusual aura, and a dark cloud seemed to gather over their heads. The lightning flashed and thundered, and the rain followed them wherever they went. The little ones shrank in fear between them, not knowing what had happened, and were afraid to go up to ask what was the matter.


They were clinging on each other when they said that they would take us for the night hunt last night. How come I went out this morning, and the two of them were separated from each other so far away that even don't wanna see each other?


The younger generation, who had never faced such a situation before, turned to Lan Sizhui for help, here he has the best relationship with these two, and can only be counted on to go up and ease the atmosphere. But Lan Sizhui caught the look and just kept shaking his head, not moving a step.


After all, although Han GuangJun always leads the team, everyone is afraid of him. However, Senior Wei was different. He loves gagging, laughing and playing; he could always easily get along with everyone. Even Han GuangJun became less scary when he was there. But today, Wei Wuxian’s aura was as cold as ever. He did not make jokes or impart knowledge. No one mediated the atmosphere. Double seriousness and cold in one go, even Lan Sizhui can't stand it.


"Well, Jing Yi, haven't you been eating too much lately? You've put on too much weight, or else you can't squeeze me all the time."


Lan Jingyi looked at him and said with a look of amazement: "Who ate too much? Who's fat? You're just too big bones! "


They were about to quarrel; when suddenly a chill came over them, as if someone were staring at them, Looking straight ahead, They happened to see Wei Wuxian was reclaiming the light and pressing the curved corners of his mouth.


The two of them shut up immediately and did not dare to speak again.


The night hunt was not far away, it was just for exercise, so there was no sword as well. They were divided into three parts and walked in silence for about half an hour. But Han Guangjun, who had always said very little, suddenly made a voice.


"Wei Ying, are you tired?"


The boys looked at each other with bated eyes.


Wei Wuxian’s eyes did not squint, not even hem, with a trace of waywardness in the gloom.


The little ones are shocked.


Lan Jingyi was frightened into biting his lips.


When did Wei Wuxian be so cold to anyone? Not mention the person they are talking about is HanGuangun. Even though they might be quarreling before, but once Hang Guangjun speaks first, Why aren't there any signs of reconciliation between the two ?


What the hell is going on today?!


Lan Wangji saw Wei Wuxian ignore him, also does not know how to keep talking, and also followed by a pile of quail-liked children, so he can only sigh softly, then continue to move forward.



At noon, the sun is burning, Wei Wuxian is extremely afraid of the heat, black clothes are easier to absorb heat as well. Lan Wangji glanced at him and found a stone table and stool below, he turned to the crowd and said, "rest here for a while."


"The junior one lined up the team into the green shade, while Lan Wangji was leaving, they hurriedly and attentively took out their handkerchief to wipe table and stool, motioned Wei Wuxian to sit down. who'd know the man only stood still, giving them a light glance, "there's no need."


"Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui looked at each other, not sure what to do next, Senior Wei and Hang Guangjun, did they actually exchange their souls or something?


Since Hang Guangjun is not here, the juniors cannot hold back anymore, they sit as a circle around Wei Wuxian, starting to ask him what in the world happened, they were out of breath during the entire time, but Wei Wuxian still just glanced faintly at them and said, "nothing."


” ......"



Damn it, he's really angry this time.



Lan Wangji came with a bowl of cold jelly.


When the children saw him, they immediately huddled again, but their eyes looked at both of them with a blink of an eye. "to relieve the heat." Lan Wangji hands the bowl to We Wuxian.


We Wuxian stared at the bowl for a while, looks like eventually going to compromise, but then it's like he thought something all of a sudden, gently push the bowl away: "I do not want this, you might as well give Jingyi , he just said he's thirsty.


Lan Wangji sighed again, took back the hand holding the bowl, and handed it to Lan Jingyi, who is trembling and frightened at being suddenly called out"Thank you, thank you, Han Guangjun!" I'll cherish it! " Lan Wangji nod," “finish and we will set out."



By the middle of the afternoon, they arrived in a small town.


The night hunt begins in earnest in the evening, so they first found an inn to rest . Two people in one room as usual, Lan Jingyi and Lan Sizhui shared a room.


"You see, Senior Wei and Han Guangjun do not rest separately, ah, they should be just fine huh?." Lan Sizhui shook his head. "it's not like they would definitely sleep together when they are in one room, well, just for today's case. He wried, smile bitterly.



So one of them need to sleep on the floor? How can this be possible? It's just weird.



The two boys were lost in thought.


Wei Wuxian tossed several copper coins from his pocket; after counting, he decided to take a walk around the street.



Lan Wangji handed him a purse from behind.


"I have money and I don't need to use yours."



"He said with confidence, as if he did not remember where his money comes from in the first place.


Lan Wangji had to take his purse into his arms.


"when will you come back?"




Then he walked out of the guest room without looking back, leaving Lan Wangji with mixed feelings.



" senior Wei, are you going out?" Lan Jingyi and the other juniors were sitting in the lobby and doing their homework together.



"Yep, what's up? "



Lan Qiren gave them piles of bills before setting out, a little irritated, but it's not like they can help it.



"Can you help us bring a few packets of pineapple crisp and sweet chestnut, these two things are the most famous snacks here."


"Wei Wuxian silently bowed his head to think of the price of pineapple crisp and sweet chestnut, and then think of the few coins he owns, but still said yes."


Lan Jingyi naturally did not think too much, only know Wei Wuxian has Han Guangjun, Han Guangjun always let him spend whatever much money he likes. He bought them snacks or small objects from time to time back then; now it is just a little local snacks, not a big deal.


However fierce their quarrel before, Han Guangjun won't Skimp on the money of him after all.



Lan Jingyi thought.


shen shi, Wei Wuxian appeared in the inn on time.


His face was darker than before, his hand with the food trembled slightly, and after handing it over to Lan Jingyi, the wind was on the stairs. "Senior Wei, we are going to have dinner soon."


said Lan Sizhui, following him. Hearing the word "dinner", Wei Wuxian walked faster.


“ just help yourselves already."


Lan Wangji happened just out of the room, when he passed by, eye quickly stopped."Wei Ying, it's time to eat."


"I don't want to."His voice was more insistent, even a little bitter.


"Nonsense, how can you be alright without food."



Wei Wuxian mumbled.


Seeing this look at Wei Wuxian's face, Lan Wangji already felt guilty and uncomfortable the whole time. He thought that WeiYing's mood would get better after going for a walk himself. On the contrary, he was even more unhappy than before.


I didn't mean it,...yesterday. Lan Wangji frowned.


He wanted to apologize a long time ago, but Wei Wuxian never gave him a chance to.


"You were saying the truth." Wei Wuxian dropped this sentence, into the guest room, I will go down when its night hunting time, do not worry about me. "


The juniors sitting at the dinner table waited for a long time before Lan Wangji went down.


He nodded to indicate that they could start eating. Lan Jingyi is the first one to pick up the chopsticks, incredibly excited to stare at the chicken wings in front of him for a long time.


while eating, he suddenly looked up, seeing not far away from the table, Lan Wangji was eating slowly alone.


In fact, Han Guangjun can go back to the room of the cubicle to eat, but for some reason, somebody was forcing people to eat in the lobby below.


Looks pretty lonely huh, Han Guangjun. Lan Jingyi holds back the urge to whisper to the person next to him.


The smell of the food downstairs is just too good. Wei Wuxian covered the quilt on his body with indignity.



Too much, those were his favorites, but now he has to feed himself air and water.


Think about what he eats today, an apple and a tiny piece of cake in the morning, a plain noodle with a few peanuts at noon, not only resisted his favorite jelly, he had to endure those pretty snack in the street just to warn himself he's going for a walk for exercising sake.



An unbelievable thing happened to Wei Wuxian's life.



Gain weight.


He has always been particularly confident in his figure when he was young, he used to take off his clothes to show off his muscles, always compare himself to Jiangcheng, this Mo Xuanyu body although relatively thin, it is difficult to practice great lines, but overall is still good.


However, he did gain weight, although not particularly obvious, the waist has begun to have a soft feeling. He did not notice himself; it was Lan Wangji pinched his waist, a little suspicious, after this: "are you gain weight?"


I AM not! Wei Wuxian's proud let him rather angry. He turned around immediately; I am absolutely not fat, do you have a problem with my body? he clenched his teeth.


Even though, he was still shaken by this thought, and so he did not dare to eat or sit or sit down for too long, looking for an opportunity to prove that he was not out of shape while sulking with others.


So while on the street, he entered a rice shop, spending the last few coins to let the shop owner weigh him.


Maybe it's because he's with Jingyi's snacks.


He put down the pineapple crisp and the sweet chestnut and called again.


Maybe he's wearing too many clothes.



Wei Wuxian took off the shirt to call again.


The man in the store was impatient with him and said in a thickly rustic voice, "Don't call me again. You're that number."


Wei Wuxian was forced to accept the fact that he had been doused with a large basin of water on his head and walked back in a daze.


It's right to think about it. Recently, every meal is delicacies, his life was composed of Eating and sleeping, can anyone not gain weight after all this?



He took a bite of the quilt angrily.


During the night hunt, everyone looked like a stuffed dog, except Wei Wuxian, who was just so hungry that like a puppet on a string.


"Senior Wei, are you hungry or not? I have secretly brought some sweet chestnuts for you."


Wei Wuxian swallowed the saliva and turned away.


"Don't eat too much, or you'll get fat."


Lan Jingyi shouted at once: "I'm not fat! I work hard every day. There's no fat anywhere! "


Wei Wuxian stamped his feet in admiration, and did not walk side by side with him anymore, but went on to the front.


Suddenly a fragrance of sandalwood drifts by, looking up. it is Lan Wangji slow down and stay beside him.


Wei Wuxian stepped out at once in a rage, intending to go faster.


"Wei Ying."


Lan Wangji holds the other's arm, the strength is not heavy, but clamps him that he cannot move.


He suddenly lowered his head and put his hand close to Wei Wuxian's ears. The labial flap was almost close to the earlobe.


The little ones behind him were frozen in their tracks.



" ...what? "


"I think he's talking."


"Why can't they speak as usual?"


"Maybe he's saying something very private."


Sure enough, after Lan Wangji whispering in his ear, Wei Wuxian's cold look finally eased a little.


After a few hours of hunting, the relationship between the two had even been reconciled and began to hold hands in front of all the people, sweet and creamy like normal.


On the way back through the day street, Wei Wuxian began to command to eat this and that.


Lan SIzhui was so puzzled that asked him what did HanGuangJun say to him, "Senior Wei, you don't want to eat right? Why are you eating now all of a sudden? "


He chewed on the sweet gourd and said something indistinctly.


"Your, Han Guangjun... says... It's okay to eat a bit more... Just do more exercise at night... Anyway, with him...I am going to be thin as before anyway...


Lan Sizhui listened and let out an innocent smile. "Well, that's natural. This is our Han GuangJun, he'll definitely help you."







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