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Southern moon

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The sun shined high up in the sky still, the air carried the scent of wolves around through the trees and the slight cold weather, it was not much after noon when the were supposed to arrive at sundown, they were a little early, but Yeonjun didn’t think it would actually matter, he could do with one less ceremony of welcoming to a pack, he has had enough of them already.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to be here yet jun” spoke Taehyun from his horse just a few feet behind him, Yeonjun didn’t say anything for a few moments, his troop was small and consisted of alphas, after all they were going to one of the most traditional packs on the south of the mountains, so he didn’t actually wanted to bring omegas to something like that, so he had taken the liberty of going through the woods close to the higher mountains territories, even when his father had told him not to, and had traveled a little faster, also ignoring his father’s words from before leaving their pack.

That’s why they were early, maybe it wasn’t the best idea he had had in all his life, but there was no use crying over spilt milk anyways, they were already there.
The woods opened to a valley, one could see the small houses in the skirts of the pack, some pups playing around and wolves coming and going, most likely preparing the welcoming party for him, the matter was that he was early, some wolves stopped walking, eyes opening wide, he could see some going to the center of town, or at least that was where they ran off too, because in minutes he could see two alphas coming their way, important ones if he could say anything by their clothes.

Yeonjun got down from his horse, his alphas doing the same as him, Yeonjun could tell both of the alphas were taller than him, not by much but still, one was distinctly older than the other, but they’re shared features told him that they were father and son, the alphas of the pack, the older smiled at him when they were close enough “alpha of the high rivers” the older said with a deep voice, Yeonjun nodded smiling as well to the older alpha “alphas of the valleys” Yeonjun said, the older alpha extended his hand towards Yeonjun and he shook it with the necessary force, enough to be acceptable “we weren’t expecting you before sundown” the alpha said, Yeonjun nodded looking at his troop and best friend behind him “we had good weather and I like to travel fast”
Yeonjun answered, the older alpha smiled patting his own son on the bag “an eager traveler I suppose, just like Soobin” the younger alpha didn’t looked bothered by his fathers words just chuckled and nodded. Yeonjun could see his prideful demeanor just then “yeah I suppose” said Yeonjun. The older alpha motioned for him to walk with then “my people will tend to your horses” said the alpha, walking with him “Soobin will lead you to your rooms, you must want to rest a little before the ceremony” he added and the redhead nodded, he wasn’t exactly tired, he felt more restless than anything, but he wasn’t about to say something, soon betas were coming for their horses and Yeonjun followed them, Taehyun just a few feet behind him.

“how’s your father this days?” asked the older alpha, who Yeonjun now recognized as Namjoon, his father had told him about the older head alpha, telling him not to be disrespectful with him, for he cared about manners above all in this kind of things “he’s alright, my mother just wanted to spend more time with him and he complied, he thought it would be good for me to start doing things on my own” answered Yeonjun.
Namjoon smiled dimples showing up, just like his son’s “ah yes, he was always inseparable from your mother for more than necessary” said the alpha, which was true really, Yeonjun father loved his mother with all his heart, “a cute little omega, he gave tour father good kids that’s for sure” Namjoon added, more like a compliment than anything and Yeonjun smiled, the alpha seemed civil, and if everything went according to his plan there would be no problems in the negotiations.


Yeonjun sighed, they had been given luxurious rooms in a cabin, a little way too much for his liking, besides he was supposed to stay just two or three weeks at much, he was there for negotiations after all, not to settle down and live there, he didn’t complain though, it would be disrespectful to the pack and the head alpha.
Kiim Namjoon head alpha and Kim Soobin future head alpha, the son was actually younger than him, yet he was taller and carried himself with an alpha pride Yeonjun wasn’t actually jealous of, but it made him feel strange to be with wolves that cared too much about the gender and how to wear it on their skin.

Now though he was stuck there for several hours without nothing to do, he was supposed to be resting, Taehyun was actually exhausted and had excused himself to rest before the ceremony, so he was alone now, inside a room that smelled way too much of alpha and another pack, so with another sighed he got up from the huge bed and went to the back door of his room, it lead to the forest, an small part of it that was only for the pack to be, but with all preparations it was most probably that the woods were deserted, so Yeonjun took the chance, he stripped from his worn clothes and shifted.

The sound of bones breaking brought him a little peace, the feeling of air going trough his deep red fur made him almost melt, it had been almost a week of traveling, and even more since he hadn’t shifted, so he was relieved to feel his wolf coming out, feeling like he could actually breath again, and after a few seconds of looking around him, of taking the woods in front of him he sprinted, leaving the house behind with all of his obligations.

He ran not caring much about the time he spent in wolf form, enjoying the smell of the woods, the damp earth beneath his paws the feeling of leaves gracing his fur and the sounds of the deserted forest all around him, he could taste the freedom on the other animals living there, if only for a moment, just before his ears picked up on a different noise, the sound of something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

For a moment the redhead thought that it would be a rogue, that he had been enjoying himself too much like a pup for him to notice someone else following him, but he dismissed the thought as quickly as it came, the forest didn’t meet with the border of the pack, and it was a big one, so a rogue couldn’t actually had sneaked its way to the center of the pack. So Yeonjun stopped in the middle of the woods, listening closely to be able to hear it again.

And he did, after a few minutes, when he almost gave up on it, he heard it again, it was a voice, a sweet not very deep voice, it carried its way trough the air of the forest almost blending with the sing of the birds, it was melodic to say the least, his own wolf felt drawn to it, so as quietly as possible he walked trough the woods, getting closer to the owner of such voice, his mind making thousands of possibilities to who could it belong to, a being so beautiful as the voice itself.

And what he found didn’t disappoint him in the least, a man, or at least a boy was on the forest floor in a little clearing that was partially illuminated by the rays of sunshine that leaked trough the tree branches, the boy had black shining hair, it was a little disheveled and Yeonjun could see some leaves on it, as if the boy had rolled around on the ground, he had pale skin, even if it seemed like he was around outside most of the time, and he had a little bunny between his spread legs, the little animal nestled between his hands.

It was beautiful, he was beautiful, and Yeonjun could have watched the boy from hours on end if it wasn’t for the wind to change direction giving the boy a taste of the new scent, the boy looked up, eyes wide a little alarmed, coming in contact with the big wolf not so far away from him, he tensed, and that’s when his scent reached the alpha, like damp earth and strawberries, it was the most enticing thing Yeonjun had ever smelt before.

The boy made a move to stand up and run, the alpha just knew it, his now exposed neck showed a collar, thick and black that contrasted with his pale complexion, omega, the boy was an omega, by the time Yeonjun moved to change the boy was almost about to run away, so he shifted as fast as he could, not wanting to lose the boy.

“wait! Don’t go!” the alpha said to the boy who halted in his steps, looking at the naked alpha “I’m not going to hurt you” Yeonjun said a little too desperate if you ask him, but he couldn’t care less in that moment, the important thing was that the other stayed, the boy seemed to sniff the air trying to catch the alphas scent, bunny held tight against his chest, Yeonjun knew he had to say something or the omega would run. “I’m not from here, I come from the north of the mountains, I came for negotiations with your pack” Yeonjun explained himself, saying whatever to make the other calm, to make the other stay.

The boy looked at him with new eyes, curiosity shining inside them “the north?” the boy said, Yeonjun nodded his head, not coming closer yet to the boy who was still standing, the bunny getting restless between his hands “my father came from the north” the boy said almost absent-mindedly, the fact surprised the alpha a little, normally it would be the other way around, knowing how the south was strict and cold.

“you’re the alpha we’re supposed to throw a party for” said the boy after a few seconds of staring at the alpha, dark eyes passing over scars and blemished skin, Yeonjun didn’t feel self conscious about his nudity, in the north it was a common thing, but guessing about how the bit avoided his lower half after barely a second of looking at him made him think that maybe, nudity wasn’t as common there as he thought.
The redhead nodded smiling “I’m Yeonjun” he spoke with a smile trying to ease the other which actually happened, the boy smiled back at him for a moment before the bunny stole his attention away, Yeonjun felt stupid about feeling jealous over a bunny, the brunette let the bunny go on the forest ground, the animal quickly jumping out of their sight.

The omega turned to look at the alpha again, noticing how his skin became full of goosebumps “aren’t alphas supposed to be like immune to cold or something?” he asked Yeonjun looked down at himself, indeed he was a little cold, but the south was way colder than the north in that time of the year, the boy took his sweater off getting closer to the taller and offering him the clothe. “it’s not much, but at least you can cover the important things” the boy said trying to sound confident and failing by the blush in his cheeks, Yeonjun shook his head.

“I can’t leave you without cover, I’m used to it either way” he said, now mesmerized by the uncovered skin of the arms of the other, more unblemished pale skin that looked soft, the boy insisted “I’m used to the weather you’re not” the boy looked up at him a determined stared in his eyes, Yeonjun decided to please him, after all he had disturbed his peace “I don’t even know your name” he said trying to get something out of the boy “who am I supposed to give this back to?” the boy smiled, white teeth showing his eyes becoming smaller “you can call me Kai”
A beautiful name for a beautiful person Yeonjun nodded, while covering his lower half with the sweater “Kai, it suits you” Yeonjun said looking down at the omega, he was probably drooling over a total stranger, but he didn’t care, the boy was the most beautiful omega he had ever seen, now the teasing words of his father about finding a mate made him blush at the thought of the boy so close to him.

“weren’t you going to arrive until sundown?” Kai said still looking at the alpha like he was some kind of dream “I travel fast” that’s all he said to it and the boy looked delighted “ my father once took me to the north with him” Kai said now going to the spot were he was sitting just minutes before.

“I remember the hot weather and all that traveling” he said looking around as if he was remembering how it was “I haven’t left the pack grounds since I presented” he added, sadness sipping into his tone, and Yeonjun was reminded of how much that pack was different from his, from what his father told him, omegas were supposed to stay home and learn from the elder how to bear children and things like that, how they turned them into pretty dolls for alphas to choose from when the time came, it meant at least that the omega wasn’t that young either, his scent was solid and changing with emotions for that he must be at least fifteen “you liked traveling?” asked the alpha trying to make the other keep speaking, wanting to hear his voice.

“yes, but I’m sure your stories are way batter than mine so why don’t you tell me” Kai said his tone changing to an exited one, a look of curiosity pasted on his face, it made the alpha melt for the younger in that moment, the omega motioned for him to sit down with him on the floor and the alpha did.

“how is life in the north?” the omega asked, eyes shining with interest, he was innocent, Yeonjun noticed, a maybe not so sheltered omega that yearned to leave his pack to travel, what a sad situation he just found, but he wasn’t much about pitying people, and the boy in front of him didn’t deserve that either, “well it’s a lot warmer in this time of the year, not yet as hot as it will become in a few months though, this is the season when everything blooms allover the rivers, it’s the start of life in the forest” Yeonjun said, seeing the longing in the omegas eyes.

“I spend most of my time now with my father though, he’s thinking of giving me more responsibilities soon, and running trough the forest isn’t one of the important things, my older brother has the privilege of doing whatever he wants but I’m stuck” Yeonjun said, “and now I’m here, in the valleys to make treaties with your head alpha” said Yeonjun and Kai nodded, “are you the next head alpha then?” the words were tentative, almost like Kai was trying to walk on glass without breaking it, Yeonjun couldn’t actually understand why would the other would talk like that, but he dismissed it by just being nervous about a foreigner alpha so close to him.

Yeonjun pondered over the question for a few seconds, if he lied the omega would find out either way, but he didn’t want the other to start treating him like he had to give him respect and obey his every words just because of his status “would it matter if I am?” he answered, and the alpha saw something cross the omegas eyes, something he didn’t actually understood, and his scent only muted a little not giving away anything either.

“I guess not if you don’t mind an omega talking to you like this” he answered his voice losing some of his carefree spirit, it made the alpha confused for a second before Kai explained “I guess you don’t really know the traditions of our pack yet” he said looking Yeonjun at the eyes, the he signaled his neck, or rather the thick collar around it “this collar means I’m unmated but ready to bear pups” he said without much care, almost like he didn’t even care when he was talking about himself as if he was just a thing. It made Yeonjun feel like he had swallowed a rock.

“omegas at my age and with my status aren’t allowed to be with alphas alone unless we are with a beta” Kai said, his voice loosing feeling, as if it was a thing he was made to repeat over and over until the words were engrained in his brain “omegas in general shouldn’t even look alphas in the eye” he continued and the monotonous words just made the older feel he was sinking, he remembered his father’s words, his mother’s words, about the south about the things they do, but it was a whole world different from actually coming to it face to face “we should never speak against an alphas word, and for disobeying” Kai paused his eyes who had turned glassed and with a far away look, came back to the present, focusing on the redhead alpha.

“well you could do anything to me and it would still be my fault for being alone in the woods without a beta and permission of my father” he exclaimed, his eyes now becoming hard, guarded; a thing, the alpha supposed, Kai had learned to do with time, it pained the older a little seeing the oh so innocent looking boy with hard eyes, also he couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of omega had he met in that moment, one that wouldn’t be much different if he lived in his pack but being in the south, the younger acted with an air of freedom that wouldn’t be found easily in other omegas like him. “I would never touch someone against their will” answered Yeonjun knowing what the omega meant with anything.

Kai smiled, breaking the tension of the moment almost as if nothing had been said before “I know you wouldn’t” he said before looking to the side, Yeonjun took the chance to glance at the younger, it was like his presence demanded his eyes on him, like the world was telling him to look, knowing he’d have to stop at some point, because this was an accident, he wasn’t supposed to be laying eyes on someone as pure as the other. The sun was still up but the time of their encounter was coming closer to the end “how long will you stay?” he asked turning to see the older again, Yeonjun couldn’t blame him for changing the topic of their conversation.

“a few weeks at most” he said, the alpha also turning to see the woods, “I have a meeting with the elders and your alpha in two days, from there we’ll have to see about all the conditions and benefits for the packs, it shouldn’t take long really” said Yeonjun, explaining just how simple yet complicated all should be, from what he just learned from the pack, he might be dealing with headstrong proud alphas who won’t give away more than they think necessary, and yet Yeonjun has to see that the ends meet so there can be no complications in the future, which may be not as easy as he had thought it should be.

“I though we already had a treaty with your pack” said Kai and Yeonjun was a little surprised in the interest, politics and alliances of packs wasn’t his favorite thing really, but it seemed Kai knew some of it, Yeonjun nodded looking at the younger “yes we have been in peace and alliance with your pack since decades, but my father thought a renovation on those things would be good you know, with the future alphas and time changing, my father said it would be better be safe than sorry” Yeonjun explained, and it was true, times were changing, the mountains have been given more meaning in the territory, now marked as barrier between the south and north, some smaller packs on each sides have been starting to make the relationships with the bigger packs difficult, other pack were also emerging and with all of that they had to have good alliances if anything were to go down.
“it makes sense, my father told me the first time he came was for a renovation of the treaty, he told me how he decided to stay and build his life there, his alpha was glad to let him stay, I supposed that was your father then” said Kai, and Yeonjun nodded, it made sense, to fortalice packs alliances some would change territories or marriages would be made, Yeonjun was hoping that no arranged married would be made this time though, or maybe he would be alright if it was with the omega in front of him.

“and he took you to the north once right?” asked you Jun, wanting to know if maybe he had seen the younger at least once, if the younger had seen all the colors of the forest and the warm air of the north with his own two eyes, to his delight Kai nodded “more than once but not many, when I was younger we would go sometimes, he took me to meet my grandparents and to see all the places he grew up in” Kai said a smiled painted on his lips, his eyes flashing with the memories of his childhood.

“I remember all the flowers and playing in the river with other pups, I fell in love with the north and always wanted to come back” he said his smiled turning down a little, Yeonjun could understand now the implications that his gender came with, omegas couldn’t leave the pack unless mated with someone from other territory, if not they were supposed to stay in their pack forever, Kai hadn’t left the grounds since he presented and Yeonjun could feel sadness pulling at his heart a little, a South omega raised by a northern alpha, it was cruelty, but life liked to play with you sometimes.
“I would like to take you back” Yeonjun said before he could think, and his words caught the younger off guard too, if his widened eyes meant something at all, Yeonjun had the decency of looking down a soft pink hue caressing his cheeks “if you want, obviously, I could make arrangements so you could travel with me when I go back” said Yeonjun tried to not sound like a lovesick puppy, moon the omega already had his heart and he had barely talked to him, he was a lost cause already “you would do that? For me?!” said the omega, who had a confident yet sparkling look in his eyes, it made the alphas chest burst with affection at the innocent look of the younger.

In that moment Yeonjun could see just how young the other was, just how many desires and wishes were hiding behind those dark eyes, he made a promise then and there, to do everything he could to make the other smile like that again, to have that look on his face again. “I’m sure I can try and do my best for you” said Yeonjun now making the younger flustered and to his surprise Kais own pink hue appeared on his cheeks again, just like minutes before for when he saw his body, it gave a. Pleasant warm to Yeonjun knowing he had made the other feel like that.

“if we go back in summer you would see all the life there at its bloom” said Yeonjun trying to form an image in the head of the other, the alpha imagined the younger with clothes of his own pack, his pale skin under the sun, all the colorful flowers surrounding him, pups playing with the omega who smelled almost like strawberries, it was beautiful, even if he knew it was almost impossible, the image made the alpha long for it to happen, and he was a man of his word, he would try, when the right time came, he would ask to take Kai with him to his home.

“you would love the flowers, and my mother always makes the best dishes, and we have this frozen dessert that it’s actually really hard to make but it helps with the heat” continued Yeonjun his excitement getting the best of him “ I’m sure I will love it” said Kai, his eyes still shining with hope, “but before that you’ll have to make sure all ends meet in the treaty” said Kai “and if you want that you must go now” The words of the omega hit him a little too hard but then he realized what he meant.

Yeonjun had lost a lot more time running around than what he thought, and also looking at the omega made him lose track of time and space overall, now though the sun was hitting the tree tops in the sky, it was an hour to sundown or so, it was late for him already. Yeonjun got up the sweater falling from his lap “oh goddess, it’s late” said the alpha quite stupidly and franticly, it made Kai laugh the alpha was about to shift back running a few feet away from the omega buy he turned in the last second, he looked at the pale omega, at his rosy cheeks and unblemished skin, he looked at his dark eyes that he didn’t want to stop staring at “I’ll see you again” he said but it sounded more like a question, still Kai nodded his head “meet me here when you can, I’ll know if you do” he answered and Yeonjun nodded his head, smiling at the younger, he didn’t want to go so soon, buy he had no option.

“I’ll see you then” he said “I’ll look for you” those were his last words before he sprinted to his cabin.

Kai sat there, looking at the forest just where the redhead alpha had just disappeared trough the trees, soon tears came to his eyes, claiming away the smiled that had graced his lips, a deep pain staving him in the chest.