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As the Cherry Blossom Blooms

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Xue Yang laugh mockingly at the student council’s members who chased after him. Who cares if he was an hour late to the school entrance ceremony. No one would truly care if didn’t even attend the event. He’s not some honour students who need to give out speeches. He slipped in to the auditorium like a slick person that he is. He managed to dodge the student’s council members who were in charged of guarding the auditorium entrance.


He was still laughing at their incompetency when a wave of nostalgias came crashing in. Xue Yang couldn’t pinpoint the reason to this feeling, but the voice that greeted him when he stepped into the assembly hall gives him a sense of longing and faraway memories. Stuck in the moment, he stood there in the back of the hall. His eyes was fixated on the figure standing on the stage.


Subconsciously, he rub at his chest. There stood the Student’s Council President, Xiao Xingchen. He was welcoming the freshman with warm smiles and gentle words. Xue Yang’s head titled a little as he focuses his gaze towards the third year. Slowly, he walked closer to the middle of the auditorium. Something seems to pull at him. An invisible force. His steps faltered as an image of cherry blossom trees blooming in a foggy city flashed in his mind.


Feeling the ache in his chest intensifying, the delinquent ran out of the auditorium. Mindlessly running in the hallway without any specific direction. He stop under a huge cherry blossom tree behind the school’s yard. Xue Yang still can’t get over the tightness in his chest every time he was close to Xiao Xingchen. He was a freshman when it first happened to him. Xiao Xingchen was a year older than he was, still a secretary of the previous Student’s Council roster. He remember the sudden flash of foggy city that was filled with fluttering cherry blossom petals. Since then, he would be getting these flashes of faraway memories whenever Xiao Xingchen was near.


A city filled with thick fogs. Xue Yang couldn’t recall ever visiting such place. But the voice in his head insisted that he was familiar with that place. Letting out a loud sigh, Xue Yang spare a single glance towards the cherry blossom tree. As the wind picks up, the petals flutters with it before fleeing into the air. Some of it dropped to the ground. The delinquent was agitated at this rush of emotions. The chest pain, the flashes of distant memories, the sight of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, the unknown foggy city. All of these makes him feels too much and he hates it.


“Ah, fuck it. I’m ditching classes.” He grumbled, making his way to his self-proclaimed den. The roof.




Xiao Xingchen could only stare as Xue Yang left the hall. He shifted his gaze to scanned through the sea of students. He smiled as he continue his speech, blatantly ignoring the urge to go and chase after the delinquent. He knows it all, he felt it too. The invisible force, the distant memories in Yi City. Albeit not having any sight at that time, Xiao Xingchen know what it was like when spring came and greet them in Yi City. He remember how Xue Yang used to make him a flower crown, that’s what A-Qing told him back then. Those memories, he cherished it until these days. The regrets and betrayal he felt after the revelation can’t be compared to anything. But in this life, he wanted to help Xue Yang.


After the ceremony ended, Xiao Xingchen busied himself with his duties. Although he want to do nothing but look for Xue Yang. He wanted to ask the younger guy about their previous life. Xue Yang might remember it too, considering his reactions every time they’re close to each other. But the puzzled look on his face says otherwise. And he hate to admit it, but Xingchen was afraid of the fact that Xue Yang might not remember anything. He fears that Xue Yang might forget him altogether.


“Xue Yang.” He called out.


Xingchen sighed as he walk towards a sleeping figure. The breeze was nice at the rooftop. The student council’s president watched as the stray cherry blossom petals dance with the wind. He approached Xue Yang who was asleep by the shelter. The delinquent look at ease in his slumber. The rise and fell of his chest were satisfying to look at. This was the sight that he didn’t get to witness back in his previous life. Xingchen reached out to touch Xue Yang. He wanted to feel him. He want him close. Xue Yang’s eyes snapped open at Xingchen’s touch.


“What are you doing here?”


“... I should be the one asking you that question.” Xiao Xingchen replied.


Xue Yang scoffs, ruffling his shoulder length hair. He stares at Xingchen, annoyed. Xiao Xingchen stares back defiantly. His gripped on his clipboard tighten as Xue Yang let out a sigh. This was the guy that he had fall for back then. Even when he was blind, he had spent most of his years with this delinquent. Xue Yang makes him feels the different kinds of emotions. Be it happiness, anger, exasperation, fondness, love, even betrayal. Xiao Xingchen watch as Xue Yang tied his hair into a low ponytail. He can’t help but stare at the missing pinky finger on the said male left hand.


“What are you looking at?” Startled by the question, Xiao Xingchen shift his gaze to look at Xue Yang’s displeased face.


“Nothing. You shouldn’t be here at this hour.” Xingchen contemplating on saying more. “And, I have something to ask you.”


Another sigh from his junior. “What is it?”


“I believe that this is not the right place to discuss this thing.”


“Honourable Student’s Council President, I won’t be going anywhere. I’m comfortable enough here.”


Xingchen sighs. Now or never.






“Xue Yang, I’ve been looking for you my whole life.”




Xue Yang wouldn’t be so annoyed if not for the same dream disturbed his nap. The damn foggy city needs to stop haunting him. Even though he wanted to be a lot less hostile towards Xiao Xingchen, he couldn’t. There was something grating at him. Some sort of longing every time he look at the flawless face of the third year. And what all this bullshit Xingchen trying to tell him? Shared memories of their previous lives? Betrayal and repentance? He didn’t understand any of it.


“I’m sorry..” Xue Yang can’t help but laugh. The change in Xiao Xingchen’s expression doesn’t go unnoticed but truly, he didn’t care.


“What nonsense are you talking about? Reincarnation? How could you be so sure that it was me you were looking for? You used to be blind you said. You didn’t even know how I look like if what you’re saying were true.” He taunted.


“Xue Yang. I know how you look like. I wasn’t blind from the start, but something happened and I became sightless after that.”


“Pfft.. What else do you have to convince me with? Song Lan? A-Qing? They were all your minions in the Student’s Council. Such stupidity. You thought I would fall for it?”


The delinquent can’t help but mock the third year. Though he had a slight doubt that the older male was bluffing. How could he. All the details being said, he saw it too in his memories and dreams. Their memories were aligned, albeit being seen from different perspectives. He almost left if not for the hand holding his wrist. He look up to stare at Xiao Xingchen’s dark orbs. Another flash of memories, and he wanted out from this.


“Let me go.” He sneered.


“Xue Yang… please. Don’t be this way.”


“To hell with your reincarnation bullshits. I’m not the one you’re looking for. He long dead anyways. Why would you care. You hate him. You were disgusted by him.”


He slapped Xingchen’s hand away, leaving the older male at the rooftop.




Stay, please. I want to help you. I want to be with you.


Xiao Xingchen wanted to say it all. But the words got stuck in his throat. His vision becomes blurry as he watched Xue Yang’s retreating back.


“Daozhang, I made you a flower crown.” The nameless man said.


Xiao Xingchen, “What flower is it?”


“Cherry blossom and baby breath. They’re in full bloom just outside this coffin house. Little blind wanted me to do it for both of you.”


He felt a light weight on his head, touching the floral crown gently. He smile as he feels at the intricate crown. “You did well.”


“Of course. Now, I want an extra candy for me.” He said as he left a lingering kiss on the daozhang’s forehead.